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Found 12 results

  1. HOUSE DE LYONS “Do Not Provoke the Lions” The House de Lyons is a knightly family of Heartlanders, initially hailing from the Province of Endaen, upon the continent of Aeldin. Although previously rendered an obscure name following its exodus from the distant continent, the bloodline has since reemerged in the realms of men, aspiring to uphold honour and chivalry above all else. ~HISTORY~ Foundation ~ 15th Century By Louis Edmund de Lyons; Circa. 1568. At the onset of the Imperial Age and the establishment of the Horosid Dynasty, the northern territory of Aeldin was steadily brought into compliance by the rapid expansion of the heartland armies. Among those subjugated were the native Harrenite clans of the region of Endaen, brigandish folk thought by outsiders to be little more than uncivilised rogues. The Empire reluctantly spared the bulk of these clans from the sword, on the condition they swore oaths of fealty and pledged their martial strength to aid in future conquests. Yet, as occupational forces withdrew in wake of establishing a provincial government, the stringent control of hardened generals gave way to weak-minded bureaucrats. Rebuffing the counsel of interventionist advisors for a laissez-faire approach, the new Governor of Endaen permitted the Harrenites to continue practising their barbaric way of life, believing it would facilitate long-term amicable relations. So long as the Imperial tithe was paid, their inclination for plundering the border territories would be tolerated. Clan Scrymgeour stood as one of the oldest Harrenite bloodlines of Endaen and were among the most powerful too. Adept skirmishers who proved lethal in lightning warfare, Imperial censuses suggest that from the territories they controlled the Clan could muster nearly three thousand riders. Donagh Scrymgeour, their petty lord, was swift to take advantage of the Governor’s incompetence, ordering his men to ransack merchant caravans and isolated hamlets, so that their coffers might overflow by winter. But ever an avaricious opportunist, Donagh foolishly perceived the decadence of the Empire’s nobility as total ignorance, attacking sanctioned state convoys and withholding tributes to the crown. Furthermore, when the provincial government sought to treat with Clan Scrymgeour and procure a diplomatic solution, the Harrenites openly mocked and dismissed the olive branch as a farce. At last, acknowledging that an example had to be made of such blatant defiance, the Governor of Endaen declared Clan Scrymgeour traitors and in open rebellion. The aftermath of a Harrenite raid; Unknown Date. With an entire province taking up arms against his Clan, Donagh surmised that survival depended on defeating the Imperials in the field before they could muster a substantial force, thereby reopening negotiations in his favour. The Scrymgeours took to the lowlands, harrying rural populations and setting ambushes along the main roads to the provincial capital of Langford, thereby depriving the army of able-bodied recruits and provoking a premature advance. In the following weeks, an Imperial regiment was hastily dispatched into the countryside to give battle to the Harrenite reivers, seeking to end their revolt. Leading the retribution force was a young knight-errant hailing from the Heartlands, Sir Lyonel de la Foret, who had previously distinguished himself in the eastern Imperial campaigns. A significant portion of Lyonel’s army were veterans of the long-winded war for Aeldin’s unification - five hundred heavy cavalry and just over a thousand men-at-arms. But just as Donagh had hoped, this force stood at barely half the size of his own host. The reivers beckoned Sir Lyonel into their country, rallying their combined might in sight of the Scrymgeours’ own ancestral seat. Donagh was confident in securing a decisive victory, his banners gathered in full force before the numerically inferior Imperial host. The three thousand Harrenite riders positioned themselves upon the foothills of the nearby river valley, staring down the Knight-Errant’s armoured front lines, who had adopted a defensive formation just beyond the shelter of a coniferous forest. Sir Lyonel understood the severity of his disadvantage and so took to establishing perimeter trenches with sharpened stakes upon his flanks. The thick surrounding foliage also served as cover, allowing the Knight-Errant to disguise his smaller host’s movements and seek refuge from the projectiles of the Harrenite light cavalry. He was well aware that in order for Donagh to have any chance of truly vanquishing him, the rebel lord would have to meet him directly in a contest of arms. All that remained was to wait, for whilst Clan Scrymgeour were ferocious warriors they lacked discipline and were easily roused into a frenzy. Patience would win the day - the Empire could wait. Sir Lyonel engaging Donagh Scrymgeour and his bodyguard; Circa. 1490. War horns sounded at the break of the following day as Sir Lyonel’s sentries spotted movement along the ridge. Just as the Knight-Errant had anticipated, bloodlust and a yearning for battle had enticed the Scrymgeours to make the first move, a third of their army advancing. The well-formed Imperial host stepped just beyond the treeline to face the Harrenite vanguard, their tower shields and pikes aloft as the many cycles of javelins and arrows were absorbed by the front line. Retaliating, Sir Lyonel’s archers released volleys unto the hill slopes, catching the lightly armed riders in a hail of death. Scores of reivers fell from their horses, wailing and dying as their lord looked on in apprehension. With his host decimated and morale wavering, the last strand of Donagh’s caution snapped. Believing his weight in numbers would see him prevail, the Harrenite lord ordered forth the entirety of his host, over two thousand mounted warriors galloping forth to strike the Knight-Errant’s lines with all their might. The Imperial centre buckled, but maintained its coordination, their polearms holding back the full brunt of the enemy charge, littering the ground with mounds of corpses. Yet despite their losses, the Scrymgeours were fully committed to the battle, determined to break their adversaries no matter the cost. Alas, Sir