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  1. The Epiphytes of the Green Collective History The Epiphytes of the Green Collective where the founders of the order in Hefrumm. In 1742 of the First Age the Folk Council of Hefrumm created the Green Collective pushed by the Epihytes of Hefrumm and other Fae related beings that were living in the village. From the start the epiphytes led the organization as they were seen by the community of Hefrumm as dwarves that were chosen by Anbella to be part of her natural realm. Through the years the epiphytes of the Green Collective grew and prospered, creating families, achieving political ranks in the village, and becoming leaders of dwed. The creation of the Green Collective enabled the legal recognition of epiphytes as dwarves in the lands of Hefrumm, something that years later would lead the wider Urguan to also declate Epiphytes born as dwarves to be dwarves. During the war against the Inferi the first dwarves to lend their assistance in the fight against the Khorvadic spawn were the epiphytes of the Green Collective, despite the Inferi flames being more of a danger to them than any other descendant. While the Green Collective has never shied away from battle the way of Anbella teaches them to seek a diplomatic bloodless resolution and only wage battle if diplomacy has failed. Because of their association with Anbella and the fact that some epiphytes are among the oldests members of Hefrumm they tend to serve as keepers of knowledge and culture, with those that do so becoming Seers of Hefrumm. After the Green Collective the Seers of Hefrumm is the order of the forest dwarves with the most epiphyte members. On the opposite side outside the forest dwarf lands there are a couple groups which declare strongly their opposition to epiphytes, with their members believing a variety of things that trigger their hatred for epiphytes, especially epiphyte dwarves. Despite these challenges epiphytes of the Green Collective have been able to reach positions of prevalence even in Urguan, with the Prophet of Belka and Anbella having been an epiphyte, and the daughter of Grand King Garedyn the Emerald also being one. [!] Depiction of Maggie Cottonwood, former Chief of the Cottonwood Clan. Culture Dwarvenhood and Epiphytehood The Dual identity of being dwarves and epiphytes brings honor to members of the Green Collective. Being a dwarf is already generally considered by the dwarven race as being the chosen people by Yemekar to keep his balance, which is an honor that all dwarves value greatly. At the same time being an epiphyte that believes in the Brathmordakin gives the foresters the sense that they have been chosen by Anbella to become epiphytes and hear her call in the call of nature. [!] Depiction of a dworc epiphyte. Caretakers The Green Collective views itself as the protector of the natural balance of Anbella, which is the organization's objective at all times. Because of this, the matter of politics does not matter unless it is to achieve said aim. Wards Foresters have a close connection to all beings of nature, they share fraternal care for other epiphytes as well, even if they do not believe in the Brathmordakin. These epiphytes are viewed as beings that need to be taken care of as they are often unable to perceive Anbella in the call of nature. Wards that are able to hear Anbella in the call of nature and generally worship the Brathmordakin and seek to help the dwarves attain Anbella’s and Yemekar’s Balance are considered members of the Green Collective. [!] Depiction of Fae creatures Cultural Mixingpott Due to it being composed entirely of epiphytes the Green Collective cannot reproduce more members through the matting of their members. Instead, the Organization relies on epiphytes, especially dwarves joining. This results in the accumulation of cultures from various clans. Cultural diversity is not seen as something wrong, rather it serves to reflect the wider nature and Hefrumm itself which like the Green Collective envelops multiple cultures united through a uniting characteristic and belief. Religion Epiphytes of the Green Collective are dwarves and pious ones at that. The order like any other order of dwarves follows the dwarven Brathmordakin and the moral codes of each of the Brathmordakin depending on their trade. Due to most members of the Green Collective being forest dwarves the style of faith of the forest dwarves is prevalent in the way the members of the Green Collective practice the faith, focusing mainly on traditional forest dwarf rituals as seen in Hefrumm. Like all dwarves of Hefrumm the Green Collective members have a close connection to the seers, members of the community that serve as advisors and teachers on matters that relate to culture, history, and religion. [!] Depiction of High Chief Karl Blackroot doing a Seer ritual. Yemekar’s Balance Yemekar’s Balance is an important concept for the dwarves. It is in a very real way the essence of their existence, this applies to all organizations created by dwarves like the Green Collective. According to the dwarves it is their duty to achieve and protect Yemekar’s Balance. This means that it is the duty of the dwarves to ensure that creation remains in order in accordance to the will of Yemekar by following the teachings of the other Brathmordakin to be able to achieve the broader balance. Anbella’s Balance Apart from Yemekar’s Balance another important concept to the Green Collective is Anbella’s Balance. Anbella’s Balance is highly important to the forest dwarves and it is seen as an essential section to be able to achieve the broader Yemekar’s Balance. Anbella’s Balance stands for the balance of nature in accordance to Anbella’s teachings and hence in accordance with Yemekar’s will for creation. Chosen of Anbella It is a common belief in the Green Collective and in the larger forest dwarf culture that those dwarves that become epiphytes have made a pact with Anbella where they serve her and dedicate their soul to her. In this process Anbella claims the soul of the dwarf and takes it to her realm directly after the death of the dwarf, ensuring the dwarf that in the after life they will go to Anbella’s realm and not any other Brathmordakin. Epiphytes also hear the call of nature, something that epiphyte dwarves of the Green Collective interpret as Anbella’s call. Because of their belief of dwarves being chosen by Yemekar to keep the balance they view their interpretation of the call as correct interpreting any Fae related thing as somehow being subjugate to Anbella’s will. This perception of the Fae has allowed multiple dwarves of the Green Collective to become druids, and to befriend elves and other groups that revere the Fae. [!] Depiction of epiphytes of the Green Collective. Ranks and Organization Wanderer Dwarven epiphytes that do not play a formal role in the Green Collective are classed as wanderers, due to their position as dwarves and citizens of Hefrumm and/or Urguan they receive full protection, representation, and vote from the Green Collective. Pupil A pupil is an Epiphyte that has decided to learn the teachings of the Green Collective, this includes the teachings of the Brathmordakin, the role of the Epiphytes in Yemekar’s work, and the protection of the Balance of Anbella. Mentor Mentors are those that have learned the teachings of the collective and are able to pass on the knowledge to new generations. Mentors have the ability to vote and run to become Chosen. Chosen The Chosen is the elected representative of the Green Collective, they represent the collective in official meetings with other groups and institutions. [!] Depiction of a Wanderer Epiphyte. “Ranks” outside the organization Outlander Epiphytes Members of other epiphyte communities are considered outlanders. These epiphytes are granted the support and council of the Green Collective as despite not working for the goals of the Green Collective their goals do not go against the Green Collective’s own. Wild Epiphytes Wild epiphytes are those epiphytes that do not believe in the Brathmordakin and do not belong to any epiphyte community. These lone epiphytes are protected by the Green Collective as they can be educated to serve a neutral or positive role in Anbella’s balance by stopping them from becoming feral. Feral Epiphytes Feral epiphytes are those that broke away from Anbella’s Balance and serve a Khorvadic corruption of it. The most wellknown examples of feral epiphytes are those that serve the september prince. [!] Depiction of a Feral Epiphyte. Previous posts of the Green Collective The Green Collective Act : https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196376-the-green-collective-act/ The Green Collective: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204297-the-green-collective/ [Interested in becoming an epiphyte? Interested in joining the Green Collective? Message me in discord at: mateolog. You can also try to join the Hefrumm discord if you are interested in joining the community: https://discord.gg/tZyec7JTU ]
