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Found 11 results

  1. Hi gamers, it's friday and I have a stack load of homework and it's EXAM SZN but it's alright since my dog is right besides me. AMA!
  2. Hey I'm a new player and I've been having a really fun time so far, however I find it difficult to start new personal roleplay. When I say personal roleplay, I define it as roleplay more personalised to your individual character between groups of 2-10 I would say. As an example I would put beginning a conversation, adventure, journey with someone I have never met and have only run into in town squares, passing on the road, etc. If anyone is interested in roleplaying at some point, I am very extremely down. however, the purpose of this post is to garner advice on beginning roleplay with so
  3. Hello friends and foes of LoTC! I hope that my post finds you all well, that the new year has been kind to you thus far and that you find yourselves in the best of health. It is my sincere hope that you are all safe and sound with your loved ones (or your pets). With the coming of the new year I found myself back on this wonderful server nearly three years after I took a hiatus. Much has changed and I felt like the type and quality of roleplay that we have had has changed as well, to my pleasant surprise! I grew nostalgic of my early days of playing on the server back i
  4. I wrote out an immaculate fricking application, like in my backstory I was hitting at almost 15-16 sentences. I was being real descriptive and all that jazz... then I went to send it in, and it told me to sign into the forums. I was like, "Oh, bet, say less fam" and I did just that. It deleted my darn app. >:**
  5. ⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩Baldin Frostbeard Grandaxe⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩⋨ ⋩ Character Description: Age: 190 Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Status: Alive Health: Blind left eye, missing an arm (now has a golem arm). Height: 5 feet (1.5m.) Weight: 209 lb. (90 kg.) Build: Tallish (for a dwarf), muscular. Appearance: A burnt and battle scarred dwarf stand in front of you. His beard reaches to his knees and is decorated with silver rings. His hair and eyes are Grandaxe br
  6. Good Evening/Morning, LoTC Folks! So when I was new, I was hesitant on asking complete strangers for help in PMS. Also, I didn't know who to PM when I had a high elven dilemma of what to skin on my application process. Or something along those lines. Anyways, Here's a thread meant for: People to Inquire multiple things regarding High Elven Culture Anyone who knows the answer to a question can answer themselves. So if you have any general questions regarding High Elves - new or old players - post them down there. P.S : No, Haelun'or is not the onl
  7. Remember you’re playing Minecraft Now I know what you’re thinking; “Who even are you?” And that’s how I feel about most of you too. I’m nobody for now, but I’m sure in the future I can get acquainted with all of you better. This is the same for everyone on the server. We all have to start somewhere, and that’s why I have created this guide for the newest of the newcomers on LOTC to help them through their first few weeks of the game. Before I begin talking about the specifics of this role-play server, I would like to draw attention to the fact that you should at minimum learn the
  8. ~*~ Many people say it’s hard to get into this server and that it’s not worth the effort, but with this simple guide to making a great application anybody can do it! ~*~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now before you can apply you will need to read the server rules, DO NOT SKIP THIS if you do you will likely be banned quickly after being accepted which is not what anybody wants: http://imgur.com/MyGEJdl And yes, you do have to read all of those sect
  9. Powergaming in Combat Introduction Right, this is likely a bad time to write and post this given the heated atmosphere surrounding the topic in the latest days, but I and others feel that perhaps now is the opportune time to clear up some things and aim to prevent some arising concerns from coming to mass fruition. Blame Bagley, he told me to do this now. I had planned to give it a week before making another post, but hey ho time to continue on. Seriously, blame him. He smells really bad. Anyhow, on to the topic. In this thread I will not be covering what powergaming is, as I have do
  10. A small sign is posted on a wall in Cloud Temple, it reads... I have no large amounts of mina but i am a masterfull farmer. My home was robbed and the theif has said that they will return my precious belongings if i give them two blueprints. I cant offer much but crops in return for a blueprint but i would also offer my services in exchange for one or two. If your feeling like you need to do a good need and have some extra lying around... or you need alot of crops, or maybe some land farmed. Send bird to Jace (squishybear7) if youd like my work or wish to help me out,
  11. So as a new player I was looking for Orc history or timeline, but found nothing but a few unspecific events. In order to advance roleplay and make applying easier I suggest adding something like this.
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