Lyonel made the final move, his own heavy cavalry charging forth from the reserves. Divided into two formations, their lances emerged from the tree line and smashed the flanks of the Harrenites. Bogged down by the broken ground and compacted like a shoal of sardines, the lightly armed reivers had no room nor time to reform their lines, falling victim to the brutal doctrine of Imperial shock warfare. A thick melee erupted, crushing those unfortunate enough to have been caught in its epicentre. Only a few hundred clansmen were so lucky to escape the whirlpool of terror. Donagh was not amongst them. Confronted by Sir Lyonel himself, the lord of Clan Scrymgeour met his end upon a cold steel edge, the Knight-Errant’s longsword cleaving the reiver’s head clean from his shoulders. Leaderless and utterly defeated, the Harrenites could do nothing more than limp back to their castle, from which Donagh’s household had witnessed his downfall. In the hours that followed, Sir Lyonel’s host pressed onwards to surround the now sparsely defended fortress, over which a flag of parley was raised. The rebellion was at last over. For his prowess in battle and efforts in restoring stability to the province, Sir Lyonel was awarded the former holdings of Clan Scrymgeour, which in due time the populace would dub Lyonesse, in his honour. What remained of the local Harrenites either faded in obscurity or bent the knee to their new liege lord. In time, tales of a knight with the strength of a lion thrice over spread throughout Endaen; a reputation that prompted Lyonel to take the beasts as his personal sigil. A legacy that, alongside his name, would be passed down for generations to come. A Lyonen knight, patrolling the bogland of Endaen; Circa. 1563. A Reflection ~ 20th Century By Arthur Hughes de Lyons; Circa. 1906. In exploring my family history, I have come to realise regrettably that vast swathes of our records remain either incomplete or have vanished entirely. For example, precisely when we departed from the continent of Aeldin remains a matter of debate, and there are no details as to how we found passage to this side of the known world. My hope is that in time, by uncovering additional records, or through the voluntary aid of other Aeldinic bloodlines, I may yet be able to shed more light on those time-lost generations. Regarding my own thoughts on what I have managed to piece together, though it is somewhat sparse on specific details, my ancestor Louis seems to have written a believable account of my family’s foundation and progenitor. It is corroborated by similar records from that period, indicating that a campaign of expansion was indeed being prosecuted by Imperial forces, though to what lengths I cannot be certain. Yet, returning to the topic of our exodus, I will acknowledge that our time as landed lords within the province of Endaen most likely ended in a drawn-out period of violence. Ironically, much like the Scrymgeours before us, House de Lyons challenged the imperial bureaucracy's effectiveness and dared to question the provincial government's fitness. Our honour, desire for autonomy and devotion to chivalry sowed doubts regarding our usefulness to the Empire; a corrupt establishment having little need for those unwilling to be pawns. From my personal experience of the known world, I realise that humanity has on many an occasion fallen victim to vain pride and ambition, with wicked men carving out vast realms at the expense of all moral decency. There will come a time that I am no longer able to guide my household and must leave our family legacy in the hands of the next generation. But it is my earnest hope that those who take up that mantle of responsibility remain true to the chivalrous virtues and knightly valour of our forefathers. The House de Lyons must never again bear steel in the name of an Empire, for the very concept has proven anathema to integrity and self-determination. We must be better and recognise that mankind may yet prosper without being coerced into submission beneath the shadow of a singular oppressive banner. ~CUSTOMS~ The Legacy of Lyonesse By Arthur Hughes de Lyons; Circa. 1906. The House de Lyons has traditionally served as a knightly family, aspiring to maintain chivalrous virtues and honour above all else. Both men and women of our bloodline are expected to achieve, if not strive towards, Knighthood or Damehood so as to ensure our martial origins are not lost to the ages. We have not always succeeded in this endeavour, for many years having faded into obscurity amidst the intrigues of the realm. But alas, titles alone are not a measure of one’s virtue, for it is a purity of the heart that determines whether one is truly worthy. The day a child of Lyonesse has shown that they can bear steel with restraint, they are gifted a weapon of their own. Furthermore, a knight is characterised not only by their strength at arms but also riding into battle on horseback. For when a child of our bloodline is able enough to walk, they may yet be capable of riding and caring for a steed of their own. Throughout the generations, this has instilled a sense of duty and teaches the youth that life must never be taken for granted. All must be capable of doing their part, should they seek to earn anything, respect in particular. With the passage of time, we have also taken to adopting new traditions. My lady wife, Juliana Rosemary of the House of Vernhart, showed me that one may yet wield a pen with as much grace as a sword. To accommodate this worldview, my own children shall receive falcons for the expressed purpose of bearing missives, as part of their tutoring in performing civil matters. With this, I hope they may better serve the realm from a domestic perspective when they come of age. Yet, perhaps our most significant custom is the words of our family: “Do Not Provoke the Lions.” They serve as a warning to those who might seek to take advantage of our hospitality and defile the virtues we hold so dear. There have been many occasions in which a knight of the House de Lyons has taken up steel in defence of our family’s honour, willing to engage in single combat if it means settling a dispute. Trial by such means is a revered custom, for ultimately it is GOD who favours the victor, and so our ultimate fate lies in his blessed hands.
