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Found 41 results

  1. Kharajyr Rewrite & Expansion Written by @Ryloth, @chaosgamer_ & @EnderMaiashiro Google Doc (much easier to read) Art © Ryloth/Sham, 0laffson Bear with me on the lore submission formatting – hopefully I got it right. This rewrite is designed to expand upon in concise detail the inner workings and abilities of the Kharajyr creature race. Kharajyr Culture Post Introduction & Creation The Kharajyr are an enigmatic race of bipedal anthropomorphic Felidae created through divine magical experimentation by the Aengudaemon of Time, Metztli. In their creation story, Metztli combined wild, feral ocelots with the bodies and souls of Descendants. This spawned a creature capable of advanced intelligence but combined the physical attributes of humanoids and the feline animals of the world around them. Anatomy Kharajyr have a highly unique, exotic anatomy alien to Descendants. Both male and female Kharajyr alike are covered in a thick coat of fur which envelopes them in varying shades and naturally protects them from the harsh elements. Males are often graced with a fluffy mane that wraps the nape and flanks of their neck, while females typically grow a length of hair akin to their Descendant female progenitors. Both males and females alike are equipped with jointed ears, tails, digitigrade legs, retractable claws at their digits, and feline eyes. Additionally, Kharajyr retain the whiskers of their feral progenitors. [See the refs for body anatomy.] Anatomy Usage The anatomy of a Kharajyr can come in handy for utilitarian purposes and most importantly protection. Let’s go over the various parts of the Kharajyr anatomy unique to their species. Fur Coat The fur coat present on a Kharajyr is double-layered, much like that of their feral progenitors. The lower layer regulates body heat, allowing the body to adjust to both cold and hot climates (excluding extremes). The outer layer protects the Kharajyr from the immediate elements around them -- wind, rain, mildly cold air, mildly hot air, and insects. It can not protect from extreme cold sub-zero temperatures and likewise can not protect from extreme heat sur-hundred temperatures. Kharajyr would avoid icy tundras and extreme deserts or magma plains, so as to avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia. Protection from rain is minute and only lasts for a brief length of time. A drenched Kharajyr, like any other race, will become hypothermic with their fur coat penetrated. Likewise, drenching oneself in water would quickly penetrate both layers with relative ease. Note: Armor worn over a fur coat does not inhibit body heat regulation any more than it would on a human unless in extreme heat. Jointed Ears Similar to Elves, Kharajyr ears are jointed and can rotate freely atop their head. This allows the Kharajyr to hear in multiple directions. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to focus on a direction you aren’t looking in. Example: His ears rotate to fixate on an approaching figure in his peripherals, their resounding footsteps heard.] Requires an emote if focusing anything not directly in front of the creature. A Kharajyr’s hearing, thanks to their feral progenitors, is enhanced and can focus on nearby sounds only when the ears are directed towards them. [Non-Combative: 1 emote required to focus on #whisper dialogue. Example: Intent to eavesdrop, he focuses on the whispering conversation directly before him.] Always requires an emote. Can ONLY be used on #whisper, max 1 block outside of chat range. A drawback of the Kharajyr’s acute hearing is the susceptibility to loud sounds. When a loud sound occurs in proximity to a Kharajyr, a negative reaction is always required if it is not suppressed by headwear. Disorientation - In example, caused by a small explosion within 12 blocks of a Kharajyr. [3 emotes of disorientation with temporary deafness required. Example: (1 of 3) As the explosion erupts in the nearby smithy, the Kha’ reaches up to his ears to pin them shut on his head. He begins to stagger! | (2 of 3) Staggering to the side, the Kha’ begins to fall. | (3 of 3) As the Kha’ hits the ground, he writhes about in pain, senses dizzy and his ears ringing in pain. He groans loudly -- he might be deaf!] Must always emote following a sound that would be uncomfortably loud. Tails The Kharajyr tail is, for the most part, a useless addition incorporated by their feral progenitors. While it can be used to provide minor additional agility and counterbalance to their bodies, the tail is mostly a social appendage allowing the Kharajyr to express emotion with its movement. Digitigrade Legs A Kharajyr has digitigrade legs, as seen in the references above. This causes the creature to walk on its digits. The composure of this anatomy type creates a spring effect, allowing the Kharajyr to jump high and far. A Kharajyr may jump 0.5 blocks higher than other races when unarmored. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to jump half of an additional block. Example: Preparing to leap high into the air, he bends his knees and his digitigrade legs before springing high above with outstretched arms!] This is impossible when armored, and will be restricted to a normal jump. Bounding to increase speed only while sprinting is possible, and allows the Kharajyr to move faster over flat ground. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to move 1-2 additional blocks. Example: The Kha’ dashes forth into the fray, springing off of his legs to bound past his human allies!] This is impossible when armored, and will be restricted to normal movement speed. Retractable Claws A Kharajyr is equipped with retractable claws, one at each digit on the hands and feet. They can be no longer than 1.5 inches and are as durable and sharp as a rose thorn. They may be used to aid in climbing, but are primarily used for utilitarian or combat purposes. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to extend or retract any/all claws. Example: The Kha’ extends the claws of each digit on his right hand, preparing to strike the rabid dog attacking him!] These claws may only penetrate thin clothing and scratch the surface of bare flesh in combat, and are not as strong or stronger than any metal! Feline Eyes Thanks to their feral progenitors, a Kharajyr is equipped with feline eyes capable of enhanced night vision due to their reflectivity along the retina. This does not allow them to see in zero-darkness -- a light source that otherwise would not aid another race in long-range vision must be available to see in low light (stars/moon/candle). In other words, a dark cave with no light source will restrict all vision. [Combative/Non-Combative: 3 emotes required to adjust eyesight to immediate changes in light. Example: (1 of 3) As the Kha’ exits the flickering torchlit tavern into the dark moonlit street, he blinks as his eyes begin to adjust. | (2 of 3) Squinting, the darkness begins to diminish in his vision. | (3 of 3) His eyes fully adjust to the darkness, and the Kha’ can now see a great distance almost as if the sun has risen above.] A faint light source must be present to see. A rapid change from darkness to lightness may cause disorientation. A Kharajyr’s eyes “glow” in the dark, due to the same reflectivity allowing them to see in the dark. This causes them to be visible to the naked eye, and will often be noticeable as two glowing yellow wisps regardless of eye color in the distance. Kharajyr may only have blue, green, brown, orange and yellow eyes. Whiskers Whiskers adorn the Kharajyr’s face along their muzzle and above their brows (see right). This is a useless feature attributed to their feline anatomy and serves no purpose to benefit them or drawback from their abilities. The Four Subraces Tigrasi The largest of Metztli’s divine creations, and often the most formidable. They are the most physically strong of the four subraces and are renowned and revered for their prowess in combat through their raw strength. Adorned with an exotic coat of bright orange-and-black stripes with beige or white along the belly and jaw, the Tigrasi is a vibrant Kharajyr striking to the eyes. Given their strength and likewise large size, a Tigrasi often stands at a towering 6’4” inches to 7ft exact. Tigrasi may not surpass the strength of an orc. Pantera The Pantera is a cunning, black-spotted Kharajyr renowned for their stealth and balanced strength, stamina, and agility amongst the four Kharajyr subraces. Pantera are mysterious and quiet and are oftentimes portrayed as thieves and bandits given their natural ability to blend in with the shadows and dark. A Pantera typically stands at 5’9” inches to 6’4” inches on average, and they are as strong as the average human. Notably, their coat is so dark that it is difficult to read their expressions in low light. Leparda The Leparda is the most generic of the four subraces. They are a jack of all trades, but typically do not excel in any one area. Leparda are a light-brown to gold hue and are adorned with black spots of clouded blotches across their form. A beige or white chin and underbelly run the front of their bodies, and they often stand at 5’7” inches to 5’11” inches. Cheetrah The fastest and most agile of the Kharajyr, the Cheetrah is known for its speed and high stamina. Decorated with an ashen yellow pelt with black spots dappling their body, the Cheetrah has an appearance similar to the Leparda. Notably, a “black tear” runs from their eye down to the lips of their maw. The Cheetrah often stands at 5’4” inches to 5’7” inches on average. Cheetrah do not run at speeds equivalent to their feral relative. However, they are the fastest of the Kharajyr subraces. Kharajyr Life Cycle 0-4 Years Old - Kitten/toddler/baby 1’2” - 1’8” In this age range, the Kharajyr child is unable to speak and may only crawl around. The player is unable to apply for a Kharajyr within this age-range, and an RP item/headshop item must be used to substitute a pair’s child. 5-12 Years Old - Cub 1’8” - 3’0” Minor physical maturity. The Kharajyr in this phase of life is a cub, and they may begin to communicate and walk in a similar method to 5-year-old humans. At the age of 6, they may begin to communicate with moderate skills. This is the first phase playable to players. 13-17 Years Old - Teen 3 ft+ A Kharajyr in this age range is beginning to fully mature. They may speak fluently and will begin to grow to their situated adult height. 18-250 Years Old - Adult At these ages, the Kharajyr will have reached adulthood and have completed their early stages of development. Kharajyr at the age of 200 may begin to experience minor joint pain, and their coats may begin to dull. 251-300 Years Old - Elder A Kharajyr elder has lived the length of their life to the fullest. As they near the age of 300, the Kharajyr will wither and their fur will grey or dull. Joint pain will plague the elderly Kharajyr, especially at the ankles and feet and they will be susceptible to the typical ailments of a human elder. Unless magically-assisted, the Kharajyr will have reached their maximum age at 300 years old, if they haven’t passed already. General Kharajyr Redlines Claws may only penetrate thin clothing and scratch the surface of bare flesh in combat, and are not as strong or stronger than any metal! A location with zero-darkness and no light source will restrict all vision to a Kharajyr. Tigrasi may not surpass the strength of an orc. Cheetrah do not run at speeds equivalent to their feral relative. The player is unable to apply for a Kharajyr under the age of 5 and an RP item/head must be used to substitute a pair’s child. Unless magically-assisted, the Kharajyr will have reached their maximum age at 300 years old. They will die at this age. Kharajyr may not be albino, white or a dusty color similar to white. Any bright white hues are absolutely disallowed, as white Kharajyr were by divine design the holy ruler of the Kharajyr assigned by Metztli. Metztli has died, and can not create these. Kharajyr may only be one of the four subraces or a mix of them. Snow leopards or other snow-themed Kharajyr are disallowed. Kharajyr do not walk on all-fours. Kharajyr may not be feral. Kharajyr may not produce offspring with non-Kharajyr. Kharajyr may not naturally become sphinxes (furless). edit: i hate formatting threads
  2. [CA Race Lore] - Kharajyr Kharajyr Origin The creation story of the Kharajyr is one not bound to the tomes and tales of old, nor found on any shelves known to the world. It is held within the minds of those scholars who are considered madmen, those who are denounced and forbidden to speak. These men are the wisest and yet they suffer the worst fates. It is one of these scholars who bravely defied his peers and came forth to impart the story of the Kharajyr to the Aelkos, and it has since then been passed down generation-by-generation. The legend tells that in the dark times of old, during the world’s infancy -- a time few people believe existed where powerful Aenguls & Daemons roamed freely -- a time before Iblees’ War, there was an old wives’ tale whispered from the tongues of ancient storytellers. They spoke of a Daemon, one who kidnapped elven babies in the shadows of nightfall from their very homes. Metztli in her humanoid form However, it wasn't an isolated tale and was commonly known to many in their afflicted areas. Despite this, few knew the truth of these tall tales -- a reality unheard in this world: under the cover of silver starlight, the Daemon Metztli would visit lonely farmsteads and hovels in the forests. Called by the cries of infant elves, she would arrive with an intent to steal the children away, even before their parents, brothers, and sisters. Legend has it that Metztli’s form was so beautiful those adults who looked upon her were driven mad. Manic, their parents would tear free their eyes to blind themselves from such an enchanting appearance. Fearing and denying the truth, elders would attribute this phenomenon to the intense grief the parents experienced from their child’s kidnapping rather than an otherworldly being’s influence. However, the reality behind the disappearances unfortunately does not end with the vanishment of children. What followed is the birth of the Kharajyr race -- a race of elves, and a race of feral cats mixed as one. A magical science experiment, one carefully conducted to produce the ultimate result Metztli could manufacture. These elven children were taken far away to a paradise within the blue expanse of ocean waters. Amidst the waves stood an island of extraordinary beauty, giving life to an incredible variety of fauna and flora that stood as a bastion to Metztli’s incredible power, beauty, and control in this world. All that was missing was sentience; Metztli needed a master race. Feral felines that called the island their home were collected by Metztli, and in a series of horrifying magic-ridden experiments, they were crossed with the infants. It took centuries of perfection and genetic tweaking, hundreds of hideous failures discarded into the ocean as vile homunculi, monsters and disgusting atrocities incapable of being considered sentient. Metztli at last created a single white, humanoid feline. This was the first of the Kharajyr, the father; he of the Purest blood. Overwhelmed with joy, Metztli immediately adopted a