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Found 1 result

  1. TO ALL MEN OF THE REALM: The House of Roswell is perhaps a long forgotten house by most, once we stood strong as counts of Pompurelia, later gifted with the titles and responsibilities as dukes of Istria. Our familial flame rose above many others, but when our flame was almost put out, gasping for air we pleaded to the emperor, and instead of giving aid to his vassals, he discarded of us instead, our beloved Emperor. And through great strife and hardship, our family has risen anew and retaken most of what was lost, but that does not settle the score. We hereby reject the Empires neverending onslaught and conquest for new territory, the incursions into dwarven lands and beyond. We reject the deceitful and unholy Emperor Philip Frederick, you whom does not aid your vassals, your attempts to subvert the Church of the Canon's ways for your own personal benefit. We strip ourselfes of all oaths ever given to him, for he did not keep his own. We strip ourselfes of the burden of endless war and suffering for the greater good of all of Axios. And as such, henceforth House Roswell shall hereby dedicate it's financial and material reusources in the Courlandic struggles against the tyrannical crown, it shall dedicate it's military expertise to aid in the freedom of the peoples of Axios until the end of this war. No longer shall you opress the people of Savoy or the peoples of Lorraine, no longer shall you wreak the benefits of useless wars for your own prestige. Johannesburg shall burn for your treachery. Et flamma incentiuis! Lord Patrek Ronald Roswell, Hetman and Grand Hussar of Pasnia