  2. A Call to Trial Circa. 11th of Malin's Welcome, 1909. By the UNITY OF MIND of the GOVERNMENT in PETRA, serving always CHIVALRY, LIBERTY and JUSTICE, the ROUND TABLE do affirm this EDICT, delivered at MOUNT GARMONT Concerning the alleged crimes of the Archduchess Renilde I @tilly PREAMBLE LO, unto the Petrans, Dark times plague the lands of the Petra. In the pursuit of unity and peace, the Knightly Council calls upon Archduchess Renilde I to return to Petra to answer for crimes committed against the people of Petra and stand trial to end this debacle. The alleged crimes of the Archduchess are an internal affair. The Round Table of Petra calls upon all foreign nations to not intervene and respect the sovereignty of the Commonwealth. The Knights of the Petrine Laurel swear no harm shall come upon the Archduchess. Let us avoid bloodshed and settle these issues so we may adjudicate. We call the Archduchess Renilde I to stand trial for the following crimes… Chapter 1 78. Thieve the property of another Man. 84. Lay with another Man’s spouse, or to lay with another when you are wed. Chapter 2 99. Raise an army against forces of the Commonwealth Signed; Knight Paramount, Sir Arthur de Lyons, Sir Louis d'Azor, Sir Brandt Berhal, Sir Emir d'Abbassia, Sir Gwendel Vilac, Dame Livia d'Anapalais, Sir Lucien Ashford de Rouen.
  3. [!] A missive would be sent across Almaris, to any cities that may house Adunians and to the known Bowie Villages hiding in the woods and hills at the fringes of civilization. On it would be a map with a spot marked, and some text scrawled on the parchment with black ink, stating: "Sons and Daughters of Harren and Sarai, From the days of the High Kingdom of old to the present day our people have been noted to aspire as Knights, Rangers, and Warriors of all sorts. Here in Cartref Mor we seek to continue that legacy with great Knights and Rangers of our people to defend our home in the Emyn Edrain and the world at large. If you bear interest in serving and defending your people, and wish to learn more of how you may do so in the future, then we implore you to come to Cartref Mor in a weeks time. May Elendil protect your journey, Maria grant you benevolence, and Braen guide your decisions with his counsel." Signed: 𝔏𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔄𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔰𝔶𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔉𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔥𝔣𝔲𝔩, 𝔏𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔬𝔣 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔣 𝔐𝔬𝔯 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔞𝔰 𝔄𝔫𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔫, 𝔓𝔞𝔱𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔥 𝔬𝔣 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔰𝔶𝔯 𝔬𝔣 ℭ𝔞𝔫𝔪𝔬𝔬𝔯, 𝔓𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔬𝔯 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 ℌ𝔞𝔯𝔯𝔢𝔫'𝔥𝔦𝔩 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔉𝔞𝔢𝔯'𝔥𝔦𝔫, 𝔓𝔯𝔬𝔭𝔥𝔢𝔱 𝔬𝔣 𝔅𝔯𝔞𝔢𝔫 𝔈𝔩𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔦𝔩 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔚𝔦𝔰𝔢
  4. 𝕬𝖓 𝕺𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖙 The Knight Commander about to lead the other knights and squires in a prayer to the Ancestors. Aurelion would kneel before that altar, eyes closed as he consumed from that chalice of twisted gold and silver. His tongue hung heavy with the herb mixture, honey and earth where two flavors shone through, as he let the twisted chalice rest upon the wooden altar. Slowly did he begin to take in deep breaths, that gray clouded mist of honey and sage, filling his nostrils as he knelt there. His fingers began to tingle, and his vision grew as hazed as the fresh morning time of Cartref. Slowly however, did his mind begin to fill with that ever familiar gray haze. He felt as though he could sense everything, see everything within this area, and yet could see nothing at all. He felt one within that clouded room, within that clouded mind of his. His gaze started to pan about the endless sea of clouds, an infinite expanse of cold blue-gray. He felt a pull, a tug even, drawing him closer to a spot within the clouds, scarred digits extending out only to clasp a bench. Cold stone graced those fingertips, as his glowing gaze lifted to find in front of him a blade. Not one of any mundane origin but instead one of a noble crafted blade. A hilt of bear bone, with veins and ripples of anorum rippling out to form a crossguard that looked akin to rippling waves. As that anorum traveled up, so would it find itself clouded. Shifting between a state of solidness and formlessness. As he outstretched a hand towards the theurgic blade, so would he find those fingers of him to brush through the handle, as though it was but a cold illusion. Yet as his hand passed further, so would he feel a tug, dragging him forwards as he began to spiral into a free fall. His gaze flicked about, frantically searching for that path, that direction to go. It was only upon the feeling of solid ground on his feet, that he lifted his head up. Finding himself surrounded by mist covered woods. His gaze lowered to his hands, finding clasped within it, that spear of bone and salium. Tilting his head forward ever so slightly, did he see an armored figure. Blade resting upon his lap, as he kneeled in front of the adunic lord, forehead recently bearing upon it a dot of frostbite. Slowly however, did that dot spiral, turning into a spiraling carving of the twin trees of Cartref. As he looked upon this carved sigil within the flesh, so did his gaze tilt back upwards. From the trees, did he begin to see more armored figures, all faceless and all who bore that same sigil upon their head. Their forms laced and drifted with that cold gray mist. Following that commander, that first chosen, did they all kneel in prayer. Noiseless words leaving those lips, yet still did their intention show clearly to the lord, their prayers offered for their kin. Yet that was not all, for behind their words, where prayers laced in zealotry. For glory to the Ancestors, and