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  1. [!] A missive is sent to Krugmar, Celia'nor, Elvenesse, Vortice, across Nor'asath and in addition to members of Clan R'ikarth. A mark of death has been placed upon an estimated six-foot elf in dark robes adorned with golden face tattoos. His weapon of choice is a katana. Guessed to be a vampire based on a previously claimed sighting in Nor’asath years pass. Where he attempted to feed on a child. Guessed to be a blood mage by the Ker who encountered him at the scene of the crime. Morgana R’ikarth is slain. Mutilated a horrific display. Only her head was displayed and serves as the body identifying mark. To her family and friends. We will cremate the body, and place the ashes in an urn within our temple. Members of Clan R’ikarth will be allowed to take this Urn if they so decide. To the settlements around us, we offer a reward for his death. To the Mali’ker across the lands. Keep an eye out for this Azulite. This slayer of kin. If spotted by the Maehr Clergy or citizens of Nor’asath. He will be slain. To the Uruk of Krugmar, I, Qudlia Jusmia, personally will be debted if you capture this Azulite. If you do not bring him to Nor'asath. I ask only that you sacrifice this bastard to Luara, so he may serve some use in his putrid life.
  2. Bukotob Uruk-hai agh Bûrzgolug Non Aggression Both the parties of The Iron Horde and Ashen Realm of Nor’asath will adhere to a pact of non-aggression and will not incite conflict between either side. Both signatories will recognize each other's respective realms as sovereign independent lands and will not subvert the ruling authorities of each respective territory. Nor’asath recognizes The Iron Horde as the sole authority of the Uruk-kin. The Iron Horde recognizes Nor’asath as the sole authority of Mali’ker. Trade & Travel Signatories will agree to trade with one another. Both signatories will allow each respective nation an untaxed stall. Both Signatories will allow free passage for each other's citizens under the same laws as the respective land. Duration The Pact between the Iron Horde and the Ashen State of Nor’asath will endure for fifteen years. Upon Expiration the Pact may be reinstated Primarch of Nor'asath and the Mali'ker High Priestess of Nor’asath Onyx Chief of Nor’asath REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde DOMINUS, Madoc'Lur, The Keeper of Knowledge
  3. KRUZH is a lesser, and rather insignificant travelling warband. Due to their chaotic, broad nature and unstable conditions of life - the group's membership and traditions lean closer towards those of bandit crews rather than the huge, well organized orc clans in their home nation of Krugmar. Despite not showing clear signs of it, or even fighting for other races' benefit sometimes, members of the group are known with each other over pride in their race and its purity, which more than often translates into their hatred for other races, or even other breeds of orcs in some extreme cases. Association with the group is achievable by anyone willing to match their unpredictable nature and lifestyles, but direct membership is rumored to be very gatekept. All potential recruits have to be red uruk orcs without a hint of foreign influence in their beliefs or fighting styles. Most of them are picked up from their settlements and promised great adventures at a very young age. The misfits KRUZH targets more than often agree and grow up among the group's horrible influence and unhealthy lifestyle. Throughout their teenage and early adult years they're put through extensive training and tests - eventually earning their spot in the group. KRUZH's initiation rituals are secret, but it's a common thing for new & old initiates to wear white war paint over their body, the actual amount of it depending on a member's seniority.
  4. “Only disappointment lies for them at the end of their Olû Tiil Fruutal, where they will be turned away from the Doraz-ob Kor.” TO NEVAEHLEN AZH Your village, the Vale of Nevaehlen, harbors an Uruk who bears the status of Whitewash. Every Uruk who strays from the path of Krug is labeled as such, as departure from the path is one of the most dishonorable feats an Uruk can commit. I, REX Sahgorim’Ugluk, demand that the Whitewashed Uruk known as Urgnarz is handed to the Uzg for marking. He will return alive, provided he does not resist the marking process. Urgnarz was labeled as whitewash due to his departure from the path of Krug. The whitewash in question even goes so far as to avoid any situation with Uruks from the Uzg, hiding himself away from those who tread an honorable path for reasons the Goth council only assumes to be weak attempts to avoid punishment. DUB Your claims of dishonor are baseless. I, REX Sahgorim’Ugluk, merely acted in self-defense not two cactus weeks ago when the Matriarch haphazardly assaulted me during my searching, even after I had warned her not to approach me any further in an attempt to circumvent a fight. I will not entertain the claims of lessers who wish to warp said events to fit their narrative. GAHK I advise the people of Nevaehlen not to insert themselves into the cultural practices of the Uzg. It will only end poorly for those who do. See Raja. SIGNATURES Sahgorim of Clan Ugluk, Rex of the Iron’Uzg, Bullgoth of Clan Ugluk
  5. A missive, penned in blue ink in the Orcish script, pinned with an arrow firmly to the noticeboard of Krugmar. The missive reads as follows, “To dah azh dat tinkzh dat dah title ob Huntzgoth be nub fit for dah Kubzh ob Lur… Zhengyn butun inzult Lur vit zhengyn aktionzh agh grukkage! For hundredzh agh thouzandzh ob Kaktuz Yearz agh Moons, dah Kubzh ob Lur hab been honouring bizhym anzeztor agh forefather LUR! Kub ob KURG! Chozen ob VOTAR! Meng kom to klaim dah title ob Huntzgoth kuz meng AHM Lur’Khan, meng AHM nub afraid ob dah beaztzh agh kritterz dat forestzh’da libzh! Meng AHM readeh for dah challenge ob dah mantle ob Huntzgoth, dizh be dah Legacy ob Lur. Ab Lur waz chozen by Votar gib Bub’hozh huntah, zo too muzt azh Kub ob Lur rize to dah Challenge… May dah zpiritz blezh dah Kubzh ob Lur kim honour dah Anzeztorz agh bizhym Veyzh! Dah Vey ob KRUG! Meng, GUTLUG LUR’KHAN klaim dah mantle ob Huntzgoth edder by dah blezing ob dah Rex agh dah Zpiritz, oa dah Grizh ob dah Klomp! LÛP’LUR, LÛP VOTAR, LÛP KRUG!” Sealed to the bottom of the missive is the seal of Clan Lur, a Wolf and Moon.
