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Found 5 results

  1. _Grease_Bxby_

    New Species?

    I was thinking of some new races/species for the server, here are their names, and I'll create detailed specifics of them at school, when I'm bored, or when I have some free time: Tear-Blood, a made up race that I created in my own random role-play shenanigans off of the server; they are as if your tears and blood were switched around in your body, but they have wings that can be retracted and disappear, as if into thin air. Possessed, a simple race of humans possessed by demons; in other words, it's a demon spirit in a human body with their own respective powers- take Bill Cipher when he possessed Dipper in Gravity Falls as an example-, you would have to consult the forum about unusual Possessed powers, though. This is all I have for now on this matter. The details and specific features of these two new races will be finished soon. Your welcome and goodnight. I'll be here all week. :D
  2. I see far to many people who were perma banned for one simple mistake be turned away from appealing merely because they pugsied, and it's actually beginning to piss me off a bit aswell if I'm honest. The recent switch to leniency on cyberers literally doesn't help anything either, because there are far more repercussions behind cybering than I can count. As the staff constantly love to remind us, cybering puts the server and even the admins at risk is law enforcement ever get involved. Pugsying, on the other hand, just causes you to lose a few of your precious pixelated items. Now, as horrifying as the above may sound to some, it's really not that big of a deal on the face of it. Just go back to where you were, talk to who killed you, and if you can, just shake hands and come to a conclusion as mature and grown-up players. Whilst I can understand the need for bans in some situations and what not, permanent bans with no chance of appeal is really harsh and dictator-like, and seriously is jumping the gun quite a bit. What the staff need to realise, you see, is that people do change. It's human nature to make mistakes and do things you regret. I'm not trying to criticise the staff here in any way, shape or form here, because 'most' of them do their jobs excellently and to a brilliant standard, but I still think the rule on pugsying to be ridiculously unfair and some mercy and forgivingness really is what this server could do with right now. #pugsyrevolution
  3. ℤ∃ʁ∅

