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Found 31 results

  1. The soul of a seemingly young Kharajyr, a Cheetrah, waited for her brother to join her, sorrow on her face as she waited. “Per’ta... please come to this one. Please.” She said this to herself with a thick accent, and having been alone for a while at this point. “Please… she can’t bear to be alone.” The Leparda, having killed herself when she was young, only in her twenties, cried out for comfort. She had come to terms with her death, that she herself caused, yet still longed to be around someone, anyone. “Muuna… she regrets this.” She, meaning herself. The spirit regretted taking her own life, her judgment having been clouded during the end of her life. Especially with having been an addict in life, and a gambler. “This one regrets it all… she wishes she could take it back.” Tears welled up in her eyes, as she sat alone, in whatever vast ethereal plane she now spent her time at. “...She just doesn’t want to be alone anymore!” Pep sobbed to herself. “She just wishes to go back, to have more time! Say sorry to her muuna! Onyx! Everyone she knew! Please!” The spirit pleaded, tears dripping down into her hands, with nobody to comfort her in a time of distress. … The soul of the Kha eventually calmed, then said to the emptiness around; “One day, she will come back to make amends.” “One day...” Pep Leparda stood up, beginning to do what she usually would, trudging around the emptiness that surrounded her, sorrowful, but hoping one day... she may be able to see those she loves once more.
  2. -The Metz’Chanca Caravan- Or just Chanca for short Is looking for new companions to travel with them! The Metz’Chanca Caravan is a traditional trading caravan that is run by several Kharajyr who live by the Traditional Culture. We are looking for more companions to come travel the cities with us. Of course, we specifically invite any other Kharajyr to provide them a home, work, and food as it is our duty as fellow kin. We are willing to do the same for some specific other individuals that are not Kharajyr. Though, we will most likely brandish those people ‘Soul-Kha’ stating that they are great friends to us by our culture laws. We offer work, access to various goods and wares, a room in our new headquarters location that is being setup, and a warm welcome. Besides, we also offer you the ability to travel around the realm in our group as we move from one location to another one almost every Elven week or in some cases, two Elven weeks. Meet some of our current members! -Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl -Araene Leparda -Kisyla -Ma’Kai -R’azirr If you would like to come join us, please send Rha’kir a bird! ((chaos#7283 for information or question)) ((You can ask chaos/Rha’kir personally. Though, you can also fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Z47HEkgdstnquCxb7)) [!] A long and folded up parchment is attached to the flyer labeled ‘Culture’ ((Kharajyr Culture Doc for people that are interested on learning some more about the caravan’s culture: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k-MoRjuwu_DOgrNoJceqiiIxQaNNr2ovf-kWjnZqJYc/edit?usp=sharing))
  3. -The Metz’Chanca Caravan- Or just Chanca for short. [!] In the square of Helena, a small purple tent would be seen setup by a Kharajyr (https://gyazo.com/e05e54d67768ebc545c3d6444d5598a9?token=1ec21288c796dd1747dda158a14a038d) [!] Several Flyers can be found throughout Arcas, saying the following. The Kharajyr named Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl has undertaking a new project together with a few of his friends. The Trading Caravan Metz’Chanca. Our caravan shall travel from nation to nation in order to sell items to their respective citizens! We seek to supply trades and entertainment in the short periods of time that we are present. We trade a diverse variety of items. We both sell these wares and are willing to buy these wares from others. A list that includes everything we trade in: -Weaponry -Livestock and horses -Tools -Materials -Metals and Ores -Artifacts -Alchemical items -Food -Medical items And we could go on for quite a bit with this list. Of course, you can also come by to question the Kharajyr presence about their daily work or simply sit down with us. We are quite generous and would like to share a drink or meal with our guests. You can find us at our current location for the oncoming Elven Week in Helena! We shall then move on to the next possible city to trade our wares with an update on how our week was in Helena. Dear Regards Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl
  4. On the Brink 11th of the Amber Cold, 1782 The cogs of war begin to turn, and out of the churning machine sail ships of naval warcraft. Dispatched with orders to blockade, the duo of battleships make headway from the Firelands unto the shores of the evergreen forests North. Racked with cannons and ballistae, food and water, and tools with which to build, these ships crept up the Wildlands coast into the bay of Gehenna. Here under their watchful and mighty masts donned with the Standard of Azdromoth, no ships would enter nor leave. No supplies would come, no people would go. Only now did Farrador have the tall mountains to their East, treacherous to cross with anything more than the clothes on their backs. As draconic soldiers began to patrol the pine woods in advance of approaching armies and siege weapons of the field, this stronghold of Xan would soon begin to run out of options. Soldiers aboard the three vessels cheer and holler into the night as they take anchor, the bay presently empty and devoid of traffic. A naval command ship would follow within the month, with frigates in tow. Where would they run to? Where would they hide? The impending siege was soon to come – this blockade, was the first step.
  5. [!] You see a flyer that has been plastered across Arcas, it looks brand new. It is signed in a very curly writing. It’s in both Blah, Elven, Adunian, and English! Blah: DA NUBDED hab started fighting all ober Arcas, and it's time for ub to see we must leave! Arcas hab becub an barren wabland, ib you care about your bruddah, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Twigizes , Quickzpawn, Gazat, Bruddah, and Zquealz will need new lin. Wheb the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. Wheb we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new goi! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you and your bruddah all be safe. Elven: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for nae sulier we must leave! Arcas has become ata, if you care about your onn, nae will want ay leave Arcas! But of course, all the Valah, Malin, Bortu, Uruk, and Tali'bortu will need new lin. When the time comes, nae might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) kae will start a new linan'sae! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May nae all be safe. English: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about your kin, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, and Halflings will need new home. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new city! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you all be safe. Adunian: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about yohn clahn, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Sehrin, Malin, Halmyn, Gnekyr, and Halflings will need new Ildic. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new Ildon! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. Alexandria Valjron OOC Discord: https://discord.gg/mFRn3P4
  6. THE PACT OF THE TITAN Haelun’or and Lareh’thilln are the bastions of true civilization in Arcas, serene safeguards which -- like all sovereign nations abroad -- face the grave threat of the Inferi Menace. Many Mali’thill and lesser species alike fear that we face certain annihilation, that any endeavours to combat these vile beasts will bear no fruit. Elheial’thilln beseeches you: fear not -- for as we Descendants share this world amongst one another, so too do we share it with Him. He who is the balance between Light and Dark, He who offers us refuge from the wicked, He who will ensure the timeless legacy of Elmali’aheral will continue on. He who is the Titan Azdromoth, The First Drakaar, Son of Dragur; Heir to the World. Rejoice then, for under Him all countries and peoples of Arcas will endure! Several new policies are to be enacted henceforth and in perpetuity to ensure the survival of the Mali’thill in these trying times, approved by Elheial’thilln and deemed true to Larihei’s philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya by his pure eminence the Maheral, and can be found attached to this missive below: I. The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, is to be revered within Haelun’or, for it is He and He alone who offers us safety. Worship of the First Drakaar is only applicable to lesser species. Mali’thill will revere His might, His knowledge, and His protection of our people only. II. Practitioners of the Light or Dark, Xannites and their ilk, dark magicians and devious monsters such as shades, are to henceforth be expelled from Haelun’or unto the end-times. Those practicing the common worship of various worldly religions are permissible, should they adhere to the standards above. This rule applies even to those who do not spout their rhetoric or share their ideals, for their connection to the Light or Dark