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  1. WAGH BE UPON YE Degenerates of Evil Hohkmat, Lurin, Petra. The three degenerate nations that allow Voidal Magic to corrupt their minds so greatly, that they have become degenerates. They hold bathhouse parties where naked elves roam and encourage acts that should not be spoken of. This Ends, Today. If one wishes to bathe, do so within your own home. If one wishes to do acts unspoken of, do so within reach of the SkyGods, not us common folk. If one wishes to challenge this claim and order, you may duel me. DEATH TO THE DEGENERATES! If anyone wishes to aid me, send me a letter. SIGNED, Grimruk’Lur, Chieftain and Axe of Clan Lur. A Goth of Ogh-Dhoraz, A Goth of San’Yarrow agh Casa De Lur, Flatter ob Degeneracy, Steel-Wolf of Clan Lur.
  2. [!] Such flyers are scattered all about Aevos though never on a notice board. Nailed to tavern tables, hammered into trees, and even sitting neatly on the table of several unlocked homes--how they're found is just as odd as their contents. 𝕀𝕟 ℕ𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕒 𝔾𝕆𝔹𝕃𝕀ℕ Must Be: Dramatic Obnoxious Able to handle possible attempts to harm them Whatever goblins finds themselves adequately skilled will be pleased to know that I only need their services once. While I doubt you will be the one people may wish to harm, it is a possibility. *Please note that I am not liable for any injuries or loss of limbs* There will be a wig and costume you will be expected to acquire but that can be added into the price. Props are not needed though your commitment would be admired. Payment to be negotiated. Details to be discussed upon agreement. If interested, send a bird to... ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔫 𝔇𝔞𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔞𝔯 (Celetial_Bleh)
  3. IN THE NAME OF THE HERD Gather , my bruddahs of horn and hoof, for our clan, for our herd, faces the plague of sin and the loss of valiant warriors. Let us hone the blades atop our heads to a razor's edge, strengthen our hooves for the coming challenge, and wear our scars of Karazept in pride. The time has come for the sons of Iblees to taste the searing fury of the Brazen Bull. In the sacred name of Qarkah, blessed be his name, Clan Ugluk asserts dominion over the blarg; ‘Beastslayer’s den’ and will host a meeting of smoke and flame underneath its canopy. Should any challenge this rightful claim, their axe may rise against our formidable Bullgoth, or myself. ♫ CLAN MEETING Friday, 17th of May, 3PM EST
  4. ORIGIN The Orcs of Clan Ugluk trace their lineage back to the formidable Gorkil bloodline, born of the mighty Krug and twinned by the wild Lur. Emerging as a force to be reckoned with, the first chieftain, Pok, descendant of Ugluk, carved a path of glory through triumphant battles. His exploits caught the attention of Rex Mogroka’Gorkil, who acknowledged the legitimacy of his bloodline, thereby granting Clan Ugluk the status of an independent and respected clan. HISTORY “Burn it, burn all of it. Don’t stop until their children will only remember the flames, nothing else.” TRADITION AND FAITH Follow your Horns, Carve your Path Clan Ugluk thrives as a semi-nomadic society, drawing provisions from their great and impressive livestock and bolstering their resources through frequent raids on enemies. To be counted among the Ugluk is to embrace the spirit of the warrior above all else, leaving all other pursuits of life to secondary importance. Yet, amidst battle and war, the Ugluks hold a profound favour to the artistic expression, whether it be through song or the stroke of a paintbrush. Central to the orcs of Ugluk is the guiding principle of “Two-Horns”, a philosophy steeped into the belief that through competition and conflict, the collective strength of orcs flourishes. At the helm of this doctrine stand the revered patron spirits of Ugluk; Karazept and Qarkah, whose guidance influences the very heart of Ugluk society. “TWO HORNS” PHILOSOPHY One sick bull is a sick herd. The concept of the ‘Two-Horns’ philosophy embodies the karmic power of individual actions within the collective consciousness of the orcish society. When one orc succumbs to laziness, a ripple effect ensues leading to a widespread stagnation that stops progress. Similarly, deviations from cultural norms, such as a goblin speaking common tongue or an orc renouncing allegiance to Krug, disrupt the delicate balance within the community, resulting in unpredictable shifts of behavior. When an orc succumbs to such negative behavior, the karma can be returned to balance in two ways; self mutilation or the sacrifice of the foreign race in the flames of Qarkah. These are the true horns of Ugluk philosophy; to better yourself through pain and conflict, and to to better society through the ritualistic slaughter of the cowardly races. The sharp horn and the long horn. SPIRIT PANTHEON QARKAH Qarkah is the spirit of Culling and Immolation, a lesser spirit under Leyd. Qarkah takes the form of a huge bronze bovine engulfed in flame. Qarkah is worshipped using the Brazen Bull, a bronze bull large enough to contain many men, elves and dwarves alike. Victims are placed inside, and a fire underneath sets them to boil alive in their own fluids. Steam from the bull’s nostril mimics the sound of a cow’s stream, making the sight ever more violent. Qarkah embodies the belief that orcs are strengthened by eliminating non-orcs from their society, representing the second horn of Ugluk philosophy. KARAZEPT Karazept is the Spirit of Scarification and Mutilation, a lesser spirit under Krathol. Karazept appears as a man covered in scars and an animal skull for a head. The preferred form of scarification within the Ugluk clan is through branding, generally the same brands used on their cattle. These brands are made to mimic