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Found 15 results

  1. For far too long the Elven race has been slandered by the set heights on the server. For example: High Elves used to go to almost 7 ft and now they barely make 6'6. It's time to give the Elves their proper glory! They shall be able to reach the top shelf of the cupboard! (Excluding Wood Elves. They still need a step ladder) This post is mainly just for fun, however, it would be nice to see staff re-think some of the set heights for the Eleven race as a whole Reference Links!
  2. [!] The following missive is distributed throughout Haelun’or, pinned to posts and boards. [!] ______________________________________________________________ Trial ______________________________________________________________ “I have fulfilled what the will of Silver has asked of me, and now - as autumn leaves fall, it is time for their sacrifice to nourish leaves anew.” Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya. ______________________________________________________________ The 11th of Amber Cold, 177 S.A, will forever be known as a day of disgrace among those loyal to Haelun’or and her ancient traditions and customs. Then Sohaer - Theveus Sythaerin, committed an act most heinous. As Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya stood to present a petition urging the Sohaer to listen to his people and call an election, the armies of Celia’nor on invitation of the Sohaer, arrived at the Citadel with one purpose and one aim - to murder Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya. Theveus refused the Malaurir’s petition, instead offering him to Celia’nor as a “gift”. Our current Sohaer, Ashwyn Sythaerin - a close relative of Theveus watched and did nothing as the Malaurir was bound and taken to Celia’nor to be stoned to death on the streets - without trial - and beheaded after. In fact she refers to this event in her first missive to the people as the “Storming of the Silver Citadel” - a “date that will live in infamy”, albeit it was no storming and to say otherwise is nothing more than a bold faced lie. One must question why the Sohaer has allowed her relative to resign and why she has not brought charges against her kin for the vital role he played in the murder of a Malaurir, which is among the highest acts of treason one can commit. Theveus Sythaerin drew no sword, but by his words and actions, condemned the Malaurir’s head to fall. Recall the words of this Talonni, “Those who walk among serpents must watch their step.”. May Braxus Martyr rest in peace, and may elparir’tiran be summoned to enact justice upon Theveus. __________________________________________________________________ Signed, Laurir’ii Edgars Sullas Anasul "Do not wait for change, be the change"
  3. Looking for someone to play a male High elf child, dont worry about the skin, ill do that. if your interested feel free to dm me on my discord at tyrones_creations. i can be found on the main LOTC server! thanks ty edit: All good now, thank you!
  4. I have some family members I would like to be played that will have a tense relationship with Einhard hopefully creating some interesting role-playing Please Dm me on discord if interested! Tys
  5. To Challenge; Okarir’mali Friendly residents of The Silver City, I have reached out to the civilians attending to address the next concern; our Okarir'mali has been banished from the city and therefore discharged from his seat. In light of this, I request that you choose my candidacy as the new Okarir'mali. I will fulfill my role for the city with all my soul as I have in mind. What is an okarir'mali supposed to do? 1) - This council's position manages all the events within the city, and the tavern, and ensures the social well-being of all Mali’thill. What will I do as okarir'mali? 1) - I will host events where the current medic of our silver city will train some of our citizens in the practice of healing, as to ensure they are versed in first-aid and are able to put it into use in case of emergency. 2) - I will host interviews for a position to work in the tavern, as well as hold events in the parlour. For instance; casino night, drinking games, chess, and more. 3) - There will be a high elven tea party every elven week. 4) - Festivals will be hosted every elven month. 5) - Medical field training, as mentioned above, will be hosted once every elven week. What duties I will adhere to as Okair'mal?. 1- To host and manage events within our silver city 2 -To manage the tavern with their selected tilruir and tavern workers assisting him in this task. 3 -Too frequently host events; around 3-5 for the silver city every elven week.