thus, glory for GOD. As the Lord peered further into the faces, so did those clouded features, start to clear. Faces he recognized, faces that held the potential to do many great things within Cartref, faces he knew would do good by the will of the Ancestors. Upon his further realization, did he begin to slip, his body tumbling back as though he held no control. Before his glowing gaze opened! He was once more within the room of prayer, his breathing labored as though he had been traversing those glacial peaks once more. He stumbled his way out of his room, his hands clutching the wooden railing of that lift as he descended down onto one of the lower balconies. Once he got to the door, did he find himself swinging it wide open. Where he had left the day at sunset, now was the sun just starting to peak over the horizon. Mist hung through the fields and lands of Cartref, as it usually did. “Cartref requires warriors, devout in their ways as much as they are protecting their own. Such as the mists form to cloud those unwanted gazes, so shall there be warriors prepared to guard from the unwanted gaze of those who would go after our kin. An order, perhaps, within the gray mists of Cartref Mor. ” The prophet sighed, knuckles tightening as he still felt a light sting upon his back. Taking a deep breath, did he move, walking away from that stone ledge. He had waited long enough, and it was time to find those few worthy, and begin their trials.
  5. The Order of the Red Eagle acts as the main Knightly Order to the Kingdom of Oren and the Crownlands. Consisting of every Knight sanctioned by the King, the Order of the Red Eagle seeks to uphold the etiquette and prestige of the Knights within the realm as it honors tradition and strength above all else. It is required, by decree of his Royal Majesty, that all Knights seeking recognition within Orenia are to enlist within the Order of the Red Eagle. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to provide martial assistance to the fiefdoms and vassals of the Kingdom on a much more personally tailored level. As such, it has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Royal territory. It is important to note that enlistment with other Knightly Circles is not mandatory, but is oftentimes discouraged should the Knight wish to rise above the degree of Knight Errant. As previously mentioned The Order has no required uniform, however Knights may wear a standardized set of platemail and the tabard of the order as provided by the Orders quartermaster. It is commonplace that knights wear their own personal suit of armor and tabard when engaging in knightly duties, and not wear the uniforms of any other garrison or organization. Squires are expected to wear whatever clothing is requested of them by the knight they serve, typically simple tunics staying in line with the color scheme of the knight's house. The Order does not forbid military service, so long as it is within the Kingdom of Oren. In fact, members of the Order, squires of age included, are encouraged to join the Petran Legion as at least a reservist. "I swear to be true to the King and the realm, stalwart and outspoken against any evils that threaten harm. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Kingdom and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to associate with traitors nor enemies of the state, and to always defend the honor of those I serve. This I swear upon my life by the Holy Scrolls. Ave Orenia." Knightly honors are not just rewards for great deeds but are also a titular recognition of one's outstanding discipline and character. All Knights are expected to adhere to the Code of Chivalry at all costs in every facet of their lives, both on and off the battlefield. Above all else a Knight must always remain loyal to those they serve and to the institution and camaraderie of the Order. To set aside personal desires of compelling obligations for that to which an Oath is pledged. A Knight must possess the aptitude for dignity in the face of adversity, to present oneself and by extension represent those they serve as well as the Order in the proper form. A Knight must strive to always do the right thing, to hold oneself accountable and to always act in good faith even when none are around to witness it. They must also abstain from dishonesty to the best of their ability. A Knight must be willing to extend goodwill and mercy to all, even an enemy. To never compromise the tenets of the Order nor one's principles. To accept any and all challenges or duels leveled against them by worthy foes. A Knight must always act courageously and seek to redirect harm away from the innocent. To overcome obstacles of fear, pain, or even death in the completion of their quest or lawful order. A Knight must always remain humble, to offer aid to those in need, and to seek to undo the suffering of others. They must also maintain an open mind and a free ear to challenging ideas. The tradition of errantry as a way of proving one’s abilities as a Knight is an aspect of chivalry that has been lost to history in many ways. Though informally conducted by various knights out of passion for the denizens of the Kingdom, the art of chivalric questing has gone neglected for many years. With the reintroduction of the Order of the Red Eagle it has been deemed necessary for knights to embark upon a period of errantry where the Knight Errant shall take upon quests in the service of the Kingdom in order to earn one’s Knightly epithet and place in the Order besides the King as a Knight Royal. A Knight Errant, in general, should not refuse any quest given to them during this time. It is customary for Knights to be awarded a Knightly Epithet based on what trait, value, or virtue they most exemplify by their time as a Knight Errant. These epithets are determined in conjunction with the completion of the Knightly Quest that they have taken on. Epithets are given to the Knight for life and no other living Knight may possess the same Epithet as another. An epithet may only be changed if the King deems a new characteristic worthy of the Knight that outshines the original epithet. A Knight stripped of their