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  1. THE FIRST GIMME YER BELT OF AEVOS แšทแ›แ›—แ›—แ›– แ›แ›–แšฑ แ›’แ›–แ›šแ› Since the demise of Almaris the Dwedmar of Urguan have challenged the realm and battled against the world forcing itself upon them. From the Mori Invasion of Almaris to the raids on Kalโ€™Kadrelaz in Aevos the Dwarves have persisted. There are many things going on within the city and the realm that have distracted us from daily practices but we must not forget the ancient traditions of our cultures. The Clan of Ireheart shall be hosting the first Gimme Yer Belt tournament of Aevos since the fall of the last city. All that is required is that you enter your Belt into the competition and risk it upon the victory of battle. Champion of the 1st ALMARIS Gimme Yer Belt: BAKIR IREHEART Champion of the 2nd ALMARIS Gimme Yer Belt: RAGRIN IREHEART Champion of the 1st AEVOS Gimme Yer Belt: TBD IT IS TIME FOR THE BATTLE OF THE BELTS DWARF WRESTLING TOURNAMENT ! Saturday, July 29, 2023 4:00 EST ROLEPLAY ITEM BELT REQUIRED FOR ENTRY
  2. THE MOUNTAIN ALLIANCE Since the founding of Kalโ€™Urguan the mountain dwed have been the foundation of the dwarves, from their many feats to their esteemed Paragons, the sons of Urguan have relied on the skill and determination of the mountain dwed. Back in the days of old, in the city of Kal'Karaad, Bastion Ireheart, Fili Grandaxe and Verthaik Frostbeard signed a bloodpact, bringing the mountain clans into an alliance, forging an unbreakable bond between Urguans kin. Decades later, the pact was renewed between Kerwyr Frostbeard, Fimlin Grandaxe and Gror Ireheart, once again bringing the clans close, and in return, making the Grand Kingdom much stronger than it was before. The pact was once again restored in Almaris between Bakir Ireheart, Kronk Stormheart, Argnos Frostbeard, and Thumbrindal Grandaxe So history shall repeat itself once again in Aevos, the mountain clans of Ireheart and Frostbeard shall sign a bloodpact in accordance with the following terms. 1. Signatories agree to support each other militarily if aggressed upon 2. Clans of the alliance formally agree to never employ hostility to each other, in the case of an act that cannot be ignored, the signatories shall meet to discuss a means of action. 3. Signatories shall not pledge allegiance to any sort of conflict without discussion. 4. Clans of the Mountain Alliance agree to support each other politically. 5. The Signatories of the alliance agree to meet every stone month. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts Clan Father of the Frostbeards
  3. The Brathmordikan Temple of Almaris was overrun by the Mori and Duren held onto the body of a fatally wounded Ireheart dragging him closer to the city square. Before making an escape the elder Ireheart observed as the Dwed of the underground gallantly fought and with great valor able to defeat many Mori though were still being pushed back. Upon a retreat, Duren takes one look back at the Temple and witnesses a grand miracle conjured by anotherโ€™s magic. A manifestation of Lord Dungrimm spilled out into the Temple slamming a large hammer upon many of the Mori causing the walls to collapse and providing time for escape. Duren glances back as he evacuates into the valley from the city and a bright light shines upon the mountain where his grand-son Balor rests. He squeezes his eyes closed from shedding a tear as he whispers a prayer for his fallen kin โ€œแšฑแ›–แ›Šแ› แ›แšพ แ›ˆแ›–แšฒแ›– แ›’แšจแ›šแ›Ÿแšฑโ€. He hesitantly turns his body to continue the evacuation leaving his late grand-son in the care of Dungrimm. Duren and his great-grandson Balor II carrying the injured body of their Ireheart kin out of the mountains to safety. Once they reached the harbor the exhaustion from being the vanguard at the Temple finally overcame them. Some stone years later, Duren & many other of the Dwarves have reached the survival lands of Failor and established Camp Dwed to subsist despite the odds. Though many of them had not rallied for so long since the exodus. They have managed to continue their councils without even proper courts or temples. Celebrations and ale-pouring commonly occur as the camp cherishes the life spared to them by the Gods and also mourning for those who were lost. Even in the face of insecurity the Dwarves of Urguan keep to the pursuit of Yemekar, striking the earth!
  4. แ›แšฑแ›–แšบแ›–แšจแšฑแ› แ›แšฑแšจแ›žแ›แ›แ›แ›Ÿแšพแ›‹ Ireheart Traditions - The Bone Throne For centuries, the bone throne has been the seat of power for Clan Ireheart. Made out of dragon bones from the dragons Kjell slew, the bones signify the ancient lineage of the Irehearts and their reputation as warriors and dragonslayers. ORIGIN The origin of the bone throne is often misconceived as being a tradition made by Kjell himself, but this has been disproven. Under the leadership of Clan Father Utak Ireheart, he constructed the bone throne with the clan's most masterful craftsmen in order to display the glory of the Clan. Using the bones from the dragons Kjell slew, Utak created a throne worthy of the Ireheart Clan Father. TRADITIONS Head Collecting แšบแ›–แšจแ›ž แšฒแ›Ÿแ›šแ›šแ›–แšฒแ›แ›แšพแšท Regarded as โ€˜barbaricโ€™ and un-dwarf-like, the head collection tradition is held sacred by the members of Clan Ireheart. Originated by Utak Ireheart and Bakir Ireheart, head collection became a tradition that is now practiced by modern-day Irehearts, displaying their kills and accomplishments on the bone throne. Often heads are to be a large variety, from a simple bandit who crossed a son of Kjell, to a Rexโ€™s head. Weapon Collecting แšนแ›–แšจแ›ˆแ›Ÿแšพ แšฒแ›Ÿแ›šแ›šแ›–แšฒแ›แ›แšพแšท Similar to the head collection tradition, weapon collection is a relatively recent tradition, only originating a couple of centuries ago. As an Ireheart comes home from battle, they make a choice to either give up the weapon of their enemies or take it from themselves. Often Irehearts will display their defeated enemy's weapons at the base of the bone throne, where all may see the victories and accomplishments of the Clan. It is the tradition of the Clan Father to display the weapons of Kings, Rexโ€™s, and enemy leaders closest to the throne. The Gauntlet of Kjell แ›แšบแ›– แšทแšจแšขแšพแ›แ›šแ›–แ› แ›Ÿแš  แšดแ›ƒแ›–แ›šแ›š The gauntlet of Kjell is one of the relics from a bygone era. Crafted at the order of Kjell, it is forged from two ancient armor pieces that used to be worn by Kjell Ireheart himself. Forged from the armor pieces, The Foxโ€™s boots, and The Vipers Helm, it received a blessing from the God of the Irehearts himself. It is believed that due to Kjells dedication to Dungrimm, Dungrimm swore to bless the sons of Kjell and those who wore the gauntlet. The gauntlet not only signifies Dungrimms favor but signifies the place of the Irehearts as being Dungrimms right hand.