the simple glyphs of the ‘Kad-Kidari’, the ancient tongue of the Ugluk clan believed to have originated in the days of Morghuun Karazept represents the first horn of Ugluk; the idea that you may become stronger by experiencing pain and conflict. Stories are told from the lines on your flesh, and these scars tell other orcs of your deeds and accomplishments. PHYSIOLOGY The members of Clan Ugluk are a striking sight, towering in stature, adorned with scars, burns and clad in either bronze armour, or the bareness of their formidable physique. Their skin bears a signature colour of green, a gradient of the deep tones of the ancient Gorkils, to the more lightened tones of their newer bloodlines. Yet, there are those who boast human-like or sand-toned skin, brazen and dull. Born in a warrior clan, the Ugluk orcs are bred for battle from the moment they draw their first roar. Their muscles hardened, their minds ever-sharp, a testament to a lifetime of readiness in conflict. Proudly displayed are their weapons, each one a reflection of the dub’horn path. CURRENT ROSTER: Those that walk by us in the desert. BULLGOTH: Skorkon’Ugluk “The Minotaur” @Vilebranch BULLS: Ughûr’Ugluk, Aggad’Ugluk, Zavar’Ugluk, Obok’Ugluk, Ugzak’Ugluk @Jihnyny @Perkins@ColonelKuehl1@Wulfric @Wizzar DISCORD: Special thanks to @Vilebranchfor the referances and inspiration behind the post
  5. @siglms_ Mi challenge the honor of Krimpgoth agh hiz decizion, uzing the negleckful example of the foreign Onizhiman Uruks, and pardoning the Petra whitewazh whoze faith iz in the burs gods of Krug's enemies, agh who iz nub committed to the zacred zpirit of Krug, the Old Popo and Spirit Popo. A collectiun of beliefz is more like a confuzed zpirit than one who grukz its purpose. Any Orc that does not conform to the path ub Krug and their ancestors is lozt and haz fallen to the darknezz. I intend to challunj Druz the Krimpgoth to an honor klomp until he exhibits regret for his actions and seeks absolution in Krug and the Ancestor Spirits. Forgiving a deluzional brudda is nub an act of compazzion but rather an affirmation of their diztorted world-peep and collekted religiouz beliefz. A zon of Krug ought to remain wit hiz kin and blood family who can better protect and guide him in life. If there is no honor among blood-bound relativez, then the blessingz of Krug have been lost from the Uzg. Unfortuunatly, an Elder haz to be the only ash to uphold the remaining honor among blood bruddas. Name the tik agh plaze. [This is a challenge to the spirit of the Krimpgoth decision to pardon Gob Ztabba-Zniffa (@MrMojoMordor) of Whitewash status despite his lack of faith in Krug and absence from the Fatherland of the Desert. If the Krimpgoth reverses his decision, the challenge will be resolved. It is not an attempt to claim the role of Krimpgoth.]
  6. Bruddahz Room - Drayk Intru (Da Zkah Twigie) Karin'ayla? Ti, I just roamed in Ti, I'm ayla, nae still working? This ker, right now? Did I go out? Ti, I went out, I went I went to a couple of taverns I never ciw, shit Wine or water? Did you say something about a cold drink? I don't know I'm delirious Verz Azh Kupz of da mawzy Breederz in mi old burd Mi zhud blah azh agh go blarg Mi been in dis klub tu long The breedah dat mi wud zkah Iz hozh wid azh albai But mi bi drinkin bub’much Dat mi blah ‘er eniway agh blah Koruz Zkah dat breedah dat lat lub zo bad Mi knub lat ztill tink ‘bout da tymez wi ‘ad Mi blah zkah dat breedah dat lat tink lat found Agh zins lat blah bak, mi kno ‘e’z nub arownd, nub, nub Pozt - Koruz Iz latz azleep ryght nuw? Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Blah mi, hab lat ‘erd dat leytli? Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Agh mi ztart ‘eytin’ onlee if lat meyk mi Verz Dub Uh, kupz of da krugamine All mi bruddahz been ‘ere Mi peep all of ziztahz ‘ere Mi tink zhe nub hab da tyme to kik it nub moor Klompz in da mornin’ Wub lat dewin’ datz zo important? Mi bi drinkin’ bub’muzh Dat mi blah ‘er eniway agh blah Koruz Zkah dat breedah dat lat lub zo bad Mi knub lat ztill tink ‘bout da tymez wi ‘ad Mi blah zkal dat breedah dat lat tink lat found Agh zins lat blah bak, mi kno ‘e’z nub arownd, nub, nub Pozt - Koruz (Iz latz azleep ryght nuw?) Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Blah mi, hab lat ‘erd dat leytli? Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Agh mi ztart ‘eytin’ onlee if lat meyk mi Verz Gakh Mi tink mi addikted tu zkah latz momo Agh zkah latz ziztah mi onze ‘ad Mi nub tink mi konzuiz uf meykin’ nubdedz Owt da breedahz mi zponzor til it all goez nub’hozh But, zkah, iz all hozh Wi meyd azh par-ti, yub, we meyd azh par-ti, Pinkiehz keym ovur, yub, we meyd azh par-ti Mi wuz juzt blahin’ kuz dey were juzt leavin’ Blah tu mi, pliz, nuh hab much tu beliv in Mi need lat ryght nuw, latz down tu lizten tu mi? Tu meni krugamine hab been giben tu mi Mi gu zom breedahz datz livin’ uf mi Peyd fur latz fliytz agh ‘otelz, mi azeymd Bet lat kno’ dem, mi nub blah nub neymz. Aftur agh wyle, dey all zeem da zeym Mi zkah latz momo diz week, mi egzpleyn Hab agh nub’hozh tyme, adjuztin’ tu feym Krugamine in dere mikst up Mi been blahin’ kreyzi, mi glad dat lat pikt up Hozh dat lat zteyd on Mi need zomeazh to put diz weyt on Zkah, mi zorri… Pozt - Koruz (Iz latz azleep ryght nuw?) Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Blah me, hab lat ‘erd dat leytli? Mi blah lat cud dew bettur Agh mi ztart ‘eytin’ onlee if lat meyk mi Interlood Latz nub komin’? Mi guez mi juzt ztay ‘here den. Outro Juzt zkah latz momo ‘er ziztah blah “Latz urukz kreyzi”, mi ‘op nub azh ‘erd dat. Yub, mi ‘op nub azh ‘erd dat. Kuz if dey did, mi gon’ bi in zum trubl, yub If dey did, mi gon’ bi in zum trubl, Nub Futnot Lat flat Drayk'z uruk hart, lat hab hozh fun wid latz nub'ztrong twigie, mil will klomp 'im latur. Mi in mi feelingz...zkah latz momo twigie.