  6. Addressing Jindle Banditry On the Contract The previous contract, tilted Pact of Scorpion and Jindle, was terminated 3 cactus days ago by Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal following a string of raids done in the name of the Iron'Uzg. A specific clause of the agreement forbids said action, stating that “The Jindle Company must first request permission from the Rex when targeting specific groups, or Nations, due to the volatile state of the continent - to keep the home nation safe.” All clauses and terms within the contract are to be terminated, and the Iron’Uzg and Jindle Family are to cut ties. On the Raids The Iron’Uzg formally apologizes for the string of raids on Haense, Balian, and Norland, as none of the mentioned raids were solicited by either the Rex or the Targoth of the Horde. The contract specifically granted the freedom to road banditing only, and this clause was abused by the Jindle family by raiding multiple cities during their family outings. Any questions regarding the missive may be directed to either Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal or Targoth Sahgorim’Ugluk by bird. Ar-Borok of Clan Akaal, Rex of the Horde Sahgorim of Clan Ugluk, Targoth of the Horde, Commander of the Krug-hai Ixûla of Clan Akaal, Dominus of the Horde Al-Uk of Clan Akaal, Motsham of the Horde, Voice of the Spirits
  7. (An image from the Library of Yar, depicting a family of Yar Bone-Singers in traditional runed bonemasks.) Oh, how Barbog exemplified the spirit of Yar today! Leading a band of almost ten-thousand strong to the impenetrable fortress of the Ferrymen, with the weight of the life of a poor noble lass, and perhaps the world, upon his shoulders! It is a wonder that women of all races aren't already throwing themselves at his feet- not that he would accept any, of course. To leave a family behind is to only bring more weight upon him when he inevitably goes to save more fair maidens from their oppressors! Indeed, it is time that Barbog is recognized for his strength, his wit, his wisdom, his indominable faith in the Spirits, and the honor he brings to all of Uruk-kind through his every act. Drumming his hand upon the windowsill overlooking the empty village, he pens this declaration to be displayed throughout the Horde's territories; To All the Peoples of the Horde From San'velku to H'nor, Know This; THROUGH THE MIGHT AND WILL OF THE GLORIOUS BARBOG, SAVIOR OF PRINCESSES AND HERO OF THE URUK-HAI, THE CLAN OF Yar SHALL BE REVIVED! Be not afeared, good peoples of the Horde, for this is not a declaration of war or secession, but a declaration to the unwavering strength of your brothers-in-arms! Clan Yar, the traditional clan of wisemen among the Uruk-Hai, has long seen better days. With no response from former Yars, I fear them passed or in self-exhile. I have spent many moons and many months among the ancestral lands of the former Yars, having been under the tutelage of some, and studying the remains of their village library since. Whilst I cannot claim to be chosen by Yars to continue their great clan, I would rather face disrespect in the Stargush'Stroh by their ancestors for falsely assuming the title, than face the shame of letting this grand clan die. I write this missive as a declaration of my assumption of Yargoth, and in doing so, name myself Barbog'Yar, Savior of Princesses, Hero of the Second Horde, Shaman of Krathol's Eternal Suffering, Honorary Halfling of Honeyhill, Friend to the Vale of Nevaehlen, and the Last Vigilant of Yar's Way. I shall strive to do this title honor, and, should any of my brothers seek to prove themselves, be they of Uruk-hai blood or Honorary Uruk, I fully intend to contend Clan Trials soon to see whomst among you may stand beside me in representing Yar's Way. I leave you with these parting words from the late Malog'Yar, founder of Clan Yar; “Wisdom is born of a strong mind. It is more practical than philosophy, agh goes beyond mere knowledge. It is the ability for right living, common sense, wit, resolution of life’s problems, agh success beyond material gain. Gruk for latself, but heed the blahings of those more experienced with the respect agh consideration due them. Learn from life, agh apply latz learning in a way that means something.” 𝓑𝓪𝓻𝓫𝓸𝓰'𝓨𝓪𝓻 Last Vigilant of Yar’s Way Hero of the Second Horde
  8. Catarrh

    Clan Yar

    <O> Yar: Many years ago, the great shaman Malog raised the banner of Yar for the first time in Anthos, instating a long-running clan of wisemen and those dedicated to the worship of the spirits. Symbolised by the duhnah skhelll, the great man-eating tortoises of the desert, they revere the Ancestral spirit Yar, said to be the wisest of his clan. While Yars place great emphasis on spirituality and the attainment of wisdom, they follow the basic fundamentals of orcish life and value strength and honour; they are still orcs, and will fight ferociously alongside their brothers in other clans in times of battle. However, they must also be able to think, and discern what is wise and honorable. A Yar is also expected to have an acute awareness of the spirits, even if that particular orc does not happen to be a shaman. The Yars remember at all times that the eyes of Krug and the spirits are upon them. Whether hunting, fighting, or whatever they do, they must keep this fact in mind, and live for the spirits. Not every Yar will be a shaman. Not every Yar will become famed as some kind of great orcish thinker, but every Yar can bring some honor to the orc for whom the clan was named by exercising wisdom to the best of his or her ability. “Wisdom is born of a strong mind. It is more practical than philosophy, agh goes beyond mere knowledge. It is the ability for right living, common sense, wit, resolution of life’s problems, agh success beyond material gain. Gruk for latself, but heed the blahings of those more experienced with the respect agh consideration due them. Learn from life, agh apply latz learning in a way that means something.” -The Contemplations of Malog, V1 \o/ Culture: Seven Pillars of Honor: Strength Valor Boldness Contentment Wisdom Forthrightness Discipline Seven Pitfalls of Dishonor: Weakness Irresolution Cowardice Avarice Thoughtlessness Duplicity Complacency Branding: Upon initiation into the Yar clan, and following completion of three trials presented by one or more elders, new members are branded with the image of the duhnah skhelll. The initiate must then swear his allegiance to the clan as he sacrifices an animal: “Mi zwayr mi eturnul allejunze tu da Yar klan. Mi zwayr tu lib bai da klan law kode, agh tu walk en da wizdum agh onur ob Yar. Zhud mi ebur bitray da klan, mi wull bi kurz’d tu hab mi bluud zpill’d az diz animul. Mi wull bi flat’d en helplezznezz agh dizonur!” Translation: “I swear my eternal allegiance to the Yar clan. I swear to live by the clan law code, and to walk in the wisdom and honor of Yar. Should I ever betray the clan, I will be cursed to have my blood spilled as this animal. I will die in helplessness and dishonor!” Sacrifices: As is common among orcs, the Yar clan performs sacrifices. These are often at special occasions, but sometimes just for the sake of sacrificing. The sacrifices take two forms: blood offerings and grain offerings. Blood Offerings These are offerings of living creatures. Humans, elves, kharajyr, and dwarves. Livestock. Grain Offerings These are burnt offerings of wheat or any other form of produce. It has been a custom in Malog’s family for generations to burn herbs in honor of Yar. Traditionally these herbs are gathered from Dwarven territory as the herbs Yar himself sought on the day of his death. Bones: In the Yar Clan, bones are sacred as a symbol of structure, integrity and uprightness. The removal of bones as a Yar Clan punishment is a means by which the Yars communicate a lacking of these traits in the offender. Adornment: Due to the symbolic nature of bones within the clan, it is a practice among the Yars to adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies or of beasts slain in hunts, be it by simply hanging them from their person or by fashioning piercings thereof. They are also strongly encouraged to represent the Yar clan in battle by painting their faces and/or bodies with the clan colors: black and white. Sounding of the Horn: The Horn of Yar is an important relic in Yar culture. It is sounded at any event deemed significant enough. This can include religious gatherings, feasts, battle, or even just the birth of a new cub into the clan. The horn, as many have seen, is massive, and can be easily heard for miles outside of the capitol. See “Important Links” at the bottom of this post for links to the Yar Clan’s more interesting traditions. <<<D Law: The giving