    [Lore/idea] Vulchirr

    It started with studying. The mannerisms, the aggression, the diet. Yes. Thats how everything starts isn’t it. Wolves. That had become the fascination of many. To many, wolves were pets or creatures of darkness. To him, it was progress. He had seen how these beasts moved. Their sense of pack, their protectiveness, and their power. How, how could he make this a trait he could give his family? A dark smile fell upon his lips as he found the solution. The Study of the Wolf The studies began with the most basic. He took a few wolf pups from various packs and brought them together. The wolves grew with little contact on his land. Keeping to the trees, he watched them interact and grow. The pecking order was soon discovered. He smiled in glee as he watched the stronger wolves take lead. As they would hunt and kill the creatures in his land, he kept his eyes on the omega of the pack. After several months, he slipped in and took down the omega. The next part of his studies was the biological. Safe in his basement, he pulled the creature apart, studying its biology. To his amazement, it was similar to his own. This made him more sure they would be compatible to him. Taking samples of flesh, blood, and tissue, he put them away in jars and disposed of the long since dead wolf. Now he had the pieces he needed, now he just needed to figure out how to make himself one of these creatures. The Experiments The wolves continued to run free in his land as he began experimenting. The pack grew in size and he would pick off the omega’s to avoid disrupting the pecking order. At first it was just seeing what made them tick. He would torture the poor creatures until they died, learning every little detail he could. Finally he decided he had to get a strong male. Something that matched him. While the pack hunted, he found the perfect fit near the front. An alpha. With a quick fire of his bow, he took it down. Bringing the wolf to his home, he began his tests. First it was sharing blood with the unconscious creature. No, that didn’t work. Next he tried magic. He could never find the right one for what he needed. Nearly giving up, he remembered his friend who did contract magic. After weeks of begging and pleading, he got the information needed. Now came the hard part, perfecting the seal. The magic itself was hard enough to learn. But after years of study, he managed to get enough down to try again. Once more, he went out and captured himself the alpha male. He started with small symbols that only gave him injury or damaged the wolf. After enough time passed, he had to put the wolf out of its misery, unable to use it anymore with its damaged form. Frustrated he went off to study various symbols and experiment. After nearly 60 years since he began, he found it. The Ritual The wolf snapped and snarled at him as he chained it to the altar he made outside. Its grey fur lifting along its spine as it growled and howled. A smile crossed his lips as he carved into the hard ground. Slowly the symbol became apparent as he sat in the middle of his circle. His eyes fell on the wolf as it growled. It was time. As the full moon reached its peak during the warmest summer nights, he killed the wolf. A slice of his special bone blade, made from the sharpened femoral bone, made quick work of the wolf. Making his cuts count, he marked the pelt from jowls to tail base. As the blood filled the grooves, he began to skin the wolf. Removing the pelt and heart, he moved back to the center. He placed the heart in his lap and the pelt over his shoulders. Closing his eyes he concentrated. The blood finished filing the symbols on the ground and began to pulse darkly with the magic. Slowly the wolf body was absorbed into the circle and with a howl of pain, his flesh began to burn with black flames. The Transformation As the flames died off, he laid on the ground panting. His eyes closed in agony as he laid there. Slowly he sat up and let out a howl of pain. His flesh looked boiled and blistered. The moon slowly slid across the sky, and with it, a new sensation. Food. He shakingly got to his feet and looked around. Blinking he caught the fresh scent of food and he followed it. As he crept on his meal, he was dimly aware of what it truly was. With a swift attack with his blade, he dispatched the small creature and consumed it. The blood dripped from his chin and he looked around. As the sunlight glinted off his form, he finally noticed it. His form changed just slightly from his previous form. Curious and excited he decided to go look it over. He hurried back to his house and took a good look at himself. What he saw nearly made him pass out. His eyes had changed to the wolf’s piercing golden color. His brow, much more bushy and stuck in a scowl. His nose turned slightly up and his teeth had lengthened slightly with his canines a slight bit longer. His ears elongated only slightly and pointed. Looking himself over he noticed his arm and leg hair was much thicker and longer. Looking at his hands he noticed his nails had grown a bit as well. A smile plastered across his lips as he stared at the bloodied new form. However, the smile lasted only for a moment as the hunger subsided and his form began to shift. Again the pain of the flames raced across his skin dropping him to his knees. A scream echoed through the property as he falls and darkness falls over the land. The Curse of the VulChirr The diaries of the finder were found in a box by an elven man. Within the leather bound pages are the entries on the process. He read through them finding each one holding a clue how to do the process again. “Day 32, The transformations get less and less painful. I have yet to gain control. It seems to happen when I get extremely hungry. I must see if there is a way to control this. The light is getting harder on my eyes and even the sounds of birds are getting annoying. Must be more sensitive. Will test out my hearing range with my son Edgar.” “Day 52, The thirst for blood and flesh seems to be growing worse. I have been transforming nearly everyday now. I am beginning to fear the safety of my family. Edgar seems to be worried about his family’s safety and has distanced himself. We have stopped talking until I can control this desire.” “Day 72, The blood. There was so much blood. I killed them. I managed to return to normal before I killed her. My granddaughter. She was injured badly, but she survived. I will not let this happen. I have to save her. I hope the ritual can save her.” “Day 74, She survived the ritual and it seems she is healing well. Something in me is pulling me to protect her. This new sense of, pack. This is interesting. I will try this with more people.” “Day 321, My pack has grown. We have learned to control the changes. These notes will serve me well later. We will be leaving Anthos immediately to avoid the hunts.” The