  2. -=x=- The New Cottonwood Chief -=x=- Hello everyone. I'm here to announce I will be taking my place as the new Cottonwood Chief. Though this is not the kind of challenge I can say I'm used to, I will do my best to serve the Cottonwoods and all of Hefrumm to the best of my abilities. Adapting to this will be a new but welcomed challenge for me to overcome. For those who do not know me, I am Orsola Cottonwood, niece of the great Paragon Bjor Cottonwood, founder of our beloved Hefrumm. Daughter of Baldin Frostbeard and Fraye Cottonwood, a union of both mountain and forest dwarves. Most of my years were spent in the woods, living with only the company of nature itself. I spent many years hunting, crafting, and doing what I could to survive. Although those days are now gone, I still often spend time alone surrounded by the trees. As someone who has spent most of her life in the woods, I hope to lead the Cottonwoods back to our roots in nature the best I can. Not only that, but I hope to make the Cottonwood community thrive once again. In the future, some events will be hosted to bring Cottonwood culture back to Hefrumm. Though they will be Cottonwood events, I hope dwed of all clans and cultures will be able to enjoy and share such activities with our fellow dwarves. Be you a cave dwarf, mountain dwarf, or forest dwarf, everyone shall be welcomed with open arms, as all of us are creations of the great Yemekar. Before finishing this message, I would quickly like to thank all who have supported me. I would not be here without you, and I will prove to you I was worthy of your trust. Cottonwood Chief, Orsola Cottonwood OOC: Anyone who has questions or suggestions is more then welcome to reach out to me on discord (warmishice)! I also plan on reviving the Cottonwood discord so there will be a better place to do so in the future :)
  3. [OOC: This information is not publically known] Dy Breid Trinaid The Essence Trinity The Trinity The Trinity represents the interconnected and infinite connection between all things. It is a holy symbol for the Mossborn clan and by proxy anything that comes in three, or is itself a trinity is also important to them. Their trials reflect this, having to smelt 3 ores, smith 3 objects and slay 3 enemies. The Mossborn clan follow the Trinity of Essence, or in their language, Dy Breid Trinaid. It is similar to the Tribunal of Life, worshipped by the Hefrummo, whoever the Brathmordakin that compose the Trinity are Yemekar, Anbella and Ogradhad, which preside over Essence. The Breid All the Brathmordakin represents a part of a dwarf’s Breid. Breid translates to Essence in Common and Dwedohim in Old Dwarven. This essence is composed of many parts, each governs the identity and the self of the dwarf. Such parts are not static, however, and change alongside the dwarf depending on how their self changes, willingly or unwillingly. The Trinity of Essence refers to the Brathmordakin that are believed by the clan to have the most powerful influence over a dwarf’s Breid. The Brathmordakin of the Trinity govern the following: Yemekar - The Craft Soul - Claigh Yemekar forged the physical form of the dwarf as well as their dwedohim. The Craft Soul is a dwarf’s creativity, talent, ingenuity and passion for craftsmanship. Those who are great craftsmen are said to have strong Claigh, and they may even imbue their crafts with a fragment of their Claigh. Anbella - The Green Soul - Ayagh The Green Soul is the part that connects the dwarf to other living beings and grants them a connection to it. It is naturally stronger in forest dwarves, having been blessed by Anbella. The Ayagh is one’s compassion, their connection to the natural world. People with powerful Ayagh are said to be able to fight like a beast in battle. Ogradhad - The Mind Soul - Smagth Ogradhad governs over the Mind Soul, or the Smagth. The part of one’s essence is responsible for Consciousness, Dreams, Personality and so on. A person with a powerful Smagth is capable of manifesting themselves in their dreams, and maybe even influence the dreams of others. It is a very intimate and important part of the Breid The Brathmordakin Souls The three souls parts mentioned are the ones which the Mossborn consider to influential to a dwarf’s Essence, and which most correspond to the clan's ideals. Though all the Brathmordakin influence the Essence of a dwarf and are of equal significance. Dungrimm - The Honour Soul - Arymagh The Arymagh is a dwarf’s courage and righteousness. It normally lays dormant amongst the rest of the Souls, only manifesting in times when honour and bravery are meant to be displayed. If the Arymagh is weak, the dwarf will crumble under pressure. Belka - The Red Soul - Ruagh Belka, being the Brathmordakin of Passion, naturally has domain over the Ruagh, or a dwarf’s emotion. A strong Ruagh does not mean necessarily strong emotions, but it means emotional intelligence and stability. Armakak - The Luck Soul - Aiught The Luck Soul, or Aiught, is very different in its properties when compared to the others. It can act almost as its own entity, being able to split off and enter the Breid of others. Thus through action and veneration of Armakak, one can grow their own fortunes by cultivating their Aiught. Grimdugan - The Quiet Soul - Donaght The Quiet Soul, as governed by Grimdugan, is the most mysterious out of all the soul parts. It is said that those who possess strong Donagth are able to see more clearly in the darkness, as they can send out their Donagth to help them see the realm of Grimdugan. History and Tradition While the Trinity of Essence is the most prevalent triad worshipped within the clan. Historically, some figures within the Mossborn worshipped a different Brathmordakin than the Trinity of Essence, whoever they still worshipped them in a triad. E.g Donachan The Cloudy who for his patrons had Belka Anbella and Ogradhad. This tradition continues, members of the clan may choose a trinity of Brathmordakin as their patrons, but one must always be from the Trinity of Essence. In Relation to other Clan Beliefs Brathmordakin The presence of the many souls, as represented by the Dy Breid Trinaid, connects with the idea that each Brathmordakin had a role in the forging of the Dwedohim. The clan believes that Yemekar was the First Brathmordakin, and thusly it would imply that in order for the other Brathmordakin to have helped forge the soul they would have had to exist prior, or have been made before the Breid. The Mossborn believe that the Brathmordakin were forged from Yemekar and are aspects of him, in the same way, that the soul parts are fragments of the Breid. This still means each Brathmordakin is an entity deserving of veneration. Names Throughout history, chief’s of the Mossborn clan adopt a new name after prayer to their preferred Brathmordakin, names such as Barlow The Dirty, Donochan The Cloudy and most famously Garedyn The Green. Leaders of the clan are uniquely tasked with seeking a name to represent their Breid as a matter of showing honesty and duty to Brathmordakin. In general, names hold powerful meaning and symbolism as a manifestation of one’s Breid, thus they take great care in naming children and artefacts.