  6. (Art by Unbaed) ~ The Haelunorian Clinic ~ Issued Year 68 The botanical garden within the upper division of the Haelunorian Clinic At the heart of the Lower District of Karinah’siol there is a need to ensure the health and wellness of Mali’thill. The official establishment of the Haelunorian Clinic is to promote and uphold the principles and traditional ways of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya through the practices handled by the elven people. The clinic is available for check-ups, surgery, and any type of medical requirements; being open to all with good intentions for the use of the clinic. Branches within the Haelunorian Clinic Okarir'Hiylun Okarir’Hiylun: Kolvar Lyln Valwynn (xoxoalyssaoxoxo#0967) -Okarir’Hiylun oversees the practice and laws of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, ensuring that such is being correctly upheld within the clinic. They are responsible for the health of the state and are the center of well being for mali’thill. Head Physician Current Head Physician: Alrin Sul’Sumana (Faewilds#2931) -The Head Physician is responsible for the oversight and management of the clinic. They are the one to establish new projects and initiatives to ensure that the Haelunorian Clinic is not the only place of healing, but also ensure the ways and practice of progress and health are kept in traditional ways. Assistant Head Physician Current Assistant Head Physician: Vacant -The Assistant Head Physician acts in place of the Head Physician should they not be available at a certain time. They will help in writing documents, handle those who wish to join the clinic, and manage to see that the physicians and clinic are up to standards along with following proper protocol. Head Surgeon Current Head Surgeon: Vacant -The Head Surgeon oversees and is responsible for major surgeries that undergo within the clinic. They also help supply the clinic with the proper medical supplies and tools required for surgical services, alongside recording each surgery and reporting them straight to the Head Physician. Head Botanist Current Head Botanist: Vacant -The Head Botanist tends the alchemist lab in the upper division of the clinic, as well as maintaining the luscious gardens in the courtyard of the clinic. They are responsible for harvesting and collecting herbs that grow all over the lands of Almaris, by also recording them on maps provided by the Head Physician. They are also able to make various salves and oils for the clinic. Head Alchemist Current Head Alchemist: Vacant -The Head Alchemist is responsible for producing intricate potions for the clinic to use. They will work hand in hand with the Head Botanist, making the impossible a reality for the ordinary medical scholar to recreate. Head Psychiatrist Current Head Psychiatrist: Vacant -The Head Psychiatrist is in charge of ensuring the mental purity of the citizens of the Silver State. They will guide those through the path of purity, and also hold evaluations for someone’s mental purity. They are to uphold the principles of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya within the city. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Sohaer, Ayliana Valwynn Okarrir’Hiylun, Kolvar Lyln Valwynn Head Physician, Alrin Sul’Sumana
  7. From the inception of our nation have we strived to the utmost excellence of the finer way of life, to be the brightest guides in our worlds, to show the way, to be an example for the rest of the world of Mali. Rejected have we done with the notions of Nationalism, from its evil inception amongst the echelons of the fringe--the lessers of our society who could not find their way to the world to see to guide it. The jingoistic impures who intend a struggle of eternal, pathetic notion of supremacy born out of their own unconfident stride as Mali’thill. They are beneath us. They--who seek so desperately to be something greater to excuse their own downtrodden beliefs, to commit to the values akin to Genocidal fanatics who would therein desire to make for the extinction of all other mali as a whole. I disavow them. I disavow our predecessors--those who burned and maimed and brutalized our own people--our kinsmen as their enemies beyond borders--for what--the dogma of purity? The belief they were--somehow, superior by existence. Purity--is earned, through your actions and in your words. Yet they--our serpentine lessers, would seek to undo our creations, of families, or security--for the bet of Mali’thill first. What sort of guidance to the world is that? What sort of teacher would that make for? They are pathetic--creatures of need who desire to be seen, heard, to want and desire, through threats and promises of ‘good’ times for the ‘Thill above all. They would seek to destroy this nation for the sentiment of what--the legacy of a dead Sohaer who died because he sought to make us enemies with the world? The Legacy of a dead man, dragged along the streets by his living counterpart like a parade float. Even now--the tricks of such a charlatan are