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Found 8 results

  1. HOLY NOTICE [!]A Holy Notice marked with the coat of arms of the Palatine Guard Order of the All-Saints could be found on notice boards all over Almaris It has come to our attention that a self proclaimed Prophet once more roams the streets of the canonist world. henceforth as this man is wanted and shall be brought forth for trial at the grace of his Eminence Cardinal Alfred of Jorenus. The Auditor of the Tribunal. Any and all Holy Knights who see this man shall bring him in and quickly send word to both Cardinal Jorenus and myself Lay-Cardinal Johan of Aquila.
  2. I. The First Article: On Creation -- I believe in Bboon, the Father almighty, creator of heaven, earth and igloos -- I believe that Boon created me, along with all creatures. Bboon gave to me: body and soul, eyes, ears and all the other parts of my body, my mind and all my senses and preserves them as well. Bboon gives me clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and land, spouse and children, fields, animals, and all I own. Every day Bboon abundantly provides everything I need to nourish this body and life. Bboon protects me against all danger, shields and defends m
  3. APOSTOLIC UNIVERSITY OF ST. PONTIFF SIXTUS IV authorized with the blessing of His Holiness, JAMES II PREAMBLE The apostolic University of Saint High Pontiff Sixtus IV stems from great tradition and education of past ecclesiastical colleges. It is officially recognized by canon law of the Church of the Canon. The University is licensed by our Holy Mother Church to grant ecclesiastical degrees to graduates in:
  4. Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche Holy Order of the Black Mace “In hoc signo vinces” History of the Order ♔Command♔ High Pontiff The High Pontiff has absolute and supreme authority over the Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche. His Holiness, Sixtus IV Holy Knight-Commandant The Knight-Commandant is selected by the High Pontiff from among the seven Knights. He is the direct commander of the Order and manages their day to day operations. Holy Ser Edward d’Ambray
  5. Selling the boots Saint Augustus himself wore! The starting bid is 500 and only 100 bids increase! http://postimg.org/image/z10e7sr0t/ Ending tomorrow at around 5 EST.
  6. The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi God is our Strength History The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi was established in the year of 1531 by Amethu Denaseth, Amir of the Sultanate of Khalestine. Founded in the palace of the Al-Wakhrah with the blessing of Imam Kareem Ibn’Yrdam, the Order was born to protect the lands of Vailor, the True Believers of Allah, and to prepare for the coming of desperate and dark times. To increase the administrative efficientcy, ‘The Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi and ‘The Order of the Mubarizuns’ were m
  7. Character Card of Q. Campbell Character Name: Quinlan O'Keefe-Campbell Nicknames: Quin, Quinny. Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Human (Adunian) Status: Alive n' stuff Height: 6'1 Weight: 197 lbs Body Type: Big, broad shouldered and burly, like a football player. Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Dark coffee brown. Skin: Slightly Tanned Markings/Tattoos: Scars on chest from wolf mauling. Health: Fairly Healthy. Personality: He has an optimistic, humourous attitude towards life. On the surface a sarcastic and ironic kind of person, underneath, a steely determination to keep his loved ones safe. He is s
  8. Valtors of The Old Faith "If my bones are to shatter and my armor to crack, Thalia let my spirit remain intact. And in these times full of shadows, let us dream the dawn." The Valtorians or Valtors for sort, is a group of holy warriors of the Old Faith that was created by Nestor Tarus at the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1450. Their goals is to seek the truth behind the visions that the gods provide and to combat the evil creatures that dwell into Anthos. Their ultimate purpose, despite being unknown to most Valtors, is to protect the Erythian Stars. Deeply religious and strong the Valtors ar
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