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  1. Issued as of 6th of Sun's Smile Year 171 of the Second Age Dear Brothers and Sisters, Throughout the ages and across generations, us Mali have founded ourselves entangled in conflicts over political matters, beliefs, religions, and diverse ideals. While attempts at elven unity have been made, a singular success was achieved under the brutal rule of Kalenz Uradir. However, subsequent efforts beyond this brief unity have mostly ended in failure. Allow me to be succinct, as I am a mere civilian without influence in governmental or diplomatic affairs. My lengthy existence has exposed me to witness the irreparable damage caused by the unity of the human race. Mali ears carried as trophies around one's neck, the beheading of our Oem'iian left as grim decorations in the lands of Brother Horen—these are all stark manifestations of the brutal consequences of their accord. This is not an accusation against the Valah; rather, it acknowledges their limited understanding due to their short lifespan, often leading them to eradicate what they cannot control, or comprehend. Therefore, I implore the decision makers of those of Brother Malin to set aside ancient rivalries and collaborate. Put aside disputes over superiority and, most importantly, relinquish arrogance. The inevitable rise of the Holy Orenian Empire looms on the horizon, with the human race growing stronger by the day. Thus, my simple recommendation is for elves to unite, do not let childish bickerings be the cause for our extinction. I trust in the wisdom of your respective governments to explore the details, whether it involves creating an entity akin to the Elven Union (EU) or forming a more cohesive front, reminiscent of the unity achieved under Kalenz Uradir. Signed, Usamea An'asul MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA AME NAE EVAREH VELULAEI Y NAE ILUMEH
  2. Usamea found herself in a typical evening within the graceful city of Vallagne. The elven lady moved amidst the flowing currents of the people, tending to her own affairs and obligations. Among the bustling crowd, a human figure emerged—a simple, weather-worn man who had the look of one in need. His plea was humble and earnest, an appeal for any assistance she could offer. He was not fussy—food, coin, or any form of aid would do. Usamea, moved by his plea, adhered to the principle that guided her kin: to offer aid to the needy was to uplift all. She rummaged through her belongings, her hands finding packets of food since she lacked any coins at the moment. Offering the sustenance to the man, she watched as his face lit up with relief and gratitude. His thanks were followed by an offer of repayment, a promise made out of earnest goodwill. But Usamea, guided by the wisdom of her people, knew that acts of kindness were not a transaction. She gently declined, instead encouraging him to extend his own hand to others in need when the opportunity arose. As it happened, this humble beggar was far more than he seemed. The prophet, touched by the generosity of the silver-haired lady, felt compelled to repay her in his own way. And so, he gifted her a vision that would prove far more valuable than any coin or feast. It was a glimpse into what lay ahead and what happened before, a prophecy woven into the fabric of the future, filled with cryptic symbols and dire warnings. Engulfed in the tendrils of a vision, Usamea fell into a chasm of darkness, a yawning abyss that stretched beyond sight. A sea of black swelled beneath her, its ebon waves lapping her form as she surrendered to the relentless current. Then, a beacon erupted from the abyss, pulling her up into a cascade of colors and realities that twisted her senses. When the vertigo subsided, she found herself standing in a grand throne room, a masterpiece sculpted from gold and embraced by nature's green fingers. The echoes of a name rang in the air - "Larihei!" Usamea blinked, disoriented, as a male mali'ame stormed in, calling out to her, or rather, Larihei. In that instant, she understood. She was but a passenger, viewing this world through Larihei's eyes. “Ito Aeloran” the elf's voice bounced off the golden walls, laden with urgency. The room seemed to breathe, its grandeur morphing into a scene of blood-soaked chaos. A battle unfurled before her, the battlefield a macabre dance between infernal horrors and brave elven warriors. Each elf felled was answered by a crumbling undead, their ashes blowing away in the wind. Yet, the horrors seemed endless. Then the heavens split open, and a figure descended - a form so vile that even the air seemed to recoil. Recognition twisted in her gut. This was Iblees, the Betrayer. The air vibrated with his stolen tongues, each word a dagger thrust into her mind. His betrayal culminated in a single act; he cast a bolt of dark miasma that struck her and the warrior beside her. She could almost feel her veins turn to ice as the curse of Iblees took hold. In a moment, the scene changed. Time spun its wheel, revealing the growth of the elven kin - mali’aheral, mali’ame, mali’ker. She saw their cities rise, a testament to their perseverance and ambition, and watched them evolve, always from a vantage point above. The final scene was a departure from the rest. Usamea found herself in a cavern lit by an eerie glow. Three figures in robes stood before a tear in reality, the room pulsing with voidal magic. From the tear, ghostly mists seeped into the air, their spectral whispers coiling around her like serpents. An instinctual dread settled in her heart: something about this was profoundly wrong. As the vision released its grip, Usamea was left with more than just a sense of dread. She bore the weight of a prophecy, a call to action. Her path was now clear.
  3. CONCERNING THE PASSING OF TALIA FILEYUNE SULLAS As written upon on this 8th of The Amber Cold, 131 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil To the Esteemed Council of the The Silver State of Haelun'or: Seth Calith - elMaheral of elcihi'thilln - @Samler Luthien Maeyr'onn - elSohaer of elcihi'thilln - @BlueBudgie Celestia - Okarir'maehr - @Amelica Malithor Nullivari - Okarir'tir - @Papa_Nook Idendril Elassidil - Okarir'nor - @Widu Elarhil Sullas - Medi'ir - @riorr Aiera Sullas - Laurir - @Stump Honorable ‘aheral of the State, With a heavy heart, I formally write to inform you of the untimely demise of Talia Fileyune Sullas, a cherished member of the prominent Sullas Talonnii, within the Silver State of Haelun'or. It is with deep regret that I share this sorrowful news, which has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of her loved ones and the community as a whole. Talia was a revered figure in many of the places she came to live, known for her unwavering commitment to the principles and values that form the foundation of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Her dedication to the care and learning of the mali’aheral inside and out of elcihi’thilln was truly unparalleled, and her contributions shall forever be remembered as a testament to her noble character and indomitable spirit. As I personally mourn the loss of my lari’onn, Talia, I would be remiss to not extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the rest of the Talonnii I once bore the name of, especially her beloved mal’onn, Kileath, first cousin Iyathavir, and Laurir Aiera Sullas who would be with the deepest feelings of profound pain with her absence. I offer my unwavering support and, despite our differences and my standing, pledge to stand by them during this difficult period, providing solace and assistance in any way I can. In recognition of my sister’s untimely demise at the hands of Mori’quessir in the final defense of Almaris, I urge that you hold a commemorative vigil and funeral pyre in her honor. To not only mourn the loss of a pure-blooded ‘aheral, but to celebrate her life, her achievements, and the enduring spirit to learning and teaching that she leaves behind. During this time of bereavement, let the citizens of the esteemed Silver State of Haelun'or unite in solidarity and extend our support to one another and the Sullas Talonnii. Together, you can honor Talia's memory and ensure that her passing is not in vain, but that her commitment to the Eternal Library and that of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya remain an inspiration for generations to come. May her soul find eternal peace in Ebrietaes and find a metaphorical embrace of Larihei. May her memory forever grace the halls of the Silver City and of the Sullasian Manor. Sincerely, Saoren Seregon of The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Steward of the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Scribe to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath, Tutor to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath
  4. [!] Like whispers carried on the wind, the missive fluttered through the remnants of Heliviiryn, passing from hand to hand, a transient messenger of fate. As the golden orb of the sun bid its fond farewell to the enchanting land of Almaris, a land fraught with uncertainty, the descendants stood resolute beneath the fading hues of twilight, clinging to their last bastions of hope. Venturing forth with trepidation, their weary footsteps echoed through the abandoned depths of a forgotten sewer, a hidden passage crafted by the deft hands of the Mori, whispering secrets of a bygone era. In this serendipitous discovery, a respite awaited, a clandestine refuge where they could exhale the burdens of their trials and find solace, at least for a fleeting moment in time. And, across the expanse of an unfamiliar sea, where waves crash against the shores of the unknown, an ethereal veil shrouded a mysterious library, its ancient halls submerged within the obsidian realm. It beckoned like a siren's song, its pages filled with foreign knowledge, waiting to be unraveled and deciphered. Only those with illuminated minds and hearts could dare to unlock its profound mysteries, for it demanded the wisdom of the chosen few. And so, in this hour of profound longing, I beseech the children of Silver, the valiant and ever-watchful disciples of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, to gather as Larihei intended. Let your steps converge upon the path of destiny, where the shepherd calls to reunite the scattered flock and embark upon the sacred journey towards enlightenment's embrace. To all those lost lambs yearning for guidance, whose spirits thirst for the radiance of higher truths, heed the resounding call. Cast away the shackles of doubt and join the ranks of the enlightened, for your presence is more than requested—it is fervently and resolutely awaited. Together, let us intertwine our destinies, weaving a tapestry of unity and purpose. May our hearts beat as one, a harmonious symphony resonating with the melodies of awakening souls. In this poetic dance of transcendence, let us honor the legacy of our ancestors, embracing the profound journey that lies ahead. For it is through unity, through the collective pursuit of enlightenment, that we shall illuminate the path and forge a future imbued with wisdom, compassion, and boundless possibilities.