of the law, as originally told in Anthos: Malog’s head was boiling over with frustration. He needed to clear his mind. Nux’Ugluk’s decision to side with the Kaxils enraged him to no end. He decided to go out to the desert and meditate, “Purhapz da zpirutz wull gib mi guidenze,” he thought. As he sat atop a large dune, he peered down at an adolescent scaddernak scurrying over to a small cave. The beast was not fully grown yet, but was still easily big enough to kill a small group of Uruks. The cave’s entrance instantly snapped shut on the encroaching scaddernak, severing both of its pincers and three of its left legs. The creature lay helpless with half its legs gone, as a hulking mass shifted out of the sand. The sand gave way to a massive shell, and what seemed to be a cave proved to be a mouth. When the dust cleared, an enormous tortoise nearly the size of a modest gatehouse stood looming over the crippled scaddernak. The words “Duhnah skhelll” passed Malog’s lips as he watched in amazement. The duhnah skhelll lifted one of its tremendous legs, and smashed its prey. It then proceeded to swallow the scaddernak whole. Malog took this as a sign from the spirits, and hurried back to Gronkkston. He gathered his supporters from within the Ugluk clan, and told them what he saw. He then told them about his ancestor, Yar, a wise and powerful shaman. He had decided that if he couldn’t regain the Ugluk clan, he’d lead his followers away from the dangerous path down which that clan was being led. He had decided to lead them down the path of wisdom; the path of honor. He blew the great bronze horn he’d previously constructed atop the massive hill near Gronkkston, announcing the formation of the Yar clan. After blowing the horn, Malog then spoke forth the law code of the Yar Clan: ~ In order to ensure the Yar Clan did not stray from the path of honor, ten laws were set in place for the clan to uphold. ~ Do not kill your fellow orc unprovoked or outside of an agreed-upon klomp, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not consume the flesh of your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not steal from your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not free your fellow orc’s slave, nor enslave your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not practice the magic of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not disrespect your fellow orc or his property, especially an orc in authority over you. This includes challenging the Wargoth or Chieftain without legitimate reason, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not live amongst the pink skin, to dwell in their cities, nor to walk in their ways, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not speak the language of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not take the pink skin as your lifemate, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not worship the gods of the pink skins, for such is an abomination to Krug. ~ Failure to comply by the laws of Clan Yar will result in the following: ~ Harrowing: Any orc who breaks a clan law but is still considered redeemable may be exiled to a dangerous land for a period of time. He may either be sent into the deserts without any food or tools, or into known enemy territory. Should the accused return alive, his crimes are completely forgiven, and he is welcomed back as a brother. Beheading: This is your average beheading. The head is then piked in a public place with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. Heart Removal: An orc who commits a particularly heinous offence is restrained while his beating heart is cut from his chest. The heart is then piked in a public area with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. Deboning: This punishment, due to its gruesome nature, is reserved primarily for the most repugnant crimes. The only exception to this rule is towards non-orcs, who may experience this fate merely at the whim of the clan leader. An orc, however, must commit a severe atrocity to suffer this punishment. The accused is restrained while his bones are broken and removed from his body. The bones are then piled up and burned in a desecration ceremony. >>> <<< Yar Clan Chants: Blessed of Yar Shout unto Krug, Blessed of Yar! Throughout the Uzg, Bear it far; The glorious name! Glory to Yar! His wisdom will reign! Glory to Yar! Harvest Life is toil; Life is pain. Till the soil; Wait for rain. Blood coats plow, Workers groan. Harvest now Flesh agh bone! Raise the Luzk Raise the luzk! Shout aloud! Bare latz tusks! Make Krug proud! Bodies sever From their spirits! they'll forever Dread agh fear us! Cubs’ Chant Chant to the Wargoth, leading us to glory. Chant to the Choppers, on the battlefield. Chant to the Trappers, in the burning desert. Chant to the Workers, pounding steel. We are the Yar cubs, builders of the future, Agh we the Yar cubs swear to lat; Loyal devotion! Fearless devotion! Agh to klomp until we’re flat! Chant to the faithful members of the Yar Clan. Chant to the Skhelll lethality. Chant to the Yar Clan; ever wise and mighty! Clan of wisdom agh victory! <(*)> Important Links: Shrunken Heads: Bone Trees: Bone Gavels: Bone Singing (Throat Singing): Yar Clan Runes: Yar Funerary Rites: The Horn of Yar: Story of Yar: Information on the Duhna Skhelll can be found here under “Orcish Wildlife”
  9. The goblin now wanders through the village, holding two severed human heads in one hand. It appears to be some gittish Orenites, judging by their hairstyles and the complexion of their skin. He grins broadly at his prize, carrying it throughout the “goi” as though it was a trophy from a hunt. The village is once again empty with these intruders’ demise, however, and it seems as though the goblin doesn’t mind it that way. Still, he has much more important matters to attend to than merely flaunting a bloody kill- he needs to make an example of them! He wanders up to the roaring fire in the center of town, an irregularly deep pot sitting nearby. He bought it specially for just this purpose. The goblin sets the bloody heads down on the ground, the pot full of water into the flames, and stumbles over to the collection of left-behind books he calls a library. He draws one out, the cover a depiction of a grossly misshapen and desiccated corpse- perfect. This, he brings back to the roaring fire. Flipping through the book, revealed to be sets of instructions for various rituals, the goblin stops on one in particular- the long-lived yet bold practice of creating shrunken heads. A toothy grin spreads on the goblin’s face, in stark contrast to the lifelessness of the head he holds in his hands. Shrunken heads were oft made by the Yars as warnings- though what these warnings conveyed, depended largely upon whom the unfortunate soul was whomst the head originally belonged to. In this case, the goblin prepared the heads for a warning of warding- a butchered pilgrim who lost themselves in the jungle midsts, and dared to trespass on the Yar’s sacred grounds. Whilst the goblin would not claim himself a Yar, and performing a ritual he was ‘taught’, he supposes that the circumstances would allow for it- a trespass such as this could not be forgiven, it was unto the lands of the Yar, and it would be the will of the Yar that such a fool shall be made an example of. Indeed, the shrinking of a head had several meanings towards it. Firstly, the ghastly sight served as a warning to any brave enough to come across it. Secondly, it was a severe disgrace to the soul that it once belonged to- to shrink a head would remove the bones, the most sacred of structure, the desecration of a head in particular to highlight this loss was due to their foolishness or callousness. Thirdly- to give appropriate notice to their kin whom would search for the body of their brethren. It was with these goals in mind that the goblin set upon the practice. With a weary sigh, the goblin lifts the finished heads from the pot, after a full day’s work. He grins proudly at their twisted, wretched visage, and nods to himself. The goblin’s hands are covered in cuts and burns from his lack of experience, but the quality of the finished product is well worth not taking shortcuts. He quickly tacks one up to a root at the edge of town, leaving below it a note forbidding anyone from further trespass upon these sacred grounds. He carries a smiliar note, and an equally disgusting head, over to the main city of San’Velku. He slams a post into the ground, sets the head atop it, and leaves the following sign below; Satisfied with his work for the day, he marches back to the riverside village, resuming his vigil once more. He looks off to the side, seeing the shrunken head at the village's border, and grins again with pride.
