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Found 11 results

  1. Order of the Knights of Saint Owyn, Defenders of the People of the Kingdom of Mardon, the Principality of Pruvia, and the Blood of Ioannes. “By the Blood of our Fathers, for the Future of our Sons” The Order of Knights of Saint Owyn, known in shorthand as the Ioannian Order are a secular Order dedicated to the preservation of Traditional Orenian values and the defense of the Horenic Kingdom of Mardon and her people, be it from both foreign and domestic threats under the guidance and leadership of the Prince of Mardon. They act as both a peacetime police force, and a wartime army as the realm needs at any given time. Ranks and Structure High Command Knight Commander Undisputed command of the Order lies within the Knight Commander, who, in turn, serve the Prince of Pruvia, and the Kingdom of Mardon faithfully and with due diligence. It is his responsibility to ensure the Order is well disciplined and equipped. Knight Captain (200 Mina/Saint's Week) Inspiring battlefield officers, the Knight Captain has the honor of bearing his own heraldry to combat. With an iron resolve he will guide the soldiers of the Order to victory or an honorable death. Low Command Knight Sergeant (150 Mina/Saint's Week) Deputy officers, they are being groomed to one day lead the Ordermen to glory and victory. Usually the sons of nobles or promising veterans, they enforce the orders of their seniors officers and ensure their charges are well kept after. Enlisted Knight Brother (100 Mina/Saint's Week) The senior most enlisted rank, these men have served for many years past their prime and have chosen to continue to serve. They have the most experience of any enlisted Orderman and often serve as advisors to senior command staff for their plethora of knowledge in the art of war. Having proven their capability, they are Oathed and granted the heavy laurels of a Knight. Half-Brother (75 Mina/Saint's Week) A grizzled Order, he has seen firsthand the brutal glory of warfare, and stares unwavering into the jaws of death, ensuring discipline is kept in the ranks. While not a Knight, he is a Half-Brother of the Order. Footman (50 Mina/Saint's Week) The backbone of the Order, each Footman is oathed and sworn to follow the orders of the Knight Commander. They are drilled to act as cohesive units and stand ready to bring victory to Mardon. Recruit (20 Mina/Saint's Week) Raw, Unblooded, untested. These words describe the future brothers of the Order. With a fierce desire to serve, these recruits will either die in service or live long enough to bring glory to themselves and the Order. Specialized Ranks Quartermaster In charge of distribution and inventory, the Quartermaster is often times a Knight-Sergeant. Disciplinarian Harsh and unsympathetic, the Disciplinarian uses both whip and voice to mold Ordermen into shape. Faults or mistakes are dealt with harshly, and swiftly to ensure it does not happen twice. Apothecary Field doctors, the Apothecaries are tasked with treating the sick and wounded of the Order. Skilled in alchemy and herbalism, they are tasked with getting brothers back into the fight swiftly. Payment and Rewards for Service A soldier ought to be able to make a decent living, and reward for services is simply the right thing to do. Salary Within each rank, the various members of the Order are paid on a Saint's Weekly ((one irl week)) basis, ensuring they have enough money to buy their own food, pay for their family to eat, and be clothed, and ensure they also have money to tithe during Mass when the collection bin is passed around. As well, it proves that each man is worth something, as money is being put into them as an investment. The pay rate of each rank is listed next to it in the Roster. Rewards When it comes to service, some men and women simply do things a step above the rest, and ought to be rewarded for such That said, members of the Order are well rewarded for their services to their brothers and sisters/ 50 Mina per kill during battles 50 Mina for bringing in a new recruit 35 Mina per kill of bandit/highwayman 100 Mina per kill of Lesser Abominations (ghosts, ghouls, etc) 300 Mina per kill of Greater Abominations (Shade, Wraith, Dreadknight, etc) 500 Mina per kill of Mordring's Lieutenants (Harbingers) 1000 Mina per kill of Enemy Commander during battle ((must be perma kill, and result of a win of the warclaim)) Equipment The Ioannian Order uses a variety of weapons, both siege equipment and small arms to ensure they are well prepared for any combat. Small Arms Vandorian Longsword Used first by the Order of the White Rose, the Kaedreni Longsword has been a staple weapon of Waldenian and Vandorian soldiers since their roots in the Order of Saint Lucien. The Vandorian variant features a hand and a half grip, and a slightly shorter blade length. Gladius A weapon with roots as far back as the White Rose, the Spatha was once used by the Salvus Shields for short and bloody work in tight city streets. Used as a stabbing weapon, it is often paired with a shield. The Gladius is considerably shorter, and more nimble, often called ‘butcher’s blades’ by veterans, for they are used in places where the fighting is bloodiest. Arbalest The Arbalest is a fearsome weapon. Used in sieges, the Arbalest can pin an armored man to a wall from a distance. Often used once then discarded due to lengthy reload times, it remains a formidable weapon. Zweihander An ancient weapon, the Zweihander is a massive two handed weapon which requires the strength of a well built soldiers to wield. The weight, however, is worth the effect. Known to be able to sever limbs easily and carve apart armored men, the Zweihander is a fearsome weapon carried most often by a Knight-Sergeant. Flanged Mace The flanged mace is a crushing weapon, used to cave in armor plates and bones alike. Those who carry the mace into battle rely on heavy handed and traumatic blows of force as opposed to the finer blade work of a Longsword or Gladius. Siege Equipment Hansetian Ballista From the great white north, the Hansetian Ballista is used. Developed by the Teutonic siege engineers, it was widely used by their Hochmeister Mirtok DeNurem and made a great presence at the original Siege of the Dreadfort. It is designed for accurate, long­range fire at personnel, fortifications, and ships. Kaedreni Onager The Force of the White Rose developed this weapon early in their reign. It is effective as a small catapult and works slowly against weaker fortifications at short distances. It is capable of flinging hot pots of oil and basic explosives at enemy positions. Waldenian Trebuchet The Waldenian Trebuchet is an example of a tradition of artillery warfare. Large, intimidating, and powerful, the Waldenian Trebuchet is capable of great damage to all fortifications and at long distances. Waldenian Catapult The Waldenian Catapult is simply a more advanced version of the Kaedreni Onager, working at longer range distances and with more power. To Join the Order To sign up, simply fill out this form below and an officer will contact you. -OOC- Minecraft Name: Skype (Preferred, not required): Nexus Professions: Will this be your main?: -IC- Name: Race: Age: Where do you live?: Combat skills of note, such as a former mercenary?:
