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Found 7 results

  1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Latest: Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requests Closed -PMC added -Halfling and human spoilers added. Request Form: CLOSED Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- CLOSED..
  2. Sa`vi Lord of the Craft Community I leave here my application to become one of you I hope you like it and I might be able to see you IG soon! What’s your Minecraft account name?: My minecraft account name is Idlesoul and its my only account, it belongs to me. ( I say this because many servers ask if the account might belong to someone else) ( I am also trying to give you as much information of myself as possible as I really want to join your community) How old are you?: I am seventeen years old (May 9, 1999) What timezone are you in?: I live in Bogota Colombia which belongs to the UTC -5 timezone Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): I am aware the server is PG 13 it's understandable as there is some maturity required to role playing. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: I have read most of the rules, currently I am only missing the rules during war, which I am expecting not to be a part of as I am a bit young (my character I mean) I am hoping to introduce some kind of reading of the rules of war as my training. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: I agree with the rules that refer to metagaming and power emoting I think it's fair and the best way to keep the gaming experience as real as possible. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): I do not understand the rules on picking locks. I don't really understand if the things I leave on a chest are safe when I log off or if I should keep them on my person. I do not understand properly how the skills or professions work either so I hope I would learn more about those things for sure. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: I like minecraft and I like roleplaying games I went into a minecraft server list and used Role Playing as a key term for my search and it. When I saw its "video promotion" I fall in love with it. I started browsing the website and wiki and I really started to wish to become a part of it. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): I have logged into the server at least once. Definitions What is roleplaying?: For me role playing is when you are playing as a character different than yourself and you really focus on trying to correctly interact with other people respecting their characters and your character and trying to be as accurate with your bios and your contexts. (If I am a Kha I am supposed to know about my religion and the main paths my race and I follow. In the case of the Kha's The Way of Bayla) This interactions and actions as a character assuming a role different than that of myself is roleplaying. What is metagaming?: Metagaming is when you act in order to gain advantage of a situation when your character doesn't have a way to possess the information that you are using to take that advantage. For example if I hear the Kha will go to war outside of the game because of the murder of an important figure I cannot avoid that murder when I haven't heard one of the conspirators talk about it in front of me IG. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: Power-emoting or power gaming is when you do an action against another character and do not leave space for the other character to act on it. For example if I say "I sneak behind an Orc and cut his leg off" the other character doesn't have a moment to react to my actions. While if I say "I sneak behind an orc and swing my blade aiming to cut his leg off" the other character has the ability to roleplay the situation and maybe counteract my actions. In-Character Information Character’s name: Thorano' Tar Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Kha Pantera Character’s age: My character is nineteen years old I know it's not a fully mature Kha but I want to have some time to train my skills before I explore the world. I want to try to learn from other Ka's as I know I am not perfect and learning from my elders is an important step in my training. Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add three references to the server lore.): (where does your character come from?; where have they traveled to?; what year were they born in? etcetera.) My character was born in a Kha refugee cart while his parents were looking for a place to survive. The divisions that scarred the Kha and Va'Kha had made them panic and run away constantly from one place to another, in search for a better life. With the promises of peace coming from the way of Bayla they decided it was time to settle down in a city and commit their lives to teach their son how to be the greatest he can ever possibly be. Teaching him to always look after the lost, love everyone around him, keep peace and balance with nature and above all taking care of his body as it was a sacred gift. As he grew up he became skilled at the art of fishing, with help from his father, ThoranoTar was able to master this skill, always thanking nature for what it had provided for him. In his early years his parents noticed he was no ordinary Kha and he had abilities that no other kid his age had. He had an especial way of understanding nature and speaking to it. When his father and mother saw him they believed that he resembled the moonblades. As he grew they noticed he had a thing for female kha's as well it may be a horrible characteristic if he wasn't so loving and gentle toward them. He was also constantly sneaking around avoiding the guards of the city or town he was in trying to find the people who might need his assistance. Most of the time he just gave them food and drinks but some times he tended to their wounds with bandages that were made from wool of the sheep's he took care of while he wasn't fishing. His parents filled his nights with stories of golden cities full of Khas and stories about orc cities that were located in the deserts. Dwarven fortresses deep within the earth, yet by far his favorite story was that of the Kha of Karakatua and the Va`Ka and how despite being the same race their ideas brought them to a civil war, that is until the way of bayla arrived to guide them to a peaceful future. As time passed and his parents grew older with him he realized their health was quickly deteriorating. They were no longer