  4. Hefrumm Scripts & Dialect History Throughout the Exile of Gloin, his children have been split from each other, resulting in the teachings of Gloin, Urguan and the Brathmordakin being scattered between many different tribes and clans. Many of these groups, due to their nomadic nature, did not have the ability to develop typical methods of recording knowledge, instead, they passed on these teachings through oral traditions. With these strong oral traditions, the grammar and vocabulary of the original dwarven language were preserved, with some minor dialects being present. However, variant alphabets were developed, while using the grammar and vocabulary of Old Dwarven, in order to record the collective knowledge of Gloin. Simple Ogradhamic - Gloin Tounge The Hefrumm people, naturally, speak with slight variation in accent and vocabulary compared to their mountainous and cavernous brethren. However, due to many years of living together since the first establishment of the polity of Hefrumm, the more extreme changes have grown milder. This parallels other cultural developments such as the adoption of currency to pay taxes to dwarven kingdoms. The Hefrumm accent tends to make one’s speech more flowing and smooth. This is believed to have come as a result of a strong culture of oral tradition and retelling of stories, in which the Hefrumm accent allows for more rhythmic retellings. The Gloin Tongue differs only slightly in terms of grammar, in comparison to Old Dwarven. Negation Old dwarven negation features simply the suffix un- in front of a verb. Gloin Tongue features another negative prefix for emphasis. Negation (simple) - un + verb Negation (never) - rahm + verb This differs from the adverb Nuf (never) in dwarven, and is used normally in storytelling to denote and emphasise the sheer devotion of a particular protagonist, or used in making oaths. E.g: da Enn’Hefjor'az rahm’ogdaros - The bear will never betray - the (present suffix)+bear+(verb suffix) (never negation)+verb The Gloin Tounge uses the Simple Ogradhamic alphabet, which is a variation of typical dwarven runes, allowing Hefrummo to write easier upon wood, leaves and paper. It is seldom known by Hefrummo. ኣ ብ ች ድ አ ፍ ግ ህ ኢ ጅ ክ ል ም ን ኦ ፕ ቅ ር ስ ት ኡ ቭ ው ኽ ይ ዝ Complex Ogradhamic - Seer Staves The Seer Staves is a complex form of writing that completely diverges from the typical runes associated with dwarves. Also known as Complex Ogradhamic, it actually predates the Simple version, since it was developed out of necessity by Hefrumm Seers during their continuous periods of prosecution. It is only known by the Seers of Hefrumm, and it is simply a different, yet hidden way of recording Old Dwarven and Gloin Tounge. ᚆᚓᚂᚂᚑ ᚒᚒᚑᚏᚂᚇ Words Unique to Gloin Tounge Common Origin (C) - Words originated from a mixing of various Hefrumm peoples Treebeard Origin (T) - Words coined or contributed by Clan Treebeard Root Origin (R) - Words coined or contributed by Clan Blackroot, and their progenitors the Cottonwoods Mossborn Origin (M) - Words coined or contributed by Clan Mossborn Yrrommar Origin (Y) - Cognate or Loan words from non-dwarves Dwarven Origin (D) - A word from the dwarven dictionary Drinks Beer - Lenp Ale - Lonp Mead - Smolp Cider Dolp Wine - Yolp Whisky - Yump Rum - Flimp Vodka - Polp Swill - Yurk Animals Bear - Hefjhor (D) Boar - Torc (C) Deer - Feid (C) Skunk - Gsit (C) Fox - Rumadh (C) Bee, wasps, hornets, any insect that can stab you - Verokhatuul (C) Nature Sun - Arma (C) Sunlight - Armakan (C) Dew - Belk (C) Druid - Druai (T) Epiphite- Siobragh(R) Moss - Mozz (M) Misc Cousin - Coan (C) (Commonly used to refer to halflings) Emerald - Margaid (M) Essence - Breid (M) Soap - Shabin (Y) Tribal law - Vengryn-khrum (R) Kavir - Return Forest Dwarf Titles Hefruthrummaz - High Chief (R) Hefruthrumm - Chief/Clan Father (T) Seer - Rikeron'kirkja (R) Orondukrik - Smoke Lord (C) Fellow forest dwarf - Dasen (C) Traitor, outsider, foreigner - Aruetii (C) Warrior - Fægir (T) Gloin Tounge Phrases Good Morning - Narvak’oz Arma - Glory to the Sun You smell like a druid’s farts - Druai’asmong This drink is bad - vo’gsit vo’yurk - Skunk’s swill Dwarven Dictionary Encylopedia of the Dwarven Language
  5. ᚢᚱᚴᚢᛅᚾ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚼᛁᚠᚱᚢᛘᛘ ᚴᛁᛚᛁᛒᚱᛅᛏᚬᚾ Celebrating Joy and Family ᛁᚬᛁ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚠᛅᛘᛁᛚᛁ It is Anbella we have to thank for our prosperity in terms of family, children, and marriage. In recent times, within the last few years, Urguan has seen its fair share of marriages and young ones born to their kin. It seems only fitting to celebrate in her - Anbella’s honor. This party will celebrate the dwedki that currently fills Urguans streets with joy and wonder. It will celebrate the marriage between Ealisaid Mossborn and Ulfric Frostbeard. It will also extend the celebrations to the to-be newlywed Thrabor and Fia Ireheart. Friends of the dwedmar are welcome to attend the festivities- food and an open bar will be provided, and with the promise of drinking games should anyone be interested. [5EST/10GMT 2 April, Urguan Valley]
  6. ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚠᚠᛁᚲᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛁᚱᛟᚾ ᛒᚨᚱᛟᚾᚤ Key Points, People and Places of Interest in Urguan and Hefrumm ᚴᛁᛁ ᛒᛚᛅᚴᛁᛋ ᚬᚠ ᚢᚱᚴᚢᛅᚾ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚼᛁᚠᚱᚢᛘᛘ With the sudden influx of dwedmar, the Iron Barons see fit to piece together a guide to both Kal’Darakaan and Dol’Anym, for any and all who might find use of it. People of Interest Grand King of Urguan- Agnar Grandaxe @Legoboy7984 High Chief of Hefrumm - Garedyn Mossborn @VerminHunter High Prophet - Garedyn Mossborn @VerminHunter Grand Chancellor - Ulfric Frostbeard @Terry Lord Justicar - Thromdrick Irongut @BuffBadger Grand Ambassador - Dagmir Grandaxe @MarquisAlex Yemekars Pick - Tuzic Mossborn @SharpString Stewards - Tuzic Mossborn @SharpString, Ealisaid Mossborn @Lirinya The Valley Separating the two settlements sits the valley, a vibrant and bustling place suitable for celebrations and business. The valley also extends around the mountains, with paths leading up high to the tallest peak of Almaris. Kal’Darakaan Amply named the city of Ancient Might, Kal’Darakaan exudes strength and pride. Built deep within the mountains, it is the cultural home of many different dwedmar. Inside you can find the base of the Yemekars Workforce and its guildhalls, the bank, the deep roads and the Obsidian Throne. Interested in Joining the Guilds? You can join the workforce by reaching out to the Yemekars Pick, @SharpString or by speaking to one of the guild lords. Metal Branch Grimdugan's Delvers - @TheWaffleEater2 Yemekar's Smiths - @_Grey_W0lf_ Mountain Branch Armakak's Merchants - @Lirinya Yemekar's Masons - @VerminHunter Belka's Jewellers - @DISCOLIQUID Mystic Branch Ogradhad's Enchanters - @Beholder Ogradhad's Brewers - @SharpString Dol’anym The heart of Hefrumm and the home of the Forest dwarves, Dol’Anym is a rich place of history and culture, and utilizes its natural surroundings to create a home for the kin of the forest. Hefrumm provides Urguan with unique food and beverages as well as crops and produce from its bountiful farms. Within Hefrumm also stands the petrified paragon, Bjor Cottonwood, of whom the Forest Dwarves honor for his founding of Hefrumm and his heroic sacrifice to save dwarven lives. Signed, Grand King Emeritus, Lord Chancellor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard Iron Baron and Steward of Urguan
  7. ᛅᚱᛘᛅᚴᛅᚴᛋ ᛘᛁᚱᚴᚼᛅᚾᛏᛋ Urguan’s Scavenger Hunt ᛋᚴᛅᚢᛁᚾᚴᛁᚱ ᚼᚢᚾᛏ As a way to introduce all of the new dwedmar to the cities of Kal’Darakaan and Dol’Anym, The guild of Armakak’s Merchants are hosting a scavenger hunt. Scattered through our cities are trinkets and tokens honoring the Brathmordakin. The winner of this hunt will be the one who collects up the most of these items, and returns them on the date listed to the Guild Lord. You may find that clues are left at the shrines of the Brathmordakin. Hint: These items will not be too difficult to find! The winner will receive the following: Any of the trinkets and tokens they find along their journey, 300 Mina, Personal commission from the Yemekar’s Workforce. (To conclude on Sunday 5EST)
  8. Ready! Set! Pig Race! [source] To celebrate the opening of the Hefrumm Embassy in Bywater, and to honour the friendship between the children of Gloin, the Hefrumm Embassy shall be organising a street pig race in the streets of the Halfling village of Bywater. The celebration shall commence in the evening (30/01 6 PM EST), people shall gather around the centre of the village and participants will select the hog that they want to ride. The winner will be able to request a craft to be made for them for free, from the High Chief, Garedyn The Green! Warning Hefrumum is not liable for any hog-related injuries, though medics will be on the scene should a need arise. ((REMINDER EVENT IS AT BYWATER ON THE 30TH OF JANUARY AT 6PM EST))
  9. Further Infrastructure Act 5th Sun’s Smile SE 112 Article I - Entertainment Infrastructure Shops of more varied sizes are to be constructed in areas of high traffic in Hefrumm. Alongside this, a new fighting arena, club space, pig and olog riding areas are to be constructed. A new notice board is also to be put up. Article II - Private Land Requests to close off certain parts of land for private use must go through the Folk’s council. Requests will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis. Decorations are allowed as per common sense, and people may even put up a fence as long as there is no gate prohibiting free passage. This act applies retroactively. Article III - Industrial Infrastructure A new forge in a more central location will be built for the purposes of public metallurgy. Article IV - Fort A new fort to defend against Khorvad shall be built upon the lands reclaimed through Article II.