maternal desire to protect this child of her’s, to nurture him, and to bring forth from him a new race of his kind to this world. After all, she had created what she deemed to be perfection. Desperation overtook her desires to recreate her perfect design, and in spite of countless more failures, Metztli managed to create a hand full of Kharajyr. Just enough for them to spawn an entire race. When her children had matured, she knew that it was time to depart the island paradise and leave her children to thrive alone, to exist and advance as any race in this world would. Although the Daemon’s true intentions for the creation of these people were never revealed, it has been speculated that she wished to recreate a long-lost lover who was stolen away from her in times past. Others say she wished to grant the world a race of beings in her own ultimate image, and still, others suggest Metztli wished only to play the vain game of God and nurture over beings beneath her. Time may tell her true intentions, but for now, the Kharajyr grows. The origin story has been tweaked in order to fit this lore rewrite. Physical Description Kharajyr, often referred to as Metztli’s children are a race created by the Daemon Metztli. Their form is that of a humanoid feline, with their subraces taking on the appearance of different types commonly seen. Their heights vary according to the subrace they belong to. They retain their feline appearance with their tail, pointed and jointed ears, an elongated snout or maw, retractable claws in the toes and hands, and palms in the shape of paws. However, they retained the trait of opposable thumbs from the elves, allowing them the ability to manipulate objects articulately like other humanoids. The feet more closely resemble their feline counterparts and at the ankle, the Kharajyr retain their feline predecessor’s dewclaw, which can become an issue when fitting shoes or socks. Kharajyr receive another boon from their unnatural origin -- the ability to eat nigh anything, including flesh to slight carrion from the bone. Kha’ possess some degree of heightened senses regarding their big cat counterparts, including moderately enhanced hearing, along with more capable photoreceptors within their eyes, enabling a Kharajyr to take a somewhat significant advantage in a darkened environment over any other race. Pelts, Hair, & Eyes: The Kha race retains their feline appearance with their fur coat, appearing with the texture of a real-world cheetah, tiger, panther or leopard, depending on the sub-race they belong to and that of their parents. Head fur as it is called, is a unique thing for kharajyr. While women can grow hair as normal Descendants, males typically can’t and instead grow manes. Kharajyr can braid their manes and hair in order to personalize it, with the addition of non-permanent colorations such as war paint being allowed. Eye color ranges in the colors of normal human eyes along with the coppery yellow, green or orange of cats. Kha’Tigrasi The largest of Metztli’s children and often the strongest. These tend to be the hard workforce of the kharajyr or the common warrior; though they are not limited to such. Tigrasi are adorned with an orange coat accented with black stripes. The Tigrasi, being one of the largest sub-races, reaches between 6.4ft - 7.5ft in height. Kha’Pantera The most cunning of Metztli’s offspring. Almost always, the pelt of a pantera is jet-black, though can be dark grey or might ascend to a dusty grey, either with age or just by an anomaly. Often, due to the coloring of a Pantera’s fur, it can be rather difficult to read their emotions through the subtle movement of their eyebrows or the shaping of their mouths. Following the Tigrasi closely the Pantera reach between 4.5ft - 7ft in height. Kha’Cheetrah The fastest and in turn historically the shortest of Metztli’s children. Those of this sub-race are commonly found to hold jobs such as merchants or the production of daily goods for the Kharajyr. Typically, their fur is a bright to dusted yellow along with brown patches or spots. Being one of the smallest sub-races of Kha’, the Cheetrah reach between 3.6ft - 5.2ft in height. Kha’Leparda The fourth child of the Goddess stands as Her creation for balance, standing near the middle of the four in height and build. While they originally were known for being priests they now branch out to many professions. Their pelts normally are a light tan to darker and medium yellows. The Leparda reaches between 3ft - 6.2ft in height. Red Lines: - A Kharajyr’s coat is thick, allowing them to stay warm; however, this is also a detriment in the war-torn world of LoTC. Armor is difficult to wear, and may cause overheating. - Additionally, a Kharajyr’s dewclaw and digitigrade leg anatomy prevents the wear of common footwear. Any footwear must be specifically created for the Kharajyr. - A Kha’ with a removed or ‘docked’ tail retain minimal ability to balance. All agility is lost should this occur, and the Kharajyr will commonly fall even while standing still without their tail. - A non-Kha’Tigrasi submerged in water retains an incredible water weight given their fur coat. This slows them, and causes great loss of agility after drenched unless dried. - All Kharajyr regardless of age or knowledge will speak with an accent. This is required due to their anatomy of a maw/snout and small incisor teeth alongside large canines. - Kharajyr do not possess manipulable lips like other humanoids and can not easily articulate words regardless of age or knowledge. - A Kha’Cheetrah will never run as fast as their real-life counterpart. It is better comparable to an Olympic sprinter. - Kha’ are incapable of reproduction with other races. No mixed-race offspring are permissible. - Armor, particularly heavy armor, is impossible to come by in Kharajyr culture. Lamellar is an option although it is highly uncommon and, despite its purpose to reduce overheating and maintain agility, it still induces heat stroke with ease. Life Cycle 0-1 years old – Kitten 1'2" - 1'8" In this age range, the Kha’ cannot talk and can only walk on all fours. 1-5 years old -- Kitten 1’8" - 3'0" This is the progression of minor physical maturity. Walking and talking will be very hard, but they still vaguely capable of doing so with some effort. Their teeth will be grown in. 5-16 years old -- Cub 3ft+ During this time they are fully maturing (full maturity reached at 18). 16-450 years old -- Adult At this age, the Kharajyr would continue to grow and are now able to speak fluently, most commonly with a thick Kha’ accent. It is not possible for a Kha’ to speak without one given their anatomy. 451-600 years old -- Old Age After passing the age of 450 they will now begin to age considerably and their movements would begin to slow. They grow physically weak. Once 500 is reached, the kharajyr would now either by very frail or weak, primarily due to the fact the Kharajyr is now entering the last years of its life. Age affects the subraces slightly different depending on the features of the particular individual. For example, larger kha are susceptible to heart and back issues while smaller tend to be joint-related. It is common to see that the members of a pride that have reached this age are taken care of and fed by the younger members of said pride, often living in cots decorated according to their status in their pride. 600 y/o is the natural capacity that the Kha’ can live unless magically assisted. Red Lines: - FTB is only permissible for 20+ Kha’. - Kha’ may not age beyond 600 y/o. This is their biological limit. - Kha’ aged 0-5 must walk on all fours as a typical cat. They may not speak and do not progress the same as elven counterparts would as a child. Progression begins at the age of 10. Crossbreeding Crossbreeding in the Kharajyr race happens only amongst the sub-races of Kharajyr. It, in general, does not change much Kharajyr anatomy other than their fur and the range at which their healthy height and weight can maximize or minimize it. (IE: A half-Tigrasi/half-Cheetrah would be taller and larger built, though typically they will maintain lesser agility to a typical Cheetrah). Crossbreeding does not signal impurity in the race. Mental Description Fanatically religious tribalists, the Kharajyr have a great affinity for the Muun and the greater advancement of their people -- despite the technological plateauing of their entire society at a basic level. This is to the extent of all kharajyr performing a faith trial where they nearly kill themselves in faith that Muuna will allow them to live, by putting their lives in her hands. They also have a great desire to learn about their position in the world, though use little of their knowledge to impact their work. Despite their fanatic point of view, the Kharajyr have minimal interest in indoctrinating other races. The only exception to this has to be approved by a priest to allow a non-kha to be considered a soul kha. The soul kha are honorary kha that observe all Kharajyr beliefs within reason considering their physical race. The reasoning for this allowance is that the kharajyr believes that it is possible that their siblings may have been born in the wrong body, and as such, they wish to have their soul-kin as close to Metztli as possible by allowing them into their society. To receive this recognition is of the highest honor and should this honor be sullied by the actions of this individual, a mercy killing may be performed by a priest. Kharajyr are sometimes innately precarious, similar to their feline counterparts -- however, this is not required and differs between individuals. Precarious Kha’ are careful in all they do, often causing overthinking and the complexification of rather ordinary situations. However, this allows the Kharajyr to prepare for the best and worst of any situation. This sense of caution has also been the effect of the constant persecution made by other races in order to acquire their pelts. Red Lines: - Kharajyr hate loud noises. Their acute sense of hearing causes your typical shout to be almost painfully loud if in close proximity, and are sometimes brought to anger in these instances. - Wealth is not desirable by the Kharajyr, especially their priests. Kharajyr have no purpose in holding material wealth other than for cosmetic appearance, and it is frowned upon by the Kharajyr to hoard massive amounts of riches for little purpose other than to gloat. - Any knowledge obtained by the curious Kharajyr is rarely utilized to advance any methods in Kharajyr culture. Abiding by tradition is law, and it is heavily frowned upon to tinker and attempt to abandon the old ways. - Kharajyr must be taught to enjoy the water. It is a learned concept, bathing with water instead of by the tongue; it is considered rude to clean themselves with their tongue in the company of others, as well. Abilities Despite their divine origin, the Kharajyr have not been granted any unnatural abilities or magical ones. All abilities stem from their natural anatomy. Nightsight A Kharajyr is equipped with the advanced photoreceptors of a feline and therefore have the natural ability to maintain visibility in low light. Total darkness in an enclosed space does not allow vision, however, under the cover of starlight alone, a Kharajyr can see clearly in the dark. - A Kharajyr, if presented with intense light whilst the eyes are focused for nightsight, will be temporarily blinded. - Nightsight incredibly reduces the range of vision. Only nearby light reflected from surfaces will be easily visible unless a higher level light source is distanced. Mechanically, a 16 block distance is visible. - This is a passive ability. Acute Hearing A Kharajyr is equipped with acute hearing and jointed ears, allowing them to turn towards the direction of the desired focus. When rotated in the proper direction, a Kharajyr is capable of superior hearing and can hear #quite chat more easily, including #whispers. - A Kharajyr can be temporarily deafened if a loud noise, such as a firework explosion, occurs within 10 blocks of their person. A shout within 5 blocks will cause pain, but not deafness. - A Kharajyr may only hear #quiet within 12 blocks distance. - A Kharajyr may only hear #whisper within 4 blocks distance. - This is a passive ability. General Red lines/ Restrictions - CA application is required to rp as a Kharajyr of any subrace - Do not actually run as fast as their real-life counterparts. A Kha’Cheetrah is not going to run 60 mph. - Their strength would not surpass that of an olog - The Kharajyr can’t reproduce with other races - Between the ages of 0-29, kha can’t walk or talk properly. - A kha can’t walk properly if its tail has been cut off, thus serving the purpose of allowing them to keep their balance.
  3. The Crowning of The New Sovereign In the absence of Arthur Sterling, I Nathaniel Goldblight, Admiral of the Depths and advisor to the sovereign will be taking over Talons Grotto in his absence. I promise the people that I will continue the great legacy of this town, needless to say, we will begin to search for Arthur, as I am stepping forwards, Ania Sterling, his wife, will aid me in running the city. I will begin to reconstruct laws and policies, as well as the council. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes to our citizens and allies, but we are doing all we can to maintain the order we had when he was here. I want to make sure that all of the citizens and orphans of Talons Grotto are well taken care of, if anyone has any feedback or would like to schedule a meeting, please send me a letter. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Nathaniel Valorum Goldblight