the healthy Kha's that they had been when he was a child. He knew they had lived a long time and had gone through a lot of events that might leave a permanent scar in one's soul. He promised them in their deadbed that he will make sure to put what they had taught him to the best use possible, he also whispered one promise in their ears as both of them exhaled their final breath. He then proceeded to fulfill their wishes and those of the way of Bayla by giving their remains back to nature. He knew that his parents were hardworking people and he wished that they rested where nature was at its strongest. He packed his back and gathered all his belongings. He was heading towards the Wood Elves city. He needed to fulfill his promise and that city was the best place to start. Before he departed he found an old trinket, a gold earring that had to moons, a full moon and a crescent one, it reminded him of the way his mother called him when he was a kitten "Moon Hollowed". In that moment he realized that would be his title in this upcoming adventure. An adventure that is about to unfold... (I had some trouble writing this bio as the wiki has no information on the history of the isles of axios and what I have gathered from my explorations might not be 100% accurate.) (I have read the history of the other continents and I am trying to include as much lore as possible.) Personality Traits: (what are your character's quirks?; habits?; likes and dislikes?) +Humble +Flirty +Agile +Stealthy ^Distracted ^Tends to go unnoticed ^Has really good hearing which sometimes gets him in trouble ^Tends to play a lot with his jewelry pieces ^Tends to eat a lot ^Practice sword combat ^Practice axe combat ^Practice hand to hand combat ^Practice marksmanship ^Fishing, cooking and being surrounded by animals and plants ! fishing ! a neat house ! good food ! helping others ! respecting nature ! a good adventure !a good view -unneeded violence -disrespect toward nature -seeing people suffer -war -hate speech -racial discrimination -dark magics +Characteristics ^Quirks and habits ! Likes - Dislikes Ambitions: (what does your character aspire to be?) My character aspires to become someone of great importance that can bring balance to the relationships between the races and also between nature. He hopes to fulfill his promise to his parents and also bring the Kha to become a proud race that act as the keepers of nature and the way of Strengths/Talents: (what is your character really, really good at?) My character has several strengths he is far from being over powered but he is willing to learn in order to become a fearsome Warrior and guardian of the Kha culture and nature itself. Some of his main strengths are: +Cooking +Fishing +Farming +Breeding +Dagger and sword combat +Axe combat +Archery +Hand to hand combat +Sneaking Weaknesses/Inabilities: (what is a skill that your character needs to work on?) My character has difficulties with skills like -mining -woodcutting -weaponsmithing -woodworking -riding animals -armour crafting He feels these actions hurt nature so hasn't started to practice them. He finds it hard to practice skills like: -alchemy -enchanting -magic As he has no knowledge on the arcane planes, yet. Appearance: Like most if not all Ka' Pantera my character has dark hair, he has two jewelry pieces in his left ear that represent a promise to his parents. He wears a belt and quiver made of an alloy of gold and bronze and he has two shoulder pads, he has a scar in his right eye from some climbing he did as a kitten. He has a long tail and he has sharp claws. He is taller than most Khas and he has trained hard to get a good physique. Skin: This is my skin, I made it because of how much emotion I feel about maybe (I really hope) getting whitelisted in this amazing server. I received help from a friend with the basics but I covered all the main details, face, clothing, accessories and any fur patterns. Mul'ta for taking the time of going through my application I hope I get to be a part of this wonderful community.
  3. [Muun'] ForeverGinger's TA

    MC name: ForeverGinger Character's name and age: Ja'Ketzawl, 130 Character’s Race: Kharajyr Link to your accepted magic application: What magics do you desire to teach?: Muun'Trivazja (Post-Rewrite) Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Before one can begin to understand the way Muun'trivazja works, one must first understand the source of the magic, Muun. Muun is the Daemonic energy Metztli, the goddess of time, gifted to her followers with when the Kharajyr Priesthood first began practicing the art. Any spells a practitioner of the magic may cast are fueled by their personal stores of Muun. Priests, instead of naturally regenerating Muun at a fixed rate, are limited by the amount of Daemonic energy they can hold at any given time. Once a student has used up their allotment, then must revisit a Moonpool to recharge their supply. As one continues practicing Muun'trivazja, one would find the amount of energy they could hold at a time steadily begin to grow. Now, on to the magic itself. The second generation of Muun'trivazja is split into three sub-schools of magic, Moonbinding, Moongazing and Cronoshaping. Moonbinding is the art of winding Muun into a block of specially prepared Lapis in order to give it special properites. Any items made via this method must be achievable through use of the magic so one could not, for instance, Moonbind a scimitar that shoots lightning or a shield that nullifies magic. Moonbinders are also not able to enchant an object with a spell that is a higher Tier than their current Moonbinding level so a Tier 5 Moonbinder can only bind spells that are possible at Tier 4 or lower. Moongazing is the art of channeling Muun' and allowing a student of Muun'trivazja to turn their gaze on events in the future or the past. Moongazers are able to channel their Muun' into a sort of lens that allows them, and only them, to see through time. Moongazers can also focus their vision on a specific person or event, but only with the aid of an object that was owned by said person or was central to said event. It should be noted that if one is attempting to Moongaze something in the future, it must always been done with GM permission and will most likely be hazy and impercise, similar to a prophetic vision. Moongazing a specific player is only possible if you have OOC consent from that player ahead of time. The longer one practices Moongazing, the sharper and more definite the visions become, at the cost of the Moongazer's eyesight. The final sub-school of Muun'trivazja is Cronoshaping and is by far the most powerful of the arts. Cronoshaping is the ability to manipulate time in a given area. A Cronoshaper is able to shroud the area they wish the manipulate in a thin layer of their Muun', manifesting it into a sort of Temporal Fog. The area afflicted with the Daemonic energy cannot be entered or exited by those inside once it is shrouded, as the timestream of the area begins to move in accordance to the Priest's whim. A Cronoshaper begins by learning to speed or slow time in a very small area, and steadily progresses to actually rewinding or even stopping time within the area shrouded in Muun'. Cronoshaping, while being arguably the most powerful and versatile Muun' art, is extremely taxing to the user and, if done on a large enough scale, can actually cause premature aging as a result of meddling with the timestream. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Ketzawl lowers himself into the rushes spread around the Moonpool, his pale eyes reflecting the glow of the sacred waters. The wizened Kha' lowers the hood of his robes and turns towards his student, "Thee furst lesson a student uuf thee Priesthood learns ees ha'ow tuu store Muun'. Na'ow, thees Kha' already knows that Muun' ees thee gift uuf Metztli, and what lets Priests carry out her will. What yaw duu not know ees where eet comes from." Ketzawl gestures towards the pool, directing his student's eyes towards the softly pulsing waters. "Thees ees thee great secret uuf thee Priesthood. Our powers duu not come from thee Kha', instead, eet ees gifted from Muuna. Thee Priests are notheeng more than vessels uuf Muuna's will, and her gifts reflect that. Storeeng Muun' ees the first task any student undertakes. Na'os, get eentuu thee water." Ketzawl lowers himself into the pool, his student hopefully doing likewise, until the two are standing at eye level. The waters pulse a bit brighter as the priest and his student enter, sending faint shadows flickering across the cave walls. "Na'ow, close your eyes. Breath deeply. Duu yaw feel that, thee pulse and flow around yaw? Guud, guud. Reach out tuu the flow, step eentuu eet, become one weeth eet. Let the energy een until yaw can nawt huuld anyee more..." The light of the pool grows brighter as the student concentrates, the pulse echoing their beating heat as they struggle to draw Muun' into themselves. What little energy they do manage to siphon from the pool coils deep inside them, sitting like a cold stone in the pit of their stomach. "Eet ees not a guud feeleeng, thee first time, ees eet?" Ketzawl crows as his student struggles to hold on to the Daemonic energy, "Weeth time, yaw weel be able tuu control eet, but for na'ow yaw must focus on holdeeng eet. Duu not let thee Muun' leave yaw. Hold eet fuur as long as yaw can, then try again. Duu thees until thee breath burns een yawr lungs and yawr legs grow weak." Ketzawl steps out of the pool, pulling the hood of his robes back up over his head, his eyes glittering opaquely in the fading light. "When thees Kha' is able tuu keep thee Muun' inside them fuur a full day and a full night, come and speak tuu Ketzawl once more." Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: Nope
  4. The Phases of the Moon: (Second Generation Muun’Trivazja) “Strands of fate now do entwine, / Both mind and soul are my design. / Safeguard not my children near, / Mine is the vessel of love and fear.” ~Visions of Nightfall I Introduction: As the moon waxes and wanes, so does the goddess who embodies it and the powers of those who worship her. The Kharajyr, through their faith in Metztli, were granted a boon from their divine mother. Yet as the seasons change, and the tides ebb and flow, so does the magic of the Kha’ change and twist in new and surprising ways. After their move to the Xerdali Isles, the Priests of the Kha’ were struck with a trinity of powerful visions, all foretelling great changes in the life of the Kharajyr. The first came to pass in the destruction of the old island and the rise of a new Tla’. The second to come was the rebirth of Muun’Trivazja. In the past, the Priests of the Kharajyr wielded great power in the form of Daemonic energy, yet like the ever changing moon above, their powers warped and twisted in great and terrifying ways. While the very essence of the magic remained with the Kha’, the nature in which it manifests itself differs greatly from what it once was. Muun’ and Metztli: Metztli is the goddess and creator of the Kharajyr. Old tales speak of her spiriting away children in the dead of night, with only the stars to witness, to bring to an island paradise of her own making. There she fused the children body and soul with the ocelots of the island through many twisted, magic-riddled experiments. Casting the husks of her failures into a pocket plane known as The Ordium, Metztli toiled on until one night the fruits of her labors were rewarded. Upon the beaches of the island stood an ocelot in human guise, his fur white as freshly fallen snow. The first of the Kharajyr was born, Tla’Jhaan, he of the purest form. Metztli was filled with the maternal need to protect her creation, to nurture him in a cold and unforgiving world. She had created the pinnacle of perfection, and sought to replicate her accomplishment, but could never achieve the level of beauty imbued in the first. Nevertheless, she continued to fill the island with other, lesser copies of her creation until the day came where they were able to sustain themselves. She then left, departing the island to leave her children to thrive on their own. Though the Kharajyr had no knowledge of their creation, they continued to live on their island paradise, presuming they were always there and always would be. They had no inkling that a divine power had created them, and their worship was nonexistent. To the ancient tribes, survival was all that mattered. Metztli, feeling neglected by the very things she had birthed, decided to become once more entwined in the lives of her children. She returned to the Kha’, gifting their oldest and wisest with signs and visions, hoping they would unravel the secret of their own creation. Through much trial and more error, Metztli bestowed upon the Kharajyr Priests the ability to harness and utilize her Daemonic energy to further carry out her wishes. She also gifted them with the Stone of Metztli, a jurassic relic that would allow Priests to attune to her will. The