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Found 12 results

  1. Newspapers are spread throughout Aevos. They’re made of two sheets of cheap paper, simply stacked and folded together and yet they are surprisingly colorful, with doodles and familiar drawings! Could this be… no way! Issue Azhty (X) — Azh’Kint’H’ty’H’ (CLV) D.A. ORC POLITICS A Great Party in Krugmar! After last cactus week’s Klamor, as nobody claimed Rex Grubnakh’Lak’s seat as their own, the new Ologarchy of the Iron Horde seems to be firmly in place. The Vassals have accepted the new leadership, and orcish delegations went to lesser cities to demand tribute, which they have received after threatening them of War. Mog’Mog, an Olog and long-time scribe for Grubnakh’Lak, has initiated diplomatic relations with Urguan. He invited the leader of the dwarves of Urguan, Grand King Garedyn, on The Deep Cold [tuesday] to discuss an alliance with the Iron Horde. The dwarven king came with gifts of metal to Mog’Mog, and after a short conversation, they agreed to have at least a defensive alliance. Mog’Mog, however, advocated for a “Full Military Alliance” which he says Rex Grubnakh calls for, in order to “make a statement of true unity between Urguan and the Iron Horde”. To those unfamiliar with ologs, it should be pointed out again that this behavior is not normal. Grubnakh and Mog are, as far as our records go, the first and only ologs to seemingly easily read, write, and even carry out strategic operations. This Iron Alliance —between Urguan and the Iron Horde— also raises the question of Urguan’s diplomatic relations, as they are already allied with Haense and Hyspia, and have a non-aggression pact with Nor’Asath. Though Mog’Mog admitted that not much could be done against the Iron Horde’s bloodlustful nature, he has accepted that further discussion be held regarding the raids which often target those nations. Because “military alliances need to be approved by the moot” under dwarven laws, Grand King Garedyn has vowed to “hold a meeting to discuss the full alliance” with the King’s Court on the Grand Harvest [sunday]. At the time of publication, this should be next cactus day. To ensure good diplomatic relations between orcs and dwarves, Mog’Mog has offered the following; to organize a big party in San’Brîu, right before the King’s Court. And so the preparations began, and all of Urguan, as well as anyone who wishes to see how Orcs party are invited! There will be lots of “beer, yes, and the strong stuff!” Mog’Mog proudly announced. One should also expect cactus green and all the fine drugs that Krugmar produces! FOREIGN AFFAIRS A New Pontiff for the Canonist Church The Pontiff Sixtus the fifth passed away about two cactus months ago, and the Canonist Church has had no replacement so far. But after careful deliberation, it seems the College of Cardinals —those who elect the Pontiff— have come to a decision and elected one of them, Father Arnaud as their new Pontiff. And so, Father Arnaud, born Arnaud Constantine Novellen, who is currently Archbishop of Albarosa, will soon be Pontiff, with a new name which currently remains undisclosed. The pontifical Coronation will be held this cactus day [Friday 17 Nov.] in the Temple of the Exalted Prophets of the Canon in Aaun. Father Arnaud has been kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for the Kaktuz Weekli. Could you describe to our readers what the role of the Pontiff is? What duties do you have towards Canonists, and non-Canonists? “The Pontiff, —also known as High Pontiff— is the leader of our religion. You could say I will be the leader of our organization of priests. But the Pontiff is also the Vicar of God. It means I will represent God once I am officiated in my role.” — “To canonists it is essentially the personification of our faith and religion, and to non-canonists…” he paused. “I suppose one could say my duty is to try to convert them… or otherwise guide them morally.” What are your aspirations as the soon-to-be Pontiff? Do you wish to reform the Canonist Church, and in which ways? “I hope to be a unifying figure for the various canonist realms, as they has been trouble brewing and not every nation has been particularly happy with the Church’s diplomacy in recent years. I also wish to finish some of the projects that my predecessor started, like reforming our religious laws and the way the Church is run.” “I also wish to start great construction works to relocate the Holy See” —the capital of Canonism— “Currently, it is inadequate; it is small, not very providing… Founding a church state is not out of the question either.” What are your thoughts on Pontiff Sixtus V’s legacy? As you certainly know, he had vowed to improve the clergy’s teachings, and to spread the Canonist faith. And for a more personal question, what would you say are your dreams? “I believe that my predecessor, Sixtus the fifth, was a good Pontiff for the time he was around. Sadly, due to health issues, he was absent for most of his pontificate. But I share one of those dreams with him: I want to strengthen people’s faith.” “As a priest, people currently call me Father, and as High Pontiff I will be the Father of all of the Canonist world. As a father I will be kind and compassionate with my children, because I want to see them grow. But to help his children grow a father must also be strict sometimes. I’ve decided I am sick of part time believers, the kind that are devoted when they are in a church or with a priest, but who turn their back on God and do bad things when they think God can’t see them.” After a moment, he concluded; “My dream is to bring canonists from all nations together as one big family and to reinvigorate our church. For too long we have been stagnant, absent, withdrawn from the world and uninspiring. I want to be a Pontiff of action. I think a lot of our more devoted followers are quite ready for some action.” ORCISH CULTURE Greater Spirits: Meet Freygoth! Orcs are Spiritualists; this means we worship the spirits which inhabit, or represent various aspects of the material plane. An orc who has displayed exceptional virtue, or quality and dedication to an art can also become a spirit. Those ancestors who keep inspiring us become ancestral spirits and receive worship from those who wish to pursue their art. The spirits are of various types; those who represent elements are known as Greater Elemental Spirits, those who ascended —as described above— are Ancestral Spirits. Then, Greater and Lesser Immortal Spirits govern concepts or emotions. Today, we will focus on one of the Greater Immortal Spirits: Freygoth! Freygoth is the spirit of the Wild, Nature and Animals. She is often depicted as a caring nature with a motherly face. She is a Greater Immortal— meaning she has Lesser Immortals who serve her, much like Vassals to a Nation. Laklul, the spirit of swamps, is certainly the most widely known Lesser Immortal under Freygoth. However, worshippers of Laklul often despise Freygoth; they say that Laklul should be a Greater Immortal, and that Freygoth holds Laklul prisoner in the Lesser status. Worshippers of Freygoth value life and nature; unlike many spirits, sacrifices to Freygoth would certainly yield nothing but her rage. A more sensible approach is to dedicate ponds or parks to her name, restore or foster nature around her shrines, and, generally, caring for creatures around oneself.
  2. Newspapers are spread throughout Aevos. They’re made of two sheets of cheap paper, simply stacked and folded together and yet they are surprisingly colorful, with doodles and familiar drawings! Could this be… no way! Issue H’Futh (IX) — Azh’Kint’H’ty’Futh (CLIV) D.A. INVESTIGATION: DESERT SHENANIGANS Meeting a new Civilisation Near the orcish lands of Krugmar, explorers from the horde have made a surprising discovery; an unmet civilization was hiding in the sands. Obok Metaldrinks, who has been part of most exploration parties, and dealing with these people for some time, arranged an opportunity for me to meet and discuss with them. And so I was led into a network of caves under a mountain, and there I was warmly greeted by the warriors of Hakesh and the Aeternum Automatons. Indeed, the civilization is of two races; the Hakeshites are human descendents while the automatons are centuries-old mechanical constructs. The Hakeshites came from the same lands as us, but after the various migrations, they found themselves separated from the bulk. From what I could recollect from the warden Ilakeer, they discovered Aevos shortly after leaving Arcas. For those unfamiliar with our history, we —the descendants— have gone through several great migrations due to cataclysmic events; the latest one had us flee from Almaris to Aevos after an invasion. But before settling on Almaris, our elders lived on Arcas. The migration from Arcas marked the beginning of the Second Age. As I discussed with the Elder Automaton, I was told they were created by an Elven inventor. They had, at first, nothing to do with the Hakeshite humans, only they joined these people to help them: for this is what the automatons have been designed to do. And so their cohabitation began, though it quickly devolved into an aggressive one. Cultural misunderstandings, unprompted and excessive help from the automatons and diverging positions among the Hakeshites created divides so harsh they led to massacres and the Elven Creator's death, after which many humans and automatons left to settle elsewhere.massacres Though they had lost nearly half their population, the remaining Hakeshites found this satisfactory —at first. Soon enough they would learn of what the others had been up to: in their attempt to create more automatons they had tainted their hands with the darkest magics, trying to brew up life to serve them, capturing and enslaving souls. The automatons who had accompanied the sinful humans would later be known as the Kinslayers, for obvious reasons. When they met with the Aeternum Automatons, they only saw them as an opportunity to gather more slaves; and terrible fights ensued. Although most of their forces have been dealt with, 3-CK —another lovely automaton— told me some Kinslayers remain, and they roam the nearby seas with a fleet of armed ships. Any help to defeat them would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to learn more, I can only recommend you meet them too. Soon, books will be published, retelling their long and windy history. [contact Daengie for more] ORC POLITICS An Olog becomes Rex Continuing on last cactus week's events, where concerns about the respect of our traditions, harsh treatment towards vassals, and distrust in the Rex Kybal'Akaal and his clan caused instability and threats of rebellion in Krugmar. Somehow, it seems bloodshed was avoided. The then-Rex Kybal'Akaal addressed the Iron Horde on the 7th of the first seed. He accused the rebels of being a foreign force, orcish only by their representatives. He also reminded his people that he had not refused anyone a duel, but rather simply followed the laws implemented by his predecessor Al-Borok'Akaal. Still, Kybal acknowledged the power stacked against him; deeming that the rebels would be out to assassinate him if he were to participate in —and win— a duel, he decided to exile himself from orcish lands. In his final statement, he appointed Grubnakh'Lak as new Rex of the Iron Horde. Rex Grubnakh'Lak immediately took the position, and vowed to forge a renewed great era of war. He started with an open hand for reconciliation and unity; washed all who had served the previous Rex of grudge, and called for vassals to reaffirm their allegiance to the Horde. It should be noted that this is an exceptional event, for Rex Grubnakh is an olog. Ologs —for unfamiliar readers— are one of the tree subraces of Orcs; goblins, uruks, and ologs. They are taller, stronger, and dumber than uruks, even more so for goblins. Though they are not explicitly deprived of their right to claim the Rex position, their limited, often child-like intellect and associated absence of ability —or will— to govern has kept them away from leading Krugmar up until now. Zkorkon'Ugluk seemed satisfied with the turn of events. "He will make a good Rex" he said, and though he might challenge him later, for now "it is far more interesting to lay witness [to the start of] the Ologarchy". This position seems to reflect a large part of the Horde, which welcomed change with open hands. Surely we will learn more at the next Klamor. It will be held cactomorrow. ORCISH CULTURE Cooking: Skalezid Krispy Kookiez Oh, how refined the Orcs are! One might not know how diverse their cooking is, and what great tasteful dishes they can make from the gifts of the desert. But this shall change today. See for yourself! Today's recipe: Scalecid Crispy Cookies! Ingredients: 1 scalecid, preferably young and freshly harvested 6 eggs (optional) Preparation: Prepare a cauldron and put some water to boil. Skin the scalecid and keep the meat separately. Chop the hide and bones into pieces. This process can be tedious, especially if the scalecid is not fresh or too mature. If that is the case, you can use a mortar and sledgehammer to grind the thick hide down to pieces. Once the bone hide is reduced to the size of pebbles, chuck it in the water, and place a lid on the cauldron. While the scalecid bones soften, tenderize the meat down to a paste. You may add eggs at this step; if you chose to do so, wash the egg shells and add them to the boiling pot. Form cookie shapes from this meat dough. The cookies can be left to dry, or —if you are trying the eggless recipe— slightly grilled in an oven. After a day, you will have a broth with delicious scalecid chips. Sift them out, and sprinkle them on the cookies. That's it! You can now enjoy delicious scalecid crispy cookies! It has come to my attention that in last issue, Rex Grubnakh was described as part of plan Ugluk. My apologies for this mistake; Rex Grubnakh is part of clan Lak. For any requests, remarks or information, please contact Gharak'Yar or leave a letter at the Kaktuz Weekli offices at the Library of Barbog, San’Brîu Krugmar. Yours ,Gharak