  4. The White Owls The Fall of Metztli A Tale from Athera 20th of the Sun’s Smile 1757 = = = In Account of the Expedition Beyond, “Valaen.” The Aengudaemon of Freedom, a being of immeasurable power to the mortals before him. He manifested within the Wastelands, a tainted ground of shadows stretching the veil of Aegis, the sunken land of ancients deep within its shell of Aos along the realm’s edge. Descendants turned demonic, monstrous constructs of His design walking the black lands to which He laid claim, and Athera beyond to which lay in His grasp. A monstrous being, for He takes the souls of the weak, turning them to the damned, and casting them forth into the realm with murderous intent. But how? Divine wings spread wide over the stark black skies, He spoke to those before Him, the toll of ethereal bells and the choirs of omnipotent Aenguls chanting into the skies around with his Deific voice. “I am Valaen, the Daemon of Freedom. The Descendants I craft are for one simple purpose: my enjoyment. Freedom rings and tolls throughout our lands. Descendants create a disgusting form of Order and Expectations as if they believe they’re bound to some type of privilege. But all Descendants are free to face whatever happens to them. Absolute freedom to all – as those who express their power are the people whom are truly alive.” His eyes fell to those around him, Descendant and non-Descendant alike: Kharajyr, Mali’ker, and Mali’thill. Some cowered, some stood stalwart in the face of the Aengudaemon before them. Valaen fans His wings, “I figure I would remind you all .. Athera is soon to become my melting pot of personal progress and self-fulfillment. This realm is your debt .. not like the others will do anything to intervene.” – A sketch of the Aengudaemon Valaen, wings splayed over the Wastelands of Athera. – An Aurum-masked Kharajyr spoke out, voice projected in equivalent divinity by the power of an Aengelic artifact hanging from their neck, echoing about the shadowed valleys all the same as the Aengudaemon before them, “Valaen, this Kharajyr has one question for you, since you are of .. Similar power to our Muuna, Metztli – what happened to Her?” “Go check the tomb of your fallen God – perhaps you will figure it yourself. It will be quite fun to watch.” Valaen said, a tumultuous gust of wind throwing the Aengudaemon into the skies above, sending a powerful storm across the realm of Aos, touching not only Athera but Arcas too. The Kharajyr present had their orders, and they reluctantly departed with their Mali’ allies in search of their lost city, disbelief enveloping them. Arrival was swift. Guided by a Va’Kharaji garbed in iridescent feathers of the extinct Gy’Waka and assisted by a silvery four-eyed construct of immense power, they ventured from the remnants of a Cloud Temple swathed in black Corruption, spires of dark spikes rising and falling across the tainted lands of the Monks and Halfling groves surrounding. Beyond was the Bay of Savoy. The once-home of the Kharajyr sat nestled in the bay, its tomb, where in times past the Descendants housed in Savoy had cast it to its watery grave under artillery fire to destroy the levitating city of Divine origin, the Ordium. The supposed final resting place of Metztli, and certainly Her powerful Eye, the Stone of Metztli. Here, the Tlatanni of Divine blessing failed to protect Her, and it was here that the Kharajyr hoped to again obtain Her love. Embarking upon derelict row boats, the exploration party made way for the spire of lapis crystal, Metztli’s holy gemstone that rose in the form of Kharajyr architecture within the waters. Tall white quartz statues lay beneath in the muck below, marking the levitating settlement’s edges from when it once flew. Crossing the threshold, there was no going back. The party of Kharajyr, Mali’ker, and Mali’thill descended into the depths of the temple. Following a brief altercation with a submarine monstrosity, the party spilled forth into the chamber of a God, scriptures and ancient tomes cast about the damp water-logged room. At its center, a stone of lapis. One well-versed in the history of the Kharajyr would immediately know its origin. “The Stone of Metztli.” The party watched in awe as a lone Pantera, the High Aelkos, extended an arm to touch the artifact itself. Its runes ancient and illegible, they pulsed with power. “How do we recover it?” He shook, voice wavering. ”I. Have Come. To Aid.” The silvery construct spoke in a metallic, artificial voice. The Kharajyr around the stone watched in horror as its exotic metal hand reached forth to touch the artifact. Any being non-Kharajyr was known to turn to dust upon touching the Stone. But – the construct did not. “This Object. Will Drain. Much Of Me, Kharajyr.” Unfazed, the construct’s head and arms began to move rapidly in intricate motions, as if casting a spell; it prepared to translocate the Aengudaemon’s Stone. Meanwhile, the Va’Kharaji guide that had brought them here lofted a tome from the surface of a gilded lapis altar at the far end of the chamber. Splaying its contents before him, he read with confidence. But it wavered, and after flipping through the old decrepit texts, he closed the book with a shaky hand. Peering over the collective of explorers, he remained silent. “What does it say?” a Mali’thill inquired, curious. “Valaen? .. Who is Valaen?” The Va’Kharaji stammered, having not yet met the Aengudaemon. The High Aelkos, alongside the silvery construct translocating the powerful artifact, spun to face the Va’Kharaji. ”What of Valaen?” “This – .. This cannot be. It claims Valaen ..” The Va’Kharaji pauses, weighing his words with woe, ”Valaen has trapped the Goddess in her heavenly domain.” All within the chamber froze – save the construct – the sounds of bells and Aengulic choirs singing throughout the dark room, a place where no such sound should ever emit. A symphony of violins and harps rang into the vault, echoing off of its solid walls and against the murky waters. Wings manifested, and at the chamber’s dark entrance a being emerged into reality, levitating. Winds whipped through the air with unnatural force, waves running across the room away from the creature. Valaen. His voice rang out, the Aengudaemon’s mere existence tainting the very sanctity of the Divine room in which he spoke, “She is not just trapped – but she is gone.” ”What?” The High Aelkos snarls, ”What are you doing within this chamber, Valaen?” “Read the words of your God and perhaps you will be able to stomach what has happened.” Valaen sneers, his chuckle filling the air. “In case you have a hard time believing it .. Metztli is no more! Swallowed by the Void, she was unable to escape Her realm as it was devoured.” “Sacrilege! To speak ill of the Goddess in her Holy Ordium!” The Va’Kharaji accuses in his anger, hold tightening to the ancient tome within his grasp. ”Why, Valaen?” He pried with malaise, “Why doom the Goddess to the hungering Void?” “Why? Well .. I didn’t doom her, per say. I simply – took advantage of what opportunities arose. Metztli was a sloth for knowledge, and while she was a supplier of ideas .. She never had the stomach to do with them as she should. So as such, I’ve decided to have her live on through me. Her work has already gone through great use .. I’m just figuring out the kinks as I go.” Valaen cackles, tilting his head to those before him. It all made sense, now .. the demonic beasts designed from the malformed bodies of Descendants that walked the Wastelands – they were Valaen’s creation, through the Divine powers of Metztli herself. “Yba.” The High Aelkos spat the Kharajyr slang, blood-lusting eyes boring holes into the very soul of the Aengudaemon mere meters away from where he stood. Brandishing a sword of starlight, he dared a step forwards, standing side-by-side with the silvery construct translocating the artifact. “Tell us your intent: What do you mean by ‘live through’ you?” Valaen gesticulates widely, spreading his arms, “You saw my intent in the Wastelands, cat. I get to enjoy creative freedom in tampering with the souls of Descendants .. Metztli’s little passion project is quite an enjoyable pass-time. It’s left me quite entertained for some while. The real matter is what I could possibly do with the entirety of Aos as my painting ..” He booms, snickering in-between words. “You abuse the powers of Muuna, yba. You will be but dust upon the land of Aos, for the course of Muuna’s time wills it for everyone – like HER, you too will perish – in time.” The High Aelkos levels his sword with the Aengudaemon, a threat he may yet regret. “Such power .. but such misuse.” Fingers tightening upon the hilt of his sword, he stared stalwart into the eyes of Valaen. Those around throughout the chamber cried out, warning against aggressing upon a being of such omnipotence. ”Time will tell nothing but my history. True freedom, for the one person that matters. I assure you, this is simply how the world was made.” The winds within the chamber began to pick up around the entire ruin, inside and out as Valaen’s wings pulled downwards as if poised to thrust him skyward. ”Fortunately – this will never see the light of day. Should the other Aengudaemons be informed, I may be in trouble. So this will be your tomb. Your deaths made to look an accidental tragedy – Just like your God’s.” The High Aelkos steps forward again, ”Muuna, even in death, will protect us.” He spits out, ”Mark this Kharajyr’s words, she will kill you.” ”I’m sure. Now – goodbye.” Valaen uttered, before springing directly towards the ceiling. Rocks and debris sprayed across the room as he blasted through the ruin, the chamber compromised; the superstructure damaged, it began to catastrophically fail with the weight of ocean water surrounding. Stones and water began to fill the chamber, and everyone within was cast to the floor – except the construct. Having acquired the Stone of Metztli, the construct successfully translocated it from the solid rock it was embedded within. Now, it began to cast again. Arms and head wildly moving in complex patterns, wisps manifested around the Stone. The Ordium, the sacred chamber of Metztli, was falling. The pillars holding up its cavernous ceiling shattered, and around the party of explorers water filled the ancient room. “Children. Of Metztli. Come. I Draw. Upon Your Stone.” The construct droned, the deathly choir of chanting ethereal voices and violins drowning out all sound in the chamber. Despite the Aengudaemon’s powers overwhelmingly beating back the mortals within the room, the Stone of Metztli began to glow. Its runes lit, the energy of Muun – Metztli’s powers of time began to coalesce within the Ordium. The party huddled around the construct, empowered by the lapis artifact levitating in the field of its magic. A pulse from the Divine artifact spanned the ruin, halting time in place – the Stone was alive. Above them was a path to the surface, created by none other than Valaen himself – and with the construct’s great sorcery, it charged its spell and sent the group driving towards the surface in a field of manifested telekinetic energy. We were free. Even in death, Metztli protected us. Let this document be a testament that not even the powers of Valaen the Aengudaemon are enough to quell the Children of Metztli. Let this account serve as our tale, as our message to the other Aengudaemons within the echelon surrounding the beast Valaen, the Dishonorable, the Destroyer, the Deceiver, the Damned. Know, that he intends to conquer this land of Aos, and he will do anything to achieve such. If you do not end him, we will. Metztli Yectenehua. In Silver Starlight, ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr ~ Alu’Rha’kir Aluhuso of the Kharajyr ~ Dra’Zeerasz Va’Kharaji Muunblade of the High Aelkos ~ Dra'Kai Mufðmódr Muunblade of the High Aelkos ~ Shere Kharajyr Explorer ~ The Silver Construct Ancient Sorceress Machine ~ Kleo Vethrai Mali’thill Explorer ~ Valliline Vethrai Mali’thill Explorer ~ Leilatha Devione Mali’ker Explorer ~ Allanon Mali’ker Explorer Disclaimer: this is not a lore post, and is a RP written account of an event by Mystery in Athera. All dialogue is verbatim from chat logs. DM me for the logs if necessary. Thank you @Tha_Mystery_Man for the epic RP. The Athera events have been the best RP I’ve had in ten years.
  5. The Renelian Festival of Unity A feast of peace and prosperity --- The missive is tacked all around the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewyyn. A Resolute Departure, a missive that changed not only the fate of the Kharajyr, but that of the Renelian people too. The Plateau of Lanthres will soon be home to the Kharajyr Pride, under the watchful gaze of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Two vastly different cultures and people united together is a call for celebration. In an Elven Day, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn and the White Owls of the Altepetl Va’Toltec shall come together on the festival grounds of New Magara’lin. Here various cultural activities shall take place, serving to introduce the citizens of each nation to each other. Visitors will be able to take part in various cultural and religious activities and enjoy the many delicacies of the Renelian ‘ker and the Kharajyr. The festival will begin after a short religious ceremony, at the festival grounds of Renelia.
  6. Revival of the Do’ With the change in decade soon coming upon us, it is time for the restoration of the Do’, the full strength of the Kharajyr people to protect their siblings under their mother’s knowing watch. These Kharajyr step beyond their everyday lives to ensure the safety of their people, regardless of subrace. These children of Metztli combine their multitude of talents into one of the strongest bonded groups that once had been known with terror to the Descendants that faced their spears in the line of battle. Since these days are past it is time to revive this force with the hopes that the Kharajyr will no longer have to fear others but be a force to be reckoned with to ensure the safety of their people. The Do’: Ma’ [Maynhan] - Warrior in Training The Maynhan are the initial Kharajyr recruited to the Do’. Once they have spoken their oath to the Kharajyr people and their goddess Metztli, they begin their journey. While Ma’, Kharajyr will undergo training in basic sword and hand to hand combat as well as simple formations. These will allow the Kharajyr to learn the basics needed in order to perform well as a team to make headway in battle. Upon completion of this training they will undergo the Do’ trial, which consists of an assessment of their knowledge and abilities by the senior most command present. Do’ - Honorable Warrior Once the initial training has ended, Ma’ become Do’, to signify their knowledge and completion of the beginning training period. While they have achieved Do’, the Kharajyr may chose to remain in this rank, they may continue to participate in trainings. At this point they also have the ability to pursue training in specific combat tactics. The only requirement asked of them during times of peace is to see to patrols and manning the gates to the pride locations across the realm. A standard of 2 patrols and 2 gate hours is expected per each individual however this does not go without exception. Most importantly all Do’ are required to participate in at least 3 specialized trainings to improve their skills. Da’ [Dasbmakiynt] - Temple Guard The Dasbmakiynt are a particularly special group as they are under direct oath of the Varkolu, Aelkos of the Kharajyr Religion. As the religious warriors they carry out the will of the priests and see to the protection of them as well as the sacred grounds of Metztli such as temples and muun pools. Ta’ [Tabido] - Senior Warrior These warriors have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have been selected by the Tultelkos to assist in leading the Kharajyr. To be applicable for this title and responsibility, the individual must have at least 2 specializations, 10 patrols, and 24 gate hours accumulated where applicable. Tul’ [Tultelkos] - Aelkos Overseeing the Do’ This is the highest command that the Do’ report to. This Aelkos oversees all operations of the Do’ as well as negotiations with foreign entities during time of war. Anything to be brought to the Tultelkos should be taken through the chain of command where appropriate. However, unlike other forces, the Tul’ is not impossible to speak to and as such Do’ are encouraged to speak to them as though a fellow Do’. Fa yna Metztli'c lremtnah, ihedat po pmuut, tavahtat po lmyf! (We are Metztli’s children, united by blood, defended by claw!) Enlistment form: Should one wish to enlist, fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge. Ign: Discord User: Rp Name: Rp Age: Subrace: Have you completed your faith trials? Do you swear that should it be required, you will lay down your life in the defense of our people and Muuna Metztli? Should any questions come up, contact EnderMaiashiro via DM or Discord (EnderMaiashiro#7430).