  10. The one-armed goblin makes his way around the village, tacking up banners he found in the hut of his old role-model, Fiil’Yar. The flags of Yar wave proudly now, allowing no doubt as to whom the village belongs. He nods proudly at the sight, and continues to clean up much of the overgrowth in the area. He peels away the last of the vines that onces encased the notice board, tossing it to a bag at his feet. He grunts with exertion, and directs yet another proud nod to the sight. With this option now available, he tacks up another large notice onto the wood; “Searching for Living Yars! Rewards Available for Information! - Barbog” This, and similar postings have been made throughout Krugmar’s lands. He steps back and grimaces a bit. Whilst it’s somewhat expected that there wouldn’t be any results so soon, the lack of any leads or evidence of the Yar’s continued existence is… demoralizing. It seems he’ll have to reach out directly towards dealers of information, possibly even bounty hunters… Still, it’s a small price to pay for solace and the revival of such a great clan. He heads back into his borrowed hut, dumping the vines into the forest along the way, and returning to the egg resting in a box of sandy loam. He kneels down beside it and scoops the soil back over it, wetting it a little from a nearby pail, waiting patiently for it to show any signs of life. For now, however, he sits back at his small table and gazes out across the village. Obviously, being so small, most structures were single-use. But there lies a large empty hut at the top, with an ever-burning firepit inside. It would make for a good shamanic focus room. The largest building, a two-story hut that someone lived in, judging by the bed… It already had a bunch of empty bookshelves, why not turn it into a library and meeting hall? There was unfortunately nobody to suggest these ideas to, and with him refusing to change anything himself, the goblin was left to sit and wonder what might be.
  11. The one-armed goblin continues his patrols around the ancestral village of the Yars. A few friends have stopped by recently, noticing the path he carved on his way to the river-village and following it. Unfortunately, none have been whom the goblin was waiting for- any to whom this land was their birthright. He sighs as he drops himself back in his chair, staring out the window as it starts to rain. He unconsciously reclines a bit as he starts to doze off, the chair scraping against the floor and filling the hut with a sharp noise, waking him up once more. The displeasure is obvious on his face and he tosses the seat below him a scornful look- but before he can undergo a one-man war against chairs, a flash of pale color outside the window alerts him. The sky has started to crackle with lightning, bathing the swamp ground in light. He watches for a bit, until a hint of mottled grey by the riverside catches his eye- certainly something he didn’t see before on patrol. He stumbles out the door and into the storm, trekking over roots and muck as he wades through the swampy riverside. He reaches the odd shapes he saw before, and is struck with recognition and pity. A collection of eggs lie about the shoreline- each quite large, a mottled grey-green. He recognizes their distinctive pattern; Drûth Skhell eggs, the Bush Tortoise. The reason for his pitying look is obvious- the eggs lie broken and spilled, the nest ruined as it was washed up by the violent storm. His eyes widen in shock as he turns one over- not a single crack upon it. By far the smallest of the clutch, likely to birth a runt, but the only survivor of this nest. He gingerly picks it up with his single hand and cradles it against his body, before hobbling back to his hut. Once inside, he lies it down upon a box packed with sandy loam, gently burying it again. Soon will be the season that these tortoises are said to hatch in, and the goblin can only hope that this egg shall bear fruit. His lips part in a toothy grin at the irony, living in this village; he may never be a Yar, and this is no Duhnah Skhell, but he shall care for it all the same.
  12. A scrawny, one-armed goblin struggles to work his way through the snares, vines, and brush of the jungle. He casts a scornful glare towards the scorched lands behind him, now surrounding the Iron’Uzg, before spitting and hacking as he walks into a large web. He wipes the cobwebs away from the shiny white bone of his skull, and with a grunt of exertion, marches onward. Just past the webbing, he hears the sound of a gently running river. A toothy grin splits his branded and scarred face, knowing he draws closer to his destination. The goblin cuts down a row of vines, clearing a small path for him to squeeze through, cautious of the Gaja snake-vines the area is infamous for. Still, he knows it will be worth it as the crunch of leaves beneath his feet turns to packed dirt and planks. The breath is drawn from him as he strides up to a large notice board in the center of the path, overgrown with vines and fronds… but a patch lies suspiciously bare. In this space is a sign, declaring this region claimed, under ‘new ownership’ of some foreigner. The relief, the purposefulness that drove the goblin to reach this place, is soon replaced with a blind fury. He rips down this sign in anger and carves a single word into the board in its place; He stomps around towards the only hut that hasn’t been similarly covered in overgrowth- signs of recently being lived-in, albeit temporarily. The door is locked, but it poses no obstacle to the enraged urukim. With a lift of his stave and a muttering to Anyhuluz, Ilzgul of Destruction, he smashes the door open and storms inside. A fine layer of dust coats the meager belongings of the individual whom attempted to lay claim to the abandoned village- their abandoned village. He snorts in derision. Clearly, they abandoned their own claim- or, hopefully, were killed before they could ruin this sacred ancestral ground. Instead, as one of the last bearers of the Ways to which this village was meant to serve, he stumbles over to another hut. He rips down more overgrowth, and opens the door of the wall of the smallest, centralmost building- with a commanding view of what he has sworn to protect. He carves a series of runes into the wall, which would clearly describe his purpose here to any descendants of the founders of the village, knowing only they would be able to read the inscriptions. The Watching Eye, The Wall, The Sounding Voice, The Giver’s Box, and last, The Tower Shield. Without the rightful owners to defend it themselves, he shall act in their place. He will be a stalwart tower on the river village.
  13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sounds of Beasts Drown out my Thoughts We march onward, the clear sky marks it as a good day The clamor of bronze strikes our souls For they march, the beast's eyes upon us now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The firelands, long known as a source of danger for those who dwell in the ashy valleys below. These lands, native to the various beastmen who roam across its rugged county know only freedom to do as they will, to live their natural way. In their blood is the instinct to congregate, to move forwards to fresher pastures. First, only a few trickled in, seemingly singular individuals looking for lairs, for sustenance. Slaves and gladiators were sent, removing such beasts Yet, not singular in number. These lone beasts weak and unarmored were but only the advanced scouts of a larger more devastating herd. Seeking to add to their territory. Already they had taken their number up to the GREAT RAM FORTRESS, her forges churning and smokestacks pouring, as the beasts labored to cast the metal they needed for their warmachine. Forging weapons and Panoplies for their elite. THE BRAVE BAND, GLORIOUS Heroes! Hoplites clad in second skins of polished bronze, and heavy shield, paid well, each a hero each an individual looking to prove his worth in salt strode forth to meet this foe gathering on the borders of great Krugmenistan. Their forces commanded by the Indomitable Rex, and lead in the field by the Bronze Goliath himself, Ulagula'Ugluk. These heroes, came upon a shipment of fresh metals and arms from the fortress, their forces met by a great threat. The beastmen poured from the plains and the hills, and their great Champions announced challenge. And with Challenge they were met! The battle raged, and the Heros, strength of Leyd in their arms, drove those beastmen from the borders, though not before they took their bronze and their arms with them into the depths of the Firelands. Dedicating their victories to the Pantheon, the Phalanx, mustered in their strength brought the captured of the Minotaurs before the great Qarkah. Reeling in their weakness, Qarkah gave these beasts a new purpose. To redeem their weakness by culling that of others. And locked them away in the depths of Qarkah's Labyrinth. To guard the treasures it holds. The hero's bathing in the Adulation of the GREAT Krugmensitan, and SILVERED Sulianpoli knew, that the Herd will come once more. They are on the Moove... And now that the Labyrinth is complete, New Heros may prove themselves GREAT. And earn the vast treasures within. Undying is the KLEOS, this DIVINE GLORY we win! 'LO MAY THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THEIR DUTY RECEIVE THEIR JUST REWARD! And those who fell, find theirs. Rest now, Heroes, take your spoils, cast new bronze, nurse your wounds, mourn your dead, prepare thyselves. The Herd Cometh --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come lads TELL US YOUR TALES OF BATTLE, SO YOUR IMMORTAL KLEOS MAY BE SUNG THROUGH ALL TIME! [[[Welcome to our new Storyline! One thematic and full of great struggles and great dramas sure to bring about the HERO inside you! Its hosted in Sulianpoli! The Silver Colony in great Krugmenistan! This eventline not only has large events and consequences and rewards for actions, but also static nodes, extra resources, trade, and a few CHALLENGES and DUNGEONS for even foreigners to TEST THEIR SALT! Come and test yourself in our Labyrinth! Come prove your STRENGTH in the TEMPLE OF IRON and receive great 'Boons' and many blessings!)) Tell your legends here!