  7. [!] In the edge of the great desert, within the oasis, a young Uruk takes a rush to find a roll of cacti paper and spare ink. Upon sitting down by his growing Gorkil-Boar, the child began scribbling and writing with rush and haste. His first ever missive. [!] _________________________________________________________________________ Throm’ka coalrexes agh the like. Mi write this post, agh share it with mi gobbo bruddahs to spread, because mi is so, so SO bored of lats. Mi popo ashed blah’d “Lats will be a hosh warrior soon!” But that shits cannub happen if lats nuber klomp! Every raid mi went on so far, is coalition hiding. Maybe lats should raid for ashs! Afterall, burddah Rex blah’s “pinkiez breed like rabbitz” So there should be no numba issue! Please start raiding agh klomping us Coalition. Agh throw some kubbies into the roster for mi to klomp personally. _________________________________________________________________________ SINED, Thraaluk'Gorkil ob THE Gorkil Klan
  8. The sharp winds of the desert fly past the Targoths shoulders as he rides his great Lur Wolf This is held as a warning to those who think they may reside within the boundaries of the holy desert with no payment, no tribute, and no respect. Today is the day that many have rethought their underestimations of the Iron Horde and the great Veletz. Today is the day the Horde captured 500 Hyspians straight from their city, as their King, not even bothered to come save them, set for Veletz with his Haenseni zkah-friends. A day of victory that will be remembered as the day that set the Orcs back into motion, a day that set the Orcs officially on a straightened path. Though Hyspia and Haense planned to hold no mercy or honor, all 500 Hyspians were set free, with the punishment of a brand of my clan burned into their foreheads. So hear my words, Cesar II. Those 500 Hyspians and Warriors that I call sheep were all too small to hunt for the likes of my wolves. Leave these lands, pick up all those ugly bricks you have placed, and lay home somewhere else. For my great power, given to me by the Rex as I am Targoth, will smite all Hyspians from the holy land. Men and women will be slain or put to work, and though children are the future, they will be met with our culture instead of yours, and so; Your culture will fall to extinction. GLOZAG’VOTAR! SIGNED, Rex Grommash Rex of the Iron Horde, Speaker for the Iron Horde, Goth ob San’Briu. Targoth Grimruk’Lur Targoth of the Krug’hai, Wargoth of Clan Lur.
  9. “Mi love the name ob Honor more than mi fear flat, does latz?” Hear this mi bruddahs. The Wargoth, the Kukaal grukked as Ixula’Akaal has nub showed in answer to the challenge he had accepted. For his once known fearless reputation seems to be ash of scam. It has been around three years, a year overdue of the tik mi has given him, since he has accepted mi challenge. Mi gave him tik in response to his begging for mercy, his begging of mercy to allow him to say gug’ye to his kubs. It has been far too long. Agh so, this message is to lats, Ixula’Akaal, Waghgoth to Waghgoth, lats hold a week to face mi, or mi will end lats honorless life, agh curse lats to nuber peep the stargush. SIGNED, GRIMRUK’LUR.
  10. THE KRUG'HAI “GLORY TO THE HORDE, GLORY TO KRUG’S PEOPLE!” THE TOP RANKS REX Grommash The Rex is the supreme leader of the Horde and the Krug’hai alike. TARGOTH Grimruk’Lur The most Targoths there have been in Orcish history have been two. These orcs are in charge of the Krug’hai and answer to the Rex specifically. Their responsibility is to ensure that every orc is fit to fight and that every orc is trained properly. KESHIG [REDACTED] Though not led by the Targoth, the Keshig are members of the Krug’hai respectively. They are supreme bodyguards that form a protective vanguard for the Rex himself, and answer to him only. These orcs are in charge of special operations, escorts and overall protective duties for the Rex. WAGHBOSS Himdokh'Azog, Udecc'Yar, Kho'Gorkil, Mohg'Mog The Waghbosses are in charge of setting up training, aiding in the Targoths endeavors, and are fit enough to lead battalions into battle. These orcs are tasked with recruitment and making sure honor is held up within the ranks of the Krug’hai. These orcs are chosen by the Targoth and have the right to punish others for disobedience. THE LESSER RANKS NOBZ (30 pts.) “FLATZ ‘EM ALL!” The ‘Nobz’ are the top warriors within the lesser ranks. They have proven themselves through battle and are veterans within the Krug’hai. They are in charge of helping the Waghbosses when required to. They also have the right to ask the Targoth about becoming a Waghboss and to punish those for disobedience. GRUNTS (15 pts.) “ANG GUND GRIIZH!” No longer are these Orcs the meat shields of the Krughai, for they have proven themselves to be honorable warriors. The Grunts of the Krug’hai form the standard infantry, cavalry, and so on. RUNTS (0 pts.) “GYET AT ‘EM!” Runtz are made up of the lesser kind, or they are new to the Krug’hai militia. These orcs have yet to prove themselves to be honorable orcish warriors and are sent into battle as meatshields to prove themselves. ON PROMOTION To be promoted in the Krug'hai, a person has to either be an honorary, on the path to being one or be of Orcish descent. They too must prove their value in combat, earn points, or perform an outstanding act that will cause the Targoth to personally promote them. POINT SYSTEM To become a Waghboss, you must rise through the ranks, coming from a Runt, then to Nob, respectively. Only then will one be able to have the right to challenge a Waghboss into a Hur’Mauk. A trial will be held to be promoted after earning 15 points. WINNING OFFICIAL HUR’MAUK: 1 point(s) ATTENDED BATTLE: 2 point(s) PROVEN KILL : 3 point(s) KILL OF ENEMY LEADER: 5 point(s) THE CODES AND OATH THE OATH GIVEN TO GRUNTZ “MI HONOR WILL UPHOLD, MI MIGHT WILL NUB BE FORGOTTEN. MI GLORY WILL BE SPREAD, MI ACTIONS WILL NUB BE FORGIVEN. GLORY BE TO THE HORDE, GLORY BE TO KRUG’Z PEOPLE!” CODES: AZH (I) “SHOW HONOR AT ALL TIMES” DUB (II) “UPHOLD THE FAITH OF THE SPIRITS” GAKH (III) “MURDER OUTSIDE BATTLE IS HONORLESS” FUTH (IV) “PLUNDER BELONGS TO THE VICTOR” H’ (V) “RESPECT THOSE THAT HAVE EARNED IT” SIGNED, GRIMRUK’LUR WARGOTH OF CLAN LUR, TARGOTH OF THE IRON HORDE, AXE OF CLAN LUR, STEEL-WOLF OF CLAN LUR, GOTH OF SAN’YARROW, GOTH OB CASA DE LUR
