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Found 6 results

  1. The Kazimira Collection The year 165, of The Amber Cold Release The Theme: Nature’s Blessings The Necklace Silver Morning Dew A dazzling necklace sits delicately in one's hand, the strands of silver chains so thin one might mistake them for spider's silk. A mixture of diamonds, moonstone, and seed pearls are hung upon the web of chains, connecting them in some places. Tiny beads of diamond rest along the fine chains, perfectly spacing out each pendant with at least three jewels. In the glittering light of the sun, or the moon, the necklace resembled a silver spider's web, balancing dewdrops on its shimmering strands. A truly gorgeous piece. The Bracelet The Fruits of Her Labor A succulent and nearly seductive bracelet graces your eyes, inviting you to feed upon the plump and shining seeds of garnet and ruby. It seemed to have been made right from Persephone’s tears. The gems have been perfectly smoothed and polished to resemble a pomegranate seed, many of the gems specifically chosen with impurities within, to represent the seed within the tart fruit’s flesh. Each teardrop shaped gem is hung from a silver chain, at least thirty of them bunched together. Garnet and ruby, both representing passion and luck, work together to bring love and romance into one’s life. Wearing this bracelet may signify a desire for a relationship, while receiving it as a gift could have a much more scandalous meaning. . . The Headpiece The Polyp’s Gift A both strange and fascinating piece, this hairstick consists of two sterling silver prongs as the base, sturdy wire of the same material tying the vibrant coral branches to a circular mount. The sprig of gem-quality coral split into several branches, those branches splitting into yet more. Multiple smaller twigs extend from its natural pattern, mimicking a tree found upon the surface. Though polished to a shine, the pinkish-red gem’s original shape had been left untouched. Gem quality coral is not easy to come upon, though it may be received through trade with local polyp populations. Thus, coral is said to represent friendship, and diplomacy. The Fan Birds of a Feather Luxurious cream lace makes up the leaf of this delicate fan, with pastel embroidery decorating the front of such. A sparse field of pastel pink roses, lavender sprigs, pale violets, and white daisies are scattered along where the leaf meets the sticks. A small blue jay flies above the flowerbed, a shimmering green hummingbird feeds from a violet. A butterfly of pure white sits upon a daisy, its friend the red dragonfly hovering on a nearby rose. The ribs, guards and sticks of the fan are hewn from a simple birch wood, polished to a shine. Where to find them All of these pieces can be found at The Kazimira Collection’s stall in Kaethul, located just beyond the city's gate. But hurry! Only three of each design are created.
  2. [!] A missive would find itself in the mailboxes of all Lords, Ladies and Commoners in the realm. A STUDY INTO HAENSETI JEWELRY MEANINGS THROUGHOUT THE AGES: Amethyst and Pearls Issued by Lady Ofeliya of House Weiss Naf zwy 10th hag i Gronna ag Drova i 509 E.S. [A depiction of the young Lady Weiss and her studies.] Over the ages of our Kingdom, the courts under each Queen have drafted and published their missives. This study that I am writing looks into these published missives, and more specifically, the ones on Haenseti jewelry, its meaning and its restrictions throughout our class system. In studying this, I have found contradictions and parts that coincide alike but I am proud to say that a majority of it coincides, and builds upon the previous missive, even many years apart. With thanks to the Royal Courts Compendium, it has allowed me to gather much of my research material which will be tacked onto this for reference as to my work. To start with in my paper today, we look at two previously written missives, the earlier missive written under Her Royal Majesty, Queen Emma's reign, ‘Moda i ve Kort: Gemstones’. It touches on gemstones and their respective symbolism in the courts of Haense, speaking on varying jewels that have not been touched upon further in newer missives. What I am most interested in is the jewels that have been touched on since. Our first gemstone is the amethyst, in Her Majesty's missive, it speaks on it not being common within the nobility of Haense and instead being used more primarily by scholars and scientists as a symbol of their work and devotion to scholarly arts. Touching further upon this, it speaks of the stone being known for bringing clarity and wisdom alike. In the second missive, published under Her Royal Majesty, Queen Amaya's reign, ‘The Haeseni Birthstones’, it touches on the birthstones linked to the Haeseni Zodiacs and on their meanings. Once again, we see scholarly work upon the amethyst gemstone. There are aspects to this that coincide with the previously touched on missive, and contradict alike, showing how the viewing of jewels and gemstones in Haenseti life can change overtime. In this instance, as opposed to amethysts previously, it speaks of it being associated with nobility and royalty alike. Self-sacrifice and the willingness to do something for others at the cost of their own health is touched on quite heavily, but as add-on to the wisdom and knowledge spoken of in the previous missive. Pearls throughout the ages of our Kingdom have a history of contradictions, while in parts coinciding with previous missives but the one thing to stay the same throughout the passing of time is the importance of them. In Her Royal