Magic (General Overview/Muun’/Uses): Moongazing is based around the summoning and manipulation of the Daemonic energy of time Metztli gifted to her most devout followers, often referred to as ‘Muun’. A Priest would not use Mana to power their spells (Although using it to manipulate the spells that they summon), instead calling upon the energy gifted to them from their goddess. Each priest, instead of naturally regenerating Muun’ at a fixed rate, has a certain amount of energy that they can store within themselves. Priests must routinely visit a Moonpool to restore their energy, regardless of their individual capacity. As a side note, Metztli’s Daemonic Energy can be channeled in a variety of colors, ranging from silvery-blue to dark purple. This is purely an aesthetic thing, however, and does not impact the magic in any way. A priest can channel their Muun’ in a myriad of ways. Moonbinding, Moongazing and Chronoshaping are the three schools of Muun’trivazja and all follow the basic principles of time manipulation. Moonbinding is the ability to channel Muun’ energy into lapiz lazuli that has been specially prepared in order to enchant it with a variety of properties. Moongazing is harnessing Muun’ in order to see events that have transpired, have yet to come, or are occurring at the present time. Finally, Chronoshaping is the ability to manipulate time within an area, slowing, or speeding it at will. Stone of Metztli (Manifesting, De-Manifesting): The Stone of Metztli is an Ancient Kharajyr Artifact created by Metztli. The Stone manifests itself as an enormous fragment of lapis lazuli, with waves of immense power emanating from its core. It is extremely fragile, to the point of shattering with very little force. It would not withstand an attack, shattering into a myriad of crystals should it ever be broken. The Stone’s purpose is dual in nature, as both an attunement stone, as well as an anchor of time for the area directly around it, created by Metztli. Without the Stone to govern the passage of time, temporal anomalies would be a frequent occurrence within the surroundings of the stone, yet they would not cause huge issues within the realm and hardly be noticeable. The maximum distance from the stone that this happens is a hundred meters. Due to its very nature, the stone possesses the ability to reform itself soon after destruction, utilizing a level of Chronoshaping unique to its very being. It can only remain shattered for a short while, one may as well try and put an end to time itself. Whilst the stone would be summoned, any Priests within the immediate vicinity would find their energy naturally replenishing for the first time at a fixed rate. This is not permanent, as the energies would cease to regenerate once they strayed further from the stone. As part of the Higher Arts of Muun’trivazja, those who utilize the magic to the highest degree are taught how to safely summon, as well as dismiss the Stone. This would entail a lengthy process, in which the Priest would spend days on end in a deep meditation, ceaselessly chanting the same prayer repeatedly under their breath. As the Stone manifests, a thick shroud of Muun’ would fill the area, slowly coalescing before more would begin to move through the air and collect into the space, followed by a flash of light. When the light would fade, the stone would have appeared in place. While the stone would be manifested, the Priest who summoned it would remain in a state of exhaustion for however long it remained, often leading the High Priests to take turns with it summoned. The process would be repeated when it came to de-manifesting it, although the given prayers different. This would appear as the Stone of Metztli glowing a soft blue hue as wisps of the same colored light would slowly peel off of it. The stone would shrink all the while whilst this happened, until it would be gone fully. Throughout both cases, the Priest would be left exhausted. However, the stone cannot be de-manifested for an extended period of time. When the stone would not be in place, the same resulting ‘shattering’ of time would happen. Slowly at first, pockets of time across the land would begin to form anomalies of sorts. Areas might find themselves moving backwards in time, whilst others might find it sped up or simply slowed. The damage would increase the longer the stone remained unformed, until it would naturally reform randomly in Vailor on its’ own. Even if it were to reform, the Priests would easily be able to track it through moongazing due to their inner connection with the ancient artifact. Quick side note: Stone of Metztli only affects about one hundred meters(blocks) in any direction from the stone. The affects on time are not major life changing things, and remain only a minor issue when they do occur. This distance is also true to how far away a Priest must be to have his energy 'naturally' regenerate. Attunement: While ordinarily only those of Metztli’s kin work to spread her influence throughout the land, other Descendants may choose to pioneer her cause. Those who worship Metztli reverently, be them Kha’ or not, may be selected by the goddess to uphold her will. However, a special ritual enacted through the power of the Stone of Metztli will have to be undertaken; should any race, be they Descendant or Kha’, wish to rise to the task. Despite the Kharajyr’s intimate connection with Metztli, a Priest would have to fully immerse themselves in the goddess’ power via the Stone of Metztli in order to progress in learning the magic. An Elder Kharajyr Priest, one who has mastered the Higher Arts of the magic, is able to channel their energy into a Non-Kha’ acolyte of the Priesthood, forging a bond between them and their goddess and allowing them to harvest Daemonic Energy from the Moonpools. Non-Kha’ who touch the Stone without the aid of an Elder Priest would soon find themselves regretting their decision, as insanity grips their bodies and their wits scatter like dust in the wind, the unfiltered power of Metztli thundering through the halls of their fragile minds. The Magic (Moonbinding): Moonbinding is a manner of binding certain attributes that pertain to Muun’trivazja to objects. While simple in theory, this magic is capable of making a diverse array of fantastic items. However, there is a limit to what can be done with this magic. All enchantments must fall, in some way, under the Gazing or Chronoshaping subschools of Muun’trivazja. As this is energy granted by Metztli, the Daemon of