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  1. The death of Nossir Khurhukar left his per, Kabuki, alone in this world. Orphaned at 12 years of age, the young Kha'Tigrasi was forced into adulthood sooner than wished for himself. As son of the Patta of Clan Khurhukar, it was his duty to uptake the mantle of Patta. However, his young age would leave the clan stagnant for some time. 8 years passed, with near silence from the Kha clan, no new blood, new rules, new anything popping up. Seldom was Kabuki even seen, in a state of mourning for his fallen father. However, at age 20, he finally decided enough was enough. Taking on the new title officially, Tul'Kabuki Khurhukar emerged from silence, new blood flowing through the veins of his clan. Officially dubbed his new title, he begins his task of revitalizing what his father envisioned to be a strong clan of Kha, comprised of warriors and merchants. And thus, missives scatter the lands, a call to those who wish to join such a people. "Sa'vi, reader. I am Tul'Kabuki Khurhukar, Patta of the Khurhukar Clan. Kharajyr are a scattered people, roaming Almaris with little community and little family. This is why I extend this invite to all Kharajyr in Almaris. Warriors, tradesmen, merchants. You are all wanted, you are all to be embraced with open arms into my clan. I wish to help unite our people, to rebuild what once was. I live in many and no places. My patta placed us in Elysium, but I travel all around. A bird will suffice to get my attention, to all those who wish to join us. We are small now, but Kharajyr are bound by origin and we can become something strong. Family, friends. Adventures and stories. Challenges and triumphs. I can offer you all of these things and more. So please, send me a bird with your interest. Amehuan huel ma nohuon acicamatl cemanhuatl!" The bottom of the missive is signed with a rough signature.
  2. [!] Grief. Grief is what the Khurhukar family felt, when they learned that Nossir was dead. The events leading up to it: Nossir, living in Elysium, joined the war effort. He couldn't really do anything, so he just helped out where he could. His family supported him, but then, the fall of Ebonwood. That, as the clan got a piece of land there, drove him mad. Then, the blood rain came, which, while didn't touch him, made him even more mad. He couldn't take it. One day, he woke up, got dressed in his clan armor, then went out. He was feeling...weak.... He couldn't run, and even walking was hard... The curse of foresight: He knew he didn't have long. He has had a lot of visions leading up to it. He began writing. [!] A book could be found under the pillow of his death bed My dear family. If you are reading this, then I'm most likely dead. I want you to know, that I love you. I tried my best to make your lives better. Kax, my dearest friend, you taught me a lot. About our culture, our ancient history and our culture. Thank you for that. Tuluk, my partner in trouble, you really did make my life really fun. I hope you will remember me as the clan leader who killed a giant bear, and not that one Tigrasi who was doing stuff. Kabuki, my dearest son, I'm sorry that I left you alone. This world is a mean one, and now you are alone in it. I hope the clan will take good care of you, and that you will carry the name Tul'Kabuki Khurhukar with pride. Please do not mourn me, or dwell on my passing, instead, live your life to the fullest. I ask you one last thing. Please remember me, and tell stories about my life. I love you all the same, I really do, but this is what Metztli wanted. Remember me. I have spoke with some people, and they told me that, after death, if even one person remembers you, you live on as an observer, observing the lives of your loved ones. [!] Some words would be unreadable, as he cried when he wrote it. The passing of a leader: Nossir felt that he wasn't okay, and sent a bird to Kax'ahli. Kax received the letter, and hurried over to the clan house. He saw that Nossir could barely walk, and he helped him home. They sat down. Kax asked Nossir what the problem was, and he told him. Then, Kax helped Nossir upstairs to his bed. He prepared his stuff for the ritual. This is when news got to Ursus Grandaxe, who was a dear friend of Nossir, and he rushed to the home. Nossir was sleeping. When he woke up, he signaled to Kax to begin the ritual. And so, Kax started praying and gave a lot of things to Nossir, as to help him along his way to the afterlife. Nossir started saying random words, and he fell asleep for one last time. Kax finished the ritual. In tears, he walked out onto the balcony, and yelled something along the lives of this: Elysium! The great leader, Tul'Nossir Khurhukar of the clan Khurhukar is dead! He was a good friend and a great leader. Kax then went to blow the death whistle. Ursus walked out to where Kax stood, and he yelled: NARVAK OZ NOSSIR! NARVAK OZ TAE KHA!! After the two went to leave, the bed started shaking violently. It stopped after a few minutes. Then, Nossirs dead body started levitating. His eyes and mouth were open, and spewing out a blue light. His fur was glowing with the same blue light too. It stopped right after, the whole ordeal lasting at most 5 minutes. Nossir's body was now laying on the bed again. A whistling was heard inside the room. Then whispering. It couldn't be made out what it said, but it could've been heard. Nossir didn't go without a fight. He fought his fate, and he tried to outplay death. Well, he almost did. He almost survived. He was dead. Well, he wasn't really dead. A last, fragile and quite word came from his lifeless body. Goodbye... Nossir, at last, was dead... or is he? After a few days, the house was closed. No family member entered. Nothing. But after 4 days, Patlana entered. He entered sad, and left shocked. Nossir was gone, his body nowhere to be found.
  3. The Clan Khurhukar is a clan of the most worthy of Kha merchants and fighters. Short History: Ranks: The Patta: The Patta is the current leader of the Khurhukar and must be a descendent of the family. His role in the clan is to guide the Kha to a better life. The Per: The Per is the heir to the Patta. They have to be part of the family and The Patta's son. Their role is to take over the role of The Patta when they die. The Elders: The Elders are the direct advisors of The Patta. These individuals are chosen by the Patta, and are usually over 70, and have experience in battle. The Members: The Kha who are worthy of carrying the title Khurhukar. These Kha are the most worthy in their fields, and they are mostly fighters and merchants. The Initiates: The Kha who carry this title are ones who did not prove themselves to the clan yet, but want to become a member. What we provide: We provide the resources to the Kha who are the greatest merchants and fighters. The Trials: The Trial of Power: In this trial, an initiate must prove their power to an Elder, the Per or the Patta. This can be done in two ways. First, they can fight a member of the clan, and second, they can tell a story of a great battle they fought in, and won. The Trial of Merchantry: In this trial, the initiate must prove themselves worthy in merchantry. The initiate must sell a product to a clan member. This trial isn't necessary, and instead of this trial, the trial of power may be done. The Trial of Loyalty: In this trial, the initiate must prove their loyalty to the clan, and they must swear an oath to Metztli, that they will not betray the clan in any case. Application:
  4. A leather-bound tome lies unattended. The pages are stark and clean, suggesting a recent publishing, or attempts at preservation. You pick it up, curious at the title- what are Long Pigs? The answer is likely not what you hoped. To Cook a Longpig Authored by Barbog, Grubgoth of the Iron’Uzg Translated by the Orcish Cultural Revival And Purity project (OCRAP) For too long, brothers and sisters of the Uruk-hai have been left in the dark by the master butchers and Grubgoths of Uruk society. Perhaps these were never meant to be left secret, or forgotten by the masses, but as times and traditions change, so too has our knowledge of the past. Whilst many brothers may still seek out and butcher the longpig like in days past, there is a distinct lack of etiquette about it, and the dishes prepared (if they can even be called such) featuring longpig are woefully inadequate at best, and a slap in the face of Glutros at worst. I shall do my part in redeeming my misguided brothers, sisters, and any who fancy a decent meal of the most coveted meat. TO BUTCHER A LONGPIG As we all know, there are many types of longpig in the world. From the gamey, lean cutlets of the Mali, to the chewy gristle notable in Dweddish meat. Each variety of longpig brings unique textures and exotic tastes to any dish, but all maintain similar anatomy- and thus, similar cuts. Below is a detailed sketch, drafted by a close friend and confidant- whom I paid in meals, of course! The following parts have been carefully labelled and separated on the drawing; Head, ears, jowl, snout, neck, blades, shoulders, hock, back-fat, arms, hands, ribs, flank, belly, loin, rump, lower hock, leg, shank, and feet. Please take careful note of abnormal, non-descendent races. As one might expect, the belching Wonk or the limber Hou-Zi will undoubtedly be cut differently, as their anatomy grows further from traditional longpig cuts. The Musin shan’t be more than a snack. TO MAKE A MEAL OF LONGPIG Whilst cooking the meat itself is none too dissimilar from a hock of lamb or pig belly, one must be careful when selecting your sides! Longpig has a very distinct tone, and, due to its exotic nature, should not be wasted on unfitting dishes. My personal recommendations are as follows: HUMAN - As time-tested-and-true as beef or pig itself. While certainly a cut above livestock, if not just for the hunt involved in procuring this meat, I personally feel that you have better options. Truly, Longpig is meant to be a rare delicacy, and the abundance of humans leave this rather paradoxical- and the tastes and textures themselves are certainly nothing to write home about. If you were to create a barbaric or uncultured dish, then human meat suits perfectly. Burgers and bacon, perhaps, but leave serving longpig before a king to the Mali or Kha. ELF - As much as they may protest when alive, when you get down to the fundamentals- the flesh itself- they’re really all quite similar. Indeed, the tender, gamey, supple meat of the Mali are among my favorite dishes. I cannot speak highly enough of the feasts I have turned the odd botanist or researcher into. Perhaps it is their natural femininity, or their inclination to bookish things, but elves have an unrivaled, juicy tenderness. The finest of red wines, and the most expensive, outlandish sides could never be enough to compete with the meat itself- but perhaps they may make it better by comparison. DWARF - As the stout, tough race toils hard in their mines and are born with muscles taut as stone, so too is this reflected in their meat. If you wish to cook evenly and deeply with this longpig (or shall we call them shortpig?) , then a good tenderizer and elbow grease is required. I can assure you, though, that they make a most excellent brisket if you do, and there is no better iteration of pulled longpig meat, than that painstakingly torn from the Dwed. HALFLING - While it wounds me as a friend of the Weefolk to have to record an entry that may be mistaken as encouraging their slaughter, I only do so in the highest regard as an objective chef. They are, as one may expect, quite similar to the flesh of the human that some allege they originate from. They have more ‘earthy’ notes to them, which some have suggested come from the divergence of ancestry. This pairs well with heady beers and hard liquors. Should you come across the meat of the half-men, I can only suggest one thing; avoid the feet. They are tough, covered in calluses many, many layers deep, and unlike shucking a clam, does not reward you with good grub. WONK - Their anatomy is, quite simply, repulsive to most casual consumers. Even the meat itself is slick and slimy, and the only cure is to char it into a brick- a cardinal sin that no true cook should ever commit. You have two options when it comes to the Wonk as longpig. You may either attempt to recreate certain seafood dishes with Wonk meat, leveraging that sliminess as one might the slippery raw squid, or slick watery vegetables. This, in my opinion, is the best choice for most of the Wonk’s body… except for their hock, leg, and shank. These are fatty and have a texture somewhere between soft fish and poultry. Best when sauteed and stewed! Fun fact: Wonk legs do not stiffen up as fast as most animals upon their demise, and may even twitch when heated up in cooking! HOU-ZI - An odd choice- and I say that proceeding the Wonk! Whilst there are similarities between the Hou-Zi, and races such as halflings and humans, they are an entirely different beast- No offense to Hou-Zi intended! Truly, they ought not be hunted for their meat, as it is rather bland and chewy in the most unpalatable way. Instead, the true delicacy of the Hou-Zi is in the mind… And I say that in the most physical sense. Chilled Hou-Zi brains. Do not question it, merely enjoy it. KHA - Whilst Kha are very few and far between these days, I would argue that only makes the already-exotic taste of the meat feel only that much more so! Truly, in days where Kha would roam our borders in droves, were days where the Ilzgûl blessed our civilizations. There is something so… utterly indescribably, in the juices of Kha meat. I cannot stress this enough- this meat NEEDS to be served rare, if not raw. Any dangers of undercooked meat are well worth the suffering when beer-basted Kha precedes it. MUSIN - Musin themselves have little meat, and are best served as a side of their own. However, should you find yourself with many little mouse-meals, you may find that they are best incorporated as half-dish. Meals such as a mushroom-and-musin kebab, or a chunky stew, would be a wonderful use for these little snacks. SEZZIKBEKK - While their bodies are quite unappealing at first glance, they hold much meat in their more ‘avian’ parts- the thighs, breast, and (on some specimens with less-twisted appendages), wing-meat. Whilst these may be used as a replacement for more common fowl, such as chicken or partridge, they truly shine when deep-fried. Indeed, while I find few things more delicious in this world than Krugtucky Fried Chicken, I have found their equal in Fried Sezzikbekk. TO PLATE A LONGPIG This will, of course, vary by the meat itself, and how you cook it. Humans, halflings, dwarves, and the like will be suitable as plain affairs- one would not be remiss to see human sliders on a plain ceramic tray, and for good reason. For more ‘exotic’ meats, then rest assured, I recommend firmly to play this up in their presentation. Sauteed wonk with a smooth Teriyaki sauce, Musin kebabs wrapped in palm leaves with carefully-threaded skewers connecting the cutlets, and Deep-Fried Sezzibekk stacked like a tower, with garlic powder and shredded kaktuz sprinkled from high above. All of these are presentations I have seen with my own eyes, and they never cease to entertain and enthrall even the most well-fed of critics. Go with your intuition here, but I must repeat from earlier; do not waste your longpig. The taking of a life is much more special here- a cow or chicken are penned and dumb, and the act of bringing one to your table is of absolutely no note. The battle that wins you a prime dish-to-be of longpig, however, means that the meat itself deserves a higher level of respect. Perhaps you may attempt to recreate aspects of that very battle in your plating, but at the very least it makes an entertaining story to share. AFTERWORD Whilst my advocacy for the consumption and proper preparation of longpig cannot be understated, I do not intend for this book to inspire my brothers and sisters to become butchers for the sake of sport. It is the very act of a well-fought battle that makes the meat taste that much more succulent, the comedy of serving a belly cut deep by your friend’s arrow, that is to truly ‘make the meal’. To turn them into common chattel is right-out. Livestock has grown complacent, boring, and dare I say, a turn-off to many chefs. Respect the intent behind serving longpig, by not abusing the source the Ilzgûl have so generously provided. They are the sustenance after a battle, not some simpering beast to be penned and bred for grub alone. But, above all else; Cook well, my friends. -Barbog