  11. THE WILL OF A CONQUERER Come Urukiim, become one with the horde. Raise your blade and bow, use your strength for KRUG’s glory. The Wargoth sat upon a great and tall tree, a tree he had climbed as a challenge for himself. Up within the gracious and damp leaves of the grand flora, Grimruk fell to thought. He spoke with the spirits, confiding in them and giving his questions, remarks, and trivia. “Fiarza, give mi a zign.” His voice echoed throughout the great winds that came from behind him. Silence fell upon the jungle, and within that moment, a shadow of great proportion had taken over his spot, causing his skin to cool. His brown eyes set themselves upon the origin of such a proud sign, and there it was. A hawk like no other flew overhead, letting out a call that shook the very branches Grimruk held his balance on. The grand beast then was swallowed up by the grand sky, turning into a cloud that struck thunder into the river and kept his people from thirst. Grimruk understood. “MI!” The proud Lur Wargoth then called, atop the horn of yar. “MI WILL LEAD UZ TO VICTORY!” His axe rose itself into the air. “OUR PEOPLE WILL NUB COWAR AGAINZT LEZZERZ ANY LONGER!” His roars became ever mightier with each word spoken. “WITH MI AZ TARGOTH, WE, WE WILL BRING GLORY TO THE HORDE!” The winds that had once met him atop a tree arrived once again. The strong currents were clashing against the firepit before him. “WE ALL, WILL BRING VICTORY! LOOT! AGH HONOUR TO OUR PEOPLEZ!” The winds had overtaken the flames now, causing them to fall silent for one moment. “WWWWWAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” His roar was now at its peak, and the air currents that brought about the flames expulsion,, now caused its grand eruption.
  12. VASSALISATION OF REDCLYF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRELUDE After loyal and brave service to the Iron Horde, having fought in the Elven Jungle War of 1944 and then later in the Orcish Civil War of 1948 on the side of Rex Grubnakh, the people of Redclyf have proven themselves worthy allies and comrades to the Horde, being above the lies people spread of their people. As a testament to the friendship between Redclyfians and the Urukim, the people of Redclyf shall be granted lands within the Horde which they shall call their own. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE I - VASSALAGE The Peoples of Redclyf shall enter into a vassalage agreement with the Iron Horde, with the intent of forming the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania. ARTICLE II - TITLES The Iron Horde recognizes Hannes Steelguard as the rightful duke of Redclyf-Rozania and shall allow his house to maintain their rightful titles, such as Duke of Redclyf-Rozania etc. ARTICLE III - LAND The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall be granted the lands stretching along the coasts of the Iron Horde (desert_4) where they will erect a coastal town to serve as the capital to their Duchy. They shall also have the right to form their own vassals within these lands. ARTICLE IV - TAXES The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall pay the Rex of the Iron Horde 350 minas which shall cover not only the upkeep of the territories yet also to strengthen the coffers of the Iron Horde. ARTICLE V - LAWS The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall have the right and privilege of Autonomy, allowing them to form their own laws and conduct their own forms of punishment regarding crimes for as long as it does not contradict the laws of the Horde. ARTICLE VI - MILITARY The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania has the right to have their own standing force, acting as the Duchy’s shield and spear. This force goes by the name of the Friedrichian Band which also has the right to fight in foreign wars as a mercenary band. When war breaks out, the Friedrichian Band shall fall under the authority of the Rex to fight in the horde's wars. ARTICLE VII - DIPLOMACY The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania is allowed leniency regarding their own diplomacy. While ultimately being under the Iron Horde as a vassal, they shall have the privilege of forming non militaristic treaties with nations and states. The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania is also required to take part in the Iron Horde’s wars and conflicts on the side of the Iron Horde. ARTICLE VIII - FAITH The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall have the right to practice their own faith within the walls of their capital and homes, founded on the principle of live and let live. The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall not be allowed to attempt to convert any Urukim or honorary to their faith. ARTICLE IX - OATH The Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania shall swear oaths of loyalty to the Iron Horde and the Rex of the Iron Horde, which shall be renewed upon the succession of a new Rex. The breaking of such Oaths may result in the revocation to this land. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, REX Grubnakh the Wizard DUKE OF REDCLYF-ROZANIA, GRANDMASTER OF THE FRIEDRICHIAN BAND, “THE ONE MARKED FOR DEATH”