  2. Preface: History of the Orcs "Betrayed! Betrayed and abandoned because we foresaw the doom? Betrayed though we suffered the most at the hands of Iblees... This... They would turn and run in the face of our adversity? Cowards. We will bring it to them. Yes, we will show them our suffering!" - Agzal the Titan The fires crackled around Krug’s ivory throne as he sat there slouched, his hair black as the sky above and his form bulky and strong, a stark contrast to the man before him. “Your Brothers have all accepted my gift.” He said with a visage of confusion, addressing Krug. The man had a kind face, and nothing about his person seemed threatening, yet Krug looked upon him with a sense of caution, apparent through his slow gaze. The man opened out his arms in question. “Why do you turn me down?” He asked with a raised tone. The formidable Father of Orc kind let out a slow sigh, sitting himself up within his chair. “I have never trusted you.” He said, his tone deep and rumbling. “Power does not come without a cost.” He added, before rising to his feet, his focus more energised as he looked down upon the man with scorn. “You would not want wealth or power, more than you could ever dream?” He snarled, his aura suddenly changing as he bore his teeth in anger. “I offer you the world, and you think yourself above your brothers?” He added, yelling with fervent anger. And so did the man reveal his true form, for he was in fact Iblees, that great and terrible Daemon that had fallen to the Mortal Realm. He roared in frustration as fangs and horns grew from his head, a swathe of emerald fire swirling around his form as his wings of devastation sprung forth. Without a moment to think, Krug launched into action. Unarmed and unprepared, he barged into the Daemon, his skin scorching and bubbling under the corrupted flames as he knocked Iblees off his feet for the last time. Chapter 1 - The Birth of Spirits During the War, decimation had swept through the lands of Krug, and as he fought, he lost many loved ones, only to see them brought back from death to fight alongside his enemy. Meanwhile, the Daemon, Apohet looked at the ongoing fight between Iblees and Krug, marveling at how the creature could hold his own against the powerful Daemon. He envied the power that had been shown in the descendant, and turned away. He went into a small area of the Seven Skies, hoping to keep his machinations away from the prying eyes of others. There, he poured a large amount of his divinely-granted power into one creation: what would later be called the Spirit Realm. It was quite separate from anything else; Apohet had made sure of that, not even being subject to time, as the Creator's world was. However, it was devoid of inhabitants, and he soon grew bored of manipulating a world that would never be seen. And so, he resumed his work. Apohet smiled as his second marvel awoke, or marvels. Again, his handiwork was slightly crude in appearance compared to the Creator's, but they were conscious. They were partners, intertwined in almost every aspect of each of them. Spirits, he called them, one able to manipulate space to an extent, the other having limited control of the temporal. Their appearances were both serpentine, space blue, and time red. Together, they birthed several children, each also able to control a certain aspect of the world, many coming in contrasting pairs, others more independent. The second generation was birthed from the less powerful elementals, and so they themselves were less powerful, finding that they were only able to control much more minor parts of the world, such as specific biomes, or things such as emotions or concepts. Feeling that these other creatures were somewhat unworthy to associate with them, the first generation beseeched Apohet, asking that they be allowed to separate. Apohet eventually agreed, and so created two separate planes, one for the first generation, and another for the second. Apohet almost cheered in glee as his world was slowly filled with his own denizens. But they too soon grew bored of the world's relative blankness, and Apohet had grown bored of watching them do very little. And so, he did something rather risky, and he made a small connection between his realm and the world, so that his creations could play. And play they did, using their power to make slight alterations to the world, all that their power allowed them. But soon, that risk had some repercussions. The dead that had perished in the battle against Iblees were flooding into the spirit realm. Apohet knew that the Creator would be perturbed, at the very least, at this development, and so he made sure that all dead passed through, so hastily that they barely even noticed where they were. He made sure this happened for the rest of time, and even now Apohet makes sure that the dead pass swiftly through his realm, to their respective afterlives. Chapter 2 - Transformation He who had not been swayed watched as Iblees roared for the last time, before the Daemon was banished to the Void for eternity. Krug stood burnt and bloodied, his skin seared beyond recognition, for the corruption of the Daemon had wrought a terrible transformation upon his form. The influence of Iblees had caused him to grow enormous tusks, altering the way in which he and his people would speak for thousands of years to come, and his skin cried in constant agony, corrupted to a hue of dark green. “And you Krug, the most hated of The Descendants, you shall always have the lust of war. You are strong? Well the strength shall be used against your brothers, used to pillage and murder! Your lust for battle shall be unsatiated and your descendants shall grow ugly and heartless.” - Iblees Although the fighting had ended, Krug’s heavy breathing continued as he looked around to his brothers. He saw not friends whom he had fought with, but targets through which to vent the deep rage that coursed through his veins, for not even the blessing of Honour was enough to quell his fury. His eyes glazed over in crimson as his voice shook the land, and his muscles pulsated with a newfound energy as he grasped his axe with intent. His Brothers watched in disbelief and fear as he began to slaughter those nearby, and in him they saw not their Brother, nor any deviation from the Daemon they had just fought. In acknowledging his overwhelming strength, they evacuated the scarred land with haste, abandoning Krug and his people to the torrent of bloodshed that was soon to come. Chapter 3 - Pilgrimage Many a year had passed since the curse of Iblees sunk into the heart’s of Krug and his people, and after genocide upon genocide felled the Orc population, their bloodlust began to satiate. Finally, and with an iron fist, Krug had subjugated all who had opposed him, and once again claimed the title of Rex of all Orcish people. Yet the looming return of bloodlust ate at the minds of the Orcs as they attempted to live their daily lives. As a result, the Orcish people adapted a strong work ethic in order to vent their energies and distract themselves, and a period of wondrous progression swept through the lands of Mor’Ghuun. Many wondrous designs were set around the world, such as the Gatzug, the enormous Arena of Champions, and