  5. Join us by replying to this post with "I love you Steven."
  6. Our message is to those who turn hate toward free people, the ones who beat innocent children, men, women and more in the name of a higher power. This is the official document, stating the creation of the Pride Rights Activist Group. This group is inclusive, of all races, genders and sexual orientation for everyone across Almaris. We welcome you to join us in this group, and in the fight for our lives against the ones who take our lovers, our sisters, and our brothers from us. They demand we conform, that we hide in the shadows of who we are, but I say we fight back, we show them who we are in a protest that will take back our freedom. Join us to fight, or join us to support. We are family, and we matter. Signed, Doc, Leader of the Pride Revolution
  7. Like clockwork the Magpies Mica cares for flew out across Almaris, delivering the newest edition of the paper to all that ask. As well as a few large stacks delivered to taverns, meeting halls and one particular bath house within the Mitzuul Grove. The Mitzuul Grove is a small vassal lying due south from the capital of Urguan in a nestled hollow behind the national port of the kingdom. this wonderful corner of the world, studded with fruit trees and soft light, is home to the Kharajyr, a kind and welcoming people known for their peaceful and laid back ways of life. finding myself wandering down to the village I ran into a dear friend of the family, Mister Rha'kir Morthawl. who wonderfully agreed to an interview! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wonderval! Ets just a few questions nothing crazy um... lets see....." "Alright well this one is ready." “So, please tell meh bout yerself” "Well, this one is Rha'kir Morthawl, a Kharajyr, obviously. This one is 60 years old, still relatively young for a Kha. And this one lives within the Mitzuul Grove, a vassal of Urguan where the Kha live" “Do ye have a particular role er job ye play ere?” "Well this one is a nanotzin, which is something akin to a mayor. So, this one is basically the mayor of the Mitzuul Grove you could say that. Besides that, this one is an alchemist and he has various jobs and such all around almaris. Oh yeah, and this one likes to draw. This was definitely a very shady attempt to advertise" "Ha! so, please sir, tell meh bout yer famileh? Found, blond or formed, ets all the same ta meh" "Well this one has lost his parents a long time ago. They aren't necessarily dead, this one just doesn't know where they went" "Though, most of the family is here in the grove. This one attempts to be as much as a mentor to al the Kha." "Ye mentor? What does that entail? "As far as that goes, this one is accompanied by many friends- oh well this one is attempting to be a mentor of sorts." "This one just tries to guide the younger Kha and people in his life." "Ah... like a parent almost? "Yes, exactly. "That's so sweet. now, how did you come to be where you are? "Well , this one started as a tavern worker in his teenage years. In these times, it was still very hard being a Kha, considering racism was much more present. Being hunted, discriminated, or faultfully arrested, especially in human nations was very common." "During these times, Irehearts also frequently hunted Kha for their trials, orc did as well "Gods... ah'm so sorreh about dat" "Hunting Kharajyr was just very much more common during those times. This one would have died very easily as well." "This one began as a simple tavern worker but the woman who owned the tavern gave this one protection. By signing a contract, this one stood under her and this one could not be harmed” he explained "So this one was safe then." "Very smart, please continue." "Well after that, this one found a few of his kind living in Sutica." Though, that appeared to be the only place somewhat safe" "magically enough." "However, Ever since this one found his kind, he has been working very hard to help everyone find a home." "Everyone needs a good home". "This one found a lot of Kharajyr who came with him. This one also worked with the Kha Haskir for a good part of his life, moving from place to place giving the Kha homes." "We have lived in Healun'or, Renelia, but ever since we lived in Almaris, we had a new path to carve. We were a caravan for the start since we arrived, and then we got our home here!" "Are you enjoying it here?" "Yes very much, we haven't had any issues." that's amazing!". "Plus, this one believes this is a perfect home where our culture comes to light" "And ever since we have arrived in Almaris, this one is glad to see social improvement." "We now have rights in almost all nations as a humanoid creature, and can freely live with the dwarves." "that's amazing! "I'm glad you feel at home here" "Do you have a fun story or a few fun facts about yourself? "Welllll-- hmm. This one worked at the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge. This one was quite literally a teacher at a magic school this one time" "It's very fun to see students who fall in love get a relationship later in their lives together" "This one was very blessed to see young love blossom like that. And in case they read this paper Hi Kallian #3." "Heh hopefulleh dey do, ets a gud paper ah thenk! Well dats me questions done, es dere anythang ye loike ta avertise er promote?" "Hmm.. Well there is a secret project this one is working on." "ooo aye? "Well, it's a big event where this one will invite those from Urguan to it, it will happen soon." "But this one won't say more than a big kharajyr organized event" "A big event? Shall I tell our readers ta keep an eye on the news oot of the grove? "Yes, they should." "Then ah will!" "thank ye very much sir fer yer time, ah hope ta have dis oot soon enough." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A huge thanks to mister Rha'kir! This was an amazing opportunity to speak to such an amazing and interesting person. and a huge thank you to the Mitzuul Grove as a whole Do stop by this wonderful place on you next visit to the grand kingdom and spend a sunny afternoon during their festivals. don't forget to keep an eye out for this upcoming events! This is Mica Goldhand signing off from GNN Have a great week everyone!
  8. Xo'Tletl dove off of the ship Eos into the warm, murky waters of the swamp before popping back up to look back at his comrades and friends to make sure they were following with the previously prepared molotovs. The mission was clear: sneak around the enemy camp and climb the nearby trees to gain the highground and wait for the signal. They were going to save the captured Troll Boss from the undead swampies and their giant crabs. The Kharajyr and their molotovs were to be the distraction. The party was small and moved quickly in the night. The Kharajyr were naturally stealthy and they had previously scouted this path. Xo'Tletl watched as Rankhar and S'Qineli took their positions before he directed Za'Xuih, his best friend, towards the tree closest to the crabs. "Be careful," he whispered as he began to climb his own tree, focusing on his connection to the void. So far so good. The signal came and the Kharajyr hit their marks, letting molotovs fly and scattering the undead troops. The crabs were appropriately distracted, but only momentarily as things took a turn for the worse. Xo'Tletl heard growls behind him as a patrol flanked the Kharajyr and approached his tree. He swore and quickly redirected, throwing a fireball to the base of the tree and promptly scattering his attackers, though that did not last nearly long enough as his tree was set ablaze. A determined monster jumped onto the tree after him as he heard Xuih cry out. The nearest crab had taken pursuit, and the young Cheetrah was losing ground. Xo'Tletl swore and made to dive out of the tree but his foot slipped and he fell to the ground, the wind knocked out of him. The flames burnt at his feet through the armor as he sat in a daze. Xuih went flying with a pained cry some distance behind him and he scrambled backwards, now running on adrenaline. "RETREAT!" He called. "Help this one with Xuih!" He limped towards his friend's broken body, the crab and the armies advancing as S'Qineli and Rankhar struggled with their own aggressors. Time seemed to slow as Xo'Tletl bent over to lift Za'Xuih over his shoulder. With the added weight and his injuries, he could only limp forward as the haze of burning bodies around him caused him to cough and his eyes to water. Forward. Forward he pushed. He could see allies at the bottom of the hill. He had to make it. He would not leave his friend behind. Pain racked his shoulder as arrows began to fly, causing Xo'Tletl to fall forward, tumbling down the mountain side with Xuih and landing in a tangle further down the hillside. Crying, he forced himself to move, now resorting to weakly dragging his friend's limp body behind him. "HELP! PLEASE HELP!" He cried in vain, tears streaming down his face as the relentless crab quickly closed the distance. Too late, Xo'Tletl looked up to see the growing shadow as the crab's claw came down on his body with a sickening CRUNCH, knocking him further down as his body came to rest and he moved no longer. The horde continued past his corpse, relentless in their advances and hell-bent on the rest of the descendants on the Expedition.