  13. THE TONGUE OF ORCS Krimpgoth Grimruk’Lur Within the desert of the orcs you hear them converse, speak to one another. Though the tongue sounds foul, it feels familiar. ♪♫♪ ON THE BLAH The Blah, also known simply as ‘Blah’. Is a tongue coming from the lands of Aegis. Due to the cultural isolation of the orcs, they developed their own language outside of common, taking slight inspiration from the shamanic language ‘Old Blah’. This language is quite foul, taking advantage of the Orcish grunts and deeper vocals. The Blah can be spoken with a thick accent, however, with the Orcs leaving their isolation over the years, the accent has begun to die down. Most Orcs of today's Aevos speak in a more straightforward and, arguably, more understandable accent. CULTURAL INFLUENCE Though Blah is not mandatory in this day and age, it is still expected and seen as respect to speak to another bruddah in the tongue. Greeting a Rex or a Wargoth with the word ‘Throm’ka’ gives a good impression of the respect you give to those who are stronger than you. UNDERSTANDING BLAH Blah may prove some difficulty to speak and to understand at first, as with any language. However, Blah is a sub-tongue of Common, meaning that it shares a great similarity with the language of other descendants. For example, if one were to say, “Hello, how do you do?” An Orc would say, “Ug, how does lats do?" However, due to the mighty tusks and jaws of the Orcish kind, their accent may seem harsh. Their soft 's' may turn into a stronger 'z', and their ‘the’ might turn into a ‘da’. For the average orc, it takes quite some practice to speak in a calmer accent for other descendants. GENERAL BLAH PHRASES THE BASICS “Ug” Hello, Hail, Greetings. “Throm’Ka” Formal Greeting. “Gug’ye” Goodbye “Rulg” Thank You “Dabu” Thank You, Formal. “Yub” Yes “Nub” No “Ukee” Okay “Hozh” Good “Bub’Hozh” Great, Large “Nub’Hozh” Not Good. “Lat” You “Latz” You, You’re “Mi” Me, I “Mi’z” I am “Gruk” Think, Know, Understand. “Grukkage” Knowledge “Peep” See “Agh” And “Azhzt” First “Wagh” War “Klomp” Fight “Grog” Drink DESCRIPTIONS AND NUMBERS “Mojo” Magic “Buurz” Black, Dark “Zkah, Zaahkah” Curse Words “Uzg” Land, World “Goi” City “Grish” Blood “Luzk” Axe “Zult” Sword “Ztik” Staff “O’lig” Bow “Shaatii” Spear “Duf” Knife “Shakop” Mace “Af-Pilik” Tomahawk “Kruklak” Crossbow “Flakas” Sling “Smasha” Hammer “Blarg” Home “Peepurz” Eyes “Grukker” Head, Brain “Puzhdug” Stinky “Krimp” Capture, Stun, Control “Azh” One “Dub” Two “Gakh” Three “Futh” Four “H’” Five “H’azh” Six “H’dub” Seven “H’Gakh” Eight “H’Futh” Nine “Azhty” Ten PEOPLE AND ANIMALS “Twiggie, Albai” Elf “Pinkie, Zhara” Human “Ztout, Gazat” Dwarf “Half-Ztout, Zquealz” Halfling “Uruk” Orc “Quick-Flat” Non-Orc “Bruddah” Horde Orc “Honorary” Honorary Orc “Nubflat” Undead “Shomo, Zhomo” Shaman “Tunzantar” Tinkerer “Znaga” Slave “Momo” Mother “Popo” Father “Kub, Kubbie” Child “Klan” Clan “Buub” Pig “Howlur” Wolf “Birb” Bird “Goth” Lord “Rex” King “Waghgoth” Warlord “Glob” Idiot, Fool “Grub” Food
  14. CLAIM TO WARGOTH ON THE CURRENT WARGOTH Madoc has served the clan greatly under his title as Wargoth. Taking it from Yarrow’Lur and her inactivity, the Uruk took an attempt to bring it back. Though Madoc holds experience, knowledge and political demeanor far above my skill, I believe that it is now time for strength and show of power, not political prowess. MY CLAIM TO WARGOTH I believe myself to be one of the strongest Orcs within the Horde at this current moment. A bold statement, however, all the recent fights and my still strong tusks speak the truth. You all know me to be young, many Uruks, specifically of the Akaal call me a child, even though I have beaten them all in one to one combat. I believe that my future is not of one to follow, but of one to lead. Lead great battles, great pilgrimages and bring the Orcs, Lur specifically, to ultimate glory. As my ancestors before me, Leydluk’Raguk and Akrukil’Lur had done. THE CHALLENGE We will fight. Not to the death, but in a Hur’Mauk. We will both choose weapons of equal make as the ancient tradition follows. The fight will end upon the making of a vicious wound, or the yielding of another. As I hold great respect to you, I will allow you to choose the choice of weaponry. Glozag’Votar The hunt guides us to fortune! SIGNED, Grimruk’Lur, ‘Righteous Steel-Wolf’ Chieftain and Axe of Clan Lur, Krimpgoth of the Iron Horde. 152, S.A
  15. TO THOSE THAT ARE NOT WORTHY Krimpgoth Grimruk’Lur You strayed off the path, though you gain another chance. Take my hand child, follow the path once more. This year has been a challenging one, both literally and figuratively. Though I, with a fair zult giving to me by my clansman, have slayed the elf that had challenged me. His head will soon meet the failed and whitewashed folk and tell the tale of what happens when you cross an Uruk between him and his destiny. Our goi has been cursed and poisoned by foul elves that claim themselves to be honorary. But they do not reside with us, do not fight with us, do not respect our culture, and do not speak our tongue or share our name. With cowardice and malice, they betrayed us and stabbed our kind in the back, causing some to fall. To prevent this from happening once again. New trials will begin, and titles will be stripped. If your name is not listed, you are to face me, and do the trials again. OBOK’UGLUK “Honor and Loyalty is never-ending to this one.” MINTO’LUR “His size is little, yet his power is great.” SLITH’UNGRI “Loyal, clever and upholding of his tradition.” TOAD’YAR “Wargoth of great ambition. The eldest of them all.”