the vast forests of the West were cultivated into the ultimate hunting grounds, Duulgador. As the Orcs built and fought for progression of their people, Krug fought an inner-turmoil that urged him to take action. One day, he gave in, standing suddenly from his throne and wandering off into the wilderness, alone. The thought that he had been unable to kill Iblees pestered him endlessly. He felt he had allowed this curse to burn within his people. He felt responsible; Ashamed, even. He was determined to find a solution, scouring Mor’Ghuun for many years in search of respite. Chapter 4 - A Voice Beckons Krug gritted his teeth in irritation as he arrived at the coast. He looked out to the ebb and flow of the ocean, and foresaw only tides of blood, the endless push and pull of the bloodlust that would trouble his people until the end of days. He roared with an awesome fury, the rage of his nation flowing through his voice. It swathed across the land, rumbling like an earthquake upon the dusty plains that surrounded him. The world fell silent, save for the crashing of the waves. Until suddenly, a voice spoke out within Krug’s mind. It was the Spiritual Element of Air, who had taken notice of Krugs profound bellowing. Apohet took note too, yet decided not to interfere on the interaction, watching with profound intrigue. Krug spoke out to the voice, challenging it out of caution and curiosity. In this moment, however unwittingly, he had connected with the realm of the Spirits, and fell unconscious. Soon he awoke, within a realm of clouds and sky, and before him, the Spirit of Air presented itself. They spoke for a time, and Krug developed a fondness for the Spirit, for the wisdom and power it came to represent. Krug’s intuition was strong, after all, it had revealed Iblees himself. He trusted in it even now to determine friend from foe, and acknowledged the Spirit. The Spirit itself was enamoured by Krug, and the concept of assisting him, and from this interaction was birthed the first pact between Mortal and Spirit. Apohet watched in astonishment as the Spirit conjured an impressive sandstorm for Krug on Mor’Ghuun, yet remained ever silent in observation. The Daemon wondered still where the power of this being ended, if he could not only contact his realm, but also utilise his children. And from this cooperation, Shamanism was born. Chapter 5 - The Cycle Meanwhile, decades had passed since Krug took on the tutelage of the Spirits. Without a guiding figure within Mor’Ghuun, the Orcs quickly degenerated once again into civil warfare. Many a mixed view was shared among the Orcish populace, and indeed the inevitability of conflict arose from these squabbles. Many of the direct children of Krug, those with the most inherent power, stood to represent their own ideologies and desires for the Orcish people, and followers began to flock to each of them as they watched in marvel of their confidence and sheer power. These children were named and identified by their talents and demeanor: Agzal the Titan, famed for sharing his Father’s strength. He came to birth a nation of complete Warfare, those who would raid and steal their food and material needs, believing that those of supreme strength were deserving of the world. They chose to succumb to their curse, and embraced it as a strengthening process. Dlimbok the Wise, famed for his insight in matters of internal conflict, of which a countless number arose. He in many ways came to mimic his Father at the time, splitting from the others in an attempt to find some semblance of peace from the Warfare. Saranak the Silent, famed for her unparalleled ability to hunt and overpower the enormous creatures that threatened the livelihood of all Orcs. Her’s was a nation of monster hunters, those who could assist smaller settlements and ultimately believed the great beasts of Mor’Ghuun were there for them to vent their blood rage. Balzug the Brave, an explorer with a vast nomadic tribe, who explored the lands to occupy their minds, believing that settling in one place would bring forth their bloodlust as they stirred in inactivity. After many years of internal conflict, the siblings broke off from one another, scattering from their original homes and settling across the land, accompanied by their respective followers. They came to establish formidable nations along Mor’Ghuun, having failed to co-operate as one united people. It would seem that the Bloodlust that ravaged their minds had once again destroyed their bonds. At best these nations would trade among one another and employ their services, but often times this semblance of peace was disturbed by the continuous force that ate at their state of mind. The Nations of Mor'Ghuun These Empires established great names, and came to represent each their own core values: The Empire of Zetzug, lead by Agzal, would come to be feared as the strongest nation of all, famed for their aptitude for combat; even among Orcs. Their pursuit for power was so great that they began to selectively breed the strongest of their people. However, this came at a severe cost. For when a creature must grow to such tremendous power, their energy becomes lacking elsewhere. From these Orcs were born the Ologs, those of challenged intellect, yet unrivaled ferocity. The Empire of Balgrak, lead by Dlimbok, would be renowned for their studious nature, and would construct a citadel of such architectural complexity and beauty that it would rival even the Dwarven people. These Orcs grew slightly weaker in their disinterest for combat, challenging one another intellectually, which nevertheless resulted in broken limbs. The Goorzag, Lands of Unending Hunt, lead by Saranak, would be famed for their hunting prowess and ability to cultivate the land and form impressive forests for hunting. They later became exceptional breeders, and formed an impressive trade company that was free to roam the lands, dealing in rare furs and exotic beasts of might and terror. The Tribe of Keztag, lead by Balzug, would discover much in their travels, developing impressive immunities, as well as medicines and narcotic arts. Additionally, they came to uncover many relics that would later alter their lives forever. Krug's Return Yet as the Empires continued to fight among themselves, a figure emerged at each gate, hulking and monstrous in form. It was the first and greatest Shaman, Krug. In each city he rose his staff into the air, and declared his iron grip once again on his people as an enormous wind swept through each city, and all bore witness, reminded of his unquestionable strength. He, the most powerful mortal in all the realms had grown to an unprecedented stature, and all were helpless to look on in awe, respect and servitude. His children would quibble in silence, but were smart enough to understand their inferiority. Still, his physical strength alone was too mighty to conquer, and so, with an iron rule, the first Rex of the united Empires instructed them all to make waves of war ships in preparation for their vengeance. The many Empires would soon assemble their own fleets, and would meet along the shore with Krug himself, who had promised them a sight to behold. And before long he delivered on his promise, for as the Empires boarded their vessels, an