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  15. THE TREATY OF KAL’DARAKAAN With the dissolvement of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Iron Uzg, the nation’s successor, has realized the wrongs of their previous government, and has officially surrendered to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Meeting within the halls of Urguan’s capital, Kal’Darakaan, the leaders of both nations negotiated terms of surrender, leading to the agreement listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF SURRENDER The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg hereby agree to the following terms of surrender: I. THE Iron Uzg shall publicly and formally declare defeat at the hands of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the form of a public document. I. SAID document shall include a formal apology to Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart for shaving his beard without being given an honorable fight. II. THE Iron Uzg shall formally banish and whitewash the orcish criminals known as Hu-din and Fishbref. I. IF the Iron Uzg is found allowing said individuals within their lands, the treaty shall be declared null. II. IF the individuals are allowed within the Iron Uzg either officially or unofficially after the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom shall perceive the action as an act of WAR. III. THE Iron Uzg shall withdraw all previous negative statements made about the Grand Kingdom by their predecessor state, Krugmar. I. SAID statements include but are not limited to: Any official document denouncing Urguan, hinting at collusion with Undead, or falsifying the slaughtering of innocents at the hands of the Grand Kingdom. IV. THE Iron Uzg shall continue the abolishment of slavery from their culture. I. THE Grand Kingdom holds the right to officially oversee the abolishment of Slavery. II. IF said abolishment does not occur, the treaty shall be declared null, and the Grand Kingdom shall perceive such as an act of WAR. V. THE Iron Uzg shall permit the Legion of Urguan full access to the Uzg’s land. This document is forever binding, regardless of any future change in government. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Rex of the Iron Uzg, Skaatchnak’Izgi [!] The mark of a bloody hand would be beneath the Rex’s name.
  16. (Music) An orc sits before a pyre of flesh and bone impaled with a family heirloom, from his place he plays a small hand-drum with bloodied palms. He was weak - not physically, but mentally, and spiritually, lacking honor - this orc was untouched by the curse, not that of Iblees’ doing, being unhinged anger, but instead the curse of utter ignorant obedience, the omens had shown that the stars would align, though no immortal was to credit such signs, instead - the orc knew truth, his very own ilk, be it brother or grandmother had laid such hints before him, and as an orc of little purpose, he knew his only option was to heed the words of a long since unspoken maw. He had ingested copious amounts of shrogo mushrooms and cactus green, leaving his senses overwhelmed, he could feel the wind gently pierce his skin, as if it traveled right through him - a tingle overcoming his physical form, leaving him in a relaxed state of sedation. The smoke from the pyre began to shift, as if it was it’s own entity, swirling and distorting, smoke rings often floating within the air like a lone music note held unto it’s utter climax in which it would finally dissipate, leaving the stage for yet another in its wake. Soon colors saturated his vision, the orange hues of the pyre warming earning the unaltered focus of the drum-playing uruk, it was almost as if he played for the flame itself, as it formed to /dance/ with the wind that coincidentally would pick up as the drumming grew more intense.. Eventually - the uruk realized the otherwise silent audience that was the forest around him, was hushed no longer, beneath the echoed drums, crackling pyre and whistling wind, was a soft hum radiating from the trees, plants and fungi spread throughout, such a sound played in well with the feeling of utter static which had consumed him from the stomach down, as if his own vessel spoke back to the whispering jungle. Before he the orc could take in his surroundings, he began to notice fractals forming upon his beige hide, showing themselves where the moon and fire shed light, changing in unfathomable ways, getting smaller and smaller, larger and larger not one shape was alike, and not one shape was anything he had before encountered. Finally, a faint ringing began to fluctuate around the uruk, one which he felt within his horned skull.. The pyre began to change yet again.. Though this time, not in sync with the drumming which the uruk had somehow fought to maintain throughout this state of altered consciousness. Beneath the pyre within the dirt sat a stone bowl of scarlet ichor, which he had drained in offering from his very form, to accompany the gift of flesh from those slain and left within the pyre as fuel alongside the now charred oak and marrow. The blood began to bubble whilst it’s shade deepend, and whilst the uruk seemed unphased, a cold chill came over his spine, nearly halting his playing.. Although, as to ward off those he did not seek to entertain, he kept on for instinctual survival. Soon, the pyre had began to fade, leaving only orange coals in its absence, one’s which flickered and distorted similarly to the fractals upon his arm.. Which - he had finally realized, were not constrained to just his body and the remnant pyre, but now - they were displayed all upon the observable landscape.. And whilst this was something to leave him within awe alone.. His calls were finally received.. Something seemed to rise from the bowl, mixing within the less violent smoke rolling from the vanquished bonfire, more distorted than the shapes which warped his very reality.. But soon it became clear, as if his eyes were opened by the entity.. whom revealed itself; A figure now stood before him, phantasmal and unbound, manifesting in place of the stone bowl, a familiar uruk stood before the overwhelmed. Above this orcish brute’s image was a rhino, one missing an eye, not unalike the uruk it towered behind. The drum playing Uruk (Ixula) lifted focus now unto the figure, ceasing his playing finally.. It was now he was truly frozen, unable to speak nor think freely, it was when realization came, that he understood who had displayed the omens and every bone within his body were consumed with simultaneous dread and shame. Tears welled within the eyes of the weakened uruk began to drip down his tan skin, recognition sprayed amongst his scarred and grizzly visage. His own father - long since fallen, stood now before his offspring, with a cold, disappointed and yet - plainly stare, one sharp enough to make any child drop this head. His father was a beast of the Horde, having fought his way through Vailor and beyond - losing an arm in battle for his clansmen of Braduk, whilst too bringing valorous honor unto both his Braduk, and Dom ancestors, even if not simultaneously doing so. He had given an eye unto the spirit of Ixli for forbidden knowledge, bled himself to near death for Enrohk and slain hundreds of drui’ in the name of Leyd, this brute had accomplished much, even if unblessed by the rest of the spirits for his disobedience - this uruk was everything that embodied the pride, yet restraint, dominance yet honor, that every orckin sought after. And so his failure was immense, to be the son of a great orc, with nothing accomplished for himself, two centuries had been his thus far allowed existence, horns sprouted from his cranium, and yet still - no honor nor greatness deserving of such a crown. Tears continued, whilst words remained choked upon - all which he could muster, was a broken and scratchy - “Popa..” limbs far too heavy to lift from the goat-skinned drums, his spine locked up and leaving him beneath his superior ancestor, whom finally spoke.. “Weak..this is what they say.. Your brothers have died outside the walls fighting for