  7. The White Owls A PATH FORWARDS Drafted by the High Aelkos 15th of the Amber Cold 1751 In Memory of Silir Uradir, “Purity is like a butterfly.” Silir Uradir was a man of most pure intentions, at which fell to some of the most impure of crimes. Despite this, the intent was what mattered to us Kharajyr. While we saw his acts as archaic, they were his. The trial of his was a travesty, to be had and to have come to such a conclusion. Looking past what wrongs were done, we see his devotion to maintaining Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya of most pure intent, with his unexpected death surely an unwelcome surprise to us all. But we are Kharajyr, and therefore have no right to plead their innocence under the eyes of the Pararin’tir in the light of purity, guided by the hand and teachings of your blessed Larihei. We honor his death, a most noble statement to sustain our civilization in tandem with your’s. Alas, Silir Uradir has called for our immediate secession. While this falls on our ears without surprise, it is a loud, powerful voice telling us to break away and free ourselves from the shackles of conformity for our own path of Ascension, solitary and independent from those we should call our most magnificent ally in this world. Silir Uradir speaks to us in life, and now despite his death, he speaks through his memory we will hold dear to our lasting breath. Silir Uradir – a man who transcended the bindings of what is taught, for what would otherwise bring prosperity. In spite of his suggestion, I as High Aelkos of our people will honor and must see to it that I take up his work to bring us peace and proceed forwards, albeit with caution. His intent was unity, for us to uplift the Mali’thill, and in turn the Mali’thill to the Kharajyr. I will say it time and time again – in all our differences, we Kharajyr seek a similar path to the Mali’thill. It is necessary. It is destiny. We will not secede. We will not secede. Regardless of our biology, we are ephemeral. We will never be unfettered, for we should never yearn to be. The endless hunt for purity is necessary. ~ Silir Uradir ~ The Kharajyr honor him and his cause. We hope that the Mali’thill will as well. Do not forget his actions in life, do not forget his beliefs. Let them ring LOUD through the course of time onwards. His end may be sullied, but his beliefs and life were most otherwise. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Metztli Yectenehua. In Silver Starlight, ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr
  8. RANSOM OF GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS OF HAENSE Issued on the 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1751 SONG CREDIT TO RAEL RADIO GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE -- he sits in our cells, weeping for your feeble rescue of his even more feeble body harmed in combat against our blessed troops in his fourth attack on elcihi. We grow tired of your armies incessantly marching to our silver city, threatening the deaths of innocent citizenry, threatening to skin the Kharajyr, and threatening to bring our great nation to its knees. Fortunately, that will never happen. In each attempt, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE and his troops have met swift, powerful response and have fallen from our cliffs into the Silver Forest below. In the face of death, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE, like ERIK BERHAL of REZA, one of his troops beneath his command, FLED COMBAT and left his loyal troops behind to DIE against our valiant Sillumiran, under the command of the very Kharajyr he threatens to flay. See to it that you collect this rat from our cages, should you still desire his filth in your city. Or, perhaps, you would see to his arrest for execution at your own sword given his betrayal of your people! A most worthy punishment, no doubt. GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE remains in our custody; yet, the Silver State would look favorably upon the exchanging of gifts. Should the humble offering of that which is listed following be given, we would be most inclined to generously return the favor in the form of your Grand Marshal: < ✩ > Five-thousand minas. < ✩ > 5 original copy books. < ✩ > 1 original copy book with an apology letter, signed by a nation steward or greater. < ✩ > A detailed report of your city’s defenses. < ✩ > 5 artifacts. ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr ~ A. Miravaris Okarir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Storm Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Nehtamo Seregon Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir
  9. The White Owls A Blessing of Muuna Drafted by the High Aelkos & Varkolu 15th of the Grand Harvest 1751 A missive is posted to the district noticeboard ... With the congregation of our people for our entrance into the Silver Age, Yancuic Xihuitl was a wonderful celebration to begin our time anew. Kharajyr and Mali’thill alike attended our sacred festival, taking part in our most ancient sport of Tlachtli against one another in the spirit of good will and fortune. Elathion, Kleo & Ri’Haskir were victorious on the red team, with a score of 3 to 1 against Var’Umi, Zuu-Zuu, & Kisyla on the blue team. Rewards were handed out to the blessed Mali’thill victorious, a pair of elegantly-designed Monkspades passed down as a gift from Ri’Haskir after he had obtained them from the recent holidays. In turn, Uppori of the most venerable Visaj family delivered gifts unto the Kharajyr following the game of Tlachtli. The Kharajyr and Mali’thill passed the time later dining on sugarcane and sweet potatoes sourced locally from our district. The conclusion of our festivities began when the Mali’thill had departed for the night, Muuna hanging high above and observant of our traditions carried out in Her honor. The Kharajyr departed the grounds of Tlachtli and made way for the Temple of Muuna, prepared to conduct the sacrifice of what Var’Umi had in store. Upon entering the temple, a great happening was uncovered. Pure white pelt lit in silver starlight from the skylight above, a feline of surely divine origin sat squarely on the altar of our most Holy Muunpool. It is unknown how the Holy feline made such an appearance, but we are certain: this is a blessing from our Muuna, and the first time she speaks in what may be centuries past. With its most divine appearance, the Kharajyr will see to the protection of this Holy feline for its mere presence is a sign of good will. Our future is great, and our time is now! It is OUR DUTY to protect those of MOST DIVINE origin. It is ADVISABLE to take up a position within our TEMPLE GUARD! METZTLI YECTENEHUA
  10. The White Owls In Solidarity Drafted by the High Aelkos & Elder Council 8th of the Grand Harvest 1751 To the Office of the Sohaer (@Ankan), It has come to the knowledge of the Elder Council of the Kharajyr of the White Owls that Silir Uradir, Okarir’san of the Elemyumiran, is to be trialed for his actions in his most noble resolve, aiding in the prosperity of our people in tandem with the Mali’thill as our alliance for near a thousand years has entailed. Should this news fallen on expectant ears be true, it would be an atrocity to see it through. The Okarir’san has gone to great lengths to maintain good will between our two governments and both our peoples that have done so many great things already for one another. To trial the Okarir’san would be nothing short of despicable, regardless of his methods taken to ensure our lasting alliance see to the future rather than end silently beneath the dark clouds of cultural conflict. The Okarir’san has done nothing wrong, and we unanimously agree and support his decisions. “Mali’thill are not evil. They are powerful. Among us are the noblest. We are only seen as evil because we do not apologize for seeking our true destiny; because only we know the truth about greatness. In a realm in which no one can be trusted besides our blessed citizenry, it is only right to grant ourselves privileges through our ambition and cunningness. But, we have many routes in which we may do that. Diplomacy is one.” - Silir Uradir, circa 1733 Diplomacy is one. Like the Mali’thill, the Kharajyr seek a similar path. In tandem, we uplift one another. We do not put one another down, and you or we will never apologize to lessers we vanquish in our quest of ascension. While we are lesser in your culture, opposite in our’s we are the mastered children of our Goddess. Let us understand our separate values, and let us proceed without harming one another be it physical or metaphysical. We wish to see the threats between our two peoples find an end, a conclusion of peace, once and for all and for eternity. < ✩ > The Elder Council of the White Owls are in unanimous agreement with the Okarir’san Silir Uradir. < ✩ > The Elder Council of the White Owls will see that Kharajyr maintain respect for the Mali’thill culture. < ✩ > The Elder Council of the White Owls will see that Kharajyr do not threaten the alliance. < ✩ > The Elder Council of the White Owls ask that the Sohaer support Okarir’san Silir Uradir in his just cause. Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the White Owls Tul’Tsisha Tultelkos of the Do’ Military Alu’Rha’kir Aluhuso of Trade & Production Var’Umi Varkolu of the Temple of Muuna
  11. The White Owls Yancuic Xihuitl Drafted by the High Aelkos, Varkolu, & Elder Council 14th of Snow’s Maiden 1751 A blessed new year is upon us! Yancuic Xihuitl – the beginning of our new year and its lunar cycles – begins now; a fresh time, a new time, delivering unto us a clean slate and washing us of any previous woes. Yancuic Xihuitl is a time of unity, to congregate as one People to celebrate our Muuna and our passage into time that She weaves for us, following in Her steps washed in holy silver starlight. Not only is this a celebration of our entrance into a new year, but this is our entrance into a new age! With the recent treaty signed between our Pride and our Mali’thill brothers and sisters, it is a time to look forwards into a prosperous future set in tandem with our favored allies, the only people so strong to ascend beyond the shackles of lesser descendant civilizations. Our treaty marks this entrance into a time anew, a time of peace and harmony, and with them we assure our mutual safety; for they protect us, and we protect them. Yancuic Xihuitl marks this new length of our timeline in this world, to which we will dub as our Silver Age. Bathed in the starlight of a time in prosperity, we continue our ascension. METZTLI YECTENEHUA This event will occur on Saturday, January 18th at 4PM EST We are gonna play some Road to El Dorado handball with rewards, a feast, burn some flags, and have fireworks (if they work)!
  12. The Oath of the Okarir’san Issued on 13th Of Snow’s Maiden, 1751 Office of the Okarir’san Penned by Muireal Aedonin To further alleviate the most esteemed Kharajyr of their grievances towards the Silver State, and the integrity of our recent agreement, the Okarir’san has taken the liberty to pledge his dedication to the Accord’s terms. It is a gesture of fidelity from the Okarir’san. Respecting the sanctity of the treaty is paramount to restoring civil stability within the Silver State, which ultimately promotes progress and health. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” The duties the Okarir’san has pledged himself to in this oath are as follows: [1] Protecting the Kharajyr of the Silver State from unjust cruelty, slanderous hate and prejudice; The Okarir’san will act as a bulwark for Kharajyri justice by standing against any forms of injustice that the Kharajyr may receive from hereon in. [2] Warranting that the Kharajyr will receive aid from the Okarir’san in cases of emergency; The Okarir’san will be as available as possible to the Kharajyr in emergency situations, assisting in the acquisition of proper help accordingly. [3] Facilitating cordial relations with the Kharajyr Province to see to its prosperity; The Okarir’san will promote favourable relations between parties within Haelun’or proper and those of the Kharajyr Province in matters regarding its future development. The oath is to remain indefinitely in effect unless one or more of the following is true: - Permission is given to the incumbent Okarir’san by a reigning Diarch. - An act of intentional violence from a resident Kharajyr against a ‘thill is made known. Okarir’san, Silir Uradir
  13. “To do right by the people can only led to grief, to do right by me can only lead to hell. Is the path of the righteous to be eternally damned to fail?” -Symon the Unifier, circa. y.22 Year 1500 The great Empires of old fell 750 years ago. The Symon Empire, spreading across most of Naros, crumbled away into turmoil and civil war in the year 766, leading the continent into Anarchy. The Enlightened Kingdom of Auldhau would fall soon after, with its great troves of knowledge condemned to burn or be forgotten. In the east, the Exiled Kingdom, the last remnant of the First Men of Naros, falls to dissent and the Desert. Its gleaming cities were devoured by sand and its people choked upon their walls turned to dust. Even the Pirates fled west, far away from this damned continent. Yet even Aros was not spared. Many of its nations fell into chaos, victims of the aftershocks caused by the Symonian Empire’s destruction. In two-hundred years, all the major powers had been razed to the ground, and little more was left but roving warlords and city-states struggling for survival. But a new dawn rises above this hell-ridden land. After 750 years, the people are reuniting once more. Old tales are told, and crumbling ruins are explored once more. The lawless still roam, but strong men have forged new kingdoms, and with them, new crowns. Perhaps one day, they will honor the memory of their ancestors, and reforge those broken Empires, or shape new and even greater Realms. Only the Gods can say… In these dark days, it is the old fish wives who turn their rheumy eyes to the sky. The moon hangs low over the horizon like a fat coin waiting to tip and tumble down below the craggy mountains. Yet even as the sun rises and eclipses it, a few stars still linger rebelliously, like children lying in bed, resisting the pull of sleep. When so many stars remain in the sky at dawn, the wrinkled old women gut their fish and mutter to each other about the Star-Touched, and the dark omens that they bear. Perhaps the Gods will have their word after all. _____ A map without any names, for simple editing if you require it. Zones of Knowledge The Red Lines depict the extent of your knowledge. Beyond these lines you are aware of very little and your maps become extremely unreliable. The higher your education, the better your maps in general. If your nation bridges a Line, look for the side with the largest amount of your territory. You are also aware of any nation that borders you, regardless of whether or not you have a majority of your land in their zone. If a nation only has a small amount of land in your zone, then you only vaguely know of their position, and who they are, but have no real contact. NPC Nations Are nations with names written in black. Player nations are in white. Stars Represent capitals. Yes, not all NPC’s have a capital. The Commonwealth of Ruhn The dour mountain-folk have wreathed their lives and temples in bones and death. Perhaps their rough history of crime and war will alienate the neighboring Free Cities of Triad, or will they find within them an unlikely ally? That remains to be seen. What is known, is that to the east, a strange construct looms over the coast, only seen from the mountains on a clear day. The Galaharian League Having fled far, these seafaring folk have seen their own bodies shaped by their travels. Surrounded by unpredictable forces, and gated to the North by a veritable wall of trees as impassable as a cliff, one thing is clear: The Galaharian League holds the center of the world in its hands. The Danwent Republic Few are the men who dare to say that their ancestry stretches back to before the Symon Empire. Fewer still are those who might be right. Most live in the Republic of Danwent. Yet these proud men must always watch the roads east, for there lies the Sehmon Remnants, and their fanatical adherence to old beliefs… Point of Interest: The Salthand Delta. Mostly unfertile, this land seems to have suffered a great many battles and saltings over the centuries. Oftentimes, boys playing in the mud may find rusted swords or old bones. But even greater secrets lie beneath the ground… The Realm of Darkyria Most who venture into the Greenthroat never return. Yet some, somehow, carve their place out within these savage and unforgiving landscape. The Darkyrians will never be able to sleep with both eyes closed, and death always lurks around the corner. But what is death to the deathless? Point of Interest: The Font of Life. The Source of the Wandring River bubbles up deep within the Greenthroat. Perhaps the spirit of the Elder Soul lingers within this glade, for the Font of Life spews forth water of such vitality and quality that nations a thousand kilometers away once tore each other to shreds for control of the smallest sections of that river. (+1% pop growth) (Point of power for the Elder Soul) The Kingdom of Five These heathens have attracted little love from their neighbors or the gods, yet they somehow persist and grow, spreading across the fertile lands of the Vale of a Thousand Currents. But how long could it last, when their neighbors, the Realm of Hakan, despise them so? Point of Interest (North): The Ynkan river, Mother of a Thousand Currents, Seed of Life. It has taken many a name throughout its years, and fed a hundred empires. As wide as a like, it flows into a thousand different rivers and feeds the bountiful lands around it. But such a wide river is more than a lifeline, it is a wall as great as any castle may ever hope to have. Point of Interest (South): Along the greatest arm of the Ynkan River are spread ancient terrasses, now little more than hills, they are littered with ruins. Some say great farms once lay here, but who can differentiate legend from reality? (3 Farms for 3500G instead of 5000G) The Empire of Bourdeleaux It is said tha the Empire was born of the great Duchy of Selrok, an ancient vassal of the Symon Empire, but only the Emperor can reinforce such a belief. With the Sun as their guide, perhaps the Empire will find a way to navigate the complex web of nations surrounding it, and come out on top… Rare Resource: A strange metal was found in the easternmost salient of the Empire, naught but a few years ago. Black as night and hardier than any steel, it has resisted any attempts at unveiling its secrets, but the greatest minds of the Empire may still find out what it has to say for itself. The Order In a world in which Gods rule the minds of men, few can say that they have reject them. Fewer still would dare to adopt the Fallen One as their patron, yet The Order has done both. Great glories could await these scions of mankind, just as much as great disasters. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Others took the name of Fey in ancient days, but there are few left to remember, and to distrust. The Fey of Fyr-Darrick watch over the Greenthroat, the heart of the Elder Soul, and in return, the Elder Soul watches over them. It is a rare thing to have a deity play favorites, but perhaps the Elder Soul has found its champion. Beware, outsiders, for within the forest, the laws of man forsake you, and nature takes its rightful place. The Kingdom of Numeria To go so far, and be stopped by the Roots of the World. The Numerians are not the first to have had their dreams crushed by these imposing peaks. But they are the first to rebuild them anew, in the shadow of their greatest obstacle. Point of Interest: The Well of Eternity: Called Lake Lyria by the Numerians, the Well of Eternity glimmers at night, as if stars were drifting from its surface to rejoin their brethren within the sky. It is said that those who are ailing may come to the Well and find themselves rejuvenated. And some have even found that the water of Lyria, when stored, may act as a far better healing agent than others within this world. Bonus: Numerian Lore Masters: The Kingdom of Numeria has ancient maps of the Symon Empire, with a few markets of interest upon them… The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda The secluded Hierarchy of Mela has seen itself split from the rest of Aros for decades. However, should it wish, it has an entire world to explore and bathe in the light of the Lady and the Lord. Point of Interest (Both): Is it an ancient construct, or a natural wonder? No one knows. A victim to the tides of the ocean, a huge rocky shelf blocks off the straight for half of every day, as the tides recede and create a landbridge between the two islands. On each side, old crumbling towers and walls watch over them, the withered sentinels of a fallen kingdom. Surya The Bright One smiles upon the nation of Surya. May their gleaming mirrors illuminate the world with the light of Mihir, and guide it unto a new age. Perhaps they should begin with the Red Sun Pirates to the North, who patrol the Golûn with greed tainting their heart. Point of Interest: The Boiling Sea. A great sheet of vapor rises like a barrier to the west of Surya, hundreds of kilometers long. Its origin is easy enough to find: the inland sea of Golûn. Those first explorers foolish enough to step into it sound found their feet thoroughly scalded, as the sea is at a constant simmer, never cooling even in the coldest days. Not even boats last long within this sea and those that do more often than not lose themselves within the mist. When the winds are right, the Boiling Sea brings great swaths of mists out across Surya, like a veil pulled across the Sun. The Kingdom of Bulgar There are those touched by wild magic and those who have been thoroughly warped. It will be hard to find those who easily trust the Lithborn, especially within the superstitious Hezaka, guardians of that-which-they-know-not. But Grimsbortish will guide them, as he always has. Point of Interest(West): The Earth’s Womb. A perfect cirle 150m in diameter, the Earth’s Womb is a pool with unfathomable depths. Little is known of what lies at the bottom, if there is indeed a bottom, but great power revolves around this one place. (Point of power for the Elder Soul.) Point of Interest(East): The Old Wall. An ancient line of fortifications running down all the way from forest to mountain on the Bulgar border. While in ruin, their imposing stature might remind the passing merchant of the great powers of old, and why in the world they would have built such imposing fortifications in such an empty place... The Duchy of Ulyadar The Children of Ulya live in a unforgiving land, a mistress as cruel and cold as the winds that rip over their homesteads in the coldest of nights. But the cold does little to those whose blood runs as hot as theirs. One can only hope that the treachery of this land does not spill it. Point of Interest(West): Assirbanâhk: An ancient monolith of stone looms over the Bay of Ghosts, staring mutely towards the coasts of Blackmarrow. Its inscrutable face holds the wrinkles of a thousand winters. Carved and cracked by the bitterest winters of the world, Assirbanâhk still stands strong, and its watchful eye forever lingers upon these frozen waters. (Benefit gained if attuned with by 2 magi.) Point of Interest(East): The Blood Forge: Said to be the home of the Blood God by some, this giant volcano is a part of a series of four called the Grumblers. It is a towering monolith with deep clefts gouged into its sides from which spew forth gouts of molten lava. A wild thing from afar, as one approaches, they may observe that the lava is channeled into carefully organized paths, that leads it to pool before an ancient, crumbling building at the foot of the Forge. (Point of power for the Blood God.) The Kingdom of Helmedhi Long have these stout people lived in isolation, cut off from the world by sea, jungle and mountain. Yet they have found a way to adapt, and some might even say to thrive. Few threaten their lands, and perhaps their innate ingenuity will bring them to great heights… Point of Interest: The Dorhimi Docks: Great docks once stood here, created by a forgotten nation, they remain as the last bastion of their great wealth and powerful navies. (One port at 50% off) Ischyros Long has this metropolis grown, deep within the heartlands of the once Empire of Symon. Now it must turn to look at those large nations that surround it, and decide upon a course of action, for the survival of its people. Point of Interest: The Iris. For as long as the people of Ischyros can remember, the Iris has stood upon the tip of the peninsula. None can recollect its origins, or its original purpose, but all have seen its walls, as black as night and as smooth as glass. Its single white tower reaches for the heaves above from within its circular walls. Narry a scratch on them, and no way of climbing them. Indeed, these high-reaching walls seem to repel any attacker. An invisible barrier has always stood between the Iris and its surroundings, leaving it as if frozen in time… The Fortress Libraries The Libraries have long stayed hidden, concealed from the world by the Stinkswamp, their minds turned inwards, to the pursuit of knowledge. But they lie in the heart of Naros, and even those blinded to the world of today, must venture furth, or the great treasures of the ancient world may be forever lost. A caretakers work is never over in these years of ruin and rebirth. The Kingdom of Icefled Few are those brave enough to venture into the deep north, and fewer more are those who could claim to have survived there for centuries. Yet somehow, impossibly, Icefeld persists in one of the most unforgiving climates upon the twin continents. To their north, ice sheets and freezing sea, to their south, a forest as deep and ancient as the world. Only the Men of Ölm live in any proximity to the Icefeld, but they stay away, keep to the forest and rarely show themselves. Every decision can mean life or death in the north, and for the King of Ice and Stone, there are still many to make. Rare mineral acquired: Iceglass. Have at it.
  14. The White Owls A Call to War Issued by the White Owls Elder Council, Drafted by the High Aelkos 14th of Snow’s Maiden 1747 Addressed to the Blessed Diarchy of the Silver State & Kha’ of the White Owls, The attack upon the Silver State by the Kaedreni savages does not go unheard by the Kharajyr of the White Owls. An attack upon your Silver City is an attack upon both our peoples, and the lesser scum who assault your Mali’thill kin are an affront to the prosperity of the Silver State, the Kharajyr, and the realm at large. This is unacceptable and with the revelation that the Kaedreni and their allies draw steel upon our pure people, the White Owls with the rebirth of the Do’ Muun Blades bring the fight to their very doorstep just as they did us. Tul’Tsisha will be our guiding hand to spawn our forces, and I will personally see to the construction of our barracks to arm our Muun Blades for the ranks of war. This act of war and barbarism will be staunched with swiftness, and we stand at Haelun’or’s side. It is time we take the fight to them to ensure the safety of the Mali’thill and Kharajyr alike. < ✩ > The Kharajyr of the White Owls rise to defend their settlement and the Silver State. < ✩ > The Kharajyr of the White Owls will arm the Muun Blades for war. WE HUNT! METZTLI YECTENEHUA In Silver Moonlight, High Aelkos Ri’Haskir of the White Owls
  15. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  16. While Metztli Sleeps - Part One - 16th of The Amber Cold, 1745 A missive would be nailed to the new sign post in the village marketplace. Silence is such a terrible thing. A request unheard, a question unanswered. But what do you do when your Creator does not answer their call? What do you do when your Creator does not answer your prayer? They are your guide, your tether to this earth, and your very reason to exist. It is inherently wrong to question the actions of your Creator. But the lack thereof is .. perplexing. Does She sleep, our Holy Muuna? Our Muuna still waxes and wanes, showing her silvery face every turn of our earth to bask us in Her Holy silver light. Certainly She is not sleeping, for Muuna is ever-present. Our Muuna, our Mutta, Mother of our People is all-powerful and all-mighty. She is not bound in chains by such a mortal activity, sleeping. But in nearly two-hundred years our Muuna has not selected Her next Tlatanni, the One Who Speaks, wrapped in Their Holy, silver fur. In nearly two-hundred years, our Muuna has not answered a single prayer. The blessings of Muun’Trivazja have not been bestowed, unseen in great time .. but why? Surely, our Muuna has not abandoned us. In Her honor, we have erected temples -- temples in Her name, for Her to reach to us, Her Holy Master Race, and for us to reach to Her. From our temples, homes and village we watch, listening for Her answer; Her reply, Her break to the silence. The hanging of night is when She breathes, when She sees, and when She answers. Dawn should be the hour of silence, when nothing breathes. In the passing of her eyes, everything should be transfixed, and only the light should move in the peaceful balance. It is we who shall draw our Muuna from Her slumber, Her silence in these two-hundred years of chaos. We have risen, and Her people are here. We watch, we listen, but we cease to wait. We will not become the Hou-zi, those Apes of Abandonment. SO WE SHALL HUNT! For it is the Hunt that unleashes our strength, equips us with our skill, and displays our might. A Great Hunt, perhaps, will be enough to draw Her attention. Muuna hungers – and we will deliver. We will seek out the greatest beast to roam the Wilds and reap its life for Her to take. TO HUNT IS TO LIVE! In Silver Moonlight, High Aelkos Ri’Haskir This will begin a small player-run plot to bridge the massive gaps between shelved magic lore, inactive gods and updated lore approaching in the near future. Event dates will be scheduled in our Discord. For more information, add and DM me at Ryloth#6969.
  17. The White Owls Culture of the White Owls Inspired by the Kharajyr Culture Rewrite 1 - Prefixes of Kha’ Social Statuses 1.1 - High Aelkos 1.2 - Aelkos 1.3 - Priest/Temple Guards 1.4 - Warriors 1.5 - Artist/Writer/Creatives 1.6 - Doctors/Healers/Surgeons 1.7 - Merchants 1.8 - Adults 1.9 - Kittens/Cubs 1.10 - Wizards/Mages 1.11 - Elders 2 - Annual Events 2.1 - Yancuic Xihuitl (New Years Celebration) 2.2 - Phase Ritual 3 - The Kharajyr Appearance 3.1 - Clothing 3.2 - Dyes 3.3 - Jewelry 3.4 - Body Armor 4 - Kharajyr Courtship 4.1 - Courtship Initiation 4.2 - Proposal 4.3 - Wedding Ceremony 5 - Lunar Phases 5.1 - Kha Birth Phases 5.1.1 - Phase Anomalies - Lunar Eclipse - Solar Eclipse - Blue Moon - Harvest Moon - Blood Moon 6 - Arts & Music 6.1 - Paintings & Statues 6.2 - Pottery & Glass Blowing 6.3 - Music 6.3.1 - Woodwinds 6.3.2 - Strings 6.3.3 - Percussion 6.3.4 - The Death Whistle 6.4 - Dance 6.4.1 - The Haka - Waewae - Ngeri - Manawa 6.5 - Weapon Decorations 7 - Food & Agriculture 7.1 - Cuisine - Food & Drinks 7.2 - Agriculture 8 - Sports 8.1 - Tlachtli 8.2 - Game of Ur 9 - References 1 - Prefixes of Kha’ Social Statuses: A Kha’s social status in the White Owls is expressed with a short prefix prior to their name. These are considered a form of title, earned honorably and granted by individuals of higher power. Upon any formal meetings, they are required to be used. For example, an Aelkos would be prefixed with Ri’ before their name. So, an Aelkos Kha’ named Rajir would be referred to as Ri’Rajir when respecting their authority. Kharajyr who carry the incorrect prefixes or pretend to maintain one when not meeting criteria are highly frowned upon, and in extreme circumstances may be identified for imprisonment or worse per White Owls law. Prefixes also determine a Kha’s position in society, identifying how much authority they hold. 1.1 High Aelkos = Ri’[Name] The individual that carries this prefix is the sole leader of the White Owls. They have authority above the Aelkos to make political decisions, although are checked by vote between the three. If two Aelkos of the three agree with the High Aelkos decision, it may be completed; but otherwise, it is denied. The High Aelkos has authority to strip Aelkos of their respective title, although may only strip one Aelkos per Elven Year to maintain balance. It is the High Aelkos who maintains the pride and ensures their safety in the world. 1.2 Aelkos = Tultelkos (Tul’), Varkolu (Var’), or Aluhuso (Alu’) [Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are one of the three Aelkos of a pride. Responsible for maintaining sections of the pride’s society, an Aelkos has one of the more difficult positions of power. The varying prefixes refer to any particular Aelkos of the trio with the Tultelkos as the military leader, Varkolu as religious, and Aluhuso as the economic Aelkos. Each Aelkos holds authority over their assigned section of society, a hard but necessary task. 1.3 Priest/Temple Guards = Ja’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are those who maintain temples as a priest or as a temple guard. Assigned by the religious Aelkos or the High Aelkos, a priest is one who leads all rituals, sacrifices, annual events and maintains the spiritual health of the pride’s population. Their wealth is a good indicator of their greed, causing many good priests to be poorer than other Kha’ if they have not offered their wealth to Metztli. Regardless, they maintain the highest authority beneath an Aelkos given their connection to The Creator. 1.4 Warriors = Do’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are identified as skilled warriors which should be treated with great respect. Akin to a knight, these individuals are noble Kharajyr who have behaved honorably in battle, have acquired and expressed finesse in warfare or are considered skilled battlefield commanders. Any High Aelkos or Aelkos are permitted to grant this title to a Kha’. 1.5 Artist/Writer/Creatives = Ji’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are those of a creative mind. Typically obtained by artists, writers, chefs, dancers, tailors or skilled craftsman including art in their work, this title identifies an individual of great cosmetic talent. A Kha’ may only obtain this title by creating and gifting their work to an Aelkos or the High Aelkos. If they enjoy the work, the title will be granted. If it is not, their work will be returned and they may attempt again after the annual new Elven year celebration. 1.6 Doctors/Healers/Surgeons = Dra’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are those who are skilled in the art of aiding the weak & ill. They are gifted in their craft and maintain a wealthy knowledge of anatomy, ailments and their cures. Often, doctors will clothe themselves in white linen to represent their role and purity from the filth of the world. A Kha’ will receive this title by a peer (not always an Aelkos or the High Aelkos) when they are decided proficient. 