  3. Newspapers are spread throughout Aevos. They’re made of two sheets of cheap paper, simply stacked and folded together and yet they are surprisingly colorful, with doodles and familiar drawings! Could this be… no way! The return of… Issue H’Gahk (VIII) — Azh’Kint’H’ty’Gakh (CLIII) D.A. ORC POLITICS Rebellion against Clan Akaal Krugmar has recently been torn by a political and military crisis, the outcome of which remains uncertain as part of the population formed rebellious forces which threaten to lead a coup. Let’s look at the events that lead to this turmoil. There has been social unrest in Krugmar for a while; several cactus weeks at least, if there was ever a time of complete stability. Scattered voices have expressed concerns about the orcish society drifting away from its core culture, away from the path of Spirit and Krug’s ways. It is undeniable; Krugmar has opened to other cultures, and adopted some codes. One such example is the ashtkaar system implemented in Klamors, where clan leaders and members of the government hold a vote for important decisions. As a response to this ever growing feeling of disconnect with Krug’s values, some have attempted to restore a form of orcish purity and tradition. Two cactus weeks ago, Grimruk’Lur, claimed the position of Krimpgoth through a glorious duel. This position allowed him to revoke the honorary title awarded to non-orcs who embrace our ways. All honoraries were stripped of their title —except for a select few— and required, if they wished to regain it, to go through the honorary trials once more. This has unsurprisingly triggered a wave of anger from many previously-honoraries, in particular from the Bronze Band: a clan of elven honoraries, vassal under Krugmar. Distrust against the ruling orcs grew with several accusations against Clan Akaal. Drus, a former member of the Akaal Clan, has denounced shamanistic and spiritual practices within the clan which some believe to be buurz; that is to say sinful and breaching of strong orcish taboos. Though members of the Akaal Clan have either denied practice of these rituals —An old rex could have said, “LIES AND SLANDER”—, or dismissed accusations as misunderstandings of legitimate traditions, there is no denying that this has further divided the orcish community. The last nail to the coffin was probably the aforementioned ruling on Ashktaar— which now states that one may not klomp (fight) for the title of Rex unless half of the clan leaders deem the pretending orc worthy to inherit the title. While democratic systems are not incompatible with traditional Orcish ways, the Klomp for Rex has always been seen as a fundamental guardrail to ensure no tyrant hoards power, and the old orcish proverb “Might Makes Right” still resonates with many. To address these, a Klamor —deliberative congress— was held last cactus week, but it failed to appease tensions, and has in fact exacerbated divisions. Two people demanded to klomp the Rex Kybal’Akaal for his title; Bullgoth Skorkon’Ugluk (previously known as the Brazen Bull) and Grubnakh, an olog also from clan Ugluk. The clan leaders voted, as is the law, and the two were denied their duels. This sparked a fight, which degenerated into an attempted coup. It is unclear whether it was premeditated, as it might have spontaneously erupted, but it failed either way, only resulting in a minor fight. The Rebelling forces quickly escaped, and are yet to make another move. The Rebels are roughly composed of an alliance of Clan Ugluk, led by Skorkon and Grubnakh, the Bronze Band, various human and previously-honorary vassals of the horde, as well as some individual Orcs who took it as an opportunity to rid Krugmar of the corruption they see in Clan Akaal. Ironically, Grimruk’Lur is one of them, and is now siding with humans and elves which he declared lessers mere cactus weeks ago. However, he has not been secretive about his plans to leave this alliance as soon as it does not serve his agenda. FOREIGN AFFAIRS A Cure for Degeneracy? Tensions rose recently around bathhouses. Although these traditional establishments have been central to many cultures, there seems to have been numerous cases of misconduct within them. This behavior has been denounced in a statement by orkish chieftain Grimruk’Lur, who has declared war on what he calls degeneracy; bathhouse parties where “acts that should not be spoken of” are allegedly encouraged. The Canonist Church has also been said to denounce the impure nature of bathhouses that teem with scandalous incentives, though after discussing with a paladin, I could not find evidence of such a stance. Either way, there seems to be an outrage towards these establishments; “Anything bathhouse related, I’m going to make sure it caves in!” I was told in another conversation. In an attempt to maintain hygiene while satisfying everyone, King Cyris has proposed a great innovation; the construction of a water park by the beaches of the halfling city of Dunfarthing. The King has big plans; “It’s gonna have slides, a pool, a lazy river, turtles — Giant turtles!” he said, before adding that the park will also feature a “helter skelter”: a tower supporting a spiralling water slide. Though there is currently no fixed date for the grand opening —it is still in design phase—, the king of the Halflings has promised that the park will be a place “for everyone to enjoy water-filled fun […] so long as they do not cause trouble or worship Iblees or, even worse, Arugula.” He also vowed to make the water park completely free; “charging for entry would be choosing to make people smell!” he simply explained. ON THE KAKTUZ WEEKLI Returning with a New Journalist Ug dere! I am Gharak’Yar, a scholar in orcish social studies and philosophy, and disciple of Kor’Garr! With the founder of the Kaktuz Weekli retiring, I have been honoured to inherit this treasure of orcish culture, and I hope I will live up to the expectations of its readers! And so after several cactus months of absence, the cactus weekly returns! I hope to pursue Kor’Garr’s goals of bringing clear, diverse and fresh information to the public of Krugmar and the whole continent of Aevos! I hope to publish The Kaktuz Weekli… every cactus week, so keep your eyes peeled! Though they will not be featured every week, I also plan on bringing back all your favourite sections; Orcish Culture, Cooking, Orc of the week, and more! Next week: an in-depth investigation on Desert Shenanigans. Feel free to send me a bird to request investigation on specific topics! You can also leave a letter in the Kaktuz Weekli Headquarters in the Library of Barbog, San’Brîu, Krugmar. Ideas and help are always welcome and appreciated! Peep latz! –Gharak
  4. 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Aevos for all to see. Written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality cane parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including the wonderful BRAND! The floral berry aroma of desert oasis inks wafts pleasantly from each heavy page. This must be... 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Issue H’Dub (VII) - Azh’Kint’Gakhty’Gakh (CXXXIII) D.A. CURRENT EVENTS Horde Affairs: The First Klamor of Aevos! World Affairs: Settling down in new lands Orc Kulture Spiritualism - A War of Spirits and Gluttony Concerning Orcish Bloodlust MISCILLANEOUS BOUNTIES A Reminder of Employment with the Kaktuz Weekli Kor’garr is glad to announce with the return of publications that we are HIRING! Artists, Editors, Writers agh Formatters are all welcome to seek employment at our office within the Library of Barbog in San’Briu. Kaktuz Weekli Q&A - Returning next Issue! Messages or in person correspondence for the staff of the Kaktuz Weekli will be answered here! Staff Kor’garr - Owner agh Skriptgoth [[[OOC BELOW!]]]
  5. 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written vividly upon dense sheets of... mediocre parchment? Anyways, pages of blocky script seem less formatted and many illustrations are absent! The floral berry smell of jungle inks wafts pleasantly from each heavy page. This must be... 【♢ -♢- ♢】 THE KAKTUZ WEEKLI Issue H'azh (VI), 226 S.A. [[ Due to Waghtik Damages agh Complications the Kaktuz Weekli is experiencing delays. Zoggyng Mori bug worshippers. Sieges make it difficult to spend time writing articles!]] ORCISH AFFAIRS - The Clan Moot: A New Iron Horde! Kor’garr is delighted to announce that the Iron Horde has entered a new era, that of a Confederacy of the clans with our Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal acting as tiebreaker rather than the Rexdom of years past! Now all honorable lineages of Krugs descendants have a voice in the path our nation will follow. As a brief explanation, government leaders are given Ashtkaar, blessed icons that show proof of their authority. The Rex and leaders of Clans use these Ashtkaar to show their approval and support for decisions, called Claims, presented to the Clan council during Klamors. Klamors are official gatherings of the clans announced with at least azh cactus day of notice. With more members of leadership in their ranks, a Clan has greater say in how the Iron Horde is run. The Rex, of course, is independent of the Clans and has III counts upon their Ashtkaar to prevent draws. Already the Clan Moot has added the Clans of Raguk, Yar, agh Ixtzul to our ranks of Recognized lineages in the Horde. Many changes and decisions have proceeded smoothly, agh Kor’garr is glad even the older elders like Murdok’Lak agh Madoc’Lur approve of this new type of leadership. As Ar-Borok’Akaal wrote in the public declaration “A New Horde”: The Iron Horde is not a Rexdom like the Wagh Nation of ages past, and from now on our ancestors in the Stargush will watch their descendants speak freely for the sake of their Clans instead of a single ruler. ORC KULTURE - Grog agh Grub On the Krugmarian Delicacy of Fresh High Albai Krugmar culinary tradition states that Elven meat, specifically High Elven meat, is a delicacy, and for a number of reasons. First is due to the intense tenderness and supple softness compared to any other meat no matter the age or cooking method: the Elven blessing of immortality prevents repeated strain and stiffening other meats go through as a living being grows and matures. Much like Veal, except you can have the taste and size of a mature Twiggie while also keeping the tenderness. Similarly palatial diets and court lifestyles generally develop fruity undertones and healthier layers of fat compared to other descendants of Malin, which makes a wonderful choice for sweeter cuts and recipes akin to bacon or pork belly. This sort of Umami is very rare to the harshly spiced and generally savory orcish diet, hence the fascination with High Elven ingredients in dishes! The other main reason is simple: history and supply. High Albai live mojo infused lifestyles and thus have richer mojo reserves than most others, another secret to their wonderful taste and a frequent temptation towards Burz-mojo Void usage. As orcs are obligated to purge such practices for the Spirits, High elves and Krug's kind have fought frequently… meaning the opportunity to partake in such exquisite meals remains consistent to this day. So what dishes are commonly made with High Albai, lat might ask Kor'garr? Everything from the Raw Orcish Delight mentioned in previous articles to choice cuts of perfectly seared Highsteak (soft and wonderfully marbled)! Twikkon is a common dawnlit snack on expeditions or in the blarg, being thin strips cooked with oil over an open flame… Quite similar to the Zhara's pork bacon. And of course there are the famous Mysteri Stew amd Kruga Kola, the dubt being said Stew aged for ag decade with cinnamon and vanilla to produce a sizzling, sparkly beverage enjoyed around Almaris. Most if not all of these recipes are available from the Betharuz Tavern, and fresh ingredients can be sold to the Horde for a hefty sum! ORC KULTURE - Olog of the Week This week Kor'garr is proud to present to lat ag special interview… Azh with a legend, the Olog known as Drekur'Ungri! We covered an old story of his that few remember but all deserve to hear again. Also, Drekur is the pinnacle of his kind in age, size, agh intelligence. Most Ologs would be… Nub'hozh conversation partners. This particular meeting starts with the Olog introducing himself. Please note this is translated to Common with grammar added for ease of reading. DREKUR: “[Mi] is Aengul slayer, first son of the Maw! Uniter of the Ologs! Lat have questions to say to me?” Kor’garr: “Kor’garr always has questions… How did lat slay an Aengul anyways? Punch it really hard?” DREKUR, after laughing: “Aengul slayer will tell lat tale! It all started in War on Arcas! Orcs! Humans! Dwarves! Agh elves! United against the Inferi! Inferi came from a portal on the desert of Al-faiz! Many many demons! More than even a Horde of Ologs could Klomp at once! Quickly the Inferi hordes came, took city of Farfolk like it was nothing! Desert fell quickly to Inferi!” Kor’garr: “More than the Great Wagh? Excellent time for fighting then.” DREKUR: “Larger than even the Horde could Wagh! They warred and warred, until even the city of wood elves fell! They reached the mainland then.” *The Olog takes a massive drink of Grog here. “Around this time, children of Brev arrived! Told mi, Drekur’Ungri, and the goblin Murdok’Lak of a great Titan Spear of their father Brev! Weapon able to make gods mortal.” Kor’garr: “Yub, always wondered what that looked like… Lat remember it still?” DREKUR: “BAH! Nothing was special when we found it! Just very big! Soon, Orcs fought all over the Al-Faiz desert! Mi and the Ungri Clan were bulwark of the army! Slaughtered many Inferi agh soon faced the Aengul, Gazadriel!” Kor’garr: “The greatest of fights… Enrohk [the spirit of War and Bloodlust] would be proud.” DREKUR: “Ungri did not even worship the Maw back then… Foolishness, yub! But doesn’t matter! When Gazadriel was in range! Murdok’Lak agh Drekur’Ungri shot the Spear of Brev into Gazadriel, making the angel mortal, and fatally wounding it! Kor’garr: “Shot it? As in, using a longbow?” DREKUR: “Ballista, yub! Flatted the Aengul really hozh! Making mi agh Murdok’Lak aengul slayers!” Kor’garr: “Thank lat for the wonderful history, friend. Lat is definitely Olog of the Week.” End of Article Miscellaneous BOUNTIES OPEN Kor’garr presents to lat the Bounty section, a place where lat can bird the Kaktuz Weekli with information on people agh beasts lat want vlat… or alive. If deemed worthy, The Iron Horde or Kaktuz Weekli might decide to match a bounty price in up to 300 minas! Nub worry, Anonymity is accepted for those sending in bounties as well as those who bring in the offending ‘owtlaws’. Heads are generally preferred as proof of the request being completed. SUPPLIES WANTED Also, Kor’garr is peeping for Alkemists. The details are attached here. [!] The Missive is crudely attached... [!] FINAL NOTES As Lat Kan peep, The Kaktuz Weekli is hiring Artiztz agh Formatters! Nub experienze Needyd! STAFF
