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Found 3 results

  1. Vespira L. is proud to announce the first edition of the Vespira L. Jewelry Brand Catalogue. So the fine people of Providence may browse the designers one of a kind pieces of the year from the comfort of there own home. For the year of 1840 and in celebration of the passed Rosemoor Bill, Vespira L. Has taken most inspiration from The Grand Harvest, fear not, for there are still pieces for you if spring does not fit your fancy. The 1840 Collection will not be released in Red Rose Boutique for 3 Saints Days (Monday) In the time before the 1840 Collection is released, YOU will have the chance to send your bids for the items you like in the chance of buying them before they’re released. [!] To Pre-Order an item you must Emter the set amount, RP Name Please include your IGN, Discord Username, And of course, the Name of the Item You are wishing to pre-order on. The official bids will close by Monday EST Where the pieces Not Sold will be released in The Boutique! Please Note! The Descriptions in This Catalogue are not the same as The Items!!! [!] A Tall Sunholdt Gold Tiara designed by Vespira L. in Celebration of the Opening of The Veston Tea House made with diamonds from her new Jewel mine, inspired by the rolling wheat fields of Sunholdt, and the sweet berry bushes of Providence. A Savoyan Silver Ring encrusted with diamonds in a slight Fleur de Lis Pattern, housing a gorgeous albeit obese Rainbow Fluorite gemstone. The colours from the stone seem Endless, yet blend together beautifully in some colour madness. Forged out of bronze from a salvaged bell after the Cathedrals burning in Providence. These bell shaped earrings hold some of The finest garnets and gemstones from Vespira L.’s New mine. Even managing to chime occasionally as they sway about. A Wonderful honor to the memory of the Cathedrals Burning, & The strength of Providence in overcoming, and repairing it. A gorgeous pair of Providence Gold earrings depicting the Sovereigns of Old From The Crown of Renatus-Marna, The Empire of Man, The Renatus Empire, and Finally to The Holy Orenian Empire. The hanging Amethysts Rows are symbolic Of The dissolution of The House of Horen Into the Many Houses renowned as today. Made with Sunholdt Gold, this hairpin holds some of the finest pearls in Almaris, with a stained ivory likeness of H.I.H Charlotte Augusta held in the middle, a celebratory piece of the Great Lady soon to represent all Orenian Society. An Ornate Gold Amulet inspired by the fortress in Arcas Made with a unique, perfectly flat carved sheet of aquamarine, Housing A Sunholdt Spinnel in the centre. One of the more valuable pieces of the 1840 Collection, housing a Haenseni Emerald housed in a Providence Gold frame encrusted With Champagne Diamonds. Held on a lovely pearl necklace with a Suspended Large Pearl from the northern beaches of Haelun’or. A clasp sits atop the centrepiece on the back of the pearl above The centrepiece which allows one to remove the emerald centrepiece And wear it as a brooch, and the necklace as a simple pearl strand. The whole necklace features gems of jade forming small leaves that separate each piece the prize being round cut garnets increasing in size as it nears the centerpiece, shifting to a larger oval cut, surrounded by Morganite Elvenessse jewels of a dark peach tone and dozens of rare turquoise rocks. Cleverly holding 3 Clasps, 2 on the hanging turquoise on the sides of the centrepiece Used to release them as earrings, and one on the centre Morganite To use the centerpiece as a brooch. Made with a pale Savoyan Gold, this pendant is a lovely Celebratory piece of a Harvests Prosperity to a nation, as such The Pendant is set with exotic gems, such as citrine Diamonds From Urguan & Fuschia garnets from The Elvenessse, set among Sapphires, Emeralds, & Pink Diamonds. A Rare Yong Ping Jadeite brooch set in Sunholdt Gold with a ring of Haenseni Blue Diamonds. Its name cleverly coined by The Shape produced from the tall rows of Orenian Emeralds Giving it a detailed sun shape. Made with Bright Sunholdt Gold, this unique Lorraine Cross Necklace makes it easy to notice one’s wealth, as the entire Cross is encrusted with Amethysts, Aquamarine, Emeralds, Quartz, & Purple Diamonds. A beautiful devotion to one’s Faith, however much the church may argue it a sin... A beautiful Savoyan Silver Ring Encrusted with diamonds