  9. ♫♫♫ Golden-Fang’s Musings #1-3 “When we gaze up into the night sky, captivated by the spirits of light, we bear witness to the beacons that we once paid our admiration and worship. We do not forsake the great Metzli while we hold fire close to our hearts, we use our gifts to protect Her.” -Golden-Fang, Meditations on Existence “Superstitions have their ways of seething into the minds of mortality. Take comfort in the confines of monotony and discover the unknown to hold far more treachery than it should.” -Golden-Fang, Excerpt from the Chronologized Allegories Musing #1 Yesterday, at night I felt conflicted, but I couldn't determine what was causing it. I looked up to the milky sky through the open ceiling window... and I'm not foolish enough to think they aren't up there. Stars were more than spectacles to me when I was younger and full of energy. They were supernatural beings. Of course, I did not have the teachings of my elders during this time, but I maintain a cautious optimism. But, to my eyes, they could still see us, even in the deepest cave, couldn't they? Is this a case of superstition? Anyway, that was one of the things that bothered me. The clouds were a strange shade of grey, to put it that way. They seemed natural, but I felt a quiet, chronic grief when I closed my eyes to listen. Not in the sense of sorrow or death, but in the sense of how one would feel if they were hungry. Without a place to stay. As the rainless clouds blew over my oceans, there was nothing but emptiness. It reminded me of why the Mu'un priests were there in the first place. There were so many for Metzli to look at, so many Kharajyr who were lost in such a dark time... Perhaps the sense of emptiness was a cathartic experience. Or maybe it was just my innocent, sweet-clouded eyes, beckoning me to drift off into the darkness. But, as with all emotions, I'm certain that it will pass with a good night's sleep. Musing #2 Today is a very delicate and gentle day. The song is good, but it isn't kind. Perhaps coercive, even seductive. The drums start with a barely tapped snare.. bu'um—bu'um-buh-dr'uuh-d'um. There's a one, a two, and a three. Then, like a single dancer starting her routine on a quiet stage, a flute joins in with a peaceful melody. She comes to a halt, only to watch as a reeded pipe mimics her movements almost exactly. The drums build to a louder bu’druum, b'uum--buu'm-buh-druu'-du'm. A one-two, a three-four, and a four-five. A one-two, a three-four, and a four-five. The strings are pulled from rhythm, and the fore flute joins her companion in a waltz at the same time. They don't touch; instead, they dance in perfect harmony with one another... The melody is hummed by another string, a kettle drum, and a bass. It has been building steadily throughout the day, but not in a threatening manner. At a time, one instrument, one voice... It develops into a wonderful ensemble, with an unknown climax. Today will be a day for reflection. Musing #3 Tomorrow will leap with the rasping of claws on scales upon those with open ears. I have learned a lot more about... locksmithing in the last few months than I ever have before. From mathematicians and erudites seeking to outwit anyone who would outwit them, to the use of copper picks to bend and adapt to match various tumblers. It's been a long walk from place to place which I shall not name in favour of reducing suspicion. A lot of reading and practice is expected. However! One thing I learned from it is that not all locks are created equal. Picks are required in some situations, while spells are required in others. It's made me think about a kind of unyielding lock... one breathed from a touched trill. A lovely song, written to keep all those whose morals did not deserve to be exposed to old ways that we cannot remember. In my youth—and my youth contains much to reflect upon—I would constantly seek in the wrong places, and it wasn’t until consulting with one of the Mu’un priests, in one of the temples, that I realized my oversight. She spoke of tales long ago, where some would ‘lock’ doors by singing to them… by enchanting them, with poem and rhyme. Think about it! How many combinations of words and rhythms and notes are there in the world? Think about the kinds of locks that would have to match? Millions upon millions of tumblers, all switching around with one another, every which way… it is brilliant. The old ways are truly brilliant, although to why they were lost I do not know. Suspicion leads me to believe that perhaps the old ways were not as transparent as they may have seemed. As risky as it might have been, I had found myself in awe of some of the older beliefs. It's elegant, a crypt of voices, a reliquary of rhyme. Graceful is the term. Beautiful. I almost feel bad for attempting to solve this riddle and shed its light upon the world… like defiling a deliciously delectable dessert or smashing a hand through a perfectly smooth tuft of sand. But what lay behind that library door? Archives of preserved words for my kin? Unforetold magical tomes that could have saved our… no. It will be worth it, and its days are numbered. Hopefully, with this knowledge, we will achieve one step closer to that day where we will not have to sing any lullabies… but this door would make good practice. One day. Credits The topic represents In-Character knowledge that may not be used for metagaming purposes and must be discovered through roleplay.
  10. -Kharajyr Astronomy- (Disclaimer: all of this is cultural and not actual lore.) [!] A kharajyr's depiction of Metztli, standing in the sands of time [!] Astronomy The studies of the Kharajyr of old focused heavily on the study of Astronomy. Most of the ancient Kharajyr passed on this knowledge down, making it a still practiced study among Kharajyr and various other individuals who learned it from them. The study of astronomy itself focused on the stars, meteors, the sun, and the moon. Any phenomenon that occurred in the grey skies was considered a part of the study. The Remnants still to these days create lenses and tools that aid a lot in the study of the night sky, such as telescopes for example, or lunar maps. All of the Kharajyr Astronomy can be split up in two main branches of sciences: Cosmology and Astrology: Cosmology Cosmology is the study of the origin of all the stars in the night sky, and by extension, the beginning of time and the future. This study and scientific branch was inspired by the religion of the Kharajyr surrounding Metztli, the Deamon of Time. It woke interest within them to aid Metztli in her eternal task to maintain the timeline of the world. The reason why they used the atmosphere above them as a guideline was because Metztli was thought to be the actual moon itself. And so, the Kha interpreted that every action she made was displayed through actions in the stars and sky. The study is still used to this day. By either actual scientist or other specialists on the subject, whether Kha or other. These individuals attempt to read what events happen when the stars align in a specific position. This includes phenomenon's such as meteors, solar eclipses and the likes. They can determine what happened by the position of a celestial body or what will happen once that celestial body hits its following position. The Remnants who practice this magic interpret and sometimes record these signs in calendars. They record what has happened in the past by certain aligning of the stars and will warn for what is expected to happen once the celestial bodies take the same position in the sky again. They for example, can attempt to predict the end of the world one day. The cosmology branch is focused a lot more on an objective point of view and always attempts to focus on a larger scale of what can happen. They create lenses, telescopes, Celestial maps, calendars, and many more items in their study to read the stars. ================================================================================================================================================ Telescope [ https://www.catawiki.com/l/11688697-ancient-telescope-french-weapons-factory-of-st-etienne] One of the most used tools are telescopes. They're made through wood carving and glassblowing. The lenses are separately made and installed inside the wood-carved tube. Oftentimes, there'll be multiple of these lenses inside, up to 5 could be stored inside. These are located there to enhance the zoom effect of the ordinary telescope. Celestial Map Most of the phenomenon's are recorded. It is recorded what stars take on which positions, then the events of that day are also recorded separately on a calendar. For example, if on a particular day, a tsunami happens on the east coast, then the celestial's bodies in the sky might possibly be a warning of that catastrophe. They are recorded on their Celestial/Lunar maps and then also recorded on a calendar. So when a date and celestial body in the sky aligns, one could warn and possibly prevent a problem that might reoccur. Of course, Kharajyr believe heavily in this science but whether it's a 100% legitimate is up to debate among a lot of others. Calendar [!] Kharajyr Calendars are created following this method of cosmology [!] ========================================================================================================= Astrology Another ‘science’ branch that popped up from the Kharajyr’s Astronomy science was astrology. Astrology is the science of determining in a more subjective way and more personalized way. Opposite of cosmology (for how much that is worth), this science focuses on what will happen to one particular person due to their personality and the location of celestial objects. Though, it is highly inaccurate most of the time. This science is not really that precise but as an example, one could determine what would happen to a specific somebody based on the lunar phase they were born under. Astrologers can also backtrack calendars and find out under which lunar phase an individual was born. People who practice Astrology, will look for what moon phase someone is born under and what positions the stars are in. The Astrology branch leeches off the Cosmology one to learn the positions of stars and phenomenons. They, however, interpret these events differently, so that they can affect a specific person with a specific moonphase. They through this way attempt to read the past, present, and future of the person who they are ‘reading’ and bring that person either positive, negative, or neutral news. (Kharajyr Astrology however is not based on zodiac signs but rather moon phases are born under and other factors.) ====================================================================================================================== Lunar Map [https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/209347082666969640/] [!] An example of a Lunar Map is displayed here, made by a relatively more modern individual. [!] OOC: If you have further questions about this culture piece, feel free to ask it in the comments or shoot a DM to chaos#7283
  11. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  12. ♫♫♫ Relic World A tale of a world lost Khalenwyr -- a utopia, my utopia. Our utopia, the lapis jewel so great it stood a millenia proud, untouched, unscathed. Ever-expanding, ever-taller, ever more divine. The birthplace of the true, just, and right celestial children, the Kharajyr born of light from the stars, those guardians of the paradise that was our homeland. The dawn of night ushered forth auspicious moons of the Empyrean Trident high, and with its dusk did dawn of day break into resplendent beams of a thousand league’s grace stretching our unshadowed empire. Our emperor Tla’Jhaan reigned supreme, canonized with the silver sheen of stars’ ichor amidst his acme, beneath the infinite oculus of an outrageously doting moon standing bright in our elysium above. It was said to be impossible. The fall of a civilization so great was brazen lie and doom-saying, inconsistent with the foretold future by our time-seeing seergazers. Our paradise was the pinnacle of achievement between both Aos and Eos -- nothing could oppose us, nothing. At least, that is what Tla’Jhaan foretold. He ignored his seers’ visions, ignored their warnings. He was divine after all. He was right and the stars forbade refutation of his word. He brought forth the zenith of our empire’s influence. He was our success. Nothing could oppose us, except us. Tla’Jhaan failed to uphold his oaths and vows to the blessed moon, our silver shining beacon and guide. But a beacon no longer, for Her worship was made crime. How could he? Tla’Jhaan were divine, but a god he was not -- Metztli was our goddess, She gifted him his divinity, She wrote his story and guided his hand. She bathed him in the blood of the stars. Tla’Jhaan betrayed Her, and Her nurturing affection swiftly turned to malice. We were unworthy of Her gifts, unworthy of our empire, unworthy of our successes. We were Her children, and as an ignorant child would, we had to learn. We had to be taught. In the blink of an eye, it was all over. A millennium of success -- gone. An empire stretching far and wide, vaporized and cast away as if a meaningless mote of dust before the tremendous climax of an ending world. Our island paradise was unknowingly nestled around the waist of a great dormant volcano, and when its peak unleashed the might of the world beneath it, the tallest temples became ruined, and the smallest homes became dust. Every achievement we had made for a thousand years was lost in a flash, all for the arrogance of a single Kharajyr undeserving of Her love. This was his legacy. Metztli watched from above as those few survivors fled to our world ships, our behemoth juggernauts which barely survived the blast. Behind them, thousands of our innocent people petrified at knee-fall were frozen to time, brimstone-blasted and sear burnt black to the bone. Their skeletons eerily kneeled into the position of submissive prayer, begging for Her forgiveness and mercy, and still stand locked in eternal damnation to this day as a testament to Her power. When I arrived at the remnants of our temple mount I swear I could see their very shadows burned into the still-gilded streets struck with such ferocity that the vibrant metal had warped like ocean waves from the heat of a blazing sun. Metztli’s power was wicked and absolute. The world ships undocked under a mellow twilight slashed with fire and fled for the horizon, only the unknown blue expanse before them. That was when we arrived in Asulon, a thousand years ago in the now bygone Mathic Age. I stand here now in the present, my pilgrimage my atonement, but I find no liberation in Khalenwyr. With prayers unheard, I am a blessed kind no longer. To what can I now confide in? Like the ashes of my homeland I am scattered, and now like the hand of a clock, the Trident turns. Mother, forgive me - Mother, forgive us. It is a depressing thought -- once upon a time, I bore Her with my own two eyes. A hand out-stretched to meet Her through the veil, but She did not meet mine. I sought forgiveness, I sought Her love. But She delivered a fleeting glance, turned, and vanished into the long dark, only to return as a glister in the sky, then a desecrated corpse within the sands. I -- we, were abandoned, and with Her fall alongside Gazardiael did the Mathic Age end and the Second Age begin with a silent, singular clap in a vast, empty dark room. Our world is now a relic of a once divine empire, now fallen into ashes and rubble. Our people are scattered, our lives changed forever, and She is gone -- but as Her children we live on, and She through us. Metztli -- yectenehua. ~ Ri'Haskir Therkul