Knighthood immediately relinquishes their epithet to be bestowed upon someone actually worthy of the title. Once a Knight is recognized for their distinction and leal service to the Crown they may be given a serjeanty to govern over alongside their Spurs of Knighthood. The king alone decides whether a Knight is worthy of being given a Serjeanty. A serjeanty will often consist of a small estate with some farmland. Should the Knight be assigned to assist a lord, their serjeanty will be within or just outside of that lord's lands. Should the Knight be assigned duties within the Kings Court the serjeanty will be immediately outside of the city of Vienne. A knight must carry out the functions of their duty in order to maintain their serjeanty, otherwise they shall be honorably stripped of the privilege. The Knight Paramount alone shall be issued the honor of holding the Grand Serjeanty of Erneburgh in the Order’s name. A serjeanty is exempt from taxation by the crown, however a Knight is not exempt from taxes being levied on any other properties they may own nor is the serjeanty hereditary. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle are expected to act respectfully and within the guidelines of the Order. However, from time to time, some Knights will choose to ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Kingdom. Misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent when left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the King and Knight Paramount, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Knights are stripped of their regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Kingdom. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime, and the quest itself is decided upon by the King himself. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle who have been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are to be forever stripped of their Knighthood, condemned, and banished from Royal service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Kingdom entirely, or even executed at the King's discretion. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to don the title of Sir. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the King’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the King. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the King. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arend Crypts. Often children of gentry and nobility, the squire ( or page if under the age of 14) serves as the right-hand of a Knight in order to learn the Knightly ways, typically starting their journey at the age of 14. Following their service as a Squire, which conclude after a minimum of 7 years and not before the age of 21, they will assume the rank of Knight Errant. Their time will primarily be spent learning about history, literature and the Code of Chivalry, but they will also learn the fundamentals of armed and unarmed combat. Older squires may even be given important tasks, typically of a scholarly nature, on behalf of their local liege or Knight Royal, ranging from delivering messages to keeping accurate documents or minutes of an important meeting. Should one not hail from noble lineage the acquisition of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Royal Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serve the Kingdom, for oftentimes men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Royal Majesty shall issue an Royal Writ, officiating the knighthood of a lowborn individual. While this Royal Writ does not automatically qualify an individual for peerage such as a Viscount or Duke, it does mean that any offspring of the Knight are of worthy blood and do not need to seek out such a writ should they follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. Knights Errant are those who have just gained the rank of Knight, tasked with having to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are oftentimes inexperienced in combat, and thus their primary focus is to gain experience through action rather than study as a Squire would. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. Knights Errant are not only allowed, but are expected, to take on Squires that they themselves find, or are given to them by a higher ranking Knight. Knights Royal are those who have proven their chivalrous nature beyond a reasonable doubt, ready to serve the Kingdom in a more direct manner. Beyond their own Serjeanty, Knights Royal are often assigned to a swathe of land within the Kingdom, tasked with protecting it alongside the occupying Lord. This may take the form of leading the Lords levy, enforcing laws and punishing those who break them, and even slaying monsters and beasts that roam the land. Knights Royal are also expected to act as guards within the Royal Court, ensuring no harm comes to any in attendance, though most importantly the King. Finally, Knights Royal may be tasked to any navigational duty, such as Quartermaster, that the Knight Paramount sees fit. The Knights Commander are the upper echelon of all knights of the order. Hand picked by the Knight Paramount, or even the King, for showing extreme bravery, competence and devotion to the protection of the kingdom. They are in charge of anything and everything, their word being final within the order except when held up to that of the Knight Paramount or the King himself. The Knight Paramount is the head of the Order of the Red Eagle. They are tasked with ensuring all Knights under them are operating in a manner becoming of the order and the King. They assign Knights Royal to their cuties, ensure that Squires are receiving adequate training, and are the sole decision as to who is set to become a Knight Royal. Knight Paramount •Sir Aleksander Basrid Knights Commander •N/A Knights Royal •Sir Gustaf de Vilain •Sir Lucien Ashford de Savoie •Sir Edmond de Rouen •Sir Ezekiel Moores •Sir Louis Staunton •Dame Primrose Gendik Knights Errant •N/A Squires •Kendrick Nightingale •Otto von Manstein •George Obedia •Wolfgang de Vilain Kevin Iomharach GOD WITH US, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera ((Contact Sykotic#1867 to join or for more information.))