is folly itself. No exception is to be made except by The First Drakaar himself. III. Sons and daughters of The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, Elazdrazi, are to be welcomed into Elcihi and treated with the same respect as our fellow Mali’thill. Azdrazi, despite their relation to Him, are not exempt from the standard laws and regulations imposed upon all inhabitants of Haelun’or. Any crimes they should commit will result in the same fate as any typical transgressor. It is also expected that Azdrazi extend the same respect to Mali’thill as we would extend unto them. Any raucous or discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated. Those Azdrazi welcomed within Haelun’or are required to appear only in their natural forms, wearing no guises or false faces. The Document was passed 1778, and amended 1779 signed, The Maheral, Ikur Sullas The Sohaer, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  7. [!] A Kharajyr can be seen here, playing the ancient sport of Kharajyr ball. [!] The Kharajyr and people of Asimu’lei invite all to watch and enjoy the fun this Elven weekend! The Kharajyr have challenged a team of 4 to a match of their ancient sport. The match is right after the Jade festival and will be located at a makeshift Mesoamerican field in Asimu’lei! Kharajyr Team VS Asimu’lei Team Prize A Trophy and a Sum of 1000 minae! -The Game- The ancient game which used to have a different name has been played by Kha for centuries. Now, officially named Kharajyr Ball, or Kha ball for short, comes to Asimu’lei. The game is set up in a sandy mesoamerican court, with a wall next to it. The wall requires a stone hoop attached to it at least 8 feet above the ground. The point of the game is to work together with your team and score points by throwing a thick, very heavy, rubber ball through the hoop. First team that reached 10 points wins! -Rules- Each team exists out of 3 or 4 players adorned in their team’s colors. They each get a side of the field. They are then passed the heavy rubber ball. 1 A player is not allowed to hold the ball for longer than 2 seconds, it’s considered a foul pass if held for longer. 2 If the ball touches the ground, it will automatically be given to the opposite team. 3 You cannot run with the ball 4 You can use every part of your body to transport the ball. May it be hands, hips, shoulders, legs etc. The ball is quite heavy however. 5 Players are allowed to push each other out of their way through physical touch. Slight bodily harm can come into play because of this. Though assaulting another player in a fit of rage is disallowed. (like Rugby) (-Mechanical rules-) (If one attempts to throw the ball through the hoop, they must roll a 13+) (If a player attempts to steal the ball when it’s being passed, they must roll 10+ to be succesful and be within a 3 block range of the passer or receiver) (Pushing a player requires no rolls, only character consideration and proximity) All are welcome to come watch! The tribunes are all ready for you! Come and get a taste of Kharajyr culture! (OOC:) 4 PM EST, This Saturday 23/4 at Asimu’lei after the Jade festival! Any questions can be send to Chaos#7283
  8. [CA Race Lore] - Kharajyr Kharajyr Origin The creation story of the Kharajyr is one not bound to the tomes and tales of old, nor found on any shelves known to the world. It is held within the minds of those scholars who are considered madmen, those who are denounced and forbidden to speak. These men are the wisest and yet they suffer the worst fates. It is one of these scholars who bravely defied his peers and came forth to impart the story of the Kharajyr to the Aelkos, and it has since then been passed down generation-by-generation. The legend tells that in the dark times of old, during the world’s infancy -- a time few people believe existed where powerful Aenguls & Daemons roamed freely -- a time before Iblees’ War, there was an old wives’ tale whispered from the tongues of ancient storytellers. They spoke of a Daemon, one who kidnapped elven babies in the shadows of nightfall from their very homes. Metztli in her humanoid form However, it wasn't an isolated tale and was commonly known to many in their afflicted areas. Despite this, few knew the truth of these tall tales -- a reality unheard in this world: under the cover of silver starlight, the Daemon Metztli would visit lonely farmsteads and hovels in the forests. Called by the cries of infant elves, she would arrive with an intent to steal the children away, even before their parents, brothers, and sisters. Legend has it that Metztli’s form was so beautiful those adults who looked upon her were driven mad. Manic, their parents would tear free their eyes to blind themselves from such an enchanting appearance. Fearing and denying the truth, elders would attribute this phenomenon to the intense grief the parents experienced from their child’s kidnapping rather than an otherworldly being’s influence. However, the reality behind the disappearances unfortunately does not end with the vanishment of children. What followed is the birth of the Kharajyr race -- a race of elves, and a race of feral cats mixed as one. A magical science experiment, one carefully conducted to produce the ultimate result Metztli could manufacture. These elven children were taken far away to a paradise within the blue expanse of ocean waters. Amidst the waves stood an island of extraordinary beauty, giving life to an incredible variety of fauna and flora that stood as a bastion to Metztli’s incredible power, beauty, and control in this world. All that was missing was sentience; Metztli needed a master race. Feral felines that called the island their home were collected by Metztli, and in a series of horrifying magic-ridden experiments, they were crossed with the infants. It took centuries of perfection and genetic tweaking, hundreds of hideous failures discarded into the ocean as vile homunculi, monsters and disgusting atrocities incapable of being considered sentient. Metztli at last created a single white, humanoid feline. This was the first of the Kharajyr, the father; he of the Purest blood. Overwhelmed with joy, Metztli immediately adopted a maternal desire to protect this child of her’s, to nurture him, and to bring forth from him a new race of his kind to this world. After all, she had created what she deemed to be perfection. Desperation overtook her desires to recreate her perfect design, and in spite of countless more failures, Metztli managed to create a hand full of Kharajyr. Just enough for them to spawn an entire race. When her children had matured, she knew that it was time to depart the island paradise and leave her children to thrive alone, to exist and advance as any race in this world would. Although the Daemon’s true intentions for the creation of these people were never revealed, it has been speculated that she wished to recreate a long-lost lover who was stolen away from her in times past. Others say she wished to grant the world a race of beings in her own ultimate image, and still, others suggest Metztli wished only to play the vain game of God and nurture over beings beneath her. Time may tell her true intentions, but for now, the Kharajyr grows. The origin story has been tweaked in order to fit this lore rewrite. Physical Description Kharajyr, often referred to as Metztli’s children are a race created by the Daemon Metztli. Their form is that of a humanoid feline, with their subraces taking on the appearance of different types commonly seen. Their heights vary according to the subrace they belong to. They retain their feline appearance with their tail, pointed and jointed ears, an elongated snout or maw, retractable claws in the toes and hands, and palms in the shape of paws. However, they retained the trait of opposable thumbs from the elves, allowing them the ability to manipulate objects articulately like other humanoids. The feet more closely resemble their feline counterparts and at the ankle, the Kharajyr retain their feline predecessor’s dewclaw, which can become an issue when fitting shoes or socks. Kharajyr receive another boon from their unnatural origin -- the ability to eat nigh anything, including flesh to slight carrion from the bone. Kha’ possess some degree of heightened senses regarding their big cat counterparts, including moderately enhanced hearing, along with more capable photoreceptors within their eyes, enabling a Kharajyr to take a somewhat significant advantage in a darkened environment over any other race. Pelts, Hair, & Eyes: The Kha race retains their feline appearance with their fur coat, appearing with the texture of a real-world cheetah, tiger, panther or leopard, depending on the sub-race they belong to and that of their parents. Head fur as it is called, is a unique thing for kharajyr. While women can grow hair as normal Descendants, males typically can’t and instead grow manes. Kharajyr can braid their manes and hair in order to personalize it, with the addition of non-permanent colorations such as war paint being allowed. Eye color ranges in the colors of normal human eyes along with the coppery yellow, green or orange of cats. Kha’Tigrasi The largest of Metztli’s children and often the strongest. These tend to be the hard workforce of the kharajyr or the common warrior; though they are not limited to such. Tigrasi are adorned with an orange coat accented with black stripes. The Tigrasi, being one of the largest sub-races, reaches