  16. Atop the great desert of the horde, Thraak, the young and notorious warrior who took tribute from every lesser he could find, had left his head behind in a pool of blood. His body was nowhere to be found. His nose was caved in, and his brow was cracked open by a great blow that ended his life. He was finally free to enter the Stargush. Thraak was violent in life, and his death was the same. However, he never expected his death to be one of dishonor. It is something his youth of sixteen gave him false hope in. The Uruk, though they had beaten many brothers and sisters, even elves and other races, had never encountered true dishonor in battle. For the first time, he was unprepared, only holding a shortbow and a longsword, which he had not put to use. The fight was incredibly one-sided, with the Uruk only trading one blow before his death. Outnumbered and dishonored, in the end his body fell into the sand, and his chest caved in. Despite his youth, he fought till the end. He came, he Saw, he Conquered. Lup’Thraak The Taker of Tribute
  17. On the 14th of Snow's Maiden, year 140 of the second age a son of a krug exploring the deserts of krugmar encountered a great mountain, stretching beyond the clouds..... It was taunting the orc, he looked at it with his bloody red eyes and trough the sharp hot wind he felt that it was looking back at hime, this stare mate lasted for only moments before the orc decided to climb the mountain with his bare hands, the steep mountain presented itself with challanges to the orc. The orc faced the strong dry winds hitting hime, attempting to knock down the orc from the mountain, The orc faced the steep rocks of the mountain refusing to present itself with steady steps to climb upon, The orc faced scorpions and snakes attempting to devour hime, but as a true child or Krug he devoured them, he faced the strong rays of the shun taunting hime on his climb..... But after a unkown amount of days and nights the orc did it he climbed the mountain and conquered it and as he did he screamed to the mountain: "WAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!!, MI defeated lat, Lat ez conquered by me, lat tried to kill me but me neva give up, remember my name, NAZGOUL'LAK!!!!!!, And mi name lat in honor of my conquest tha mighty name Mount Goul" [ooc info] where the mountain can be found:
  18. The Lur clan originates from one of Krug’s original sons, and so, as with the other ‘legacy clans’ , the Lur clan has followed their ancestry line for centuries. However, with the recent troubles, this has stopped among all clans. Lur will take this upon themselves to continue their orcish legacy and write the history of both their ancestors and future descendants. The Lur clan is divided into five bloodlines. Each of these bloodlines comes from the heroes of the great age. They are each led by an elder of the clan, a descendant, and a blooded member of the clan. They are split as follows: THE FIST OF LUR ELDER: n|a The descendants of TOR are known to be calm and calculating. They are perhaps the strongest, and most intelligent out of the bloodlines. Their minds are powerful, as much as their strength. THE AXE OF LUR ELDER: n|a The descendants of BRALKOR are most known for being stubborn and rash, their size is larger than other Lurs and they commonly value Honor above all. They view themselves as an always improving warrior. THE WOLF OF LUR ELDER: Madoc’Lur | @Sewer_Rat The descendants of KURAK and their natural instincts are savage, wild yet, their loyalty cannot be unbeaten, and their trust never broken. The largest of all bloodlines and the most violent. THE SWORD OF LUR ELDER: Azfrai’Lur | @Plummius_ The descendants of JARKAN, show to be the most agile of Lur’s. Preferring to be fast in the wind, they tend to take high risks to fill their need for speed. THE TRICKSTER ELDER: n|a The descendants of TRICKSTER are the wisest of the clan. Commonly preferring to be the diplomat, using words instead of violence. Due to Trickster being a goblin, this clan is the smallest of the Lurs. CLAN ELDERS The clan’s elders are the leaders of each bloodline. These are the orcs that take over their bloodline and represent it for the clan. It is their duty to make sure the bloodline remains and does not end. These are more than likely orcs that have proved themselves, with either heroic acts or with great wisdom. The Lur clan is a traditional clan. And as such, they kept to the similar hierarchy of other clans. The Wargoth is the leader of the clan; their job is to follow the clan’s traditions and make sure the clan keeps its honor and glory. The Chieftain’s job is to take care of the members, second in command to the Wargoth, in case the Wargoth is unavailable. The Elders are in charge of the bloodlines; their job is to teach the younger clan members, and to help the clan reach its goals. The Packmaster is the role of the orc that takes care of beasts, Lur wolves, and clan activities. The Hunter is the basic role of the clan, given to an official Lur once they have completed all their trials. WARGOTH CHIEFTAIN ELDER PACKMASTER HUNTER
  19. We are the Hunters, the Enemy is Our Prey The children of Lur are not footmen, they are hunters. Known for their great instincts to track and hunt, tame, and overcome all beasts. The members of Clan Lur also pride themselves on withholding their cursed bloodlust, keeping themselves calm with the thrill and violence of a hunt. With the help of their companions, the ancient Lur Wolves, they thrive to become the best at any skill they overtake. With the help of the hunt, the calm brothers and sisters of Lur showcased their honor more than any clan, which helped form their strict code. Lur was a smaller orc than others, and he was made fun of for his size. However, this did not stop him from reaching his goal, making him the greatest hunter and beast tamer that had ever lived. Lurs are historically smaller than other orcs, both in height and in muscle mass. This helps them move faster through denser areas, and be more agile against a great beast. Unlike other clans, which have blessed themselves with the help of the spirits, pure-blooded Lurs remain green. The Lur clan was formed by the greater ancestor, Lur, one of the sons of Krug. Their culture has great depth, for they are one of the oldest clans still alive today. Dating back to the times of Gorkil, Azog, and Ugluk. The Lur hold a great bond with a mount that has followed them back to the founding of the clan, the Great Lur Wolves. They are highly intelligent beasts, and only follow their masters. Some say that the Great Wolves and the Lurs are spiritually bonded. The bond between the two, helps the Lurs in hunts and beast taming, which their ancestor Lur was known for. Due to the clan's history dating back to the age of heroes, Clan Lur follows its ancestry dearly. A tradition now forgotten by all orcs is, however, being brought back by the clan. The greatest honor for a Lur is to die in a hunt or in battle. Upon death, Clan Lur believes that Kor will bring them to Votar, who will introduce them to their great ancestor Lur, so they can hunt together in the great spiritual hunting plains for eternity. “ Without tradition, we forget who we is, stay true to latself ” THE TRIAL OF THE HUNT Honor is sacred in the clan. For if one breaks the code and shows no honor, the clan will impose punishment on the honorless. The honorless orc will be placed on the hunting