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Found 1 result

  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I'd rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A letter addressed to both Jacker Gendik and the citizenry of Providence is nailed to the front of the tavern, with multiple copies nailed elsewhere about the area. Would it be that a swine refuses to roll in the dirt? No, I say. A beast born in filth that lives in filth will lie in it and be absolutely content. With this knowledge, I honestly expected nothing less than the revolting swine named Jacker Gendik’s refusal of an honorable duel. Such a person should not consider themselves a man with this delinquency and disgrace towards Chivalry. Chivalry is but one of the few ways that a true gentleman can show the sincerity of his worth and the bleeding of his heart. To disregard the concept of chivalry is a dishonorable act, which promptly disgraces one's character; for if one is to not defend the honor of both himself and his lady then by default he is damning both her character and his own as well. Under a normal circumstance I would not desire to waste the bat of an eye on such a disgrace but being a man who still would hold chivalry close to his heart I have no choice but to make this farce known among the good people of Providence that you would name yourself among. I would plead to the divines that whomever may lay eyes upon this would feel the same way, as you have not only soiled your worth and spat on your soon to be bride, but you have also spat upon the proud people that you reside among. Would you really stand in the way of the person you claim to love to the degree of beginning the sanctity of marriage without proving you are worth more than the measly slimy coward that we all see you to be? As any form of man, I think not, but I see now you are no man, only a slug residing on the rear of a deceased swine. You've butchered the concept of Chivalry, tossing my proposal to duel you for your relinquishment of Faux Amati's hand in marriage down the drain along with any sense of your honor and pride. A prideless man deserves no woman. A prideless man deserves no glory. A prideless man deserves nothing short of bitter shame and regret. You deserve not her hand in marriage, nor any woman's, for you have dishonored Faux Amati immensely with your cowardice. Why should a graceful woman of her standing resort to rolling around in the mud with somebody such as yourself, Jacker? That of which she won't do, she values herself far too much. I demand that you either duel me as I insisted, or you dissolve your intentions to marry Faux immediately. Oh, and Jacker? Good luck 'forming the beast with two backs' without a spine of your own. Humbly signed, Peter Schewitt
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