notes were later discovered by another in a burnt down village in the wilds.The pack has been dead for a while now. Only the notes speak of the curse of the VulChirr. Main Points The VulChirr are a cursed group created through ritual and sacrifice. There is very little that sets them apart besides the minor transformation of the body. This is a closed ritual and only the alpha’s will have access to the ritual information (books). Pro’s - VulChirr have hearing and smell sense akin to Dogs - They have a strong connection to their pack - Their features change only slightly, giving them a fearful look - Slightly stronger than their normal form - After several months, they can control the transformations, somewhat - Very controlled in terms of who can become one. Cons - They are more sensitive to loud noises and strong smells - They enrage a lost easier than Orcs, making them more volitile - Are very blood thirsty during the first few months - Transform when hungry or highly threatened - Will get sick if they eat vegetation - Will harm any not in their pack without a second thought. - Transformations back cause extreme fatigue during the first two years - Thanhium crystals are poisonous to the VulChirr -Very painful transformation, and a possibility of gaining dislocated limbs after reverting back. -After they have reverted back, theyare stricken with weakness and a need to sleep. -An occasional, but overwhelming sense of anxiety/fear/anger which normally triggers a transformation. -If the user is a magic user, they are wiped of their magic abilities. -If the user has a child, the child has DOES NOT have the ability to become unless doing ritual. OOC Really this is just an idea for a new creature thing giving some change. No MC buffs or anything, PVP just like a normal player. Its just a character with a new skin really. If accept I do not want it to get out of control. So I would like to be the leader of this and such, just a good way to start some interesting RP and change. And becoming one DOES NOT mean they are evil, debating on the character way. If my character became one he'd try his VERY best to control his lust to kill as a VulChirr. But its the LoreMaster choice. :) If there is more to be added I do not mind adding more. This was not easy to do. Made by Zer0, Trintastic, and JadeKadoa
  4. I feel like the server needs more RPG elements to it at the moment, and I think we can spice it up by adding the plugin mcMMO to the server's plugins. mcMMO is very fun and most players already know how to use it, as it is a very popular plugin. This plugin can be a temporary plugin, and be in use until Nexus-craft and such is complete. I think that by adding this plugin it will give players incentive to level up, play more, and overall do more things on the server. With the use of skills, a player may stick true to his character's class and progress over time in that skill. This especially comes into play with PvP-default combat and wars, skirmishes, and sieges. mcMMO: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mcmmo/ About mcMMO The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO adds thirteen unique skills to train and level in. Each of these skills is highly customizable through our configuration files, allowing server admins to tweak mcMMO to best suit the needs of his or her server. Know that the mcMMO team is dedicated to providing an ever-evolving experience, and that we carefully read all feedback and bug reports in order to evaluate and balance the mechanics of mcMMO in every update. mcMMO Features Fully featured mmo-like party system Localization Robust Skills Unique Skill Abilities Skill Leaderboards Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO Addictive Repair System Admin Chat Loads of RPG elements Very Configurable - Want to make mining take 3x longer to level? You can. MySQL Support Sound effects for: Abilities Repair Leveling Skills Gathering: Mining Woodcutting Herbalism Fishing Excavation Combat: Unarmed Archery Swords Axes Taming Miscellaneous: Repair Acrobatics Alchemy Child skills: Smelting (Repair + Mining)
  5. Okay, so I know there is probably another topic like this out there too, but so far I haven't seen one, so I'll just put this here <3 My Idea: Okay so, People have been arguing about how to handle horses, right now the only ones are at the GM village, and although that's pretty cool, I think this idea will solve a few things; In our real world there are different breeds of horses, Clydesdale's, Arabian's, Paint's, the list goes on and on, So why not have that in minecraft? ---- Well we sort of already do, As many of your have probably realized, there are different colors to the horses, demonstrated in the picture below: (Sorry for small picture, if someone can somehow blow it up bigger and send it to me I'll love you) So how about we put those colors to use? I'm not saying make a giant new plugin for horses, the gms/etc already have enough on their plates, What I am saying it to make a small plugin, where each main color in the picture above gets a breed name. (The main color is the row across btw) ---- Take the 'Buckskin' horse color for an example, we could name it after the orc's desert or something, and then give a certain number to the orc's, give those horses certain attributes that would make sense for living in a desert. (Say speed for running across the sand dune for example) ---- We could then have it so that only certain people (Gms maybe?) are able to cross breed the horses (like a 'Buckskin' with a 'White' for example) which then they would sell the new breed or do whatever with them. ---- And each region/race will have a certain horse 'breed' given to them. Example: Dwarves- gets something like a Clydesdale, something strong and sturdy in the cold climate, something that can pull a lot of weight. Halflings- gets the mules/donkeys, good for carrying goods like barrels of ale and food etc. Orcs- gets something light in color but not white, good for withstanding the harsh desert, can move easily in the sand. Elves- gets something Pretty majestic (Probably the white ones), that can move easily in forests/wooded areas. Humans- Gets possibly the grey(Dapple) or Bay colored one, Overall its okay, its an average breed. (Not even going to try and list the half-breeds, I'll leave that to your imagination) ---- I want to hear your opinions on this, maybe you have some ideas on which breeds/colors should go to which race? Maybe names for the breeds? Maybe we'll just call them by their colors? I'm not very good at plugins, so maybe someone can tell me/us how hard it would be to create a plugin that can name the horse colors and make it so only a certain few people(gms or something) can cross breed them? ---- Please leave your opinions below, I don't care if its even negative, this is my first Idea I'm putting out there, so I need some feed back <3