  5. Year 127 of The Second Age 6th of May, 2023. แ›‹แ›แšทแšฑแšขแšพ 'แ›žแšฑแšจแšทแ›Ÿแšพแ›‹แ›šแšจแšคแ›–แšฑ' แ›แšฑแ›–แšบแ›–แšจแšฑแ› A MATRIMONY OF HONOUR AND GLORY แšขแ›šแš แšจแšฑ แ›‹แ›แšจแšฑแ›’แšฑแ›–แšจแšดแ›–แšฑ It is hereby that Sigrun โ€˜Dragonslayerโ€™ Ireheart and Ulfar Starbreaker come together to host a ceremony of the ages to officialize us two dwarves in marriage before the Brathmordakin. Let this matrimony be one of Honour and Glory, as two battle-hardened dwarves come together to officially seal themselves in marriage as consequence of their shared passions before Belka. After the wedding ceremony there shall be a feast to celebrate the marriage of the two dwarves. The wedding shall be hosted in the Temple of the Brathmordakin. We hereby invite all descendants of the realm to attend, with special invitations sent to the following. All citizens of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All members of the Order of The Golden Lion.
  6. ------------------------------- HE WHO CANNOT TAKE A PUNCH. ------------------------------ It has come to my attention that my kinsmen Durorn Ireheart has presented me with terms he came up with whilst drunk out of his mind. As I, Sigrun Ireheart am an understanding person I have decided to give him time to rethink his decision. I shall not be stripped of my Gryphon's feather and mindlessly kill elven nobles because of my kinsmen's questionable decision making. I look forward to Durorn sobering up and letting me remain in the clan when he comes to his senses. After all, Durorn is a great warrior. Surely a previous Grand Champion should be able to take a punch. Should me and Durorn not be able to settle things, I look forward to my fellow kinsmen looking to take away my Gryphon's feather. I expect this to be tried in honourable one on one combat. Signed, .
  7. RESPECT THE BONE THRONE 23rd of the Deep Cold, 123 SA โ€œThose who defy the Bone Throne will end as a decoration to itโ€ - Durorn Ireheart To Sigrun and my clansmen, The assault upon myself from my fellow kinsman, Sigrun, is a direct violation of everything the clan stands for. We are kin and even through our disagreements we stand for each other. I have lived and fought through many of the grudges our ancestors fought and died for with no help from other dwarves - solely relying on our strength as a clan. Our clanโ€™s strength is not from our dominating presence on the battlefield - but our unfaltering loyalty. An Ireheart is only as strong as his clansmen on his sides fighting alongside him. This is why I find the assault and slandering upon myself by Sigrun a grave violation of everything our clan stands for. Division and petty squabbles will not be tolerated within our ranks. Sigrunโ€™s accomplishments in the clan and within Urguan are worth noting, but they do not exempt him from the very basic code that all Irehearts live by. FOR THE ASSAULT AND SLANDERING OF THE CLAN FATHER, I. Sigrun Ireheart will be stripped of his gryphon feather and all honors he holds within the clan. It is by my mercy, and my mercy alone, that I will offer Sigrun his last and second chance to right his wrongs and become a blooded member of the Irehearts once more. TO RESTORE HIS HONOR: I. Sigrun must present five elven heads of noble lineage that hail from Celianor to decorate the Bone Throne. II. Sigrun must present fifteen elven ears to be added to my necklace of elven ears. If Sigrun does embark on these trials to restore his honor once more, it is our job as his brothers and sisters to help him along his journey. May Kjellos guide you all. SIGNED, Durorn Ireheart, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Grand Champion of Urguan, and Clan Father of the Irehearts
  8. Year 117 of the Second Age, แ›‹แ›แšทแšฑแšขแšพ แšฑแ›แ›‰แ›‰ แ›—แšจแšพ TAKING OFF THE BELT. แ›แšบแ›– แšบแ›Ÿแšพแ›Ÿแšขแšฑ แ›žแ›–แ›ˆแšจแšฑแ›แ›‹ It has come to my attention that my time as Clan Father should come to an end. Whilst I like to believe I have led our clan according to our core values and clan tenets, my reign as Clan Father of the Sons of Yavok was not as successful as I, Sigrun Ireheart would have liked it to be. I am announcing that I am officially stepping down as Clan Father. May one of the previous Clan Fathers, Bakir โ€˜Orcs Bloodโ€™ Ireheart rise up once more to lead our clan into glory, and keep to the clan values and tenets as I have. Now it is time for the Sons of Yavok to put their loyalty and trust towards our previous Grand King, Bakir. It has been twenty-five years of leading our clan, and I thank all my brothers and sisters of the Irehearts for the unconditional loyalty and trust they put into Sigrun Ireheart as Clan Father. Elder of the Irehearts, Grand Master of War, Grand Champion of Urguan, Dragonslayer, Champion of the Wilds, Captain of The Obsidian Guard. Master of Dungrimmโ€™s gym, Urguanโ€™s international chess Grandmaster. Clan Father of The Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III
  9. Year 112 of the Second Age แšทแšคแ›— แ›’แšฑแ›Ÿ'แ›‹ แ›žแ›Ÿแšพแ› แ›šแ›Ÿแ›‹แ›– THE DAWN OF DUNGRIMMโ€™S GYM. แšทแ›–แ› แ›‹แšนแ›Ÿแ›šแ›– แšจแšพแ›ž แ›’แšขแš แš  In the past decades I, Sigrun Ireheart have witnessed a drastic change in Urguan, the muscled men of the past have dwindled in number in favour of Voidal Mages and politicians who care not for their body. These people are all extremely competent in their respective fields and this is not a missive of disrespect, yet it is a missive that I have the solution for these people to improve themselves. I, Sigrun Ireheart announce the Dawn of Dungrimmโ€™s Gym. [!] An artistic depiction of the inside of Dungrimmโ€™s gym. Inside the gym rests alot of equipment to help better oneโ€™s body, from strength training with the benchpress, barbells and deadlift to strengthening your core with the pull-up bar. Dungrimmโ€™s gym truly offers everything needed to better yourself physically and mentally. I have even installed a water cooler for the weak, and an ale dispenser for the dwarves. The best part of Dungrimmโ€™s gym is that it is entirely free for everyone visiting Urguan to use. LIFT ON! Signed, Grand Master of War, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds, Grand Champion of Urguan, Master of Dungrimmโ€™s Gym, Urguanโ€™s chess Grand Master.