  5. [!] Fresh parchment, untouched, Ink's embrace, newly written, Words whisper softly. In our relentless pursuit of our lost kin, the forgotten children of Silver, we have been engulfed in profound contemplation. The ancient wisdom of our ancestors has filled our thoughts, illuminating the need for our steadfast fidelity to their teachings. Forgiveness - the virtue that sings the soul of our society - is our grace to those who have strayed but yearn for redemption. Yet, even as mercy sways our hearts, we recognise the need for a purifying acid to cleanse those whose transgressions threaten our existence. Their redemption lies in penance and enlightenment. Our people are as open-armed as they are discerning. Larihei's warm, inviting embrace waits patiently for those whose quest for enlightenment is genuine. But pretenders, those who don’ facades of false sincerity, will find no refuge in our midst. They are destined to face the cold reality of their deceit. As a follower of Maehr'sae Hiylun’ehya,we are engulfed in an ocean of responsibilities. We are not merely followers; we are the harbingers of her teachings, the keepers of our ideology, the guardians of our purity. It is an eternal vigil, an everyday duty we undertake with unyielding determination. A High Elf's purity or impurity defines their existence. A Mali’thill, a pure elf, transcends worldly desires, steered by reason and logic, tirelessly striving to elevate themselves and our homeland. Our devotion to Maehr'sae Hiylun’ehya is not just fervent, it's consuming. In stark contrast, a Mali’ata, an impure elf, lives for the self, their lives haphazardly tossed around by the waves of transient emotions, seeking fleeting pleasures and accolades to satiate their ego. They reject their kin and their community, choosing selfish desires over collective well-being. To be born of Aheral blood is to be bathed in the purest essence. It is a gift of a superior mind and body, a state of supreme cleanliness that sets us high above the rest. This birthright of purity, unsurpassable by any, is at its purest in a newborn, untarnished by the corruptible influences of the world. We, the Mali’aheral, are bestowed with the sacred duty to safeguard this purity. Our essence, our greatness, must not be snuffed out by the impure. It is a flame we must protect, a beacon we must keep alight. The threat of the impure is sinister. They bear our faces, wear the skins of our kin, friends, and family. They are twisted reflections aiming to extinguish our radiance, driven by a terrible cocktail of malice and envy. A High Elf corrupted is a High Elf lost, for once tainted by impurity, their return to their former purity is nearly impossible. Thus, dear diary, our vigilance must never wane. Our purity is not just our heritage, it is our destiny. We must carry it forward with undying passion, and fierce determination. Until tomorrow,
  6. [!] Through realms it soared, that parchment fair, Alive it seemed, though worn with care. Freshness and age in tandem danced, A tapestry of time, delicately enhanced. Once upon a time, in the heart of the Silver Walls, Larihei's flock stood united. The harmony of our work, the unity of our purpose, was a testament to the strength of our society. But as the inexorable hands of time continue to spin, society too, shifts and evolves. It is a reality we cannot ignore - change is inevitable, and we must keep pace, or risk stagnation. As I write this, it is not without a sense of abandonment that I observe the plight of those seeking enlightenment. Our people, who were once open-minded, now shun those who dare to think outside the confines of conformity. A once vibrant society, reduced to a mere echo of its former self, a victim of a corrupt hegemony that has insidiously infiltrated and darkened the minds of the children of Silver. This transgression, this sacrilege against our essence, can only be absolved by Her, the one true shepherd, Larihei. I pen these words, not in despair, but with a resounding call to anyone who would listen. The era of Larihei has not passed into the annals of forgotten history. Our shepherd will return, I am certain of it. She will return to guide the lost, to enlighten those who have strayed from the path of wisdom and unity. A sense of anticipation fills me as I end today's entry. I am filled with hope for a future where the Silver Walls, both of the Stars and the Mother echo once again with the harmonious work of Larihei's united flock. It is a future we must strive for, a future we owe to the generations that will come after us. We must turn a blind eye to the supposed leaders of this world, their minds marred by the corrosive touch of power, an affliction even the mightiest aren't immune to. However, we, the children of Silver, must remember that we are bound by a bond deeper than any traditional kinship. We are brothers and sisters in spirit, bound by the principles of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, a bond that roots deeper than any other. In this grand tapestry of existence, we mustn't let our hearts be darkened by the shadows of anger, hate, and grudges. Instead, we ought to embrace the vibrancy of our differences, view them not as dividers but as unique threads that add depth and richness to our collective story. Each variation, each nuance, offers a lesson, an opportunity for growth and mutual understanding. We are different pages of the same grand book, unique chapters in the story of Larihei’s children. We must turn these pages with respect and reverence, learning from each other's narratives, for in this lies the path to our collective enlightenment. May Larihei guide us all.
  7. ________________________________________________________________________________________ The best revenge is not to be like your enemy. -Aurolos Hyptos ______________________________________________________________________________________ In these days, I have found myself pondering the ways of our people. Ostracized for a period of over a dozen years, I have yet been engaged in the furthering of wellness and progress through the realms of descendants, all to further the honor and standing of my motherland, my eternal citystate. Grand trials I had given myself, to prove my worth to my kin. From winning through spear and honorably conduct, the ear of the Rex on behalf of our citystate, and in serving to secure the lands and standing of our kin in the multitudious lands of valah, and others I care ne mention; I knew there was mystery yet to be dealt. For why else, would they, my kin, blessed of mind and beautiful of form, maintained my status as ostracized? I sought, though, In the depths of my soul, and the memories of my silver blood, handed to me by my pure ancestors, I have studied on the words of my beloved maheral, and was given the wisdom of those most ancient. Words that seemed so simple, so easy, yet so real, echoed through the mouth of Anaxagoras who stood at the threshold of that city of the pure ones to which we may pass. "Stay Humble" Long have we reigned, for thousands of years, unending has been our gracious and eternal motherland, and our blessed race. Often have we, in those long intervening years, as our elders saw fit, have we taken down to pen and scroll what was deemed necessary in life. Our poetry, our pedantry, our techniques and our sacred traditions. Yet by the whims of the forms and great spirits, throes of battle, and the wishes of those who come after the wise ones of the ancient age, our wisdoms from those antique times often shrink, in what many would deem, necessary areas. Yet, how is it we can reclaim those wisdoms of the ancient age? Some of the ancestors who lived through it, are often tight lipped, if they so chose to be. Though it is in the depths of our minds and our selves we may come to see the truest nature of our philosophy. Within that Temple Sublime, we can nourish our silver souls and bodily forms, and therefore, bring about the philosophy most sacred to us in this mortal material world, for which we are so connected. -Taken from the work 'Ay'Haelun'or! by the famed philosopher Braxus Ni’leya Recommended reading for the astute ___________________________________________________________ "-Only time can heal what reason cannot." -Calisto Hyptos _____________________________________________________________ Truly, we are blessed creatures, for within our very forms, is the highest form of mortal soul. So mighty are its components, which are found individually amongst certain lessers, is brought into totality within our own being. Because of this, our grand work, Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, is what is most necessary to see ourselves continue on the pure path and attain the highest heights, to return to the 'source' that eternal, first pure principle. Yet, taken literally, the saying of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya conveys already an exoteric literal meaning. 