exposed--claims of Democracy and desire to the old ways, preached by a tyrant proclaiming himself Sohaer. He would kill our nation before he would deem himself equal. The living blood of Braxus Ni’leya, is a parasite on the world. We shall not bend, nor fail to the old blood. I reject our insurgent lessers--those who would plunge this nation back into the depths of the fanatic jingoists. Who would bring back the torture, the murder, the violence, and the inevitable death of the nation the Okariran have sougt to fix. We will not go into the night quietly, we will not sit back and let these vermin claim ownership, we will not let them poison our children, our elders, our peers and neighbors. I say to them and I speak such as no threat, but a promise to our resolve. We will fight them. We will fight them today. We will fight them tomorrow. We will fight with growing confidence and resolve each day. We will fight to defend this island from the overtaking by radicals, regardless the cost. We will fight in the ports, hills, seas and streets. We will fight and never bend. We will fight not because it is easy, but expressly because it is hard. Never give in, and never surrender. Haelun’or will shine in the light of the rising sun once more, not under the banner of warmongers and criminals, but under the stay of Mali. Signed under the office of the Okarir'san A'eollaja Ello'janna Valwynn
  8. A HIGH ELVEN GUIDE OF HIGH ELVEN KNOWINGS: II So, you want to play a high elf. But you have never played a pointy eared white person before, so you have a whole list of questions. What language do they speak? What should my skin look like? What is the culture like? Within this guide, you will see a scarce outline of the average updated Haelunorian high elf, so you too can fashion yourself a high elf and bring yourself to the great Silver City. PART I: THE BASICS Where do they live? Within this map, the main group of high elves, often referred to as mali’aheral, is situated within the lonely city of Karinah’siol, Haelun’or, located right off of the east hub. Although isolated from the rest of the map, it is not hard to find one’s way, as the ferry to the nation is just one step off the port. Of course, those who wish to leave within other nations do so. What Language Do They speak? Like most of the elven sub-races, high elves speak common, or english with a touch of elven sprinkled within. While speaking the whole language is usually reserved for special events, high elven players will often have a small knowledge of elven during their character’s basic vocabulary. Hello / Good day: Karin’ayla Goodbye: Van’ayla Good evening/ good night : Ker’ayla Yes: Ti No: ne Sorry: llun Thank you: Ahern ito nae’leh Thanks: Ahernan Human: Valah Elf: Mali’ Pure Elf: Mali’thill Dwarf: Bortu Orc: Uruk Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya: Progress and health Similarly but not so, elves also tell time differently than human nations do. While most human nations go by the regular time dating system (1800, 1820), elves, and high elves use the second age calendar. Refer to the in-game command /date to see the date. What Should I Make My Skin Look like? A lot of high elven players make their skin have skin usually on the paler side, although exceptions could be made with the right backstory. Hair usually ranges from a pearly white, silver, blonde, caramel, to even red hair, and eyes usually light hues such as blue, grey, green, even purple. It should be noted that pale high elves with darker colored hair might be accused of being mixed race. Fashion is usually light and flow-y, but can range between events and casual day to day life with some who opt for full armor all the time.. Currently, female high elves wear berets and headbands. Long pointy ears are common! Elves can have beards but it is extremely uncommon. PART II: CULTURE Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya The main driving culture behind Haelun’or revolves around the phrase Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. But what is it? What does it mean? and what does it have to do with Haelun’or? Why do high elves say it every five seconds? This phrase roughly translates into “The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom” , or more commonly, “progress and health”. Progress (Maehr’sae): Progress refers to the overall development of wisdom the Mali’aheral uphold as their ideal. A fulfilled life should be one filled with knowledge, arts and science. A Haelunorian high elf should strive to be masterful at at least one subject, if not multifaceted. This is typically where arrogance can stray from, as High Elves have a belief that they are overall of higher intelligence than the other races because of this incentive to advance and succeed. Health (Hiylun): The health part of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya is twofold. High elves hold a strong care for their own, and ensure that every one of their kin within their walls can live with proper dignity, with a house, proper