  10. ___________________________________________________ The Reformation of the Obsidian Guard Long before the reformation of Urguan, a specialized force that ensured the security of the crown was handed to the Legion and the Obsidian Guard. Though the name and role of the Obsidian Guard has been forgotten for many years. Due to years of foreseen inactivity of the Legion, the Grand King and his Kingโ€™s Council has sought out a better fit for Urguan and its safety. Therefore the concept of the Obsidian Guard is henceforth reborn. Within this rebirth, they will be raised and charged with the protection of the Grand King and all of Urguan. Though in times of war, the Obsidian Guard shall be reformed into the Legion once again. Many of the Guardโ€™s within its ranks shall fill in officer positions thus leading the Urguan auxiliary force to dwarven victory. ___________________________________________________ Ranks and Structure The Captain of the Guard serves as the primary and only officer of the Guard whenever the King is not present, only relaying his orders to them otherwise. Often a veteran with some prior experience commanding, or simply an individual noted for his remarkable skill in battle, as well as unwavering loyalty. Should the king fall in battle, or otherwise die before abdication, the task of protecting the relics of the Grand Kingdom falls to this individual until an election is held. The Hammerguard comprise many of the Longbeards and veterans of the Guard, and are also the fewest in number, as there are few Longbeards willing to take the oaths and sacrifices required to join, however those that do, are among the most elite warriors in the field.. The Axeguard is the most numerous in the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, and is intended to serve as the main bulk of the Kingโ€™s shieldwall. Members of The Axeguard are feared and respected warriors in battle that have proven themselves in battle countless times. The Shieldguard is the โ€˜gruntโ€™ rank of Obsidian Guard, though make no mistake, they are still elite soldiers in their own right, and simply have not proven themselves in the capacity of a Royal Guard. The Shieldguard operate more akin to a traditional Legionnaire than an independent warrior like their superiors. ___________________________________________________ Requirements and Restrictions The Obsidian Guard is not a simple military guild or formation that one can apply to join freely. The Throng of the Grand King himself commands two things of its members, discipline, and absolute loyalty. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be a full-blooded Dwarf, (preferably with traceable lineage back to Urguan himself, though this is not an inherent requirement.). No โ€˜foreign folkโ€™ are ever to be permitted within its ranks, even if they are declared honorary dwarfs, nor are any halfbreeds or other folk of questionable allegiance and lineage allowed. Furthermore, a member of the Obsidian Guard is to never, under any circumstances retreat from the field of battle, unless commanded to do so by the King, or Captain of the Guard. There are few things more shameful in the eyes of the Gods than cowardice. The punishment for this utmost shameful display is the shaving of oneโ€™s beard, and subsequent exile, though this punishment may only be administered by the Grand King or Captain of the Guard. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be an adept fighter of some form, be they with shield and shortaxe, or with greataxe and maul. (OOC note: This means that the person be competent in either PVP, CRP, or preferably both.) As both the Legion and the Obsidian Guard ultimately draw from the same pool of recruits, (and also, to prevent the Grand King from amassing a personal army, unbeholden to the council) The Obsidian Guard shall by default never number more than a thousand individual members. (OOC note: 10 personas) Any expansion of the Obsidian Guard must first be approved by the Grand Senate of Urguan to take effect. Any potential recruits to the Obsidian Guard require the approval of both the Captain and Grand King prior to undergoing initiation into the Guard. ___________________________________________________ Initiation To join the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, one must undergo a process of several rituals and traditions before being considered a member of their ranks. To begin, an individual must bring themselves before the Grand King or Captain, and must make their case for what makes them โ€˜materialโ€™ for the Obsidian Guard. This individual may bring two people, both of clans besides his own, to provide a list of deeds, or testimony as to the individualโ€™s worthiness. If no prior deeds are given, or if the King and Captain find the individualโ€™s testimony lacking, the King may command the individual to prove himself. This may be as simple as returning with the head of a worthy foe, or a difficult task, such as slaying a greater monster with witnesses, or surviving ten days and nights in the frozen north without supplies. It is a matter of creativity on the part of the Grand King, and is why one must be ready to prove themselves, or have already done so if they wish to join the Guard. Once this individual is accepted, either through the completion of a great deed, or through prior deeds, they then must swear an oath before the shrine of Dungrimm and Anbella. These oaths must be issued with the Captain or Grand King as witness to them. As a final rite of initiation, the individual must undergo the process of acquiring a tattoo on their right arm, this tattoo being a sleeve, and shall take the shape of the individualโ€™s oath, written in ancient Dwarvish script. Only once this process is completed may the individual don the armor of the Obsidian Guard, where they are to serve until death, or released from their oath by the Grand King. Uniform As the dwarves of the Obsidian Guard are all elite fighters they shall all wear the same uniform to symbolize their unity towards their goal. Only the Captain shall wear a cape and pass it down to the next Captain should he retire or die in battle.