enormous wind swept in and forced the ships forward, onward to the lands of Men at rapid speed. Chapter 6 - The Death of Horen An enormous fleet arrived at the shores of the Human isles, heralding doom for all that would witness their arrival. Krug would be the first to step foot on the land, the fleets arriving too quickly for Horen to prepare his vast armies for defence. And so, the united Orc Empires swept through the land, razing entire villages and slaughtering the armies that had scrambled to defend their homes. Until at last they arrived on the lush fields around the city Horen called home. It stood tall and proud, blanketed on all sides by swathes of men adorned in armour, an amalgamation of soldiers and weaponry on standby for the War that would end the Orcish conquest, one way or another. Suddenly, Krug threw his arms into the air. As his eyes rolled to the back of his head, chanting of Old Speech began to escape from his tusken mouth as looming clouds of ashen colour began to blanket the sky, enveloping the city in total darkness. The sun had been blotted from the sky, and nowt remained to pierce the darkness but the hundreds of glimmering torches that adorned the city. Yet soon, a wailing sound began to pervade the ears of all present as the armies fell into silence, observing the terrifying display. A wind began to sweep through the land, and soon the lights that adorned the city were put to rest, signifying the hope in the hearts of all men, that had diminished in the face of such adversity. And the wind continued to wail within the sky, forming into an enormous hurricane of chilled, cutting wind. Both Orc and Men alike watched in total astonishment as it continued to grow, and the creator of this awesome display continued to chant, his tone fueled by the seething hatred at his core. Krug threw down his hands, pointing them to the city as his focus came back to the Mortal realm. With this gesture, the swirling winds crashed into the city, stirring up an amalgamation of men, buildings and earth. The rubble would stain with the blood of a thousand soldiers as the hurricane continued to swirl, turning a crimson red under the ashen sky. Within mere moments the city has been reduced to dust and stone, and a tremendous amount of casualties had suffered at the hands of that single Mortal known as Krug. The Orcs roared with delight as the dark sky began to break, allowing light to once again shine on the fields, exposing the destruction that had been wrought upon the land by their Rex. In their bloodlust they rushed forth into the city as a wave of iron, killing any that were left within the rubble; as far and few between as they were. Yet as the winds dispersed and the clouds opened up the heavens fully, the Palace was revealed within the rubble, stalwart and defiant as ever. Krug trudged forth with axe in hand, the same weapon he had used to strike against Iblees in his final moments. He stood at the entrance of the palace, looking toward his distraught brother, who looked onward in a steady terror. Krug let out a mild chuckle of astonishment, noting the fortitude of Horen to stand despite the destruction all around him. It was the will of his soul and his children's that had impressed Krug all those decades ago, and was the reason he loved Horen above all of his other brothers. Yet as Krug continued to look onward to Horen, his memories of the past quickly took him to the moment Horen had abandoned him in his fury, and soon that same feeling began to encapsulate his mind. He threw up his arm, and a gust of wind propelled Horen into the air, holding him against the wall as Krug marched forth, his heavy breathing much as it was on the day of his curse. He stood face to face before Horen, raising him on the wall so that he could match his own great height. Horen's eyes explored Krug's own as he writhed in discomfort, yet in him he saw not the warm gaze he had once witnessed. “Y-you are not the man I once knew… brother.” He said, assessing the deep scars that ran along the burnt and corrupted flesh of the Orc, now more reminiscent of the Demon they had once fought together against, than the man he had once loved as his own kin. “No, I was abandoned.” Krug responded, a pain unlike anything he had ever felt eating at his core as he used the power of the Spirits to bring Horen back to the floor, standing amidst the rubble beneath the hulking Shaman. “You will die as lonely as you left me.” He added finally, gritting his teeth as the Spirit of the Wind drew all air from Horen’s lungs, causing him to collapse on the floor as he struggled to breath. Krug watched in silence as the fear of death finally broke Horen’s will, his hands clasping at his throat as he attempted desperately to breathe. Yet as he squirmed, he brought sooner the end of his life, and within moments he fell to the floor, his body lifeless. Without hesitation Krug turned from the scene, leaving his brother dead on the ground as he turned to his people. The War had ended, and he instructed that no more Men be killed. They would be given the chance to recover, to enhance their strength. For despite having been betrayed, Krug continued to admire their unwavering Spirit. In them he saw his own people, and in them he left a rage that would fuel their people’s progression, just as they had done to him. Apohet cackled from within the confines of his realm. The city was destroyed by his creation’s power, and he found himself smiling. Impressed deeply by Krug, he made a decision, a rather brash one. Seeing that the descendants could indeed do great acts of Spirituality and Honour, he looked back to the passageway of the afterlife, and for the last time, tampered with his realm. He created what some would describe as a filter; allowing those with souls of Honour, Spirituality and Virtue to enter his realm. Knowing that his other creations may soon grow angry at the intrusion of mortal souls, he made the plane they went to entirely separate from the ones inhabited by the others. Chapter 7 - The Nation of Krugmar And so did the Orcs, the united Empires under Krug, return to the lands of Mor’Ghuun, where they would continue to battle with their bloodlust, and where they would work tirelessly to understand the realms of the Spirits. Krug has passed on his knowledge to his children, so that they would always have a guide in life, even with his own passing. Yet the wisdom of the Spirits was not enough to quell their unwavering frustration, and soon they began to prepare, for there were others who had betrayed them, and they too would suffer the fate of Horen and his people. All Empires were instructed to bring together their greatest Soldiers, Shamans, Hunters and Explorers, who would come to create a vast fleet of their own, tasked with the quest to traverse the lands around them, both in search of progression and also the domains of Dwarf and Elf alike. This array of Orcs would later come to refer to themselves as the Nation of Krugmar, and would face many a challenge in their pursuit of progress and destruction, a cycle they too would suffer, for such was the curse of Iblees. Yet as the fleets sailed over the horizon, a celestial object of tenebrous aura crashed into the West of the lands, stirring the forests of Saranak.