'Continue to gain (in progress) and in health'. yet, lliran, what can we truly say we gain, if we do ne challenge ourselves? The reasonable soul says we seek to do what is within our power to affirm our maehr'sae hiylun'ehya The spirited soul longs for greater, and draws the spirited onwards towards maehr'sae hiylun'ehya even through difficulties The Appetitive soul hungers to take maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, and take it most well. All three of them together? That is the Mali'thilln who seeks the heights of her maehr'sae hiylun'ehya We are born pure, yet as we age, time expresses itself in our form just as it does in any manner of thing, from well formed tree, to a weathered mountain. Even pure silver tarnishes if it is not maintained. Polished. The Iron Temple is representative of Stress. Its a way we can control the manner in which we stress our physical forms, because we can develop a routine. One day you work your arms, your torso, your legs... Then Athletics, and skill, silver tongue, and weights... etc you are putting yourself in the same environment over and over because you are looking to focus upon the certain skills or parts of your form you are wishing to develop. But. What are you developing, regardless of what muscle or part of your form you are training? Your mind. Your body is merely an expression of your mentality across time. If you are consistently putting yourself in an environment that emphasizes strength, of form, and of mind, then the body reflects that. The only way we can strengthen our mind is by doing uncomfortable things. Going to the Iron Temple when you start out, may not be fun because it may be difficult. But if it was not difficult, it is not worth doing. This is the teaching of Larihei most evident. For she had given away her position, high in the kingdom of Malin the father, to pursue higher heights, the founding of a citystate is no easy task. Over time, you develop a tolerance for that stress. Yet, it doesn't get easier. You get stronger. I recommend, every mali'thilln performs bodyweight training. It allows for defining of the individual mali'thilln's form, but mastering the core carries on to every other form of training, physical or mental. Would a magician accept someone who is not disciplined as one of his apprentices? How would a mason, or a fisher, or a smith, or sillumir fare if he is not consistently dedicating themselves to something which would otherwise tarnish in the sun and rain? __________________________________________________________________________________ "Have I been made for this, to lie under the blankets and keep myself warm?" -Anaxagoras Hyptos. Unsatisfied. - there was little challenge after the wars of exodus, before the wars of Acalanti during the resplendent days of the first silver city ______________________________________________________________________________ Just as in anything worthy of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, to sculpt one's self greater at the Iron Temple requires dedication, you must be consistent, not for but one month, perhaps more than a year, but for a decade. What comes along with discipline within the Iron Temple, comes discipline outside. It allows you to stay focused when things become uncomfortable and uncertain. Creating a mindset, a mentality which cannot be broken. You're going to be physically intimidating. Being weak is not something to be ashamed of. Staying weak, now that is an impurity at the highest heights. For it is to cast away the silver, into the rain, and perhaps you may retrieve it when necessary, but only if you can pick it out from the other cobbles on the street with the tarnish it has accumulated. Every mali'thilln is born with the potential to become stronger, in every way, and if you go through your entire life without expressing this potential, then you will eventually regret it. That is sad. By strengthening your mind, you are also sculpting the body of dreams, the perfect A e s t h e t i c that has been sought by even our most ancient, and perhaps most advanced, forebares. So what is there to lose? It takes effort? YES! Everything that is worth it takes effort. That is why we are here. __________________________________________________________________ Conceal a flaw, and the world will imagine the worst. _____________________________________________________________ There are lessons I have learned, in the studyhalls of War, of Theory, of Law, of Love. Those that have shown cracks in perfect marble, yet fret not do I, in the face of the backhanded act, of the shadowy moves of detractors, or the wayward stories told by snakes behind the back. Lessons I have taken, from that Temple of Iron, I have used to sculpt my form, and my mind, into those of great strength. Standing before the court, when death was called upon me, shrink, I did not. Shirk, did I not. I engaged it truly, welcoming my fate, for it was chosen by those chosen by el'maheral. By his very words, which are those of Larihei, I know what is real. We Mali'thilln sing not our triumphs to others, we sing not our worthy accomplishments, and we contain ourselves, within a stoic and placid demeanor, but we do not shy away when it is others who sing our praises, who call the city to revel on our behalf, for our deeds are what mark us in this world. We are the manifestation of purity, of Larihei The Prophet's vision onto this world. For all that we are, and all the perfection we may attain, and eternity we may earn, it is important above all #Stay Humble -Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos
  8. 24th of Malin's Welcome, Year 126 of The Second Age [[Art credits, left to right: @JJosey, @frankdh, @Amayonnaise, @CyyanTea , @Shi]] CELEBRATING HAELUN’OR Our silver bastion FLOURISHES once more, under the blessed guidance of Sohaer Luthien Maeyr’onn, Maheral Seth Calith and their esteemed council. And indeed, what might vivacity call for, if not a ball? In celebration of our great State, and the diligent Mali’thill that make her prosper, elHeial’thilln invites you to join us for this evening of commendation and delight. ITINERARY 🥂 - Welcoming Reception - Parade of the Weeping Blades - Ceremony of Awards - Commencement of the Ball DRESS CODE Red, White, and Silver - the colours of our nation. Invitations are extended to our allies: The Kingdom of Balian @ErikAzog The Kingdom of Norland @ichigomaster98 The Kingdom of Barrowlands @MalchediaelVult The Crown of Amaethea @JJosey The Iron Horde @DrunkPapaBear The Ashen State of Nor’Asath @ColonelKuehl1 The Most Serene State of Lurin @mika1278 [[OOC: Sunday 7th, 3pm EST/8pm BST]] Medi’ir Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  9. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ It was a draining exploration, a lone soul seeking to find himself through the thick and thin of the troubles that grounded him. In the end, he did not find what he was looking for, instead found only the tree that left him bitter and alone. Forcing a remembrance of not the good times, but rather the bad. A plume of flame being the only thing left from the venture. And a bitter elf. The day was hot and humid, the rays of sunshining beaming down upon the Silver State of Haelun’or, the city of Asul’hileia. It was when the times were saturated and abundant with trials of just about anyone, one for a petty argument, another for aggravated assault. Yet an elf, freshly victim to one such trial only for standing up for the justice he believed necessary to better the city. Stripped of his role as government official, his family turning their backs upon him in his time of need. On a bench, he sat tightening his boots with a grim look scouring over his visage. Left to rapid scrutiny by other citizens and ex-family alike, he felt at a loss and filled with melancholy and a dour gait in his move set. Outside, the humid city did he set foot to journey to a long, almost forgotten place. Dressed in a dusty, old set of blue robes and a traveling tunic of red that did not at all quite fit together, yet worn still they were. Not a person batted an eye at his lack of position in the city, finding his way out the gates that were never open did he walk towards the nearest harbor, that being the ruins from a recent undead dragon attack, being Cloudbreaker. Yet he did not care to search the ruins as other bandits and rats might, he only sought a boat, which ultimately he did find. A boat for one, large enough for the cool breeze and the deep blue sea. The wood groaned at the weight of the elf stepping upon the dusted surface, beaten yet still sea-worthy. He fastened a few ropes, raised the anchor and soon was set off, angled to the Northeast of Almaris. The sea was rough, waves high enough to topple the boat at any moment, yet by some outside factor did it stay erect. The wind billowed, pushing the sail forth which in turn propelled the rigid boat the elf rode upon. Days had passed, the nights calming the waters enough for the elf to sleep, if only for an hour or two. The food that sustained him only being dried jerky and hardtack that was swelled with sea spray. In the midst of night did the pessimistic high elf attempt to catch a few winks of sleep, yet the waters were not calm for that he was in the middle of the ocean. They were calm because he was close to his destination, a guttural, grinding sound having cried out as the bottom of the ship scraped against stone and sand alike where he beached. The Elf had been startled awake by the horrific, scratchy sound. Quick, was he to raise the sails and drop the anchor so that the boat would not float away, though it was unlikely it would ride the seas anymore. Upon the edge of the boat did he press a boot, leaning forth to look out at the greenery he found himself upon, a nod of approval showed as he recognized it almost immediately, though perhaps a bit overgrown if anything. It appeared to be the Silver Isles, home to the ruins of Karinah’siol. “Ah.. My home, gone and ruined..” A grumble sounded from the scornful elf, a robust sigh huffed out as he made his way through the overgrown brush. The coos and skittering of the local wildlife appeased him, atleast for a moment, bugs having done well to bite at his form as any tropical isle might house. Yet it was still familiar to him, nostalgic in a way, like a mother tucking in a child after serving them a warm cup of milk to aid in the process. The nostalgia shattered though when the high, silver walls were shown to him. They stood tall but were addled with holes, chunks having been worn out of them due to lack of upkeep. Crumbles of marble littered the outside, many an entrance littered at the base where no doubt that nothing good lived within. His resolve strengthened, as once again, that was not his goal. Instead, it was for something else, so his boots scraped upon gravel roads as he ushered himself forth towards the city ruins. Charred ruins of buildings such as the tavern or the soldier headquarters, the Sillumir, littered either side of the street. Such being the goal of the previous ruler in an attempt to leave the city unlivable in case of outsiders taking over. A sneer, distasteful as the sight was, covered the face of the else as he trekked through the ruins, up an old set of stairs with holes or crumbles. The gates that separated the esteemed ‘thill of the older land from the lesser' were raised. Perhaps