grounds, alone and bound. There, the clan will begin preparing their spears and axes to hunt them down. Once the clan is ready, the honorless are released and given the right to flee like a wild animal. It is then, the clan begins their hunt. If the honorless have the ability to outrun the great clan, then they are seen as innocent in the eyes of Votar. However, if they are caught, they are to be a sacrifice to the spirit. COMING OF AGE Once the blooded Lur has reached the age of 13 they are introduced to a Lur wolf pup. Then, the wolf and the young Lur are sent into the most dangerous part of the wild in the coming days to prove that the time of weakness and innocence is over and that it is time to be strong and to be a hunter. The bond between the two will grow greatly. There are even myths that ancient Lurs and their wolves could hear each other's thoughts. Upon the death of the wolf, the Lur shall never tame one again. As an act of respect for their fallen brother, the wolf will be slain by the closest of the Lur, or the wolf will give itself up so it can be buried or burned alongside its brother. BONE CRAFTING It is seen as dishonorable and disrespectful to slay a beast and not thank it by leaving its body to rot. Every part of a beast is used. From its hide to its bone. It is said that San’Lur, after being taken from the humans, was decorated with the great bones of beasts Lur had slain. Since then, bone has been an important material in Lur culture. Which is used for tools, jewelry, clothing, war paints, and even architecture. HUNT OF THE BETRAYED A great hunt set in honor of those that had fallen during the clan wars. The Lur use black steel for this hunt, believing that the darkened metal brings their ancestors closer. When the beasts are hunted down, their bodies will be placed in a great bonfire, symbolizing the waste of their brethren, and how their deaths brought nothing but dishonor and chaos. “ The spirits agh our ancestors watch over us bruddah, make them proud ” ANCESTRALISM Ancestralism is the worship of the spiritual ancestors. This faith was once followed by all clans, primarily led by the clans that dated back to the age of heroes. However, in recent times, the close following of their ancestors has died, but is now slowly rising once more. In the past, the Lurs were known for their great knowledge of their ancestors, knowing their bloodline back to Lur himself. It is a tradition long forgotten but brought back recently. Ancestors are worshipped and praised through sacrifices and rituals that consist of deep connections between the two. With the help of a lutauman, the orcs have the ability to become greatly interested in and intertwined with their ancestors. It is common tradition to worship one ancestor alongside the immortals. SPIRITUALISM The Lurs have a history of worshipping Freygoth and Votar primarily. However, in recent times, this has changed. Votar still remains a great priority, but Freygoth does not. All Lurs are encouraged to follow the spirits, though they lean more on the ancestral side. They are also encouraged to worship any spirit they like. “ There is nub honor in grizhlust, agh with no honor at all, there is no ork ” The clan holds a code to make sure they uphold their honor at all times. Breaking this code can enable strong punishment, from a light one such as a beating to a sentence of death or even a ‘whitewashing’ from the clan. This code was set by Lur himself when the time was young and he still walked among his brothers. NUMBER I Only when in great need will a Lur hunt the weak, for there is no honor, respect and glory in killing which provides no challenge to hunt and or kill. NUMBER II A lur will always seek strong prey. The greater the challenge, the greater the prize, and with a great challenge, great strength follows. NUMBER III Never to hunt, or kill another Lur outside of a Mat’Mauk. Challenge those that oppose you, do not kill them foolishly. NUMBER IV Obey the Lurgoth, for he | she were chosen by the ancestors, the elders and Lur himself. NUMBER V Never attempt the sabotage or the taking of another Lur’s position for your own personal gain. The clan always comes first. Join Lur, NOW!!!
  20. The Old Lur traveled far and wide with his ancient Lur Wolf as an independent unit unaware of the events that transpired in San Velku. The Orc and Wolf find themselves in a dark environment full of Netherrite, Falum watches under his darkened old hood as many other descendent refugees flood into the area. The elder kept himself away from the Mori as he kept himself isolated working on his studies and practices. He would exhaust himself regularly due to his old age, but had the work ethic to continue on. For so long he allowed his mind to be clouded and for it the ancestors have punished him to a great degree. Falum’Lur traveled between the many caverns and found many of the ancient anvils amongst other things. He found many of these sites peculiar, having interest in such ancient ruins & relics. When he returned to the underdark ruins he found that many he acquainted with were not of his kind; not of Krug’s lineage. Though he searched through the ruins there was no place he would find Orcs to be taking shelter in. During his search he reminisced upon his life many centuries ago when he was displaced from his home after an attempted genocide on Krug’s people and the court execution of his father, Vorgo’Yar. The shaman returned to the ruins as he sought an isolated meditation. The Ancestors have possessed and punished the elder’s mind for decades with the lack of piety within himself and the iron horde. The orc compels himself to think with great difficulty as he rests his blood-red eyes while his Lur Wolf roams the lands of Failor on its own for prey. His eyes snap open and he leans onto his feet using his old but large and strong muscles and says to himself. “Mi shall raise a Temple to those who came before us. Ash dat will nub ever be wiped from duh memory of cubs and even the spirits themselves shall exalt.”
  21. THE TYPES OF DUELS HUR’MAUK is the standard duel, not to the death but until the opponent falls unconscious or surrenders. MAT’MAUK is the duel where both opponents place their lives on the line. Where the fight does not stop until the other party dies, if one party surrenders during such a fight, the winner is allowed to execute. AN EXPLANATION These types of duels have been a tradition among the orcs ever since the rise of KRUGMAR. They are chosen to prove a point in one's argument, to praise the spirits, to show dominance over the other, to show discipline, etcetera. Both duels share a similarity, which is the code of honor and the refusal to use any sort of magic, dark or spiritual, during such a fight. The two opponents then set themselves their own rules if they so wish, and a choice of weaponry. The use of a weapon is not forced upon either party during the fight; both sides have the ability to use their bare fists, but if the parties decide to use a weapon, it is frowned upon to give one party an advantage over the other. The call for a HUR'MAUK or MAT'MAUK must have a valid reason, whether it is an accusation or a revenge plot; the fight must have a concrete claim to fight on. Once the claim is proven to be solid, the opponent must accept it, as it is dishonorable to do otherwise. However, a MAT'MAUK cannot be forced upon a child of KRUG. The challenged may declare the fight a HUR'MAUK.
