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Found 2 results

  1. [!] The following invitation was passed to only close family, the very few family friends, and friends in general. L’UNIONE DI BASRID E FALCONE - THE UNION OF BASRID & FALCONE - [Christian Berentz (1658–1722) - L'orologio] THE WEDDING OF ISA NASIF BASRID & GRACIA VALENTINA FALCONE With great joy, Isa Basrid and his lady Gracia Falcone announce their approaching union, inviting but a small gathering of loved ones as they make the matrimony official in the eyes of GOD. Those invited will gather among the pews of St. Thomas’s Basilica in Redenford, awaiting the bride as she is accompanied by her father down the aisle. Once the holy union has been sanctified, guests will migrate to Susa, taking part in a reception to congratulate the newly wedded couple. With their own discretion, and under good judgement, invitees are allowed to bring with them whoever they please. 18th of Harren's Folly, 1845 [!] Once the couple drew the very last strokes on the stack of invitations, those missives were sent out to the following, Special Invitations to the Bride and Groom’s Immediate, and Extended Family La Famiglia Falcone, on Behalf of the Bride Father to the Bride, COSIMO ANTONY FALCONE ( @Goon) Mother to the Bride, NATALIA MARIE FALCONE ( @Criala) Loving Brother, Mister DANTE ALDO FALCONE ( @BenjiBot_) Just as Loving Brother, Mister CARMINE VITTORIO FALCONE ( @Pompilidae) Alluring and Bewitching Aunt, Madame Antony, Miss LUDOVICA FRANCESCA VIMMARK-ROUSSARD ( @Melpomenne) His Royal Highness, the Prince of Visconti, D’ARTANGNAN PALMER ( @CherryBoy) The Entire House of Basrid, on Behalf of the Groom Lady EIRENE MARIA ELISHEVA BASRID of Susa, Dobrov, and Ba’as ( @Melpomenne) Lady ALINA ISIDORA BASRID ( @VeganWalmart) Lady SAFIYA OMA BASRID ( @Cubicita) Additional Invitations from the Bride and Groom His Imperial Highness, the Duke of Adria, PRINCE PHILLIP AURELIAN & his pedigree ( @ErikAzog) His Funnyship, the Boogeyman, VLADISLAV ALEXANDER VIMMARK-ROUSSARD CARRION ( @Hephaestus) Lady VICTORIA KAPHRO ( @venclair) His Royal Highness, the Prince of Montelliano, SERGIO LENOID ( @RaindropsKeepFalling) Her Imperial Highness, the Holy Dame, HELENA AUGUSTA & her pedigree ( @Axelu)
  2. Hello friends and foes of LoTC! I hope that my post finds you all well, that the new year has been kind to you thus far and that you find yourselves in the best of health. It is my sincere hope that you are all safe and sound with your loved ones (or your pets). With the coming of the new year I found myself back on this wonderful server nearly three years after I took a hiatus. Much has changed and I felt like the type and quality of roleplay that we have had has changed as well, to my pleasant surprise! I grew nostalgic of my early days of playing on the server back in 2014-2015. Alongside the updated mechanics and progress in the world lore, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to breathe life into House Visconti; which I had the pleasure of representing off and on at earlier times. I plan to compile a Master-guide to Illatian and Visconti roleplay by the end of next week and give the RP announcement about our current position and plans. In order to help me make this a reality, I decided to reach out to you, the LoTC community. I was dissatisfied with the information I was able to collect thus far because: Some key players lost access to their drives and their precious documents. Some key players became inactive and unreachable. Primary-source forum posts are very aged and difficult to follow. Secondary-source information is often skewed and distorted. We have a list of tertiary characters holding the family name who I cannot place in our family tree. I wanted to write this post and ask those of you who have played a House Visconti (or Illatian persona) to kindly reply to this forum post and aid me in my project by sending me links to the documents (or forum posts) that they do have or by contacting me on my Discord: Zoprak#3499. Character sheets and family trees are required. Secondary sources mentioning or referencing the family members and their activities are needed. Documents outlining family activities are appreciated. Miscellaneous documents, photographs, screenshots and skins are not necessary but would help fill in the gaps in the lore. Thank you for your time and assistance, I look forward to roleplaying with you all in the coming weeks. To those of you who are facing an upcoming semester I wish the best of luck and amazing grades. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Zoprak (Antonius Mihailo Visconti) (P.S Dear Moderators, I apologise if this is in the wrong section, please transfer it to the appropriate place if need be, I am a returning player and I am still unsure where to place my forum posts that are OOC).
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