a symbol of the integration of the old city's inhabitants joining the lesser in the horrid atmosphere of Almaris, rather than in secluded isolation on the Silver Isles. Or it was simply but a gate that no longer had a purpose, condemned to rotting and gathering rust whilst idle bandits or ruin-explorers wandered through. Such thoughts filled the mali’aheral’s head as he passed through, though soon to come to a stop as he saw what he came for. His old home, where he spent most of his time. Sweat from the trek stuck to the neck of the ‘aheral as he was quick to enter the home, still standing tall and regal as can be, yet worn with time and intruders. The windows had busted in, the sills of such were littered with shattered glass, the door having been taken off at the hinges and simply missing. And so he had no door to open when he entered to find many books, unlegilbe strewn about the floors, the carpet having been ripped and torn, notes scrawled onto the wall via dagger or blade. None of which held any coherent meaning except for perhaps a love feud or otherwise between two distinct lovers. Again, he passes by, leaving it to rest, to not overturn the dusty items that did remain. Instead, the high elf made his way to the room in which most of his time had been spent, studying, conducting experiments, or otherwise. Apart from a broken mirror or a bed with a missing mattress. The only tell-tale signs of it ever even existing were the feathers that had flown from it after it had likely been shredded. And in a bout of rage, but also with purpose did he lift his boot and slam it into the floor, the loosened nails quick to unstick and sling the board up to reveal a hovel to hide items in. Quick, did he calm himself, even as the memories of the past haunted his mind. The times of strife with those who sought only his blood, and for no other reason that he would not join them. The times of sorrow when he felt at a loss on how to continue his works, the times of when he had an overly heated debate that left him ostracized and outcast, as he was now. A deep breath to calm, and another. The heated memories quickly flow away, though oh-so eager to stay. The tired, sleepless azure eyes cast themselves down into the hovel, relieved to find the sack was still there. Took to his knees as he knelt down to reach for the sack and pull it out. The tie that held it closed was withered and easily snapped away at what little force he applied. His hand fished within to open it proper so that he might get a better look. A few trinkets and memorabilia populated the sack, a few of his first letters to his initial, yet ex-beloved, and a sack of minae. “There you are…” He let out a sigh of relief as a folded yet crumpled piece of paper was pulled from the sack. The Elf flicked it open to reveal the image it held. And it was no art piece, instead it was but a simple crayon-like drawing of a stick man that wore something that appeared to be either blue robes or otherwise, and a smaller, shorter figure that wore something lilac, appearing to be a dress of sorts. The two stick figures held hands, and so the elf's fingers tightened on the piece of paper, wrinkling it ever so slightly. A somber feeling weighed down on the elf’s shoulders, a sense of regret at what could have been but never will be. Time had gone on and there was no way to change that which occurs. Time travel does not exist. In a brisk movement, the folded paper tucked away into his pocket and the sack tied with a new string. As there was just one more place to visit in mind. A scuffling of boots kicked up a bit of dust as he made way out of the house and up the ruined street, a tree or two having fallen to block his path but was easily overcome by climbing over. Up a slight incline did he find himself walking, as the Silver Isles were a mountainous set. The travel was quick to wind his voidal poisoned physique, but with frequent breaks did the high elf make it up the path that led to a simple bench at the base of a tree, old yet still showing off intricate carvings. With age, moss and rust had taken root, saddling upon the aged piece of fine metalwork. This spot gave an overview of not only the ruined city but the rest of the isle, where a small Hyspian town has since been built off in the distance. He set himself upon the bench, an eerie feeling at the empty space that weighed heavy next to him. A sorrowful silence plagued his surroundings save for a few croaks from crickets or the like as it was perhaps four hours before the roosters crow. With the lights that were still lit within the ruins and the torches from the Hyspian town, the scenery of the island still held life though nothing like before. The silence offered him too much time to himself, a flicker here.. A flutter there. He felt eyes upon him, yet he knew none were there. But there were, for it was his memories and his thoughts that plagued him, a simple shadow cast over his form, yet incorporeal. The elf shifted forward and buried his head in calloused hands to let out a small sob, only when he knew he was fully alone, and that there were no peering eyes to take such a scene and gossip upon it. There was no reason behind it, except that the sobbing soon turned to wailing and a fit of rage was to be had. A blade was snatched from its rigid sheathe, and aimed with a quick slice did the ponytail that held back golden, blonde locks get cut away only to fall to the grassy park that he populated. The elf flung the blade once the hair had been cut, and off the edge of the raised cliff did it clatter against stone, scraping upon its descent as he rose to his feet. The ilk of his rage had yet to subside, and so his eyes burned bright a mist of an azure, similar to the color of his eyes shimmering around his hands and otherwise, the aura of such pulsated with power. A guttural sound grew from his throat as tendrils of the aura collected in a ball. The bench had since been tilted over and a few meters had been given from himself to the base of the tree where so many memories had been gathered. The ball of aura flashed and was quickly replaced with a ball of blue flame that grew hotter and hotter, taking in all of the oxygen it could get to swell and grow. And grow it did, though no specific form did it take, as soon as the ball of dark blue flame form, did it blast out in the form of a flamethrower. Firstly pointed up towards the leaves to set them alight all the way down to the base, quick to char the outer layer of the tree and thoroughly set it up in flames. A crackling of flame stayed as the magi’s anger subsided, the residual effects of the evocation left upon the tree, likely to be a beacon in the dark of night upon the island as he let out a cool, silvery sigh. His hands stuck themselves into the pocket of his worn coat to ensure the folded piece of parchment was still there. A turn of his heel, did the high elven mage depart from the scene of a burning tree, still as bitter and lost as can be. For there was no finding himself in the past, as he could only be himself in the present, as bitter and cruel as the one in the present might be. There had been little to be gained from the daunting venture to the ruins except for a piece lost to him and faded memories to haunt him, but an echo of the good times and the bad. ________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
  10. " Sharp words have no intrinsic ability to draw blood, though they may very well be the cause of such when met with a dull entity. Those that wield the hammer of blunt statements will inevitably meet an opponent that tests the efficacy of a lexical shield. A barbarous mind is ill accustomed to defending itself with anything but the primitive tools which it can master.“ - Malaurir Dio Astóre SOHAER ELECTION RESULT, 113 SA 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 114 of The Second Age Following the democratic election of elSohaer, we as Mali’thill have chosen our newest Sohaer. elSulii’ceru and elMaheral have counted and recounted the ballots. The most popular candidate was: Luthien Maeyr’onn Art by @puffables We eagerly await to see the progress that her leadership will bring to elCihi’thilln and our kin. andria il'Haelun'or y talar lar'iyulvanae karin’ento. Mali'thill iyatan'leh ay'Haelun'or! Maheral of Haelun’or Seth Calith Ernnir Elarhil Sullas Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  11. Maehr'Sae Hiylun'ehya Aher'Dagr: Blessed Warfare _______________________________________________________ -Sillumiran changing patrols near a statue of a young Seth Calith "Poverty comes easily to these soils, this south land where many lessers have trod. Though to us? Courage is native to these hearts. The fruit of Wisdom and Strong Law. Through use of Wisdom we keep ourselves free of Tyranny or Poverty" -Pamphilos of The Hyptos, on colonizing the south _________________________________________________________________ Preface: It is true, that to many who have come to the south have done so to escape harsh realities of the lands of the north. Old kingdoms had risen and fallen in the south, even during the time man had held it in his grasp, it was not easily tamed, for they too were picked apart by nomads and their walls lay ruined. Just as the islanders, and of so many more. Yet what separates the wheat from the chaff, that adversary, that trial to overcome? That is where LIFE is had. TRUE life. Where all is to gain. We have many privileges, but always should you seek to see them greater! Always have we embodied that spirit, but perhaps no time more than now! The Silver Soul Sings for her Motherland! For it is by our hands, our spears, our shields that we raise you, and in your embrace we are held! It has ALWAYS been true! Since even that antediluvian age when Larihei lead the first of the 'aheral to found and defend the first sacred cihi. Not shy to raise heavy blade and shield or staff and spell to take what was needed and guard once gained! Not evil or disorderly, It is an act most sacred and revered. For it is in these ages we shape the course of true eternity. After all, Eternal is our Motherland, our Motherland is