  13. [Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iqxzURgQWg ] -The Remnant Kha’- (Artist: Deiv Calviz) Overview: The Kharajyr, or Kha’, are a species of anthropomorphic feline creatures that stand upright on a pair of digitigrade legs and bear a long maneuverable tail. An ancient and exotic race, created from two living creatures long ago. Adorned by thick coats of fur and sharpened claws at the tips of their fingers. A race that resembles the largest members of the feline species standing upright just as a human. The species is broken down into four subspecies: Kha’Pantera, Kha’Leparda, Kha’Cheetrah and Kha’Tigrasi. The Kharajyr were first discovered and encountered in the early years of Asulon. They were found completely isolated from the rest of the world on their island with golden beaches and high, jungle trees. The Kha have been travelling alongside the Descendant races as they navigate the realm’s many continents ever since they were found. The Kharajyr were created by the Daemon, Metztli on a continent known as Khalenwyr. Metzli, the Deamon of Time, created the Kha in her search for a creation of her own. Something that she could call ‘her children’. This homeland was the seat of an empire ruled by the Kha where they once sang around the campfires, but over many centuries of divine punishment, forced migration, and genocide, the once great numbers of the Kha’ now dwindle low, and but a handful of this ancient species and culture now remains. They are but Remnants of an ancient and exotic civilization. By means unknown to the majority of the Kharajyr, the Daemon Metztli is now deceased, and the rippling effect this has had on the Kharajyr is substantial. Creation: During the very early years of Aegis when Aenguls and Daemons roamed the Mortal Planes, and when the Descendant races were first spreading their wings and founding their civilisations, there was an old wive’s tale; a story meant to scare the young to sleep of a monster that would stalk farmsteads and ****** away poorly behaved children in the pitch of night. But like many myths, this one was based on a twisted truth. The Daemon, Metztli, appeared not like a monster, but instead as a beautifully perfect woman draped in long silks, her alluring visage said to blind any that might behold her for too long. Though surely adored by any gaze that befell her, her intentions were anything but admirable; Metztli was responsible for snatching babes from their cribs for many years, carrying them off to a distant continent, where she may perform dastardly experiments on them. The intention of Metztli’s cruelty was to form a new breed of perfection. She would attempt to create a species that combined many humanoid and animalistic traits, and she did this by merging the essence of Human children with the native Ocelots of the island she had taken them to. This was a process that took many years and claimed many children’s lives, with a great number of failed, imperfect creations discarded into a prison within her own Immortal Plane, a prison later discovered to be known as the ‘Ordium’. Kharajyr, and by extend anyone else, are not aware of the specific process of their own creation, only that it was performed by Metztli. (The following sections: Ancient History, Ancient Culture, The Turned Trident, Khalenwyr are all information about the race’s past. They are in fact legitimate events but do not pose rules that need to be followed when playing a Kharajyr. They are purely cultural.) Ancient History: Kharajyr history is only able to be traced back to the golden age of Khalenwyr, when the first known Tlatlanni (emperor), Tla’Jhaan, ruled over the empire with his Metz’al (wife) Ja’Natayshi. During these early years of the race, they completely dominated all land and life on their tropical continent, and the prosperous reign of Tla’Jhaan sat undisputed for many decades. However Tla’Jhaan’s hunger for power was endless like a dark pit that could never be filled. He grew jealous of the Daemon that the species worshipped as a Goddess. Consumed by a complex of power, Tla’Jhaan outlawed the worship of their own creator, instead enforcing his own worship in Metztli’s place, believing himself to have achieved the status of living a Goddess. This ruling divided the Kha’ into civil war, with the loyalists of Tla’Jhaan battling the faithful of Metztli. Metztli was deeply disturbed by the in-fighting of the species she had designed for perfection, and in her divine anger she caused the colossal volcano at the centre of the golden island to erupt, destroying much of Khalenwyr in the fiery blast and submerging what was left in a thick blanket of lifeless ash. In an instant, the glorious empire was vanquished, but still some Kha’ remained. Metztli had granted her faithful a vision of the coming apocalypse, and they sat prepared to flee when the eruption occurred. Tla’Jhaan attempted to flee in the disaster, but was slain by his own son and the next Tlatlanni, Tla’Xerdun. Xerdun led the remaining Kharajyr to a new island that they may call home; Va’Khajra. Va’Khajra bordered the second explored continent, Asulon, and it was here that their fate became tied with the four Descendant races. Ancient Culture: The Kharajyr have historically been a zealous people, obsessive over the worship of their creator, Metztli. In the past, all social, economic and government rulings were considered by what Metztli would desire, and frequently did the Kha’ pay homage and sacrifices to their Mother (Muuna). Across every known Kha’ settlement, a Temple of Metztli was erected, where all manner of festivals and rituals would take place in honour of the Moon, the thing that Kha’ believed represented Metztli herself. The Kharajyr have historically been ruled by a single leader, distinguished by their white fur. This Kha’ was known as the Tlatlanni (emperor), and this leader was considered a blessed extension of Metztli’s will. Though the Tlatlanni was considered a holy figure, worship of this Kha’ was strictly prohibited under the reformations made by Tla’Xerdun in order to prevent a repeated civil war. The Aelkos (councillors) numbered four, and advised the Tlatlanni on all matters from social structure, to economy, to faith, to war, but it was the Tlatlanni that held ultimate rule. As part of their many religious laws, Kha’ were bound by rules that were considered heresy to break. Kha’ were not permitted to drink alcohol for it dirtied Metztli’s perfection, Kha’ were not permitted to disrespect or question the Tlatlanni, Aelkos or Metztli herself, Kha’ were not permitted to leave the collective, Kha’ were not permitted to fraternise with non-Kha’, and Kha’ were not permitted to form any ties outside of their nation without express permission of the Tlatlanni. Though some Kha’ may still adhere to these ancient ways, many generations have passed since their enforcement, and it has now become a way of life existing only as memory, with many new Kharajyr considering these old ways outdated. Some traditions, such as the existence of ‘prides’ (families, though not necessarily directly related) have still persisted across time. The Turned Trident: A symbol once upright has since been reversed downward - the Turned Trident is the insignia of the Remnant Kha’. After losing their deep connection to Metztli, and then becoming aware much later of her demise, the once unbreakable faith of the Kharajyr, entirely shattered. Each of its prongs used to represent the combined power of the Tlatlanni, The Aelkos, and The Goddess, but now they are mere homages to memory, worn upon Kha’ clothing as a symbol that their ancient history need not be adhered to, but never forgotten. It is the new accepted truth by Kha’ that bear the Turned Trident, that their Goddess, Metztli, is most certainly deceased. It is an insignia of woe and mourning, believed by the Kha’ that bear it that only through them does Metztli survive, and it would be a great dishonour to their ancestors and to their dead Goddess to let their origins of faith be muddled by the modern era. The trident does not represent any doctrine or way of life, but is instead a simple sign of deep respect. The Turned Trident was discovered by Kha’ taking the Lunar Pilgrimage. Pilgrims noticed the once towering statue of Tla’Jhaan, felled, its stone trident buried up-side down into the dirt. This symbol of a fallen way of life was claimed by the Pilgrims, and its use spread back to the Descendant’s continent. Khalenwyr - The Homeland: (Artist: dws4me) Khalenwyr was a paradistical, but small island-continent, inhabited only by the original Kharajyr. Though its biomes varied from sprawling deserts to luscious jungles, all of Khalenwyr was a humid place with great and sudden bouts of monsoon-like rainfall. The tropical isle was scattered with monolithic temples and monuments to their creator; Metztli. At the very centre of Khalenwyr, at the base of the volcano that would one day destroy them, stood the magnificent Temple of the Moon, towering high above the cloud layer, existing as the headquarters of the ruling Tlatlanni and accompanying council of Aelkos. Though an exact population count was never recorded, it is estimated that thousands of Kharajyr lived peacefully for several centuries on Khalenwyr, divided into larger and smaller settlements, but each fiercely united beneath the Trident-banner of the Tlatlanni, up until the day of the civil war. Khalenwyr still exists today on Eos, the second Mortal Plane. However, it lay in long abandoned ruin, eerily littered with the petrified corpses of fallen Kha’, made solid in ash, eternally frozen in positions of fear and panic. Though much of the continent was destroyed, Kha’ pilgrims still venture here to pay homage to their lost Goddess. Biology: The Kharajyr are divided into four subspecies, each with similar but varying traits that have specific abilities that help them in environments. Kha’ children born of two parents of differing subspecies, will become one or the other at random but never a mixed-version. Kharajyr can have any eyecolor a feline naturally has, this excludes mutations and genetic anomalies. All Kha’ share several key traits: They are all particularly agile and all capable of seeing clearly beneath the moon as if it were the sun, though total or near-total darkness still blinds them. They are all also capable of falling from moderate heights without damaging themselves in the process. As well, Kharajyr have a set of retractable claws on each hand. General Abilities: -Kharajyr are capable of seeing in the darkness. They still need a lightsource with a minimum light strength comparable to that of the moon at night. Their eyes afterward are capable of reflecting this light several times through their eye, giving them a much better vision at night. However, if they are stuck in an environment where there is no lightsource at all, such as a closed off cave, they won’t be able to see anything. Their eyes can’t enhance light when there is none. A Kha can only see when there is a faint lightsource nearby, allowing them to see up to a maximum of 20 blocks in darkness where others could not see further than the actual lightsource. -Kharajyr are capable and can fall from moderate heights without problems. They could fall from a small house and take minimum damage only and always fall upright. This has its limit and no Kha could perfectly fall from a tower and land gracefully. Any height that can kill another creature will surely kill a Kha as well. This rule can only be enforced when you roleplay falling from a specific height where you only take minimal damage. If you fall mechanically or roleplay falling from a height where you would die mechanically speaking, then that is a height large enough to also die in roleplay. -The Kha have a set of claws on each hand, including their feet a well. They can retract these into their fingers to conceal them, making them look like sharpened fingernails. They can grow to a maximum of 2 inches when fully stretched. These bodily weapons look harmful but can only pierce skin and clothing. The claws of Kha have similar strength to that of a large member of the feline species. The claws can only pierce skin and clothing but are not strong enough to go through armor. The claws can possibly break if you attempt to damage armor. A player then needs to do /roll 2. A 1 means your claws break and a 2 means they remain intact. Claws can regrow overtime but take at least a minimum of 3 days before properly healed. -Kharajyr are particularly prone to the hyperactive effects of sugar. When consumed in large amounts, sugar will dilate the Kha’s pupils to their fullest extent and send them into a sugar-fueled frenzy. This frenzy is not necessarily hostile, but an excessive bout of energy that the Kha’ will need to burn off to make subside. The Current Mental State : All Kha are now all within the same situation. One might be more distraught than the other and might find more trouble finding a place in the world for themselves. Every Kharajyr, since they are a race with small numbers, are now mentally challenged and physically to endure the harsh world they live in. Many of them shall find it difficult to integrate in other cultures due to their exotic origin. They are all searching for a living and a way to set forth the survival of their ancient race. This could be in any way or form. Such as selling wares from their culture on the market or just by simply staying alive. As it stands, many Kharajyr live in a state of bittersweet melancholy. They are free from their culture’s reigns of the past but at what cost? Many struggle with their newfound freedom. Some may have worshipped Metztli day and night but are now looking for a new purpose within their life. The other Kha may not have been a great worshipper, yet he is searching for a way for his ancient race to live on for another day. They are conflicted, divided, and some hustle to just get by. But they know they have amazing stories to tell and are part of a great piece of history to this day. As much as their current instinct is to survive, they know very well that they are part of something great, a fallen race. A rich, exotic history has taken hold in their minds and their purpose is to keep it alive. They wish to survive as long as it needs to, to make sure that their piece of history is preserved through time. (More on Mental State in the section ‘Modern Kha’) All Kha, regardless of how strong their connection was to Metztli, share a bond over the death of their creator. They are all aware of who made them and the death of their Muuna (mother) is what still somewhat binds them all as one, even when divided. Though, it could also be a point of conflict. Lifecycle: All Kharajyr subspecies, regardless of their Descendant counterparts, are subjected to the same lifespan. They can live up to a maximum of 200 years, similar to that of humans. 