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Found 10 results

  1. A Celebration of Anbella: The Wedding of Officer Grudgebeard and Brynaelda Grandaxe Saturday 3/6, at 7:00pm EST. Ceremony held in the Temple of Kal'Darakaan [Urguan]. Party after in the Queen's Bounty [Urguan's Tavern]. Invitations would be sent to: The entirety of Urguan. The Duchy of Elysium & The Kingdom of Norland. The Nation of Krugmar. The Kingdom of Haense. Friends of Elvenesse. The Village of Bramblebury. Friends of the Druids' Grove. Friends of Kaz'Ulrah. Pizza P
  2. Ajax and Bojakk Frostbeard, whilst working on various projects, receives a commission by officer grudgebeard, to make and submit a song for his lady, Brynaelda Grandaxe. Taking special care to ensure the song is up to snuff before releasing it Grandaxe Girl Grandaxe Girl She's been living that Grandaxe World I bet she's never had cavern guy I bet clan father's never her told her why I'm gonna try for a Grandaxe Girl She's been living in her highland world As long as anyone with red hair can And now she's looking for a cavern dwed man That's what I am
  3. Bojakk Frostbeard, doing his daily rounds of publishing, posts this song upon the tavern door, a copy is given to the remembrancers, and a copy is given to the Grandaxes for their own personal use. Grandaxe Hero Standing the hold, with hung head to cry Couldn't join the legion, was just a year shy Heard the roar of the dwed, he could picture the scene Through a crack in the wall,he saw metal flash and gleam! He saw one grandaxe! he just blew him away! The highlander style, and the very next day He bought a beat up greataxe, in a guild run store
  4. Bojakk Frostbeard, Song of Ajax. At request of Dhaen Grandaxe, has composed and wrote a song to show the good in her as well as give mention to her help to the hold. Being new to Urguan, this is what he cobbles together. That Merchant Life Stretching in bed then I wander into my kitchen Get myself a tankard of ambition I yawn and give Jorin a good morning embrace Hop in the warm bath Trying to get my blood goin' Out to the Hall crafts-dwed all glowin' helping the hold with that Merchant life Workin' that Merchant life Gotta k
  5. ~ Where The Forest Reaches The Mountain ~ [!] An invitation would hang on the Notice Board of Urguan and Tree Trunks of Hefrumm. A detailed drawing of the Dwarven Mountainside covered by a forest. The first decade of Almaris has proven abundant for the prodigious mountain ranges and vast forests of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Hefrumm, the village of the forest dwarves, now being closer than ever to the capital city, Kal’Darakaan, has brought a great merge of culture between all of Yemekar’s children. A testament to the fruitful future of all Kazad’mar, Belka has now brou
  6. Ajax Frostbeard quietly posts a new song, after getting a request from Micah Grandaxe to a melody she's known. The pages sit nailed to the door of the tavern, a copy submitted to the remembrancers, and a copy directly being handed to Micah. She as far as AJax sees, is the owner of the song. Mother's Grandaaxe Daughter I am my mother's Grandaxe Daughter One who runs barefoot through Mountain Holme I am my Mother's Grandaxe Daughter I bear wild hair, You will hear my unhampered voice! My Father's child is a warrior She strikes down drakes and bears upon stone
  7. Saturday, January 16th at 8:00pm EST. The Grand Kingdom of Kal'Darakaan, Urguan, The Queen's Bounty. Pajamas encouraged, but optional. The Bard-Off is open to all bards, be somewhat respectful. Activities include: bard-off, drinking contest, cake-eating, story-telling, dancing, and games. The following invitations would be posted at the following locations, and spread to all by word of mouth or via gifted invitations. The Kingdom of Norland The Kingdom of Haense The Realm of Elvenesse Brandybrook, the Halflings The Free Tr
  8. Grandaxe Clan Trial of Honor The Grandaxe Clan ushers in a new age of honor with the introduction of a new trial. Kathaikaz Kazamar'Beka Brynaelda Grandaxe, along with the support of Grandaxe Clan elders recognizes this updated Trial of Honor to be the one that persists into the future generations. The reasoning behind the change is a desire to show honor in a more meaningful way that impacts a beardling’s life; the following change will impart lessons of community, kinship, and honor as a part of the beardling’s final trial prior to their membership within
  9. -={Origin & History}=- The Grandaxe clan was founded by one of the sons of Urguan, Bogrin Grandaxe who gathered his family and his followers to the northern ranges of Aegis. The clan participated in the politics of Khaz’Urguan from a distance, and when Velkan Ironborn rose to power and formed the Empire of Khorvad, the Grandaxes joined in Simppa’s rebellion against the Ironborn rule. When Simppa marched on the Ironborn, the Grandaxes followed suit alongside the Frostbeards and Ironguts and vanquished the Ironborn. Thus the Kingdom of Urguan was restored and the Grandaxes stood
  10. Wulfric Comhan Grandaxe Etymology: Wulfric:‘wolf-leader’ Comhan: ‘co-birth’ or ‘twin’ Nicknames: ‘Azurebeard’ ‘Wulf’ ‘Wul-fry’ Age: 322 Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Status: Alive Description Height: 4,5 ft Weight: 90kg Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Light brown Hair: Dark brown Skin: Light Markings/Tattoos: Two axes crossed on his back Health: Healthy Personality: Wulfric is brave, concerns for his and his family’s honor. He likes to joke around with his mates. He is intelligent, being the High Remembrancer. He is straight-forward, he lets people know what is needed of them quite quic
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