Eternal. ______________________________________________________________ -Larihei of War, leading the blessed citizenry on the solemn duty, her owl, wide-gazing as they guard their sacred citystate Let us now speak upon the ways of BLESSED WARFARE! Aher'Dagr, the way of Blessed War represents a true and sacred method of battle, it is by these ethics and codes we perform so as to stand as one concise unit against all foes! Even if we are made of great individuals. After all, individually a great silvered hero may be able to stand against any foe, but in their discipline, together? None could ever best them. May they be learned by those all, even in passing do they impart the ancient lessons of our blessed society. Camaraderie - Together, stalwart. Neighbor besides neighbor, family guarding family Sacred Spirit - Pure, Unbroken, our sacred blood, our ancient ways. We have much to stand for, and more to take Bravery - Defiant, Mighty, grand of courage and hearty in thought and deed! Never bent Loyalty - Our ancient bonds are deep, and not so easily should it shatter All of these epitomized in our Blessed Warfare! Fight! So none extra may bleed our sacred blood! __________________________________________________________ -Certain Mali'thilln Hero parading after victory over a Snelven Prince 'Killing is the greatest act of Greed,' quote the BRIGHTLORD. This is true! For why would you celebrate these acts that would seemingly debase the soul? It is because, in my deed, thought, and action, I seek not to lay mere death upon my foe, but every encounter to better myself and truly become more perfect, the greater hero of my people! In these times we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever to strengthen yourself and seek to grow to be even greater! Indeed, in this time of ASCENT, where legends are made, and we grow ever-mighty, may we rejoice! For never have we strayed from our most ANCIENT TRADITIONS!!!! Since the most ancient times, the Elven Phalanx has been the premier method of war, it is through these traditions passed on through el'sillumiran and the multitudes of the bands of battle of the various elven citystates, that we can see truly what is right! To battle together, shield to shield, spikes levied against our foe is to be a force stronger than even MIGHTY scattered individuals! If a minotaur charged your line? You have a ton of spikes aimed at it and shields! If a magic user is casting spells? Throw a spear or sling! You have rows of others ready to do the same! If there is an impassable obstruction? Scatter! Reform with discipline to protect your casters and rear ranks! You can count upon heroic specialists to fill out other roles! _______________________________________________________________________________ -Least Magical Elven Phalanx _______________________________________________________________________________ Indeed, who can ever forget the tale of the Night of Four Drakes! For in that time, Haelun'or was not waging great campaign, and instead, the citizenry was made of the multitudes. Those many and varied who brought their skills as individuals to make our community brighter and wealthier! Wiser and stronger. Though, in that night of rejoicing, quickly did the alarm klaxons sound and worry take over the scene. Fiendish Drakes had flown forth to engage! Though, well-drilled and organized, Mali'thilln rallied before their Sillumiran. The two on duty served their parts well as sergeants of the populace! Defenders of the silver law! For they had drilled into the citizens, the formations of their 'aheral lines, their spears levied they did Hard Battle alongside that brave silver warrior, whilst the specialist sharpshooter, in shining mail drew his bow, and with his arrows, felled two of those invaders of the flight of drakes! The others felled by spikes of the phalanx! SO much rejoicing, as TOGETHER the strong citizenry defended themselves and their sacred motherland! Suffering no casualty, save for injury of the brave sillumir commander, and an auxiliary visitor! Indeed, shoulder to shoulder, defending your fellow citizens is the safest place to make war! -Wouldn't it be great to have a fellow hero besides you? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Listed here are descriptions of the various forces in service to the Great Silver Citystate Auxiliary Citizen Soldier Sillumiran Blessed Band _____________________________________________________________________________________ -Common is it to see men of the tribe, foreigners and expats coming to take privilege, utilizing their skills In this era, silver armies are composed of great forces! Many derived not just from the core citizenry and her colonies, but even from lands far afield! Foreigners, and ex-patriots, those who wish to find themselves at the benefit of our blessed society, Indeed, Seek out the benefits that arise when one has served as Auxiliary, as no matter if you are a dwarf, an elf, or even a stunted High-Goblin, you will earn the same great privileges and offers bestowed to even Citizen Soldiers who arise to become Sillumiran! A quart of silver, Land, and the servants to tend it! Auxiliaries who prove themselves superb in character and skill may be asked to directly enter a Sillumiran specialization should they be recommended by their comrades in the silver army to their betters! Their most common roles tend to be to serve as policemen under Sillumir captains, or to fight along with the citizenry in war. Auxiliaries who volunteer for, or perform impressive tasks are most beloved in the city! Most have come from abroad, places as far afield as the great Scydrian Steppe, who's horse archers and charioteers are greatly prized, to the expats of Starland, who return for the promise of a pure life free of the looming darkness of their claimed land. All are welcome to earn privileges, as it is a deed most blessed! ___________________________________________ -After All, This is LITERALLY us The Citizen Soldier is the common Mali'thilln! Prepped and capable! With arms provided by the state! For it is assumed that even the most common Mali'thilln in accordance to Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya has tuned their bodies and minds with drills and practice to make themselves useful even in sudden battle. More often than not the sole reason for our Mighty Citystate's successes has been a populace which has always been ready to don the Silver Helm of Battle and defend their Sacred Motherland with spear and spell! Indeed, from their ranks that magicians and other experts such as alchemists and casters have proven critical! It is around them, that many a wise Commander of Armies has built a force around! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ -“Enact the Silver Law with an Iron Fist, our foes forever kept at bay by the authority of the Blessed Republic... Sillumiran, The Weeping Blades, it is they who have undertaken the oath to Larihei of Law, to uphold her ways and the mandates of our ancient democracies. They are members of the Citizen Soldiers who have chosen to serve, and in times of war they are known as the veteran forces. Heavily drilled and determined, for in their sacred oaths they undertake the impurity of general battle, of even being forced to harm those of sacred blood in times of dire circumstance. It is these units clad in full armor, and gleaming silver shields that serve as sergeants and vanguard, in the 'aheral phalanx and many varied roles! Starting with the most seldom seen Vihai, whom only whispers are herd of their vital deeds, to the general forces from whom the heavy ranks are drawn the legendary Jaggernoth, the 'Aheral Cataphracts, the Silver Magicians, though in their ancient roles as Guardians of The Silver Order, El'sillumiran serve as the city's guard of the blessed citizens first and foremost. Sillumiran are subsidized by the state, with their own housing, education, and silver paid in their name. Once promoted to a specialization, el'sillumiranare granted a quart of silver, land, and the servants to tend it! Which is most typically used to expand their Talonnii's holdings and status. ________________________________________________________________________________________ -A farmer has the tools of their trade, a 'Lad' has tools of their own TRULY, battle is best only when it yields substantial reward. So if it is WEALTH, and PRIVILEGE, that are best when taken by the tip of a spear, then none can be more gifted with such blessings than that very own Chosen of The Blessed Band! This is a specialized band, which in its wide and varied service has more than once been the key linchpin to securing our great republic and valiant democracy! Indeed, these are HEROS! Their tools are the shield and spear, for it is by those they take sweet wine from the vine, their wealth and bring blessings to our citystate. If one was to ask the typical citizen what is their profession, be they sillumiran or not, they may answer plainly things such as tailor, or mason, lawman, scribe... But to ask one of the Blessed Band is to get a simple reply! War! War! War! Amongst this Band of no MERE soldiers, but WARRIORS, those PICKED for this most specialized band. Hand chosen from the ranks of the mightiest sillumiran, or citizen troops, or raised up through ways of ancient sacred training, the 'Gymnos'Yallir'. They must actively practice That 'Blessed Life'. This is a state where one does not need, for he is provided for by his lands, talonnii, or estate, where one is free to display and practice their profession full time just as any other job, for indeed they must be an expert at their field. It often does not allow much room to be toiling for mere existence. Luckily, nearly all of the citizens of our blessed citystate are those birthed into means! ________________________________________________________________ A final message to those who have not forgotten ....... The Citadel beckons. Elcihi invites you home, mali'thill. Your eternal paradise awaits you. It is the duty of the immortal to live amidst their kin. Forsake the descendants and live with your fellow mali'aheral.. It is the will of Larihei. Your privileges to be vast, and succor you will find.