  11. แ›‹แ›แšทแšฑแšขแšพ แšฑแ›แ›‰แ›‰ แ›—แšจแšพ DUNGRIMMโ€™S GYM GUIDEBOOK. แšบแ›– แ›žแ›แ›ž แ›แ› แšจแšทแšจแ›แšพ Bench press. To start your bench press journey you shall roll out of 100 using /roll 100. (Unless voidally weakened, you roll out of 50.) Whatever you get you add +40, this is how much you bench press in lbs. (Example, /roll 100. I get 50, I add 40 so i get 90 lbs as my first personal record.) Once you have a personal record you roll out of your personal record and add 10% of that record. (For example, I got 90 lbs so I roll out of 90, get 50 and add 9 since 9 is 10% of 90.) A roleplay example. Sigrun Ireheart attempts to benchpress more then his previous PR of 270. xMuted rolled 160 out of 270. We add 27 since 27 is 10% of 270. Sigrun Ireheart benches 187 lbs, must be an off-day. Pull-up. Pull-ups are simple. You roll out of 20 and that is how many pull-ups you are able to do. Once you roll a 20/20 you get to roll out of 25. Once you roll the new best you add 5 to your rolls. Barbells. Man I don't know just curl them and get SWOLE. Dwedmill. You roll out of 20 and that is how many miles you are able to run Once you roll a 20/20 you get to roll out of 25. Once you roll the new best you add 5 to your rolls. Punching Bag. *punches Other things. Feel free to roleplay any equipment there being in the Gym, note that these are just recommendations. If you wanna get SWOLE irp in a different way go ahead CHAMP!
  12. แ›žแšขแšพแšทแšฑแ›แ›—แ›—'แ›‹ แ›žแšขแ›—แ›’แ›’แ›–แ›šแ›š DUNGRIMMโ€™S DUMBBELL. แšจ แ›—แ›–แ›‹แ›‹แšจแšทแ›– แš แšฑแ›Ÿแ›— แ›žแšขแšพแšทแšฑแ›แ›—แ›— On the 112 of the Second Age i believe us dwarves to have been blessed by one of the Brathmordakin themselves, I believe Dungrimm has approved of Mine, Ulfar Starbreaker and Angr Ireheartโ€™s hard work with our launching of Dungrimmโ€™s gym and has granted us an even greater challenge. When me and Ulfar were having a nice chat about the possible expansion, we spotted quite the sight outside Urguanโ€™s valley. We spotted what we have now dubbed โ€˜Dungrimmโ€™s Dumbbell.โ€™ inside the valley of Kalโ€™Darakaan. It is a massive dumbbell, presumably used by Dungrimm himself for his exercise. [!] A depiction of the Great Dumbbell. As we should, I decided I shall host a contest to see what person holds hidden strength within themselves! Whoever can successfully lift the dumbbell off of the ground shall receive 250 mina for their prowess in strength, and shall gain 1/10th of the stocks in Dungrimmโ€™s Gym. It shall be hosted in a few stone days from now! (OOC: The Event will be hosted at 28-1-2023, at 5 est. Rules are simple, whoever rolls a 19/20 or higher twice in a row lifts the dumbbell off of the ground! Location is right outside in the valley of Urguan, head to Urguan and you canโ€™t miss it.)
  13. Year 110 of the Second Age, แ›‹แ›แšทแšฑแšขแšพ แšฑแ›แ›‰แ›‰ แ›—แšจแšพ RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR OWN EYES แšบแ›– แ›žแ›แ›ž แ›แ› แšจแšทแšจแ›แšพ In the year 110 of the Second Age Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts made his bold move. As he cleverly asked Valyris for a drinking contest before they went to a festival together. As the foolish Celiaโ€™norian citizens got drunk the masterful Ireheart made his move, kidnapping the princess of Celiaโ€™nor right in front of their very eyes. With my blade to her neck, a futile attempt to stop me by a mage of the air evocationist kind, whilst courageous did not end up saving her. My reasoning for this is that I am low on cash, and I had spent it all on buying myself and Valyris drinks. I am a gracious host and her stay with me has been nothing but smiles. The terms to her freedom are simple. Send an unarmed messenger to hand me over a sum of two hundred mina and a bottle of Celiaโ€™norian wine. You shall throw the pouch of mina and bottle of wine to me at the Ireheart clan hall. [!] An artistic rendition of Sigrun Ireheart and Valyris having a nice time at a bar was added.