  6. 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including the wonderful BRAND! The floral berry smell of jungle inks wafts pleasantly from each heavy page. This must be... 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Vol. H' (V) Year Azh’Kint’Dubty’Azh (CXXIII) (223) Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Kaktuz Weekli must inform our audience that these articles are relatively dated. An addendum piece (V.II) shall be released shortly with updates considering recent major events such as the Dawnhold Defense. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Everyone has heard of the new threat upon the western lands. Even now there are honorable people of Wagh preparing to defend the Wood Albai from this new terror. And yet some of the details were missed. So let Kor’garr explain the Horde’s encounter with this new foe azhthand, since I was there myself. It began with a rally of the Krug-Hai in San’Velku by the Rex, for we accepted a plea from Amaethea to investigate the caverns below. Lanterns, ropes, arrows, medical kits… an expedition force of nearly dubty (20) attended to purge the caves of influence from the Mori, accursed spider worshippers. Almost immediately we were given ill omens alongside blessings. A chunk of strange starmetal was obtained through Kor’garr’s hand and those of Obok Metaldrinkz with Alviss of Nor'Asath, yet a strange and billowing heat consistently rose from the depths… It was an ambush of cowardice, fake walls agh traps revealing swarms of bile spewing arachnids and their Mori tamers. Smashing through caused some cave ins and injury to one of the brave Duhr brothers, resulting in a disconnect between vanguard and those trailing in support. Kor’garr, Alviss agh Ghoraza swiftly tore apart those flanking cave spiders, yet one honorary formerly named Luthriel was responsible for minor friendly fire. The vanguard recovered, the cave in was cleared, agh we moved on unaware of what lied ahead. Azh by Azh we descended, heat growing stronger and sweat dripping from Nuburuk faces with ferocity… Then suddenly a light was seen ahead. A rumble that shook surrounding stone, an orb of amber agh pride that filled the entirety of the tunnel around us… and a Voice. “WHAT MANNER OF CREATURE COMES TO BE DEVOURED?” Nub’uruks began to panic, agh the Dominus Madoc’Lur was resolute in warning our troops away from foolishness. The massive being spoke through ash and brimstone, of eternal hunger and a desire for ruin. The uruk cub known as Forgot, having called the being a Titan, quickly roused it’s ire. Others rambled with ill thought words, mistakenly insulting the draconic visage that could with a mere breath send all gathered to Kor’s embrace. And then… “BRING ME… THE INSULTING… INFANT TO FEAST…IF NOT, DEATH… UPON ALL.” Silence followed after the announcement, surely a solemn gravity would weigh upon most faced with this decision… Yet the Iron Horde was undeterred. Rex Ar-Borok agh Dominus Madoc’Lur called the Forgot forwards. “Rejoice forgotten kub. Cleansed by flames lat will be. The spirits watch upon lats death to come.” Calls of glory and sacrifice followed, offering praise to Forgot as he drew upon his spear and prepared to charge. As Mau’Kor, one who records the lives and deaths of those in the Stargush, Kor’garr will say this. Forgot did not walk meekly into the jaws of the beast. The young form of his red body, clad in armor, ran full sprint with savage pride in his eyes. We cheered for him, the one valiantly entering battle impossible to win in Honor and Sacrifice for his brethren. A roar of rage, challenge given to the mad beast, rang throughout the caverns above even past his being rent apart by massive fangs and a putrid grasping tongue. “FLAT WITH GLORY, FLAT WITH HONOR!” Praise to FORGOT, wayward cub of sacrifice, one blessed with the virtues of Dazkur in defense of others. May his soul enter the Gates of Kor to join the ancestors with pride. The horrid beast asked what we sought after the sacrifice, and wisely our Rex asked for information upon the Dragon’s goals. Ghoraza the Witless also spoke up in a strange tongue unknown to us, yet obviously of interest to it. The response was simple. Eternal sustenance and eternal praise. Luthriel once more nearly caused the death of allies, asking such a prideful being whether it would feast upon common cattle. Others bargained, as if this being was a mere shopkeeper with offers of deals, until it silenced us all with a single word. Thankfully the Rex and Dominus were able to divert the dragon’s attention away from such insults… only to be presented with the being’s offer: knowledge and wisdom to those that would provide meals of the Wood Albai above. This revelation of course caused yet more unease until the being lost patience with our silent refusal. It gave a command to raise banners in fealty, not bothering to accept an answer before with a single motion thousands of tons of rock and cavern were shorn through like butter! The beast was not freed, as it was never trapped in the first place. A simple decision to depart northwards was all it took for a small mountain’s worth of rubble to burst from beneath Amaethea. Rapidly, the party moved to leave the crumbling caverns, rumbles and tremors causing unstable footfalls. Only barely did we escape before the caves collapsed behind us all, still in shock over the titanic forms. Yet all was not resolved. VLOS flew overhead, three heads blahhyng in unison with a roar of his name as he departed north. The Rex advocated for meeting with Amaethea urgently to explain what had occurred after a regrouping in San’Velku to attend to the wounded, and thus most left with him. Kor’garr stayed behind for some discussion with the dwed on the metal found, when a complication arose. Luthriel had not departed with the Rex, and mere minutes passed before she arrived with The Third prince of Amaethea Kosher Daesmon to investigate the already collapsed caverns themselves. A small conversation was had before all members departed. And that was the end of the expedition, if not the political controversy to spread as a result… Less than a day later the gates of San’Velku were host to a raucous display of accusations against the Rex and the Iron Horde. The one known as En’Ara Iron’heartz had gone to Jarad Munnel and “reported” that our people were willingly allying with Vlos, bending the knee and publically pledging to sacrifice the entire Wood Albai city. These were of course falsehoods of the highest magnitude, yet this Prince believed the untested word of a random citizen who had been absent from Horde land for years to instead demand recompense and explanation over offenses we had not even done. Politics are boring, so Kor’garr will cut it short: it was a lot of arguing in Nor’Asath before tension was settled, and threats of Celia’nors “intervention” were brought up in an attempt to strongarm the Rex. If popularly demanded Kor’garr might release a detailed report next issue. Once again the Horde and Krug’s people were slandered. To those who would claim (again) that we have bent the knee to dark forces and wish to slaughter fellow descendants in obedience to this dragon: Your tongue is touched by Iblees with such lies agh lat accomplishes nubthing. An announcement was released by the Holy Inquisition, penned by one Ser Phillip “the Righteous” in which he says: “Krugmar was instrumental in unleashing this dragon, and that the Rex of the Iron Horde attempted to offer the dragon sacrifices shortly before it was unleashed… Furthermore, we condemn Rex Borok’s attempt to pacify such a violent and volatile creature through unsavory means, such as sacrifice, although this is consistent with his alleged previous behavior.” He then goes on to Blah of Canonism and insult the Rex more. Kor’garr waits to peep if such claims will be withdrawn after our singular victory defending the Dawnhold when others fled. The Crusaders are hozh protectors, agh there is no need for inward hostilities. To En’Ara Iron’heartz, Slanderer of the West; lat has been wytewashed by the Dominus Madoc’Lur with Skriptgoth Kor’garr as witness. The actions of deceit and false accusations show not only dishonor agh lack of loyalty, but the weakness of succumbing to fear instead of remaining strong. Your words tarnished the Horde agh caused a mess nearly resulting in needless Wagh between descendants: as such your name will be tarnished by those same words. To the honorary formerly known as Luthriel: while your actions were certainly suspect, nub proof of dishonor or slander has been shown. Kor’garr recommends taking more caution with coincidences in the future. The Rex made an announcement of his own to prepare for Wagh against the Dragon, reaffirming our pledges to the Atrus Covenant and against all burz beings that seek to harm the Innocent agh Honorable. The Kaktuz Weekli will release more articles as this situation develops. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Some cactus weeks ago The Commonwealth of Petra entered an age of civil unrest, as accusations towards both the Archduchess Renilde I agh Archduke Constanz divided the ruling family agh citizens of Petra. First of the accusations presented were towards Archduchess Renilde I, who had inherited the throne as the eldest kub of Archduke Paul Salvian. Both an unknown citizen of Petra agh her eldest son, Albert Salvian, accused her of betraying Petra agh of sleeping with the Prince of Haense outside of marriage. With the help of Haense, she apparently planned to rise against Petra, whatever that would have meant at the moment. Albert Salvian also informed Renilde I had left the nation. Despite all this, he still had hope for his mother, asking her to return agh repent for what she had done. In response Archduchess Renilde I released a statement regarding Archduke Constanz, who had gained his title agh responsibilities through a marriage with her. She accused him of exceeding his rights of command that they had set in their marriage, taking actions against the Canonist Church, neglecting the duties set out for him, attempting to erode Petra’s ways to cement himself as the sole ruler, agh of treason in attempting to usurp her. Most personal accusations were made towards his faithfulness in their marriage though, as it's believed he had had extramarital relationships with women during his travels to parts unknown, possibly even faltering kubs with azh or more of them. Based on these claims, Archduchess dismissed Archduke Constanz from the court and exiled him from the lands of Petra. To solve this conflict, the Knight Council called Renilde I to face these accusations in a trial. It was promised to her that no harm would come her way during it. Once it came time for the trial, this promise was kept. No harm came upon Renilde, but instead it came upon those who had come to witness the event. Ferrymen hired by Renilde entered Castle Moere, attacking those present. Some were taken as prisoners, while others, including children were killed. It was recorded that the ferrymen had Azdrazi fighting alongside them, burning people to crisp with their fiery breath. This goes to be more of my own opinion, but mi do have to note that the witness testimonies mi read are horrifying, agh as a reminder, this is coming from an orc who has seen wagh, flat agh decay. Mi would recommend reading the missive Elowyn of Petra wrote to her mother fully as it gives a way better view into those feelings than what mi can write, though here are some quotes from it. “I am a Canonist child, a child. I have seen bloodshed and I have seen corpses in front of me. Even corpses of people MY age. Ma, how can you stand with those people and leave me, leave your children, leave your legacy to perish at the hands of those mercenaries you hire.” “I heard the screams of my fellow community members… I never knew how awful death sounded like. The screams, I can never forget them Ma.” [!] A Copy of the full missive has been attached here as an extra page. [!] Few cactus days later, Renilde’s forces released a statement; there would be a proper battle between the two sides. In the same missive, the Sons of Petra were dissolved and a new army called The Petrine Regiment was to take its place. The battle between the two forces occurred near Valfleur and ended in the favor of Archduchess Renilde I. Following this civil wagh some houses have reaffirmed their loyalty to Renilde I, agh Commonwealth of Petra has withdrawn its signature from previously written demands towards the Canonist Church. [Written by Kretz’Ox] ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Every so often there comes an article where Kor’garr must put the Truth of journalistic integrity before telling the story which is convenient or even his personal opinions. This is one of those stories, the tale of an imperfect friend’s death. Agis Penweather was a complex being. A member of the Bronze Band of Sulianopoli, vassal of the Iron Horde and a fervent shaman of Scorthuz, the spirit of Purity. Over many years he had shown his faith in the spirits, having been gifted the