0-5: Baby/Toddler A Kharajyr within this stage of life is still young and underdeveloped. It cannot walk or talk until later in this stage, and even then they can only grasp a very basic concept of speech and movement. They can crawl around and make inaudible sounds but these fall in the category of incoherent speech. It should be noted that a Kharajyr cannot be played in this life stage as any other character. But the in roleplay present child should be replaced by a roleplay item. A Kharajyr baby/toddler will not make animalistic sounds but more babbling as an actual baby. 5 - 12: Child When a Kharajyr advances into this stage of life they will be much more aware of their choices and surrounding situations. They will progress like any child would when developing. They, later in this stage, will grow about half their subraces maximum height but never any larger than this. They can be smaller. 12-18: Teenager As any other Descendant, when advancing to this stage of life they will grow to their ultimate weight and height at the end. They will develop further both physically and mentally as any other teenager would do. 18-150: Adult A Kharajyr is fully mature physically speaking once they reach the age of 18. They live out the vast majority of their life in this stage where they can embark on their journeys further. 150-200: Elder When a Kha typically goes over the age of 150, they shall begin showing signs of their elderly stage in life. They will become more fragile and begin displaying various conditions that could weaken them. Their fur coat typically also turns more grey and matted in this stage of life. Kha often die of health complications if they manage to live close to the maximum age of 200, or peacefully pass away in their sleep. A Kharajyr cannot live over the maximum age of 200. Kha’Pantera: The Kha’Pantera are coated head to toe in jet-black fur with often very contrasting eye colors. Their fur naturally blends with the cover of night, making them excellent agents of stealth. They can have either extremely slim bodies or can be seen as a more broad-shouldered and muscular variant of themselves. They are accompanied with pretty sharp but effective feline ears on top of their head and a long tail that they use for balance. Most Pantera’s fur coats have a blue hue to them in bright sunlight. The Kha’ Traditionally, the Kha’Pantera were usually the past nation’s hunters and specially assigned missionaries. This was due to their experience as natural stalkers of the night. Though, it should be noted that this could only be effective in utter darkness and that in bright sunlight, they rather stand out. The Pantera grows up to between 5”5 and 6”4 feet in height and can weigh anywhere between 140 and 200 pounds. Anywhere below or underneath this weight will be considered unhealthy. The pantera is, aside of its special pelt, considered to be mostly skilled in their agility and balancing this out with their above-average strength. They have advantage in darker areas due to their natural camouflage in the dark. The Pantera is considered to be a stronger variant of the Leparda but nothing special in the area of agility and strength. Pantera’s are difficult to spot in extreme darkness due to their pelt color. However, they are much easier to spot during daytime or in lit areas, immediately undoing themselves their own camouflage. A pantera’s strength is on par with the peak strength of a human. Kha’Leparda: The Kha’Leparda appear with plain brown, cream or yellow fur, sometimes with black spots. They have a posture very similar to that of humans and their anatomy. They have a set of round ears on top of their heads and a relatively smaller tail compared to the other subraces. They are considered the median of the Kha’ subspecies, dabbling in each of their specific skills without being proficient in one above the others. Traditionally, the Kha’Leparda were usually the past nation’s merchants and diplomats. A Leparda however was never restricted by their body however. Where other Kha were classified by their bodily strength and abilities, the Leparda was able to train and go in any direction they wanted to go. They were more free in this aspect. The Leparda generally grows in between 5 and 5”10 feet, somewhat similar to an average human. They can weigh anywhere from 120 to 160 pounds for a healthy, normal body. The leparda doesn’t have a specific physical attribute to them as the other three subraces. They do not excel in anything specific but are a good start to go in any direction they choose. A Leparda does not excel in anything physically, they are on par with the average human in most physical aspects. They do not possess special abilities that only their subspecies have. However, they still have their general abilities. Kha’Cheetrah: The Kha’Cheetrah are sinewy Kha’ with yellowed or cream-colored fur and an abundance of small black spots. They have an extremely slim body and muscles are barely displayed. They are most notable for their black ‘tear stains’ that run from the corners of their eyes to their maw. Their tails also have black rings at the end instead of spot. These Kharajyr are considered the weakest, but also the most agile, with incredible maneuverability and quick-reflexes making up for their lack of strength. Traditionally, the Kha’Cheetrah were the usually past nation’s priests, priestesses and healers. They, in the past, could be seen joining the warrior ranks but not because of their strength, but much rather due to their use for being scouts. The smaller and quicker, the more favorable they were seen. Though, missions at nighttime were saved for their cousins the Pantera. The Cheetrah normally grows in between 4”6 and 5”4 feet being relatively smaller than other subraces. Due to this, they can weigh anywhere between 80 and 140 pounds. The Cheetrah’s superior reflexes and maneuverability allows them to generally dodge objects coming their way with more ease overall. This has its limits, of course and no matter how fast you react or how fast you move your body, not everything can be dodged. However, they are greatly disadvantaged in a physical fight due to minimal strength. They cannot inflict major damage by raw strength and usually rely on smaller and more complex manoeuvred strategies. A Cheetrah excels in maneuvering their body and dodging oncoming objects. However, they cannot dodge projectiles such as arrows naturally just like any other race, or any other object with the equivalent speed of an arrow. A player can leave that up to the luck by doing /roll if they please. This ability is not to be powergamed. This ability is not to be used as an excuse to avoid every single attack and remain unscathed in a battle. A Cheetrah has minimal strength, equivalent to that of a goblin. Kha’Tigrasi: The Kha’Tigrasi are the tallest and most muscular of the Kha’, bearing orange fur which is overlapped with white patches and black stripes. They stand with broad shoulders, towering over their fellow Kharajyr. Their large, spiked ears stand upright and their tails are accompanied by a white-black stripe pattern. What these Kha’ lack in agility, they make up for in raw strength. They have a much larger face and an extremely powerful set of jaws, which are painted by the intricate pattern on their face. Traditionally, the Kha’Tigrasi were usually the past nation’s guards and main warrior force. Sticking out with head and shoulders, they would be able to watch the sea of people to keep watch and protect the peace. These large creatures in their heavy armor, standing perfectly still, was a sight to behold long ago. The Tigrasi is capable of growing up to heights from 5”10 to 7 feet maximum, being the largest subrace of all. They can become anywhere between 150 to 250 pounds depending on their diet and height. As the strongest Kha subrace, they are capable of wielding immense, raw strength which proves favorable to them in combat. On the other hand, their large posture and muscle mass prevents them from moving as swiftly as their other Kha cousins. A Tigrasi’s strength is never able to match that of a full-grown Orc. -Biological Redlines Summary: The Kha’ cannot scale walls beyond what is capable of minecraft mechanics. The Kha’ cannot see in heavy or total darkness. They need a faint lightsource to be present to see a maximum of 20 blocks in darkness in roleplay. The Kha’s racial abilities are on-par with the Descendant ones, not superior. They must not be powergamed for unfair advantage, and primal prowess in combat is mostly for flavour. A Kha’s claws cannot pierce armour of any kind, only pierce skin and clothing. The maximum age a Kharajyr may become is 200. The Kha’Cheetrah are quick in maneuverability, but may still only run at the speed of an average Kha’/Descendant, and should not be compared to regular cheetahs. The Kha’Tigrasi are stronger than a Human, but not as strong as an Orc. Kha’ are biologically unable, and OOCly prohibited from breeding with Non-Kha’. Kha’s fur colour must be similar to the above mentioned, but can be altered to personal taste. However, Kha’ may not mix the specific traits of subspecies (you can have a strawberry-orange tigrasi, but not a tigrasi with black fur). Kha’s sense of hearing matches the average Descendant’s. Kha have a stronger sense of smell, but this is purely for flavour, and cannot be used in any way to metagame (finding an object/person’s location, detecting poison in a drink etc). Language/dialect: Though the ancient language known only as Va’Khajrian is now almost entirely lost, with very few, if any Kha’, able to speak it fluently, the basics have persisted across the Kha’s troubled timeline. Kharajyr predominantly speak common, but when referring to themselves, will do so in the third person (e.g. “This one thinks you’re right.” or “[Name] thinks you’re right.”). The Kha’ often, but not always, have a unique accent, often represented by adding ‘a’s and ‘w’s to words (e.g. “This one thinks you’a right.” or “The walls stand strawng.”). However Kha’ may acquire any accent after spending a duration in a place where it is commonly heard. Commonly used Va’Khajrian words/phrases: Sa’vi = Hello/goodbye Mul’ta = Thank you Tra’kul = You’re welcome Patta = Father Munna = Mother Metz’al = Married partner Per = Son Maut = Daughter Per’ta = Brother Mau’na = Sister Players/Kharajyr are not required to speak the accent/dialect, this has become a cultural aspect. The Lunar Pilgrimage: Over the centuries of turmoil, Kha’ have gradually scattered, with a great number deciding to take the long journey back to their homeland of Khalenwyr, to seek answers and advice from what remains of the ancient documents and tablets in the vast ruins of shrines and temples. This journey is known as the Lunar Pilgrimage, and is something a Kha’ is not obligated, but encouraged to do at least once in their lifetime. When completing the Lunar Pilgrimage, a Kha’ may find peace in rediscovering the lost nature of their origins, reconciling with their failure as a species and paying final homage to the original temples of their dead deity. This journey will take some years, depending on the current distance of the continent the Descendant’s reside upon. Though Khalenwyr may be located far away, or even on the opposite Mortal Plane, Kha’ are able to make use of Wayfinder boats to complete the journey to and back. [ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/161539-a-larger-world-wayfinding/ ] When new Kha’ appear, unless born of two current Kha’, they have travelled from the ruins of Khalenwyr on return from their long pilgrimage. As such, new Kharajyr will arrive on the current Descendant continent with a deep knowledge of their race’s ancient culture and history, and an awareness of the deceased nature of their Goddess. All new Kharajyr, unless a child of two already existing Kha, will officially in rp return from a Lunar Pilgrimage to the current realm. They will carry the then obtained knowledge that their deity is dead. The Modern Kha’: Kharajyr in the current Era remain scattered. These Kharajyr hold no mutually shared agenda, their vision lowered from that of the divine, and now to more material sources. Due to their incessant travelling across the world, these Kha’ can appear as tradesmen or caravaneers, collecting and selling on exotic goods, some goods from their own ancient culture, and some from others. Though, some others may have found another place for themselves within another community. No longer obligated to obey the rules of their past, Kha’ may form whichever bonds they see fit, be that many, or none at all. They also hold no allegiance toward each other due to the lack of a Tlatlanni, unable to be bound together like in the days long gone. Despite this separation, a deep bond still exists between the Kharajyr, built purely on reminiscent melancholy; a shared sensation of grief for their dead Goddess. Without purpose other than the ones they decide for themselves, the Remnant Kha’ wander the world as symbols of the past, relics of an ancient and outdated culture. By existing, they solidify their memory in history, but the Kha’ would lie to say they did not eagerly await the coming of a white Kharajyr, a Tlatlanni, that may unite them once more. Purpose: This is a piece of foundational lore for the Kharajyr as a CA race. It aims to update the expectation and theme of what current Kha’ rp should be, removing outdated lore sections that rely too heavily on close-knit activity, and generally altering the lore to follow events that have happened in-character. Kharajyr are given ultimate freedom on where to take their characters, and new Kharajyr may apply with this current standard in mind to neatly integrate them into this new lore. This Lore presents the Kharajyr as a ‘fallen race’, and the aim is also to provide the race with more depth and substance to their RP, wandering in vain hope for glory again, reminiscing of the lost empire, praying for a Tlatlanni that will never come. They are displaced creatures, mournful and desperate for purpose. I want to emphasise that this lore is designed to be open for anybody to be able to jump into, anywhere they want to, while ensuring that a standard of theme and RP is kept. Roleplay is not expected to be centralised, and Kha’ players are encouraged to travel, explore and settle wherever they desire. General Redlines: Applying Kharajyr must create characters that adhere to this lore, meaning that they arrive from a returned pilgrimage from Khalenwyr and understand the depth and loss of their race’s history (unless born of two existing Kharajyr). Kharajyr understand that Metztli is dead through vague and abstract texts discovered on the Lunar Pilgrimage, but do not understand the specific nature of how it occurred unless discovered in-character. (A specific group on the server know of Metztli's death in detail through roleplay with Story Team) Kharajyr may vary their aesthetic as they wish, but cannot change the fundamental qualities of their subspecies (size, build, fur colour). Kharajyr may not dye their fur as a workaround to creating a Tlatlanni - this will specifically defy the theme of the lore. Kharajyr must adhere to all sections of this lore, and if evidence is discovered that cherry-picking has been done to create a Kha’ that defies parts, then that particular CA will face ST review (examples are Kha’ with no ties to history and played as a gimmick, or Kha’ created specifically for ““romantic exploits””). Credits: Wretched (Author) Chaosgamer (co-auhor) Ryloth (Consultation) Starryy (Consultation) Shvorky (Consultation) DrinkPesticide (Consultation) This is the updated version, it's been improved according to feedback that Squakhawk and Screamingdingo have provided to me and Wretched. If there are any mistakes please let me know :3