between 6.4ft - 7.5ft in height. Kha’Pantera The most cunning of Metztli’s offspring. Almost always, the pelt of a pantera is jet-black, though can be dark grey or might ascend to a dusty grey, either with age or just by an anomaly. Often, due to the coloring of a Pantera’s fur, it can be rather difficult to read their emotions through the subtle movement of their eyebrows or the shaping of their mouths. Following the Tigrasi closely the Pantera reach between 4.5ft - 7ft in height. Kha’Cheetrah The fastest and in turn historically the shortest of Metztli’s children. Those of this sub-race are commonly found to hold jobs such as merchants or the production of daily goods for the Kharajyr. Typically, their fur is a bright to dusted yellow along with brown patches or spots. Being one of the smallest sub-races of Kha’, the Cheetrah reach between 3.6ft - 5.2ft in height. Kha’Leparda The fourth child of the Goddess stands as Her creation for balance, standing near the middle of the four in height and build. While they originally were known for being priests they now branch out to many professions. Their pelts normally are a light tan to darker and medium yellows. The Leparda reaches between 3ft - 6.2ft in height. Red Lines: - A Kharajyr’s coat is thick, allowing them to stay warm; however, this is also a detriment in the war-torn world of LoTC. Armor is difficult to wear, and may cause overheating. - Additionally, a Kharajyr’s dewclaw and digitigrade leg anatomy prevents the wear of common footwear. Any footwear must be specifically created for the Kharajyr. - A Kha’ with a removed or ‘docked’ tail retain minimal ability to balance. All agility is lost should this occur, and the Kharajyr will commonly fall even while standing still without their tail. - A non-Kha’Tigrasi submerged in water retains an incredible water weight given their fur coat. This slows them, and causes great loss of agility after drenched unless dried. - All Kharajyr regardless of age or knowledge will speak with an accent. This is required due to their anatomy of a maw/snout and small incisor teeth alongside large canines. - Kharajyr do not possess manipulable lips like other humanoids and can not easily articulate words regardless of age or knowledge. - A Kha’Cheetrah will never run as fast as their real-life counterpart. It is better comparable to an Olympic sprinter. - Kha’ are incapable of reproduction with other races. No mixed-race offspring are permissible. - Armor, particularly heavy armor, is impossible to come by in Kharajyr culture. Lamellar is an option although it is highly uncommon and, despite its purpose to reduce overheating and maintain agility, it still induces heat stroke with ease. Life Cycle 0-1 years old – Kitten 1'2" - 1'8" In this age range, the Kha’ cannot talk and can only walk on all fours. 1-5 years old -- Kitten 1’8" - 3'0" This is the progression of minor physical maturity. Walking and talking will be very hard, but they still vaguely capable of doing so with some effort. Their teeth will be grown in. 5-16 years old -- Cub 3ft+ During this time they are fully maturing (full maturity reached at 18). 16-450 years old -- Adult At this age, the Kharajyr would continue to grow and are now able to speak fluently, most commonly with a thick Kha’ accent. It is not possible for a Kha’ to speak without one given their anatomy. 451-600 years old -- Old Age After passing the age of 450 they will now begin to age considerably and their movements would begin to slow. They grow physically weak. Once 500 is reached, the kharajyr would now either by very frail or weak, primarily due to the fact the Kharajyr is now entering the last years of its life. Age affects the subraces slightly different depending on the features of the particular individual. For example, larger kha are susceptible to heart and back issues while smaller tend to be joint-related. It is common to see that the members of a pride that have reached this age are taken care of and fed by the younger members of said pride, often living in cots decorated according to their status in their pride. 600 y/o is the natural capacity that the Kha’ can live unless magically assisted. Red Lines: - FTB is only permissible for 20+ Kha’. - Kha’ may not age beyond 600 y/o. This is their biological limit. - Kha’ aged 0-5 must walk on all fours as a typical cat. They may not speak and do not progress the same as elven counterparts would as a child. Progression begins at the age of 10. Crossbreeding Crossbreeding in the Kharajyr race happens only amongst the sub-races of Kharajyr. It, in general, does not change much Kharajyr anatomy other than their fur and the range at which their healthy height and weight can maximize or minimize it. (IE: A half-Tigrasi/half-Cheetrah would be taller and larger built, though typically they will maintain lesser agility to a typical Cheetrah). Crossbreeding does not signal impurity in the race. Mental Description Fanatically religious tribalists, the Kharajyr have a great affinity for the Muun and the greater advancement of their people -- despite the technological plateauing of their entire society at a basic level. This is to the extent of all kharajyr performing a faith trial where they nearly kill themselves in faith that Muuna will allow them to live, by putting their lives in her hands. They also have a great desire to learn about their position in the world, though use little of their knowledge to impact their work. Despite their fanatic point of view, the Kharajyr have minimal interest in indoctrinating other races. The only exception to this has to be approved by a priest to allow a non-kha to be considered a soul kha. The soul kha are honorary kha that observe all Kharajyr beliefs within reason considering their physical race. The reasoning for this allowance is that the kharajyr believes that it is possible that their siblings may have been born in the wrong body, and as such, they wish to have their soul-kin as close to Metztli as possible by allowing them into their society. To receive this recognition is of the highest honor and should this honor be sullied by the actions of this individual, a mercy killing may be performed by a priest. Kharajyr are sometimes innately precarious, similar to their feline counterparts -- however, this is not required and differs between individuals. Precarious Kha’ are careful in all they do, often causing overthinking and the complexification of rather ordinary situations. However, this allows the Kharajyr to prepare for the best and worst of any situation. This sense of caution has also been the effect of the constant persecution made by other races in order to acquire their pelts. Red Lines: - Kharajyr hate loud noises. Their acute sense of hearing causes your typical shout to be almost painfully loud if in close proximity, and are sometimes brought to anger in these instances. - Wealth is not desirable by the Kharajyr, especially their priests. Kharajyr have no purpose in holding material wealth other than for cosmetic appearance, and it is frowned upon by the Kharajyr to hoard massive amounts of riches for little purpose other than to gloat. - Any knowledge obtained by the curious Kharajyr is rarely utilized to advance any methods in Kharajyr culture. Abiding by tradition is law, and it is heavily frowned upon to tinker and attempt to abandon the old ways. - Kharajyr must be taught to enjoy the water. It is a learned concept, bathing with water instead of by the tongue; it is considered rude to clean themselves with their tongue in the company of others, as well. Abilities Despite their divine origin, the Kharajyr have not been granted any unnatural abilities or magical ones. All abilities stem from their natural anatomy. Nightsight A Kharajyr is equipped with the advanced photoreceptors of a feline and therefore have the natural ability to maintain visibility in low light. Total darkness in an enclosed space does not allow vision, however, under the cover of starlight alone, a Kharajyr can see clearly in the dark. - A Kharajyr, if presented with intense light whilst the eyes are focused for nightsight, will be temporarily blinded. - Nightsight incredibly reduces the range of vision. Only nearby light reflected from surfaces will be easily visible unless a higher level light source is distanced. Mechanically, a 16 block distance is visible. - This is a passive ability. Acute Hearing A Kharajyr is equipped with acute hearing and jointed ears, allowing them to turn towards the direction of the desired focus. When rotated in the proper direction, a Kharajyr is capable of superior hearing and can hear #quite chat more easily, including #whispers. - A Kharajyr can be temporarily deafened if a loud noise, such as a firework explosion, occurs within 10 blocks of their person. A shout within 5 blocks will cause pain, but not deafness. - A Kharajyr may only hear #quiet within 12 blocks distance. - A Kharajyr may only hear #whisper within 4 blocks distance. - This is a passive ability. General Red lines/ Restrictions - CA application is required to rp as a Kharajyr of any subrace - Do not actually run as fast as their real-life counterparts. A Kha’Cheetrah is not going to run 60 mph. - Their strength would not surpass that of an olog - The Kharajyr can’t reproduce with other races - Between the ages of 0-29, kha can’t walk or talk properly. - A kha can’t walk properly if its tail has been cut off, thus serving the purpose of allowing them to keep their balance.