Time, your enchants must still follow that basic theme. That means that you cannot Moonbind a sword that shoots fire, or gauntlets that allow you to trap Orcish Spirits (As cool as that may be). Moonbinding is achieved through a several step ritual. Firstly, the aspiring Moonbinder must find, cut, and polish a piece of lapis lazuli. The stone must then be engraved with scenes and prayers in Va’kharajyn that depict the abilities and attributes the item will have, in order to further focus the energy to its purpose. Finally, the Priest must fill the stone with Daemonic Energy drawn from their own bodies, turning the gem into a piece of Charged Lapis. It should be noted that Charged Lapis is a very fragile and delicate material to work with. Once it has become saturated with energy, the slightest mar upon the surface of the gem could cause it to violently shatter, as the energy inside of it escapes into the air. On a more technical note, a priest would find themselves unable to bind a spell greater in power than their current Moonbinding level. This means, that in order to bind, say a Tier 3 Cronoshaping spell to a piece of Charged Lapis, then one must possess a Moonbinding level that is at least one level higher than Tier 3. However, a priest of any level is still capable of channeling undirected energy into a piece of lapis to create a Focus. Focus’ are stones that calm and soothe the holder and are commonly used to help focus the energy of acolytes. Recommended Progression: Red Lines: -Items cannot hold an infinite supply of Energy. They will eventually weaken and degrade with time. -Any enchantments must be possible to accomplish with, or at least some variation upon the other two magics. -Although a non-priest can use these without any MA, they must be taught the workings of the item in character before they can do anything with the item besides blowing it up. -If anyone were to use these as a non-priest, they must read the magic lore pertaining to the enchantment they are using. The Magic (Gazing): Moongazing is the magic worth the most praise to the Kharajyr. It allows them to turn their gaze on events long past, those yet to come, and those taking place at the moment. To Moongaze into the past or future, no further preparation would be needed aside from one’s own supply of energy. However, this practice grants visions that are fuzzy and indistinct. To further focus one’s sight, a priest would require an object that pertains to the event they wish to view to act as a catalyst for triggering and focusing the vision. Thought the art comes at a cost. The use of Moongazing slowly turns those who practice it blind. By the time one has mastered the art, they would be doomed to forever walk in darkness, the price paid for their gift. Gazing into the future is an imprecise art at best. The best visions of the future, those that are most clear and direct, come when Metztli issues a prophecy to the Kharajyr. On their own, without divine intervention, the Priests are able to call up minor prophecies and omens of things to come, though the messages are often littered with misleading visions and strange riddles. Future-Gazing does not show a Priest the specifics of an event, however. Time is fluid and ever-changing. They may perhaps glimpse upon the climax of a grand crusade, but not the events leading up to it. Some visions may never come true in the first place. ((On an OOC note, one MUST have the permission of a GM before a priest is able to call up a vision of the future!)) Recommended Progression: Red Lines (there’s a lot of them): -You can not ‘Metagaze’. In this case, to find out something about someone’s character you would require their consent and speak to them in private messaging. -Moongazing into the future requires a GM/Lore Master who knows of Kha Magic, and they would be required to emote what you see. -Moongazing MAKES YOU BLIND! There is no way to avoid this. Your sight degenerates as you learn the magic. Follow the guidelines above! -Moongazing into the past can only be done up to the point where ‘Ancient History’ ends and Players had started. -To focus your Moongazing on a specific event, you would require an item or person who was there at said event. -Moongazing can currently only be projected to multiple people at once whilst using a Moonpool. This can be bypassed rarely though, and always with GM intervention (For example, the fallen Meteors for the Tomes of Power). When this would be, it would heavily tax the Priest- more so than Chronoshaping. The Magic (Chronoshaping): Chronoshaping is by far the most useful art a Priest can master, allowing them limited mastery over time itself. A priest would begin by gathering their Energy before shrouding the targeted area in a thin layer of mist. Through this Temporal Fog, one could see the flow of time being manipulated in the area, be it quickened, slowed or reversed. While Chronoshaping is a very powerful art, it has its limitations. One cannot create a paradox effect with the magic. The mist that forms surrounding an area is an indicator that that place has been severed from the regular flow of time. The displaced segment of time then begins to flow in accordance to the Priest’s whims, speeding, slowing or even reversing at their command as opposed to the regular flow of time. This means that once someone enters the area being affected they continue to flow with the original timestream. However, anything that was in the mist prior to the severing of the timeline will move with the new flow. That is why Chronoshapers don’t turn themselves to dust when speeding or rewinding time. The magic can be limited to a small area, as when one needs to heal wounds or rewind a small object, or it can be spread wide over a large structure. As a general guideline, the larger the area you want to affect, the thinner your mist is spread, and the less control you have over time in an area. Recommended Progression: Red Lines: -No one can enter or leave the area being changed by the magic, as it is cut off from time. -No temporal paradoxes! You cannot team up with yourself to dish out a beatdown, as cool as that may seem. -This stresses the Priest’s body greatly. If they were to rewind time on a large area, they themselves would find their bodies rapidly aging in tune with how much they rewind the time. -This can be used to heal wounds, but to regrow a limb would take many days of IRL sessions with said injured person. It can not be done all at once. The Higher Arts of Muun’Trivazja ((To