  14. -The Metz’Chanca Caravan- Or just Chanca for short Is looking for new companions to travel with them! The Metz’Chanca Caravan is a traditional trading caravan that is run by several Kharajyr who live by the Traditional Culture. We are looking for more companions to come travel the cities with us. Of course, we specifically invite any other Kharajyr to provide them a home, work, and food as it is our duty as fellow kin. We are willing to do the same for some specific other individuals that are not Kharajyr. Though, we will most likely brandish those people ‘Soul-Kha’ stating that they are great friends to us by our culture laws. We offer work, access to various goods and wares, a room in our new headquarters location that is being setup, and a warm welcome. Besides, we also offer you the ability to travel around the realm in our group as we move from one location to another one almost every Elven week or in some cases, two Elven weeks. Meet some of our current members! -Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl -Araene Leparda -Kisyla -Ma’Kai -R’azirr If you would like to come join us, please send Rha’kir a bird! ((chaos#7283 for information or question)) ((You can ask chaos/Rha’kir personally. Though, you can also fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Z47HEkgdstnquCxb7)) [!] A long and folded up parchment is attached to the flyer labeled ‘Culture’ ((Kharajyr Culture Doc for people that are interested on learning some more about the caravan’s culture: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k-MoRjuwu_DOgrNoJceqiiIxQaNNr2ovf-kWjnZqJYc/edit?usp=sharing))
  15. -The Metz’Chanca Caravan- Or just Chanca for short. [!] In the square of Helena, a small purple tent would be seen setup by a Kharajyr (https://gyazo.com/e05e54d67768ebc545c3d6444d5598a9?token=1ec21288c796dd1747dda158a14a038d) [!] Several Flyers can be found throughout Arcas, saying the following. The Kharajyr named Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl has undertaking a new project together with a few of his friends. The Trading Caravan Metz’Chanca. Our caravan shall travel from nation to nation in order to sell items to their respective citizens! We seek to supply trades and entertainment in the short periods of time that we are present. We trade a diverse variety of items. We both sell these wares and are willing to buy these wares from others. A list that includes everything we trade in: -Weaponry -Livestock and horses -Tools -Materials -Metals and Ores -Artifacts -Alchemical items -Food -Medical items And we could go on for quite a bit with this list. Of course, you can also come by to question the Kharajyr presence about their daily work or simply sit down with us. We are quite generous and would like to share a drink or meal with our guests. You can find us at our current location for the oncoming Elven Week in Helena! We shall then move on to the next possible city to trade our wares with an update on how our week was in Helena. Dear Regards Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl
  16. THE PACT OF THE TITAN Haelun’or and Lareh’thilln are the bastions of true civilization in Arcas, serene safeguards which -- like all sovereign nations abroad -- face the grave threat of the Inferi Menace. Many Mali’thill and lesser species alike fear that we face certain annihilation, that any endeavours to combat these vile beasts will bear no fruit. Elheial’thilln beseeches you: fear not -- for as we Descendants share this world amongst one another, so too do we share it with Him. He who is the balance between Light and Dark, He who offers us refuge from the wicked, He who will ensure the timeless legacy of Elmali’aheral will continue on. He who is the Titan Azdromoth, The First Drakaar, Son of Dragur; Heir to the World. Rejoice then, for under Him all countries and peoples of Arcas will endure! Several new policies are to be enacted henceforth and in perpetuity to ensure the survival of the Mali’thill in these trying times, approved by Elheial’thilln and deemed true to Larihei’s philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya by his pure eminence the Maheral, and can be found attached to this missive below: I. The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, is to be revered within Haelun’or, for it is He and He alone who offers us safety. Worship of the First Drakaar is only applicable to lesser species. Mali’thill will revere His might, His knowledge, and His protection of our people only. II. Practitioners of the Light or Dark, Xannites and their ilk, dark magicians and devious monsters such as shades, are to henceforth be expelled from Haelun’or unto the end-times. Those practicing the common worship of various worldly religions are permissible, should they adhere to the standards above. This rule applies even to those who do not spout their rhetoric or share their ideals, for their connection to the Light or Dark is folly itself. No exception is to be made except by The First Drakaar himself. III. Sons and daughters of The First Drakaar, Azdromoth, Elazdrazi, are to be welcomed into Elcihi and treated with the same respect as our fellow Mali’thill. Azdrazi, despite their relation to Him, are not exempt from the standard laws and regulations imposed upon all inhabitants of Haelun’or. Any crimes they should commit will result in the same fate as any typical transgressor. It is also expected that Azdrazi extend the same respect to Mali’thill as we would extend unto them. Any raucous or discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated. Those Azdrazi welcomed within Haelun’or are required to appear only in their natural forms, wearing no guises or false faces. The Document was passed 1778, and amended 1779 signed, The Maheral, Ikur Sullas The Sohaer, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  17. [CA Race Lore] - Kharajyr Kharajyr Origin The creation story of the Kharajyr is one not bound to the tomes and tales of old, nor found on any shelves known to the world. It is held within the minds of those scholars who are considered madmen, those who are denounced and forbidden to speak. These men are the wisest and yet they suffer the worst fates. It is one of these scholars who bravely defied his peers and came forth to impart the story of the Kharajyr to the Aelkos, and it has since then been passed down generation-by-generation. The legend tells that in the dark times of old, during the world’s infancy -- a time few people believe existed where powerful Aenguls & Daemons roamed freely -- a time before Iblees’ War, there was an old wives’ tale whispered from the tongues of ancient storytellers. They spoke of a Daemon, one who kidnapped elven babies in the shadows of nightfall from their very homes. Metztli in her humanoid form However, it wasn't an isolated tale and was commonly known to many in their afflicted areas. Despite this, few knew the truth of these tall tales -- a reality unheard in this world: under the cover of silver starlight, the Daemon Metztli would visit lonely farmsteads and hovels in the forests. Called by the cries of infant elves, she would arrive with an intent to steal the children away, even before their parents, brothers, and sisters. Legend has it that Metztli’s form was so beautiful those adults who looked upon her were driven mad. Manic, their parents would tear free their eyes to blind themselves from such an enchanting appearance. Fearing and denying the truth, elders would attribute this phenomenon to the intense grief the parents experienced from their child’s kidnapping rather than an otherworldly being’s influence. However, the reality behind the disappearances unfortunately does not end with the vanishment of children. What followed is the birth of the Kharajyr race -- a race of elves, and a race of feral cats mixed as one. A magical science experiment, one carefully conducted to produce the ultimate result Metztli could manufacture. These elven children were taken far away to a paradise within the blue expanse of ocean waters. Amidst the waves stood an island of extraordinary beauty, giving life to an incredible variety of fauna and flora that stood as a bastion to Metztli’s incredible power, beauty, and control in this world. All that was missing was sentience; Metztli needed a master race. Feral felines that called the island their home were collected by Metztli, and in a series of horrifying magic-ridden experiments, they were crossed with the infants. It took centuries of perfection and genetic tweaking, hundreds of hideous failures discarded into the ocean as vile homunculi, monsters and disgusting atrocities incapable of being considered sentient. Metztli at last created a single white, humanoid feline. This was the first of the Kharajyr, the father; he of the Purest blood. Overwhelmed with joy, Metztli immediately adopted a maternal desire to protect this child of her’s, to nurture him, and to bring forth from him a new race of his kind to this world. After all, she had created what she deemed to be perfection. Desperation overtook her desires to recreate her perfect design, and in spite of countless more failures, Metztli managed to create a hand full of Kharajyr. Just enough for them to spawn an entire race. When her children had matured, she knew that it was time to depart the island paradise and leave her children to thrive alone, to exist and advance as any race in this world would. Although the Daemon’s true intentions for the creation of these people were never revealed, it has been speculated that she wished to recreate a long-lost lover who was stolen away from her in times past. Others say she wished to grant the world a race of beings in her own ultimate image, and still, others suggest Metztli wished only to play the vain game of God and nurture over beings beneath her. Time may tell her true intentions, but for now, the Kharajyr grows. The origin story has been tweaked in order to fit this lore rewrite. Physical Description Kharajyr, often referred to as Metztli’s children are a race created by the Daemon Metztli. Their form is that of a humanoid feline, with their subraces taking on the appearance of different types commonly seen. Their heights vary according to the subrace they belong to. They retain their feline appearance with their tail, pointed and jointed ears, an elongated snout or maw, retractable claws in the toes and hands, and palms in the shape of paws. However, they retained the trait of opposable thumbs from the elves, allowing them the ability to manipulate objects articulately like other humanoids. The feet more closely resemble their feline counterparts and at the ankle, the Kharajyr retain their feline predecessor’s dewclaw, which can become an issue when fitting shoes or socks. Kharajyr receive another boon from their unnatural origin -- the ability to eat nigh anything, including flesh to slight carrion from the bone. Kha’ possess some degree of heightened senses regarding their big cat counterparts, including moderately enhanced hearing, along with more capable photoreceptors within their eyes, enabling a Kharajyr to take a somewhat significant advantage in a darkened environment over any other race. Pelts, Hair, & Eyes: The Kha race retains their feline appearance with their fur coat, appearing with the texture of a real-world cheetah, tiger, panther or leopard, depending on the sub-race they belong to and that of their parents. Head fur as it is called, is a unique thing for kharajyr. While women can grow hair as normal Descendants, males typically can’t and instead grow manes. Kharajyr can braid their manes and hair in order to personalize it, with the addition of non-permanent colorations such as war paint being allowed. Eye color ranges in the colors of normal human eyes along with the coppery yellow, green or orange of cats. Kha’Tigrasi The largest of Metztli’s children and often the strongest. These tend to be the hard workforce of the kharajyr or the common warrior; though they are not limited to such. Tigrasi are adorned with an orange coat accented with black stripes. The Tigrasi, being one of the largest sub-races, reaches between 6.4ft - 7.5ft in height. Kha’Pantera The most cunning of Metztli’s offspring. Almost always, the pelt of a pantera is jet-black, though can be dark grey or might ascend to a dusty grey, either with age or just by an anomaly. Often, due to the coloring of a Pantera’s fur, it can be rather difficult to read their emotions through the subtle movement of their eyebrows or the shaping of their mouths. Following the Tigrasi closely the Pantera reach between 4.5ft - 7ft in height. Kha’Cheetrah The fastest and in turn historically the shortest of Metztli’s children. Those of this sub-race are commonly found to hold jobs such as merchants or the production of daily goods for the Kharajyr. Typically, their fur is a bright to dusted yellow along with brown patches or spots. Being one of the smallest sub-races of Kha’, the Cheetrah reach between 3.6ft - 5.2ft in height. Kha’Leparda The fourth child of the Goddess stands as Her creation for balance, standing near the middle of the four in height and build. While they originally were known for being priests they now branch out to many professions. Their pelts normally are a light tan to darker and medium yellows. The Leparda reaches between 3ft - 6.2ft in height. Red Lines: - A Kharajyr’s coat is thick, allowing them to stay warm; however, this is also a detriment in the war-torn world of LoTC. Armor is difficult to wear, and may cause overheating. - Additionally, a Kharajyr’s dewclaw and digitigrade leg anatomy prevents the wear of common footwear. Any footwear must be specifically created for the Kharajyr. - A Kha’ with a removed or ‘docked’ tail retain minimal ability to balance. All agility is lost should this occur, and the Kharajyr will commonly fall even while standing still without their tail. - A non-Kha’Tigrasi submerged in water retains an incredible water weight given their fur coat. This slows them, and causes great loss of agility after drenched unless dried. - All Kharajyr regardless of age or knowledge will speak with an accent. This is required due to their anatomy of a maw/snout and small incisor teeth alongside large canines. - Kharajyr do not possess manipulable lips like other humanoids and can not easily articulate words regardless of age or knowledge. - A Kha’Cheetrah will never run as fast as their real-life counterpart. It is better comparable to an Olympic sprinter. - Kha’ are incapable of reproduction with other races. No mixed-race offspring are permissible. - Armor, particularly heavy armor, is impossible to come by in Kharajyr culture. Lamellar is an option although it is highly uncommon and, despite its purpose to reduce overheating and maintain agility, it still induces heat stroke with ease. Life Cycle 0-1 years old – Kitten 1'2" - 1'8" In this age range, the Kha’ cannot talk and can only walk on all fours. 