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Found 1 result

  1. The Armistice of Atonement The 15th of The Amber Cold, 38 SA ~ Overview ~ With the dissolution of the Warnation, the Crown of Elvenesse and the Iron’Uzg have seen fit to officially end hostilities, moving towards the betterment of their respective peoples. ~ Principle ~ The Iron’Uzg, and the Crown of Elvenesse (henceforth referred to as “the signatories”) will adhere to the following articles so long as this pact is in effect: Article I: The signatories will enter a pact of strict policy non-aggression against each other. This is defined as the complete and absolute ceasing of conflict and arms between both signatories. Article II: The signatories recognize each other’s land claims as of the 35th year of the Second Age. Article III: The signatories recognize each other's right to religion in their own lands. Article IV: Should a member of either signatory breach the laws of the land, diplomacy will be conducted before due process is rendered upon the individual. Article V: This pact is considered in effect so long as the signatories do not express sanctioned ill intent against each other. Article VI: This pact is considered in effect so long as High Prince Evar’tir Oranor is in power as High Prince of the Crown of Elvenesse. In the event High Prince Evar’tir Oranor passes from power, the pact must be reaffirmed. Article VII: This pact considered valid so long as a single time monetary value of 500 Minae is paid in reparation of the pact Peace of Krug and Malin Article VIII: This pact strictly prohibits the consumption of all descendant races. (Mali’, Orc, Dwed, Human.) Article IX: This pact strictly prohibits the enslavement of Mali’ under the Iron’Uzg. Article X: This pact forbids the signatories from declaring war unless probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt is established publicly. In the event of war, this pact is to be suspended until the official end of wartime hostilies. Uell ito Maruthiran, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Evar'tir Oranor, High Prince of Elvenesse, Prince of Caras Eldar, Praetor of Elves, Adjudicator of Malchediael Ziimarum agh Honor, Dominus of the Iron'Uzg, Jiangu'Lak
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