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Found 7 results

  1. MYRINE'S BOUNTY Presented by the Mareno Company We strive for professionalism, conduct and our grandeur in association with customers from across the continent. It is in our interest to provide the best; we sell the finest products, made of luxurious and refined materials, crafted by talented and fine craftsmen. In our greatest efforts to serve, The Mareno Company has embarked on a new venture -- the Myrine’s Bounty. To all across the continent of Almaris, we are proud to extend an invitation to all wishing to attend our auction, located in the City Square of Corazon; the Principality of Savoy has offered us a hand in partnership in hosting our auction, and we also come to rejoice in the opening of our new establishment, the Little Myrine. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion for our company, we honour all to come. The Myrine's Bounty will occur on 21st of the Grand Harvest, 42 S.A. Why is our establishment different from others? We sell only the finest goods across the continent, and our competitors are unable to match our authenticity nor our conduct. In being able to make merry with everyone, we are established in over three different nations and continue to strive in our expansion to bring others affordable prices and quality products. What is special about the Myrine's Bounty? Unlike regular auctions where normal, crude items are sold, all our products are of high quality and unique in value. On top of this, we will be selling a variety of different materials for those who wish to make the finest blades, or the most lustrous of jewellery. All materials are one of a kind and rare. What can we expect? A small insight into the items that are going to be included in the auction is a dagger of blighted-steel, beat and forged using this rare, sought-out material. For those leering at ancient relics, we came across a formidable spear of yore during one of our expeditions, for those who wish to discover its secrets or keep it as a collectors item. On top of this, for those men and women looking to swoon their beloved, we have found an amulet that induces love, joy and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company [OOC Information] Date: 09/25/2021 5:30 PM EST (Upcoming Saturday) Location: City Capital of Corazon, Principality of Savoy - City Square We will be hosting an auction above at the specified location and date. All items will be story-team signed (no player-signed items will be sold). If you are looking to take part in the auction, we would love to have you with us! RAFFLE At the end of the Myrine’s Bounty, we will be hosting a raffle to give back to the community. In order to sign up for the raffle, please list your name below as formatted and comment on the thread. You must be present at the event for your entry to qualify, or it will be passed onto the next! The winner of the raffle will be able to receive an ST-signed reward. RAFFLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON: 09/24/2021 - 11:55 PM EST Once entry to the raffle is closed, we will reply to this thread with a final list of participants and their designated numbers, which will be rolled on to determine our winner on the day. IGN: RP NAME: (Reply to this thread with a brief description of your character receiving a raffle ticket.)
  2. [!] A notice has been pinned to the general event board, announcing a coming event that all may participate in! The folk of the House play merry music in anticipation for their beloved cultural pastime [!] The horns of Hawksong ring proudly amongst the treetops, kin, announcing our traditional mounted hunt for rabbits and boar! Our House has elected to open up the ride for all who wish to join us on the following elven day for an event of fast-paced hunting, chasing and comradery of the Twilit Folk's heritage. Limited space is available if you cannot provide your own mount and supplies. However, all that can provide their own steed and supplies are welcome to join the hunting party! We recommend both ranged and close range weapons. Keep what you catch, or collaborate with the House in food preparation for the Mani Masquerade that will follow the hunt! Send a letter to myself to reserve your spot ahead of time to ensure the best possible experience! 3 PM EST, 4/24/21 (( This is a casual PvP event - but before you 'yikes' away, don't worry! Your characters will need to coordinate and chase down some game that will be played by willing volunteers that will drop some goodies upon being downed. The rules are as follows: The hunt area is restricted entirely to the Hinterlands. This area is outside the main city, but within the first series of gates you encounter when walking to Amaethea. The event itself will last about 30-45 minutes, and will be a mix of RP and PvP between bouts of animal chasing. Feel free to bring any and all tools you feel will aid you in chasing down the 'game'. There will be no 'popping' of the 'game' permitted via MC mechanics, as the volunteers will be issuing a few chases after they hide. Come have a good time!))