  6. Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche Holy Order of the Black Mace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZGMqKLGFpA “In hoc signo vinces” HISTORIA THEOCRACIA MILITIUM ♔Command♔ High Pontiff The High Pontiff has absolute and supreme authority over the Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche. His Holiness, Sixtus IV Holy Knight Commander The Knight-Commandant is selected by the High Pontiff from among the Knights. He is the direct commander of the Order and manages their day to day operations. Holy Ser Edward d’Ambray 'the Austere' ♘Holy Knights of the Black Mace♘ The Holy Knights of the Black Mace are chosen from the current serving cadets as seen fit by the Holy See and Holy Knight Commander. Holy Knights are sworn to uphold the Palatine Code. Knights are expected to maintain the laws of the Church as well as those of the Imperium. A high priority is set on the members of the Church and its beliefs. As the members of the Black Mace are knights of the church they are title, "Holy Ser". Knight Banneret Bannerets serve as the leaders of the Order taking charge of a division of knights. Holy Dame Aquila Elendil 'the Humble' Holy Ser Alexander Gotthold 'the Ardent' Holy Dame Karina Gotthold 'the Beast' Knight Knights are the backbone of the Order. They are experienced in matters of protection. Each knight is expected to mentor a Cadet. Some knights may also choose to specialize with the inquisition and learning to keep heresy at bay. Holy Ser Maximillian Dawnstead 'the Truant' Holy Ser Alexander ‘the Savage’ Knight Errant Knights Errant are up-and-coming knights. They are the young blood continuing their education in the Church. No longer a cadet, they are more autonomous. Holy Ser Vaerath Leydon Knight Cadet Knights in training under the banner of the Holy See. They are yet to be fully initiated into the Order. Cadets are expected to follow the orders from those above them and to learn the ways of the Church. It would be beneficial to seek a brief mentorship with a priest. Cadets are expected to complete five trials. Pierre de Robineau Dorm Amador Dane Lester ♖Inquisitors♖ Canonists that serve as inquisitors are specially trained and qualified to root out heresy and find the unholy throughout the world. Many are to be feared as they can be ruthless in achieving success in the name of GOD. “Ordo ex chao” Superior The Superior is charged with maintaining the inquisition. A Superior is the most experienced of inquisitors as is to be expected of their position. Typical duties other than rooting out heresy can be more formal such as presenting investigations to the Synod and as simple as keeping the training of inquisitors and external aid. Inquisitor Tasked with rooting out heresy. An inquisitor might find himself working anywhere in the world seeking the unholy. Sometimes that which is unholy is to be destroyed other times, a more kind approach may be taken such as turning that which is unholy back into GOD’s light. Acolyte The title bestowed upon someone seeking to become an inquisitor. Following along with an experienced inquisitor to learn the ways and traditions. “Pro deo et patria” ♘Holy Knights of Visiga♘ The Palatine Code All members of the Order are expected to follow the stations and tenets as well as take the oath. I. STATIONS i. Stand as guardians of the High Pontiff and Holy See. ii. Protect the Creator's faithful from evil, whenever possible. iii. Hunt all worshippers of evil and practitioners of darkness. iv. Keep watch in the lands of the Holy See, and uphold peace and order. v. Be the Vanguard of any Holy Crusades and Inquisitions. vi. Carry out the sentences of those convicted of crimes against the Faith and the Holy See. II. TENETS i. Share, with tolerance and understanding, the word of the Lord. ii. Maintain a powerful and unwavering faith in the Creator and His word. iii. Seek to embody Horen's Virtue and Owyn's Spirit. iv. Strive to deliver upon the faithful the embodiments of Godfrey's Gospel and Siegmund's Auspices. v. Obey, without question, the hierarchy of the Order, and ultimately word of the High Pontiff. vi. Embrace our fellow Ordermen as Brothers, and treat them as such. vii. Know to violate the Palatine Code is to be stripped of his rank and to be exiled in disgrace. III. Oath If I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of His Flock. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter. Testaments of Faith FIRST TRIAL : SACRED URN The creation of the Sacred Urn, holder of the martyr's ashes, is first amongst the tests. The Urn must be fired and molded by the squire himself, all resources and tools must be chiefly his own work. After, a bishop of the Canon must approve and give his blessing, lest the squire remake the Urn. SECOND TRIAL : TONGUE OF FIRE To speak the Creator's Will is to have a Tongue of Fire, the tongue which breaks all barriers of language and communication through His Power. In order to be considered to become a Knight of the Black Mace, one must convert a heathen, one who has not had the joy to hear the Canon, and bring him fully into the fold of our community. THIRD TRIAL : SWORD OF OWYN The Creator’s Wrath brings fear and awe across the plains of existence, in every heart and mind of every being which has walked and thought. Through discipline and faith, one may acquire the Creator’s Blessing in the art of combat, to spar and wield the weapons of His Divine Will. FOURTH TRIAL : HOLIEST DUTY The Vicar of GOD is the chief priest, representative of His Divine Will. Through his words mark the words of GOD Himself, and so the tasks delivered by him also Divine in nature and spirit. Accomplish the task given by His Holiness moves one ever further in achieving the ashes of the sacred. FIFTH TRIAL : ARMOR OF FAITH To truly believe in the Grace of GOD is to have true faith in Him. The test of faith marks a man from the commoner to the most devout. Weapons of the Faithful Fill out the following application and send it to the Knight-Commandant in the Apostolic Palace next to the Cathedral of St. Thomas. IC Name: Age: Race [Human/Elf]: Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc.): Place of Residence: Martial Knowledge (if any): Skills: OOC MC Name: Skype ID:
  7. The Guild is gone!! The leader had died!! ~Golden Knights~ The golden Knights Are a small Group That seek Minas and land and to help the common man. The main Goal Of the golden Knights is simple to protect the common man and make minas and glory, defend what they think is right in the world as well as roads and becoming a merc group to one day claim land and build a small village and protect all roads from monsters. We shall Protect any man from beast or a bandit. We are here to make sure every man and woman of every race has a chance to make big Mians And that is why our starting pay is 40 mians a day!!!!!!! Send a Bird to Ser Hoska Grimson ((Kingaff96)) if ya wish to join -~-~-~Ranks~-~-~- ((General's)) ((Pay:100 per mc day)) There will be Two Generals with in the Golden knights there job is to make sure every thing is going smoothly with in the company and make plans for when war is to come they send out orders to the Officers it ranges from gather ores,logs to make sure each Squadron Is in tiptop shape ((Officers)) There Job is to make sure the units with in there Squadron Are trained and always have something to do From just patrolling to finding recruits to even making armor and weapons and even fighting monsters at night there are up to three types of officers Recruiters,Field Commanders,Resource ((Recruiters)) ((Pay 100 per eleven week)) There job is to go out and find new recruits to enlist They get paid the highest Out of the officers for they get 20 minas per recruit ((Field Commanders)) ((Pay:60 per mc day)) These guys handle The Units on the field they train The men to march on the field in formations And Train the men how to fight Ony the best out of the best can become one of these men For each Formation they train a Squadron in they gain 10 minas ((Resource Officers)) ((Pay:100 per elven week)) They Handel the amounts of ore or Resource's That come in. they keep track and watch the books and hand out the ore's and such to each Person that needs them they also gather groups of Recruits to go gather Resource's ((Footmen)) ((Pay:40 a mc day)) These guys are the backbone of the Unit They complete task And train daily to become the best of the best they seek out jobs for the unit or just trade agreements ((Recruits)) ((Pay:10 a mc day)) New men enlisted to seek glory or gain minas there pay starts off small but grows as they rank up ((Ps. seeking some one to make this look all fancy and what not i do not know how make these look great :/ Also seeking some one who can make nice skins)) ((OOC)) Ign: Is this a alt persona: Timezone: Skype: Teamspeak: Age((Optional)): ((Rp)) Name: Age: Reason to join: Race: ((Crafting and such)) Skills:
  8. "The Victorian Knights" The recently events of Courland's rebellion against Oren have troubled Ser Demetrios and King Aleksander Staunton. After a long meeting the two have decided to bring back an ancient Order of the Akritian kingdom, "The Victorian Knights". The Victorian Knights order was first founded by Justinian Komnenos to protect his land from the barbarian Turkins, the Order was disbanded after the loss of their capital and no one ever heard of the Order again. Now, Ser Demetrios Palaiologos has formed the Order once more, but this time to protect Courland against the Imperial forces. "This is a very emotional day today, I was given the opportunity and the privilege to reform an ancient Order of my homeland which is not destroyed." Ser Demetrios would say to his recruits. The Order's main priority is to defend Courland from ANY enemy forces that seek to harm the land or it's people. Any Courland can join the Order, but do YOU have what it takes to become a true knight of the Kingdom of Courland? -How to join the Order- To join the order you simply have to follow the following steps: 1) You must be male. 2) You must be 15+ years old 3) You must be Courlander. 4) You must complete the following form: =-=Recruitment Form=-= RP: Name: Age: Height: OOC: Minecraft name: Skype name: 5) Repeat the Oath after Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos: I,[Name] swear loyalty to Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos, I swear to protect Courland and those in need. I swear to give my last breath for Courland, King Aleksander and Ser Demetrios. ((This is NOT a PK clause)) The Order's seat is castle Pyrgos, located west from Riga. A cart should be outside from Riga soon that leads to castle Pyrgos.You will be given food, a room in the castle to stay and last but not least your starting equipment. ((I would appreciate if anti-Courlanders wouldn't comment on this post, as it would bring salt and toxicity. You have been warned, thank you very much!))