  10. Gloin Act 5th Sun’s Smile SE 112 All clanless Hefrummo are given the right to adopt the name Treebeard should they desire it. This is due to the fact that all forest dwarves are the descendants of Gloin Treebeard, and should thus be allowed to adopt the name. This act does not give the right to anyone to declare themselves an elder of clan father of the Treebeard clan. Such matters must be handled in the usual fashion clans handle internal affairs. This act does not give one member to the clan, merely allows them to adopt the name.
  11. 14/8/2022 20th The Sun's Smile SE 89 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Hefrumm Title Reformation ᛏᛁᛏᛚᛖ ᚱᛖᚠᛟᚱᛗᚨᛏᛟᚾ In order to better organise the roles needed in Hefrumm society, and to reward the honourable dwedmar, this proposal was accepted by the Folk's Council of Hefrumm. The following are not organised in order of authority. Current Roles: I - High Chief Leader of Hefrumm, nominated by the Chiefs of official clans of Hefrumm, elected by the forest dwarves. II - Clan Chief/ Father/ Other titles Leader of a clan. III - Thelur Advisor to the High Chief, appointed by the High Chief IV - Keeper of Hefrumm An individual responsible for maintaining constitutional integrity. Chosen by the High Chief, removed by the Chiefs. V - Steward of Hefrumm A forest dwarf appointed and removed by the High Chief to help manage the finances of Hefrumm in collaboration with the Grand Steward. VI - Seer A member of the Seers chapter of Hefrumm. VII - Primarch A leader of a Ring, appointed by the High Chief. VIII - Custodian A leader within a Ring, appointed by the High Chief or the Primarch IX- Chosen The elected representative of the Green Collective. Chosen by the members of the Collective. New Roles: I - Belka’s Breeder The horse breeder of Hefrumm, appointed and removed by the High Chief. II - Champion of Hefrumm Appointed through a martial contest, held by the High Chief.
  12. 24/8/2022 14th The Sun's Smile SE 92 ᚱᛖᚷᚱᛟᚹᚦ Regrowth Act ᚨᚲᛏ In order to better promote the development and growth of Hefrumm, infrastructure changes are needed. This should be done to facilitate the ease of assimilation for new peoples entering Hefrumm and promote the cultures of the different clans of Hefrumm. This act will propose the following articles to achieve the goals above. Article I - Civic Infrastructure More accessible and comfortable roads shall be built to help the movement of people throughout Hefrumm. A new entrance into the village will also be built over the Wooded Mountain Inn, to attract new migrants and tourists to visit Hefrumm. The Wooded Mountain Inn shall be converted into a Seer Temple or a Library or Both. Other structures not specifically mentioned by this bill will also be built as necessary to facilitate the improvement of civic life. Article II - Defensive Infrastructure Natural defences such as boulders and logs will be placed around Hefrumm in order to aid in the defence against attacks, such as by Wendigoes. These structures are to provide functional use such as defence and others, and they must not impede the natural sensibilities and aesthetics of Hefrumm. Article III - Cultural Infrastructure For the sake of promoting the culture of the clans of Hefrumm, in order to promote cultural diversity, distinct landmarks/vegetation/houses/etc shall be placed around Hefrumm based on the themes of Hefrumm clans. Article IV - Authority Authority for the construction of these buildings shall be given to the current High Chief, Garedyn the Green and the Ebony Beaver Ring.
  13. The Ebony Beavers of Hefrumm ⌘ ᛏᚼᛁ ᛁᛒᚬᚾᛁ ᛒᛅᚢᛁᚱᛋ ᚬᚠ ᚼᛁᚠᚱᚢᛘᛘ The Ebony Beavers belong to the Rings of Hefrumm. They are tasked with the collection and distribution of materials, primarily metals and wood, to the residents of Dol’Aynm. Alongside this, it is their duty to provide Hefrumm with tools and weapons when needed, such as swords and armor during a war - or a bucket for watering crops. The overall goal of the Beavers is to ensure Hefrumms stability and independence from the capital state in terms of resources. They will build a stockpile to ensure that when Hefrumm needs, Hefrumm has. Hierarchy ⌘ ᚼᛁᛁᚱᛅᚱᚴᚼᛁ Primarch of the Ebony Beaver Ealisaid Mossborn An overseer to the entire ring. This position ensures the continued productivity of its custodians and members. The primarch also handles payment of the workers. Custodian of the Ore Vacant A position of knowledge associated with mining and metal work. This custodian provides Hefrumm with the tools and supplies it might need from times of war, to day to day activity. Custodian of the Earth Korglaz Grandaxe A position of knowledge associated with woodwork and lumberjacking. This custodian provides Hefrumm with materials for building and crafting, alongside with a consistent supply of wood. Members The members of the Ebony Beaver are the most valuable. Without them, Hefrumm will not have the supplies it needs to continue to thrive. The members are the miners and the smiths, the lumberjacks and the woodworkers. Every member is paid for their hard work in both minae and food. Joining the Ebony Beavers ⌘ ᛁᚬᛁᚾᛁᚾᚴ ᚦᛁ ᛁᛒᚬᚾᛁ ᛒᛅᚢᛁᚱᛋ The Ebony Beavers do not favor any race over the other, and all are welcome to join in our challenge, as long as you are a resident of Urguan (Not limited to Hefrumm). Being a member allows you access to the resources gathered, and allows you to make consistent income in exchange for your work. We will, however, happily make trades for resources to anyone who wishes to make coin. Payment and Income ⌘ ᛒᛅᛁᛘᛁᚾᛏ ᛅᚾᛏ ᛁᚾᚴᚬᛘᛁ The Beavers maintain a concise list of prices per crate (stack) of ore. This can be paid in full, or it can be split in halves with the other being subsidized with bundles of food. These prices will vary depending on demand. ⌘ Minerals ⌘ 64 Iron Ore: 2 Mina/1 Mina and one bundle of food, 32 Gold Ore: 3 Mina/2 Mina and one bundle of food, 64 Coal: 3 Mina/2 Mina and one bundle of food. ⌘ Wood ⌘ 64 Oak: 3 Mina/2 Mina and one bundle of food, 64 Dark Oak: 3 Mina/1 Mina and two bundles of food, 64 (any other wood): 2 Mina. Should you wish to apply to the Ebony Beavers, please do so in writing to Ealisaid Mossborn. Narvak oz Urguan Primarch of the Ebony Beaver
  14. Tome of the Keeper of Hefrumm This document is a compilation of all laws, decrees, and legal precendents of Hefrumm. The Keeper of Hefrumm is in charge with the updating of the book for all to be able to look and be up to date on the laws of Hefrumm. Where there is a void in the laws of Hefrumm, the standard law of Urguan applies. Constitution of Hefrumm https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194554-the%C2%A0constitution-of-the-forest-folk-of-hefrumm/ Folks’ Council decisions The Great Fishing Accord https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/216970-the-great-fishing-accord/ The Rings of Hefrumm https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215347-the-rings-of-hefrumm/ Addendum to the Hefrumm Economic Revisionary Act https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215350-addendum-to-the-hefrumm-economic-revisionary-act/ Green Collective Act https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196376-the-green-collective-act/ Chiefs’ Council Decisions Dwarven Brotherhood and Solidarity act https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/214997-dwarven-brotherhood-and-solidarity-act/ Trade of Nature and Silver https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/217204-trade-of-nature-and-silver/ Nominations for High Chief and the New Keeper rank https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/214909-chiefs-council-of-hefrumm-on-the-nominations-fo-hc-and-the-new-keeper-rank/ Ember Alliance https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/217817-the-ember-alliance/ Gloomwood Alliance https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/216678-gloomwood-alliance/ Forest and Mountain Alliance https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/216677-forest-and-mountain-alliance/ Kindred Spirits Treaty https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215839-kindred-spirits-treaty/ The Golden leaf Concordat https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215137-the-golden-leaf-concordat/ Tribal Court Cases Treebeard Leadership Dispute https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194733-result-of-the-tribal-court-in-the-case-of-the-treebeard-rightful-leadership/ Case of Ursus Grandaxe for assault wip Case of Ymir Ireheart for assault https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/218492-keeper%E2%80%99s-records-on-the-tribal-courts-decision-over-the-case-of-ursus-grandaxe-assault-allegations/ Urguan Law [Amended by the Addendum to the Hefrumm Economic Revisionary Act] Hefrumm Economic Revisionary Act https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/214410-the-hefrumm-economic-revisionary-act/ Articles of Urguan https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215582-articles-of-urguan-v342/ Hefrumm Safety Act https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/214598-hefruum-safety-act-85-sa/