  3. Okay so I make a LOT of items, usually drinks and food and stuff, I NEED IDEAS Friend broadcast went ham with this, but I want to put everything in one place to look back on easily! Different boozes, flavors, that jazz, are all welcome, including more fun things, like whiskey filled chocolates, which is on my list now! Just make them reasonable lol
  4. [!] Found on the Board of many Cities would be a Flyer of which was stating as such -=- Greetings my Fellow Descendents! I, Abdullah Kharadeen, am looking for Unique and Wondrous (ST) Items amongst you all! And after seeing a fellow Descendents Offer, I thought I could make a small Flyer offering Trade! -=- As such! If you see any interest in the items I offer, please send me a Bird (Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 | IGN: RhythmrhymE) My cart is right Outside Al-Hadirah (-1618 53, 118), though I can travel to meet you -=- Rules of the Trade -I will not Accept Mina for an Item I have, but I will pay Mina for one of yours -Do not bring any Weapons (That you aren’t selling), or Use force, or you will be barred and others warned of you -Please use common sense in these deals, especially when it comes to Mina -For paying Mina, I will use a bartering system, meaning there will be many negotiations -=- What I Sell (There are a Few Joke Items, that I'll probably give out for Free [Mainly 1 – 2]) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZLpUWBPvp9TuL1rKR0oVzpUgX7kGITM9x85BscpxkDY/edit?usp=sharing What I Wish to Find and Buy : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p2i5Fz5KxODCkg8DAE-qcRxfgf7SNAS5cz7RA3cMIaI/edit?usp=sharing -=-
  5. Selling Items! The first item that Mukar is selling is specialy crafted dog toys. One of these will cost you 50 minas each. The next item that Mukar has on sale is bear toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cow toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cat toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a wolf pelt cloak which ranges in colour of grey and white. It also holds the bears head still attached. This will cost you 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a finely crafted music box. Bidding for this rare item will start at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a bucket of very powerful acid, extracted from the large serpent from the spooky pumpkin realm. Bidding on this item starts at 150 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of sturdy walking boots that you can use to traverse the realm easily. Bidding on this item starts at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a shield of Leyd. Created by a shaman. This shield will increase your strength whilst holding it. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a magical cake. This cake is quite the treat and rarity as it rejuvenates itself and replicates itself when a slice is taken. It also varies in flavour with each bite! Bidding on this item starts at 400 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of shiny boots for the most fashionable of people. Bidding starts at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a rare rock taken from a cultists den. Bidding starts at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very rare and magical seashell from the ocean's bed. Bidding on this item starts at 125 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is brawm pipe. Bidding on this item will start at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is orcish brownies! Bidding on this item will start at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very strong spiders plate. Extracted from the corpse of a very large and venomous spider. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. SOLD The next item that Mukar has on sale is a golden sword that Mukar himself pulled from the dock during the Felsen festival. It slays undead rather easily. Bidding on this item will start at 600 minas. Bidding on any of these items will end in three elven days. The items you can buy straight up are first come first served so hurry before they are all sold out. For the bidding items, you must at least increase the bid by 10 minas.
  6. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/112681-the-spirits/ Where you can find me I will more often than not, be roaming around Sutica, if you wish to ask of my services then you should attempt to find me there. The price you should expect Most items will cost about 600-1000 minas, with some possibly going to 300, depending on it's 'enchantment' What I look like A less than perfect drawing was scribbled on the page, but it wasn't half bad. P.S, Don't get too crazy with the 'enchantment' requests.
  7. Khajiit Stolen painting of generic Kharajyr ((credit: google, deviantart and some russian)) Name: Khajiit Age: Forgotten Gender: Male Race: Kharajyr Status: Alive Birth: Unkown Description Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 180 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Short Dreadlocks Skin: Kha’Tigrasi Fur Health: Average Personality: Passive, Patient Inventory: Questionable items from around Axios, unusual trash and common garbage. Further Details: A poor soul trying to survive a cruel world full of discrimination and violence. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Alliance/Nation/Home: Homeless Job/Class: Wandering Merchant Title(s): None Profession(s): Trader Special Skill(s): Good prices Flaw(s): Many
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