  9. The Visigian Vanguard “To Defend Until Death” - Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian, and Lord Vicar of the Church Purpose of Visigian Vanguard Standing quietly along the border of the Holy Orenian Empire, Visiga is part of Oren's first defense against any southern incursion. The holy lands, inhabited by the Pontifical state itself, seeking to cohesively form a line of fortitude against aggressors, has decided to assemble. Under the authority of Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian and Lord Vicar of the church, the Visigian Vanguard was formed. Henceforth, it is created as a stalwart force to be a bulwark for those who inhabit the lands and beyond. To fight for those who cannot. To defend until death. Ranks Constable: The Constable commands the Vanguard in its entirety, is a man who has proven himself to be an exceptional leader both at home and on the field, and the Viscounts Military hand. The Constable works closely with the Viscount of Balian to excel in his duties. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Second in command of the Vanguard, the Captain answers only to the Constable and is also responsible for maintaining the troops. His duties can range from keeping morale up to leading the men on the field of battle. Commander: Third in command of the Vanguard. They assist with keeping order within the ranks, and are often granted minor privileges and duties, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant: The sergeant is the well known solder in the Vanguard, and an Officer in training. runs the lower end ops. Man-At-Arms: The man-at-arms is no stranger to battle. These weathered veterans are expected to hold the line without fail, their ferocity and determination making them formidable opponents. Nothing less than complete obedience is expected of the man-at-arms. Footman: These soldiers are the backbone of the Vanguard. They are fully fledged soldiers that have had some experience in the military, and their presence is both a relief to their allies and a curse to their foes. Recruit: These men are the newest additions to the Vanguard. Most are lacking experience in any form of combat, and have yet to prove themselves. They will undergo trials and training until they can become Footmen. Medals Medal of Grievance: Considered the atonement medal; is given out to injured members of the Order who suffered their ailment during righteous battle Medal of the Stalwart: One of the highest of honour that could befall on a member of the Order the Medal of Stalwart is granted to those who have attained glory or surmounted a great feat. Joining the Visigian Vanguard Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Skype Name (can PM if needed): Do you have TeamSpeak, or are you willing to download it (will be used in battles and other activities)?: Timezone:
  10. Not Available anymore
  11. Scarlet Dawn A guild were all are accepted and none are judged were all types of work are needed from mighty swords men to the finest alchemist to even the smallest of farmhands we can take on any task and any job one might ask of Scarlet Dawn we trade, we fight and we will do any thing if the price is right .we can fill in shipments of armor to Lumber. Aswell guarding city's from bandits. We are scarlet dawn!! and we can Take On any task!!!! Ps. we also teach Magic and Sells goods Ranks Guild Master: The leader of the Guild They will decide all major choices of the guild Counicel member: Is A member of the Guilds Counicel That helps Run the guild And is also Head of a branch And will sort out quest into tiers Quest Finder: Members who go around looking for Jobs for the guild And Trade Recruiter: One who go's out an recruits for the guild Officer: Takes Charge is the counicel member is away and gives out quest ((With permission from Counicel member If online)) Teir 3 Quester: Highly Expeinced Questers that take on the mightyist Quest The elite of the elite Teir 2 Quester: A More Exprince quester that takes on more commen quest Teir 1 Quester: A new meber of the guild that take on small quest The guild Is one of many We look for Adventure. We trade. we may serve as guards for a city or a caravan or just as reinforcements in battle ,we can also find out info or scout out a place if you want. we teach magic as well as Study it.We can Build Or destroy. Name what you want and we will name a price. we will only recruit the finest of people so make your app good. We Are Scarlet Dawn and We can take on any task!!((We will recruit One Officer,Recruiter,Quest finder Starting off after that you will start off as a tier 1 quester) Application ooc mc name: Age: Country: How offen can you be on: Ic Name: Perfeshions: What you are applying for((limmited time)): Why should we recruit you?((Please give us a vaild reasion must be atlest 3 sentnces atlest)): Are you in any Curent guilds?: Are you willing to what ever it takes to get a job done right?: Race((It Dosnt matter just nice to know)):
  12. *A note is left on every notice board,house door,shop saying the folowing*" To all who wish to Make coin,gain honor,power or wish to make a name for there self But live in the shadow's or work in them place.Or just to learn magic, gain land,knowledge or to seek some one's death bed. Or just want some one to neel at your feet. Then just place a torch out side of your home and we will contact you. Follow The call of darkness and Power that one might seek or maybe you seek coin then join and your wish's will be granted as long as you stay loyal to the black crown Rank's Black crown -leader of the guild Head blade - They handle giving out order's to the rest of the guild Black knight - Do alot of the small thing's but are the basic soldier's of the guild Shadow -One that is there to be nor seen or heard but is to do as asked also sent on assassination missions (basically a dark knight in training) Slaver - They handle the slaves of the guild and make sure they do there work((will only have vary few of them it is the same rank as a shadow))but will be sent out to capture new slaves Dark minion- They are the newly accepted member's of the guild and will be sent to rob people follower - They are trying to prove them self's worthy of joining Reason the guild was made: To keep the good at edge to give all of these's new guard groups a job and to give city guard's a reason to patrol there area and there road's. to keep them on edge. and to add more rp. And spice up the whole every one wanting to be a good guy or the next hero it's getting quite annoying Reason for joining the guild: to kill some people/rob them to keep the bad guy's alive .To make people fear you or just to seek knowledge,power,land,honor the chose is up to you App OOC mine craft username: do you have have Skype (leave Skype name if yes) or ts: Country: Age: IC Age: Name: Reason for joining: Are in any other guild if so what guild: none lol Can you use magic? Race((all thought it dosn't matter )): Combat skills: Extra info you wish to share:
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