  15. Qrue would Take some Parchment and a Quiver and think deeply before he starts to write down his Final Words. When I think back on my long life I sometimes wonder upon all the things that went down, as I sit here writing down my Final Tale I wonder what would be relevant and what really mattered. Was it the beginning of living a normal life like any other watching everyone around me having the times of their lives all for it to be taken by decease, death, loss… Losing my Mother was hard on all of us. I attempted to pick up where she left off, to heal the sick with herbs we had found from the forest but those herbs did so much more than heal wounds. The potential was limitless. They could make us feel really good. Perhaps it was the time when I was so high I accidentally had my Brother Qrarm killed by my own hands. Rather than face my consequences, Face my Father, I ran, Hid for so long, From days to weeks, weeks to years, years to decades. Consuming my creations of herbs, forcing myself to forget what I had done, Losing myself wandering the long distant lands until I was completely Lost.I was so lost that I had forgotten my own name. The only name that stuck in my head was that of my Brother so I took it for myself, I named myself Qrarm. And yet with all that loss and forgotten I was found after so many secluded decades I stood before another Dwarf, Bjor Cottonwood. He took me to his village where more of our kind resided. Bjor offered me a Home to live in, a place to create my creations of herbs in peace and share them with others within the village. In time I formed The Huff n’ Puff and the Puffden. All seemed well in the world and yet… Death Followed. I followed within the deep Caverns of Urguan. Perhaps I could’ve been of help but the caves were dusty, I sneezed. The Creatures, Cave Alars awoke and bit a few Dwarves, Bjor stood his ground while we escaped that cave. Was it my fault, My sneeze that had awoken those beasts. It was never mentioned within the History books. Nonetheless I Lost it once again seeing Bjor die took me back to the time I got my Brother killed. I wanted to forget, I had to forget… I spent a week within my home, consuming and smoking so many Puffs. forgetting it all without a care in the world. I even forgot my own name again, I named Myself Qrue after that time. Time went off its normal course once again Like I was reborn, Met new Dwarves, Meeting Beorn felt familiar. I looked upon the petrified corpse of Bjor Cottonwood with a strange feeling but I could not remember why the Stories Told of this Paragon Bjor felt me with excitement and sadness without really knowing why, Sometimes tears would form I assumed that was just normal after all it was usually Karl that told them with great detail. Of Course when you think all was fine, Khorvad starts knocking. The ground shook, Fire spread… I awoke Alone, Broken Arm, Half burned. How much time had passed? Where was I? Who was I? Oh I remember… Qrue. This time I did not forget my name but why was I alone, I had slight head trauma. With the few Medical lessons I remembered I patched myself up, Gathered some things and went on another long lonely wandering path. Eventually found a ship to rescue those who have been left behind like myself, I kept to myself throughout the whole journey. The ship docked on some new land unfamiliar to me. I gathered my belongings and continued on my journey. My arm battered and broken started to hurt really bad, I found a secluded Doctor, tat insane perhaps but he told me I could die if I kept my arm like that and offered to chop it off but, He had that bloodlust in his eyes so I told him I’d think about it and left him be. Still thinking of what The doctor said I built a small form of guillotine with an axe head stuck to a few rocks hung from a tree, I prepared a fire with a steel pan on top to burn close the wound after… Let's just say I was successful and It hurt allot for a week or so. I had some herbs to help with the pain. I spend a few years wandering the new lands of Almaris hoping to find my kin amongst the trees only to realise I went the opposite way and landed a city with elves, they gave me directions to New Urguan once I arrived I was met with a Familiar face that of Beorn Cottonwood, I lived within the Puffden for a while before I picked a home that suited my needs but once I did I had finally decided to start a healing process of the mind while retaining my Puffden duties. I spend most of my time travelling, reading books from libraries. From the things I’ve studied I created other things like a prosthetic arm with little cabinets filled with many useful things, To replace my missing arm. Once again years passed by like it all was right in the world. Yazmorra was the Chief at the time. We've made a fairly interesting friendship, Both shared an interest in Puffs and other narcotics. I joined the Seers with Ogradhad as my devotion. Through many meditation weeks I started to remember my past, who I really was and what I had done… It almost broke me but I kept true to myself. I wanted to move forward from it all and I did. It helped me become the Dwed I am now. When Yazmorra’s husband Levian’Tol became High King of Urguan, Yazmorra was destined to become High Queen so a new High Chief of Hefrumm was required, I offered myself in attempts to extend my Puffs to more places however while I had kept Hefrumm’s image intact I did not achieve any of goals I wanted, I had hoped Yazmorra could guide me more but her Queen duties kept her busy and when we all needed her most she vanished. It was hard but I waited until a new proper candidate could take my place and before long Celeste’Tol Daughter of Yazmorra and Levian came along. I trained her in all she needed to know and even when the Crown was placed upon her head I stuck around if she ever required guidance from me. Even if Celeste was Chief it felt more like we still ruled together for a long time until it was no longer needed. And once more all felt good. Decades passed, Life went on, Dwed came and went, Old familiar faces vanished and became new ones then some of those new ones vanished. Like an endless Cycle. Now here I am a Familiar face soon to vanish. My only Hope is that my Legacy of the Puffden will live on as long as there are Dwed in Hefrumm and consuming those Fantastic Puffs, My Lives work. I Thank all those who have talked to me throughout the decades of my Living Life. May we meet in The Halls of The Fallen. Qrue would take one last hit from his Hookah and meditate one Final time. Within his vision, Dungrimm would enter his home as The Lord extends his hand Qrue would finely accept the invitation with a smile. Qrue would let out his Final Breath as his soul would leave his corporeal form and follow Dungrimm to The Great Halls! Qrue Grasswhistle would succumb to his illness of Lung Cancer at the age of 422 on The 6th of The Ember Cold, Year 105 of The Second Age