  9. The Crowning of The New Sovereign In the absence of Arthur Sterling, I Nathaniel Goldblight, Admiral of the Depths and advisor to the sovereign will be taking over Talons Grotto in his absence. I promise the people that I will continue the great legacy of this town, needless to say, we will begin to search for Arthur, as I am stepping forwards, Ania Sterling, his wife, will aid me in running the city. I will begin to reconstruct laws and policies, as well as the council. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes to our citizens and allies, but we are doing all we can to maintain the order we had when he was here. I want to make sure that all of the citizens and orphans of Talons Grotto are well taken care of, if anyone has any feedback or would like to schedule a meeting, please send me a letter. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Nathaniel Valorum Goldblight
  10. The Renelian Festival of Unity A feast of peace and prosperity --- The missive is tacked all around the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewyyn. A Resolute Departure, a missive that changed not only the fate of the Kharajyr, but that of the Renelian people too. The Plateau of Lanthres will soon be home to the Kharajyr Pride, under the watchful gaze of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Two vastly different cultures and people united together is a call for celebration. In an Elven Day, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn and the White Owls of the Altepetl Va’Toltec shall come together on the festival grounds of New Magara’lin. Here various cultural activities shall take place, serving to introduce the citizens of each nation to each other. Visitors will be able to take part in various cultural and religious activities and enjoy the many delicacies of the Renelian ‘ker and the Kharajyr. The festival will begin after a short religious ceremony, at the festival grounds of Renelia.
  11. RANSOM OF GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS OF HAENSE Issued on the 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1751 SONG CREDIT TO RAEL RADIO GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE -- he sits in our cells, weeping for your feeble rescue of his even more feeble body harmed in combat against our blessed troops in his fourth attack on elcihi. We grow tired of your armies incessantly marching to our silver city, threatening the deaths of innocent citizenry, threatening to skin the Kharajyr, and threatening to bring our great nation to its knees. Fortunately, that will never happen. In each attempt, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE and his troops have met swift, powerful response and have fallen from our cliffs into the Silver Forest below. In the face of death, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE, like ERIK BERHAL of REZA, one of his troops beneath his command, FLED COMBAT and left his loyal troops behind to DIE against our valiant Sillumiran, under the command of the very Kharajyr he threatens to flay. See to it that you collect this rat from our cages, should you still desire his filth in your city. Or, perhaps, you would see to his arrest for execution at your own sword given his betrayal of your people! A most worthy punishment, no doubt. GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE remains in our custody; yet, the Silver State would look favorably upon the exchanging of gifts. Should the humble offering of that which is listed following be given, we would be most inclined to generously return the favor in the form of your Grand Marshal: < ✩ > Five-thousand minas. < ✩ > 5 original copy books. < ✩ > 1 original copy book with an apology letter, signed by a nation steward or greater. < ✩ > A detailed report of your city’s defenses. < ✩ > 5 artifacts. ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr ~ A. Miravaris Okarir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Storm Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Nehtamo Seregon Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir
  12. The Oath of the Okarir’san Issued on 13th Of Snow’s Maiden, 1751 Office of the Okarir’san Penned by Muireal Aedonin To further alleviate the most esteemed Kharajyr of their grievances towards the Silver State, and the integrity of our recent agreement, the Okarir’san has taken the liberty to pledge his dedication to the Accord’s terms. It is a gesture of fidelity from the Okarir’san. Respecting the sanctity of the treaty is paramount to restoring civil stability within the Silver State, which ultimately promotes progress and health. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” The duties the Okarir’san has pledged himself to in this oath are as follows: [1] Protecting the Kharajyr of the Silver State from unjust cruelty, slanderous hate and prejudice; The Okarir’san will act as a bulwark for Kharajyri justice by standing against any forms of injustice that the Kharajyr may receive from hereon in. [2] Warranting that the Kharajyr will receive aid from the Okarir’san in cases of emergency; The Okarir’san will be as available as possible to the Kharajyr in emergency situations, assisting in the acquisition of proper help accordingly. [3] Facilitating cordial relations with the Kharajyr Province to see to its prosperity; The Okarir’san will promote favourable relations between parties within Haelun’or proper and those of the Kharajyr Province in matters regarding its future development. The oath is to remain indefinitely in effect unless one or more of the following is true: - Permission is given to the incumbent Okarir’san by a reigning Diarch. - An act of intentional violence from a resident Kharajyr against a ‘thill is made known. Okarir’san, Silir Uradir
  13. “To do right by the people can only led to grief, to do right by me can only lead to hell. Is the path of the righteous to be eternally damned to fail?” -Symon the Unifier, circa. y.22 Year 1500 The great Empires of old fell 750 years ago. The Symon Empire, spreading across most of Naros, crumbled away into turmoil and civil war in the year 766, leading the continent into Anarchy. The Enlightened Kingdom of Auldhau would fall soon after, with its great troves of knowledge condemned to burn or be forgotten. In the east, the Exiled Kingdom, the last remnant of the First Men of Naros, falls to dissent and the Desert. Its gleaming cities were devoured by sand and its people choked upon their walls turned to dust. Even the Pirates fled west, far away from this damned continent. Yet even Aros was not spared. Many of its nations fell into chaos, victims of the aftershocks caused by the Symonian Empire’s destruction. In two-hundred years, all the major powers had been razed to the ground, and little more was left but roving warlords and city-states struggling for survival. But a new dawn rises above this hell-ridden land. After 750 years, the people are reuniting once more. Old tales are told, and crumbling ruins are explored once more. The lawless still roam, but strong men have forged new kingdoms, and with them, new crowns. Perhaps one day, they will honor the memory of their ancestors, and reforge those broken Empires, or shape new and even greater Realms. Only the Gods can say… In these dark days, it is the old fish wives who turn their rheumy eyes to the sky. The moon hangs low over the horizon like a fat coin waiting to tip and tumble down below the craggy mountains. Yet even as the sun rises and eclipses it, a few stars still linger rebelliously, like children lying in bed, resisting the pull of sleep. When so many stars remain in the sky at dawn, the wrinkled old women gut their fish and mutter to each other about the Star-Touched, and the dark omens that they bear. Perhaps the Gods will have their word after all. _____ A map without any names, for simple editing if you require it. Zones of Knowledge The Red Lines depict the extent of your knowledge. Beyond these lines you are aware of very little and your maps become extremely unreliable. The higher your education, the better your maps in general. If your nation bridges a Line, look for the side with the largest amount of your territory. You are also aware of any nation that borders you, regardless of whether or not you have a majority of your land in their zone. If a nation only has a small amount of land in your zone, then you only vaguely know of their position, and who they are, but have no real contact. NPC Nations Are nations with names written in black. Player nations are in white. Stars Represent capitals. Yes, not all NPC’s have a capital. The Commonwealth of Ruhn The dour mountain-folk have wreathed their lives and temples in bones and death. Perhaps their rough history of crime and war will alienate the neighboring Free Cities of Triad, or will they find within them an unlikely ally? That remains to be seen. What is known, is that to the east, a strange construct looms over the coast, only seen from the mountains on a clear day. The Galaharian League Having fled far, these seafaring folk have seen their own bodies shaped by their travels. Surrounded by unpredictable forces, and gated to the North by a veritable wall of trees as impassable as a cliff, one thing is clear: The Galaharian League holds the center of the world in its hands. The Danwent Republic Few are the men who dare to say that their ancestry stretches back to before the Symon Empire. Fewer still are those who might be right. Most live in the Republic of Danwent. Yet these proud men must always watch the roads east, for there lies the Sehmon Remnants, and their fanatical adherence to old beliefs… Point of Interest: The Salthand Delta. Mostly unfertile, this land seems to have suffered a great many battles and saltings over the centuries. Oftentimes, boys playing in the mud may find rusted swords or