accomplish any of these greater magics, the Kha will have to have studied under one who knows them. They would be required to learn the correct prayers and ceremonies in order to create a temporary and direct connection to Metztli after reaching Tier Five in two categories of the Magic.)) At this point, a Priest will have spent countless years of their lives learning Muun’Trivazja, and will have mastered Metztli’s Daemonic energy in its many forms. Those who are deemed worthy will continue their education, delving into the hidden aspects of the magic. Blessing the Waters: The first of the Higher Arts is the creation of a Moonpool. In doing this, a Priest would commune with Metztli, and direct her blessing towards a pool of water. After sending the entirety of their Muun’ into the body of water, they would seek to channel Metztli herself, beseeching her with an ancient Va’kharajyn prayer to bless the waters as was once done in days long past. This would leave the water glowing a blue hue and the Priest(s) who created it would be unable to cast nor control their Muun’ except to the smallest degree for an elven week thereafter. Attunement: The Rite of Attunement is a series of rituals in which a Non-Kharajyr is intimately linked to the Stone of Metztli, allowing them to harness and store the Daemonic energy gifted by Metztli. The rite begins with the Filling Of the Vessel, where the Priest conducting the ritual fills the aspiring acolyte with their own Muun’. The Descendant then goes to touch the Stone of Metztli, heralding the next stage of the process, The Breaking of Chains. Once they touch the stone, the acolyte is gripped with madness as the power of the Stone rips through them. With the aid of the Priest and the Muun’ channeled through them, the Acolyte can survive the madness, sharing the burden with the Priest with whom they are linked. If the Acolyte fails, the bond between the two is shattered, the Daemonic energy escaping from their body. They would remain in a state of madness, their minds shattered by contact with the stone, until they died. If he succeeded then both the Elder Priest and Acolyte would find themselves tossed in the throes of madness, ranting and raving before sinking into blessed sleep. The Priest’s connection with Metztli cut once more whilst the two sleep. So undergoes the final stage of the ritual, The Patching Of the Soul. As the Descendant sleeps, Metztli judges their worth in a manner unknown to any, as the incident is wiped from the mind of the sleeper. If they are found worthy, the bond is forged between them and the Stone, identical to that which rests in all Kha’ as per their creation. If they are found unworthy, the fragile bond dissipates, and the ritual must be undertaken once more. Calling the Stone: Calling the Stone is a High Art of Muun’Trivazja that entails the summoning and de-manifestation of the Stone of Metztli. This would serve no purpose in combat and only used when attuning Priests. The Priest would invoke the Prayer of Calling, in which they once more become immersed in their connection with Metztli. As long as the Stone of Metztli remained in place, the Priest that had summoned it would remain exhausted until the burden had been passed to a second Priest, or the stone de-manifests. Chronosleep: The final High Art is not that of spellcasting, nor requires a direct connection with Metztli, yet it is often revered as the highest of magics a priest could cast. As a priest lay dying, they could glance once more to the moon, and offer a prayer to Metztli. Goddess willing, the priest and all of their belongings would be frozen, permanently, in a form of temporal stasis, their body perfectly preserved at the last moment of death as their spirit sails off to join Metztli. General Red Lines: -General rules: It takes at least one emote to connect to your Muun’, another to summon it, and a third to begin its casting. One more in between connecting to your Muun’ and summoning it if you’re connecting directly to Metztli, and more after. -One must learn all three magics to be able to master any one of them, or be able to teach another Priest. -Making a Moonpool leads the priest(s) that made it to be unable to cast for up to an IRL week. -Priests MUST Roleplay regaining Muun. If no one is there for them to emote to, then they need to sit in the pool anyways. -This counts as a total of three magics, just to be clear. With our previous lore no one could tell if it was one or three. Current Lore Owner(s): Fury_Fire ((Writer & Idea-Monkey)) ForeverGinger (( Format Man & Word-Sound-Better-er)) Message us with questions, or post them right here! Final Words: With this, we hope to bring more attention to the Kharajyr Priests and Priestess’, and shift the magic from a combat based perspective to a more mystic and fun feel. We hoped to get rid of Moonfire, as the Kharajyr have begun to focus their attention around peace, and replace it with a form of enchanting that could bring fun to all, even non magic users <3. Of course this would require studying and speaking to us for the owners of said enchanted items, but we’re hoping this remains as unmoderated if possible. We’ve added things such as the Higher Arts to set the leaders of the Priests apart from the rest, as well as give priests a nicer death. The creation of the moonpools was already a closely guarded secret in which only two Priests know(Myself included). In general, we hope we’ve both nerfed the magic with our red lines and removal of Moonfire, as well as just make it more.. Fun! We decided that to do important things Kharajyr might already be able to do, we would require prayers that can help one connect directly to Metztli instead of through the Moonstone (Stone of Metztli, take your pick), in hopes of adding more to the mysteriousness surrounding Kha’ Magic to most people IRP, as well as give Kharajyr a feeling of being closer to their Patron. Non-Kha’ learning! Something we’ve always wanted! As well as bringing the Stone of Metztli into existence (It’s always supposedly reformed, and there is apparently lore on everything I mentioned in it) only now it’s safer! Hope you like it, and a special shout out to everyone in the current Priesthood who tolerated our incessant ramblings on the subject and helped form the baseline with which this re-imagining was formed. Without you lot, I doubt either of us would be able to keep up the flow of great ideas! -Fury_Fire and ForeverGinger <3 Edit:Forgot to put tier progressions in spoilers.. Fixed.
