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Found 2 results

  1. The First Hozhklammor of the New Horde THUNDER, THUNDER IN THE HORDELANDS. The great Horn of Yar bellowed its song across the valleys and peaks of the Hordelands.The Rex’s Klammor would soon begin, the Horde was summoned. The many peoples of the Horde streamed across the badlands. Caravans laden with gifts and goods meandered across the rain starved plains, whilst bands of Lur hunters astride their great wulfen mountains raced back to the beating heart of the Horde. Approaching the heart of the Hordelands one would notice great changes afoot. Even as merchants, venerable elder Shamans and great Wargoth clanlords made their way through the gaping maw of the city the sounds of labour could still be heard. The Pale Orc, the Yazgurtan of the horde could be seen speaking to her Rukagoths and the gangs of Ruka Orcs swarming over the city with feverish abandon. The strange halfling merchant who muttered in Orcish blah could sometimes be overheard gossiping about a mysterious ‘Orcgrimmar’ but none could really say if he spoke truth or madness. The young Rex stood at the gate, a keen eye laid to the souls entering what had only recently become his domain. As the twin warlords of the Horde, the proud Wargoth of the Gorkils, Kho, and the animated Wargoth Grimruk of the Lur arrived, accompanied by their warriors, the Rex made his way to the Klammorhall. The Horde would speak, and the Horde would listen. Such was the way of the Klamor. The Rex looked down on his people. There was none of the cold discipline of the humans. None of the austere haughtiness of the elves. His were a raucous people. Entering in their innumerable colours and fineries already the people of the Horde bickered. Grommash had not yet opened his mouth, yet the noise in the hall was near deafening. Clans bickered over old feuds. Massive Uruk warriors nearing nine feet in height slammed their heads into one another before beginning to brawl in the middle of the great meeting. They were his people. Unlike any other. And he loved them. Letting out a laugh as he reflected upon the proceedings he drew in a deep breath, his lungs expanding impossibly wide before letting out a great roar. “Brothers of the Horde” he began “Today we have important business to discuss, today is the first Klamor of Grommash. Today the Horde will learn of its future. Today the Horde will speak, and the Horde will listen The Old Dominus has proven unworthy of the title. He has stolen from the Horde, he has shirked his duties. The Horde does not, no, the Horde CANNOT be led by those who will not put the Horde first. The Horde will not be led by those who would steal from the Horde for their own benefit. Marosh is STRIPPED of Dominus and declared OUTSIDE HONOUR. He will have no clan. He will have no people. He will have no rights in the Horde. He is WHITEWASH. Any honourable member of the horde is to kill him on sight no matter the circumstance. With the departure of the WICKED Marosh, may Krug spit on his memory, the Horde finds itself in need of a new Dominus. I say now to the entire Horde. Any interested in the position of Dominus step forward." Rolling his massive shoulders the Wargoth of the Gorkils stepped forward, his back to the Rex he faced down the Horde. “I claim the title of Dominus, is there any who would challenge my right” Slamming a massive fist on the table a warrior would rise “Grothzark of the Dom challenges” He bellowed, stomping directly over the feast table, kicking the innumerable cups and plates out of the way as he did so. With a Roar the two warriors met in the center of the massive hall. Neither made any attempt at defence, simply slamming their massive fists into the others face. With a scream of rage the mighty Gorkil drove his fist into the face of his immense opponent. The final blow dropping the Orc warrior to the floor. Offering a mighty WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH scream to the sky the Gorkil extended his hand, offering the fallen Orc a hand back to his feet. The hall exploded into cheers. A new Dominus had been chosen. “Kho’Gorkil is the new Dominus of the Horde” Grommash declared to the cheering crowd “Now, to the next business. The song of war can be heard on the winds. Each of us knows in our hearts that the season of war is once again upon us. This Horde needs a Targoth, one who is not only strong, but one who can lead others, who can trade the young warriors of this Horde into the hardened warriors they must be. Let any who desires the title of Targoth