old bones. But even greater secrets lie beneath the ground… The Realm of Darkyria Most who venture into the Greenthroat never return. Yet some, somehow, carve their place out within these savage and unforgiving landscape. The Darkyrians will never be able to sleep with both eyes closed, and death always lurks around the corner. But what is death to the deathless? Point of Interest: The Font of Life. The Source of the Wandring River bubbles up deep within the Greenthroat. Perhaps the spirit of the Elder Soul lingers within this glade, for the Font of Life spews forth water of such vitality and quality that nations a thousand kilometers away once tore each other to shreds for control of the smallest sections of that river. (+1% pop growth) (Point of power for the Elder Soul) The Kingdom of Five These heathens have attracted little love from their neighbors or the gods, yet they somehow persist and grow, spreading across the fertile lands of the Vale of a Thousand Currents. But how long could it last, when their neighbors, the Realm of Hakan, despise them so? Point of Interest (North): The Ynkan river, Mother of a Thousand Currents, Seed of Life. It has taken many a name throughout its years, and fed a hundred empires. As wide as a like, it flows into a thousand different rivers and feeds the bountiful lands around it. But such a wide river is more than a lifeline, it is a wall as great as any castle may ever hope to have. Point of Interest (South): Along the greatest arm of the Ynkan River are spread ancient terrasses, now little more than hills, they are littered with ruins. Some say great farms once lay here, but who can differentiate legend from reality? (3 Farms for 3500G instead of 5000G) The Empire of Bourdeleaux It is said tha the Empire was born of the great Duchy of Selrok, an ancient vassal of the Symon Empire, but only the Emperor can reinforce such a belief. With the Sun as their guide, perhaps the Empire will find a way to navigate the complex web of nations surrounding it, and come out on top… Rare Resource: A strange metal was found in the easternmost salient of the Empire, naught but a few years ago. Black as night and hardier than any steel, it has resisted any attempts at unveiling its secrets, but the greatest minds of the Empire may still find out what it has to say for itself. The Order In a world in which Gods rule the minds of men, few can say that they have reject them. Fewer still would dare to adopt the Fallen One as their patron, yet The Order has done both. Great glories could await these scions of mankind, just as much as great disasters. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Others took the name of Fey in ancient days, but there are few left to remember, and to distrust. The Fey of Fyr-Darrick watch over the Greenthroat, the heart of the Elder Soul, and in return, the Elder Soul watches over them. It is a rare thing to have a deity play favorites, but perhaps the Elder Soul has found its champion. Beware, outsiders, for within the forest, the laws of man forsake you, and nature takes its rightful place. The Kingdom of Numeria To go so far, and be stopped by the Roots of the World. The Numerians are not the first to have had their dreams crushed by these imposing peaks. But they are the first to rebuild them anew, in the shadow of their greatest obstacle. Point of Interest: The Well of Eternity: Called Lake Lyria by the Numerians, the Well of Eternity glimmers at night, as if stars were drifting from its surface to rejoin their brethren within the sky. It is said that those who are ailing may come to the Well and find themselves rejuvenated. And some have even found that the water of Lyria, when stored, may act as a far better healing agent than others within this world. Bonus: Numerian Lore Masters: The Kingdom of Numeria has ancient maps of the Symon Empire, with a few markets of interest upon them… The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda The secluded Hierarchy of Mela has seen itself split from the rest of Aros for decades. However, should it wish, it has an entire world to explore and bathe in the light of the Lady and the Lord. Point of Interest (Both): Is it an ancient construct, or a natural wonder? No one knows. A victim to the tides of the ocean, a huge rocky shelf blocks off the straight for half of every day, as the tides recede and create a landbridge between the two islands. On each side, old crumbling towers and walls watch over them, the withered sentinels of a fallen kingdom. Surya The Bright One smiles upon the nation of Surya. May their gleaming mirrors illuminate the world with the light of Mihir, and guide it unto a new age. Perhaps they should begin with the Red Sun Pirates to the North, who patrol the Golûn with greed tainting their heart. Point of Interest: The Boiling Sea. A great sheet of vapor rises like a barrier to the west of Surya, hundreds of kilometers long. Its origin is easy enough to find: the inland sea of Golûn. Those first explorers foolish enough to step into it sound found their feet thoroughly scalded, as the sea is at a constant simmer, never cooling even in the coldest days. Not even boats last long within this sea and those that do more often than not lose themselves within the mist. When the winds are right, the Boiling Sea brings great swaths of mists out across Surya, like a veil pulled across the Sun. The Kingdom of Bulgar There are those touched by wild magic and those who have been thoroughly warped. It will be hard to find those who easily trust the Lithborn, especially within the superstitious Hezaka, guardians of that-which-they-know-not. But Grimsbortish will guide them, as he always has. Point of Interest(West): The Earth’s Womb. A perfect cirle 150m in diameter, the Earth’s Womb is a pool with unfathomable depths. Little is known of what lies at the bottom, if there is indeed a bottom, but great power revolves around this one place. (Point of power for the Elder Soul.) Point of Interest(East): The Old Wall. An ancient line of fortifications running down all the way from forest to mountain on the Bulgar border. While in ruin, their imposing stature might remind the passing merchant of the great powers of old, and why in the world they would have built such imposing fortifications in such an empty place... The Duchy of Ulyadar The Children of Ulya live in a unforgiving land, a mistress as cruel and cold as the winds that rip over their homesteads in the coldest of nights. But the cold does little to those whose blood runs as hot as theirs. One can only hope that the treachery of this land does not spill it. Point of Interest(West): Assirbanâhk: An ancient monolith of stone looms over the Bay of Ghosts, staring mutely towards the coasts of Blackmarrow. Its inscrutable face holds the wrinkles of a thousand winters. Carved and cracked by the bitterest winters of the world, Assirbanâhk still stands strong, and its watchful eye forever lingers upon these frozen waters. (Benefit gained if attuned with by 2 magi.) Point of Interest(East): The Blood Forge: Said to be the home of the Blood God by some, this giant volcano is a part of a series of four called the Grumblers. It is a towering monolith with deep clefts gouged into its sides from which spew forth gouts of molten lava. A wild thing from afar, as one approaches, they may observe that the lava is channeled into carefully organized paths, that leads it to pool before an ancient, crumbling building at the foot of the Forge. (Point of power for the Blood God.) The Kingdom of Helmedhi Long have these stout people lived in isolation, cut off from the world by sea, jungle and mountain. Yet they have found a way to adapt, and some might even say to thrive. Few threaten their lands, and perhaps their innate ingenuity will bring them to great heights… Point of Interest: The Dorhimi Docks: Great docks once stood here, created by a forgotten nation, they remain as the last bastion of their great wealth and powerful navies. (One port at 50% off) Ischyros Long has this metropolis grown, deep within the heartlands of the once Empire of Symon. Now it must turn to look at those large nations that surround it, and decide upon a course of action, for the survival of its people. Point of Interest: The Iris. For as long as the people of Ischyros can remember, the Iris has stood upon the tip of the peninsula. None can recollect its origins, or its original purpose, but all have seen its walls, as black as night and as smooth as glass. Its single white tower reaches for the heaves above from within its circular walls. Narry a scratch on them, and no way of climbing them. Indeed, these high-reaching walls seem to repel any attacker. An invisible barrier has always stood between the Iris and its surroundings, leaving it as if frozen in time… The Fortress Libraries The Libraries have long stayed hidden, concealed from the world by the Stinkswamp, their minds turned inwards, to the pursuit of knowledge. But they lie in the heart of Naros, and even those blinded to the world of today, must venture furth, or the great treasures of the ancient world may be forever lost. A caretakers work is never over in these years of ruin and rebirth. The Kingdom of Icefled Few are those brave enough to venture into the deep north, and fewer more are those who could claim to have survived there for centuries. Yet somehow, impossibly, Icefeld persists in one of the most unforgiving climates upon the twin continents. To their north, ice sheets and freezing sea, to their south, a forest as deep and ancient as the world. Only the Men of Ölm live in any proximity to the Icefeld, but they stay away, keep to the forest and rarely show themselves. Every decision can mean life or death in the north, and for the King of Ice and Stone, there are still many to make. Rare mineral acquired: Iceglass. Have at it.