  5. [Teacher App] Ja'mukar

    MC name: Adam_Barnett Character's name and age: Ja’Mukar 120 Yrs Character’s Race: Kha’Leparda Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125628-jamukars-ma-for-muuntrivazja/ What magics do you desire to teach?: Muun’Trivazja Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Muun’Trivazja is the magic empowered by the great stone that connects the user to its goddess. Gifted to the Kharajyr Priest in order to fulfill priestly duties such as the trial of faith and rituals by the daemon Metztli. It is highly unusual for a non-kharajyr to be taught this magic but if they do they are trusted to possess it in the eyes of the priests of the temple. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Mukar begins calling the priests from their homes in the sandy desert of The Caliphate using a small horn. Rizren and Kitlali exit their homes in normal kharajyr attire. Mukar beckons them forward with his fat stubby hand. Holding a sack of items and robes over his shoulder. “Cawm Kharajyr, we walk thur path uf Metztlli” he says in a low grumble before exiting through the gates and towards the Kharajyr altar that is located under the bones of a great dinosaur, surrounded by little doored rooms embedded into the mountains. Once the group of kharajyr had finally ventured across the scorching desert sands. “Thy’s es the sacrificial altawr uf Metztli, maney greayt sac’ri’fyces take playce heyur” he says with a stern nod, pointing his hand at the glowing blue pool below it “Thy’s es the greayt moonpool thut yaw uyse to collect awnd soak en theur moon energy.” Mukar swings his hand about for some time, silently. “Pawt thy’s robes awn in the rooms over theur” he gestures a finger as he launches a set of folded robes at each of the two before shooing them off to the rooms “We tayk ou’ah first step into the priesthuud.” As the two priests emerge from the rooms adorned in the priest robes Mukar would be sat crosslegged in the sand, his hands resting in his lap whilst his palm both wide open. His eyes remain closed but he slowly talks to the two “Todahy we learn ha’ow taw meditayte so thut wunce we knuw ha’ow we cawn begin to obtayn moonenergy, thy’s es vital so listun!” he beckons the two over to join him. “Sit which evur wahy yaw feeyul is most confortabul, it mahy tayk many tiymes to fiynd uh way uf sittin ur relaxes yur body to get et riyte.” Once the two find their best way to be at peace and relaxation Mukar talks to them again “Na’ow thut we hawv fouhnd ou’ah correct wahy uf relayxing yaw mawst lern to cleyur your thoughts. You mawst forget awll emotions awnd ignore yawr surounding noyses, be ut peayce.” He halts for a few moments as if allowing the two to practise before speaking up again “Na’ow go to yawr chayngin rooms awnd practiyse mediytaytin, return to Mukar when yaw hawv done thut. Yaw awre learning kharajyr, we are movin awp the path created by Muuna awnd up to priesthuud. We hawv long yeht bawt yaw wurk hard yaw shawl mayk et.” He makes a shooing motion to gesture to the two to their changing rooms and as the two leave Mukar sits in the sand, Meditating.
  6. [Profile] Sage Mukar

    Character Profile Sage Mukar Elder Priest of the Moongazers Basic Information Nicknames: Muk, Fat khat Age: 203 Gender: Male Race: Kha’Leparda Status: Alive Description Height: 5’’3 Weight: 305Lbs Body Type: Obese. A thick coat of ochre fur. Eyes: Would be lime green though both are missing, instead there are empty eye sockets. Hair: N/A Skin: Has a thick pelt of bright orange fur dotted with brown spots. Markings/Tattoos: Large scars across his face, from when his two eyes had been torn out. Health: Overweight, though he regards himself in perfect health. Personality: Mukar is an aged kharajyr, probably the second oldest. The oldest being the Sage Natayshi. With age comes wisdom and knowledge. He often considers himself one of the most knowledgeable of the Kharajyr, when infact he actually is. He often explores and acts more weaker than he actually is. Though while his eyes are gone, he can ‘see’, this is due to his knowledge and experience with the kharajyr magic. Though it is only brief sight every so often. Inventory: TBA Further Details: TBA Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Metztli Religion: The Kharajyr Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: The Xerdali Isle Job/Class: Moongazer of Metztli and Elder Priest. Title(s): Having been both a citizen, merchant and priest he holds the titles: Sa’, Ko’ and Ja’. Though due to his job he prioritises the priest title so he uses this in his name. Profession(s): TBA Special Skill(s): Knowledgeable of the old ways of Va’Khajria. This would benefit him as he is able to use this knowledge to re-write and discover old tomes from the past Era’s. This would also include relics. He would know a lot about the relics of Va’Khajria and the fallen Empire. He is also able to speak fluent Va’Khajrian and in the common tongue, through which has an accent. Flaw(s): Bukkahkoj is often very careless, always misplacing things and taking a long while to remember where he put them. He also has very bad hand-to-eye coordination, which means if things are thrown at him and he's expected to catch them, chances are he will not be able to. Sometimes clumsy, often locked in a task which needs to be done and not paying attention to what is in front of him causing him to walk into things and trip over things such as tree roots on Xerdali, though this is mainly due to his blindness. Magic Current Status: Tier 5, one of the masters of the magic. Arch-type: Muun’Trivazja. Sub-Type: Lunar Harbinger, Twilight Priest and Moongazer Rank: Elder Priest Weakness(es): Due to his blindness he often uses his energy from the moonpool quicker then most, this is due to his state of present moongazing every so often for ‘sight’.. Strength(s): Due to him having studied a lot before joining the Moongazers he has learnt a lot about the ritual practises that are to happen and has found multiple tomes from the past and ancient time of Va’Khajria. Current Spell(s): TBA DUE TO REWRITE Weaponry Fighting Style: Mukar does not like fighting, while he is peaceful he can try to act intimidating with the use of Muun’Trivazja. Though due to his blindness he is unable to fight, unless blindly charging into a large crowd and swinging his sword madly. Though sometimes he has weapons on him for affect and often for the consumption of food. Bamboo-sword. The bamboo-sword is created from a large bamboo shaft. Three quaters of it has been cut off and the smaller end has had a metal blade atached to it, the smaller bamboo part acting as a handle. The other