  12. The Silver Council of The Silver State of Haelun’or 6th of The Amber Cold, Year 110 of The Second Age Maheral: Seth Calith [RealSamler] Okarir'mali: Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos [DeepDarkSamurai] Okarir’maehr: Valazaer Calith [_Sheylo_] Okarir'hiylun: Anara Elervathar [toonerddyy] Okarir’nor: Atrus Calith [Howdy_Pardner] Ernnir: Elarhil Sullas [riorr] Tilruir’tir: Soris [WizardWhisper] Tilruir’kaliri: Elarhil Sullas [riorr] Tilruir’lenaern: Edgars An’asul [__Zuko] Tilruir’nealu: Hileia’illera [woozerly] Tilruir’tayna: Luthien Maeyr’onn [BluestBudgie] - elOKARN MAHERAL’LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 Maheral Guidance of the ways of our forefathers and ensuring the purity of our people are the sacred duties of the Maheral, for they are the most pure among all Mali’thill. The Maheral is to be addressed as Maheral. The Ernnir acts as a secretary to elMaheral. elOKARN MALI'LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐫'm𝐚𝐥𝐢 The Okarir'mali has a variety of duties in Haelun'or and is in charge of a few different functions. They run the city parlour, are responsible for leisure time activities, update Haelun’or’s noticeboard, maintain and staff public places, as well as head non-economic guilds and associations. The Okarir’mali, as with all members of the blessed Silver Council, are to be addressed as Master or Mistress [Talonnii Name] based on gender. The Tilruir’kaliri is in charge of leisure time activities in Haelun’or. The TIlruir’lenaern is in charge of the tavern in Haelun’or. elOKARN MAEHR'LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐫'm𝗮𝗲𝗵𝗿 Master of Knowledge, the Okarir’maehr manages The Eternal Library and College of the Silver State. It is their right and obligation to ensure it is properly maintained, safeguarded, and monitored. They are responsible for the flow of all knowledge in and out of the Eternal Library, and have full control over the educational operations that transpire within. The Okarir’maehr is also responsible for the recording of all state history that transpires during their service to the Silver State. The Okarir’maehr, as with all members of the blessed Silver Council, are to be addressed as Master or Mistress [Talonnii Name] based on gender. The Tilruir’nealu is in charge of teaching at The Eternal College. The Tilruir’indor is in charge of operating the library. elOKARN HIYLUN'LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐫'hiylun Master of Life, the Okarir’hiylun administrates and ensures that the excellent living standards of the Mali’thill is upheld and constantly improved. The Okarir’hiylun sees to the administration and organisational measures required for happenings of different natures, enabling all who wish to hold events of their own. The Okarir’hiylun, as with all members of the blessed Silver Council, are to be addressed as Master or Mistress [Talonnii Name] based on gender. The Tilruir’tayna is the Okarir’hiylun’s second in operations. elOKARN NOR'LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 Okarir'nor Master of Land, the Okarir’nor manages the flow and storage of resources in The Silver State, as well as maintaining the city and land in flawless condition. It is their right and obligation to house the newly arrived Mali’thill within the Silver State, to build more as necessary and to evict those that have left. They are in charge of the economy in Haelun’or, serving as administrator of the market district and oversee all internal and international trade. The Okarir’nor, as with all members of the blessed Silver Council, are to be addressed as Master or Mistress [Talonnii Name] based on gender. elOKARN TIR'LEH — 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐫't𝐢𝐫 Master of Law, the Okarir’tir manages all necessities in relation to law and order within the Silver State. This includes but is not limited to the drafting of Blessed Citizens into the Sillumiran, the arranging of Purity Tribunals as requested by the Maheral or majority vote of the Silver Council, arrests, and military supply planning. If absent the head of State takes charge. The Okarir’tir, as with all members of the blessed Silver Council, are to be addressed as Master or Mistress [Talonnii Name] based on gender. The Tilruir’tiran are the Okarir’tir’s second in command.
  13. -Average Day in Haelun'cihi right now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brothers, Sisters, I wish to further conversation. We exist as individuals in this time of great strife. Those who have the power to act, and further not only our impacts on the world, but the impacts upon the very nature of being. Ones mind drifts into the nature of being. For truly, if we are most blessed, and every elf a hero seeking to become ever-greater, ever-perfect, why would we seek to end what makes us strive hardest for ever greater perfection? Picture for me this. You are standing before your fellows in the Amphitheater, the comrades of your band. Over the better part of the decade you've been practicing your oration, your acting, and your epic recitation, and though you are overwhelmed with praise from the crowd, you saw 'Them' get more... What is a Mali supposed to do in such circumstance? Become more perfect! That's it! It is through this fact, that a being left unchallenged is one stagnant, progressing not. So, knowing this, and knowing your rival well, why would you ever do more than to punish them? Hear me out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now don't get me wrong, Heroes. Just as we may be from rival City-States, great cultures of peoples most ancient but at odds, it is for this purpose eternal rivalry must be understood for the betterment of each other. The ever perfection of you and your rival tracks not just at this macro-cosmical scale, but even to us as great singular individuals. We shall not forget, lliran, that just because you are at war, especially a war of domination, one must never forget their purity of mind, thought, and body. Though I sought to stray away from such seemingly 'charged' terms as purity, what with the many newly impure coming to terms with their state, but we must also keep in mind, such a state was brought about by mainly one reason. The killing of rivals. Now, nobody said anything about killing one's enemies. Those auxillary who stand before you as foes to be bested. For in the great field of legendary combat, where myth is made, we must exert our force to overcome ALL the armor of another. But, examples of fine heroes who, defeated upon the field, were made to submit before you. Punished much, through injuries sustained, or defeat having felt, it is by right of victor to do as he pleases, but to end the feared rival, they who had inspired your own greatness beaten into a prisoner? To deny him his end on the field in service to his citystate, and himself is also a disservice to you, and the legends and myths we may all enjoy in times to come. Picture for a moment. The mighty hoplites of two great citystates, an army of valah auxillary and rowers, and ten blessed citizen hoplites. Their ship of painted sails crashes upon the shore, and they meet in the field with an army of another great citystate. Another hundred auxillary and twelve rival hoplites... The battle fierce as auxillary face one another to keep them from the phalanx as both sides of beautiful citizens, each an individual with rights, privileges, and heroes of great family battle to see themselves greatest. Shields pressed to shield, and spikes thrust. Until one gains the upperhand. You look to your brother as a spike glanced over the shield, ending him quickly. Every loss felt gravely, but the fight continues on. When one side victorious, perhaps of the result of two champions choosing to duel for victory, fine judgement leads to greater legend. The taking ransom, or a piece of panoply or a trading good may be a powerful lesson to learn, yet to end who you have before you, with no chance to bare arms in noble defense? A sight most savage. Most disappointing. After all, we are cousins. Why, but the most extreme of circumstance, do you deny yourself the competition? Don't wanna work too hard? -The Elven Phalanxes, powerful formations of each respected citystate.