clothing, education, food, healthcare, ect. They typically live away from others and even go as far to mali’aheral and other races within their residency neighborhoods to ensure this. The second part goes in line with purity culture, and keeping the mind and body pure. But what is purity exactly? Purity Culture "Purity" within the culture is defined by how closely a high elf follows the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, and is arguably split into two forms -mental, and physical purity. Physical purity pertains to the "health (Hiylun)" of the mali'aheral in question. A bloodline untainted by non-high elven influences is essential for any high elf within the city. Great respect is afforded to those with records of their pure lineage dating back the farthest. Physical purity can be foremost sundered by affairs and activities with non-mali’aheral. Depending on the severity, this can lead to imprisonment, banishment, death, or (for the luckier ones) social ostracisation . And although all high elves have different fashion, most are somewhat modest and cover up during day to day activities. However, it should be noted that invasive jewelry and tattoos are very taboo. Mental purity pertains to a high elf's self-discipline, as well as their personal demeanor. Mali’aheral that exhibit good form of mental purity are often calm and calculated, not letting their emotions get the best of them. This is not to say that they do not have emotions, but they don’t let it cloud their thoughts. High Elves who live outside of the silver city are also considered mentally impure, as they do not share the desires to heighten their kin. Simiarly, Pure high elves that live outside the city and do not follow the philosophy would be considered mentally impure. One can be physically pure, but not mentally, but not vice versa. PART III: CUSTOMS Fashion Fashion was lightly discussed in an earlier segment- but here we go into depth about it! First, it should be mentioned that there is nothing wrong with a little bit of shoulder! Even a shoulderless dress can be made very classy. One way a ‘thill likes to express themself is through the way that they dress, and the current most common way to dress is a modernized chique! Things such as hats, headbands, dainty clip-on earrings, fine pieces of jewelry, and sashes are all very in right now! Colors that ‘thill often wear are all ranges of blue, gray, purples, gold (made with the exception that it was not gifted to you, more in depth later), some greens and even pinks! Women usually wear skirts with a small heel and a nice blouse, adorned with cute bags and bobbles. Men usually wear something with drapes, and many have taken a liking to toga-esque fashion, which is completely acceptable as long as the toga does not reveal too much! Even headdresses are making a comeback! Courting Courting in Haelun’or is much different from what one would see in the valah communities or even other mali’ nations. Usually, relationships between ‘aheral are kept rather private, and public displays of affection are kept to a minimum. Do not let this confuse you- as the ‘thill are still very loving and affectionate! Oftentimes, one may first reveal their feelings in the form of poetry, gifts, events held in the honor of the one they fancy, the list can go on. Here in the Silver City, we do prefer to keep things more old fashioned. Gold The legacy behind gold in Haelun’or is a long and winding one. Culturally, giving one gold is like handing out an insult - as if insulting their purity. This stems from the Mali language, where Gold, or Acal, also has a secondary meaning - cursed. Religion ‘Thill do not have a religion. A common misconception about ‘thill is that they worship Larihei. This is simply not true. Larihei was a pure woman, who is regarded highly, but is not worshiped. Many ‘thill have conflicting feelings about religion as a whole - with many simply being agnostic or atheist, it is a wonderful idea to spark up a conversation about it! PART IV: EXTRA There are so many parts of Haelunorian high elf culture that have been formatted into smaller posts. Below, I have provided a set of links that one might find helpful or interesting when playing a high elf. LANGUAGE: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200447-a-short-composition-of-elven-phrases/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/78799-elven-sentences/https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/19254-recovering-the-ancient-tongue-of-the-elves/ TIME: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Help:Times_%26_Dates#Almaris REFERENCE POST: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97527-the-ultimate-high-elven-guide-of-high-elven-knowings/ CREDITS: @Mithradites - who I ultimately modeled this post after @TwistChunky - for writing the part III @Kiiwi and @Gemini - editing