opportunity of learning shamanism without partaking in the usual trials to become an Honorary of the Horde. This would lead to many issues later on. Unfortunately, the bronze albai was brash and fervent in his worship to the point of arrogance. Agiz regularly butted heads with more experienced shamans, including one Ar-Borok’Akaal, over different philosophies on how to interact with the spirits. Even when the Akaal ascended as Blood Rex, these tensions would continue and unfortunately given the lack of Honorary status he was seen to be overstepping as a lesser. The peak of this occurred when Agis cosigned a document called “To end the Burz Rex”, which accused Ar-Borok of burz-spawn affiliation, general tyrannical actions, and demanded his resignation as Rex within a single cactus day. Even as the following meeting turned out to resolve the feud between Rex and the former Motsham Al-Uk, Agis insisted upon justice. His arm was voluntarily broken and the Bronze albai passed out as some kind of penance for his actions. In the later weeks Agis would continue to loudly decry the Rex’s actions, comparing him to dark shamans of the past and proceeding to raise hostilities within Horde lands multiple times. Yet again, these accusations from one who was not even Honorary and did not step up in formal challenge or Honor Klomp were widely regarded as insults. This all would reach the breaking point upon repeated altercations with the hot-headed and volatile orc kub known as Forgot. After multiple occasions of near blows, Agis finally had enough. The bronze elf announced to both the cub and the Rex that he would depart from the Horde and teach others the ways of Scorthuz, then using his magic to defend himself from Forgot’s attack of bloodrage. Next time he entered the city, Forgot and the Rex apprehended him violently, beating the weaker and unprepared Albai into submission despite protests from others nearby. The bronze Skorthuzian was then dragged to the tower of the Maw without mercy, tortured with a hex of Ogrol, and sacrificed ritually to the spirits in a brutal display of savage violence. Kor’garr must note despite his friendship that Agis made many mistakes up to this point. He slandered the rex from a position without merit or proof multiple times, attempted treason, threatened to abandon the Horde, and most importantly implied a goal to spread Shamanism that he had no authority to teach unchecked amongst those who would abuse the Spirits out of malice. All this while putting off the Honorary trials that would grant him honor necessary to be listened to as kin of the Horde. Instantly, news of these events spread and outrage flared from Sulianopoli as there was no coordination nor official announcement of these action nor their reasoning. In a follow-up interview, the Rex blahh’d: “Agis received powers he was nub worthy of. He was a zealot of Scorthuz who did nub know his place. He was a lesser who had the arrogance to always challenge mine decisions. He threatened brothers multiple times, agh when the urûkim took him up on his threat, he ran away in his twiggo cowardice." Yet the Bronze Lads did not know the details. All they heard of was an unjust and unreasonable murder of kin and vassal. In mere cactus days a large monument of sandstone was raised within San’Velku, a pillar of demands to the Rex from Sulianopoli praising the spirits, affirming loyalty shouting for justice, and generally wanting answers to what the zog happened at the Maw. The terms upon the pillar are listed below: I - A hecatomb in cattle to sacrifice as they wish. II - a Feast day for the lesser spirit Pharis and for the memory of Agis Penweather. III - A ritual to ensure the sending of Agis’s soul to Scorthuz and not Ogrol, allowing the Bronze lads insight ‘As a show of trust… [to] his deep mysteries’. Many, many members of Sulianopli and Honorary orcs signed this pillar, including Zozhs’Mau the Terrifying, Quiil’Mau the Defender, Maarhbgrush (Formerly Luthriel), Steleos Kekenomos Hyptos, Dromos Mandelos Hyptos, Caelius, Obok Metuldrinkz, Dri’kaar, Tzkar Elar, agh Anazagoras, with the ending notice “No Lad abandons another Lad, No Brother Should” being both a public declaration of kinship and a comment interpreting betrayal from the Rex. Reasonable assumptions given their lack of complete knowledge or context, as the Iron Horde has still nub made an official comment on this execution. Yet again, Forgot created yet more tension, using a cannon to obliterate the monument and tearing the rubble apart with a pickaxe after claiming the elves were weak and dumb. He was later defeated and punished for this arrogance by the Brazen Bull of Ugluk, and now that the cub was sent to the stargush via Dragon, Kor’garr ponders that issue has been resolved naturally. The Kaktuz Weekli will continue to report as this situation unfolds. The Rex has not officially responded to demands, despite mentions of possible compromise to be found in private discourse. In his words: “When he died, he was nub ah shaman, he was nub of the bronze band of Sulianopoli… Ahm pretty sure Scorthuz claimed his soul.” ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ In a series of wonderful events for the Horde, many members of the Orcish diaspora have returned to our proud people and taken positions within the city of San’Velku! The newfound clan of Duhr, neolithic brethren used to subterranean life, have stepped up to claim the shared title of Rukagoth in an unexpected move and already shown their experience in proper craftsmanship techniques to appease the spirits. Mjoruk and Bjarg Duhr, having recently defended our harvest from overgrown avian scavengers, will regularly host explanations on how to properly craft weapons and armor in a way that will avoid jealousy or curses from beings such as Glutroz or Paxahru… All this despite them refusing to use metal instead of stone. Kor’garr is astounded by how effectively they can use more archaic materials. The brothers have also begun paths of pacting with the Elemental realm of Earth and the practice of Haruspexy, the traditional art of craftsmanship with ancestral grizh to channel the ancestral spirits into their creations. In the meantime, the one known as Ofric’Lur has taken the mantle of Huntsgoth, continuing the Hunt of a Hundred years in spectacular fashion after the disappearance of our last lead hunter. Mere kaktuz days ago he lead an expedition to successfully slaughter multiple large alligators and even capture ag live Throdaag: This is a H’ (V) meter tall bipedal reptilian behemoth! Covered in additional fanged maws and slitted eyes, the massive and cruelly intelligent maneater entered a rage upon its subordinates being slaughtered by Ofric, rushing through the lake towards the party. Larger than dub ologs side by side, the being’s titanic might was halted by the honorable skills of Lakeidas’Raguk, Avotha’Lur, Obok Metaldrinks, and our new Targoth Kuvirr. The enraged beast thrashed around until with clever use of whistles and various distractions, including a large broadhead arrow from Kor’garr, it tumbled into a binding hex from Zhomo Emony Akaal and was incapacitated. The savage and monstrously strong creature, requiring H’gahk (VIII) Uruks to lift, rested caged within the Gorkil Clan Hall for later use in San’Velku’s arena through Ofric’s excellent tactics and guidance until slaughtered by the Rex himself. Even now the honorable worshipper of Votar searches for more prey to take down. In the very words spoken during his Claim; “Lup Votar, the King of the Hunt, patron of all those who lurk in the tall grass and stalk their prey. Lup Freygoth, whose benevolence surrounds and provides the very beasts and animals we stalk.” Another new event for the Horde is the establishment of a neutral and unaffiliated Alms-giving guild called the CRUCIBLE upon Horde Lands with permission from the Rex. This coalition of artisans and crafters aim to spread good will and knowledge throughout Almaris for all Descendants to prosper, and they have been making outreach efforts to various other communities for an exchange of expertise or trade. If your group might be interested in contacting those who would accept all with good will for the Descendants, regardless of origin or nature, Kor’garr does act as Head Scribe and may be messaged. The Crucible is already announcing classes to reduce illiteracy amongst uneducated populations! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Many events of note have taken place over the past few weeks in Hayhollow, land of the Halflings and a usual quiet respite from the Eternal Wagh of Almaris. Azhtly, they declared war. Let Kor’garr repeat in writing: The HALFLINGS have declared war on Burrz-spawn and Ibleesian cultists that have been invading their lands, even calling members of one daemonic cult to trial over blaspheming within their lands. Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater, released multiple descriptions of these cultists so they might face the rightful purging they deserve for betraying the Descendants of Almaris. Of course, the culprits never revealed their cowardly faces even to the so-called smallfolk. Instead, they committed a petty act of vandalism by cursing a tree and turning it into some form of demonic plant. Ultimately their revenge was harmless, the howling edifice of twist wood easily removed by a decent logging choppa’ and a few minutes of hard work. More recently Hayhollow has had a burst of anti-biggun or outsider sentiment, making official changes to their codes for housing and properness that ensure fellow halflings take priority. This comes after many concerns of overcrowding and the dilution of Halfling Kulture, with Mimosa Applefoot the Mayor of Bywater stating: “We must first take care of our own people! A shire for halflings, by halflings, and of halflings!” Personally Kor’garr can understand the annoyance of having unwelcome visitors constantly attempting to settle upon your land agh ignore proper culture. An update: In additional Anti-Biggun action a merchant stall was burned down over its use of minas coin and locked containers. A manifesto in what appears to be pumpkin juice was penned advocating for a general removal of all foreign cultural influence from the Hayhollow region, including large houses and economic systems. The Kaktuz Weekli will report upon further developments if needed. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Skumu has decided that there is nub enough buub facts for Skumu to keep putting facts, so for this izzue of Kaktuz Weekli, Skumu is starting a competition! Readers please send in Poems dedicated to Skumu’s brave and charismatic pig, Kor’Garr Jr! Skumu and Kor’Garr will choose the winner and lat will win a personal art by Skumu herself! Sounds fun yub? Latz must send in your entry before the next issue! Skumu’s time limit will be azh week since Kaktuz Weekli gets published! Hozh luck!! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Please note we are still looking for interviews with those who participated in the Siege of Shattered Skies! Next Week: More will be added in later issues! Please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations which will be paid for in Minas or other goods if negotiated! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Zkriptgoth, Owner. Skumu - Head Artist, Formatter Kretz'Ox - Assistant Writer --
  7. 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including the wonderful BRAND! The floral berry smell of jungle inks wafts pleasantly from each heavy page. This must be... 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Vol. Futh (IV) Azh’Kint’Azhty’Futh (CXIV) (114), Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As promised, Kor’garr needs to explain what happened to delay last year's paper. Simply put, a select few from the Iron Horde, including Kor’garr and the Rex, were invited to investigate and help reclaim the ruins of Khron’Hundmar at the behest of Qudlia Jusmia. After much travel, over 30 brave adventurers were assembled at the entrance to the cavern, a mighty cacophony of Stouts in plate, elven archers, a few… voidal mages. And even a mighty animated golem of stone and rune crafting. After some exchanges of various supplies and meals to fend off the cold (Kor’garr handed out an Orcish Delight to the Dwed known as Dor’Nal Hammerfist, who greatly enjoyed scarfing down the delicious treat in several massive bites), as well as various prayers to the honored Spirits and the Brath’Mordakin, we made our descent. Immediately, dark tidings were known amongst the warband. Massive spiders and tangled webs had taken residence within the top floor! Kor’garr’s position in the front line alongside the Golem allowed for others to deliver fatal blows to the Olog sized monstrosities of Kinul, and no major injuries were taken. The Rex and Golem notably struck clear killing blows upon these arachnids. After some debates about the nature and origins of such beings, the relationship between the Orcish and Dwarven pantheons, and a small history lesson about Orgon (may it never return to the Ugz), the rest of the halls were cleared until at the bottom depths of the mines a previously undiscovered cave in halted progress. Kor’garr must admit, seeing the coordination of the Ztowtz in their hasty excavation of the path forward was a beautiful experience. Damona and Rylanor Goldhand, Norli Starbreaker, Durin Hammerforge and Klouf Grimgold are all experts in mining and shifting the earth, especially in time with their ancestral songs. Unfortunately what awaited beneath was not so lighthearted in the slightest… A cavern horridly deep below the surface, infested with nightmarish amalgamations of insect and pulsing flesh. Giant fire beetles that could launch themselves, hydra like worms that spat corrosive acid, and Kor’garr personally contested against a pallid lurker of four meters in length. Blades clashed, magic was cast, and injuries of all sorts were taken as the party of Gahk’ty (Thirty) fought to survive against these terrifying monstrosities… And then the rumbling. A massive