  23. [!] Missives sent across the lands of Almaris flutter in the wind. Upon opening one would see the dense parchment is written upon with a refined yet bulky Common script in vivid crimson ink. The text smells faintly of wild berries and the tang of copper. [!] To all that may read this message, I imagine many have forgotten my name, if not the titles I held. Yazgurtan. Dominus. Rex of Krugmar. Clanless. After a long task given to me by the spirits themselves, I have returned to resume my station in supporting the prosperity of the Iron’Ugz. What seems like weeks to me appears to have been much longer for all of you, and Kor’Garr looks forward to learning about those changes made across the lands. I make my way to San’Velku with pride, knowing the spirits acknowledge me as a proper Uruk-kin, despite my troubling absence from leadership in a time of great strife for our people. With my return there are those I must reach out towards in order to learn more of the changing times, though any and all are welcome to reply to this message. To the Musin, small of stature but great of heart: How have the burrows been, my small friends? I hope the stouts have remained honorable and that your kind have not been overlooked during the changing times. Feel free to bring me more of your collected “shinies” and the forge will be ready to craft more tools for your people so no coinpurse will remain unscathed. Hopefully I will make a visit with more baked goods to share… Though Kor’Garr must apologize again for the cocolog incident, I sincerely forgot about your negative reactions to cattle-milk. To the peoples of Yong Ping, tradition and elegance everlasting: It has been far too long since Kor’garr has visited your coasts or heard the echo of haiku in the wind; many have been made over my travels to share with you all. Perhaps there will be another Mochi contest to take part in? To think such acts of glorious violence could produce such excellent grub… Nevertheless Kor’Garr plans to honor the duties as Ambassador with gladness. Perhaps another bottle of that Hirano Grog will be shared? To the Twiggiez of Elvenesse, timid and meek: If Kor’garr hears anything about you fools breaking a treaty (again) or denying to hand over proper tribute (again) while I have been gone… Well we have already been through this before, Yub? To the stowtz, greedy and impulsive: You all say you keep grudges. Kor’garr does as well. Kor’garr remembers the Honorless actions of your people when they attempted to invade San’Velku on rumors and hearsay alone, how H’ (Five) of your brethren died for each Uruk-kin laid to rest in battle. Those Irehearts, who we accepted as vassal, turning upon us like the greedy and traitorous snakes they are, spitting lies through your ragged beards like Iblees attempted to deceive Krug himself. Bakir Ireheart… If lat are still around you best pray for the Spirits of the Stargush’Strozh to give you mercy, as Kor’garr certainly will not. Maybe we will trim that unsightly scruff you call a beard off of your face again, it never compared to my glorious mustache anyways. Agh Finally, to my brothers and sisters in San’Velku: Priipayr dah Vorge, git dah grog agh grubbinz reddi, agh lite dah kaktuz greenz! Wiz gunna zelebrayt zoon az Kor’Garr ztepz thru dah gaytz! Lup’Betharuz, Lup Krug! Der wihl bi tik vor zeriyuz Blah laytur, Kor’Garr wuntz tu parti azht. Wihl evin kook dah spezhul zpicee Bare-ztaykz vor lat awl, juzt loike dah Grubgothz yuzed tu! Peep lat gitz zoon! With Hozh’ Tidingz; Kor'Garr The Clanless Blacksmith Urukkin Ambassador to Yong Ping Musin Friend
  24. Thanks to @Mirvam, I found out about Mine-imator and was able to make this animation. It doesn't actually hold any lore significance, it's just the intro from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain with some imagery of my MArt and Mordor stuff. Hope you like it.
  25. WHAT ARE ORCS? ORCS are the sons and daughters of KRUG, one of the first brothers that each race is descended from. They have three sub-races: goblins, uruks, and ologs. They follow the faith of spiritualism culturally, as their ancestor KRUG and his first children did. They are known for their shamanism, size, and mightiness, along with their diverse and unique culture. Orcs have a bloodrage due to the curse that every descendant received; if they have not killed someone in a long time, they will be blinded with wrath and aim to kill anything that moves. But due to their blessing, Orcs will show honor even where there is none. WHAT IS SPIRITUALISM? Spiritualism is the belief in and worship of the spirits (beings that range from ancestral orcs to immortal god-like elementals). The common practice for ORCS is to have a couple of patron spirits that they worship and use to shape their everyday lives. For example, a blacksmith would worship Gentharuz or Azog, thanking them for the ability to smith a great weapon or hoping to smith as well as they could. WHAT DO ORCS LOOK LIKE? ORCS range in size due to their many sub-races and their naturally denser muscle mass. All of them have two things in common: their tusks and pointed ears. Orcs are also known for their unusually diverse range of skin color. Due to KRUG being burned by the fires of Iblees, he had turned green. However, many of the orcs of today are highly distinct in their skin color, being able to range from a sea blue to even a crimson red. WHAT ARE THE SUB-RACES OF ORCS? GOBLINS are the smallest of the three, standing from 3' 6" to 6', with a physique similar to that of an average elf or human. They are the smartest of all descendants. URUKS are the most common subrace, range in height from 6 to 8 feet, with physiques that are typically large at around 600 pounds due to their denser muscle mass. Uruks can vary in their physique. They are twice as strong as the other descendants, though they have the same mental capabilities as the others. OLOGS are the largest of the three sub-races. They are 8 to 10 feet tall, weigh up to 1000 pounds, and require a creature application (CA) to play. They are also the dumbest of the races, having the mind-set of an average child. They are four times as strong as other descendants. ORC CULTURE ORCS are known for their unusual culture, built around hard work, spiritualism, and their bloodlust. They worship the spirits and follow what their ancestors have done for them, trying to do the same. To prove to KRUG that they are worthy, to show honor in their lives, and to make their ancestors, spirits, and their brethren proud. An ORC is blessed with honor, and the way they show this honor is by not beating the weak, as well as not killing children. If an ORC is seen not upholding the standards they are supposed to promote, they will face punishment. By banishment or worse.
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