honor, whilst you’d prefer to rot from within them.. Do not call unto me if you do not seek change.” The spirit spat out, pacing now around his son, the image of the rhino following. “You bleed not fire, but instead lard, you grow fat and lazy, leaving your bloodlust to control you, whilst your slaves do your labors.. Be this the way of the orc?” The spirit shook his head at his own question, extending his blade-arm out to the chin of his successor, one which - while immaterial, felt colder than the night-air which bit down upon the unmoving uruk’s flesh. “You are Ikrizh, born of blood and ire, made to conquer and sustain, your honor is your shield, and your wisdom your sword, and yet you’ve replaced it for the warbow which is your bloodlust, hiding behind the walls, whilst allowing luck to place your shots fatally upon the enemy.. And yet you are no Lur who masters the art of such weaponry, you are a pig with an elf’s toy, and be it as it must - it has weakened you..” “I am all things you can be, and yet none of them. This is your doing, your failure, but too is it your redemption - I was conquered in the end, half a millennia of war with the immortals left me free to their lies, I consumed their lessers like you do cactus, and it began to take my strength, and my sanity.. This is not your path.” He called now, standing before his son with a small pile of charred bone procured from the pyre. “You are to grow past this, we live not to honor the immortals, but to unite our ancestors for union, hear throat bound songs, feel the heartbeat of their drums, and do not lower yourself to them, for we are ORCS, and bow to none but our own curse if allowed to consume our very being.. You will praise none but those who walked the path before you, they will show you the path to honor, they will reawaken all that has been lulled into slumber, and your senses with it - shall return, you will not forget the ways of Kulgarok that I have taught you, the druids will one day know of your strength, and soon after the spirits, immortal and ancestral, will know your truth, even if the former ensures nothing but turmoil in its wake..” The bone turned to ash then, blowing off in the wind.. “You will sacrifice your slaves, and begin.. Call unto Ixli for the wisdom a final time, grant him an eye, for even a small glimpse of their wisdom is costly, after this - every honorful kill will be given unto Leyd or the ancestors, you will not bow to none other, and be you to disobey - you will die long before your horns kill you from the inside out.” “Your fire shall burn longer with each honorific trait upheld, every heart offered, and through the scars you gain, you will display truth, you will become a mural of strength and valor through them, and use them as experience to avoid your next meet with Kor, do not fail me kub.” The orc finally ceased - old blah rang through the younger’s mind like water from a stream, he had only grasped it’s meaning from his upbringing, but held onto such teachings so that he could forever understand and speak to his ancestors - even when such words are not returned. Ixula now knew his purpose, freed from dishonor for a final time, he would begin to consume the knowledge his father once did.. Leaving his pyre after his senses returned.. The uruk began, knowing watchful eyes were held unto him at all times.
  17. ♫♫♫ Between two opaque clouds a tangerine hue emitted. Feint outlines of three hands formed within the rising orange. Each one laid palm flat in the open sky; a warm welcome. “Miz ar throm’kaûk bruthur” Hodge averred. Podge susurrated an agreeing note. The kin continued to trek towards their grail goal of discovery. Advancing past husks of time, time that had been lost during their fostered solitude. Finally, a towering shadow cast tremendous darkness and shade over them. Marking the very beginning of an exceptionally long-awaited chapter. “Azhkint years agh mi agh lat hav fynalee arived.” Asserted the sapphire eyed brother. “Arived miz hav" [!] Two unfamiliar faces now wander the stretched lands of Krugmar. Hodge and Podge OOC
  18. A WAR OF RETRIBUTION Urguan’s Folk, for centuries, have been tried time and time again by nations who believe they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. And time and time again, they have continuously failed. The dwed have never lost a war against an external threat, yet the “War-Nation '' of Krugmar has seen it wise to raid Urguani vassals, kill our citizens, and kidnap and debeard our Grand Marshal. These insults to our people cannot and will not be allowed to continue without dire consequences to the already crumbling “nation”. At a council meeting only stone days ago, the Grand King called upon all clans and vassals to appear in the throne room to hear of a decision that would impact the entirety of the Grand Kingdom. With the testimony of Bakir Ireheart, the newly appointed Grand Marshal, describing the ‘trial’ awarded to the dwed, all of Urguan’s folk knew that it was time for action. Repelling every single Krugmarian raid was simply not enough. Killing a Targoth and displaying his head was not enough. Ironcasting a Krugmarian Uruk was not enough. The simple memory of a recent defeat to Urguan under Utak Ireheart was somehow not enough. The council knew that the only step possible to cease Krugmarian hostility once and for all was WAR. With the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan hereby declares WAR on the “War-Nation'' of Krugmar. Shall they realize their mistake and wish for a way out, their peace terms are listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF PEACE As listed in the recently published grudge against Krugmar, the terms of peace are listed as follows: I. The tusks of the Rex of Krugmar. II. The heads of both Targoths of Krugmar. III. Withdrawing all previous statements against the Grand Kingdom, as well as a public declaration of defeat. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz da Khazadmar signed, Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  19. 11th of the First Seed Bloodlust answered with Dwarven Ire The Moon rose into the black sky as the sun fell back behind the orcish city. As the orcs and their slaves alike gathered in the Krugmar square, huddling around the lit campfire for warmth the generals of Krug stood around ready to give a speech. Urguani Forces led by Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe and Bakir Ireheart moved into the city with a company of 90, made up of Dwarven Legionnaires, Men of Blackwald, The Rustlers, and the GOATS, with compliments of the The Silver Lubba band. They charged the square quickly, cornering one of the Krugmarian Generals, the Urgani force was quickly surrounded by 135 Urks of Krugmar. The Urguani forces slammed their swords and axes together preparing for Battle. Bakir stepped forward asking the cornered general “Where is your Rex? Bring him to us.” Some orcs in the group surrounding them chuckled and awaited the response of their Targoth. The Krugmar General simply responded “Our Rex is dead, died of a heart attack” Bakir shrugged, going to lift his axe pointing it at the throat of the orc “Then we shall take you instead.” With that an orc war cry rang out, the circle of orcish warriors collapsing on the group of 90 dwarves surrounding the Grand King and the Krugmar General. Battle ensued, Urguani and Krugmar forces clashing, the sound of battle filling the streets of the city. The Orcs were quickly driven back into their own gatehouse, orc bodies filling the square with not one dwarf being scathed. The remaining warriors of Krug and with their two Generals hid in the gatehouse expecting to be safe from the dwarves that were waiting inside. The Warriors of Sedan and Silver Lubba suddenly pushed into the gates where the orcs were hiding, quickly overcoming them and dealing with them easily. Axes and swords were raised into the air and thereafter, Urguan War Cries filled the Orcish square as the corpses of Krug’s kin began to rot. The Raid party then returned to Kal'Darakaan. Victorious, hauling a sack of orcish heads behind him.