  9. A PACT OF NON AGGRESSION Unclassified and public disclosure Parties: The Silver State of Haelun’or; The Kingdom of Urguan Signed under the Office of Okarir’san: A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn NON-AGGRESSION PACT During exchange of Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn, Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn, and Okarir’san A’eollaja Valwynn; Grand-King Bakir Ireheart and his council chamber, during the 12th of Malin’s welcome, year 68 of the second age, was discussed terms as following, Terms of Agreement) Article One: The Kingdom of Urguan and Haelun’or agree to an immediate pact of non-aggression, meaning until this document has been made null by one party of this pact, both kingdoms sign to a continuous end to any hostilities and or claims of territory, violence, and war between both sovereign nations for a total of 10 stone weeks. Article Two: Both parties will recognize the sovereignty of each other's nation under the stewardship of its current governing body, regardless of leader, for the foreseeable future, unless the governing body is radically changed. Article Three: The Nation of Haelun’or will recognize the sovereignty of the position of Grand King. Article Four: The Kingdom of Urguan will recognize the sovereignty of the position of Sohaer. Article Five: Under stewardship of the Okarir’san and Urguan appointed official, Both nations will establish a permanent office of an embassy for diplomatic relations between both nations, governed by the government assigned official of either respective nations. Article Six: This document will be declared null and void on the terms of either nation committing hostile actions and or violence towards citizens on sovereign soil, or if not renewed within 10 stone weeks. Article Seven: Haelun’or will recognize all claims of the Dwed Peninsula from East-Fleet, including Ando’alur, to the western coastline of Dwed. Signature of Official Parties: Sighned, Sohaer, Ayliana Valwynn Grand King of Urguan, and Bane of Orcs, Bakir Ireheart ---For documentation purposes--- Officialized by: Okarir’San, A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn
  10. The Pretender’s Folly The Silver State, home of tranquility and purity, has found itself at odds with the lesser realms abroad due to their unwarranted support of the deceiver and pretender, Ivarielle - who claims a royal throne that does not exist. Eating the lies of Ivarielle, they know little of our own tradition and culture though they will put themselves against us regardless. They care little for the truth, and they care little for logic. Suffice to say, attempts from Haelun’or have been made to reconcile but it is the prejudice of the lesser realms that blinds them from following the path of reasonable judgment and fairness. They opt to support Ivarielle, for they believe that Ivarielle is the better of us but that is far from the truth as I shall tell you now, dear reader. Sohaer Braxus Ni’leya offered the pretender Ivarielle the chance to debate him and publicly explain her grievances to convince the mali’thill to support her, deriving this from our well-established traditions where a mali’aheral may challenge the Sohaer to a public debate overseen by the most venerated of the mali’thill, the Malauriran, to decide who is victorious and who shall be given legal control over the Silver State. Ivarielle took the offer, but she had arrived with naught but a disgraceful presence. Arriving thirty elven minutes late, she swiftly made her way into the city and up to the Silver Citadel unimpeded. As she entered the Silver Citadel, the citizens of the city were told to move to a bench allocated to whom they supported. The Sohaer, honorable and pure, had his bench filled with mali’thill and mali’aheral. It had become so filled, that some of the supporters had to stand beside the bench. However, if one were to look at Ivarielle’s bench, they would see that it would be mostly empty… with only a crazed lunatic elf who claimed to not know who Ivarielle was after the events, and a blind elf who most likely sat at the wrong bench. Ivarielle asked, talking over the Malauriran, repeatedly and arrogantly if the Sohaer wants to surrender, going against tradition that both parties should be silent until they have been asked questions by the neutral arbiter. Despite being told to be silent, they continued. Sohaer Braxus, unwavering in his support of the traditions, remained silent except to explain to the foolish Ivarielle that tradition states that only questions posed by the arbiter be answered. Ivarielle, failing to coerce the Sohaer into conceding defeat before the debate had even begun, claimed that she had already won and did not need to debate. Still unimpeded by the Sillumir, she fled the Silver Citadel and away from the debate. The spectators stood in shock and awe as the pretender so brashly threw out centuries of tradition in their arrogance, possibly even fear of losing. Despite the coward’s absence, a vote had been put to the Malauriran so that concluding the event would be done as is appropriate to tradition despite the obstruction. It was no surprise that the Malauriran had unanimously proclaimed that Braxus Ni’leya would retain legal leadership over the Silver State. Whether you be a foreigner from beyond the Silver State, or a citizen that was unable to attend. This event has shown that the pretender, the coward, the deceiver Ivarielle, has no support from the High Elven hegemony. They are an ambitious seeker of power and act only contrary to the Silver State’s established traditions of centuries-old. To those who are diplomats from those realms who support Ivarielle, take this to your leader. See that they know the truth so that they may reconsider their position in this debacle, so that they may not be judged negatively among your people for supporting someone who does not stay true to their word. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! Ay’Larihei! - Anonymous Mali’thill
  11. The Thillaric Confutation Issued from the Citadel The 11th of Amber Cold, Year 54, S.A MALI'AHERAL, Recently, a missive has usurped my interest. The caustic nature of said missive requires a response from Haelun’or - the legitimate and only successor State to Ancient Haelun’or - as led by the Silver Maiden herself - Larihei Lomahnih. It is from her Ancient College, that we derive our principles of Governance and our guiding Philosophy - elMaehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, which the author of this missive, the self-proclaimed Princess - Ivarielle, blatantly and intentionally disregards, for her own political, baseless agenda. Laid out in this missive, are the most egregious proposals and errors. Erroneous in nature, and abhorrent upon contemplation. I shall, as is my duty as Sohaer of Haelun’or, unveil, and bring to light, these vile notions. Haelun'or, shall endure, as she always has, against those who impose Schism. As elVuln and many others contended with Schism, so too shall elMarullral'ito'tennallar. I. “I write to you as one who of those who had so left the state to avoid the failings and lethargic dealings of Kolvar and his failed twin of Diarchism,..”. Here, the Aheralic have erred greatly - Kolvar Uradir is no longer Sohaer. During his tenure, there was no Maheral - which means that Haelun’or could not have been a Diarchy while he was in power. Given that Diarchy is ‘Rule of Two’, your claim here is beyond false - but a clear and blatant lie. Furthermore, I am a Traditionalist - that thing you despise most, for it is the purest form of Haelun’or and subsequently, the most apt political persuasion for elMali’aheral to follow - your attempts to deceive el'Mali'aheral shall be in vain - they shall see through your false rhetoric. II. “A Princedom - something that has yet to have dawned in the Silver State; for those there know that placing the silver state under a leadership akin to our distant Lari’onnan and Mal’onnan as Princedoms would eradicate their dying clutches on it.”. Here, the Aheralic have erred greatly - Haelun’or does not cast down tradition for a Crown because we fear that we shall lose her, rather, we maintain our traditional form of Government because it is how it ought to be. Haelun’or and her fundamentals are unchanging. Of course, there is room for expansion upon these ideals - for that is the essence of progress. However, they wish not to further Haelun'or, but to destroy it - yet they are so cowardly that they hide beneath the guise of wanting to 'save' her. They wish to trick you. III. “Those who hold displeasure in the state for their practices and ideals of purity in which they dictate how one should look, allow us to come to the middle ground for the first time and hopefully indefinitely.”. Here, the Aheralic have erred greatly - for they have admitted that they wish to compromise on Larihei's ideals and philosophy. A building which at its foundations allows for corrosion, shall soon crumble - such is the nature of those buildings who have at their base - quicksand. The Aheralic wish to dilute Haelun'orian culture to such a degree, that it is beyond recognition - simply yet another Elven Princedom - a direct rival and threat to both Fenn and Elvenesse. IV. “For those of you who join, and are of a notable Talonii I so express my desire to reform the ideals of purity to your respective bloodlines..”. Here, the Aheralic have erred greatly - Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya - the Philosophy of Larihei and Haelun’or, is unchanging in kind. It does not fall to the whims of leaders, Sohaer or Princess for it is fundamentally unchanging in essence. Their wish to anathematize Larihei’s blessed teachings further shows their foul intentions. They have more in common with elFenn than they do with elThill. They propose a Principality with certain ruling Dynasties - this is Fenn. They secretly propose the worship of Azdromoth - Fenn worships Wyvrun. They propose the tolerance of bodily mutilations and tattoos - As does Fenn. V. “Willing modifications of one’s form is now also permitted in the form of hidden tattoos | such must always be done in moderation as to not conceal the full natural glory of those born from the Golden Pools.”. Here, the Aheralic have erred greatly - Haelun’or and her denizens understand the importance of the gift of the Golden Pools and the consequent effects on their bodies. They understand the painstaking efforts by their ancestors to defend and protect their bloodlines and physical appearances - which set them apart from the world. As such, we strive for physical perfect - the intentional scarring of the body, the intentional mutilation of the body is, has and will always be, a mark of the ‘ata. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya Signed, Braxus Ni'leya, Sohaer ito'Haelun'or
