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Found 4 results

  1. Harvest Festivities A letter on a new Harvest Festival. Brothers and Sisters, The trees around our kingdom are beginning to shed their leaves, and with them, the arrival of the harvest season. All across Solheim, the Harvest spirit lives on, despite the troubling times we have found ourselves in. And so, it is with a smile that I announce this year’s Harvest Home Decorating Contest! Allow me to outline the rules: The contest will run for one Ashen week, and within that time frame you will be free to decorate the inside and outside of your house as much as you wish! Your decorations cannot block the street, however. We have to keep things running smoothly, after all! When the time comes to finally judge the houses, our judging team will visit each house and grade them personally. If you have decorations on the inside, please specify such in your registration. Once the scores have all been tallied up, we will announce the winners! The prizes will be hand crafted traditional Norlandic sweets, with the grand prize being the Golden Pumpkin Trophy! I also would like to state that a new situation has begun to develop. It appears that even our old foes have begun to be infected by the Harvest Spirit! Some of you might remember the mimic situation we were dealing with a while back: well, color me surprised when I saw one of them mimicking a plush form of Io! Instinctively, I drew my sword, but this plush instead gave me a piece of hardened Ashwood Sap Candy. How it got its hands on it, I’ll never know, but for now, if you see a plush form of one of our friends acting strangely, don’t be afraid! If you approach them, they will give you candy! Something might even happen if you find them all, who knows? I encourage you all to not only welcome our new Neveahlen friends to the festivities, but also these friendly mimics! They’re here to have fun, so let’s all give them a warm welcome! Until I next speak to you again, please enjoy the Harvest Festivities to your heart’s delight! Indulge yourself in all the candy you can find, and truly get into the spirit of the Harvest! Sincerely,
  2. • ○ KNOXOWEEN FESTIVAL! ○ • Come be Fabulously Frightening! What better way to feel alive than by being scared half to death? Nor-Velyth made a partnership with the Bard’s College for a special festival and are finally ecstatic to announce the show! Join in on Knoxoween! • Itinerary • Scavenger Hunt. Pumpkin Carving contest. Costume Contest. Horror Maze / Timed Trial Maze. Themed stalls and products. Spooky surprises along the day! Disclaimer: Though this is a festival that encourages you to wear costumes to scare, we do not condone intentionally harming guests and goers, should there be an accident please proceed to a nearby health practitioner or a shaman. • When and Where • The 28th starting @2pm EST. just behind the Bard College! Follow the dirt path and lights that had been laid out! (time may be subjected to change) [Join the Nation Discord!] @Creete [Join our College Discord!] @tgrt
  3. ...As the smoke and ash clear from the air, one will see the destroyed and burned ruins of the once prosperous elven city. The environment around the structures were all burnt to a crisp, dark colors covering the beautiful shades of green below. Although this was a heart aching sight to see, all good things must come to an end, so that it may make way for better. “Lliran, I ask that we do not stay mourning for our beloved city but we honor it in a final Knox-o-ween festivity!” the priestess would call out to her kin, handing out flyers that would spread across the lands, for a festivity to end the spooky season.. “Come one, come all to a SpOoKy celebration at the Owl’s Perch! Enjoy yourselves with some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. The following activities will be… -Spider throw (beanbag throw) -Hide n seek -A costume competition -Final knox-o-ween dance We encourage you to come dressed to impress! The winner for the spider throw will receive an art piece of their choice and the two winners for the Hide n seek and Costume competition will receive a 100 mina prize each! We hope to see you there..”
  4. A buck news has.. appeared.
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