  20. The War Nation of Krugmar is a jungle based settlement found in the far west of Almaris. surrounded by dense tropical forest and dotted with stunning pools fish, From the emerald greed foliage rises the nation, hued in vibrant reds, home to the Orcs. After arriving to the nation of Krugmar I was greeted by the Rex himself Kor’garr. We headed to the city tavern near the great Klomp pit, taking our seats. Being treated to the local brews and greeting the Rex's entourage, I settled into a wonderful evening. We were joined by one of the Rex’s friends, who told the heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of worship of the taboo spirit Orgon. A tale of betrayal and limits of self between the higher beings of this land. Wise words directed to all parties present. After the tales told we settled into the interview proper: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Lets begin mister Kor’garr, who are ye? Ah loike ta give a full run doon on who ah be interviewing, this nay a slight sir.” “Yub, uv korze… Kor’garr iz Kor’garr uv nuv klan, mettle-werker, zkowt.. Agh nows Rex uv Krugmar” “Wuz maor den H’ty yeers ago, Kor’harr wuz born tu Valor’garr agh azh uv iz luvs. Nub gruk wich azh, buht dat’z wer Kor’garr gitz dah grey vrum.” “Thank ye thank ye. So mister Kor’garr, wot does the role o Rex involve? How does et effect ye? Does et cme wit en life?” “Keh! Tu bi dah Rex iz tu akt wit dah wihl uv Krug en leedyng Krugmar’z peepul. En Wagh, en zpeerit, en ‘onur … Dah Rex muzt zhow ag example vor awl dat vollow en da path uv Krug” “Da path o krug!” (at this point many a drink was drunk and a few of these drinks were sadly spilled) “En awl truths. Kor’garr did nub ixpekt tu bikum Rex. unlee avturag Klomp uv honor, azh dah vlat aginzt mi bruddah Azhug’gorkil, did Kor’garr tayk dah pozizhun. Wagh-ammur aginz lowng-zult, blow avtur bludy blow.. Wiz wur both barely ztandyng win Kor’garr ztruk Azhug downz wit ah kruzhed ribkayg” “A strong fighter! Makes a gud leader!” “Yub, dat dey du. Myght meykz right en Krugmar, agh et wihl ulweyz bi dat whey” “Jest loike back en urguan Uhh lets see ere.. Fun facts bout ye! Little segment bout yerself as a person. Be et a cool scar, wot ye used ta be, er jest yer favorite food” “Kah. Kor’garr gots dah zaym anzer vor dub uv doze Peep dah zkar ‘ere. Vrum zhoulder tu zhoulder. Awl akrozz dah rybz” “Goodness what from?” “Lat nyt nub dehm en dah waturz neer Krugmar, buht dah jungul pools kuntayn bubu’hozh krabz dah syz uv’ah blarg. Wiz wur own’ag hunt vor zumtyng tu weed dah clanz whin zyztah Nin’skwwq got thurztee..” “Nin! Ah ken er! Ah taught er back when a wos a medic! Sorreh sorreh, please continue.” “Azht wi grukk’d et wuz ah rock en dah watur… dehn dah tyng zkittered aht uz wit pinzerzz ‘hozher den ag Olog! Azh zweep uv ag klaw slamm’d entu Nin, ah Kor’garr peep’d rehd. Arrowz did nubbin, zultz juzt goht en dah whey. Wit ag vyurius kry uv Wagh Kor’garr took’ag ‘ax ag charj’d dah creetur, etz beedy peppurz blaynk agh pitch blak” “Ye ran head first enta et?!?!” “Yub… et wuz dah bludluzt Kor’garr velt whin peepyng Nin’ kruzhed by dah beezt. Der wuz nubbin en dah uzg kulda kept Kor’garr vrum dat zoggin krab… Zoh wit a zyngul zwing ‘etz wavy wuz en dub” “Amazing! Wos dear Nin okeh afterwards? Sorreh bout askin.” “Uv korze, et tuuk zum muthz tu ‘eel agh dah medikz wuz vyuriyuz, buht wiz awl wur patch’d uhp avturwurdz… dah creetur dizydid tu tayk Kor’garr wit et doh” “Et dragged ye back en ta da water?” “Dah krabz wrythe when dey clat, kaught Kor’garr across deh chest agh dragg’d ‘i’m undur dah waturz. Der wiz wur, bohth bleedyng owt en dah jungul layk ahg ztyll trying t vlat eechuddah! Buht daht knrab wuz azh uv dah ‘hozhezt meelz Kor’garr eva ayt” “Goodness… Dat be a tale Yer a hunter ef ah evar met one..” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then night trailed all and we bid our adieus till the next issue Stay tuned!! thank all who waited on this issue, please keep eye and eat out for the next paper drop, have a great week everyone! this has been Mica Goldhand with GNN!!
  21. [!] This poster is displayed prominently on Krugmar’s notice board in large Orcish Script. [!] A CALL FOR TARGOTH [!] The depiction of a fierce Krug-hai commander leading troops into battle. [!] To all the brothers and sisters of Krugmar, For too long have our people remained tense and agitated from lack of proper Wagh. The sights of rusted zults, oligs and training dummies covered in dust, the sounds of pounding footsteps from Krug-hai drills… All of these are nowhere to be found. This is a disgrace to the honor of our kind, one that burns as fiercely as the bloodlust in our veins. It is a disgrace that will not stand. Kor’garr is announcing a call for the position of Targoth! Our mightiest klompers and most formidable tacticians are summoned to test each other in strength of both body and mind. First, there will be a free-for-all Klomp until dub valiant orcs remain standing. These dub will then rally and lead opposing wagh-bands in a skirmish outside the city, for all to see the strength and leadership expected from a commander of the Krug-hai. These trials will take place during the Sun's Smile of the Gakh’ty azhth (XXXI) Year of the Dubt (II) Age. The victor will have the undisputed honor of Commanding the Krug-hai and taking up the position of Targoth upon the Rex’s Council of High Leadership. Signed, Kor'garr, Rex of Krugmar
  22. Thought I'd drop by the forums and propose this as its something that I've been thinking about for a while. It's my understanding that Orcs (both OOC and IRP) have had a bad reputation for quite a while on the server and I am both curious as to why that is and what I can do to change some people's experiences with the race/culture. My goal as the Rex is to have Orcs be both a contributor to overall server community and also bring back the enjoyable RP I experienced during Orc eras of the past. This means creating a healthy and friendly environment, one as free from toxicity as can be and one that is rooted in RP. With that being said, I now have a few questions I would like ANYONE to answer below. I encourage free dialogue if anyone wishes to discuss the points brought up and I will do my best to answer any questions people may have or ideas they want to propose to me directly. Question 1: What is one thing you dislike about Orcs/Krugmar? How can it be improved? Question 2: What is one thing you like/admire about Orcs/Krugmar? Question 3: What do you think Orcs/Krugmar biggest opportunity for improvement is?