  12. Anyone interested in playing a child? Well I got one for ya! His name is Theriion Davorn Lasfaen and he is currently twelve years old. His mother is known as Thalia Lasfaen, and his father is the deceased Davorn Lasfaen. He is of the Adunian race but has the features similar to a half elf. He has black hair and bright blue eyes. His features are defined like his father's yet soft like his mother's. Ever since the fall of Ando Alur, Thalia has been on the road constantly with Theriion when he was but a baby. At one point they stayed at the Melphestaus Estate in Oren until Theriion got old enough so Thalia could feed him proper food and keep a close eye on him. For years they kept in the same vicinity as Oren and rarely traveled outside of the Holy Oranian lands. The only fatherly figure that Theriion ever had in his life was from another Adunian male by the name of Xander Castington, to whom he hasn't seen in years. They are currently still wandering around Oren, managing to stay out of trouble and away from bandit attacks. (If anyone is interested in playing Theriion, please hit me up on my discord, Otakuu#5502. More inside information will be given once you have been given the character to play. Happy Roleplaying everyone!)
  13. OTHERWORLDLY THREATS to PURITY Mali’thill of Haelun’or and beyond, this missive goes out to all our kin in hopes that they may give their support to our great nation in helping us root out a problem that has plagued our people for generations on end: The Dark Arts and the wretched impures that have a stranglehold upon our people The count in the many. Necromancers, Frost Witches, Vampires and the Inferi. All of these dark things have time and time again, threatened our pure and glorious nation with the threat of being subservient and slaves to the vile creatures that lurk beyond our eyes. They walk among us, disused in our pure and near divine forms, pretending to be of us, but prey on our mortal coils and feast on our greatest flaw, blindness to what surrounds us. I now make this missive to remove the vail from your eyes, to open you up to the truth of why Haelun’or is at great threat of collapsing and becoming a dreaded necropolis of slavery and despotism to the things that would see us bend the knee to their dark ways. NECROMANCERS It should go without saying that the act of raising the dead is a sin beyond measure. To end the peaceful slumber of the dead and violate their spirits by forcing the corpses of the deceased to be slaves to their dark whims. To this end, Haelun’or should take measures to stop the rise of necromantic cults within our walls. Corpses should be burned ceremonially and dumped into acid pits to starve the dark mages of their source of power. Alliances should be made with groups who are skilled in hunting these heretics of the ‘thill down, and purges must be done to cull their numbers if they rest within our city. Already a horrid fungus has begun to grow in our sewers, and it’s smell of rotting flesh is clearly the signs of necromancers at work, doing their best to cause the downfall of the greatest nation upon Almaris and turn us into their undead slaves and abominations of the dark FROST WITCHES These vile women of our once ‘thill blood have sold their souls and essence for the vain attempt of power. Wishing no more then to enslave the men of our city and convert the pure and innocent maidens of our lands into their wicked numbers, these icy, cold hearted feminst gone astray shall be our undoing if we do not act fast. Hunts for their vile kind should be had, and no corner of our great lands should go unscoward until they have all meet the fate of traitors: burnt upon the pyro of righteous vengeous for the blood and lives ruined and destroyed by their deeds of evil VAMPYRES Creatures of the night that lurk in the shadows. Cults of blood and magic that scorn the very earth with their touch. A strangeness about these creatures and their willingness to canablize their fellows makes them dangerous enough, it is also their ability to drain the mali’thill of their purest blood to sustain them. Let it then be known that the light of day shall strike true against these night horrors. Our blades and words ring true in song as we play the last ballet they will ever hear: the sound of steel grinding deep into their black hearts, their blood turning against them as they spill outwards, slowly to rot