declare themselves now” Forward stepped Grimruk’Lur, Wargoth of the Lur clan, storied warrior with many successful raids to his name. “I claim Targoth, are there any who would challenge me” The Wargoth declared, waiting. As before an Orcish warrior, the scarred veteran Himdokh stepped forward Once more the two Orcs met with a vicious clash in the center of the hall. Blood flew as the two massive beasts exchanged blows. After what seemed an age, Himdokh began to tire. Wasting no time Grimruk darted forward for the kill, covering his opponent with blows until at last the great warrior fell to his knees, a blow to the jaw robbing his consciousness for a mere moment. Yet it was long enough. Once again the hall erupted into cheers, “Grimruk of the Lurs shall be the new Targoth of the Horde” Grammosh waited for the celebrations and war cries to subside before he continued “But it is not enough for the Horde to have great warriors at its heart. Even with the strongest warriors we would be complete. The Horde needs wisdom. I call on Madoc of the Lurs to speak on the ways of the Shamans” The elderly Shaman ambled forward. He declared his claim for Motsham, spiritual leader of the Horde. Yet this time none challenged his claim. Madoc’Lur would be Motsham. Madoc’Lur would shepherd the souls of the horde and commune with the spirits of the lands. Yet unlike his predecessors, Madoc would have duties to the Horde, and to Shamanism. Under his leadership a great council of shamsn would be established. Comprised of the spirit-talkers and spirit-walkers of all the spiritualist peoples. The Great Spirit lodge would teach the ways of spiritualism to the people of the Horde, and would cleanse the Hordelands of the decay and filth that had plagued it for so long. With the important leaders of the Horde selected, Grommash called forth the various vassals of the Horde. Each pledging loyalty, Grommash responds on behalf of the Horde, promising protection and lands in exchange for tax and martial service. A few other Horde affairs were discussed. Banishments lifted, Offenders pardoned, and questions answered, old orcish feuds put to rest. Rex had spoken. Now it was time to listen to the Horde. As the last supplicant finished their requests Grommash took a moment to lean on his axe. It had been a long meeting. The Klammor had lived up to its reputation, the hall had been filled with bickering for the entire duration of the meeting, Raising a hand he brought silence to the hall. “Before we depart I have a final announcement to make. The Hordelands and the Goi must undergo a complete overhaul. I will be working with the Yazgurtan and the Rukagoths on the Orcgrimmar Project. Those interested in supporting the Horde and the project and encouraged to speak to me or the Yazgurtan and her Rukagoths. Some of you have spoken to me of your doubts. I thank you for your wisdom. But this Horde must move forward. Orcgrimmar will be built. However, we cannot forget the past. For it has important wisdom that we must learn from. The heroes of the past and the villains must be remembered. I ask Motsham Madoc'Lur to have his shamans organize a great memorial feast and prayer for San'Briu. We must give thanks for those that came before us, and learn from their example.” With that he dismissed the Klammor, the many clans, tribes, and vassals streaming from the hall. Yet there was a new energy to the Horde, subtle, but noticeable. Perhaps once more the people of the horde were regaining confidence, but only time would tell. For now there was much to do, and so little time. The season of war grew closer with every passing day, would the Horde be ready?
  2. Hobbes & Schmick Boutique Several fliers would be scattered around Oren advertising that Hobbes & Schmick Boutique is now looking for tailors ((Skinners))! The fliers read as follows: "Hobbes & Schmick Co. is now actively seeking tailors to work full-time at either of the two boutique locations - Johannesburg and Turov! Those who are interested must know how to use a sewing machine! ((You gotta know how to skin.)) If you think you have what it takes to create Axios' most fashionable and expensive clothing, fill out the application on the reverse side of this flier! This job pays very, very well, so apply immediately or you might miss out! ((I will actually pay you minas)) **** Application: Name: ((Username)): Can you sew? ((make skins)): Which location do you wish to work at? Johannesburg, or Turov?: Provide some sketches of your past work. ((Show off some skins)):
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