1-5 years old -- Kitten 1’8" - 3'0" This is the progression of minor physical maturity. Walking and talking will be very hard, but they still vaguely capable of doing so with some effort. Their teeth will be grown in. 5-16 years old -- Cub 3ft+ During this time they are fully maturing (full maturity reached at 18). 16-450 years old -- Adult At this age, the Kharajyr would continue to grow and are now able to speak fluently, most commonly with a thick Kha’ accent. It is not possible for a Kha’ to speak without one given their anatomy. 451-600 years old -- Old Age After passing the age of 450 they will now begin to age considerably and their movements would begin to slow. They grow physically weak. Once 500 is reached, the kharajyr would now either by very frail or weak, primarily due to the fact the Kharajyr is now entering the last years of its life. Age affects the subraces slightly different depending on the features of the particular individual. For example, larger kha are susceptible to heart and back issues while smaller tend to be joint-related. It is common to see that the members of a pride that have reached this age are taken care of and fed by the younger members of said pride, often living in cots decorated according to their status in their pride. 600 y/o is the natural capacity that the Kha’ can live unless magically assisted. Red Lines: - FTB is only permissible for 20+ Kha’. - Kha’ may not age beyond 600 y/o. This is their biological limit. - Kha’ aged 0-5 must walk on all fours as a typical cat. They may not speak and do not progress the same as elven counterparts would as a child. Progression begins at the age of 10. Crossbreeding Crossbreeding in the Kharajyr race happens only amongst the sub-races of Kharajyr. It, in general, does not change much Kharajyr anatomy other than their fur and the range at which their healthy height and weight can maximize or minimize it. (IE: A half-Tigrasi/half-Cheetrah would be taller and larger built, though typically they will maintain lesser agility to a typical Cheetrah). Crossbreeding does not signal impurity in the race. Mental Description Fanatically religious tribalists, the Kharajyr have a great affinity for the Muun and the greater advancement of their people -- despite the technological plateauing of their entire society at a basic level. This is to the extent of all kharajyr performing a faith trial where they nearly kill themselves in faith that Muuna will allow them to live, by putting their lives in her hands. They also have a great desire to learn about their position in the world, though use little of their knowledge to impact their work. Despite their fanatic point of view, the Kharajyr have minimal interest in indoctrinating other races. The only exception to this has to be approved by a priest to allow a non-kha to be considered a soul kha. The soul kha are honorary kha that observe all Kharajyr beliefs within reason considering their physical race. The reasoning for this allowance is that the kharajyr believes that it is possible that their siblings may have been born in the wrong body, and as such, they wish to have their soul-kin as close to Metztli as possible by allowing them into their society. To receive this recognition is of the highest honor and should this honor be sullied by the actions of this individual, a mercy killing may be performed by a priest. Kharajyr are sometimes innately precarious, similar to their feline counterparts -- however, this is not required and differs between individuals. Precarious Kha’ are careful in all they do, often causing overthinking and the complexification of rather ordinary situations. However, this allows the Kharajyr to prepare for the best and worst of any situation. This sense of caution has also been the effect of the constant persecution made by other races in order to acquire their pelts. Red Lines: - Kharajyr hate loud noises. Their acute sense of hearing causes your typical shout to be almost painfully loud if in close proximity, and are sometimes brought to anger in these instances. - Wealth is not desirable by the Kharajyr, especially their priests. Kharajyr have no purpose in holding material wealth other than for cosmetic appearance, and it is frowned upon by the Kharajyr to hoard massive amounts of riches for little purpose other than to gloat. - Any knowledge obtained by the curious Kharajyr is rarely utilized to advance any methods in Kharajyr culture. Abiding by tradition is law, and it is heavily frowned upon to tinker and attempt to abandon the old ways. - Kharajyr must be taught to enjoy the water. It is a learned concept, bathing with water instead of by the tongue; it is considered rude to clean themselves with their tongue in the company of others, as well. Abilities Despite their divine origin, the Kharajyr have not been granted any unnatural abilities or magical ones. All abilities stem from their natural anatomy. Nightsight A Kharajyr is equipped with the advanced photoreceptors of a feline and therefore have the natural ability to maintain visibility in low light. Total darkness in an enclosed space does not allow vision, however, under the cover of starlight alone, a Kharajyr can see clearly in the dark. - A Kharajyr, if presented with intense light whilst the eyes are focused for nightsight, will be temporarily blinded. - Nightsight incredibly reduces the range of vision. Only nearby light reflected from surfaces will be easily visible unless a higher level light source is distanced. Mechanically, a 16 block distance is visible. - This is a passive ability. Acute Hearing A Kharajyr is equipped with acute hearing and jointed ears, allowing them to turn towards the direction of the desired focus. When rotated in the proper direction, a Kharajyr is capable of superior hearing and can hear #quite chat more easily, including #whispers. - A Kharajyr can be temporarily deafened if a loud noise, such as a firework explosion, occurs within 10 blocks of their person. A shout within 5 blocks will cause pain, but not deafness. - A Kharajyr may only hear #quiet within 12 blocks distance. - A Kharajyr may only hear #whisper within 4 blocks distance. - This is a passive ability. General Red lines/ Restrictions - CA application is required to rp as a Kharajyr of any subrace - Do not actually run as fast as their real-life counterparts. A Kha’Cheetrah is not going to run 60 mph. - Their strength would not surpass that of an olog - The Kharajyr can’t reproduce with other races - Between the ages of 0-29, kha can’t walk or talk properly. - A kha can’t walk properly if its tail has been cut off, thus serving the purpose of allowing them to keep their balance.
  18. “To do right by the people can only led to grief, to do right by me can only lead to hell. Is the path of the righteous to be eternally damned to fail?” -Symon the Unifier, circa. y.22 Year 1500 The great Empires of old fell 750 years ago. The Symon Empire, spreading across most of Naros, crumbled away into turmoil and civil war in the year 766, leading the continent into Anarchy. The Enlightened Kingdom of Auldhau would fall soon after, with its great troves of knowledge condemned to burn or be forgotten. In the east, the Exiled Kingdom, the last remnant of the First Men of Naros, falls to dissent and the Desert. Its gleaming cities were devoured by sand and its people choked upon their walls turned to dust. Even the Pirates fled west, far away from this damned continent. Yet even Aros was not spared. Many of its nations fell into chaos, victims of the aftershocks caused by the Symonian Empire’s destruction. In two-hundred years, all the major powers had been razed to the ground, and little more was left but roving warlords and city-states struggling for survival. But a new dawn rises above this hell-ridden land. After 750 years, the people are reuniting once more. Old tales are told, and crumbling ruins are explored once more. The lawless still roam, but strong men have forged new kingdoms, and with them, new crowns. Perhaps one day, they will honor the memory of their ancestors, and reforge those broken Empires, or shape new and even greater Realms. Only the Gods can say… In these dark days, it is the old fish wives who turn their rheumy eyes to the sky. The moon hangs low over the horizon like a fat coin waiting to tip and tumble down below the craggy mountains. Yet even as the sun rises and eclipses it, a few stars still linger rebelliously, like children lying in bed, resisting the pull of sleep. When so many stars remain in the sky at dawn, the wrinkled old women gut their fish and mutter to each other about the Star-Touched, and the dark omens that they bear. Perhaps the Gods will have their word after all. _____ A map without any names, for simple editing if you require it. Zones of Knowledge The Red Lines depict the extent of your knowledge. Beyond these lines you are aware of very little and your maps become extremely unreliable. The higher your education, the better your maps in general. If your nation bridges a Line, look for the side with the largest amount of your territory. You are also aware of any nation that borders you, regardless of whether or not you have a majority of your land in their zone. If a nation only has a small amount of land in your zone, then you only vaguely know of their position, and who they are, but have no real contact. NPC Nations Are nations with names written in black. Player nations are in white. Stars Represent capitals. Yes, not all NPC’s have a capital. The Commonwealth of Ruhn The dour mountain-folk have wreathed their lives and temples in bones and death. Perhaps their rough history of crime and war will alienate the neighboring Free Cities of Triad, or will they find within them an unlikely ally? That remains to be seen. What is known, is that to the east, a strange construct looms over the coast, only seen from the mountains on a clear day. The Galaharian League Having fled far, these seafaring folk have seen their own bodies shaped by their travels. Surrounded by unpredictable forces, and gated to the North by a veritable wall of trees as impassable as a cliff, one thing is clear: The Galaharian League holds the center of the world in its hands. The Danwent Republic Few are the men who dare to say that their ancestry stretches back to before the Symon Empire. Fewer still are those who might be right. Most live in the Republic of Danwent. Yet these proud men must always watch the roads east, for there lies the Sehmon Remnants, and their fanatical adherence to old beliefs… Point of Interest: The Salthand Delta. Mostly unfertile, this land seems to have suffered a great many battles and saltings over the centuries. Oftentimes, boys playing in the mud may find rusted swords or old bones. But even greater secrets lie beneath the ground… The Realm of Darkyria Most who venture into the Greenthroat never return. Yet some, somehow, carve their place out within these savage and unforgiving landscape. The Darkyrians will never be able to sleep with both eyes closed, and death always lurks around the corner. But what is death to the deathless? Point of Interest: The Font of Life. The Source of the Wandring River bubbles up deep within the Greenthroat. Perhaps the spirit of the Elder Soul lingers within this glade, for the Font of Life spews forth water of such vitality and quality that nations a thousand kilometers away once tore each other to shreds for control of the smallest sections of that river. (+1% pop growth) (Point of power for the Elder Soul) The Kingdom of Five These heathens have attracted little love from their neighbors or the gods, yet they somehow persist and grow, spreading across the fertile lands of the Vale of a Thousand Currents. But how long could it last, when their neighbors, the Realm of Hakan, despise them so? Point of Interest (North): The Ynkan river, Mother of a Thousand Currents, Seed of Life. It has taken many a name throughout its years, and fed a hundred empires. As wide as a like, it flows into a thousand different rivers and feeds the bountiful lands around it. But such a wide river is more than a lifeline, it is a wall as great as any castle may ever hope to have. Point of Interest (South): Along the greatest arm of the Ynkan River are spread ancient terrasses, now little more than hills, they are littered with ruins. Some say great farms once lay here, but who can differentiate legend from reality? (3 Farms for 3500G instead of 5000G) The Empire of Bourdeleaux It is said tha the Empire was born of the great Duchy of Selrok, an ancient vassal of the Symon Empire, but only the Emperor can reinforce such a belief. With the Sun as their guide, perhaps the Empire will find a way to navigate the complex web of nations surrounding it, and come out on top… Rare Resource: A strange metal was found in the easternmost salient of the Empire, naught but a few years ago. Black as night and hardier than any steel, it has resisted any attempts at unveiling its secrets, but the greatest minds of the Empire may still find out what it has to say for itself. The Order In a world in which Gods rule the minds of men, few can say that they have reject them. Fewer still would dare to adopt the Fallen One as their patron, yet The Order has done both. Great glories could await these scions of mankind, just as much as great disasters. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Others took the name of Fey in ancient days, but there are few left to remember, and to distrust. The Fey of Fyr-Darrick watch over the Greenthroat, the heart of the Elder Soul, and in return, the Elder Soul watches over them. It is a rare thing to have a deity play favorites, but perhaps the Elder Soul has found its champion. Beware, outsiders, for within the forest, the laws of man forsake you, and nature takes its rightful place. The Kingdom of Numeria To go so far, and be stopped by the Roots of the World. The Numerians are not the first to have had their dreams crushed by these imposing peaks. But they are the first to rebuild them anew, in the shadow of their greatest obstacle. Point of Interest: The Well of Eternity: Called Lake Lyria by the Numerians, the Well of Eternity glimmers at night, as if stars were drifting from its surface to rejoin their brethren within the sky. It is said that those who are ailing may come to the Well and find themselves rejuvenated. And some have even found that the water of Lyria, when stored, may act as a far better healing agent than others within this world. Bonus: Numerian Lore Masters: The Kingdom of Numeria has ancient maps of the Symon Empire, with a few markets of interest upon them… The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda The secluded Hierarchy of Mela has seen itself split from the rest of Aros for decades. However, should it wish, it has an entire world to explore and bathe in the light of the Lady and the Lord. Point of Interest (Both): Is it an ancient construct, or a natural wonder? No one knows. A victim to the tides of the ocean, a huge rocky shelf blocks off the straight for half of every day, as the tides recede and create a landbridge between the two islands. On each side, old crumbling towers and walls watch over them, the withered sentinels of a fallen kingdom. Surya The Bright One smiles upon the nation of Surya. May their gleaming mirrors illuminate the world with the light of Mihir, and guide it unto a new age. Perhaps they should begin with the Red Sun Pirates to the North, who patrol the Golûn with greed tainting their heart. Point of Interest: The Boiling Sea. A great sheet of vapor rises like a barrier to the west of Surya, hundreds of kilometers long. Its origin is easy enough to find: the inland sea of Golûn. Those first explorers foolish enough to step into it sound found their feet thoroughly scalded, as the sea is at a constant simmer, never cooling even in the coldest days. Not even boats last long within this sea and those that do more often than not lose themselves within the mist. When the winds are right, the Boiling Sea brings great swaths of mists out across Surya, like a veil pulled across the Sun. The Kingdom of Bulgar There are those touched by wild magic and those who have been thoroughly warped. It will be hard to find those who easily trust the Lithborn, especially within the superstitious Hezaka, guardians of that-which-they-know-not. But Grimsbortish will guide them, as he always has. Point of Interest(West): The Earth’s Womb. A perfect cirle 150m in diameter, the Earth’s Womb is a pool with unfathomable depths. Little is known of what lies at the bottom, if there is indeed a bottom, but great power revolves around this one place. (Point of power for the Elder Soul.) Point of Interest(East): The Old Wall. An ancient line of fortifications running down all the way from forest to mountain on the Bulgar border. While in ruin, their imposing stature might remind the passing merchant of the great powers of old, and why in the world they would have built such imposing fortifications in such an empty place... The Duchy of Ulyadar The Children of Ulya live in a unforgiving land, a mistress as cruel and cold as the winds that rip over their homesteads in the coldest of nights. But the cold does little to those whose blood runs as hot as theirs. One can only hope that the treachery of this land does not spill it. Point of Interest(West): Assirbanâhk: An ancient monolith of stone looms over the Bay of Ghosts, staring mutely towards the coasts of Blackmarrow. Its inscrutable face holds the wrinkles of a thousand winters. Carved and cracked by the bitterest winters of the world, Assirbanâhk still stands strong, and its watchful eye forever lingers upon these frozen waters. (Benefit gained if attuned with by 2 magi.) Point of Interest(East): The Blood Forge: Said to be the home of the Blood God by some, this giant volcano is a part of a series of four called the Grumblers. It is a towering monolith with deep clefts gouged into its sides from which spew forth gouts of molten lava. A wild thing from afar, as one approaches, they may observe that the lava is channeled into carefully organized paths, that leads it to pool before an ancient, crumbling building at the foot of the Forge. (Point of power for the Blood God.) The Kingdom of Helmedhi Long have these stout people lived in isolation, cut off from the world by sea, jungle and mountain. Yet they have found a way to adapt, and some might even say to thrive. Few threaten their lands, and perhaps their innate ingenuity will bring them to great heights… Point of Interest: The Dorhimi Docks: Great docks once stood here, created by a forgotten nation, they remain as the last bastion of their great wealth and powerful navies. (One port at 50% off) Ischyros Long has this metropolis grown, deep within the heartlands of the once Empire of Symon. Now it must turn to look at those large nations that surround it, and decide upon a course of action, for the survival of its people. Point of Interest: The Iris. For as long as the people of Ischyros can remember, the Iris has stood upon the tip of the peninsula. None can recollect its origins, or its original purpose, but all have seen its walls, as black as night and as smooth as glass. Its single white tower reaches for the heaves above from within its circular walls. Narry a scratch on them, and no way of climbing them. Indeed, these high-reaching walls seem to repel any attacker. An invisible barrier has always stood between the Iris and its surroundings, leaving it as if frozen in time… The Fortress Libraries The Libraries have long stayed hidden, concealed from the world by the Stinkswamp, their minds turned inwards, to the pursuit of knowledge. But they lie in the heart of Naros, and even those blinded to the world of today, must venture furth, or the great treasures of the ancient world may be forever lost. A caretakers work is never over in these years of ruin and rebirth. The Kingdom of Icefled Few are those brave enough to venture into the deep north, and fewer more are those who could claim to have survived there for centuries. Yet somehow, impossibly, Icefeld persists in one of the most unforgiving climates upon the twin continents. To their north, ice sheets and freezing sea, to their south, a forest as deep and ancient as the world. Only the Men of Ölm live in any proximity to the Icefeld, but they stay away, keep to the forest and rarely show themselves. Every decision can mean life or death in the north, and for the King of Ice and Stone, there are still many to make. Rare mineral acquired: Iceglass. Have at it.
  19. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  20. THIS POST IS CANCELED The Jade Riders The Jade Riders are a broad group of rangers and adventurers alike who oppose threats to the natural world and help others survive in dangerous environments. A Rider might help a small village prepare for a brutal winter, or aid a Kingdom in a deadly war. Riders may protect a town from an onslaught of malicious foes or simply aid in the construction of a new settlement. Members of the Jade Riders know how to survive, and more importantly, they want to help others do the same. They are not opposed to civilization or progress, but they strive to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another. Members of the Riders are spread far and wide, generally in isolation or small cadres. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Beliefs: The natural order must be respected and preserved. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance. Goals: The Jade Riders goals are to restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness. Creed: Allies: Aragrad (Yves Aragon) Ranks: Ranger Division General Rider: Myriil Thuridan Rider Captain: (N/A) Rider Of The Mark: (N/A) Senior Rider: (N/A) Rider Of The Wild: (N/A) Junior Rider: (N/A) Scout: (N/A) --------- Every Rank From Here Up Is A Rider --------- Trainee: (N/A) Diplomatic Division Party President: (N/A) Elder: (N/A) Scholar: (N/A) Diplomat: (N/A) Envoy: (N/A) Emmisary: (N/A) ----- All Ranks From Here Up Are Diplomats ---- Junior Trainee: (N/A) Dress Code: Ranger Division The Jade Riders - Ranger Uniform Each colored cloak varies depending on the rangers environment (White for snow, Green for forest or plains, Yellow/Beige for desert, Orange for red desert or mesa, Blue for water etc.) The color of your belt/undershirt varies depending on rank (The solid white spaces on the skin are for your skin [skin, eyes, hair etc.]) Belt Ranks: General Rider: Green Rider Captain: Black Rider Of The Mark: Gold Senior Rider: Purple Rider Of The Wild: Red Junior Rider: Blue Scout: Brown Initiate : White Diplomat Division: Diplomat’s have no set dress code at this time Out Of Character Rules Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE, be they a Rider or not. Don’t purposely or through inactivity provoke someone. Being active is not mandatory but it would be appreciated. Dress code in not mandatory but appreciated These rules are subject to change in the future Rider Code Of Conduct All people of any race, gender or sexuality are welcome in the Jade Riders. Discrimination will not be tolerated. You must renounce fealty to any organization or national order if the laws of said order conflict with those of the Riders Comitting acts of violence against nations to aid another nation is strictly prohibtied unless the Riders have voted to help Riders who reveal sensitive information or align themselves with a specific nation against another nation will be banished from the ranks without prior warning All Riders must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Riders, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. These rules are not to be bent in any way shape or form These rules are subject to change in the future **(To apply, copy and paste this form into a reply below. Being accepted on this forum DOES NOT mean you are a Rider, you must first pass the Initiate Training Process)** Application For The Jade Riders Ooc Information Minecraft Gamertag (Required*): Real-Life Age (Required*): Nickname (Optional*): Prefered Pronoun(s) (Required*): (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them etc.) Roleplay Sample (Required*): Ic Information Characters Full Name (Required*): Current And/Or Former Titles Held (Required*): Race (Required*): Sub-Race (Optional*): Sex And Gender (Required*): Training Known (Optional*): Training Wanted/Needed (Required*): *“By signing this document, you agree to the above laws and any the General, Captain and Senior Rider see fit of adding. You agree to renounce any title that conflicts with the goals/code and will uphold peace and balance between the natural world and society”*
  21. [OOC: This is a comedic, kinda meta, diary-form story of Egil, The Silver-Tongued - a young, hot-blooded and totally-not-desperate-for-attention 21 years old troubadour(bard). Excuse my odd grammar and mistakes. English is my 3rd language] 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1689 I woke up in a temple, miraculously without a hangover from last night's partying. Instead I felt oddly fresh, like a newborn. I stood up and wandered towards the only exit I could see, looking around curiously, feeling as if things seemed a bit more.. square. As my feet took me closer to the doorway of the Temple, the sweet scent of adventure, of maiden's bosoms yet untouched and ale yet to be tasted filled my nose, urging me on! To make haste, before they are claimed and shackled into boring books and senile old minds. Stepping outside, I was greeted by a few monks who seemed to repeat the same one or two lines of wisdom, probably not paying much attention whom they spoke to. There were a few other non-monks like myself wandering around the temple, each more colourful than than the next, browsing things, chatting up or just awkwardly looking at the ground or the sky. After receiving an odd cristal like ornament from one of the monks, I decided to sit and ponder about my situation, checking and tuning my lute. Until, Goddess herself walked into my view from the temple. Her brown hair flowed in the slight breeze like water flows in a river, the sun gently dancing on each of her hair. Her eyes were like the biggest shiny gems, deep green - like woods one could get lost in for weeks. Her nose was small and cute, her lips plump and rose coloured. The way she carried herself down the stairs with such elegant manner was nothing more, but an act to marvel at. A mini-miracle! She stopped by one of the many bookshelves in the temple and seemed to look right at me. I of course approached the lady with bravado and confidence that one of my caliber should have and bowed to the lady, asking her name. To my surprise she stood still, peering past me into the distance. Like a sculpture too real and perfect to be man made. I tried to get the ladies attention yet again but to no avail. Thinking maybe a piece of music might make the beautiful, yet mysterious sculpture woman come back to life I played a short melody to her, my fingers dancing on the strings like elves in the rowdy tavern songs dance around the fire - elegant and wild at the same time. To my disappointment the lady did not react: deaf, blind and mute, still in the moment as the time around her passed. With a sigh I put away my lute and started to look for the next maiden to woo when I heard a kharajyr growl behind me:" oh is thwat a bawd?".
  22. Hey skinners of LotC! The Kharajyr are looking to have a set of skins made to be used as a base for female kha, which includes the four subraces Kha'Leoparda, Kha'Chetrah, Kha'Pantera, and Kha'Tigrasi. The current male skins that we have are as pictured below. What we are looking for is a similar set that we can use for incoming players for female kharajyr. This includes adding clothing to it or using the basic skin on its own. We are looking to spend around 8,000 minas, 2,000 per skin. If it helps at all, here is the link to the Kharajyr portion of the Wiki. Kharajyr Wiki If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask and I'll get back to them as quick as possible! ? Example Female Used in the Past Current Set of Male Bases
  23. [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
  24. I'd mainly like to see more types of Kha allowed. I'd really love to play a Lynx / Bobcat type Kha. Also, I'm kind of confused on the panther/leopard types... Because there is no such thing as a black panther as a breed or species. It's literally just a melanistic leopard / jaguar. Ergo, they should have the same build as each other lore wise. They shouldn't have differences except the coloration. (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther )
  25. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
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