  14. Year 105 of the second age. แ›‹แ›แšทแšฑแšขแšพ แ›แšบแ›– แ›šแšจแ›ž Sigrunโ€™s campaign แ›แšบแ›– แ›žแšนแšจแšฑแš  แ›Ÿแš  แ›’แ›Ÿแ›แšบ แšนแ›Ÿแšฑแ›šแ›žแ›‹ Foreword. This pamphlet is written to tell you all of my ideas and my personal qualities as to why I believe I would be the best pick for the next Grand King. First off a few of the situations myself and other dwed want to see fixed. It will be be split up in a few categories, as follows: Problems. 1: Citizen Engagement & Things to do. 2: Military 3: Reviewing Acts of the Senate. 4: Amendments of the articles. 5: Stagnation of Trade. Ideas. 1: Urguan Leadershipโ€™s reshuffle. 2: Allies. 3: Clan Encouragement. 4: Hefrumm Qualities. 1: Positive Qualities. 2: Previous Positions. Closing word. Problems. Citizen Engagement & Things to do. Urguan has recently developed a problem with keeping our loyal citizens engaged in the affairs of our city. With the Legion getting disbanded, there are not many things for our dwed to do in Kalโ€™Darakaan. I plan to reinstate a military force in Urguan which will be detailed further in this pamphlet. Urguan has a select few guilds to be a part of in Kalโ€™Darkaan, but not many jobs apart from being tavernkeep. Military will be one more but I also plan to have dwed be able to take up more varied jobs within our Kingdom. I plan to use Urguanโ€™s famed deeproads for more job opportunities to those who wish to have a smithery, bakery etcetera down there. But any extravagant things will be presented to the Kingโ€™s Council and Senate. Military. As of my retirement from Grand Marshal, the Kingโ€™s Council at the time had disbanded the Legion in favour of a Kingโ€™s Guard which would take up the mantle of keeping peace in the city and preventing crime. I believe the Legion should be reinstated with a new Grand Marshal at its head. With the current situation in the world, with the falling star and worm killing cloudbreaker we need a competent legion to handle the situation. I would appoint the Marshal myself, but would open up the floor for various people that believe they have the experience and qualities needed to take up the task of restarting the Legion. I would help them in any way I can myself. Urguan's military shall be re-vitalised and shall take it's toll on the Ibless-Uruk war machine and it's allies the necromancers and their great worm. The Great Stronghold that is Urguan will hold firm against these foul Beasts and shall act like a beacon of defense for any that may reside within. Urguan shall not be bested by a tree, nor Orcs and certainly not the foul undead. Reviewing Senate Acts. Leading up to Bakirโ€™s retirement from Grand King, I had asked various dwed about problems they see in Urguan. One that was brought up multiple times is that the dwed wish to review and reevaluate some previously passed bills in the senate. I would like to call up any dwed to present bills they have problems with, so we can review them as a people. Amendments of the Articles. The Articles of Urguan have been outdated for a while now, i believe the King's Council and senate should take a great long look at the articles and write amendments to them wherever there needs to be updating. Stagnation of Trade. Trade has recently stagnated in Urguan, which is a great shame as dwarven goods are known and respected around all of Almaris. I would encourage trade by offering to pay the first two weeks of tax on stalls and carts any Urguani dwed may hold in different nations. Festivals of Trade and other events where dwarves would be able to sell and spread dwarven goods to various people from various nations. The workforce shall play a big part in creating these dwarven goods, and together with the government they shall spread it around the world. Ideas. Urguanโ€™s leadership reshuffle. Urguan has long had the same positions make up its Kingโ€™s council. Whilst many of these positions are vital to running Urguan, I have a select few that have recently been proven to be not necessary for Urguan, and one that I believe should be considered for the Kingโ€™s council. Here is my list of positions I would have in my Kingโ€™s Council. Grand King. The grand king needs no introduction for the Kingโ€™s Council. He is the agreed upon representative of the people of Urguan. Grand Chancellor. The Grand Chancellor has recently become a vital part of Urguanโ€™s leadership with the introduction of the Senate. The Grand Chancellor is the one that represents the Senateโ€™s views and should be the direct representative of the Senate towards the King. Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal is the head of the Military in Urguan, they are the Militaryโ€™s direct representative to the King. Dealing with defending the Kingdom and notifying the Kingโ€™s council of any threats to Urguanโ€™s sovereignty. Chief of Hefrumm. As with the meteoric rise of Hefrumm during Bakirโ€™s reign as Grand King, it makes sense that there should be a position to represent Hefrumm in the Kingโ€™s Council. With Garedyn The Green at the helm, they have proven themselves to be a wonderful people that form the bulk of Urguanโ€™s activity. Their importance in the current Grand Kingdom of Urguan cannot be understated. Grand Steward. The Grand Steward is the representative of Urguanโ€™s economy including stewardry, housing and banking and would represent all problems regarding such. High Prophet. The High Prophet is the one representing all religious matters in the Kingโ€™s council, as they deal with the council of prophets of the Kirkja Dverga. Lord Justiciar. The Lord Justiciar deals with all legal matters in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and should be the representative to all legal matters and justice throughout the nation. Scrapped position. Kingโ€™s hand. The Kingโ€™s hand position has long overstayed its welcome in the Kingโ€™s Council, as it has its duties changed multiple times and never once has worked out. No longer shall upper leadership work in secrecy, and it shall truly have Urguan's people best interests at heart. Allies Haense. The Haeseni government and people have proven to be an incredible ally for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and we should do everything in our power to keep them as an ally. Balian. As with the recent dissolution of Oren after our victory against them, the people of Balian have proven to be a faithful ally to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Petra. The people of Petra have clearly grounded themselves between the nations of Almaris. They are a proud people and an even