  23. FRESH PRINCE OF ELVENESSE 18th of the First Seed, Year 26 of the Second Age “Mi iz da new frezh Rex ob da Twiggiez” -Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Smol’Ruk Today marks another victory for the Ferrymen on the Elven front. A group of 70 Ferrymen marched on the capital of Elvenesse to capture another key victory in the war against the Elves. The force of Ferrymen led by the infamous Captain Banjo, snuck their way into the inner city of Elvenesse and rushed their way into the heart of the capital. At the square, the Ferrymen grouped civilians and soldiers alike to handover their belongings and fought those few soldiers and civilians who had the courage to fight the renowned fighters known as the Ferrymen. Only one of the Elves stood valiantly against the Ferrymen and fought like a true champion (@GeneralPumpkinCZ). At the end of this skirmish, the commander of the Elves was found running cowardly away from the city and the rest of his small force of resistance laid dead in the streets, a fitting death for those who do not stand up for their kin. No losses resulted on the attacking party, as the original group of raiders marched to bandit the remaining civilians and cowardly soldiers. In the throne room the Ferrymen held a short ceremony, crowning Smol’Ruk the ‘Fresh Rex of Elvenesse’. [!] A picture depicting the Ferrymen and Smol’Ruk sitting on the Throne of Elvenesse. As all the elves were either robbed or killed - the Ferrymen left the capital of Elvenesse bare and looted. Their bags filled with loot they had not seen since the days of looting the Imperial city of Providence. Truly a win for the acclaimed Ferrymen. [!] Pictures containing the loot of the Raid on Elvenesse. The Ferryman will come for you all in due time. Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion The Ferryman Smol’Ruk, Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Personal friend of the Golden Rex
  24. [!] The following poster is displayed prominently upon the Krugmar Notice Board in large Orcish script. [!] Ag Klomp Vor Atisha [!] Depiction of two dueling combatants within the Betharuz Tavern's arena. [!] Kor'garr is glad to announce an upcoming event for all to attend; an Honor Klomp for the prized position of Atisha, a direct apprentice to my own station of Dominus! In one corner will be the crafty and cunning Kretz'Ox, known for their avid tinkering and former station as Yazgurtan! The experienced hobgoblin will certainly be a fierce contender for this title, with a name recognized throughout the War Nation. Challenging him will be the new arrival known as Bargulg the Dog; a brother already making his presence known amongst Krugmar. With a savage reputation and lineage from the old Clan Dom, Bargulg presents himself as an imposing threat to Kretz'Ox's bidfor leadership. Come to the Tavern and watch this Klomp for yourself with feasting, drinking, betting, and smoking galore! The challenge will take place upon the Azhty'gahkth (XIII) day of the upcoming Grand Harvest! Don't miss out! OOC: Signed, Kor'garr, Dominus of The Rexdom of Krugmar
  25. On The Blah [!] The following excerpts switch between a large, scrawling orcish script and a surprisingly legible common [!] Dah Blah iz’ag uld wey uv Ork zpeekyng agh wroightyng, azh dat komz vrum dah Uld Blah uv Krug ‘imzelf! Awl Urukz blah dah Blah, doh et iz divvrent vor eech bruddah ohr ziztah. Kor’garr ‘az bin tuld dat Kor’garr ‘az ‘eavy Blah, buht doze loike dah Gulden Rex Zhot’Rax ‘ad veri leetle acczint. The above is an example of especially strong Blah, the orcish dialect, in writing. Blah is a composite language with two main sources; Firstly, it is based on mangled common due to our thick tusks hindering the ability to pronounce words clearly. Secondly, orcish culture uses various words and phrases from the proper language of Old Blah as a way for the common orc to praise the spirits in their day to day life. Old Blah is a very obscure knowledge passed down from shamans to their apprentices, and it is quite rare to see one speaking it outside of ritual. Blah can also be seen in writing, usually by orcs who have not been taught proper reading and writing of common. Instead, they simply spell out words phonetically and ignore most rules of grammar. In either speech or text, Blah varies widely from person to person, every individual having their unique struggles with making certain sounds. It is important to note the cultural traditions of Blah. Since it is seen as a way to praise the spirits and Krug himself, Orcs will be offended by a brother or sister refusing to speak in Blah. Another taboo is for those not of Krug to attempt speaking blah in the presence of proper orcs. Such mistakes are typically corrected with a closed fist or snarl of disapproval. [OOC] On common words and phrases from Blah: Here is a list of some common terms encountered in Blah. Since old blah was a very rudimentary language, many common similes will find themselves represented by the same word. For example, the words mind, think, and know would all translate to “gruk”. Similarly, “grukk’d” could mean thought or knew, and the terms for head, thinker, or brain are represented by “grukker”. General Conversation: Ug = Hi, Hello, Hail Throm'ka = Formal greeting / welcome Yub = Yes Ukee = OK, Okay Nub = No, Not Gug'ye = Goodbye Lat = You Latz = Your, You're Mi = Me, I Agh = And Rulg = Thank you Dabu = Yes, My pleasure (Obedient, Respectful) 'Hozh = Good Nub'hozh = Bad Bub'hozh = Great, Big Not Living Things: Blah = Talk, Speak, Orcish Language Gruk = Understand, think, thought Grukker = brain, head, mind Blarg = House, Home Klomp = Fight Mojo = Magic Uzg = World Goi = City Luzk = Axe O'lig = Bow Ligz = Arrow Zult = Sword Ztik = Staff Zteemiez = Redstone technology Wagh = War Votar = Hunt Peepurz = Eyes Zniffa = Nose Buurz = Dark/black Grog = Drinks, usually alcoholic Grub = Food Grubbins = Raw foodstuff Living Things Znaga = Slave Buub = Pig Brudda = Fellow Orc Ziztah = Fellow Feorc Ztowt, Gazat = Dwarf Twigiez, Treeuggerz, Albai = Elf Zquealz = Halflings Quickzpawn, Pinkeh = Human Nuutzhara = Ascended Nubded = Undead Buubzhara = Zombie Pigman Howlur = Wolf Momo = Mother Popo = Father Rex = War Uzg Leader Wargoth = Clan Leader Kub = Child Tunzantar = Tinker Zhomo = Shaman Foul Language Zog = damn Zoggin’ =damned, cursed or condemned Zkah, Zaahkah = General curse words Pushdug = Stinky Glob = Fool Actions Krimp = Control somebody, Stun, Snare, Capture, Defeat Flat = Dead, Kill Peep = See, Look [OOC] On Orcish numbers: Orcs use a standard base ten counting system, much like the other races of Almaris. However, foreigners to orc culture can quickly become confused by the naming system for digits, where those larger than five start with the prefix of “H”. In text, the numbers are represented through a written title or a corresponding system of letters. For example, the number One or 1 would be written as Azh or I. Two or 2 would be Dub or II, and so on. The counting system can be found below. Azh = One = I Dub = Two = II Gakh = Three = III Futh = Four = IV H' = Five = V H'azh = Six = VI H'dub = Seven = VII H'gakh = Eight = VIII H'futh = Nine = IX Azhty = Ten = X Dubty = Twenty = XX Futhty = Forty = XL H’ty = Fifty = L Azh’Kint = One Hundred = C Dub’kint = Two Hundred = CC ...And so on.
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