side of the bamboo shaft has been hollowed out and acts as a sheath, the metal blade easily being able to fit inside. With a twist the two lock together forming a bamboo cane which he uses as a walking stick. Also disguised as one so he can sneak a weapon into places where one would not be allowed. This is often used as a walking stick while not using his staff, and for the consumption of food. The D’fu staff. sa Biography Parents: Ko’Dato (Father/Presumed Dead), Siblings: Tlatlanni daro (Younger Brother/Presumed Dead), Va’Sharr (Younger Brother/Presumed Dead), S'Tarkin (Older Brother/Presumed Dead), Sa'Seetah (Sister/Presumed Dead), So'dawka (Brother/Presumed Dead), Sa'Shela (Sister/Presumed Dead). Children: Raena (Daughter), Itotian (Daughter), Lunaw (Daughter), Zhikar (Son), Odion (Son). Extended Family: Ja’Kaharal (Wife), Yuulpria (Mother-in-law), Jaitra (Sister-in-law), Rameethar (Father-in-law). Pets: Mihyn Mihyn translates to Lunar in Va’Khajrian. Mihyn is a Gy’Waka from Karakatua. Sometimes brought onto Xerdal though often kept on the mainland due to Xerdal’s small size. Though Xerdal is a tough bird, he has to be to be able to hold Mukar obese weight. Though is quite aged and worn out, he manages to do his task, spending the majority of its days resting. History - Born near to the end of Kalos, the litter of his brothers and sisters. - Birth of Rynsuho and Vyallu, daughters to the Tlatlanni, Morthawl. - Orcs pillage and destroy the Kharajyr village of Kalos, and travel to a new home - Beckoned by the monks to travel with the descendents into a new realm known as Anthos. - Move to Anthos and onto the island of Karakatua. - Studied within the Grand Library of Metztli located within the Tlatlanni’s palace, learning of the ancient ways and rituals. - Mother, Ko’Vafeera, dies. - Prophecy of the Great Stone of Metztli exploding, causing evacuation of the Island in search for new lands. - Settles with the other Kharajyr near to the city of Gronkkston under the reign of Rex Gronkk - Kharajyr move to a grove near to the new Cloud Temple grounds, a grove gifted by the Druid Order. - Fringe opens and Mukar joins his fellow people in the city of Tahn’Siol with the high elves, his brothers and sisters having been lost, along with his father. Their locations unknown. - Defeat of Setherien ment Mukar could not return to the ruins of Karakatua or Anthos. - Mukar found his father, Ko’Dato, within Alras, in the mages guild. - After the great storm and plague of The Fringe, of which Mukar suffered from greatly, the races traveled to Thales. - Once more the Kharajyr situated themselves close to their High elven allies, creating their own settlement known as Karak’Tuum. - Great snow storm, kharajyr travel to Athera to inhabit Ohlokhar. - Ohlokhar destroyed pillaged by the Orcs which later was destroyed in place for the Ordium, the kharajyr’s new home and citadel. - The Ordium had fallen and with that many kharajyr had died or went missing, including his first wife, Mara. Though he talks to nobody of this. - Va’Khajria kharajyr took over government, his brother, Dato, becoming the Tlatlanni. - Feast in the Va’Khajrian camp, Rokhan came and delivered Metztli’s message and solution to our hardship. - Followed Rokhan and the other Kharajyr with this new way of life, sailing to Vailor. - Travels back to the present Kharajyr residing within the large temple. He sets up a home there too, becoming the Varkolu under the reign of Tla’Rameethar and Tla’Atl. - Finds the body of his dead wife placed in his bed. - He faked his death in order to keep his reputation, many believing he had died when infact he went into solitude to study and increase his experience in muun’trivazja. - The Devourer devourers the island and the residents are forced to travel to Tla’Rokhans abode. - Settles on the island of Xerdali to live this new way of life that is The Way of Bayla and The Art of Cano’hedo. - Present day Artwork
  7. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: Si_Rakasdarg How old are you?: 16 Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes Have you applied to this server before? (Please link all past applications): No Here is actually where you should put your links to old applications: Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Reset memory after death/ 30 min respawn wait Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules): No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? Server list, I was looking for Roleplay servers Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: To be somthing you are not/ a time that you aren't in What is metagaming?: To use knowledge that you didnt learn in game What is powergaming?: Roleplaying and giving the opposing player no time to react In-Character Information Character’s name: Si'Raksadarg Character’s gender: Male Character’s race: Kharajyr (Kha) Character’s age: 20 Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add server lore, and events that happened to your character so that they don’t contradict: ) Si’Rakasdarg grew up in the Karakatuan empire, when Si’Rakasdarg was Eleven-Fifteen, and Ji’Rakasdarg was left to survive in the middle of the jungle. Si’Rakasdarg was quite scared, not knowing why Rakasdarg's parents left him, but Ji’Rakasdarg survived poorly. Si’Rakasdarg started my long and tiring journey back to civilization, when Ji’Rakasdarg had passed Cloud Temple, Si’Rakasdarg hadn’t eaten for days and Si’Rakasdarg was cut on my arms and legs from brambles. When Si’Rakasdarg had gotten back to the Karakatuan Empire, Ja’Mukar (Adam_barnet) took Rakasdarg in and raised him. Si'Rakasdarg had went to a few fesivals with Mukar every now and again, other than that Si'Rakasdarg had a pretty basic life. But Si’Rakasdarg will never forget the time Ja’Mukar wanted Ji’Rakasdarg to become a preist. At age 20, Si’Rakasdarg ran away with Blood (charred Ash) to look for a specialty. Blood taught Si’Rakasdarg the ways of a assassin. When we were travelling, we ran into Orcs and Undead, and went through hunger that brought back Eleven-Fifteen memories. At night Ji’Rakasdarg ran away from blood Because he missed Mukar. When Ji’Rakasdarg returned, he was very tired and slept for days. And until this day, Ji’Rakasdarg lives with Mukar. Ambitions: to do deeds that need to be done, but only for a price... Strengths/Talents: Strengths: Archery, alchemy, mining Talents: climbing, parkour Weaknesses/Inabilities: Weakness: catnip, sun, Emeralds/Diamonds Inabilities: engineering Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight): a hooded and cloaked man that works for Polaris 6'3(height) 250(pounds) (skin screenshot) http://imgur.com/ybKbU91