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Found 1 result

  1. Farseer & Latauman Make a Baby The Realms of the Spirits are vast and unending, with myriad ways with which Shamans may interact with (and utilise the latent energies within) it. Created by the Daemon, Apohet, the Spirits that exist within the realms are divided into three categories. Elemental - The first of the Spirits to be made, and arguably the most powerful of all Spirits, domineering over the basic elements of creation. Immortal - The second group of Spirits to be made, pertaining to more specific and abstract aspects of existence, such as Disease, Health, and Hope. Ancestral - The last of the Spirits, those that were once Mortals who transcended into Stargush'Stroh (Valhalla) upon death. Now, Shamans serve as conduits through which these Spirits may more directly influence the Mortal Realm. Spirits are willing to offer this service, since both veneration, and a greater number of things they represent existing, enhance their power. There are currently four sub-types of Shamanism: Elementalist: These Shamans make pacts with Lesser Spirits of the Elements. When they direct the Spirit, they are able to directly influence existing material that relates to the domain of the Spirit in question. Witch Doctor: These Shamans communicate with the Immortal and Elemental Spirits with the intent to cause harm to other Mortals, insofar as to create Curses and Hexes. These creations do not often have physical effects, but are usually psychological. For instance, using a Hex of Fire would not cause burning, but would mimic the sensation of such an experience. Latauman: These Shamans access the Ancestral Realm, where they search for the most notable of Spirits who were famed for great deeds in life. A Latauman can ask to receive a blessing from them, so that they get (for a time) a boon that relates to why they were made Greater Ancestrals. For instance: A Latauman may communicate with Lur, renowned for being the Greatest Hunter of all Orcish History, to have his senses heightened for a time. They are unable to instill these blessings into others. Farseer: These Shamans access the Immortal Realm, usually in search of enlightenment through the wisdom of the Spirits. Additionally, they can channel blessings through these Spirits into plants and people around them, instilling feelings such as courage. They are unable to bless themselves. Now, we've all done that test where you have to pick which from the list are most similar. The last two are oddly similar, wouldn't you agree? So much so that it begs the question: Why does such a distinction exist? There is currently a lack of any Farseers, and a disturbingly low number of Latauman. When asked what the difference between the two is, many struggle to conjure an answer. The basic concept behind them both seems to be the same; to draw from the Spirits in some way, in order to utilise a blessing. The other sub-types, being Witch Doctor and Elementaist, have very specific purposes that make them distinct from one another. The notion that one must learn two-sub-types in order to both bless themselves and others is drawing from the pool of Shamans, and creating a needlessly lengthy process that can be simplified. Logically speaking, the two should be combined. There is no reasonable explanation behind why such a process would need to be divided into two categories. As per the example of the Witch Doctor, Shamans are capable of connecting to more than one type of realm, making the merger compatible within existing lore. I should like to propose the merger of the two, foremost with the understanding that it's an unnecessary divide, and will help resolve the issue of dying sub-types, and alternatively because a fresher lore-piece has been proposed that could very easily replace the mantle that would be left. A rather distinct sub-type: Shaman Smithing - With some refinement, I think this could serve as a more interesting sub-type within the circle of Shamans, offering more useful and relevant lore than the two aforementioned sub-types that veer from one another only slightly. Comments and Feedback are needed, appreciated, and welcome. Thank you for reading.
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