1.7 Merchants = Ka'/Ki'/Ko’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are those with a silver tongue. Capable of bartering for great amounts of wealth or maintaining large companies that power the industries of Kha’ society are granted this title by an Aelkos or High Aelkos. 1.8 Adults = Si’/Sa’/So’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are your typical adults, and will be encouraged to obtain a job. This title is gained automatically. 1.9 Kittens/Cubs = S’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this title are children. All Kharajyr will maintain this title at their early stages of life and may not obtain another until they are an adult. 1.10 Wizards/Mages = Jo’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix are considered magic users. Any Kharajyr may carry this title, so long they maintain the ability to connect with the Void and cast magic. 1.11 Elders = Yhl’[Name] The Kharajyr that carry this prefix is your common elder. It is an optional title, and typically is only held if a Kharajyr has no greater position in the society. Considered a “retirement” title, it is often held by those who no longer seek work or (more importantly) are unable to work. An Elder holds great respect, and are required to be respected for their commitment to the society. Often-times, the Elders will be capable of residing on an Elder Council if the White Owls hold a large enough population. They may vote on actions the pride takes, and their votes will greatly influence the actions of the Aelkos and High Aelkos above them. 2 - Annual Events: 2.1 Yancuic Xihuitl: Loosely translated to “New Years”, this festival is exactly what it sounds like – a celebration of the passage of a year, and the start of a new. It is observed by the White Owls nine days before the Spring equinox and occurs always at night, concluding at moon-high or midnight. Celebrations consist of ceremonial dances to the beat of drums, visually fascinating not only for their antiquity but also for their colorful folk costumes. During which, seeds are presented as offerings to an altar or moon pool for blessings of bountiful harvests. Ocotes (pitch-pine candles) are lit in the surrounding area and they produce a highly flammable and aromatic resin which is collected for a flag burning. At the close of the celebrations, the flag burning will occur alongside a fireworks show; the flag, designed to represent the previous year and the accomplishments of a tribe in that time will be soaked in the ocote resin and burned within the moon pool or over its respective altar. During this, the Kharajyr will strike seashells or obsidian glass chunks together for noise and cheer for the opening of a new year – a clean slate. 2.2 Phase Ritual: This ritual occurs annually in various tribes on any date deemed necessary. The purpose is to determine the acquired phase by an individual -- explaining what exactly their alignment is based upon during their birth. The ritual always occurs at a moon pool or altar at midnight, although only on the overcast night of a full moon. It is determined by the priest when to initiate the ritual, typically when cloud cover is thick and moonlight is not visible. The Kharajyr in question will sit within a rock salt drawn crescent, facing away from the crest and towards the basin of the crescent shape, which will look towards the altar or moon pool. The priest will then light candles at the crescent’s two vertices. Thereafter, the Kha’ in question sitting cross-legged in the crescent will attempt to enter a state of meditation, focusing their mind on the hidden moon above them. This will most often be an attempt to connect themselves -- psychically -- with the phase they are attached to. Not always will this result in the proper phase, as it is only believed by the priests to be a tried and true method. Once the Kha’ has entered this state, they must remain so until the clouds part and moonlight shines down upon them. Then, the priest will blow out the candles and pull the individual from their meditation. Granted their new phase, this Kharajyr will then be blessed by submerging in the waters of the moon pool or by an offering of silver to the altar. They are then sent to their new mentors to learn the ways of what they shall become. 3 - The Kharajyr Appearance: The Kharajyr are a humanoid anthropomorphic feline creature race magically shaped from cats and elves by a Daemon, Metztli. This means they are a hybrid of the two species, and retain some (but not all) features of their mixed traits. Kharajyr appear as a biped which is a trait retained from the elves, while their digitigrade legs (as opposed to plantigrade) are a trait retained from the cat, meaning that their legs are jointed differently than that of other humanoids. They also retain the feline appearance with their fur coat, appearing with the texture of a real-world cheetah, tiger, panther or leopard. Other ways they retain the feline appearance is with their tail, pointed and jointed ears, an elongated snout or maw, retractable claws in the toes and hands, and palms in the shape of paws. However, they retained the trait of opposable thumbs from the elves, allowing them the ability to manipulate objects articulately like other humanoids. The feet more closely resemble their feline counterparts, and at the ankle, the Kharajyr retain their feline predecessor’s dewclaw, which can become an issue when fitting shoes or socks. A basic design for various Kharajyr subraces in the pride, credits to Adam_Barnett. 3.1 Clothing Kharajyr in the White Owls are typically known to dress in supple clothing in order to keep themselves cooler from the heat, although the high-altitude climate sometimes allows for heavier wear. Commonly, they often wear thin, lightweight clothing made out of breathable fabrics unless during the colder months. Kharajyr often decorate their clothing with colorful dyes when capable, higher-caste Kharajyr typically adorned with more colorful clothing than lower-caste. Silver or gold trimmings against deep or bright colors are common in the higher castes while lower castes are drab with a collection of natural browns or greens in color. 3.2 Dyes Kharajyr do not typically dye their fur unless for camouflage and war paints, although when used this allows them to blend almost seamlessly with their environment. It is heavily frowned upon to dye large areas of fur outside of war, especially if to mimic the coat of another subspecies of the Kharajyr. For example, a Kha’Cheetrah dying their fur black to appear as a Kha’Pantera is extremely frowned upon. Notably, Kha’Pantera may find it considerably more difficult to dye their fur, although if with browns and greens the Kha’Pantera can blend into terrain with ease, especially at night. 3.3 Jewelry In terms of jewelry, Kharajyr in the White Owls tend to decorate their clothing with an assortment of common designs from their main Kha’ culture. This jewelry is often made of silver, a religious symbol given the moon’s color and their relative distance from the Silver State. Other Kharajyr might adorn themselves in gold as a means to exhibit their social status and wealth, but this is in no way an excuse to flaunt with it and is typically frowned upon by their High Elf neighbors. They wear necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets made out of these lustrous materials, many adorned with the shapes of lunar phases -- typically those with phases they were born on. Glass is also a common theme in Kharajyr jewelry, typically melted to a lustrous metal and shaped into a beautiful work of art. 3.4 Body Armor Finally, in terms of military equipment, Kharajyr in the White Owls typically adorn themselves in lightweight padded armor or hard leather. It is rare to find them equipped in metal armor given their restrictive fur coats disallowing the ease of breathability, and heavier armor can cause a Kharajyr to overheat. Only in the Northern climates around Haelun’or can Kha’ be found equipped in plate or chainmail armor, although many Kharajyr prefer to wear lamellar armor for its considerably higher mobility, allowing for the Kha’ to retain their agility in battle. Additionally, lamellar armor is much easier for the White Owls society to produce given its method of production as opposed to solid metal plate pieces. 4 - Kharajyr Courtship: 4.1 Courtship Initiation Although this form of courtship and marriage is typically only followed in the wealthier caste, that does not prevent lower-caste Kharajyr from following it, nor does it force upper-caste Kharajyr to follow it. No Kharajyr in the White Owls is forced to take an oath of solitude, not even the priests and priestesses. In fact, all Kharajyr in the White Owls are encouraged to love, especially to populate their race with more of their king. Kharajyr are not feral creatures and have risen above the basic "grow, reproduce, die" instincts of animals. They have developed intricate cultural traditions to abide by, thousands of years prior. These traditions are still strong today. Around the age of 20 years, a Kharajyr in their society is typically ready to receive suitors. It is customary that open, searching Kharajyr host an informal picnic at dawn following the night of any lunar ritual. If the host has decided upon a future mate, they would extend an invitation to the individual in question. The other Kharajyr is not required to accept, and only accepts should they also see the picnic host as a potential mate. The picnic should act as a “date”, and allows the pair to examine each other’s intentions more intimately. At the end of the picnic, the host will offer the other Kharajyr a cooked and well-made meal made of (typically caught by the host) fish of any kind as an expression of approval, signifying that the host wishes to continue the courtship process. If the other Kharajyr accepts, the courtship process may proceed. 4.2 Proposal Some moon cycles following their courtship’s initiation, either Kharajyr may decide to propose to the other. To do so, the Kharajyr must seek out their partner’s closest relative or parental figure, and if none exist, their closest companion (typically the closest friend). The proposer will ask for the guardian or companion’s opinion and approval, and should they approve, the proposer may ask the other Kharajyr’s hand in marriage. Proposal occurs by the proposer offering a self-made ring, typically forged of silver and crested with white quartz shaped to match the lunar phase of the other Kharajyr’s birth. The proposal must occur at midnight on a clear night when the moon is highest and must occur outdoors exposed to the sky. This is to consecrate that the Kharajyr’s ancestors (the stars) may bear witness the initial union of two Metz’al (life mates). Should the proposal be denied, the pair may part ways or initiate again the courtship process. 4.3 Wedding Ceremony Before the ceremony, the pair of Kharajyr will begin crafting each other their wedding attire. Male Kharajyr will be crafted (by the opposite partner) a supple deerskin tunic, dyed black (to consecrate a new lunar phase) and decorated with silver trimming and beads. Female Kharajyr will be crafted (by the opposite partner) a supple deerskin dress, dyed white or silver (to consecrate the full lunar phase) and decorated with beads. Wealthy Kharajyr will craft the dress of pure white deerskin, negating the need for dyes. (OOCly, pairs typically exchange persona skins to design the attire for fun) Same-gender couples will wear the same attire, typically with different colors of beads although it should be noted that the White Owls neighbor the Silver State – while acceptable in the White Owl society, the Silver State identifies same-gender couples as impure. Tread lightly. A Kharajyr priest is required to be present. The ceremony is conducted outside at night on a full moon and is conducted next to a pond, lake or holy Muun pool. No formal invitation is extended to anyone, and everyone is only invited by word-of-mouth. There is feasting and socialization. The feast will take place on the same blanket the initial picnic was conducted on and will include food items provided by the pair. Before the pair’s wedding itself, both partners will submerge themselves in the nearby water sanctified by the lunar light above to bless their bodies. Then, the wedding itself may initiate with the permission of the priest. Both Kharajyr will begin facing away from each other beneath the full moon at midnight. The priest will then intertwine and tie the tail tips of the two Kharajyr together, and they will turn to face one another. It is here that the priest says a prayer: “Now you will feel no rain, For each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, For each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, For each of you will be a companion to the other. Now you are two bodies, But there is only one life before you. Go now to your dwelling place, To enter into your days of togetherness, And may your days be good and long beneath Muuna.” With the priest’s prayer and blessing, the Metz’al are then consecrated as one soul in the Kha’ faith. Following the official union of the Metz’al, the Kharajyr guests will typically conduct a hunt in their honor, and the kill is offered as gifts to the Metz’al. Following this, the Metz’al will honeymoon until the new moon and feast upon the spoils collected. 5 - Lunar Phases: . 5.1 Kha Birth Phases Kharajyr believe that the phase of the moon a kitten is born under tells what they are destined for in life. To them, there are ten moon phases which assign ten individual traits. The trait the kitten is born under is typically what they will excel in, and therefore should be encouraged to pursue in life. However, for a kitten to be born on a new or full moon, it is typically much rarer. Kittens born to a new moon are equally as rare, and are almost always the destined leadership within the White Owls. Be they destined as an Aelkos, the High Aelkos or a simple military unit commander, the kittens of a new moon are provided great care and mentorship by any leadership raising them. Most young Kha’ will have some kind of mentor who teaches them how to live up to their full potential under their moon sign. Below is a table to list the phases. Note: The New Moon birth phase requires OOC leadership permission in the pride, given you may choose your own phase. 5.1.1 Phase Anomalies: Unique occurrences with the moon may occur, however. Lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, harvest moons, blue moons and blood moons are many of which may heavily affect the life of a Kharajyr if born to these phases. While extremely rare, if a Kharajyr happens to be born during these incredible events, their life may be difficult in the White Owls society -- or it may not even begin. Lunar Eclipse If born during a lunar eclipse, a Kharajyr may be viewed as a curse to the society. Often times, these kittens are quickly sacrificed by priests to appease whatever has become angry with them. Solar Eclipse If born during a solar eclipse, a Kharajyr may be viewed as a blessing to the society. Often times, these kittens are quickly taken into custody by The Brave and are trained as soon as they are able to fight. Solar Eclipse Kharajyr are viewed as powerful warriors capable of vanquishing any enemy, and almost always lead any war efforts. Blue Moon If born during a blue moon, a Kharajyr may be viewed as one with innate abilities with magic. Often times, these kittens are quickly taken into custody by The Wise and are trained as soon as they are able to connect with the Void. Blue Moon Kharajyr are viewed as powerful mages, and almost always become powerful and intelligent wizards. Harvest Moon If born during a harvest moon, a Kharajyr may be viewed as one with incredible luck in botany or farming. Often times, these kittens are quickly taken into custody by The Creators and are trained throughout their life. Harvest Moon Kharajyr are natural green thumbs and can care for the most difficult of plants in the harshest environments. Blood Moon If born during a blood moon, a Kharajyr may be viewed as incredibly holy. Often times, these kittens are quickly taken into custody by The Holy and are raised in worship. Blood Moon Kharajyr are natural spiritual leaders and are gifted in the art of persuasion. Note: Your phase grants you no special abilities – this is simply all religious/cultural. To obtain an anomaly phase, you must roll a successful 1 with /roll 99 in-game. A celebration can be arranged if your birth phase is a positive anomaly, but this section is mostly designed for ETs/STs to utilize for special events if they choose for flare! 6 - Arts & Music: White Owls art and music are basic but beautiful and easy pieces of creativity to appreciate. Crafted from base materials, their art is often beautifully created from stone, paints from crushed plant fibers or animal products such as bone, fur or skins. Artwork is key in White Owls society as it decorates every building and often decorates an individual in the form of jewelry or clothing. 