  14. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  15. *A large black Lur wolf and fe-uruk would be spotted putting up posters around Irrinor, Krugmar, and many other cities of the like. If someone cared to stop and read them, it would read.* This account was transcribed for those who cannot read orcish blah. I (i.e. Noka’Lur) was traversing our ally nation of Irrinor with fellow clan member Akila’Lur. We had been selling wares to any ally willing to listen, when we came across a group of Kha. Akila took this chance to flaunt his kha pelt that he commonly wore. The Kha’s grew angry about this and demanded that we handed the pelt over and that he wore the pelt of an innocent murdered Kha. Akila explained this was not the case he had taken the pelt from a Kha who had attempted to rob him in the past. Suddenly a kha drew his weapon on us and threated us. Akila and I both sensed that it wasn’t going to be handled peacefully so I had my weapon drawn and Akila was summoning his wind shamanism. Akila was able to blast one of the kha’s away, yet before more violence could ensue, Akila offered a fair deal. He would gladly part with the pelt for a sum of mina, which a Kha did agree to. Akila gave them a price and the kha reached for his minas when suddenly I was meet with a face full of claws. The Kha dishonorably betrayed this deal made specifically to avoid further violence. Akila released another burst of wind to blast us back a few feet before his shoulder was meet with an arrow by an unknown archer. Our curse of bloodlust was ignited in this assault, and thus our memories grow clouded after this face. I heard some shouts from a stranger trying to dissolve the situations as both me and Akila where being attacked, yet the attack continued. An order was then shouted to kill the kha that was attacking us. As the fight slid to the hands of the wood elves, I moved myself and Akila to the nearby clinic to adhere to our wounds. A knowledgeable medic aided us and tended to our wounds, likely saving our Shaman’s life. There we both received proper care and treatment, which afterwards we returned to Krugmar to recuperate from the attack. Our brief stay in Irrinor was met with dishonorable hostility from a group unwilling to listen to reason. We pray our allies have dealt with this act, yet we also extend our thanks for handling the situation following our departure. This massive is meant to add truth to the skewed stories that have encircled our ally since this irksome encounter. *At the bottom of the post a little scribble of what seems to be the Lur clan logo*
  16. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  17. THIS POST IS CANCELED The Jade Riders The Jade Riders are a broad group of rangers and adventurers alike who oppose threats to the natural world and help others survive in dangerous environments. A Rider might help a small village prepare for a brutal winter, or aid a Kingdom in a deadly war. Riders may protect a town from an onslaught of malicious foes or simply aid in the construction of a new settlement. Members of the Jade Riders know how to survive, and more importantly, they want to help others do the same. They are not opposed to civilization or progress, but they strive to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another. Members of the Riders are spread far and wide, generally in isolation or small cadres. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Beliefs: The natural order must be respected and preserved. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance. Goals: The Jade Riders goals are to restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness. Creed: Allies: Aragrad (Yves Aragon) Ranks: Ranger Division General Rider: Myriil Thuridan Rider Captain: (N/A) Rider Of The Mark: (N/A) Senior Rider: (N/A) Rider Of The Wild: (N/A) Junior Rider: (N/A) Scout: (N/A) --------- Every Rank From Here Up Is A Rider --------- Trainee: (N/A) Diplomatic Division Party President: (N/A) Elder: (N/A) Scholar: (N/A) Diplomat: (N/A) Envoy: (N/A) Emmisary: (N/A) ----- All Ranks From Here Up Are Diplomats ---- Junior Trainee: (N/A) Dress Code: Ranger Division The Jade Riders - Ranger Uniform Each colored cloak varies depending on the rangers environment (White for snow, Green for forest or plains, Yellow/Beige for desert, Orange for red desert or mesa, Blue for water etc.) The color of your belt/undershirt varies depending on rank (The solid white spaces on the skin are for your skin [skin, eyes, hair etc.]) Belt Ranks: General Rider: Green Rider Captain: Black Rider Of The Mark: Gold Senior Rider: Purple Rider Of The Wild: Red Junior Rider: Blue Scout: Brown Initiate : White Diplomat Division: Diplomat’s have no set dress code at this time Out Of Character Rules Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE, be they a Rider or not. Don’t purposely or through inactivity provoke someone. Being active is not mandatory but it would be appreciated. Dress code in not mandatory but appreciated These rules are subject to change in the future Rider Code Of Conduct All people of any race, gender or sexuality are welcome in the Jade Riders. Discrimination will not be tolerated. You must renounce fealty to any organization or national order if the laws of said order conflict with those of the Riders Comitting acts of violence against nations to aid another nation is strictly prohibtied unless the Riders have voted to help Riders who reveal sensitive information or align themselves with a specific nation against another nation will be banished from the ranks without prior warning All Riders must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Riders, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. These rules are not to be bent in any way shape or form These rules are subject to change in the future **(To apply, copy and paste this form into a reply below. Being accepted on this forum DOES NOT mean you are a Rider, you must first pass the Initiate Training Process)** Application For The Jade Riders Ooc Information Minecraft Gamertag (Required*): Real-Life Age (Required*): Nickname (Optional*): Prefered Pronoun(s) (Required*): (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them etc.) Roleplay Sample (Required*): Ic Information Characters Full Name (Required*): Current And/Or Former Titles Held (Required*): Race (Required*): Sub-Race (Optional*): Sex And Gender (Required*): Training Known (Optional*): Training Wanted/Needed (Required*): *“By signing this document, you agree to the above laws and any the General, Captain and Senior Rider see fit of adding. You agree to renounce any title that conflicts with the goals/code and will uphold peace and balance between the natural world and society”*
  18. [OOC: This is a comedic, kinda meta, diary-form story of Egil, The Silver-Tongued - a young, hot-blooded and totally-not-desperate-for-attention 21 years old troubadour(bard). Excuse my odd grammar and mistakes. English is my 3rd language] 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1689 I woke up in a temple, miraculously without a hangover from last night's partying. Instead I felt oddly fresh, like a newborn. I stood up and wandered towards the only exit I could see, looking around curiously, feeling as if things seemed a bit more.. square. As my feet took me closer to the doorway of the Temple, the sweet scent of adventure, of maiden's bosoms yet untouched and ale yet to be tasted filled my nose, urging me on! To make haste, before they are claimed and shackled into boring books and senile old minds. Stepping outside, I was greeted by a few monks who seemed to repeat the same one or two lines of wisdom, probably not paying much attention whom they spoke to. There were a few other non-monks like myself wandering around the temple, each more colourful than than the next, browsing things, chatting up or just awkwardly looking at the ground or the sky. After receiving an odd cristal like ornament from one of the monks, I decided to sit and ponder about my situation, checking and tuning my lute. Until, Goddess herself walked into my view from the temple. Her brown hair flowed in the slight breeze like water flows in a river, the sun gently dancing on each of her hair. Her eyes were like the biggest shiny gems, deep green - like woods one could get lost in for weeks. Her nose was small and cute, her lips plump and rose coloured. The way she carried herself down the stairs with such elegant manner was nothing more, but an act to marvel at. A mini-miracle! She stopped by one of the many bookshelves in the temple and seemed to look right at me. I of course approached the lady with bravado and confidence that one of my caliber should have and bowed to the lady, asking her name. To my surprise she stood still, peering past me into the distance. Like a sculpture too real and perfect to be man made. I tried to get the ladies attention yet again but to no avail. Thinking maybe a piece of music might make the beautiful, yet mysterious sculpture woman come back to life I played a short melody to her, my fingers dancing on the strings like elves in the rowdy tavern songs dance around the fire - elegant and wild at the same time. To my disappointment the lady did not react: deaf, blind and mute, still in the moment as the time around her passed. With a sigh I put away my lute and started to look for the next maiden to woo when I heard a kharajyr growl behind me:" oh is thwat a bawd?".