  3. The Black Company of Pruessen “The land of Vander is a place of extremes, only a black hand of steel can tame it, can crush it.” Lucien III, outside of Al-Wakrah with his assembled Black and White Sepulchers, 1542. The Onyx Chronicle The Black Company of Pruessen draws its origins to machinations created by the flamenist Lucien III, prior to the Emperor John Frederick’s involvement in the land of heresy that was called Vandoria. The Pontiff wished to bestow upon the land an order, based in a fortress on the Visian Frontier, which actively went out in inquisition-like fashion and put down pockets of heresy that had sprung up in the state. However, his plans were eradicated when the Empire backed the First Qalasheen Spring which would install a Pro-Canonist monarch in Vandoria. The ideals of the Black Company remained strong in the Johannian Court which resided in the great fortress keep of the former Rovins. Priestly folk, such as the late Boiendl of Felsen, and even military-minded folk such as the King John Godfrey, would keep alive the notion that a right-wing, pro-Monarch, pro-Canonist regime must be installed and maintained. However, progress towards such was vastly outweighed when the Secularist Movement gained traction in the King’s Court. In the wake of the Secularist Rise, the right-wing was beaten back into the underworkings of the Noble Estate. Liberalism and religious freedom dominated the minds of many Lords of the Vander, and the conservative ideals of religious unity and monarchism declined. In the coming decades, the King Godfrey knelt to his higher brother, Holy Orenian Emperor By-Divine-Right John Sigismund, and the Kingdom of Vandoria was ceded into the Orenian Empire. It then became the Principality of Vandoria. With this move, Godfrey also abdicated his seat to his son, called Prince Leopold, who had to regain control over the Liberalist Faction which had taken a strong root in his father’s reign. It seemed good for Leopold, who had created a Lord Paramountcy headed by one of the strongest Liberals, who still remained loyal to the Royal Estate, named Neero Sarr, until the Vailorian Assembly of Axis Powers rose and a Second Qalasheen Insurrection occurred, spearheaded by the Kharadeens, Silverblades, and their Liberal Allies. Leopold in response sought to amass an army to destroy the Qalasheen threat.With the loans of the Burgher Estate, Leopold now employs a vast collection of mercenaries in an attempt to secure the Principality from the rebels. The Black Code The Black Company is founded upon the principles of conservatism and pro-Principality. Though their current purpose is to secure Ard Ghorrock from the Qalasheen, the memory of a Horen prince ruling over a united Vandoria is still fresh in mind. They enforce Canonism and its tenets, as well as the basic supremacy of the Johannian Bloodline and the race of Man. Their mission, their founding principle, is to crush the Second Qalasheen Insurrection, its associated Heresies, and its ideals of Religious Freedom, of Liberalism. He under Payment Contract in the Company: Shall not endorse religious freedom. Shall not endorse democracy, nor Liberal Ideals as a whole. Shall not endorse the heresies of Qalasheen. Shall obey, without hesitation nor concern, the orders of their superiors. Shall not in any way shape or form question the authority of their superiors. Shall not in any way shape or form defy the authority of their superiors. Shall not in any way shape or form hold moral qualms about the acts performed to ensure the overarching goal of the Company is completed. The Black Crag, Ard Ghorrock The Bastion of Johannian Power in the South, Ard Ghorrock has been an everlasting symbol of the dominance of Conservatism in the South. At first erected as the seat of power for a Lucienist Revival, the Crag has seen many shifts in its ownership. Now, finally in the hands of a Johannian Monarch, the Crag rests upon a bloodied and tumultuous history. Beneath the spires and curtain walls lies an intricate maze of hallways and dungeons, of armories and sleeping quarters. Every stone of this castle has tasted the blood of Man and Elf alike. Behind the immense walls and above the towering mountains, the Black Company has based itself under the flowing banner of Horen. Here, the Black Company finds its seat of power and draws upon the castle for protection, armament, and housing. In a case of invasion, the Black Company will act from their seat of power called the Black Crag. The citadel overlooks a vast, rough terrain in the Black Mountains which peak above the vastly different climates of Vandoria. The wilds surrounding Ard Ghorrock are untamed and dangerous, with equally untamed savages of the hills. Alongside these hostile tribes, sit a collection of feudalities under the Prince’s sphere of influence. The Black Company is charged with the defense, and in extreme cases the subjugation, of these Crownlands. The Company and Payment Unlike other military structures of the Realm, the Prince employs an array of paid soldiery in the form of mercenaries, draftees, and sellswords as well as sworn soldiers, such as knights and bannermen already pledged to his or hes nation’s feudal system. Each soldier is delegated into his own division, yet all hoist the great Black Banner and Onyx Dragon in battle. The Captain Risen by the hand of the Prince and approved upon by the Assembly of Serjeants, the Captain has taken charge of the entirety of the Black Company and is the delegate of the Company’s will to the Prince, and vice-versa. He often is the best fighter, or most tactical, perhaps he has proven himself a charismatic leader or has won his way with his gilded finger. The Serjeants (Payment varies) Those who command their own Lance. The Serjeants have entered into the company’s service either with a band of their own or having proven themselves as capable and dedicated leaders to the cause. These men have the ability to bear their own standard, yet are expected in battle to follow the Captain’s Will and hoist the black above all. Distinguished serjeants who lead large lances will receive larger stipends and land to house their lances. They receive a 400 minas minimum stipend every Saint’s Week for the lance, (Varies based on size and other factors) are responsible for organizing payment and properly organizing the purchase of lance’s equipment. Actual payment for the lance’s services varies from lance to lance. Man-at-Arms (Payment left to Serjeants) The Man-at-Arms are equipped with a suit of armor, both for cavalry and for their excursions on foot. Each is delegated into a commanding Serjeant’s Lance, who will see that they are horsed and trained for combat in the field of battle. The Man-at-Arms receives regular pay, distributed by their Serjeants. The Man-at-Arms can rise from Footmen at the request of their own, or of a superior. Footmen (200 Minas Each Saint’s Month, Varies Based on Service) Individual mercenaries, sell-swords, draftees, etc. The Footmen are those infantry who’ve not been recruited by a Serjeant into their own band nor entered within a band of its own. They often are the newest, less experienced members but others are veteran, lone wolf mercenaries. They receive half a Saint’s month salary up front. The Condottieri System The Condottieri System is one not seen in the Modern Realm of Man. Tracing its tradition to merchant cities and republics who sook not to levy their own citizens to war, the Condottieri utilizes professional soldiery in opposition The Prince, in an effort to levy a mass of fighting men in a minimum amount of time, offers benefits to commanders with three or more men. He enlists the commander as a Serjeant, who will receive representation in the Assembly of Serjeants, and the Serjeant is granted his own Lance, a squad of mounted soldiers at his command. The Assembly of Serjeants, comprised of each Lance’s commander, has the ability to, in the case of the Captain’s resignation, death, or deposition by the Prince, convene and elect a candidate for the Prince to approve or vice-versa. The Condottieri System also comprises over individual mercenaries. If a group of mercenaries, each hired individually, are deemed worthy enough or request to be grouped together as a Lance, one will be appointed as Serjeant. Individual mercenaries can rise to Serjeant via election, influence, service… or other means. Uniform by Rank: * Captain * + Serjeant + ~ Man-at-Arms ~ - Footman - Footmen have the option of bearing their own garb, as they are technically individually employed and serving. Seeking a Position in the Black Company As An Individual Soldier: God-Given (MC) Name: Chosen (RP) Name: Aviary Location (Skype Name): Can you follow orders efficiently, (do you use TS3?): As A Group: Serjeant’s Name (RP / MC): Serjeant’s Aviary (Skype): Number in Lance: Soldiers’ Names (RP / MC): Soldiers’ Aviary (Skype): Does you Serjeant have the ability to command and to listen to commands, (TS3?):