trench of darkness, chitinous legs, and swarming insects parted ways to reveal a beast of Buurz and Grizh the size of a building… A corrupted lurker broodmother, each leg the size of an Olog and easily a good Futh’ty meters in length, covered in swollen veins and dripping in potent toxic ooze, crushed several dwarves against the crumbling cavern walls with its mere presence. Kor’garr attempted to climb the creature to no avail, merely being drenched in the corrosive numbing slime until hearing a horrid crack echo through the cavern. The party was calling for retreat, the entire cave system threatening collapse… and a Zharan tonne of armored firebeetle had juzt crushed the Rex, crumpling his armor and ribcage into a mangled mess. Kor’garr’s entire body went numb as he, along with Qudlia with her blessings from Akezo being shouted at full volume, spent precious minutes carrying the shattered form of flesh and enchanted armor up through the trembling underground Goi. A dwarf, anchored against the titanic beast with a misthrown tanglefoot potion, screamed in despair and resolve as he was left behind… Time became a blur for me from that point on. All I know, aside from the feeling of melting in Kor’garr’s own weighted and spirit blessed full plate, trapped in an inescapable prison of agonizing slime, is that through some miracle of the Spirits this mere Clanless orc somehow made it to the surface with the Rex in tow and alive before falling to a paralyzed heap underneath gloomy clouds and pouring rain. The goi of Khron’Hundmar was devoured. Not by the worm, but some new swarm of horrific insects. Only after heavy healing from the blessed Jusiam Quzmia did Kor’garr even lay eyes upon the collapsed mountain of rubble, or have the strength to write once more. The Kaktuz Weekli is dismayed to announce this new threat to all the beings of Almaris. Doom approaches, and it is not from the Necromancers or a dragon corpse. It rises from beneath. After writing this Article it is revealed the Dwarf attached to that Broodmother somehow survived, and is now some sort of prophet. Truly, the one known as DURIN AKRAKTHREIN HAMMERFORGE has been blessed with the boon of Ghorza’s luck. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As some of you readers have seen, there was recently a massive incident between our new Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal and the Motsham Al-Uk’Yar of the Grand Moot, where he and several others made a public statement accusing our leader of… well, a lot. These various accusations were then followed by a lengthy list of demands including his resignation from the Rexdom, a subsequent trial, and even the threat of a Civil Wagh were said demands not accepted. In their words, “Should the Bûrz Rex fail to descend within the next cactus day a combined force of the Bronzen Band lead by the Honorable Pamphilios, The Ashen State of Nor’Asath lead by its Primarch, Netseth Loa’Chil, As well as a combined warband of the faithful uruks, elf spawn and other Bûrz hunting Orders or Entities shall cascade upon the Rex Palace and purge the Bûrz away.” This public missive, signed by multiple spiritual authorities including but not limited to Murdoc’Lak the Aengulslayer, Netseth Loa’chil the Primarch of Nor’Asath, and Pamphilos of Sulianopoli, created bub’hozh amounts of civil unrest within San’Velku… For nub’Uruks that means many angry shouts, a few fistfights, and even some weapons being drawn out of scabbards. Thankfully, Kor’garr was present when Rex Ar’Borok announced an emergency gathering in the Hall of Rexes for this conflict to be resolved honorably before any Uruk blood was spilled by the blade of fellow kin. The air within San’Velku’s keep was horridly tense, irritable Ologs and hot headed Raguks clamoring to make themselves heard over the riotous clamor. Kretz’Ox and Qudlia Jusmia stepped forth to state at least some of the accusations were outdated, considering their recent trip alongside the Rex to the Lesser Immortal Spirit of Orcish purity Dûthsharkû, and only then did the main opposition towards the Rex arrive, the Motsham himself, in heavy robes and bearing a gnarled staff. Both the Armored Akaal and the Robed Yar hurled insults and frustration at each other, both insulted by the lack of honesty and clarity in the other’s actions… Azh by Azh each point within the original missive was addressed. A wave of vampirism within San’Velku in years past, the nature of how the Rex views the spirits, a lengthy discussion about the Brazen Bull and his status as Buurz or not… At one point, the young cub known as Kuvirr proposed the excellent idea of The Motsham and Aengulslayer acting as advisors to the rex in a more official capacity, an option immediately accepted with great enthusiasm by those within the Hall. With tensions settling and promises of greater clarity exchanged, Rex and Motsham approached each other with daggers in hand and grins upon their weathered faces. The Rex: “Grîzh hûl grîzh hôn. Urûkim grîzh. Hôn izû Kinul, Scorthuz, Leyd ûgh Freygoth. Hôn izûbu grîzh ah-âsh, KRUG” And the Motsham’s response: “Beahr latz palm Borok ob deeh Akaal, Zo wi kan bi bruddahz.” Blood was drawn and palms pressed against each other by a display of ultimate trust not seen in generations. With the chanting of Uld Blah and the mingling of ancestral blood, the two Uruk leaders were bound to each other in an ancient ritual of brotherhood, to show their reforged honesty and unity! A massive chant echoed throughout the air above San’Velku: “Azh'Grish, Azh'Horde, Azh'Voyce!” The topic of Agis Penweather and his conflict with the Rex was also mentioned, leading to the, somehow mutual, breaking of the Albai’s arm and his consequent loss of consciousness in the middle of the Hall. After a lengthy celebration from the resolved conflict, a joint missive was published by both the Grand Moot and the Iron Horde in order to settle any ongoing sentiment of frustration or perceived slights. The statements include a mutual recognition of authority between the Rex and Motsham in their duties and authority concerning both the Iron Horde and Grand Moot, a dismissal of the previous accusations from both parties, a formal agreement to cure the now verified ‘buurz’ being known as The Brazen Bull, and of course an official announcement of the newly made blood bond between Ar-Borok’Akaal and Al-Uk Yar. With this possible schism resolved through Truth and Honorable conduct, a bright future is shown for the Iron Horde! P.S. Kor’garr must note that while Krug-kind does struggle with the curse of Bloodlust, our own governmental conflict was handled with far greater efficiency than the events concerning a certain Zhara kingdom to the East. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This whole article started with a single legal document read by Kor’garr, a summons of one Jovennar Bishop of Haense, to the court over allegations of some botched trial. Suddenly I was reading through demands from children to kings, allegations of adultery between two male Zharas (which Kor’garr still doesn’t peep the issue about the choice of partner there?), and an absolute riot of a court transcript. Simply put? The legal court of Haense is a mess, and that’s from us here at Krugmar. We don’t even have written laws at the moment. In a message to the king, three young kubs are demanding reparations for being unable to sit in as the audience of an ongoing trial. This is already concerning, as hiding the judgement of the Truth behind closed doors allows for lies and dishonor of the most heinous kind. Worse yet is the preferential treatment given to certain children due to their family line, a strange human practice that is quite useless. Cubs are cubs, they should be taught and protected equally instead of being bullied by armed adults. Moving on, the summons over the case of Alejandro Sands was due to a severe… mess. This Jovennar Bishop was being summoned to “explain himself”, which we all gruk in human terms means to stand there while someone with a crown yells at you over what you zkah’d up on. Again, the happenings of a strangely private court hearing were questioned, and the mention of spectators not being protected by guards and robbed in front of the courthouse are hilariously laughable. Was no one carrying a proper stabba’ to defend themselves? On that note, why were these bandits in the middle of the Hanseti capital not executed? While Kor’garr does not wish to re-write the entire transcript, it is available from the Haense government archives and I highly recommend giving it a glance-over. There are misused legal terms, a defenestrated Olog, an apparent riot, children throwing fish, and more. An excellent comedy script if I have ever peeped one. Despite the humorous tone, this is sadly no laughing matter, for shortly after was the honorable soul Audo Weiss, a veteran who helped defend all of Almaris against the undead Cloudbreaker, summoned to the court for "assult", again in a case taken by this Jovenarr. Over self defense against a stranger to the nation. Again, Kor’garr is baffled by the sheer lack of common sense in the Haense courts… Thankfully, Kor’garr has some ‘hozh news. After being summoned by both the Knightly Council of Haenseti-Ruska and the crown, the former Jovenaar Bishop has been stripped of his job, office, fancy knight titles, and political or legal authority in one fell swoop. In quite the appropriate move, the official notice from the knighthood stated Bishop’s breaking of their code of chivalry, which I imagine to be much like the Kodes of Krug except not quite as high in standard compared to the Descendant race literally blessed with being Honorable. Similarly the Crown made a good decision for twice (once being their support in the Siege of Shattered Skies), explaining that.. “With the distrust of the citizens of Hanseti-Ruska towards the nominated Jovenaar, he could no longer continue rightfully in his role as an appointed Jovenaar of the nation.” Let’s all hope the Truth is brought to light more quickly in the future, nub? In the meantime maybe Kor’garr should write up a formal record of laws in the Iron Horde… ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Ah, Yub, the Uncooked Orcish Delight. While a delicacy amongst the children of Krug, it can be seen as savage, barbaric, or heinous to those without more open minded sensibilities concerning appetite. Simply put, the Orcish Delight is a traditional meal or snack of a whole, freshly slaughtered, raw poultry. Of course this seems disgusting by itself to any foreign readers, so rest assured that this wonderful treat is actually the pinnacle of fine dining despite any crude appearance. First, the chicken is slaughtered and the raw poultry plucked and blessed in the name of Glutroz, the spirit of gluttony and greed, for his appetite is what leads to the eventual mouthwatering savory tang. Afterwards, the infusion must be prepared, for that is what makes this dish truly special. Fresh blood from an Albai soldier, a captured elf that has waged against the Iron Horde, is taken in ritual sacrifice to the Major spirit Gazigazh, also known as the Blood Mother. The vital crimson brine is collected into a large cast ferrum cauldron, into which crushed desert berries, thinly sliced and harshly spicy peppers, and some powders such as cinnamon and peppercorn are all mixed. The bundles of avian meat, still uncooked, are submerged completely into this metallic culinary jus for an entire Kaktuz day as shamans then perform multiple rituals in honor of the ancestral spirits of Grubgoths who have created this amazing delicacy in the past until finally seeking the blessing of the ancestral Grubgoth Wud, to properly anoint the now thoroughly crimson meat. Immediately after removal these rare treats are wrapped up within wax paper and stored in frigid areas to prevent spoiling, if not consumed immediately after the taxing rituals. In terms of taste, the Orcish Delight has an avian meat base that is almost overpowered with the delicious coppery tang of Albai blood. Notes of sweetness from the ripe desert berries balance perfectly with the searing heat from those split open seeds within the harsh peppers, and an undertone of bitterness from the peppercorn lays beneath the umami of uncooked flesh. Once you bite in, the crimson stain from infused jus is visible throughout the entirety of the uncooked bird! No matter your origin, Kor’garr highly recommends trying an Uncooked Orcish delight at least once! The comforting pungent aroma reminds you of the battlefields, sating your bloodlust and inspiring you to do your best for an upcoming Wagh. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This segment, new with this week's release, will show off famous and important locations in the Krugmarian capital of San'Velku! First will be the pride and joy of our blacksmiths, the Spirit Forge! Called 'Aanghum Znarim-ob' in the shamanic language of Uld Blah, this mystical smithery gives off a feeling of awe and majesty to any proper metalworker. This wonderful artifact was made by a Moot of shamans… Blessed by both the Immortal Greater Spirit of… Gentharuz, and the most famous orc blacksmith in recorded history, Azog himself! A boon to any metalworker, the forge allows for metal to flow and shift with ease, convincing even the most stubborn metals to be cast into molds without issue or weakening of the final product! Of course, the wondrous nature of this sacred forge truly shines when an experienced shaman and blacksmith work together as azh vessel for the spirit's influence on this Ugz; such collaboration allows for the creation of blessed weapons enchanted by the Greater Spirits through proper ritual during the forging process. The war-fog of Enrohk, shades of Kor, gleaming silver brilliance of Kezt, all can be imbued within these sacred works of faith and metallurgy. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ A good while ago, an announcement from the Grand Moot was released on how the lesser vampire Sarah Artenin was on trial as a Buurz creature. Kor’garr was there to record the events first hand, and can provide a full transcript if readers wish, but for brevity we shall display the following quote from Motsham Al-Uk Yar: “Sentenced by the One Voice, Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, And cured by Techgoth Kretz’Ox’s alchemical mastery the former Lesser Vampyr Sarah Artenin has been cured of the wretched disease known as vampirism. Additionally Sarah has been found to be tied to the wretched void, This too a disease outlawed in the territories of the Grand Moot.. The Motsham has sentenced Sarah to find the cure and take upon residence within the Spiritual stronghold of Nor’Asath where the local Pôrobmog Qudlia Jusmia along with aid of Scortuzian, Agis Penweather, are tasked with the cleansing of the sentenced soul.” This extremely merciful decision was due to Sarah’s earnestness in seeking out an end to the taint in her soul and willingness to provide the names of other suspected blood-tainted darkspawn to the Grand Moot. Afterwards, Sarah Artenin was escorted to the Krugmar clinic of Dr. Bumba Akaal. Bound down tightly upon an operation table with heavy ropes and chains of aurum, the woman prepared for Kretz’Ox, master alchemist and leader of clan Ox, to assemble the cure using potent reagents and a sample of pure human blood. After some bloodletting to weaken her, Sarah was fed the cure… The results were harsh yet hopeful. Howls of rage similar to the bloodlust of Krug-kind, thrashing and straining against sizzling chains, demands for something, anything, anyone to drink from… Praises of Scorthuz, spirit of purity, were given by the Shaman. “Scorthû'z afâr! Krank ob Kaal!” As a note, during the curing of a vampire it is imperative they are tightly restrained and kept away from any source of flesh blood. Them drinking the Grizh whether directly or from a glass will cause the cure to fail. Extended fangs fell away, blood red eyes dimming as the lesser, now former, vampire lost her energy, falling to near unconsciousness… Afterwards, Sarah Artenin and her spouse were provided housing and medical aid within the Ker Goi of Nor’Asath, yet despite orders from the Grand Moot turned out to quickly flee in departure to Lurin. In response, a missive of foolishness and warning was given out by the Silver Lubba in response to the Iron Horde’s merciful curing of one of their citizens! While they claim “the holding of our citizens against their will is a vile act”, Kor’garr does note that the tension was settled personally by the Motsham and Silver Lubba. Eventually, Sarah Artenin and her spouse were willing to meet in a neutral location for an exclusive interview with the Kaktuz Weekli! The full transcript is recorded as follows (Spoken Blah is written in Common): ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Sarah Artenin: “Alright-tighty, I am ready for an interview.” Kor’garr: “How did you meet each other, brief accomplishments, stuff like that?” Sarah Artenin: “Me and Faeryel met some time ago, actually. I'm currently seventy-six, if it matters. It was in a tavern, and, Faeryel correct me if I'm wrong, overhearing some conversations I wedged myself into the topic at hand. If I recall it was magical in nature. I taught her magic, aaand, well, stuff happened, and we drifted apart. The story resumes some thirty-one years ago, where we then hit it back off with each other, and entered our relationship.” Faeryel: “And I don't know whatever other details you need. I told Sarah my vast and very interesting life story, and she agreed to teach me. This was in the Llyrian city-state, on Arcas, some… hundred and seventy years ago. Hundred and ninety-one, Wow, almost two hundred.” Kor’garr: “Is that not very very old for one cursed with the mortality of Horen’s blood?” Sarah Artenin: “I should mention I have often travelled to the far-reaching corners of the world, away from civilization, where times seem to shift and act differently. Hence why my age does not match this time frame.” Kor’garr: “So, after all that time and voidal connection. You seemed calm and at peace with life. How did Vampirism get mixed into it?” Sarah Artenin: “As I explained at my trial, I was turned to vampirism by forceful means. The way one is turned is by the consumption of tainted blood, and, if you are unfortunate enough, the curse will spread. There was a time where I was very eager to get it removed, however, due to the social stigmas at the time, and the cases I observed of 'cures' often meaning 'burned alive', I decided instead to just hide away. I figured society would eventually progress to a point where curing was normalized, instead of murder, at which point I'd then search it out again. Thankfully, in my time as a blood-sucking parasite, I had one consistent support in my life. Faeryel. It was thanks to her efforts that I was able to avoid attacking the innocent, and we managed to keep my condition out of the eyes of others.” Kor’garr: “Yes, the blind hate against victims of the Dark can work against the goals for a more pure World… And such choices didn’t impact your relationship?” Sarah Artenin: “I think it'd be best if Faeryel answered this one, if she'd like, as she was definitely bearing the burden and strain.” Faeryel: “For me, it was a bit of a… mixed bag. I'm an elf. Sarah's a human. The obvious problem in our relationship hung heavy over my head. I didn't want her to die. I still don't. I think it's monstrously unfair that we should have less time to spend together, just because of the differences in our heritage. It was a curse, yes, and it harmed her in… subtle ways. But I gladly gave up my blood for more time with her. It was more than fair.” Kor’garr: “And yet, it hurt you. It hurt Sarah. It was a danger to everyone that was unaware of the truth, unable to help or protect themselves if everything went wrong. No?” Faeryel: “Well, it both introduced some new fears and assuaged some old ones. I no longer had to worry about my wife dying of old age. I now had to worry about her being hunted down. I would say the fear of persecution greatly outweighed the hurt of extracting a pint of blood every year.” Kor’garr: “So worse than the disease, is the lack of support for the afflicted? And how did you not get it as well?” Faeryel: “I didn't get it because I'm not in the habit of drinking my wife's blood.” Sarah Artenin: “Mhm. And I was not in the habit of trying to feed it to her. It spreads through drinking undiluted cursed blood.” Kor’garr: “So you say, after over twenty years, you did not get sick even when Sarah fed on you. Which means that those afflicted don’t need to worry about accidentally spreading it.” Faeryel: “Indeed, you can only become a vampire from drinking a vampire's blood, so if you're extending someone's life by donating your own blood, you have nothing to fear.” Kor’garr: “Then let’s talk about the curing process.” Sarah Artenin: “Mm! The trial and the cure. What did you want to ask about?” Kor’garr: “I never heard how you were brought to Krugmar, Sarah. Did you seek the cure yourself?” Sarah Artenin: “Uh… Mm, no. That day in particular… I actually came to Krugmar to talk a little about the spirits, to try and learn a little more. I was… Rather unfortunately stricken with ill fortunes, that day, as I found myself surrounded at the aviary, and more-or-less forced into a salt test. I carried no weapons, nor ill will, and as I saw the salt coating the dagger, well, I didn't want to experience the searing pain that comes with the salt test. So, I simply admitted that I would fail the salt test specifically, and asked if I could leave Krugmar, never return, and that could be the end of it. After all, by this point me and Faeryel had established a routine, and I was causing no harm to any others… Alas, 'twas not to be. They subjected me to the salt test anyway, despite my admittance of guilt, and summarily grabbed me, threatened to break my bones if I resisted, and dragged me to trial. Then begins the trial part, which, well, I'm sure you're aware of that part. I think you were there? It's all a bit of a blur, in truth. My nerves got to me, and I emptied my stomach on the floor twice. Couldn't stop shaking. Very terrifying experience.” Kor’garr: “Well, it is good that you told the truth before being stabbed, though I do wonder how you were chosen to test. Orcs are rough when confronted with unexpected surprises. But that is no excuse. How are you doing living in Nor’Asath?” Sarah Artenin: “Mm, I wonder too. One of lifes mysteries. I was unarmed, that day, and not wearing armour. I thought wearing a smile and a peaceful enough look'd dissuade folk. It usually did. Uuuh.” Faeryel: “It remains a mystery how they deduced that Sarah's be a good person to corner and test.” Sarah Artenin: “Regarding the movement situation. Mm. Well, in truth, the Motsham's words were a little… Abducty. I was more than willing to learn about the spirits before-hand, hence why I travelled to Krugmar in the first place. I wanted to go to my home. In Lurin, the place I've lived for many, many years. I was told that I lived in Nor'asath now, and that it wasn't really my decision to make… In their insistence in attempting to brainwash me, it actually has driven a fearful wedge between me, and my enjoyment regarding learning of the spirits. So, admittedly, I am sad to say I am currently residing in Lurin, a little bruised and scarred from the situation… My education on the spirits comes, now, from a few friends of mine from Nor'Asath that I'm in contact with, and some of the Haelun'orian shamans.” Kor’garr: “I will say at least in part that was intended to keep you both safe from crusading Canonists or other unspiritual types. I offer to educate you as well.” Sarah Artenin: “… It set my desire to learn to a pitiful amount. I really wanted to learn, I really, really did. But… The Krugmar-Nor'Asath experience really ruined that for me.” Kor’garr: “I am sad to hear that… And your voidal connection? Has it ever complicated the condition or curing?” Sarah Artenin: “Uhm, well, my voidal connection is a little unique, you see. It's distanced from me, in fact, which results in the poisoning I experience being heavily restricted. My magics are hindered, and most masteries I had are rendered null and void, as I can no longer cast the big spells. My strength and stamina are functionally identical to what I could've achieved pre-poisoning. In fact, I'm pretty shredded, actually. I even roam in half-plate, most of the time.” - “But to answer the question as to whether or not… I've considered completely disconnecting myself from the void? Well…. Once, maybe twice. It pops into my head as a passing thought, but it's been such an integral part of my life for so long that… It'll take a lot of time for me to do it, if I decide to at all, you know? It's a major, life-changing decision. Not something that can be so readily forced on an unwilling soul. To let that go, you need to be certain, I feel.” Kor’garr: “Now that you are not Vampire-kin, will the connection shorten your lifespan?” Faeryel: “No, garden-variety voidal practice has no effect on your lifespan.” Sarah Artenin: “Mhm.” Kor’garr: “Alright. And what of the future?” Sarah Artenin: “The future… Well… To me, our future is us. I think that no matter what comes next, whether it be my disconnect from the void, or, some other path… I'm sure that I'll make it through okay, so long as I have Faeryel.” Faeryel: “. . .My thoughts exactly.” Kor’garr: “So, what would you recommend to those in the same struggle as yourself, Sarah? Seeking a cure, but fearing for their life from zealots?” Sarah Artenin: “… I… Would advise them to confide in close friends, and their support circle, who can try to reach out to people that can cure the individual, without necessarily endangering themselves to the zealous who believe redemption is impossible. Trust in your friends, and your family… And try to get help early. I found that the longer I was afflicted, the less I wanted to turn back, personally.” Kor’garr: “Despite the actions against you, have you heard of the stout who got cured from their void affliction, willingly?” Sarah Artenin: “Mm, I've read that missive. I was mentioned by name in it. I'm happy that the dwarf was able to find their peace in parting with the void, and wish them all the best on their new journey through life. Hopefully, it's a happier one than the one they lived.” Kor’garr: “Given the Moot can in fact peaceably cure those willing, would you recommend that those afflicted with Vampirism reach out to the Horde of their own volition?” Sarah Artenin: “You know, actually.” - “I was surprised by the efficiency, and care, that the Orcs took in curing me. It was a much gentler affair than I was expecting. The curing process, whilst painful, was better than I expected. The aftermath wasn't, but, yes, I'd personally recommend reaching out to Krugmar, provided they're treated as fairly as I was through the process.” [We all thanked Skumu here for their wonderful artwork of the interview.] Kor’garr: “Thank you Sarah. Any last words?” Sarah Artenin: “Hmm… Thank you for reporting honestly on the matter, and interviewing me for my opinions and words. It's been a… Good experience, and helps put to ease some fears I had. I'm looking forward to reading the next issue. Um. Um. Oh, and I love my wife Faeryel, she's the best ever wife, and you should put that in the newspaper. That I love her so much, I would give my heart and soul for her happiness.” Faeryel: “. . .It was a harrowing experience. I'd rather not go through something like that again, but my worst fears of Sarah being discovered weren't realized, and our relationship's gotten stronger because of it.” ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ If lat or someone lat knows wishes to be cured from the vampiric plague, please encourage them to reach out, either to the Kaktuz Weekli, the Iron Horde, or the Grand Moot, for treatment. We will offer all willing a new life without fear of being a Darkspawn, the ability to take up housing, and education on the Spirits. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Welcome to Skumu's second ( Dub ) Buub segment! Skumu has been working really hard to think of hozh facts for you all! What Skumu has learned is that Buubz dream just like lat agh mi! Buubz dream of many things Skumu can barely imagine! But while watching all the buubz Skumu has learned that not only do they dream and kick their little legs, buubz also sleep nose to nose with their bruddas and friends! Isn't that so cute? Skumu wishes she was a buub so she could sleep nose against Skumus' favorite people. Like Kor'Garr! Skumu would sleep nose to nose with Kor'Garr if Kor'garr was a buub. Oh! And Borok! And Lakeidas'Raguk, Oh and SkullCrusha'Raguk! Skumu would sleep nosey nose with them too! Skumu has many friends! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’Garr and Skumu are proud to say thank you to the Rex of Krugmar! So RULG Borok! Latz support is meaningful and this paper wouldn’t be around if we didn’t have such a hozh Rex!! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! “Dear Kor’garr, I am a reader of your Newspaper, the Kaktuz Weekli. It is nice to see someone who observes and writes the events of the world for others to see and learn from. I am from Haense, and was wondering on your opinion of the recent happenings within our legal system?” -Unsigned Reader Luckily for you, the Kaktuz Weekli has already made this article just above! Glad to sate your curiosity. “What motivated you to begin a paper explaining the events of the World? It must be difficult - what prompted you and Skumu to take on such a task?” -Celian Bough When Kor’garr returned from the wild wastes of the southernmost sands, he had been given a task from the spirit Kor himself, to properly record the honorable lives and histories of those entering the Ancestral Realm, my fellow members of Krug-kind. This led me to discover a fierce devotion to spreading the Truth, not just of Orc Kulture but events concerning Almaris at large! It is a calling I follow most fervently, to properly honor the spirits Immortal and Ancestral, as well as my still living kin. Skumu just likes to help Kor’Garr! Nub thing else! “Should the Krug-Hai have more officer positions?” - Kuvirr Kor’garr is not the Targoth, but officer positions sound like a good idea as the army expands. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Next Week: An Archive of the War in Petra! Uruk of the Week makes a Return! More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Zkriptgoth, Owner. Skumu - Head Artist, Formatter -- [OOC - Pings and References]
  8. 【♢――】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including a wonderful BRAND! The scent of jungle berries wafts from vividly colored inks... but for some reason the printing looks rushed, formatting slightly off. 【♢――】 Vol. Dub (III) Azh’Kint”Azhty’Gahk (CXIII) (113) of the Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ FOREWORD Many of you wonderful readers have been wondering why this wasn't released yet, or will have questions about the lack of some usual topics we include. Simply put, Kor'garr is still recovering from severe injusries at the vicious maw and toxins of an exotic broodmother lurker of some horrific origin. More details will be released soon, so We here at the Kaktuz Weekli apologize for the substandard issue. On the other hand, this is getting written anyways because something is better than nothing... And also due to many here giving Kor'garr some very much needed advice the Kaktuz Weekli is looking for writers, reporters and other employees to help make the article part of this organization less of a one orc show. Amendments to this issue may come in the future, maybe not. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As all across Almaris might know, the undead scourge once known as Cloudbreaker has been defeated by a grand coalition of forces from across Almaris! Irrespective of origins, brave warriors, magic users, medics, and ballista crews worked together to defend the city of Balian from a long siege as a group of expert adventurers fought to destroy the accursed vessel animating the dead dragon… And all forces were successful. While lives were lost in the glorious battle against the Buurz, the sacrifices of the honorable souls are not in vain. A special edition of the Kaktuz Weekli will be released in the near future containing greater details, a recounting of the many events that occurred, and interviews with multiple sources that took part in the battle. If you have reached out about interviews, do not worry, Kor'garr will meet with lat soon. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ THE RISE OF A NEW IRON HORDE! In an unprecedented reveal, a Kukaal (Clan Leader) of Clan Akaal has announced a challenge for the position of Rex against the currently reigning Rex Willy of San’Velku. A public missive posted upon the walls of San’Velku, explains Ar-Borok Akaal’s motivation to shift Krugmar towards a more aggressive stance “against the deceiver, against her necromancers, mystiks, vampyrs and other darkspawns'' as the lands of Almaris prepare for War once more. This is after various claims of Rex Willy, despite being a good diplomat, remaining inactive concerning other hostile nations and the progress of the Iron Horde in general. Meanwhile Ar-Borok is an individual notorious for controversy, including an incident creating tensions between Krugmar and Aaun during the Siege of Shattered Skies. Kaktuz Weekli staff, present in person when the challenge was stated, quote from Ar-Borok “As the Wagh on darkness goes on, it is time for us to return to an age of war. Willy is not a warrior, he is a diplomat, a [Redacted] good one. I had talks with the Wargoths of Clan Ugluk and of Clan Lur, with the Dominus and Rex. Here and now, I claim the title of Rex of the Iron Horde.” We all eagerly awaited Rex Willy’s response and it turns out the former Rex does approve of the mantle passing down. Unfortunately an official Honor Klomp, a practice not seen in generations, will not be assembled for the Spirits to show their favor upon either potential leader… but other leadership announcements have created much change in the Iron Horde. Droku of Clan Lur has taken the title of Huntsgoth to announce a Hundred Year Votar, Kybal of the Akaals is stepping up as leader of their clan, and Skullcrusher of Clan Raguk will now command the Iron Horde’s military as Targoth of the Krug-Hai. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Foreign Affairs: WARNING! A TRAITOR AT LARGE! Despite our recent victory against the Buurz, Kor’garr believes this information is quite important. Recently the leadership of the Iron Horde and spiritual nations at large have released announcements declaring the one formerly known as Kul’Raguk to be a Whitewash and affiliated with the Darkspawn! Specifically, This horrid traitor has aligned itself with beings of necromantic and demonic natures, dishonored the spirits, interrupted the sacred process of a venture into the Spiritual Realms, and openly become a worshiper of cursed Ibless. In turn, Clan Raguk has stripped the Whitewash of all titles and affiliations. In effect, this means Kul “The Red Worm” should be apprehended or killed on sight by the armed forces of any spiritualist or Darkspawn opposing nation. The traitor is a crimson red skinned being around six feet tall, commonly wearing robes and a mask to disguise the lack of proper orcish tusks. Caution is recommended as there have been sightings of Kul using dark magics of unknown nature to evade capture. In addition, an Azh’Kint (100) Minas bounty has been placed upon the head of this horrid criminal, to be presented to the gates of Krugmar either dead or alive. Please contact the Kaktuz Weekly or San’Velku personnel immediately upon capture or murder of this blight upon our lands, so the reward may be handed out accordingly. Individuals to be sought out include the Motsham Al-Uk Yar of the Grand Moot, Ker Shaman Jusiam Guzmia of Nor’asath, Kaktuz Weekli owner Kor’garr the Clanless, Challenging Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal, or Dominus Madoc’Lur of the Iron Horde. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ “More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Issues will (now) always be released during the later half of the Grand Harvest. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Writer, Zkriptgoth. Skumu - Artist, Formatter [OOC - Pings and References] References
  9. [!] Letters, printed in the vivid inks of jungle berries and flora, make their way to all corners of Almaris [!] ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ To all those who participated in the Siege of the Shattered Skies, In efforts to properly record the whole truth of those brave and honorable actions taken by every living being who fought against the cursed Undead, we invite you to send recollections, details, or even mere snippets of your valiant efforts taken during this glorious Wagh. These missives will be collected for publication and annotation within the next issue of our newspaper in a record breaking epic of an upcoming headline article. Whether warrior, paladin, archer, medic, shaman, citizen, even those of the Dragon-blood or users of the voidal scourges; All are welcome to reply. Of particular interest would be record of our brave allies who fell in battle defending the lives of us all, so they may properly be remembered and welcomed into the stars above wherever their souls might go. And even if you are some still rotting enemy, wishing to let the world know of your continued existence... Kor'garr will spread your name as well, so we can make sure to crush you more permanently next time. Please send responses by bird or contact Kor'garr the Clanless in person at Blarg Nyx (Zero) in the city of San'Velku, Wagh Nation of Krugmar. Thank you all. May Ghorza bless your travels, The Staff of the Kaktuz Weekli. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦
  10. 【♢――♦】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including a brand new BRAND! 【♢――♦】 Vol. Dub (II) Azh’Kint”Azhty’Azh (CXI) (111) of the Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ It is time for all to sharpen their blades, don their armor, and prepare for a grand assault against our Great Enemy! Recently the Rex Willi of San’Velku, in keeping with the honour and courage of Krug-kind, has declared that the Iron Horde shall stand alongside our allies in Balian to defeat a new threat. In his own words, “The urukim of the Iron Horde declare their full support, militarily and logistically, to the people of Balian in the wake of threats of destruction from the undead dragon known as Cloudbreaker” This support will encompass everything from soldiers, weapons, and magic, to more nub-klomping aid such as protection and vital needs for the civilians forced away from their homes after the undead filth’s brutal attack upon their capital. The Kaktuz Weekli staff are filled with pride and inspiration upon seeing the people of Krugmar set aside the vile curse of Bloodlust in order to work together with our fellow descendants in Honorable combat against our true foes; the darkness that threatens all life upon Almaris. In the meantime, the shara Rex known as His Royal Majesty Alexander the Azht (I) of Balian has announced a grand summit for all the nations of Almaris to attend, so that more of Descendant kind can work together in defeating this monstrosity! In the Human Kings missive he explains “It is with these desires that we establish ‘The Atrus Covenant’, to mark both the occasion of this summit and to cement our united goal in staving off the onslaught of the undead Cloudbreaker and its minions.” Which is a lot of zhara blah for “Lets get ready to Klomp a Nubded Dragon.” PREPARE FOR THE WAGH, EVERYONE! Such an event will happen on the Azhty’H’gakhth (XVIII) day of the next Daumanlob (Snow’s Maiden) at their Palati Monterosa (Kor’garr assumes that’s their bub’hozhest and most fancy castle). ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ After an understandable pause in frustrations due to the general good cheer during the Krugsmas celebrations across Almaris, it is regrettable to see a return to the usual hostilities between the proud Iron Ugz and our aggressive neighbors to the South. The children of Krug have by no means forgotten the past offenses against them, including various heretical insults, slander, false claims against our Rex, and recently the senseless slaughter of a brother who was blessed by the spirits himself to be gifted animalistic features in honor of the Brazen Bull, all of which no apologies have been issued for. Because of this, Rex Willy of San’Velku has released an announcement declaring the Banishment and exile of all those who follow the banner of Celia’nor from lands of the Horde, in order to, in his own words, “Protect all citizens of the Iron Horde from the destructive tendencies and dark magicks the people of Celia’nor wield and use at their disposal with little to no regard for the rest of the realm.” The Kaktuz Weekli wonders how the void-aligned and darkspawn colluding nation will respond, if they decide to at all. The obstinance of the ‘elven’ nation concerning political matters is quite well known at this point… ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Whispers have been spreading around the spiritual circles, mentions of celebration and trials… The Kaktuz Weekli refers, of course, to the upcoming Vau’Loz! The Vau’Loz is a grand ceremony spanning the lengths of multiple Cactus Weeks, where believers in the spirits from all nations and origins gather to compete in trials, give offerings, and prove their belief and strength in the eyes of the Spirits! This event has not occurred in many, many ages, yet the creation of the Grand Moot has finally brought back the connections required to make such a wonderful display of honor, strength, and worship take place. After some discussion with the event organizers, Kor’garr is delighted to announce the Moot is seeking event hosts, organizers, announcers, and laborers of all kinds to help prepare the events and contests. Such work shall be done in Krugmar, Nor’asath, and even other locations, consisting of both building event sites and representing the Moot during said events. Please reach out to Kor’garr or the esteemed Zhomo Qudlia Jusmia for more information, either in person or with a bird… Agh yub, Kor’garr will provide payment. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Many wish to warm up by a roaring flame during the winter chill, or recover from the heat of too much mead with a taste of winter. In that case, look no further than the wonderfully soothing Orcish beverage known as an Ungri Cocolog. Originally made my the brilliant goblin Nin’sqeek’Ungri for her ravenous Olog brethren to recuperate after one too many holiday feasts (hence the name) this splendidly sweet treat is made with decadent amounts of rich pale milk combined with decadent dark chocolate for all to enjoy. This festive bittersweetness is then balanced by the generous dollops of honey and her special ingredient of infused oracle wood extract, creating a soothing calm that can settle even the most voracious olog’s hanger tantrums. What’s best is this special beverage can be served either chilled (making a rich layer of cream float atop the heavier liquid) or heated (making for a smoother drink that will alleviate any post blizzard sniffles)! Kor’garr personally enjoys his cocolog piping hot with some of those wonderful marshmallow cubes the musin introduced me to, as they slowly melt into the beverage over time for more sugary goodness. Nevertheless, these drinks come in staggeringly large bottles and should be consumed quickly after opening, lest the rich milk spoil in warmer weather. P.S. Kor’garr has experienced first hand the folly of serving this to Musin. It is milk based, and they cannot handle dairy to save their stomachs… Please don’t, for everyone’s sake, let them drink it without ample warning. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This is a wonderful time for any worshiper of the spirits! Recently our renowned Motsham (head shaman) Al-Uk'Yar has announced the beginning of a grand union between spiritual states and nations across all of Almaris! This coalition begins with the formation of deeper ties between the shamanistic circles of Krugmar and the Ashen State of Nor'Asath, and with the spirits blessings will grow to include the Halfling peoples in our near future. In the meantime, concerns have been raised over the origins of the mojo known only to the writer as “Blood Alchemy” within the Iron Horde. Practitioners claim there is no relation to Dark sources of any kind since it follows the methods of alchemy and the strength of Krug-kind’s ancestral vitality, while spiritual traditionalists under the leadership of our new Motsham call the newly popularized art a disgrace to proper shamanism and worship of the spirits. Only time will tell how this brewing conflict continues to unfold within the Horde. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This issue’s Uruk of the Week is our new rising star, brother Bumba’Akaal! I was very excited to interview my fellow orc at the Betharuz Tavern and hear all about his recent achievements; This wonderful brother has some hefty aspirations and the strength to peep them through to victory! Note that the following are written in approximations of verbal blah to better capture the character of both interview participants. ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor'garr: …Zoh diz iz dah tik tu kall latzelv vanzi nayms agh tytulz. [A short chuff of mirth before the interview continues.] Zo, Whoo iz Bumba'Akaal? Dr Bumba'Akaal: Mi ahm Bumba'Akaal, Kukaal ov clan Akaal, Medicgoth ov da Iron'Uzg, Haruspex agh Witch Doctor, Shaman ov Grizh agh Healing. Kor’garr: Yub, veri hozh! Dat'zag lot uv tytulz, agh nub-urukz moight noht uhndurztand awl uv dehm. Kayr tu ixplayn abowtz lat being dah Medicgovv nowz? Dr Bumba'Akaal: Ah yub. Mi have years agh yearz ov experience sakrificing people agh thingz, zo mi haz learned ah deep grukkage on da body agh wub it takes to heal it. Zo mi will uze my haruzpexy agh zhomizm fer such. Kor’garr: Yub, agh 'ow wihl daht grukkage ov zakrivyze 'elp lat en dah duteez ov Medicgovv? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Well… Der ahm alot ov wayz it will do zuch… mi planz on expanding da medikal zervicez ov da goi. Mi wantz to create ah group ov medical profezzionalz dat haz ah high succezz rate in saving bruddahz like… fifty percent, yub. Agh den mi wantz to make uz well known zo all da Uzg can gruk da powur uv urukim medicinez! Kor’garr: Dat iz'ag veri ambizhuz goal, Doktor Bumba! Wihl deez medikul zervicez bi moztly vor emurgenzi, ohr alzo teyk kayr uv moar muhndayn helth izzuez en dah goi? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi zervicez will be open to all peepul, yub… it ahm important fer all people, evun nub-uruks, to have accezz to affordable medicine. While mi practicez ahm extremely, extremely, bub'painful, dey ahm efficient agh will lead to helping bruddahz agh people, yub. Kor’garr: Wehl, wi moight wunt tu yuze zum blizzvoyl vor dah nub-urukz… Meybi'ag travel ohr tryp tu zhow lat'z zkyllz en medizine moight bi hozh vor latz buzinezz tu zpred. Dr Bumba’Akaal: Yub, mi planz on traveling around agh offering mi zkillz to people, but dat ahm ah few yearz down da road…. Firzt mi needz to turn the medical offices into ah known resource, yub. Kor’garr: Dat iz'ag hozh ideyuh, yub. Agh how much wihl lat bi yuzing zhomoizm en dah clinic'z regyulur akzhunz? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi will uze zhomoizm a lot, ezpecially on more extreme zituationz like lozing limbz agh zkak… But mi grukz medical haruzpexy ahm ah more holliztic experience, yub. Kor’garr: Kor'garr wihl peep vorwurd tu dah moar widezpred yuze uv Haruzpexy dehn. …Wehl, daht zhuld bi awl Kor'garr needz, unlezz lat gotz eny lazt rimarkz vor dah reedurz? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi latz remarkz iz dat mi wizhez to uze mi incredible expertize in medicine to zhow da Uzg da greatnezz ov urukim agh zhow dat der ahm honor in every tik ov profession! ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As everyone can see, our new Medicgoth is an exemplary model that Honor is not only to be found on the battlefield or through taking lives, but also by saving them and allowing our fellows to fight another day. Surely more like him will be needed in the coming times, and the Kaktuz Weekli is delighted to find out how his career in medicine develops! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Recently Skumu has acquired a buub, it was a Krugzmaz gift from Kor'Garr. Skumu is very very thankful, so adding onto Kaktuz weekli is a segment where Skumu shall draw a buub for you all and give you a fact about them! This issue is about how much smarter buubz are than howlers! Buubz are so much smarter they remember where grub is and will never forget! They love grub just like so many Bruddas! Also they can play games! They are the fifth ( H’ ) Most intelligent animal in the world! Skumu loves Buubz so much! Here is Skumu's Buub! His name is Kor'Garr Jr! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ “More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Issues will (now) always be released during the later half of the Grand Harvest. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations.” ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Writer, Zkriptgoth. Skumu - Artist, Formatter [OOC - Pings and References]
  11. [!] Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would be unskillfully formatted, with a noticable lack of pictures or other artwork. [!] THE KAKTUZ WEEKLI Vol. Azh (I) Azh’kint’H’ (XV) (105) Second Age Current Events KRUGMAR SLANDERIZED, HYPOCRISY RAMPANT While the topic of Krugmar’s great war against those beings now referred to as the Synods was going to be the headline piece of this issue, Kor’garr cannot simply watch and do nothing as the Ugz lays outrageous accusations at the feet of all Krug-kind. Consider this an apology for the obvious emotion and clear lack of neutrality in the following article. Recently news of the most cursed being Iblees’ return has been announced, and with it a resounding volley of claims that our Rex and those under him have forsaken the spirits and instead bent the knee to serve under the very being responsible for our curse. In particular, The Albai Princess Valyris Ibarellan directly stated in official writing “The Rex has sworn fealty to Iblees” and “prepares for war alongside the Betrayer’s loyal necromancers.” [!] The piece continues on another page further in... [!] ORC KULTURE - Grog agh Grub Prove Your Strength! Heart-eating and its Benefits. It is well known among the children of Krug that simply defeating a foe in battle is not the best of ways to show your own strength over a bested enemy. Instead, it is common for Orcs to obtain and eat the vital organs of adversaries who have proven especially worthy, as a way of absorbing their strength and climbing it as our own! One muscle of special importance where this is concerned is the heart of a slain enemy, representing their vitality in battle and the flow of their Grizsh (The Blah word for blood, which usually alludes to one of the three famous Orcish humors). In order to show true conquest and growth through the ferocity of battle, a freshly fallen enemy's heart will be carefully harvested with a special blade and then consumed at the site of victory raw and uncooked, to better preserve the echoes of lingering life and appease the spirits. A greater amount of the organ being consumed displays a greater victory over the foe and growth in strength, while being unable to stomach the chosen quantity of raw flesh will show clear signs of arrogance and weakness, not being able to withstand the power of a foe you have already bested. In a less ceremonial sense the consumption of vital organs in a raw form helps young Uruks with their swift maturity and need for large amounts of fresh meat to bolster their quickly growing forms… And let’s not forget that hearts are wonderfully tasty, albeit more dense and gamey than other meats. Kor’garr recommends pairing raw heart with lighter and sweeter beverages such as Cactus Fruit Wine, in order to provide a better contrast between the fragrant aromas of fresh fruit and the metallic tang of a freshly slain foe. Also, against some foes the consumption of their raw and unpurified flesh is a distinctly poor idea, such as those tainted by Buurz’Mojo or the cursed taint of Iblees. The Kaktuz Weekli is nub responsible if you flat yourself from poor decision making. ORC KULTURE - Spiritualism The Spirit of Ublulhar! With this being the first ever issue of the Kaktuz Weekli, now would be a great time to mention the spirit known as Ublulhar, patron of hope and new beginnings! A well known and welcomed entity to praise among Krug-kind, Ublulhar is known for supporting acts of creation and welcoming change towards a brighter future. His commonly represented form is that of a small entling, or living tree, bursting from the ground, symbolizing the growth of new life. Uruks tend to avoid the usual methods of sacrifice when worshiping this spirit, instead tending to the growth of young plants or animals as a way to show devotion to the optimism of Ublulhar’s concepts. ORC KULTURE - Uruk uv da Week This is Uruk of the Week, a section where we highlight a member of our great Horde to talk with and ask them about themselves! With the lack of tik available for interviews, this particular issue is less of an interview and more of a self-introduction. So… Kor’garr Blahs “Ug”. Kor’garr is a Clanless orc that was born in the year 1770 of the first age, being brought to Almaris as a child. I am an accomplished Blacksmith, Dinker of Grog, Diplomat, Friend of Musin, and have even been Rex of the Iron Horde in the past back when it was called the Wagh Nation of Krugmar. My favorite hobbies include beating up giant beasts and collecting bottles of fine alcohol to display in my tower. I am an orc of the Red Sand born under the constellation of Ghorza during Agongraz (or the Amber Cold for the Nub’Uruks)... Ah, and I have a distinctly glorious handlebar mustache. Aside from all that, I am now the owner of the Kaktuz Weekli, though it is more of a one-uruk show at the moment than anything else. Q&A CORNER Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! Since this is the azht issue, of course, there is nothing to respond to yet. Ending Comments Staff Notes: “More will be added in later issues! Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Issues will always be released during the later half of the Amber Cold. Also please note we are hiring artists for photography, art, and formatting purposes. ” (OOC References) (OOC P.S.)
  12. [!] Large posters would be displayed throughout Krugmar, writ upon in bulky yet elegant Blah. Similar works in a surprisingly refined common are spread through Almaris on thick missives of parchment. [!] EMPLOYEES WANTED! As some of you might know, Krugmar will soon release the premier issue of a high quality publication known as the Kaktuz Weekli, a newspaper organized by Kor'garr the Clanless to inform both Krug-kind and Nub-Uruks of Krugmarian happenings. Topics of discussion will include important events both domestic and foreign, explanations of old history, and articles upon Orc Kulture for all to know and understand. For this task we are seeking talented artists and writers to participate in the creation of articles and various media references. Employment will include payment of various kinds, particulars of which can be negotiated with Kor'Garr. Orc heritage is not required, and neither is an understanding of Blah (or Uld Blah), though willingness to become familiar with Uruk Kulture is highly recommended. Please send birds or inquire in person at San'Velku for more information, as positions are limited and time-sensitive. Spirits guide your path, Kor'garr the Clanless
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