Majestys, Queen Emma's missive touched on previously, it seems to be the time in which the usage of pearls was most prevalent. It speaks on Haenseni freshwater pearls in particular, which were in abundance during that time and thus led to them being a staple in the courts. Men and women both added pearls to clothing and jewelry, and it speaks of how it is improper for a Lady to add them to her Kokoshnik. Adding further to the cultural value, one might note that widows were known to don pearls on their wrists or necks. In a second missive by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Emma, ‘Moda i ve Kort: Koenas Brooches’, it shows that continued staple of freshwater pearls and their use. The amount of pearls varied by the ranks, from a string of three pearls donned upon the Queens broach herself in the lower-left hand corner to lesser amounts of one such pearl upon a brooch. Most interesting is the positioning of the pearls holding their own meanings, if you are to look at the provided depictions, you will find that the Queen, and those of her councils brooches pearls all dangled from the lower left-hand corner as a means of identifying who is who. The amount of pearls and where the pearls sat showcased how high you sat upon Her Majesty's council. Should you have been honored with the Queen's commendation, though, it is on the opposite side entirely - the lower right-hand corner, just another aspect showcasing the importance of pearls in that time. What I find most fascinating is the contradiction in Her Royal Majesty, Queen Amaya's writings, though I have since come to believe that as this touches on oceanic pearls - the different pearl types have different meanings of their own. As opposed to freshwater pearls associated with the meaning of loss, the oceanic pearls take on the meaning of wisdom and serenity. It goes on to further speak on how the oceanic pearls compare to the offering of sacrifices by sailors seeking favor throughout history, going on to be treasured as symbols of protection and being blessed by the sea. In another missive, published by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Amadea, ‘Moda i ve Kort: Mourning’, it keeps with Queen Emma's missive that pearls are associated with mourning. A type of pearl is not mentioned in this, instead writing on pearls - presumably but not known for fact freshwater pearls, are the gem of death and class. They are seen as a relevant style of gem that can be worn during mourning, other than the Hussariyan or Lorraine cross or jewelry of the now deceased. The only difference in missives is that this touches not only on the widow being able to don pearls in mourning, but men and women alike, as they share similar mourning etiquette. --- In conclusion, I would like to thank my Mamej for looking this over when I was done and helping me with the bigger words used. I love you a ton! [!] Attached below are the missives in the order referred to. Moda i ve Kort: Gemstones The Haeseni Birthstones Moda i ve Kort: Koenas Brooches Moda i ve Kort: Mourning Signed, Her Ladyship, Ofeliya Fabienne Weiss
  3. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
  4. Maelstorm Jewelry & Dolls Looking for a ring or bracelet to give your partner? Or how about a necklace, for those special dinners? Whatever you may need in the way of jewelry, we have an array of pieces! Come down to Maelstorm Jewelry! Our main shop is located in Vortice, in the city of Talon’s Roost. If you’re interested in checking out our other locations, we currently have a stall in Lurin, directly next to the entrance gate, and we are working on expanding our business to other nations. If you’re interested in having a living doll made for cheap, feel free to reach out to Aerith Maelstorm with specifications. Materials may be requested depending on the type of doll you order, and prices can be as low as fifty mina, and as high as three hundred, depending on the complexity of the doll. Dolls of any kind are welcome, and will be treated with deepest respects.
  5. Yemekar’s Workforce Shopfront Long have the Dwarves been renowned for their magnificent skill in forging, and crafts of all kinds. Those who serve Yemekar’s Workforce in Urguan’s capital of Kal’Darakaan strive to uphold such standards in their work. In order for folk to examine, and purchase such fine work from Urguan’s workforce guilds, a shopfront has been opened in the stronghold of Kal’Darakaan. Commissions for the Workforce can also be submitted in the shop! Weapons, tools, jewelry, and even alchemical brews are for sale, and commissions can be completed on ANY crafts one might need. Armakak’s Merchanting guild will be running the shop, and therefore any inquiries can be brought to Ealisaid Mossborn - Guild Lord. Directions
  6. Edlelweiss Diamante A Jeweler For Your Needs ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Eldelweiss creates several pieces to be sold, from rings to necklaces. From bracelets to earrings, we have it all. Come shop in out store, located above Barclay Bargains in Haense. ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Pieces On Sale Now Engraved Platinum Ring Price: 5.0 5 Still In Stock -=- Silver Pearl Bee Brooch Price: 5.0 4 Still In Stock -=- Platinum Forget Me Not Bracelet Price: 5.0 2 Still In Stock -=- Matching Promise Rings Price: 4.0 each 10 (in total) still in stock ⋆❖❁❖⋆ There are many more options to choose from, so come over and look at them! If you want, you can commission your own piece to be made as well! We can't wait to make something that will last a lifetime!
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