6.1 Paintings & Statues Your typical Kharajyr painting or statue is frightening to the common man but represents life and death in the White Owl culture. The passage of time is a facet covered often, as it comes with the transition of lunar phases. Kharajyr depicted in battle or the phases themselves are typical to Kha’ artwork and focus on the face of the Kha’ to express the emotion involved. Hieroglyphics are commonly used in artwork to textually explain the depicted work, especially on stone surfaces where statues may stand. The hieroglyphics follow no language but act as visual aids that can be easily interpreted with deductive reasoning. 6.2 Pottery & Glass Blowing Kharajyr also create beautiful pottery from clay and glass. Glass is especially important in Kharajyr artwork as it is one of their finest crafts. Perfection in the art of glassblowing has allowed Kharajyr to create beautiful, intricate pieces of art that closely resemble whatever they choose to shape in the form of glass. This glasswork is often colored to better express their design and may even have other objects situated into the glass for further accentuation. 6.3 Music Music is common in Kharajyr culture and instruments are mostly designed to the anatomy of a Kha’. Vocals are highly uncommon, and most music is a voiceless instrumental consisting of woodwind instruments, string instruments, and percussion instruments. Kha’ music is rarely recorded on paper and is highly expressive while maintaining improv as a key to all their musical pieces. 6.3.1 Woodwinds Woodwinds are commonly reedless aerophones (such as the flute) where a sound is produced by blowing across an opening, given a Kha’s anatomy does not allow easy manipulation of their lips. These woodwinds are crafted from wood or bone. 6.3.2 Strings String instruments are far and wide, as the Kharajyr can easily play these graceful instruments given their retractable claws. Your more basic instruments such as the lute or banjo are common, while violins are inherited from other cultures and less incorporated in Kha’ music. These instruments are crafted from wood, horsehair or plant fibers. 6.3.3 Percussion Percussion instruments are the most common and are simple drums constructed from wood and animal hide. These drums complement and tie together Kharajyr music. As most Kha’ music is improvised, the aid of the drum is important in creating depth and volume to a piece. 6.3.4 The Death Whistle The most notable instrument in the Kharajyr culture is a religious instrument, a woodwind flute dubbed the “Death Whistle”. This whistle is commonly blown following the death of a Kharajyr and signifies the opening of passage into time with all other Kharajyr that have passed. This whistle is skin-crawling and terrifying as it emits a howling screech similar to a collection of wailing ghosts. This instrument is incredibly important to Kharajyr war efforts as it is used prior to battles, marking the opening of the passage into time for any Kha’ that perishes in battle. The sound of this whistle is terrifying to an enemy force especially at night, and is a psychological weapon when used correctly. Its appearance is a short wooden flute with a large wooden Kha’ skull crafted onto its end, where the sound of the flute is emitted from parted jaws. 6.4 Dance Dance in the Kharajyr culture typically takes little specific form, and is rather spontaneous to the rhythm of their equally spontaneous music. However, one specific form of dance is incredibly emotional, empowering those who partake and charging the emotional energies of any who view as a friendly bystander. 6.4.1 The Haka The Haka is a very emotional, spiritually-charged, primal dance that the White Owls take part in. The dance most often involves extreme facial contortions such as widening the eyes until the whites are visible, stretched movements of the mouth, outstretching the tongue, wild snarls, hisses, guttural growls and chanted words. Typically performed as a group, the Kharajyr arrange into a staggered formation and take upon a squatting stance before the dance is initiated by the leading individual of the assembly. Initiation commences with a powerful slap to the chest, the tongue of the individual outstretched and a gutteral snarl released from the throat with whites of the eyes displayed. This may initiate any of the following routines: Waewae The Waewae is a traditional Haka dance utilized to welcome (a) guest(s) as a form of hospitality. While sometimes appearing terrifying to foreign individuals unfamiliar with the culture, it can also be viewed as incredibly beautiful due to the overwhelming emotion expressed by each individual in the dance. The dance following initiation is typically choreographed and consists of movements to the left and right while squatted, raising the right arm and powerfully slapping the bicep while stamping the right foot; all in rhythm. All the while, facial contortions of all kinds occur and individuals will randomly snarl, hiss and laugh maniacally with crazed joy. Throughout, the performance leader will walk around the assembly moving as if feral, but graceful in their steps. They guide the chant, and will often-times stop their movements to gesticulate at the sky with wide eyes, tongue outstretched and a wild snarl leaving their throat. The dance concludes with wild grins, snarls, laughing and an ultimate cry to the sky where all individuals gesticulate towards the clouds above and then point to the guest(s) -- a blessing, offered from them by their Creator, Muuna (Metzli). Ngeri The Ngeri is a traditional Haka dance utilized to psychologically prepare warriors for war. It is performed without weapons, and is extraordinarily empowering to those involved and viewing. Typically performed by warrior-caste Kharajyr, this Haka is incredibly free and each performer is expected to fully express themselves. It follows no routine, and has been said to make an individual and viewer even if foreign feel charged, fearless and unfoundedly robust. Manawa The Manawa is the final traditional Haka dance. It is utilized for incredibly solemn occasions as a form of celebration. Typically, it is performed during a funeral and is designed for each performer to express their sorrow before finishing with aggressive joy. This Haka following initiation has little routine involved, and every individual is expected to fully express their sorrow -- crying, calling to the heavens and chanting convey the first half of the performance before ending with wild smiles, maniacal laughter amidst crying and performers looking to the sky with wide eyes. 6.5 Weapon Decorations Decoration of a Kharajyr’s weapons is also a common, traditional practice. Most weapons are created from bone or wood with flint and glass. Many Kha’ will decorate their weapons with the items of what they kill, even if sentient in nature. For example, a common hunting bow might be decorated with feathers of a pheasant they have killed, or perhaps even the teeth of an orc they have slain. It is indecent to do so across the Kha’ culture, though many individuals adopted this concept after many lesser descendant races -- humans and orcs in particular -- began to wear Kharajyr pelts as clothing. 7 - Food & Agriculture: 7.1 Cuisine - Food & Drinks White Owl food culture is highly complex as opposed to the rest of their society’s basic, archaic culture filled with ancient concepts. Masterminds with the usage of spices, the White Owls are well-known artisans in the craft of their cuisine and can make the blandest of dishes delectable. Their diet is dominated by fruits and vegetables, as domesticated animals are often limited to dogs, ducks, and honey bees. Game (especially rabbits, deer and wild pigs), fish, birds, salamanders, algae (used to make cakes), frogs, tadpoles and insects are also a valuable food source. The most common crops are wheat (famously used to make tortillas and tamales or gruel), amaranth, sage, beans, squash, and peppers. Red and green tomatoes are cultivated along with sweet potatoes, jícama (turnips), chayote (vegetable pear), cactus green, and peanuts. The White Owls also grow guavas, papayas, custard apples, mamey, zapotes, and chirimoyas. Their dishes are almost never created with oils or fats and are either boiled, grilled or baked on a hot plate. Taste is often added using condiments such as sauces or seasoning, which is a staple of Kha’ food production. Examples include epazote, toasted avocado leaves, achiote seeds and, of course, peppers either fresh, dried or smoked. Two other popular flavors for the Kharajyr are vanilla and chocolate, sourced from vanilla beans or cocoa beans which are highly cultivated. Vanilla or cocoa beans are fermented, cured and roasted to draw out richness in their taste. Ground into powder and mixed with hot water or milk, cocoa bean powder can create a delicious drink famous to Kha’ cuisine: hot cocoa -- a warm, frothy drink. Bitter to taste, it is often flavoured by adding vanilla, various herbs or honey. Commonly in White Owls culture are the esteemed cocoa beans exchanged as a form of currency in trying times when Minas or High Elf currency is few and far between. Other semi-popular but highly illegal drinks, although consumed in great moderation, are pulque and pozolli fermented from wheat dough or acacia sap. Given alcoholic consumption is punished in White Owls society with the death penalty, it is rarely consumed – these beverages are always consumed illegally, and typically in secret. 7.2 Agriculture To maximize yield, Kharajyr in the White Owls take extra measures in their agriculture. Commonly, they will utilize terracing to increase the area at which farmland is used. Irrigation is also implemented, though the land required for farming allows little in the way of dams or water canals like other prides might utilize. Despite countermeasures, crop yields can be significantly reduced by unfavorable natural events such as excessive rain, snow or crop plague by pests such as rodents or insects. Accordingly, the White Owls will stockpile grain reserves as many other races do for the destitute in these trying times. All manners of foodstuffs are cultivated, to include non-food crops such as cotton and tobacco. Tobacco is a staple alongside cactus green which is incorporated in dishes as well as for recreational smoking. Smoked in a pipe or rolled into a cigar, tobacco and cactus green are two highly common crops Kharajyr tend to produce. Catnip is a third, although far less cultivated and heavily frowned upon to use as it induces manic episodes and incredible lethargy in a Kha’, along with the fact they are taunted by descendant lessers with the plant. 8 - Kharajyr Sports: 8.1 Tlachtli White Owls sports consists primarily of an archaic form of basketball, more commonly known in the real-world as Mesoamerican Ball, although as Kharajyr ball (Tlachtli) in the LoTC universe. This game is played similarly to a combination of basketball and real-world American football, although teams consist of 3-4 Kharajyr at most while adorned in their team colors. It is played with a round solid rubber ball, which in itself could be used as a weapon; the ball is known to cause broken bones when thrown with the intent to cause harm. Rules dictate that a Kharajyr must not allow the ball to touch the ground at any point. Hand-tossing is utilized, and a Kharajyr must not maintain hand contact with the ball for any longer than two full seconds or it will be determined a foul ball. Passing the ball around between teammates is key, and the team must avoid the opposing team and disallow them to capture the ball. Once in range of the goal, a side-ways stone hop attached to a wall, the team in control of the ball must shoot and pass it through the hoop. If successful, they gain a point. A game is won by a team at 10 points. Rewards from this game could be money, food, clothing, weapons, or even titles, and the recognition to speak before the tribe while they are gathered at the playing ground. In more extreme cases, this game might be played by a group of individuals accused of crimes. The losing team is sacrificed, while the winning team is set free and cleared of their wrongdoings. Although this extreme practice is highly uncommon, it was in more ancient times a standard practice given Kharajyr tribes maintained massively higher populations as a unified empire. 8.2 Game of Ur Also known as the Game of Twenty Squares, the White Owls enjoy this two-player strategy race board game as an alternative to the more commonly played games of Chess or Checkers. The Game of Ur is played using two sets of seven checker-like game pieces. One set of pieces are white with five black dots and the other set is black with five white dots. The game board is composed of two rectangular sets of boxes, one containing three rows of four boxes each and the other containing three rows of two boxes each, joined together by a "narrow bridge" of two boxes. The gameplay involves elements of both luck and strategy. Movements are determined by rolling a set of four-sided tetrahedron dice. Two of the four corners of each die are marked and the other two are not, giving each die an equal chance of landing with a marked or unmarked corner facing up. The number of marked ends facing upwards after a roll of the dice indicates how many spaces a player may move during that turn. A single game can last up to half an hour and can be very intense! The objective of the game is for a player to move all seven of their pieces along the course (shown above) and off the board before their opponent. 9 - REFERENCES: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157602-the-priesthood-reopened/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/134235-official-the-kharajyr-guide/#comment-127798https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/124689-updated-kharajyr-history/#comment-1200540 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/118841-everything-you-need-to-know-as-a-kharajyr/#comment-1138335 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121309-kharajyr-and-high-elves-journey-to-the-ordium/#comment-1163725 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156909-kharajyr-language-kharahatla/?tab=comments#comment-1484288 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/178219-kha-guide/?tab=comments#comment-1676652 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147001-the-kharajyr-faith/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/81523-kharajyr-lore-and-role-play-guide/?tab=comments#comment-699765 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/81871-kharajyr-base-skins/ https://www.aztec-history.com/ https://www.weddingdetails.com/wedding-traditions/native-american/ A big thank you to these individuals for providing ideas/outlines for the culture here. @chaosgamer @ExtremeCode @SoulReapingWolf @Bananasaurus @EnderMaiashiro @tadabug2000 @Rapture
  18. Codes of the White Owls OFFICIAL CODEBOOK 3rd of The Amber Cold, 1744 Inspired by the Culture of the White Owls Table of Contents Introduction Section 1 – The Government & Its Limitations Section 2 – Grand Codes Section 3 – Great Codes Section 4 – Petty Codes Introduction This codebook outlines the translated official laws and monarchy of the Kharajyr of the White Owls, the governing body ruling over the Altepetl (city-state) of Va’Toltec. It is through the ancient teachings from our ancestors in absolute holy and inexorably veritable power that we source these codes. These codes of the consecrated Karakatuan Empire are never to be infringed upon, nor forgotten. In accordance with the beliefs of our Muuna, the following has been decreed as the official codes of the Altepetl Va’Toltec under the overview of the High Aelkos Ri’Haskir, our ancestors’ ancient teachings, and by the will of Muuna herself. First and foremost, infractions by an individual upon the listed codes in this document must adhere to the requirement of a judicial trial before the Accused may face punishment as the Convicted. Under no exception may any one individual punish another without them first facing trial, unless during wartime with urgent priority. The codes of section 1 are not subject to change or alteration. Sections 2 - 3 are subject to change or alteration with the unanimous agreement of all Elder Council members of the Altepetl Va’Toltec. Section 1: The Government & Its Limitations High Aelkos: The head of the pride kingdom, the pride’s Cabal, and the Kharajyr race. They oversee the pride government’s cohesion but delegate command to their Aelkos below. They lead and are protected by the Muunblades, a secretive organization charged with defending all members of the Cabal, especially the High Aelkos. Rights of the High Aelkos: The High Aelkos of the pride and Altepetl of Va’Toltec is the absolute ruler of government as the High Aelkos, comparable to the High King of other similar monarchies. A decision made by the High Aelkos is absolute and is unquestionable; however, the High Aelkos may call upon his advisors, the Aelkoses and their Elder Council to aid in the decisions of the Altepetl. Tultelkos: The commander of the pride’s military, the Do’ warriors. This individual has total control of the pride’s armed forces and oversees their training, provisions, and morale. The Tultelkos has authority to command troops in armed conflict and are tasked with the defense of Va’Toltec until their death. Upon death in warfare, the High Aelkos takes immediate command of the Do’ warriors. Varkolu: The head of the Kharajyr religion. This individual is responsible for the appeasement of the Most Holy Muuna, spreading Her word to the world and maintaining our spiritual connection with Her. They maintain the pride’s morale and are tasked with populating the Temple of Muuna’s Temple Guard. The Varkolu is also responsible for the protection of the Temple of Muuna from desecration. Aluhuso: The leading ambassador of external political affairs. This individual is responsible for maintaining good relations with outsider factions and governments, both allied and neutral. This individual may also oversee negative relations with enemy factions and governments, although only at the discretion of the High Aelkos. The Aluhuso will also handle any negative incidents involving Kharajyr in world affairs alongside the High Aelkos. The Cabal and Elder Council are two organized government bodies designed to create political cohesion within and outside the pride. It is these two groups that maintain the entire pride beneath the High Aelkos. Additionally, these groups maintain the judicial system of the pride and it is these two groups that convict the Accused. The Cabal: Comprised of the three Aelkos Tultelkos, Varkolu, and Aluhuso, it is the Cabal that act as advisors to the High Aelkos above them. The Cabal may only be comprised of the three designated Aelkos per their respective roles. The Cabal’s rights are ultimate to their assigned position, although do not overlap. The Cabal may assign an official advisor within the Elder Council beneath them, one per Aelkos. The Elder Council: A citizens’ Elder Council, comprised of the three eldest individuals of the pride. The Elder Council has no legal authority over other pride members around them, although they are to be respected and revered for their dedication and wisdom in life. The Elder Council often-times acts as mentors to those requiring moon phase mentorship beneath them. Section 2: Grand Codes The below crimes are subject to the minimal punishment of execution when convicted by the High Aelkos and their Inner Cabal -- not even the honor of sacrifice to Muuna is offered for these heinous crimes. The Kharajyr are not to intermingle with the impure, lesser yba that surround them. Doing so makes them Ape-Kha’. This strictly includes the following: 1.2 - Taking upon the religious teachings and practices of any other than Muuna and her children, the Kharajyr. 