  16. Clans of Hefrumm The Cottonwood Clan [Blackroot vassal] Despite not being an elder clan, a title only the Treebeards hold, the Cottonwoods are the founding clan of Hefrumm. For most of its history the clan was considered very primitive, since they mainly focused on subsistence hunting. This turned the members of the Cottonwoods into great hunter-gatherers. With time the Cottonwoods evolved a culinary culture that formed the base for most dishes and drinks consumed by the forest dwarves. The Cottonwoods tend to be easy going and open towards anyone that hunts or celebrates with them.They enjoy living life and try to avoid straining themselves. Since the rule of Chief Bhodi Cottonwood, the curse of the Wendigo fell upon the Cottonwood Clan. The remaining Cottonwoods often look back at their glory days of their clan. Their hunters remain eating the foods their forefathers taught the clan without creating any innovation, and await for the day that their fire will be reinvigorated. Origins and Appearance: The first written records of the Cottonwoods originate from Atlas. Originally a nomadic forest tribe, the Cottonwoods tend to have a very specific appearance; Olive skin and orange hair. Traditional Cottonwood clothing tends to be made from materials collected be it plant or animal pelts. Achievements: The Cottonwood clan was the founding clan of Hefrumm. The Cottonwood Village served as the building blocks of Hefrumm back in Atlas. This created the first political union of forest dwarves ever recorded in the history of the mortal races. The cottonwoods were also the first clan of forest dwarves to ever have Paragon from their clan thanks to the paragonhood of High Chief Bjor Cottonwood. The cottonwoods brought the forest dwarf tradition of druidism into Hefrumm. The Blackroot Clan The Blackroots are one of the oldest clans of Hefrumm. Originally the Blackroots were a branch of the Cottonwood clan, one more focused on spirituality rather than the simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the Cottonwoods. This spiritual perspective led the Blackroots to see the body as secondary to their spirit. Due to this, Blackroots often try to exceed their limits both of body and mind. Their caste of Berserker warriors was formed trying to overcome the pain and limitations of the body through sheer will and traditional Blackroot remedies. Others became Seers who use substances to reach beyond their minds' capabilities. The Seers of the Blackroots are the eldest and most honored seers of Hefrumm allowing many blackroot seer traditions to overflow onto the larger Hefrumm Seers' culture. Despite their traditionalism in spirituality, the Blackroots are quite out of the box thinkers and are usually open to social change, aiming for the physical world to come into balance with the spiritual world.The clan gave Hefrumm multiple High Chiefs, during whose rule the culture, spirituality, and autonomy of Hefrumm has always been prioritized. Origin and Aperance: The Blackroots share blood with the Cottonwoods as well as the Grandaxes and Frostbeards. Due to this, traits found in those clans can also be found in the Blackroots. Traditional clothing for the blackroots tends to be made from pelts or bones in order to honor the fallen creatures they have killed, and be granted the spirit’s favor. Achivements: The Blackroot Clan through High Chief Karl Blackroot was the one to create the first constitution of Hefrumm, laying on paper its relationship to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Clan Blackroot led Hefrumm through the inferi invasion under the rule of Karl Blackroot. The Blackroots through High Chief Yazmora Blackroot was the first forest dwarf clan to reach the rank of Grand Queen of Urguan, through her marriage to the Grand King. During her tenure as Queen she remained in her more important position of High Chief. The Blackroots normalized the forest dwarf seer culture in Hefrumm, allowing for a unique religious practices among the forest dwarf clans. The Treebeard Clan The Treebeard are the oldest clan of the forest dwarves, being the progenitor of all other forest dwarf clans.The Treebeards hold a symbolic importance in the same way as the Cottonwoods. Treebeards are known for being academics and religious dwarves, being the link between the more traditional cave and mountain dwarves and the other forest dwarf clans. Culturally, the Treebeards do not have a shared identity entirely distinct from that of the other forest dwarves. In fact, their lack of a monolithic identity is what allowed all other forest dwarf clans to emerge from it. Origin and appearance: Treebeards are (like all forest dwarves) descendants of Gloin Treebeard son of Urguan Silverbeard (ancestor of all dwarves). Achievements: During the Blood Age the Treebeards allied themselves with the Mountain dwarf rebels to overthrow the Khorvadic Empire of the Ironborn. Clan Treebeard normalized druidic beliefs in forest dwarf culture, something that many of the clans that came after the Treebeards continued to do. The Mossborn Clan The youngest clan in the chiefs' council of Hefrumm, a lot of their history has been lost due to time due to several natural disasters that have struck the clan in ancient times, from plagues to droughts. These days the Mossborn have reformed themselves by seeking out lost individuals of the clan scattered through the realm, and they have reunited with their forest dwarf brothers in Hefrumm. This clan is known for their famed skills in metallurgy, a craft rarely practiced by forest dwarves. In terms of faith, the Mossborn are devout worshippers of the Brathmordkin, in particular favoring Yemekar The Forgefather and Anbella the Hearthmother. They see their green armor as both a way to honor their ancestors and as a way to worship both Yemekar and Anbella, since both their aspects are required for its creation. Though this by no means that they are only smiths, as Mossborn trains in and appreciates many different forms of crafting. Origin and appearance: The Mossborn originate from the bloodline of Grojak Mossrot, son of Gloin Treebeard, and the bloodline of Theodoric Grimgold, son of the Paragon Tungdil Goldhand. The Mossrot and Grimgold bloodlines coalesced into this clan, when the Grimgolds married with Mossrot islanders, who had fled the mainland to escape slavery by the Ironborn Empire. One can easily tell who is from the Mossborn clan by their striking green armor which they wear almost always, though this is not strictly enforced among them. Achievements: The Mossborn clan gave Hefrumm their first Grand Admiral of the dwarven navy through Garedyn the Green. The Mossborn have given Hefrumm their first Grand Steward The Mossborn gave the forest dwarves their seccond Grand Queen of Urguan, due to Ealisaid’s marriage to Bakir Ireheart. The Mossborn are also responsible for spreading a selfreliant smithing culture to Hefrumm. Clan Aavik A folk clan of Hefrumm originating from the Treebeards that ended up in the frozen tundras after the exile of Gloin. The Aavik, very much like the Cottonwood and other survivalist clans, are great hunters. Their diet is also balanced heavily with fish. One of the biggest cultural aspects that differentiate the Aavik from other forest dwarf clans is the role metal plays in their culture. The Aavik only use metals that originate from the stars. Appearance: Like most forest dwarves the Aavik have a more toned skin compared to other dwarves. They tend to wear clothes made from the pelts of the animals they have hunted. Alternative Groups Green Collective Despite not being a clan, the Green Collective serves as an organization within Hefrumm of much importance. The Green Collective is the order of the epiphytes and sporophytes of Hefrumm, one dedicated to the service of the tribunal the Brathmordakin that protect Anbella’s balance (Anbella, Dungrimm, Belka). They serve as keepers of Hefrumm’s oath to Anbella and nature. Origin and Apperance: Since epiphytes cannot reproduce, the ranks of the Green Collective come directly from the clans, usually the largest ones. The seers of Hefrumm have a ceremony to honor one’s path to become an epiphyte. Because dwarven epiphytes come from different forest dwarf clans their appearance tends to vary, however, if they merged with the same species of fae plant they would be made of similar materials. In the folks’ council the Green Collective has one extra vote in Hefrumm as a ceremonial way of honoring the organization. Achivements: Members of the Green collective have been able to reach the position of Chief in their respective clans, with some like Karl Blackroot achieving the position of High Chief of Hefrumm. Common Clans / Clanless dwarves Apart from being a confederation of forest dwarf clans, Hefrumm is also the home of all forest dwarves. Since many forest dwarves come from smaller social groups they lack any sense of clan and hence their identity is just based on their forest dwarfness. Some others do have a sense of clan however their clan was destroyed or almost wiped out due to the history of the forest dwarves. Both of these groups are respected in Hefrumm and due to them the Folk’s Council was formed so that they could also partake in the community of Hefrumm. Origin and Apperance: Common folk originate like all other forest dwarves from clan treebeard, some broke away from other clans, and some are from very small clans that do not reach the requirements to be in the Chiefs’ Council. Because of this the origins of the common folk of Hefrumm is varied, something that affects their appearance. A common forest dwarf from the swamp lands does not look similar to one of the frozen tundra, they are as varied as the larger forest dwarf clans. Achievements: Qrue was the first clanless forest dwarf to ever become High Chief of Hefrumm. [OOC] Join Hefrumm today! Here is our discord: https://discord.gg/8Fgtkdmmg8