Surrounding a stunning Urguan Opal, giving an appearance Similar to the morning sky. A magnificent Wedding Ring, Even alone as a gift. A magnificent brooch made with Sunholdt Gold & Savoyan Silver. Intricately detailed to shape a short vause lined with Haenseni Emeralds and dotted with diamonds housing an overflowing bundle of silver Diamond encrusted leaves with Flowers made with an Elvenessse Pink Tourmaline shaped like Daisies, Tulips, and Lilies. Set in a Sunholdt Filigree frame, these matching earrings are Made with unique Spectrolite gemstones, set among a wreath of Rainbow Fluorite crystals, each earring is seemingly the same until One looks up close, noticing the many different patterns dancing In the Spectrolite. A beautiful matching Sunholdt Filigree Hair Jewel Forged with Two beautiful Spectrolite gemstones, one smaller than the other With more details of gold in its appearance. Surrounded by a sea Of Fluorite Crystals bouncing their colour onto the two similar stones. It is quite clear the two Spectrolite’s are in constant competition, Always being compared to one another. However one cannot deny that Together they bring such a grand beauty to this Hair Jewel. A Sunholdt Gold Brooch housing a Savoyan Serpentine stone. Held by a ring of diamonds, with a row of bulb-shaped Haelun’orian Pearls separating the pure pink row of Rhodonite gemstones. Made of a Sunholdt Gold and housing the somewhat unpopular Pink Opal, laid along a necklace of Emeralds & Diamonds. The Spring Peonies Necklace sits snugly at the bottom of one’s Neck, almost like a choker, however a chain link of square cut Diamonds sits at the back that can be used to adjust the length One desires for the necklace. Made from the Classic Sunholdt Filigree design, holding a Beautiful Dark Ruby in the centre.
  2. The Waystone Corporation ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᚨᛁᛊᛏᛟᚾᛖ As issued 12th of The Deep Cold, Year 43th of the Second Age Magni’s Magnus ᛗᚨᚷᚾᛁ×ᛊ ᛗᚨᚷᚾᚢᛊ History: Beardling Magni Irongut has learned the art of smithing & jewelry from two esteemed crafters in the dwarven captial. First is his father,The Golden Flame Wizard Falk Irongut. The second, his boss Armakak’s Artificer Clan Lord Dorimnur Goldhand. They taught him the way of artistry, and the beardling took an interest in jewelry and trinkets from a very young age; it wasn’t before long that the Irongut Beardling began creating unique artifacts & jewelry pieces in emulation of his teachers, even being commissioned to build the crown for Grand Queen Bryldryn Grandaxe. It was now time for Magni to start his own venture under Waystone! Products: While Magni offers a large collection of day to day jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns, chains and all kinds of trinkets, Magni’s true specialty is custom commissioned products. These products are tailor-made out of any mineral or material in combination with any gem, designed specially for each client’s desires. Commissioned products that require collaboration with The Living Forge or The Golden Enchantry might also be requested. Prices range from 50 to 5000 minas depending on the amount of work required to make them & the value & quality of the finished product, as well as the materials and gemstones that go into construction. Location: Magni’s Magnus is located within the salt mine & stall complex in the grounds of the Wayside Tavern at Eastfleet. If you find the shop empty feel free to leave a letter in the mailbox with your contact information. Magni Irongut will find a way to get in contact with you.
  3. Edlelweiss Diamante A Jeweler For Your Needs ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Eldelweiss creates several pieces to be sold, from rings to necklaces. From bracelets to earrings, we have it all. Come shop in out store, located above Barclay Bargains in Haense. ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Pieces On Sale Now Engraved Platinum Ring Price: 5.0 5 Still In Stock -=- Silver Pearl Bee Brooch Price: 5.0 4 Still In Stock -=- Platinum Forget Me Not Bracelet Price: 5.0 2 Still In Stock -=- Matching Promise Rings Price: 4.0 each 10 (in total) still in stock ⋆❖❁❖⋆ There are many more options to choose from, so come over and look at them! If you want, you can commission your own piece to be made as well! We can't wait to make something that will last a lifetime!
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