fiercer ally in combat. All of these allies have proven to be incredibly important to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and all measures should be taken to ensure our future cooperation with these nations. Clan Encouragement. The clans of Urguan are the ultimate backbone to the future of Urguan, and I believe the government should do everything to ensure the prosperity of these clans non-directly. Each clan should have a clan leader that isnโ€™t afraid to ask the Kingโ€™s Council for any help regarding problems they may have, and I will ensure no expense shall be spared to ensure this. Hefrumm. As seen during Bakir's reign, Hefrumm has experienced a meteoric rise with Garedyn The Green as it's spearhead. As they form the bulk of Urguan's people i believe they are long overdue for more granted autonomy and appreciation from the government of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Their importance to the Grand Kingdom cannot be understated. They are the lifeblood that fills our valley and city's halls. Hefrumm should be granted full autonomy over their valley. The King's council with the Chief of Hefrumm as one of it's positions will draft up a renewal of the articles to favour the renewed and reinvigorated Hefrumm people. Qualities. Positive Qualities. I, Sigrun Ireheart, am a dwed that carries all the passion and fire that our previous king had, but I assure the Urguani people that I will be a comprising king, and will strive to represent the dwarves of Urguan in the best way possible. I promise that I will carry all of the energy in Urguan on my back and would make sure every dwarf with a problem would be represented dutifully. Urguan is in a tough spot as of this moment, but with all of our heads stuck together we will come up with a solution to any problem our proud people face. Previous Positions. Grand Marshal. I have served as Urguanโ€™s Grand Marshal for over two decades and have done everything in my power to ensure victory with the minimal loss of dwed life. The energy and vigour I had as Grand Marshal would be transferred over to my reign as Grand King. Clan Father of the Irehearts. As Clan Father of the Irehearts, I have ensured our clanโ€™s position in Urguan as a famed elder clan, as I plan to do the same with Urguan on the global stage. Priest of Dungrimm. As Priest of Dungrimm, I have ensured the word of Dungrimmโ€™s spread in the Kirkja Dverga, and have even constructed a statue in his honour. Closing Words. I thank every dwarf in Urguan for taking the time to read this pamphlet. I truly believe I have the qualities and ability to take Urguan into the next age bountifully. I ensure that every dwarf would be represented dutifully in the Kingโ€™s council and Senate. We shall all make sure that Urguan becomes the stronghold and activity centre it previously has been. I hope you have the faith in me to vote Sigrun Ireheart as next Grand King of Urguan. [!] A picture has been affixed to the bottom of the pamphlet.
  15. It has been quite some time since i joined LOTC for the first time, i have mainly been part of Urguan as the Grand Marshal three times, but have made many characters and enjoyed alot of roleplay the varying nations have to offer. Ask me anything.
  16. แ›žแšขแšฑแ›–แšพแ›‹ แšกแ›–แšพแšทแ›–แšพแšฒแ›– Upon returning from a long journey Duren Ireheart embraces the many clan kinsmen in the halls but there was one he looked forward to seeing the most. Yet the beardling grandchild he raised would never appear. The Clan brought upon the hard truth of Balorโ€™s demise by those of Sanโ€™Velkuz bringing a fury of Durenโ€™s beard. Amidst the counsel of his kin, memories of Balorโ€™s trials return, creating a strong conviction within the Clan. A personal grudge shall be placed upon those of Krug until the individuals of the crime have been brought to justice. An investigation will take place and should any resistance be met will result in displays of Dungrimms arts. Retribution shall be manifested as the natural and just refund for harm.
  17. แ›แ›แ›‹ แ›Ÿแšกแ›–แšฑ A FINAL RESIGNATION แ›แšบแšจแšพแšด แšคแ›Ÿแšข Fellow dwarves, an ancient saying reads all good things must come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that I write to you all that I shall resign from my position as Grand Marshal. I wanna thank every legionnaire for putting their full trust into me as Marshal. I also wanna thank Grand King Bakir Ireheart for granting me such an important position. We've enjoyed a lot of victories, and even won a war. Though my fuel tank ran out, and i wish to not burden the Legion with inactivity. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and i believe this is truly for the best. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Legion. =================== Signed, Champion of The Wilds, Elder of Clan Ireheart. Defender of Dungrimm.
  18. 10th of the Grand Harvest RETURN OF THE KING Vienne was quiet and desolate, all the servants of Frederick I โ€˜The Cravenโ€™ were asleep and in their beds, oblivious of what was about to occur. Soon the dungeon door to Bakirs cell burst open and was greeted by a mysterious figure in armor. They broke the bonds of the Grand King and motioned for the imprisoned King to follow. The Grand King quickly was led outside the city without anyone knowing, they were quickly met at the gate of Oren by a combination of House Romstun and Urguani soldiers on horseback, smiles on their faces as the Grand King walked freely from the captivity of Oren. They cheered and bashed their blades against their shields in celebration before lending the Grand King a horse to bring him home. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart was back on the Obsidian Throne, his lust for vengeance was never stronger and the Kingdoms lust for justice against the dishonored sons of Horen was strengthened. The many transgressions of Orens people tainted the legacy of Horen, defending and helping subjects of the Azdrazi, the kinslaying of their own kin to secure the throne, the repeated dishonoring of your own people by War-mongering to defend an illegitimate elven state and not caring for your own child, a Prince of Oren. My message to you Frederick โ€˜The Cravenโ€™ is this. This changes nothing. Your fumbling of my capture and the great lack of victories in battle has emboldened us and only strengthened us. We will not stop the annihilation of your people until you pull back your forces and admit you were wrong to defend honorless people and slaves to Iblees. Save your people, pursue the retreat of your men from our lands.