  19. Hey skinners of LotC! The Kharajyr are looking to have a set of skins made to be used as a base for female kha, which includes the four subraces Kha'Leoparda, Kha'Chetrah, Kha'Pantera, and Kha'Tigrasi. The current male skins that we have are as pictured below. What we are looking for is a similar set that we can use for incoming players for female kharajyr. This includes adding clothing to it or using the basic skin on its own. We are looking to spend around 8,000 minas, 2,000 per skin. If it helps at all, here is the link to the Kharajyr portion of the Wiki. Kharajyr Wiki If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask and I'll get back to them as quick as possible! ? Example Female Used in the Past Current Set of Male Bases
  20. [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
  21. I'd mainly like to see more types of Kha allowed. I'd really love to play a Lynx / Bobcat type Kha. Also, I'm kind of confused on the panther/leopard types... Because there is no such thing as a black panther as a breed or species. It's literally just a melanistic leopard / jaguar. Ergo, they should have the same build as each other lore wise. They shouldn't have differences except the coloration. (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther )
  22. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
  23. *Posters hung in back alleys and slums* The Stormskull Thieves Guild The Stormskull thieves are a small group of pickpocket heisters that want to work in unison to make the most of their professional ability. Join me and we'll steal from the dirty rich that prod and fester the cities with their high-value coats and glistening earrings. We will soon have an operation base - hidden to the normal eye, here we will meet and discuss our next moves. Join us now for a chance to prove yourself more than a dirty pick-pocket, join us and prove yourself to be a smart pick-pocket. If you decide to join - we will meet and I will decide if you are fit to join the Stormskulls. (Reply with) Recruitment Form: IGN: IRP NAME: ROLE: [Pickpocket/Organiser/Heister/Alloftheabove/]
  24. I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
  25. A Gift From The Skies: Muun’Trivazja Introduction: This lore piece has a companion! While you may be a rebel who doesn’t play by the rules, it would be best if you read The Moon and the Maker first. It details Metztli, and fleshes out the Daemon of Time further. This lore, A Gift From the Skies, goes into the mechanics of the magic gifted to followers of Metztli. While the magic will remain a predominantly Kharajyr-controlled magic, any who follow the path of the Moon-Mother are given the opportunity to learn it. Think of it like Runebinding, or Shamanism. Muun’Trivazja is the magic gifted to the priesthood of Metztli. The goddess granted her most devout limited control over her divine energy, Muun’. With this power, the priesthood has been capable of great feats, though they come at a cost. Blindness and premature aging are common amongst members of the priesthood as a result with meddling with divine powers. The original Sages, who first received Metztli’s blessing, wielded Muun’ similar to the casters of other orders. However, in their arrogance, they rose too high and spited the goddess. To humble them, Metztli cursed the order with the burden of the Moonpool, a well of divine energy where casters of the order must bathe to refill their stores of Muun’. Muun’Trivazja is composed of three faucets; Moonbinding, Moongazing and Cronoshaping. These arts must be taught individually, alongside how to store Muun’. As a practitioner of the art becomes more adept as storing Muun’, they become able to delve further and further into the other aspects of the magic. States of Muun’: There are two basic types of Muun’ utilized in casting, Waking and Sleeping. Sleeping Muun’ energy with no purpose. It is passive energy that the priests are able to store inside themselves and carry with them. However, Muun’ is not an energy natural to the priests and it will seek escape by any means possible. Priests are trained to hold the energy inside of them while they go about life, and once they can hold the energy without fear of leaking, they can begin to expand their capacity. A coalition of priests, traditionally known as a pride, is able to pool their Muun’ in order to accomplish greater feats of magic, with each priest fueling the spell from their own reserves. Once a priest activates the Muun’ inside them it becomes Waking Muun’. Waking Muun’ is the visible aspect of Muun’Trivazja. It is energy in action, power with a purpose. Once a priest casts a spell, a portion of their Sleeping Muun’ is transformed into Waking Muun’ and escapes from them, given a purpose. Muun’Trivazja: “The Moon-Mother granted us a chance at redemption. After the first of the Sages fled, taking their hearsay with them, Metztli gifted to the new Priesthood a power unmatched by any of the new land; The power to grind mountains to dust and see what cannot be seen. The power to fight against Absyyl and its servants. The power of the Moon, Muun’Trivazja. ~The Dead-Sky Scrolls | A New Order The first skill an acolyte of the priesthood learns is the art of storing Muun’. Due to the arrogance of their predecessors, priests of Metztli do not naturally regenerate their divine energy. They must instead fill their stores at Moonpools, wells of energy fueled by a portion of Metztli’s Daemonic energy. Attunement to the goddess simply grants a priest the ability to hold this energy inside themselves. Muun’Trivazja is the baseline progression for a practitioner of the magic Each art must be trained individually, but they are useless if a priest is unable to muster the energy to maintain them. Essentially, a priest cannot cast spells with energy they do not have, therefore they cannot increase their tier in one of the other arts without first attaining that tier in Muun’Trivazja. Moonbinding (Teltica): “They adorned themselves with the same blue stones that decorated the temple. It hung from necklaces, bracelets, they even pierced their ears and lips with the stuff. The things seem unstable though. I saw one of the earring-wearers slam into a wall, and lose half their face in the resulting explosion.” ~Tales of the Kharajyr Moonbinding is the art of charging a piece of specially prepared lapis-lazuli with Muun’, granting it mystical power. To begin, a Moonbinder must select a block of lapis, the holy stone of Metztli, and carve it to shape. The stone must then be engraved with images and prayers in Kharahatla. These help to focus the mind of the enchanter towards the task at hand. The stone is then filled with Muun’ from the crafter, a process known as Attuning. This transforms the lapis into a piece of Charged Lapis, giving the Muun’ inside of it a task to accomplish when it is activated. Once a Moonbound relic is Attuned, the Muun’ inside of it is Living and cannot be harnessed or redefined. The object may be refilled with Muun’ from another source, a priest may even allow the relic to draw from their own reserves of Sleeping energy instead of its own, but once it runs out, the Charged Lapis violently explodes, spraying shards of stone in all directions. The purpose of the stone is left up to the crafter, however seeing as the enchantment is fueled by Muun’, the relic is only able to accomplish a task that is possible with the magic in the first place. This means that a Moonbinder is unable to craft objects with enchantments that are impossible through Muun’Trivazja. Cronoshaping: “It is said the Sages of old could tear vast temples from the past. They would gather, a pride of priests circling the ruins, and begin their chant. The Moon-Mother’s gift would swirl around them until, block by block, the building would stand tall once more.” ~Upon the Altars of Old | Book II Cronoshaping is the most powerful of the priestly arts, as it allows a practitioner limited control over Metztli’s dominion, time. A Cronoshaper expels the Muun’ stored inside of them, and utilizes it to manipulate the way time flows in the area. The Muun’ manifests itself as a thick swirling fog, ranging from blue to a deep purple color. The mist itself is malleable, and may be shaped by a member of the priesthood into a number of forms. The most common are either domes or waves of Muun’ projected over the area the caster wishes to effect. Once an area is shrouded in a priest’s Muun’, they sever it from the natural flow of time and begin to move it in accordance to their will. While Cronoshaping allows the user to manipulate time, it still has its limits. Cronoshaping is incapable of effecting unwilling targets. This is because Cronoshaping depends on the priest being able to anticipate the actions within the section they have severed. If a Muun’Trivazja