  4. The Visigian Vanguard “To Defend Until Death” - Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian, and Lord Vicar of the Church Purpose of Visigian Vanguard Standing quietly along the border of the Holy Orenian Empire, Visiga is part of Oren's first defense against any southern incursion. The holy lands, inhabited by the Pontifical state itself, seeking to cohesively form a line of fortitude against aggressors, has decided to assemble. Under the authority of Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian and Lord Vicar of the church, the Visigian Vanguard was formed. Henceforth, it is created as a stalwart force to be a bulwark for those who inhabit the lands and beyond. To fight for those who cannot. To defend until death. Ranks Constable: The Constable commands the Vanguard in its entirety, is a man who has proven himself to be an exceptional leader both at home and on the field, and the Viscounts Military hand. The Constable works closely with the Viscount of Balian to excel in his duties. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Second in command of the Vanguard, the Captain answers only to the Constable and is also responsible for maintaining the troops. His duties can range from keeping morale up to leading the men on the field of battle. Commander: Third in command of the Vanguard. They assist with keeping order within the ranks, and are often granted minor privileges and duties, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant: The sergeant is the well known solder in the Vanguard, and an Officer in training. runs the lower end ops. Man-At-Arms: The man-at-arms is no stranger to battle. These weathered veterans are expected to hold the line without fail, their ferocity and determination making them formidable opponents. Nothing less than complete obedience is expected of the man-at-arms. Footman: These soldiers are the backbone of the Vanguard. They are fully fledged soldiers that have had some experience in the military, and their presence is both a relief to their allies and a curse to their foes. Recruit: These men are the newest additions to the Vanguard. Most are lacking experience in any form of combat, and have yet to prove themselves. They will undergo trials and training until they can become Footmen. Medals Medal of Grievance: Considered the atonement medal; is given out to injured members of the Order who suffered their ailment during righteous battle Medal of the Stalwart: One of the highest of honour that could befall on a member of the Order the Medal of Stalwart is granted to those who have attained glory or surmounted a great feat. Joining the Visigian Vanguard Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Skype Name (can PM if needed): Do you have TeamSpeak, or are you willing to download it (will be used in battles and other activities)?: Timezone:
  5. *A missive is spread throughout the land. To all cities, states, corners and edges of the civilized world. Pinned on boards and taped to walls, it is visible to all.* The Dragons' Guard The House of Horen seeks the strongest, brightest, and most dedicated men and women to serve under its banner. To brave the harsh cold of the north and defend the hardy people therein. To safeguard the city of Ayr, and the grand keep of Edmund’s Watch. Why Join? -To serve under one of the oldest and most noble families known to the realm. -To find fulfillment in protecting the innocent, and in turn serving humanity. -To gain the admiration of all your peers. -To call the soon-to-be keep of Edmund’s Watch your home, if you so desire. -To hone your skills as a soldier and kickstart your career as a man-at-arms. -To be free of prejudice under the watchful eyes of Peter and Robert Horen. How to Join: If you wish to reap the benefits listed above, and prove your worth, you need only send a letter to Robert Horen ((Kowaman/Namawok)) including the following ((Reply to the thread or PM)): - Your Name: Your Experience: What you can Contribute / Your Skills: - *At the bottom of each missive is a stamp of green wax, emblazened with the Horenian insignia. Beside it, are the signatures of Robert and Peter Horen.* Regards, Peter Horen & Robert Horen
  6. Hello LotC This post is going to be brief, but to the point. For a long while now, the human playerbase has been asking about the status of the continent known as 'Aeldin' and if it will be officially recognized by server lore or not. I am here after much discussion, weighing of options, and opinions, and the verdict has been reached. Aeldin is confirmed to exist! HOWEVER this statement comes with several clauses to clean up the mass amount of confusion and unfounded, unrecognized claims surrounding this continent, how it exists, and it's current status. Here is a bullet list of the ONLY accepted facts of Aeldin. Anything outside of this is not canon lore, and cannot be claimed as such. *Aeldin is a continent. *Aeldin is confirmed to be populated almost exclusively by humans. *Aeldin is on the same world as Asulon and Anthos. *Horen never visited Aeldin. *Nothing Aengudaemonic of any sort took place upon Aeldin. *Aeldin is no longer accessible. *No one has been capable of traveling to or from Aeldin since crossing into Thales. *No one has, or can, visit Aeldin since 3.75 (Thales) and this most certainly includes the entirety of 4.0. To clarify the reasoning for all of this is simple. It did not occur on Lord of the Craft, it occurred on another server, and thus anything that happened on that server, cannot be brought to this one. This would include the entire existence of Aeldin, however we have decided to allow it's existence and acceptance into canon lore for the benefit of the Human playerbase, as a continent with a name is harmless itself to the flow of Lore upon LotC. However, the other lore claims are not being recognized and are in fact revoked. The world of Aos, containing Aegis and Athera, is seperate from the world of Eos, which held Asulon and Anthos, and upon passing to Thales, we returned to the world of Aos once more, cutting off any possibility of returning to Asulon, Anthos, or Aeldin. There is no active portal back to that land, and no ability for any player to pass to it by any other means either. If anyone would like to submit reasonable lore for things that occurred on Aeldin that would have significant enough impact to require it to be canon lore, you may follow the usual lore submission process and the lore team will look it over and discuss it, but there are two hard lines that will get any lore denied if they are crossed. 1.) Horen never visited Aeldin in any manner. Horen was on the world of Aegis, and did not pass to the world of Asulon at any point. He could never have visited Aeldin. 2.) There is no ability to travel to or from Aeldin any longer, under any means or circumstance. This is the final statement from the Lore Team, or the Staff in general, about Aeldin. We are not obligated to recognize any RP that occurred off of our own LotC servers and mediums, but we are extending this courtesy to Aeldin in a limited manner, with the addendum that no RP that occurs off of the LotC medium has any inherent right to be considered as canon lore, no matter how many people were involved or how many it's refusal may impact. Your backstories from other servers do not matter on LotC. You can adapt your backstories as needed when you come to play here, you cannot bring unaccepted Lore from your old server to LotC without an accepted Lore proposal. We wish you happy RP, enjoy your day LotC community. Edit:: We are not forcing a PK of any of your characters, they simply are no longer on Aeldin if you've been 'storing' them there.