  19. Year 82 of the Second Age, 5th of Amber Cold. (IRL Date) แšจ แ›žแšนแšจแšฑแš  แšฑแ›–แ›แšขแšฑแšพแ›‹ แ›แ›Ÿ แšนแšจแšฑ A RETURN TO THE CALL OF DUTY แšจ แ›žแšนแšจแšฑแš  แ›‹แšบแšจแ›šแ›š แ›‹แ›šแšจแšค แ›แšบแ›– แšทแšฑแ›–แ›–แšพแ›‹แšดแ›แšพแšพแ›–แ›ž An Ireheart returns to the duty of leading the Legion. On Year 82 of the Second Age on the 5th of Amber cold a war was ignited. With the fury of the dwedmar and the foolishness of the orcs of The Ironโ€™uzg. One dwed was killed, and for their sins one orc was killed, with two more captured. I, Sigrun Ireheart cannot simply standby as a soldier whilst this war goes on without my nation, my old soldiers going unled without a Marshal. For the reasons I had previously resigned have been rendered void by the ignition of this new war. I vow to return to the duty of being Marshal with vigour, should Grand King Bakir Ireheart accept me as his Grand Marshal once more i shall return to duty next stone year. Should any of my old commanders disagree and see themselves fit for the Grand Marshal role, i will accept the adversity and pray to Dungrimm they shall lead us with vigour and glory during this conflict. I shall leave the role for someone else after the war has ended, for someone else to lead the legion to glory. I ask you, brave dwed to let me lead us into victory this war, and trust me with the duty i had previously lost the appetite for. For the ancient saying goes, there's no better feeling then killing an orc. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds.
  20. แ›žแ›–แšจแ›แšบ แ›แ›Ÿ แ›แšบแ›– แ›žแšฑแšจแšทแ›Ÿแšพแšดแ›แšพ โ€œA dwarf never forgets.โ€ CLEANSING OF THE DRAGONKIN No descendant has come close to the combined feats of Yavoks kin. Yavok Ireheart, the founder of the clan, purged dark beings haunting the caves of his home. Kjell the Dragonslayer, slaying multiple dragons himself, set the precedent for the later generations of khronammoruk. With a Dragon attack on the capital of the dwarves, and the attack on the King of the Dwarves in the Haense tavern, the threat of the Dragonkin and Azdromoth grows greater. The Dragon-worshippers taint the land they touch and associates of Khorvad and Iblees cannot be ignored as they move to undermine the ideals and places weโ€™ve all fought for. The Irehearts grow tired of the repeated slights by the sons of Azdromoth by tainting dwarven lands and the repeated attacks on Urguans kin, the repeated seizing of Urguani land from the Paladins and the deals with Iblees. For this, the combined Elders of Clan Ireheart and the Clan Father of the Irehearts make a bloodpact to fully cleanse this land from the spawn of Iblees. To those who live in the old ruins of Dolโ€™Gorix at the foot of the volcanic mountains. You will have two stone days to remove your belongings off our sacred land or blood will once more be split in reclamation. Kav un anakrun yol zahere. Do not test our patience. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds. Elder of the Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Elder of the Irehearts, Commander of the Legion. Elder of the Ireheasrts, Certified Dragon Tracker
  21. THE MOUNTAIN ALLIANCE Since the founding of Kalโ€™Urguan the mountain dwed have been the foundation of the dwarves, from their many feats to their esteemed Paragons, the sons of Urguan have relied on the skill and determination of the mountain dwed. Back in the days of old, in the city of Kal'Karaad, Bastion Ireheart, Fili Grandaxe and Verthaik Frostbeard signed a bloodpact, bringing the mountain clans into an alliance, forging an unbreakable bond between Urguans kin. Decades later, the pact was renewed between Kerwyr Frostbeard, Fimlin Grandaxe and Gror Ireheart, once again bringing the clans close, and in return, making the Grand Kingdom much stronger than it was before. So history shall repeat itself once again, the mountain clans of Ireheart, Grandaxe, Frostbeard and Stormheart shall sign a bloodpact in accordance with the following terms. 1. Signatories agree to support each other militarily if aggressed upon 2. Clans of the alliance formally agree to never employ hostility to each other, in the case of an act that cannot be ignored, the signatories shall meet to discuss a means of action. 3. Signatories shall not pledge allegiance to any sort of conflict without discussion. 4. Clans of the Mountain Alliance agree to support each other politically. 5. The Signatories of the alliance agree to meet every stone month. Signed, Lord of the Ireheart, Jarl of Dolโ€™Gorix, and Bane of the Orcs Clan Father of the Stormhearts, Grand Marshal of Dungrimm's Legion, and Grand Champion of Urguan Clan Father of the Frostbeards, Son of Hamnil Frostbeard, and Lord of Talโ€™Rhewenholm Clan Father of Grandaxes, Brewmaster, and Lord of Kalโ€™Bogrin
  22. Congratulations to Bakir Ireheart as he persevered and claimed all other participants belts along with the Champion Belt! He shall wear them proudly as practiced by the ancient traditions and the blessings of the paragon, Kjell. Let us take a moment to recall the memories of the competition: Thank you to everyone who were able to make time or attempted to participate.