user attempts to Cronoshape a once-strong wall into a crumbling ruin, they are able to because they know that given time stone will inevitably fall to pieces. Once a variable enters into the equation, the Cronoshaper is unable to anticipate how they will move through the new flow of time. As a result, anything the variable interacts with will also become an unknown quantity in its own right. This accumulation of unknowns shatters the veil of Muun’, as the priest is no longer able to anticipate what happens along the timestream. This is known as a Variable Cascade, and will result in the spell shattering. Cronoshaping is also unable to rewind an object past the time of its creation. For example, a rusted sword could be rewound to a point where it was once usable, but it could not be taken past that point and turned into the raw iron that was used to forge the blade. A crumbling wall could be rewound to a point where it once stood proud, but could not be taken back to the mortar and stones used to build the wall. This is called the Law of Temporal Conservation. The magic, however, comes with a price. As a priest continues to manipulate time, they will grow hunched and wizened. Dipping into the flow of time will prematurely age a practitioner of the art. Cronoshapers tend to age half again as fast as is normal, leaving them weaker and frailer than they were. Moongazing: “Ja’Sutal burst into the palace, ranting and raving. He ran through the doors of the palace, yanking tapestries from walls and goblets from hands. The young priest screamed of things to come; An army of beasts, ships being sent out to sea, and watching over it all a great eye of fire. He was pronounced mad by the Sages, though now he is heralded as the first Moongazer.” ~Upon the Altars of Old | Book III Moongazing is the most respected art a member of the priesthood may master. When a priest turns their eyes towards the ebb and flow of time, they must learn to focus their Muun’ into a lense through which to see the world; Turning their eyes to the future or the past. When a Moongazer turns their eyes to the timestream they channel their Muun’ into a sort of lense, allowing them to see into various points in time. A Moongazer may turn their eyes to past events, but never past the point of Non-Remembering, where Ancient History meets the rest of time. No priest is able to pass that point, simply because their bodies cannot hold enough Muun’ to go that far back. A Moongazer is also unable to see events leading up to their death, attempting to do so shatters the vision as the mind is unable to comprehend its own death. When a priest Moongazes, their eyes light up with a radiant white light. They fall into a trance, seeing that which has been or will be. Gazing into the past is the simplest aspect of the art, requiring the least amount of Muun’ to maintain. As a priest turns their eyes to more recent events, the spell requires more and more Muun’ to maintain. Once a priest passes the present, the spell requires less Muun’ to maintain. Then as one passes the present and moves onto the future, the energy cost is lessened but the visions swiftly grow vague and imprecise. To begin, Moongazing the past is the simplest of arts. A priest simply focuses their Muun’, and turns their eyes to events long past. Gazing in this manner uses up the least amount of energy out of all the arts of Muun’Trivazja. A skilled practitioner is able to turn their eyes to events long past for hours at a time. One of the most respected aspects of Moongazing takes place while searching the past. Namecallers are Moongazers who have dedicated their life to seeking out the names and histories of those fallen from Ilhuicatl. When a Kharajyr dies on the Isles of Endless Night, their name and deeds are wiped from memory. However, their past remains, open for Moongazers to search through. Namecallers spend their lives searching through ancient tomes and Gazing the past, searching for the names and legacies of those forgotten by the rest. Seeing the future is an imprecise art at the best of times. Specifics are withheld in favor of omens and symbolism. Some say this is because the future in itself is unknowable, other say the goddess does it intentionally to keep her priests from knowing more than is good for them. Whatever the reason, seeing into the future will never give a direct answer. It will always be shrouded in uncertainty. Some visions may never come to pass in the first place, the future being an unknowable and ever-changing place. Moongazing the present is the most difficult art a priest can learn. To see the future, one requires a totem that holds a strong link to the object to be scryed. The more direct the link, the stronger the vision will be. Distance also affects the strength of the link. The further something is from the Moongazer, the more difficult it is to envision them. Long distances may be offset by a better link, blood or bone being the strongest, and vice versa. Moongazing does have its limits however. Gazing into the present will only show things directly linked to the totem, and nothing else. A stone from a castle wall will show only the castle, and not the inhabitants moving about inside. A bloodstain will reveal the bearer of the blood, but not their surroundings. Extended Moongazing comes at a price, the eyesight of the Gazer. Moongazer will gradually lose their sight as they continue to peer into events beyond their ken; Their irises fade until their eyes and their vision are completely and totally blank. The Stone of Metztli: “The Stone was found floating above the waters of the Temple. It was jagged and sharp, a blade that hung in the air above the sacred pool. The Kha’ were drawn to it, like moths to a flame. They felt the pull of the Moon-Mother upon them and they could not turn back.” ~Upon the Altars of Old | Book IV When the first Kharajyr fled from the crumbling Khalenwyr Empire, they landed on the new land to start anew. The remaining Sages, humbled by the creation of the Moonpools, were reluctant to spread their art further. They fled from the fledgeling Empire, vanishing from Kharajyr society into the deep jungles of Anthos. Their shame drove them from their people, taking their gift with them. Metztli watched as one by one, the Sages succumbed to the dangers of the land. Without pity, she watched as those who had dared rise beyond their station fell and crumbled to dust. Satisfied that her people had once more been turned from the path of Absyyl, she granted her people one final boon. She traveled once more to the Well of Moonlight and picked up the knife that lay at the shores of the great lake. She hurled the lapis knife, dark with the dried blood of the goddess into the glowing water. It sank, falling through the crack into the Mortal Realm and manifesting itself above the waters of the temple. So the Stone of Metztli, and the Athosian Moonpool came into being. The Stone of Metztli granted the Kharajyr the ability to forge a connection with the Moon-Mother. The wisest and most devout were chosen to become the first of the new Priesthood. Guided by the goddess, these Kharajyr were granted visions of a ceremony they were to undertake in order to forge a connection to the Well of Moonlight like the Sages of old. They were taught through visions how to store Muun’ from the new Moonpool and utilize their new abilities to their fullest extent. These new practicioners of Muun’Trivazja created the first centralized Priesthood of Metztli, the order that continues to this day. Should the stone shatter, it will eventually reform itself. The magic that sustains the stone is a form of temporal Moonbinding far beyond the ability of any priest; It allows the stone to reform in a random location once it is shattered, turning back the clock on its own demise. Several times throughout history the Stone has been broken, and the Priesthood has always been able to track it through Moongazing due to their internal link with the stone. The Ritual of Attunement is the process used to connect prospective priests to the Well of Moonlight. It is a lengthy process known only to the oldest of the Priesthood, and is their best kept secret. All that is known is that the Ritual requires the Stone of Metztli to be properly executed. It is not always successful, and those that fail are cast, raving and clawing at their eyes from the order. The Ritual of Disconnection is a similar practice used to shatter the bond between a priest and the Well. Knowledge of this process is even rarer than that of the Ritual of Attunement, and is often reserved to the head of the current Priesthood. Much like the Ritual of Attunement, it requires the presence of the Stone of Metztli, though not much is known beyond that.
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