1.3 - Taking upon the cultural norms of lesser yba, such as adorning oneself in exotic clothing not of Kharajyr origin or wearing the names and titles not of Kharajyr origin. 1.4 - Living with the lesser yba; refusing to reside in the Altepetl Va’Toltec decrees oneself as Ape-Kha’, as one denies conformity to live beneath the teachings of our Creator, Muuna. 1.5 - Submitting as a lesser yba ‘pet’ in any facet, unless via forced slavery. Section 3: Great Codes The below crimes are subject but not limited to the maximum punishment of execution when convicted, as decided by the High Aelkos and their Inner Cabal. The act of kin-slaying pride members unless in self-defense. This does not include self-defense when disobeying the (lawful) orders of an individual beneath the direct (chain of) command of the Tultelkos, or direct command of the High Aelkos. 1.1 - The act of attempted kin-slaying of an Aelkos or the High Aelkos. 1.1.1 - The act of self-defense is constituted as: the attempted protection of your person from (lethal) physical harm by an aggressor. 1.1.2 - The definition of an aggressor is constituted as: an individual attempting to intentionally or unintentionally inflict lethal injury to your person. - The definition of lethal is constituted as: sufficient to cause loss of life, limb or eye-sight. The act of kidnapping a Kharajyr cub or kitten. 2.1 - The act of kidnapping a Kharajyr elder. The consumption of the impure substance alcohol, as decreed by Muuna and her children, the Kharajyr. The act of committing treason, betrayal of the pride by undermining the government and its decisions or processes. Section 4: Petty Codes The below crimes are subject but not limited to the maximum punishment of three Elven Years in confinement when convicted, as decided by the High Aelkos and their Inner Cabal. These crimes do not always require a committee to decide the outcome unless grand. The act of larceny. 1.1 - The act of larceny is constituted as: the crime of stealing personal property. The act of causing property damage. 2.1 - The act of property damage is constituted as: the crime of damaging personally-owned property, especially a residence or mount (horse, donkey, mule, ox, etc.) The act of slander. 3.1 - The act of slander is constituted as: the crime of making false, damaging statements of an individual or group. The act of disobeying a lawful order. 4.1 - The act of disobeying a lawful order is constituted as: the refusal to submit to the commands of an individual under the direct (chain of) command of the Tultelkos, or direct command of the High Aelkos. 4.1.1 - A lawful order is constituted as: a command issued by an individual of authority causing you no physical harm. These sections of the codebook are affirmed by the High Aelkos of the White Owls as of the 3rd of the Amber Cold, 1744. In Silver Starlight, Ri’Haskir High Aelkos
  19. The White Owls VARKOLU 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1744 The Kharajyr gathered in the district of the White Owls, ears perked and awaiting the results of their selection for Varkolu, the ultimate religious leader of the Kharajyr as a people. The turnout for the selection of Varkolu was 60% in favor of Ji’Umi, a surprising outcome given her youth and fresh entrance to adulthood. Regardless, she was welcomed with open arms by Alu’Rha’kir and Ri’Haskir, along with the rest of the pride and Kharajyr around. A celebration was in order! A sacrifice to Muuna. Now crowned with the title and role of Varkolu, Var’Umi and Ri’Haskir made way for the new temple constructed within the head of their iconic Kharajyr Visage bust where a Muun Puul had been constructed for silver moonlight to shine upon its sacred, holy altar to the Divine Creator, Metztli. Here, Var’Umi brought forth her own steed – a donkey, for sacrifice and the ritualistic removal of its heart. Preparation was quick, and the donkey was splayed open like a turkey dinner within minutes. Its crimson blood pouring into the silvery waters of the moonlit pool, it was done. In good faith, the new Varkolu of the Kharajyr had done her first duty, and in no time at all. Respectable, precise, and without hesitation. This is the way. METZTLI YECTENEHUA
  20. The White Owls Justice is Served 18th of Sun’s Smile, 1743 Three Elven Days past ... At the request of Jean de Saint-Loup, Chief Officer of Security and Investigation in the county of Rubern, the Kharajyr of the White Owls rode hard with the Silver State’s Sillumir in tow to address the mutilation of one of their ilk: Manakai Mortulan. Given an audience in Rubern’s keep, it was discussed the terms for the individuals involved in the heinous crimes committed. To the Aelkos’ surprise, a pair of relevant criminals had already been burned at a pyre in their town square for all of Rubern to witness the day prior – this was seen as they’d entered through the gates, greeted by a bonfire with two charred black corpses burning to black ash in the hungry flames. ”Are you satisfied with the burning of our own for their crimes?” The Chief Officer of Security inquired, addressing Aelkos Ri’Haskir and High Aelkos Alu’Rha’kir. It was answered with resounding acceptance, but not first without the request of the involved golem’s capture. Quickly, arrangements were made to provide identification for the suspect, a rustic-brown golem known as Kohren, and an agreement to notify the pride upon first sight of the construct. Though explained that the artificial being had not committed crimes, its capture would prove useful to identify the remaining individuals involved by name and appearance. This was a good day. A day of justice, and a day of change. The Kharajyr from this day forth would not let an attack on their people go unanswered, not under Ri’Haskir’s watch. METZTLI YECTENEHUA
  21. The White Owls Mutilation of a Kharajyr 9th of The First Seed, 1743 A terrible shriek. A pool of blood. The frail body of a dismembered Kharajyr shambled into the district with those around him confused, worried and distraught. Manakai Mortulan, adopted son of Aelkos Ri’Haskir had been assaulted, mutilated and cast aside as if carrion for the crows. With the immediate and much-appreciated aid of Dele Seregon, Head Physician of Haelun’or, he survived – but at what cost? The permanent disfigurement of his body was no simple thing. He would not recover his lost hand, nor the dent left in his skull from blunt trauma. Addressed to The Blessed Diarchy of the Silver State, Who would do such a terrible thing? Two Elven Days ago in the settlement of Rubern, Manakai Mortulan was assaulted by a group of approximately five to six individuals: humans, snow elves and a golem. It is believed that some but not all are citizens of Rubern, and given they are our allies it is worrisome and appalling that they would attack a member of my pride and family with the intent to skin them alive, pick out their teeth and leave them for dead. This is DISGUSTING, and I as Aelkos of my Pride will not and can not allow this to go unanswered. It is too long that the Kharajyr has gone silent with our mistreatment in the realm of Arcas. NO LONGER. This letter is my formal request to Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar that these individuals be identified and extradited to the Silver State, if not punished accordingly under Ruberni Law for their blatant crimes. If this can not be agreed upon, it is my duty to my people to seek out these individuals for trial under Kharajyr Law. It is my fervent hope that Rubern understands the crimes committed and can conduct an investigation to identify these individuals and bring them to light. It should be noted that Manakai is a documented citizen of Rubern along with various other children of mine and is assigned to a residence there. In Silver Moonlight, Aelkos Ri’Haskir of the White Owls METZTLI YECTENEHUA
  22. The White Owls Iztaya In’tecolotl ~ To Become the White Owls 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1742 THE TIME HAD COME – a land to enjoy with soil to respect, and tall towers atop steep mountain slopes to defend. The Kharajyr, with their ancient Mali’aheral allies at their side, have acquired private land in Haelun’or to prosper upon, undisturbed by the repetitive attacks on their very way of life by the realm around them. After countless moons of planning, acquiring resources and working dawn to dusk, moonrise to moonset, rain or cold, it was done. Finally, it had all come together. Here they could thrive, and it is here that they will. Led by the Aelkos & Pride Leader Ri’Haskir and his superior, High Aelkos of the Kharajyr economy Alu’Rha’kir, the small pride settled and have begun to move into their new home. With this, new industries arise for Haelun’or and the surrounding counties & nations to dip their fingers in; masterwork glassblowing, incredibly skilled woodworking, quality stonemasonry, and various other exotic trades available to the open market. But what is a new home without a celebration? The grand opening of the district commences the next Elven day, and will welcome all friends and allies of the Kharajyr to their home. Food, drink and an enjoyable contest with a proper reward for the victor will be held! And should you be a Kharajyr .. join us, and be welcomed with a real home – a safe home to live in. The district will be officially opened 18 November at 4PM EST/9PM GMT! There will be a nice, small party. See y’all soon! A big thank you to these individuals for helping build this and provide materials/ideas. Couldn’t have been done without you!!! @chaosgamer @Ixli @Ankan @Parion @ExtremeCode @Trintastic @reko @SoulReapingWolf @Bananasaurus @HazeOrb @Valaryon @EnderMaiashiro @Animalesco @Kenzo74 @Arachne_07 @Onecat @Porkgasm ❤️
  23. The White Owls Iztaya In’tecolotl ~ To Become the White Owls 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1739 ”Sa’vi, Pert’as awnd Maun’nas!” The Kharajyr had gathered this night for a grand meeting. Grand, if not for the meager numbers produced at its inception. It demonstrated the dilapidating numbers of Kharajyr in Arcas, ever-threatened by various enemies across the realm. They had gathered in the Silver State of Haelun’or at the foot of the mountain, a bonfire crackling amidst the conifers spiring amidst the Silver Forest around them. It was here they began their meeting, the voice of Haskir – a Kha’Pantera who led this gathering – booming out to echo against the mountainsides and fill the ears of those before him. The Kha’ stood tall, speaking on the more recent events troubling his withering race: the recent Irrinor Massacre, Orcish warriors donned in Kha’ pelts, slave-trades, banditry on the roads, and various nations and their oppressive rules of law against the Kharajyr as a people. He spoke with great disgust, expressing distaste for these awful places and their more wretched people. But before long, Haskir turned his eyes to the nation at their side. High on the mountain adjacent to their bonfire towered the great statue of Larihei, and behind her the seat of the Silver State where tall white walls and towers reflected silver moonlight down onto the ground around them. It was here that Haskir spoke good of the Silver State, gracious for their assistance in trying times against the Wood Elves that had slaughtered them like dogs not too long ago. The people of Haelun’or had housed, protected and cared for the Kharajyr without question, no request of reparations for their assistance. It was only right to thank them. But soon, Haskir’s attention would turn to the Aelkos of the Kharajyr. Where were they? Why had they not helped? Why did they not do their job as leaders? A touchy subject, but the response was bobbing heads and words of agreement – until Thorano Thar’vyhk stood, words against Haskir’s answering the direct accusations. Thorano bickered on the topic of life experience, only to be shut down by Haskir as he continued his speech. It wasn’t long before Thorano took a dramatic exit, spitting at Haskir and, thereafter, spitting on Ra’Ajashuu who spoke in support of the Pantera and his speech. With Thorano out of the question, Haskir proceeded. Haskir had gathered the Kharajyr of Arcas together as one – here in Haelun’or, where safety was guaranteed. Not all Kharajyr agreed with this notion, but Haskir was confident. With a decree to the Goddess Metztli above, moonlight pouring down in a bath of silver light, Haskir proclaimed himself pride leader of the Iztaya In’tecolotl – The White Owls of the Silver State of Haelun’or. Dawned as Ri’Haskir, pride leader of the Iztaya In’tecolotl, he stepped from the rocks and stood before Var’J’zargo, the High Aelkos of Religion. He had presently observed and spoke satisfactorily, requesting only that a temple be constructed in a short time ahead. Ri’Haskir agreed, and therefore a temple shall be constructed in celebration! METZTLI YECTENEHUA
  24. *A large black Lur wolf and fe-uruk would be spotted putting up posters around Irrinor, Krugmar, and many other cities of the like. If someone cared to stop and read them, it would read.* This account was transcribed for those who cannot read orcish blah. I (i.e. Noka’Lur) was traversing our ally nation of Irrinor with fellow clan member Akila’Lur. We had been selling wares to any ally willing to listen, when we came across a group of Kha. Akila took this chance to flaunt his kha pelt that he commonly wore. The Kha’s grew angry about this and demanded that we handed the pelt over and that he wore the pelt of an innocent murdered Kha. Akila explained this was not the case he had taken the pelt from a Kha who had attempted to rob him in the past. Suddenly a kha drew his weapon on us and threated us. Akila and I both sensed that it wasn’t going to be handled peacefully so I had my weapon drawn and Akila was summoning his wind shamanism. Akila was able to blast one of the kha’s away, yet before more violence could ensue, Akila offered a fair deal. He would gladly part with the pelt for a sum of mina, which a Kha did agree to. Akila gave them a price and the kha reached for his minas when suddenly I was meet with a face full of claws. The Kha dishonorably betrayed this deal made specifically to avoid further violence. Akila released another burst of wind to blast us back a few feet before his shoulder was meet with an arrow by an unknown archer. Our curse of bloodlust was ignited in this assault, and thus our memories grow clouded after this face. I heard some shouts from a stranger trying to dissolve the situations as both me and Akila where being attacked, yet the attack continued. An order was then shouted to kill the kha that was attacking us. As the fight slid to the hands of the wood elves, I moved myself and Akila to the nearby clinic to adhere to our wounds. A knowledgeable medic aided us and tended to our wounds, likely saving our Shaman’s life. There we both received proper care and treatment, which afterwards we returned to Krugmar to recuperate from the attack. Our brief stay in Irrinor was met with dishonorable hostility from a group unwilling to listen to reason. We pray our allies have dealt with this act, yet we also extend our thanks for handling the situation following our departure. This massive is meant to add truth to the skewed stories that have encircled our ally since this irksome encounter. *At the bottom of the post a little scribble of what seems to be the Lur clan logo*
  25. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
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