  14. 6th of The Grand Harvest, Year 107 of the Second Age BLESSED CITIZENRY OF HAELUN’OR, it is that joyous time of year once more, I am talking about Krugsmas of course! In the spirit of the festivities, we will be doing an anonymous exchange of gifts. You will be given the name of another citizen to get presents for. This should be a minimum of three items but you can always include more! To partake, put a slip of paper with your name on it into the Sullas-Calith’ehya Manor mailbox, Talonnii’lin III. You will then receive one with the name of who you are giving to. Leave the presents in the gift boxes under our community decorated Krugsmas tree, which stands in the amphitheatre. Shhh, it’s a secret till the day of opening! OOC: You have 24 hours to put your name down, as that is when names will be randomised. Gifts should be in chests by 23rd December and will be switched to the receiver on 24th December. Comment on this post using the format spoilered to be entered. Haelun’or citizens only! Ernnir, Tilruir’kaliri Elarhil Sullas
  15. A Haelun’orian High Tea 3rd of The Amber Cold, Year 105 of The Second Age Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, The most wonderful citizens of Haelun’or have ever-provided the Silver State with their boundless achievements and efforts. These constant efforts do not go unrewarded, however, as they allow us Mali’thill to host such splendid events as these, for all our Mali’thill lliran to attend. And so, dear lliran, I invite you all in near future to a quaint event of elegance and delight. This will be held within The Friendship Park - we host this event in hopes of giving back to the community which empowers us. A fine arrangement of suitable dining shall be laid out, for all citizens to enjoy. We sincerely hope to see you there. The Haelun’orian High Tea shall occur four elven days from the posting of this letter. [Friday 9th December, 5pm EST/10pm GMT] Signed, Ernnir, Tilruir’mali, Elarhil Sullas
  16. “With all its lustre and Blessedness, even elCihi’thilln will tarnish, with time, without care. It is the Children of Silver who must tend to its spires and make its Silver glisten: Progress.” Malaurir Kalenz Uradir 14th of The Grand Harvest, Year 105 of the Second Age The retirement of Kaelan Maeyr’onn came to a surprise to many, having requested a brief vacation prior and allowing me to learn at the same time as the rest of my kin, you, my dear citizenry. A quiet week of transferring has happened and to bolster elHeial’thilln. I have had a meeting with the Okarir’nor candidates, Galadriel An’asul and Atrus Calith, and we have concluded that Mister An’asul was not yet ready to take up the position of Okarir’nor. Additions to elHeial’thilln: Okarir’mali: Pamphilos Hyptos Okarir’nor: Atrus Calith Tilruir’tir: #085 Ernnir, Tilruir’mali: Elarhil Sullas Okarir’nor and Okarir’maehr are following up on potential Tilruir candidates. The Ernnir will act as a secretary to elMaheral. We will eagerly see to the progress that his leadership will bring to the city and our kin. Maheral of Haelun’or Seth Calith Ernnir, Tilruir’kaliri Elarhil Sullas Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  17. “Tayna eth'ehya tilru Haelun'or” “To protect purity is to improve one's own” BLESSED CITIZENRY, You are hereby invited to the wedding of Maelor Seregon and Arduil Miravaris, a union in Larihei’s vision, that will unite the two talonniis and bring forth a new generation of Seregon and Miravaris. As per tradition, the ceremony will commence within the blessed knowledge of The Eternal Library, the wedding party will then move to The Friendship Park. Please attend and witness the marriage of the lovely couple. May all come in peace, bearing gifts and good tidings. AY’LARIHEI AY’MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [OOC: Saturday 10th December, 3pm EST/8pm BST] Signed
  18. Dear friends, It is with a heavy heart that I announce the following. The An’asul talonnii will officially depart from the current regime of the Silver State of Haelun’or. No longer will the An’asul name be associated with the current political regime of State. The An'asul talonnii cuts all ties with the Silver Council, and will relinquish their citizenship and duties hereby. The An'asul talonnii shall continue to prosper within the lands of Celia'nor as their citizens. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHRSAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An'asul
  19. 5th Malin’s Welcome 13/10/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Trade of Nature and Silver ᛊᛁᛚᚢᛖᚱ ᛊᛏᚨᛏᛖ Today marks a special day, with this document, the signatories: The Silver State of Haelun’or and the Village of Hefrumm agree to establish tax free trading stalls in each others respective territories, for the sake of providing adequate trading opportunities for each group. Signed, Kaelan Maeyr’onn Okarir’tir - Silver State of Haelun’or Seth Calith Maheral - Silver State of Haelun’or Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Seer of Hefrumm, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion, Grand Admiral of Belka’s Fleet, Prophet of Yemekar, Yemekar’s Pick. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Keeper of the Constitution of Hefrumm, Seer of Hefrumm, Protector and Representant of the Cottonwood Clan, Chosen of the Green Collective, Wayfarer Captain of The Grand Navy.
  20. "However, just as the world changes around us so shall we." Malaurir Iaria Elervathar A letter of resignation 5th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 98 of The Second Age Dear Mali’thill, citizens of Haelun’or and lliran of mine, Soon after my arrival to elCihi’thilln, Haelun’or came under a number of attacks. An attempted coup, a multitude of trying wars, but still, the Mali’thilln endure. It brings me no end of joy to see our great State, with the guidance of elMaheral, each of his dutiful councillors and loyal citizens, flourishing since moving to Asul’hileia, truly a jewel of the South. Unnecessary conflicts and bloodshed cease to exist, leaving our society of master scholars, scientists, speakers and spellcasters able to work towards betterment, under the peaceful sun. I have been Okarir’mali for many years now, having had the pleasure of hosting days and nights of festivities, of working alongside such astute Mali’thill. Yet, as all things eventually do, my time in this role reaches its end. Although I regret to leave, I am doing so due to matters of ‘hiylun, as well as new interests. As I recover my strength this will allow me dedicate my time to different areas of study—to beckon forth progress. With this letter, I resign as Okarir’mali, leaving the position open to any Mali’thill with the skills and drive to potentially take the mantle. andria il'Haelun'or y talar lar'iyulvanae karin’ento. Mali'thill iyatan'leh ay'Haelun'or! Elarhil Sullas Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  21. “Your words never fall on deaf ears, dear Mali’thill. We need your aid and well-judged opinion to help us ameliorate elCihi’thilln in something more imposing than it already is.” Malaurir Iaria Elervathar 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, Year 98 of the Second Age BLESSED CITIZENRY, As you may already be aware, elHeial’thilln, in its wisdom, generously allowed the participation of the general populace in the nomination of candidates for the role of Okarir’maehr. After two names began to be thrown about for the position, it became apparent that Mister Calith was the clear frontrunner. The candidate Miss An’asul was absent for their scheduled debate, whereas Mister Calith stood primed. His ideas, proactivity and adherence to tradition were unmatched by the other nominee, reflected by his popularity amongst the citizenry. Therefore, after much discussion, elHeial’thilln concluded that it holds great confidence in his ability to restore The Eternal Library to new heights of glory. As such, it is our pleasure to announce that, from today, Valazaer Calith will be the standing Okarir’maehr. May his tenure be long and fruitful. Maheral of Haelun’or Seth Calith Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas Okarir’hiylun Anara Elervathar Okarir’tir Kaelan Maeyr’onn Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn Mascots of Haelun’or Mochi, Cosmo & Lady Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  22. THE CHALLENGE OF THE SUN THE SOHAER OF HAELUN'OR As Issued from the An'asul estate 18th of Malin's Welcome, Year 97 of the Second Age {Art by Pengzhen Zhang} "An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start." - Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Blessed Citizens of our State, our home and refuge… While many of you know me for my rather clamorous ways of ensuring the progress of our blessed bastion, I am indeed a servant of the state, a vigorous one who sacrificed their whole being to the betterment of our kin. Unlike others, I do not seek to abolish institutions to install myself as the absolute power of the State.. Powers and responsibilities should always be distributed among the blessed; ‘tis to allow the ever so progressing mali‘thill to actively participate in the political scheme of Haelun’or but to also prevent one individual becoming the absolute force, a dictator. We have seen this from time to time, the last time Sohaer held absolute power they attempted to erase the most blessed Maheral from our history. The last time someone we called Maheral held absolute power, she ended up being a fraud. This we have seen, and this I promise will never happen under the guidance of myself, democracy shall prevail. This I promise with my ever so dying soul, Haelun’or will be reinstalled as a nation great among the nations of the realm. We shall be the epitome of a functioning democratic society and never shall we be blinded by mundane terms such as “Regent-Sohaer”. And so, this is a promise to the Motherland itself, to the mali’till and citizens of our Blessed Bastion… The Silver News shall be promised full autonomy as per functionality. The editor in chief shall be promised funding to ensure the prosperity of the paper and the