  17. Hefrumm Writing Contest! To all denizens of Almaris, pick up your book and quill and start writing, for Hefrumm is holding a creative writing contest to celebrate the Grand opening of its brand new library! Bring your best writings to the contest inside our beautiful new library, and win minas if you finish in the top three! Come show your prowess with the quill, intermingle with fellow writers from all across Almaris, collect prizes, and help contribute to the library's collection! Rules *Write your Entries in a book and quill, even if its short in length. * Any type of creative writing is acceptable for the contest, whether you wish to write a poem, any kind of fiction story, a song, or any other creative writing piece. *All books submitted will be added to the Hefrumm library’s collection. (Don’t /edit sign your books before the contest, that so copies can be made.) *While the citizens of Hefrumm appreciate scholarship, for this contest text books, and other books that simply list information will not be included in the contest, but may be submitted to the library for addition to the collection. *Try to keep your writings to around 30 pages or less. If you go over a bit that's okay but keep it shorter so the books can be evaluated during the contest! (If you can't be at the competition at the scheduled time, drop off your book with Tuzic Mossborn , and your entry will still be considered!) Prizes * 1st Place: 300 minas * 2nd place: 200 minas * 3rd place: 100 minas (Honorary mentions will receive a reward of 20 mina!) Date and Time: Friday, November 18 4pm EST Location: In the library, located underneath the Hefrumm Tavern.
  18. 6th Snow Maiden, SE 102 09/11/2022 ᛖᛗᛒᛖᚱ Ember Alliance ᚨᛚᛚᛟᚨᚾᚲᛖ Article I - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Irongut Clan is to mobilize for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Ember. Should a threat be posed to the Irongut Clan, Hefrumm will mobilize its own forces and provide logistical support, as well as refuge for any willing Irongut in Hefrumm. Logistical support is defined as trained medical personnel, food and drink and weaponry. Article II - Voting Union Hefrumm, the Grimgolds, the Doomforged and the Ironguts will form a Voting Union. This voting union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council, the leadership of the Grimgold clan, the Doomforged and Ironguts can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Ironguts to expand the unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. This voting union will be known as the Ember Union. Article IV - Recognition The Irongut Clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Amendments This agreement can be amended should the signatories agree to it. Article VI - Termination This alliance may be formally terminated by the Chief’s Council or the leadership of the Ironguts at any time, provided both parties meet and discuss the termination of the alliance first. If an agreement cannot be made, the termination shall be allowed to occur. Article VI - Renewal The Ember Alliance must be reviewed and renewed every ten years to affirm it is continuously beneficial to both parties. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Grand Admiral of Belka’s Fleet, Prophet of Yemekar, Seer of Hefrumm, Yemekar’s Pick, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroot, keeper of the constitution of Hefrumm, seer of Hefrumm, Prophet of Belka. Alaric Grimgold, Lord of Tal’Tagar Tazarak, Clanfather of the Grimgolds, Grandmaster Blacksmith of Urguan, Prophet of Dungrimm, Legionnaire Veteran, “The Black Beast of the Pale Bridge” Charsi Doomforged, Clan Mother of the Doomforged , Clan Mother of Irongut.
  19. Abolition of the Blackcarrot Concordat and the Vassalization of the Cottonwood Clan 4th of the Amber cold of the 101st year of the Second Age This year we celebrated the 4th stone year of the founding of Hefrumm. It all started with a small Cottonwood Village in Atlas, that was part of the Confederation of Hammers. It decided to become its own entity, to welcome the forest dwarves that have roamed the mortal realms ever since the exile of Gloin Treebeard. Hefrumm is the first entity of its kind, never being seen before in dwarven history. For 225 years Hefrumm has withstood all sorts of crises and has served as a key player in the recreation of the new Grand Kingdom of Urguan alongside their comrades of the Confederation of Hammers’ and Grandaxes of Kal’Bogrin, who created Azgarumm. Hefrumm stands on the works of those forest dwarves that came before, most exemplary among them were those of the Cottonwood clan. Because of the service of Clan Cottonwood and sharing the same origins, Clan Blackroot accepted to vassalize Clan Cottonwood so that they may stay in the Chiefs’ Council. However, the anniversary of Hefrumm made me realize that the current version of the Cottonwood clan is not worthy to call itself the inheritors of Bjor’s legacy. During the leadership of the last Cottonwood Chief the clan died out, its culture did not develop in any way, and worst of all the Chief has been possessed multiple times by the wendigo spirit. As we know in Hefrumm possession by spirits comes from a failure of hunting with respect to Anbella’s Balance and towards the creatures one hunts. The Cottonwoods, being a clan that was back in the day based among other things around its hunting prowess, cannot be recognized in the current version of the clan. Because of this Clan Blackroot cannot recognise the current Cottonwood clan as a true representation of the beloved Cottonwood clan of Boldrumir, Bjor, Beorn, or any other Cottonwood chief. Hence, it is the decision of the Blackroot clan to end the vassalization of the Cottonwood clan. With the end of the vassalization, the Cottonwoods do not possess the necessary requirements to be part of the Chiefs’ Council and hence the clan returns to be solely part of the folk of Hefrumm. It is our deepest wish that the Cottonwoods return someday with the innovation they were known for, their friendly demeanor, and respect for Anbella’s realm. While this does not happen Clan Blackroot will continue to keep up the Cottonwood legacy that is inherited through Freya Cottonwood the mother of our founder. This abolition of the vassalization and the loss of position of the Cottonwood clan will only be canceled if the Cottonwoods elect a new Chief of their clan. One that will be an active presence in the village and will be able to guide the Cottonwood beardlings and returning members that wish to settle Hefrumm. If these demands are not met then the Blackroot clan cannot in good conscience keep in a position of power a chief that is no chief at all and that does not keep true to the Cottonwood customs, customs we Blackroot honor as they too are part of our heritage. Asketil Chief of the Blackroots, heir of Freya Cottonwood, Seer of Hefrumm, Prophet of Belka
  20. THE CELEBRATION OF HEFRUMM’S FOURTH STONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY To celebrate the 4th stone year since the formation of the tribal and clan Confederation of Hefrumm, the great unification of the forest dwarf people, a feast shall be held on this day, along with other events to honour the works and great sacrifices of our fellow dwarves that allowed us to be here today, thriving and united. Paragon’s Blessings The celebration shall commence at midday (06/11 3 PM EST), people shall gather around the petrified Paragon Bjor and ask for blessings. The ceremony will be guided by the Seers of Hefrumm. Great Feast After the blessing ceremony, a feast shall be hosted in the great throne room of Hefrumm, telling stories and drinking merrily! Almaris Jousting Tournament Hefrumm shall join Urguan in participation in the Almaris Olympics Jousting competition, (4 PM EST) where forest dwarves can enjoy themselves with other descendants from across all of Almaris Continuation of the feast and Gifting Ceremony After the jousting tournament, the forest dwarves shall reconvene once more at the throne room of Hefrumm to present the Crown of the High Chief with new gifts, to be passed down to future High Chiefs. During this event, people shall regale each other with stories shared between Hefrumm since long ago. ALL ALLIES AND FRIENDS OF HEFRUMM ARE INVITED Warning Fighting is allowed in Hefrumm as long as it is tolerated by the chiefs of Hefrumm. If there is a disagreement on whether it's tolerated or not the word of the High Chief will decide. When participating in contests of strength or drinking games the participants put themselves in harm's way, Hefrumm, its institutions and clans are not in any way responsible for possible injuries, permanent health issues, or death.