as we step into the future without them holding us back. INFERI These otherworldly demons are the pinnacle of destruction and madness. Born from the hatred of the name of our greatest enemy whom cursed us with the inability to have many children, the daemons of the Inferi ever wait in hiding, their dark cults looking to undermine our establishments to bring about a new age of destruction and servitude to the most impure of all impure things. Strengthening our culture and our own resolve must be had. Rooting out these cultists and sending them to a swift death is the only answer to safeguard our way of life. Never forget the crimes of the Inferi Criseis. Never forget the blood they split of our kin. We shall make ourselves pure by silencing these heretics and sending them to their foul masters by flame and sword. Let them burn in their hells as we ascended to greatness to stand beside our great masters beyond our world. We the children of Larihei and of Malin shall rise above them and become whole CONCLUSION As you have read this missive, may it remind you of the treats we face. Our city is not just a stack of being overrun by the empires of the world, but it is also at risk of being enslaved by those worse than a simple half breed or a mali’thill made impure by their own selfish acts. We must be at a constant vigil to challenge these otherworldly beasts and monsters to keep our people safe. Our families will never be safe until we at least, free ourselves from our tormentors that lurk under our noses Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya
  14. The Rise of Savagery Dear readers, if you have been keeping yourself up to date on current situations you already know the heinous actions done by Elvenesse. There however are numerous things yet to be unveiled. While their deeds of corrupting pure ‘thill and assassination attempts have been documented. We have yet to inform you, dear readers, of what is truly heinous. The nation that has been a discussion point for me over these times, and of even our blessed State. Elvenesse, the realm of Savages. This may seem to be a bold claim, but I assure you it is very true. As of the day I am writing this missive, a llir to all Zelios has fallen to back luck of sorts. Tree limbs nearly falling on him, chairs spontaneously becoming unorderly. This was the work of the druids, of course in cohorts with Elvenesse. Take this as another warning to be wary of the Savages and nature corruptors. The Savage’s actions go even further beyond that, from my sources I have found many vile acts committed by these barbarians. They slay and cut open the contents of animals, making those ‘aheral they’ve corrupted to the deed with their bare hands! If that does not sound like Savagery to you then I do not know what will convince you, dear reader. Perhaps the again mention of children soldiers being sent to MURDER our beloved Sohaer would spark insight. They are not above doing anything to corrupt nor harm our way of life. Should anyone come into close relation to one of these Savages remember you can attempt to cleanse yourself. The Path of Purity is your right as a ‘thill! If you return to the Silver State to save yourself from the Savages please I implore you to attempt to regain your purity. Remember if you truly wish to repent for your misdeeds the Path can and will save you! Signed, Fayneth Glynro Long Live the Legion!
  15. The Futile Attempt of Elevenesse To all my fellow ‘thill an act of the most vile has occurred this day. An attempt was made on our beloved Sohaer’s life! An ‘aheral was led into the Silver State by the Sohaer himself. This act of kindness was shown to be a mistake on this wretch. This ‘aheral stated she was a scholar, and was researching the druids. However, after she rejected a meal offered by our own kind-hearted Sohaer is when it all took a dark turn. There was a flash of something unknown to us as of this time at her wrist. The ‘aheral started to shake, and twitch, the curse of the druids was undeniably infesting the ‘aheral’s blood. In an attempt to save the ‘aheral our Sohaer was assaulted! Kicked back and a spear was drawn on him after the would-be assassin proclaimed they were part of Elvenesse. If it were not for the other ‘thill the assassin would surely have done worse. During the struggle to subdue the would-be assassin they broke free and ran from the Silver State. During this, it had come to the other ‘thill’s attention this attempt was being delivered by a CHILD. Elvenesse had sent a CHILD SOLDIER to MURDER our Sohaer. These are dark times my fellow ‘thill. We live in a day and age where Elvenesse will send child soldiers to make attempts to import members of our society. This furthers my former missive, do NOT trust those of Elvenesse. Not only are they taking ‘thill and corrupting their purity. Now they are attempting to murder pure ‘thill. Do beware dear reader of the threat they pose to all of us. Signed, Fayneth Glynro Long Live the Legion!
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