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Found 5 results

  1. ~* Halfling Recruitment Post *~ Have you ever thought of making a Halfling? Well now is the time! Why should you make a Halfling? Halflings have been a staple on the server for many years and have truly carved out their own place within the culture of the server. Despite this they have remained one of the smallest LotC communities through this entire time. Now this is due to a plethora of reasons, it is no secret that Halflings lean towards more SoL and tend to avoid the overarching conflicts of the server as a whole, as well as having bouts of toxicity that some have come to associate with the race. However, Halflings as of late have been actively working against this and have ushered in a new age of community and commitment. SoL does not mean that playing a Halfling cannot be a fulfilling experience one can sink their teeth into the same way one can with High Elven political rp, Orcish war rp, or Human religious rp. An Explosion of Activity! Recently the Halflings have moved to the village of Honeyhill within the nation of Haense and with the move has come an explosion of activity and events. While still a small community there are usually at least 2-3 players bouncing around the village and the leadership is very easily reached on Discord should you need to get something done quickly. There has been an increase in eventlines and push towards more trade and interaction with other nations which has opened up new avenues for the wee-folk. If you’ve ever thought about making a Halfling right now really is a good time for it. Tea party with friends from all over. Halflings play the well-known Knoxmas carol "Duality by Slipknox" for the high elves of Haelun'or! Planning on how to take out a couple of Trolls that were threatening the village. Ice fishing to celebrate the start of Knoxmas! With multiple weekly events, we are more active than ever, all of the events above having happened within the last month alone. Halflings have hundreds of years of history and culture to play with and rich lore that has proven to keep a committed player base over the years no matter how small it may be at times. If you’re looking for a dedicated,varied, and light-hearted (as long as you don’t wear shoes smh) community that genuinely just likes to have a good time we’re definitely where you can find that. The village of Honeyhill. Wow! So Pretty! Extremely Based Halfling Families Currently there are 4 active Halfling families, all of which are looking for new members to join their ranks. These are: The Applebottoms, the Peregrins, the Applefoots, and the Fiddleberrys. Each one of these families has their own lore and history that add so much depth to the village and the characters within; however, we are also actively seeking out people to form new families and help carry us into the next Halfling golden age. For more information on Halfling families please feel free to look through the link below and contact the head of the houses if they interest you. If you’re interested I would suggest stopping by the village sometime to get a taste of what we have to offer, we would love to have you! Very cool map with directions on how to get to the village from Karosgard in Haense. Just go down the path past the big windmill and you’ll find us. If you have any questions please feel to contact me at TakeMeToTheFae#3833 on discord, join our discord which will be linked below, or check out this very fun guide to the Halfling race, we hope to see you soon!
  2. KNOXVILLE AGREEMENT Agreed on 5th of Joma & Umund, 374 E.S. Between The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Wee Folk of Knoxville ARTICLE I: PREAMBLE As war and conflict rages on near the Halfling village of Bramblebury, it has become clear to both the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the wee folk of Bramblebury that their current village is no longer safe from conflict and strife, nor can Hanseti-Ruska properly aid in the protection of their village from such a distance. Therefore, The agreement below has been constructed to outline a new partnership between the Kingdom of Haense and the Wee Folk of Knoxville, the newly established village which will lie under the demesne and protection of Hanseti-Ruska. ARTICLE II: PROTECTORATE WHEREAS the village of Knoxville does recognize the Sovereignty of the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska. WHEREAS the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska grants local autonomy and governmental independence to the village of Knoxville. WHEREAS the village of Knoxville shall be placed under the protection and defense of the Kingdom of Hanseti Ruska. ARTICLE III: CHARTER WHEREAS the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska does grant a landed charter to the Wee Folk of Knoxville in order to construct their new village. The Land South of the Duchy of Valwyck, west of Lake Voron, and north of the Barony of Mondstadt shall henceforth be considered the Protectorate village of Knoxville. His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Korstadt and Rothswald, Count of Chatnik, Nenzing, Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, Kaunas, Alban, Reza and Markev, Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Antioch, Thurant, Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost, Kralta, and Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. His Excellency, Andrik Jan Baruch, Aulic Envoy of the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Camilla vas Ruthern, Ambassador to Elvenesse and Bramblebury Onelia Evangeline Peregrin, Mayor of the village of Knoxville