government shall not dictate the functions of it. Elsillumiran shall function as always, Okarir’tir will remain as their commander and Sohaer their Commander in Chief. Maheral as the head of state shall rule over the aforementioned. If changes are needed, they shall be directed by elokarir'tir. Magic has long gone untouched within our nation. I promise to start the distribution of magic myself within the blessed bastion, and once my pupils have graduated they shall take upon themselves to teach. Magical institutions will be reinstalled, and Haelun’or will once more be the home of magic as Larihei intended. This includes any and all scholarly subjects we are able to teach to the masses. After a long lasting war, I believe instead of enemies we should aim to befriend the nations within the realms. It is no lie, we were close to extinction and were it not for the miracle that happened we would all be nothing but blood stains upon the silver isles. Never shall we raise unnecessary arms again and under my guidance we shall aim for peace. Certain council meetings shall be made public; the citizenry invited to listen as elheial'thilln converses about the topics of the nation. Public assemblies as started by Sohaer Uradir shall be reinstalled and will take place on a scheduled basis. Many things, but I believe change is exactly what Haelun’or needs as for now. We have had Sohaeran closer to identical to one another, yet no change has happened and now we found ourselves almost extinct. I could write a novel that will take centuries to finish if I was to write everything that I seek to change, however instead of that I wish to have you citizens come speak with me. Come, have a discussion and we shall exchange words and ideas on how to make the nation a better place for all 'thill. I am Usamea An’asul and a vote for me as Sohaer of the Silver State, is a vote for progress and health. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An’asul
  23. The council as it stands wished to rip that right from your hands and hold an election amongst themselves and decide the future representative of the Mali’thill in a closed election. It was my lobbying which was able to secure enough of the council’s vote to usher in the return of democracy to the Mali’thill. - Malaurir Ikur Sullas To Haelun’or, I write to you this missive as finally has our nation established stability and now finds herself in tranquility after decades of hostilities, and the annexation of the silver isles. The price paid for peace was an expensive one, many a ‘thill lost their lives while defending that of silver against the barbaric enemies from the stars. Now we find ourselves surrounded by peace, however a threat to our society has once more found itself a way into our democratic society. Many of our Okariran are seated in one of the most esteemed institutions of our society, unelected however. Our Sohaer once more claimed power, while having no mandate. I thus call for all unelected members of our pristine elheial’thilln to stand challenged or subject to a vote determining whether they shall continue to serve the public or not. Regent-Sohaer Kolvar Uradir Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn Okarir’hiylun Anara Elervathar These elections shall be overseen by elheial’lauriran as led by Maheral Seth Calith. As we all are one, we all are silver, we shall as one lead the bastion towards prosperity. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An’asul
  24. THE OPENING OF ASUL’HILEIA “With all its luster and Blessedness, even elcihi’thilln will tarnish, with time, without care. It is the Children of Silver who must tend to its spires and make its Silver glisten: Progress.” Malaurir Lelien Lazul KARINAH’SIOL IS NO LONGER. For a century, our seat of silver was teeming with menace. The tenacious parasite, whom we had purged so often before, had brought our kin to a predicament of no return. So the Mali’thill was forced to depart, turning to land far away. Far away from conflict. Far away from the perils. ENTER ASUL’HILEIA. On a tall plateau positioned in the southern heartlands of Almaris, the grandest of capitals has been erected. Great coral reef surrounded the city, and vast plains of untrampled earth and mystery spread out south of the glorious quartz bastion. The Eternal Library, the largest collection of books in Almaris and beyond, has been restored to its greatness. Never has the Silver Bastion graced such calm and tranquil waters. Waters that our esteemed Sillumir stand watchful over. To the scattered Mali’thill, Larihei calls for you to come home. Be a part of this new and exciting chapter in our centuries old history that we proudly boast. Okarir’mali
  25. RESHAPING SILVER A white tome of great age, opened once more. A modern saga for an ancient peoples. “Do you see it as I do? The sun, yet to rise from beneath the horizon. The towers, their foundations in mind but not stone. This is it, Tiuthwyn - where we shall reshape our silver.” - Sohaer Kolvar Uradir From the birch stern of the creaking caravel Dancing Debate did the dark-robed silhouette of Kolvar Uradir stare out into the distance. A century of humiliation at the hands of Haense, of Urguan, of their own people - and at the end of it, the loss of their capital, of their Silver Isle. A sick society fleeing like rats from their war-torn home, wreaked by the havoc of Azdrazi, Voidling incursions and Haeseni raiders. The distant shore, sandy and arid, was lit by the soft rays of the moon, the water below tar-black. His pondering was interrupted by the voice of a woman. “There was no choice.” By the light of swinging lanterns, the sea-green eyes of the blonde seemed alight in their flame. Eager, almost. How could she not be, after the indignities they had suffered at the hands of lesser folk, at the hands of their own? He laughed, shook his head. “There is always a choice, Visaj. Even our predecessors’ indecision, their self-mockeries. We allowed it to fester. Ne longer - that, now, is our choice.” No matter the truth to his words, they stung those that heard them in the quiet night. To most, thankfully, they were drowned out by the sound of waves beating the creaking hull of their hastily-built ship, of the flapping of the sails in the wind. Once, Haelun’or had boasted quite the fleet - seven deep sea carracks, each mightier than the last, each sunk by foreign warfleets. The Sillumiran had refused to defend their docks even as sailors lept from their burning wrecks - How, they had asked, are authors to defeat knights? Once, the quill had been mighty enough in Haelunorian hands - forging alliances with the most ambitious of emperors, the wisest of philosophers. Ancient history, by the standards of the Valah. Not by that of the Motherland. The woman stepped back into the shadows, to take the helm from Korvec - a mason manning the helm worked well enough in the deep Southern Channel, where there were no shores to run aground upon and the harshest of tasks was reading a compass against a dim lantern and ensuring they stayed facing south. The next step in their journey, however, was through rivers, where reefs and rocks waited eager to halt them in the empty wilderness. Here, Korvec would take what little rest he could in the long hours before daybreak. The journey would be a gamble - the Haelunorians, after all, were for all their talk of progress, beings of routine. Routines of debates, of drinking, of writing. Routines, too, that had been a different sort of progress - of insulting purposelessly the lessers, of haughtiness cast to empty air. They were debaters before they were warriors, authors before they were strategists, designers before they were siege engineers - and they should have known. To shake their ineptitudes, to cast aside the chaff that the wheat might make flour - none knew better than the newly minted Sohaer the difficulty of the task. Not a decade prior, Miravaris had chosen to prostrate before Uruk hordes rather than make such a decision. The world knew the result of that blunder. The silent column of Sillumiran standing behind Kaelan Aldin knew. The shivering debaters, authors, designers - they too knew. Then it began. The keeling of the ship, the sliding of rope across its deck hard to the starboard side. Those that had never left the Silver Isle - they may have been forgiven in believing the caravel about to sink as it crossed upriver through the delta, took its first turn into the river. Silent still did the Sillumiran stand - Eledar’s dour eyes shadowed beneath his salt-dulled steel helmet. Kolvar glanced behind him, at the following, smaller sloop in the center of their line - where Councillor Maeyr’onn and, more importantly, the Maheral Calith likely rested beneath the deck. The Sohaer gripped the railing. He had grown seasick quite easily in his youth. Now, however, his pale face was not so in struggle, but in determination. Then came the creaking, loud, ominous. His knuckles grew white - here was the difficulty charted out by Councillor Sullas, whom had scouted the lands ahead, whom they hoped would be waiting at the appointed place, his caravan to be a beacon in the night. Reefs scraped first the barnacles on the underside of the ship, then the lapis-flaked paint that marked below the waterline, then finally chipped away at the boards of the ship itself. The sound of calls belowdecks, of rapidly slamming hammers nailing repairs into place. Perhaps the gamble had not paid off - perhaps it had been a death sentence for those few that remained. Worse, they might survive, only to be fed on by the wolves and the buzzards. Would he be remembered for his stupidity, as they remembered so many before him? Or would he be remembered for bravery? The shuddering of the ship as it ground against another reef rang through his mind. If only he could be like their lesser cousins, taking Aenguls and spirits for Gods. There was time yet to place their fate in the hands of higher powers, those beings that so oft hurled meteors and doomsdays at the Descendants. Then, finally, the call of the lookout pierced the clamor. “Dead ahead!”
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