  21. 5th Malin’s Welcome 13/10/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Trade of Nature and Silver ᛊᛁᛚᚢᛖᚱ ᛊᛏᚨᛏᛖ Today marks a special day, with this document, the signatories: The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Village of Hefrumm agree to establish tax free trading stalls in each others respective territories, for the sake of providing adequate trading opportunities for each group. Signed, Kaelan Maeyr’onn Okarir’tir - Silver State of Haelun’or Seth Calith Maheral - Silver State of Haelun’or Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Seer of Hefrumm, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion, Grand Admiral of Belka’s Fleet, Prophet of Yemekar, Yemekar’s Pick. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Keeper of the Constitution of Hefrumm, Seer of Hefrumm, Protector and Representant of the Cottonwood Clan, Chosen of the Green Collective, Wayfarer Captain of The Grand Navy.
  22. The Wedding of Hunters On a warm spring night, Bodhi Cottonwood brought Yura Cottonwood to observe the beautiful valley of Hefrumm, upon the giant snail of Knud. Bodhi and Yura, both great hunters of the Cottonwood Clan, shared a great passion for the art of the hunt, and over many years their hearts grew closer together. Bodhi Cottonwood sang a most beautiful ballad to Yura, finally expressing his feelings for her, which Yura greatly reciprocated. When Bodhi proposed, Yura gladly accepted. To celebrate this fantastic union, a wedding ceremony in Hefrumm will be held on soon [OOC: Saturday 15th October, 1 pm est] in the great meeting hall of Hefrumm. All those who wish to congratulate the couple are allowed to come.
  23. 02/10/2022 14th The Grand Harvestm SE 96 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ The Great Fishing Accord ᚠᛁᛊᚺᛁᛜ ᚷᚢᛁᛚᛞ The establishment of a local branch of the Fishing Guild of Almaris in Hefrumm shall arrange itself according to the articles below. Article I - Land A tax free building shall be provided to the Fishing Guild of Almaris near a body of water for the purpose of storing fish and for organisation. Article II - Distribution Fishing Guild of Almaris will provide ¼ of their catch to the village of Hefrumm, for the sake of feeding the people. Article III - Leadership The leader of the branch will be appointed as Custodian of Fish in the Ring of the Topaz Boar in Hefrumm. This means that the Primarch of the Topaz Boar will be able to discuss changes to local organization with the branch manager. The Primach of the Topaz Boar can appoint new leadership for the branch position with the permission of the Leader of the Fishing Guild of Almaris. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Primarch of the Ebony Beaver Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, protector of the the Cottonwood Clan, Primarch of the Topaz Boar Cassio Bishop, Lord of Sudwin, Grandmaster of the knights of Hyspia, Harbourmaster of The fishermen of Almaris
  24. 3rd Snow Maiden, SE 96 21/09/2022 ᚷᛚᛟᛟᛞᚹᛟᛟᛞ Gloomwood Alliance ᚨᛚᛚᛟᚨᚾᚲᛖ Article I - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Doomforged Clan is to mobilise for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Doomforged. Should a threat be posed to the Doomforged Clan, Hefrumm will mobilise its own forces and provide logistical support, as well as refuge for any willing Doomforged in Hefrumm. Logistical support is defined as trained medical personnel, food and drink and weaponry. Article II - Artifice Hefrumm and the Doomforged Clan shall engage in shared activities of artificing, to learn from each other and produce artefacts together. Article III - Voting Union Hefrumm, the Grimgolds and the Doomforged will form a Voting Union. This voting union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council, the leadership of the Grimgold clan and of the Doomforged can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Doomforged to expand the unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. This voting union will be known as the Valley Folk Union. Article IV - Recognition The Doomforged Clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Amendments This agreement can be amended should the two signatories agree to it. Article VI - Alliance This alliance shall end only when the Chiefs Council and leadership of the Doomforged agree to it. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Seer of Hefrumm, Quarter Master of Belka’s Fleet, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Keeper of the Constitution of Hefrumm, Seer of Hefrumm, Protector and Representant of the Cottonwood Clan, Chosen of the Green Collective, Wayfarer Captain of The Grand Navy. Rhaezaiil Doomforged - Grand Inquisitor of Urguan and His Eternal legacy, Lord Beard of Ankor’Akvel, Lord of the Doomforged Clan, Son of Draakopf, Keeper of Balance, Lord of The High Forges, Lord of The Deeproads and Protector of Mountain Folk
  25. 9th The Amber Cold, SE 90 22/08/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Forest and Mountain Alliance ᚷᚱᛁᛗᚷᛟᛚᛞ Article I - Vassalage Dissolution The Vassalage agreement between Hefrumm and the Grimgold clan will be dissolved, meaning the Grimgolds are no longer subjects of Hefrumm and are not part of the Hefrumm union of clans. This means they will also lose their Folks Council voting rights. Article II - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Grimgold Clan is to mobilise for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Tal’Tagar Tazarak. Article III - Voting Hefrumm and the Grimgolds will form a Voting Union, such that the voices of the two signatories may be heard and represented in the senate. This Voting Union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council and the Leadership of the Grimgold clan can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Grimgolds to expand the Voting Unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. Article IV - Recognition The Grimgold clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Port The port of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall be free to use for the people of Hefrumm, and 2 sailing vessels will be provided to Hefrumm. Article VI - Refuge The settlement of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall provide refuge Hefrummos in case the village of Hefrumm undergoes a catastrophe rendering it unsafe to live in, and vice versa. Article VII - Ammendments This agreement can be amended should the two signatories agree to it. Article VIII - Alliance This alliance shall end only when the Chiefs Council and leadership of the Grimgolds agree to it. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Representative of the Cottonwoods
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