  23. แšทแ›แ›—แ›—แ›– แšคแ›–แšฑ แ›’แ›–แ›šแ› 2.4.2022 The horns begin sounding in the Halls of the Irehearts as the calling of an ancient tradition passed on by the Paragons begins. A registry has been placed upon the clan board to be filled by every participant for the weeks leading up to the event. It will take place in the Ireheart Clan Hall located inside the capitol of Urguan. (Click the scroll and Sign Up) [Sponsored by the (Dwed Wrestling Entertainment)]
  24. The line of Igor, a line of respectable and honorable Irehearts, a line of Kings and Paragons. Igor Ireheart, famed for winning battles in which he was outmatched and outnumbered, brought fame to his name and his kin. But soon after, sacrificed his life to defeat an Aengul in revenge of his brother, Dreek Ireheart. And then onto Vorstag Ireheart, his name spoken throughout the ages for leading his warriors time and time again into battle, sharing every risk and discomfort his lessers took. Twice he was crowned Grand King, eventually following the same fate as Igor, sacrificing himself to defeat a corrupted Urir Ireheart and save the most important dwarven relics in history, the Armour of Urguan. Bastion Ireheart, direct son of Igor forged his own legacy as he fought and worked for his fame. He ascended to Grand King and followed the example of Vorstag, leading the legion into battle against the Orenian Empire, ultimately defeating them. The songs and stories of Bastion and his exploits are still talked about to this day. The Glory of not only the line of Igor, but Roggar, Olaf and Dreek could be sung for ages and never end. Agnar Ireheart, son of Igor and great-grandson of Kjellos is my father. Boasting about his service to Urguan and to the Irehearts, always loyal, always attentive to the tenets of the Clan and its values, Honor, Loyalty, Devotion, Bravery and Respect. These are the values our clan abides by, from Igor to Axel they have not only kept these tenets close. But have always shown theyโ€™re amplified loyalty to not only their bloodline, their nation, but also their kin. You would think that a son of Igor and descendent of Kjellos as well as relative to many great kings would be loyal to their own blood and to their Clan Father, especially his own son. But it is quite the opposite. Agnar Ireheart you have betrayed your kin and betrayed your own son for a position of power in the Kingdom of Urguan. Breaking the blood oath you forged with the clan upon the completion of your Ireheart Trials. Igor, Kjell, Roggar, Olaf and Dreek would be disappointed and ashamed to know you are related to them, knowing you still call yourself an Ireheart despite your breaking of our tenets, values and oath. Such a betrayal will not go unanswered by your son, nor by Clan Ireheart. Agnar Ireheart, You will be stripped of your status as Blooded from Clan Ireheart, stripped of your gryphon feather, and stripped of the name Ireheart. You are also stripped of any claim to the Ireheart throne and to the ancient name of Stormhammer, the sub clan to the Irehearts. Finally, for your betrayal of your own son, and betrayal of every dwed who has the name Ireheart, you are hereby banished from Clan Ireheart for eternity and will forever be shunned by your blood till the end of your days. Signed, Lord of the Irehearts, Jarl of Dolโ€™Gorix and Bane of the Orcs Grand King Emeritus, Grandson of Roggar, Father of Utak, Elder of Clan Ireheart, Champion of Clan Ireheart and Defender of the Articles Son of Rorik Ireheart, Elder of Clan Ireheart Son of Dreek Ireheart, Peoples King, Grand Champion of Urguan Elder of Clan Ireheart, Line of Roggar
  25. 10th of the Grand Harvest THE FINAL STRIKE Three strikes and youโ€™re in the grudgebook is what the greybeards of our clan taught us as beardlings. Urguanโ€™s race is doomed to be stubborn and grudgeful, but yet because of our devotion to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan we have forgiven many wrongs against our kin. We have worked for the greatness of the Kingdom, fighting in wars and participating in government, even after weโ€™ve been wronged without compensation. All we ask for in return for our labor is respect. The first against our kin was when the most kind Urist Ireheart was mutilated and debearded at the hands of the wood elves of Sirammenor. Our Grand King at the time, Jorvin Starbreaker, refused to uphold his honor by defending his kin who was violated in the worst way possible, debearding. Instead, when the Irehearts honorably defended their kin they were branded as traitors and asked to come before the high courts for their actions. In the end, the Kingdom failed itโ€™s duties to protect the sons and daughters of Yavok as they fought a long grudge war against the elves alone. The second wronging of our kin was in the election of Durorn Ireheart. The votes were counted at first 71 in favor of Durorn Ireheart and 48 in favor of Norli Starbreaker. Though when the council met, dishonorable schemers slowly discounted votes until it ended in a tie. And when the council was asked, how should we resolve this tie? The schemers answered โ€œlet the council decideโ€ as they knew they held the council majority. A King was crowned by the council, but not the people of Urguan. The namesake of Urguan was wronged this day, but especially the descendents of Yavok. The third and final strike against our kin was in the meeting and consequential events after the meeting. As Ulfric went behind the backs of the Irehearts, making deals with Du Loc that directly affected our clan. Ulfric bent over to cannonism as he told Du Loc that he would sit idle as Du Loc had their way with the Irehearts. Once again the Irehearts would be doomed to fight without protection from their King, but now their King actively sided against them. What did we do to deserve this kind of dishonor? In defense of his โ€œhonorโ€, the Grand King called us traitors, even going so far as to threaten a former Grand King, Gror Ireheart, with treason. The King with all his โ€œhonorโ€ denied an honor duel and fled the city of Urguan in shame. Let it be known that the descendents of Yavok are tired of being wronged. Even Urguan rolls in his grave as he hears those who represent him slander his name by turning their back on their kin. Three strikes and youโ€™re in the grudgebook. But once again the Irehearts show their mercy by presenting these overdue demands as compensation of their multiple wrongdoings. For the idleness in the case of the debearding of Urist Ireheart: 1. The formal apology from the Grand King to Clan Ireheart. For dishonorably scheming to rig the election: 2. The immediate promotion of Gorlim Ireheart as Grand Marshal of the Legion. 3. The reformation of the council system, allowing votes to clans with higher populaces. For branding us โ€˜traitorsโ€™ and letting Du Loc have their way with us: 4. The granting of a plot of land in the lands of southbridge. 5. A grant of funding in the form of 3,000 minas to repay us for centuries of unwarranted mistreatment. We present these demands to the Grand King of Urguan. Signed,
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