  7. Character Name: Ayana Varodyr Nicknames: 'Yana Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5'5"ft Weight: n/a Body Type: Ayana stands the height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has an athletic structure, and general good looks. Her hair is cut short, falling only just past her shoulders and is usually kept up in a tight ponytail, bangs of burgundy hair drooping over her face, a parted fringe. She has a soft featured face, with attractively groomed, as if penciled on’ eyebrows and silver eyes - born utterly colourblind. Her right eyebrow bares a scar through it’s center, parting through it, leaving a gap. She’s physically athletic, and moderately muscular, though not bulky. She has delicate, sporty curves from her torso and her hips. Her legs are strong, with curvaceous calves, defined and attractive- curving down into her ankles. Eyes: Silver. Hair: Ayana keeps her burgandy hair tied up in a short ponytail, propped nicely on the back of her head. Her fringe sits attractive over her face, parted through the middle, the bangs of hair reaching the bottom of her jaw. Skin: As for her complexion, Ayana has fair skin, without blemish all but for a light dust of freckles over her nose. Her skin isn't overly pale, but tans slower than the skin of others. Markings/Tattoos: Her left eyebrow is parted with a small scar running through it. Health: Healthy! Personality: Ayana is a tomboy. In public events, particularly a family event or anything formal, Ayana is polite and sensible. She doesn’t usually talk in this circumstance, keeping quiet and to herself. Like a noble lady would, she wears her dresses, and keeps her looks well, and attractive. When alone, or with those who know her more active and eccentric side, she wears more breathable clothing, though still relatively polite. She’s an active girl, wanting to be involved, interested in hands on activities. On most occasions she’s kind hearted, genuinely nice, and believes in honesty. She’s personally very religious, having experienced a life changing moment in her life as a teenager. She’s mentally tough, and sometimes appears as stoic, or stern, when not in public. She's generally playful, and thrives in making people around her smile. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral. Deity*: Maker Alliance/Nation/Home: Queen of Renatus Job/Class: Queen/Dame Title(s): Queen Ayana Varodyr, The Storm Dragon. Flaw(s): Ayana is inspired by tales and stories, and is driven by the desire to battle and have her name etched into the history books. This motive could put her into dangerous situations, as it has already. Weaponry Fighting Style: Military trained. Defensive/opportunist. Trained Weapon: Single handed arming sword. Single handed battle-axe. Favored Weapon: Arming sword. Biography Parents: Ayana is a high born girl of Horen descent. Her parents, Augustus Horen and ___ raised her well. Despite her troublesome years of youth, they managed to mould her into a girl of proper behaviour as best that they could. After her fathers untimely disappearance, Ayana struggled particularly during the next few years. She became particularly moody, and stubborn- unwilling to be this perfect girl she was expected to be. Siblings: Ayana is the youngest of the children, now three. During Ayana's childhood, her tomboy behaviour beamed through her actions. She spent her spare time playing with toy swords, riding horses or exploring her home. Her brother, Edmund Horen played the role of being Ayana's guardian, parenting her as best that he could, following after his parents attempts to raise her the right way. Ayana wouldn't have any of it, and as an act of defiance put a blade to her hair, cutting it's long, beautiful length down to above her shoulders. Edmund and Ayana came to a mutual agreement, and it's long passed now since Edmund allowed Ayana more freedom with how she behaved, but it proved a better thing for her future. Ayana and Edmund maintain a nice relationship, despite the chaotic times after their parents disappearance. Children: None..yet. Pet(s): Buttons, the cat. History Upon Ayana’s nineteenth birthday, Ayana and her brother were attending a ball. Curiously, Ayana was behaving herself for once. Maric Varodyr attended the ball also, and was seeking out her brother, to talk. Maric and Ayana met at a table, and shared small talk. They danced, and met a few times after the ball also. It was not long after that Maric requested to court Ayana, and Edmund accepted. Ayana fell in love with Maric, and throughout being courted, had found an instructor for combat part time and in secret. A few elven days before Maric and Ayana’s wedding, Maric offered to her a gift that she found most surprising. A suit of beautifully designed armour, crafted with intricate dragons and unique features. As well as this, an arming sword which would be named Talon. Marrying Maric would make her soon known as the Storm Dragon, and eventually, the Queen of Renatus. Ruling beside Maric, and participating in wars, she finds herself confident to participate and act. Artwork:
  8. We stood on the shoulders of giants. We forged the imperial crown. Ours is the name first in the great histories. We are the most pure of the elder line of Horen I. Our ancestors are King Horen, King Owyn, King Daniel, Emperor Godfrey, and all those great monarchs between, before, and since. The name of the empire itself derives from our family. We are the House Horen. It was by marriage to us that all the great houses cemented their claims. Our blood is the gold of the crown, the sweat of the miner, and the iron of the pick. In days past, the Church even said that ours was the blood of the divine. Today, although no longer sitting in the imperial throne, the House Horen has answered the call of the heartlander peoples. Once again, the purple and black banner of Horen flies high over the plains and forests of Oren, a beacon of hope to every human soul. ~~~ The bannermen of Horen are the most brave and loyal of the heartlander folk, committed to defending to the ideals and assets of the House Horen, and their homes. Every man who takes up sword in the name of House Horen is guaranteed a house, garden, arms, and support of his family by the good Baron Edmund. If you wish to serve under the banner of the purple dragon, send word to his Lordship with the following information ((reply in the thread)): Ranks: - Captain of the Guard - Reporting directly to the Lord Edmund, the captain is in charge of all operations of the levy force. Receives a manorial estate and is given the honors of a house knight of the Barony. - Ensigns - Standard bearer and officer of the levy. The most distinguished men of the Barony hold the honor of ensign, and bear the black dragon and crown on their breastplates. Reports to the Captain and receives a stately residence in the Barony of Dragonspeak. - Men-At-Arms - The distinguished soldiers in service of the black dragon. They are true heartlanders and loyal warriors of the barony and the empire. Footmen are given the honors of a Man-At-Arms after a year of service. Men-At-Arms are extended the guarentees of house and home in the Barony. - Footmen - Newly conscripted bannermen, These are the common folk of the barony, held above other citizens for their commitment to serve the black dragon. After a year of service ((2 weeks)) they are allowed to leave the barracks to establish their own small estate, courtesy of the Baron, and are promoted to Men-At-Arms Full Name: Name of your father: Ethnicity: Age: Military experience: Will you pledge your sword to the first true Heartlander family, the House Horen, and protect it like your own, and accept the benefits of land and provisions in return for your service?