  3. The First Ever Doublesweet Festival! [!] A series of flyers are pinned to various spots in Bramblebury, including the noticeboard. Flyers have also been placed inside the mailbox of every occupied home! You are invited to Bramblebury's first ever DOUBLESWEET FEST! This festival is to celebrate love and camaraderie; love of our friends, love of our families, love of our allies, love of future friends, and our love of, well, our lovers! Attendees who already have a partner can partake in fun activities with their partner, and those who don't will be assigned a partner deemed as fitting for them! Additionally, each pair will be paired up with another pair (confusing, I know) to hang out together and do fun things together! Kids are welcome to come and hang out with one another and celebrate their friendship, and adults who just want to celebrate friendship can come too! The festival will take place about two years from now, (14 AC, 9 SA) in Bramblebury of course! ((Saturday, Feb. 13, 2PM EST)) Sign Up Simply answer these questions and you're well on your way to finding love! https://forms.gle/AyqzRCyXxioLH2NW8 Event organized by Antheia Pebblebrook & Winter Gardner. Contact them for any questions? ((Little__Lady and SnowyBee_)) ((Little__Lady#0556 and SunnyBee#0017))
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Latest: Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requests Closed -PMC added -Halfling and human spoilers added. Request Form: CLOSED Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- CLOSED..
  5. Official Guide of Honorary Halflings! A guide written by Moochael and Prologued Throughout halfling RP there has often been a term that has been thrown around, called, "Honorary Halflings." This is not a widely common role, but it is achievable in certain standards! This guide is a goal by Prologued and me to increase halfling RP, and encourage more activity! Now First off! What is an Honorary halfling? An honorary halfling is a biggun that has been acknowledged by the humble halfling folk as the closest a biggun can be to a halfling. Normally bigguns are approached with a quirked eyebrow if spotted in the town, the halflings being confused on why they are here if he/she has no business. However, honorary halflings are looked upon not as suspicious bigguns, but nearly one of the halfling community. ~*~ Pros of Being an Honorary Halfling! Unfortunately, you will not receive a burrow from being an honorary. Creating such a large burrow would be nearly an impossible task for halflings... However, listed below are some of the pros you get! 1. A permanent room in the Inn, to come and go as you please! 2. Permission to build in the town (Perms to the region) 3. Permission to work with us like any other halfling. You can bartend, help run the library, help run the Inn, etc. 4. If you have struck us as a great person, you may have a path named after you! ~*~ How Do I Become an Honorary Halfling? Here's the Juicy part, becoming an honorary halfling. Unlike Honorary orcs, the role doesn't take too much discipline to obtain, or any specific tasks in general. However, the biggun must follow certain guidelines within his/her life. Halflings have values called, "Being proper" and if someone wishes to be an honorary halfling, they must follow these values alongside half folk. If you want to call yourself proper, and be an honorary halfling, you must: 1. Not use any locks, be trustworthy to your neighbors, locks proves your distrust! 2. Don't argue with fellow Townsmen, we all need to love each other! 3. Stealing from halflings is strongly forbidden, however stealing from bigguns is not frowned upon. 4. No purposely engaging in violence, unless your life is on edge, always talk it out. 5. We usually don't use Swords, and shovels as our main for of self-defense. This is encouraged, but we understand if bigguns don't follow it. However, they must use a shovel inside the village. 6. You must be a frequent visitor of the village and get to know us, you will not be considered if the majority do not know who you are. If you can follow all these things then voila! You’re on your way to being a cheerful, fun-loving member of the happiest race in Vailor, just a lil' bit taller.
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