  9. The Horen Guard The men and womens have but one duty in service of the Horen Guard are to defend the holdings and people of House Horen. They are trained to be elite soldiers that are up to par to defend the Lord and his family. They shall not fail, they shall not falter for they are the Horen Guard they live and breathe to serve with unyielding loyalty and determination. They currently take resident in the Glorious County of Furnestock. Ranks Captain of the Guard - Leader of the Horen Guard Lieutenant - Men that help the Captain of the Guard do his work. Second in Commands. Guardsman - The main fighters of the Horen Guard. Recruit: Those with little to no military experience. They will train till the Captain of the Guard deems you competent to be a Guardsman. Members Captain of the Guard: Ctc9592(Jory Castell) Lieutenant(s): Triplewing(Markrein Ginorov) Guardsman: Luke_Giordan0 (Clifton Cartwright), Googlesearch (Geoturgist), Phoenixlord918 (Brandon Taves), Mellowmatthew (Joseph Moss) Recruit(s): Until House Horen is able to establish a steady stream of Minas the pay for your guard work will be in food, equipment and housing. New: House Horen is able to provided 25 Minas per Elven Week. Duties In Times of Peace You are to protect the holdings of House Horen along with the people that are in it whether it is from beast or man. You are to defend the Lords and Ladies of House Horen with your very lives You are to be the guards of the representatives of House Horen In Times of War You must fight for House Horen. You must defend its people and holdings from the enemy. Rules Rule One: House Horen and the land it owns is what you protect. Anyone outside this is not your duty to help but you are permitted to help if it does not strain relationships with any other group or goes against a superior's order. Rule Two: You will respect the men that lead this guardforce, other guards and the people you protect Rule Three: Do not harm or kill other members of the Horen Guard. Rule Four: You may not give orders to a member of House Horen, unless you are given permission by the current Patriarch/Lord of the House, or if the Horen you address is apart of the Guard and is a rank lower then you. Uniform Guardsman Uniform ((Made by Toxzero)) Recruit Uniform Oath I_____, swear to uphold my duty to defend House Horen and its people. I will not falter in my duties to the House. I will not betray my brothers in any way or form and I will uphold this oath till the day I die. Application OOC Username: What is your Skype name?: IC Name: Age: Race: Military Experience:(This will determine if you start as a Guardsman or a Recruit) Preferred Weapon: Oath: Approved by Lord William Horen
  10. The Bannermen of House Horen Ranks Commander: The Commander is the leading figure of the Bannermen of House Horen and is selected by the Elders of House Horen. He manages who holds what position within the Bannermen and lays out battle and training tactics to his Captains. He is renowned for his leadership skills and will stop at nothing to ensure the success of the bannermen in battle. Captain: There are two Captains. They are chosen specifically for their display of loyalty and talents of leadership in battle. The Captains are also some of the most skilful warriors and watch over the Masters of Arms as they trains their soldiers and assigns them to their correct groups. It is the Captain's role to ensure that the warriors who serve on behalf of his House are working effectively. They also lay out training schedules and report any progress back to the Commander. Master of Arms: There are four Masters of Arms in total, two who serve under each of the Captains. Besides those who outrank them, they are the most skilled of all the Bannermen. They work closely with both the Captains and the Commander, acting as a link with the Recruits to ensure that the bannermen are properly trained. Man-at-Arms: Recruits who prove themselves in battle earn themselves the right to be promoted to a Man-at-Arms. The basic soldier of all the bannermen, the Men-at-Arms swear themselves to House Horen. These men will mainly be used to patrol the Duchies and Counties that they serve and will perform all tasks assigned by the Commander, Captains and Masters of Arms. Recruit: Any "fresh meat" to the Bannermen immediately start out as Recruits. They are not expected to know how to fight very well and need to be trained by the Master of Arms in order to be granted a promotion to a Man-at-Arms. These men are equipped with leather and chain and get paid the minimum wage. Duties - Serve House Horen and its Duchies with an undying loyalty. - Patrol and protect the Kingdom of Oren and defend its inhabitants from outside threats. - Should the order be given, serve House Horen in battle. - Follow all orders given by any higher ranking member of the Bannermen. - Uphold your oath. Rewards for Service - Basic armour and arms when joining. - Personal bunk with private chest and locks if required. - Monetary payments, per Elven week. - Daily rations of food. - When soldiers engage in combat, all spoils of battle are to go to them, unless it something that either the Duke or Elder of War specifically require. Rules - Thou must forever abide by all rules of the Bannermen of House Horen. - Thou must not break the Oath of Allegiance. - Thou must not murder or steal from a member of the Bannermen of House Horen or House Horen and its Vassals. - Thou must follow the ruling and laws of the Holy Oren Empire. - Thou must respect the authority of all family elders of House Horen and its Vassals. - Thou can only be ordered by others of higher rank in the Bannermen of House Horen and his majesty the Imperial Emperor, William III. Uniform w.i.p. The Oath of Allegiance I _______ swear by the almighty light, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to House Horen, her heirs and successors, and that I will remain, honestly and faithfully duty bound to defend my liege, their heirs and successors, against all enemies of Oren. I will follow and obey all orders of my liege, his heirs and successors, and of the Commander set over me. So help me God. Application
  11. -+- The Crimson Fist -+- (( Information given in this thread is solely out of character, and must not be metagamed )) The Crimson Fist of Retribution, more commonly referred to as The Crimson Fist, is an organization started and led by Darius Mercer and his most trusted friends. It is a rebellious order with the intention of reforming Oren, and bringing justice to its officials. For a long while, the group has lurked in the shadows, and is now finally ready to spread its influence on Anthos, both in Oren, and in other nations. The Crimson Fist wishes to bring back what they call "the old ways", which is how Oren was ruled a long time ago, before the phoenix revolution. They hope to win the hearts of the people, and amass an amount of people large enough to destroy Oren through violent actions. In order to do this, The Crimson Fist is also searching for possible allies beyond Oren, who are just as dissatisfied with the tyrant emperor, Horen V, as themselves. Through political propaganda and persuasion, the order attempts to turn the citizenry of Oren, against their own throne. They are no fools however, and will at this point not preach openly in front of a crowd, for they wish not to be compromised. As an alternative, the order works in the shadows, writing political propaganda to hand out to common man on the street, or individually speaking to the illiterates of the society, about the cause. Where the order resides at this point, is only known to the members. Only individuals who are trustworthy may join the organization, and any treason within the order is harshly dealt with. ((At the moment, recruiting is done IG, and there is currently no way of contacting the group, unless contacted by the organization itself. This may change. I'll add more information soon, as the order grows. Since there have been several requests on apps, I've decided to add them. If you wish to join, fill out the short and simple app, and then we'll contact you in game, and arrange something.)) Application (( Also, if you didn't catch the sneak-peek of the rebellion, here's a link: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/89037-the-beginning-of-the-end/ ))
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