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Found 1 result

  1. The Last Goodbye Pride in myself was something I swore would never die Gaining respect means giving up a past life As I lie here, my strength waning, I reflect on the path I have tread and the legacy I leave behind. I have dedicated my life to their prosperity, to ensure a better future for them. There is nothing left for me to do now but to embrace the twilight of my existence. The light at the end of the tunnel It is their time to flourish, to rise and shine in the light of their own achievements. They are capable, resilient, and I have every faith in their ability to thrive. Yet, as I surrendered the reins of responsibility, a mixture of hope and pride swells within me. I have witnessed their growth, their resilience, and their unyielding spirit. They possess the strength to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. It will be difficult at first, for change always brings uncertainty, and the unfamiliar can be daunting. But they will adapt, they will learn, and they will forge their own destinies. They must. However, I have lived far longer than I ever imagined. Old enough to witness the rebuilding of what was destroyed and to see my grandchildren. Remade into something that is a tremendous achievement compared to the horrible past we experienced. It fills my heart with pride to know that I have played a part, however small, in shaping a brighter future for those who will carry our legacy forward.. Leika sat her herself down, her knees weak the very idea of what was going on. She came to terms with it.. Long ago, and yet it was bittersweet. She never foresaw this, after so many years. This couldn't be the end their lives could it? To feel the very life slip through her own breath. The illusion crafted by my arrogance had protected me from the wrong that I couldn't admit In the pursuit of happiness, I found moments of joy and followed people blissfully, basking in their smiles and finding my own contentment. Amongst this journey, I discovered those who became my steadfast companions. My sister Amethyst, who embraced me into her family with open arms, even though she barely knew me. Their laughter became the lightness of my existence, a true embodiment of happiness. Ellathor, a remarkable man who may hold resentment towards me, but remains a great warrior. He always gave his utmost effort in every breath, a Vanari in his own right. He was my greatest confidant. Rosalyn, a recent addition to our circle, holds an intense fire within her soul. At first glance, she appears quiet, but lay next to her sword, and you'll quickly learn the error of your ways. Ahmanu , you came at just the right time. You filled a hole in my heart where once was held by previous military leaders. I was so used to being betrayed Fo I was skeptical of your every move. But every time you strove far beyond my own sword. You were there to command what i could not. It was always an honor fighting with you. Floria, our fates intertwined in rocky fashion. Both ambitious when we first met, she was a young Vanari, still finding her footing. Our minds clashed from time to time, but as the days grew longer and darker, she returned to help pick up the pieces I had broken. I never truly understood why she came back, and I suppose I'll never have the chance to ask. She saw us as family, and I willingly welcomed her in, scared of being alone, terrified of being abandoned once again. Valindra, one of my oldest friends, despite our different outlooks on life, we never strayed too far from each other. Even when we lived apart, I could proudly proclaim her as my oldest friend. I defended her, defended who she was, and stood silently by her side, ready to embrace her whenever she allowed it. Madoc, my cherished drinking partner, our friendship began with laughter and games. Through the years, we witnessed each other grow into distinct individuals, yet our bond remained unbreakable. In times of disappointment, you were the friend who gave me hope, and I could never hate you or turn my back on you. Thank you for being there, my dear companion, throughout our shared adventures. Fal’leon, oh, I always joked that he would steal my husband from me. They were much closer than I could ever be to my own husband. I would jest that it was all part of their druidic connection, but maybe I wasn't too far off the mark. Falleon's helpful nature extended beyond the realms of knighthood, becoming the foundation of the Vikela system. I admired his gruff yet loving demeanor, his carefree nature that seemed to envy his infectious smile. Floods of memories drown me in the abyss Ceiling fades, empty space, hanging barely from a cliff that's thousands of feet tall Ehrendil, my second love, the only love I could hold onto. Our story, tragic and poetic, akin to something a bard would create for the stage. Perhaps one day, our love will be immortalized in a play, and I often wonder what title it would bear? I still remember the playful banter we shared, the bets and games that entertained us. "Are you dangerous?" he would ask, as I fired a dart while Valindra watched as a fair referee, blindfolded shots aimed at a hidden target. "Maybe I am, so what?" I echoed, firing the dart that cost me the game. It seemed I would not receive free tattoos as we had wagered. I would have to find a new teacher, and surprisingly, he offered, "I don't usually do this, BUT I'll show you how to create one tattoo." My voice resonated with hope, for a new teacher had been found, despite losing the game. "Really?" his gruff voice inquired, "Don't let me regret it." The vision shifted, transforming into a bird of paradise pin, then a tattoo a symbol of our smiles and a pledge of eternal love under the night sky. Pledges we never broke, devotion to one another despite the challenges we faced. Our enemies may have been vast, but they could never comprehend the depth of our love, nor know us beyond their own limited perspective. We loved deeply, and our love bore beautiful children. Kaev and Larissa, our first born twins, an unheard-of occurrence within our family. They emerged from the crucible of war, perhaps explaining their divergent views and stances. If I had one last chance to see him, I would wish for him to be alive, and Larissa, a blossoming flower of growth, a remarkable young girl. May she outlive me by far, surpassing my years with her own accomplishments. “Little dandelion take care of our people, Do what I could never do.” Cyprien, the next in line of our bloodline, a strong-willed boy. One day, he will break free from his shell and embody the dramatics of his father. He may not see it yet, but I do. His father resides within him more deeply than I ever could. I hope he finds someone he loves. He's everything I wished for him to be- he exceeds my expectations every day. Medea, Raell, Solus, children not of my blood, yet bound to me as if they were. They bleed for me, and I entrust them with their own futures and lives. They hold the keys to their destinies, but they will always find comfort in knowing that a De Astrea will be there to catch them if they ever fall. I love them beyond words, for they gave me a different perspective. I used to resent the concept of adoption, for one child is always left behind. Yet, this did not happen to them. They will grow into fine warriors and leaders. The memories of happiness far outweigh the bad, and I treasure them deeply. They deserve to be cherished even more. I often wonder if the friends I made still think of me as I think of them? And now I fall Now I fall into oblivion The void of memories that plagued me, was it Oblivion? The ideals that motivated my actions were preserved in my mind during the last decisive moments of truth. Was it a fall from power or a fall from grace? I still had no idea. At the end of such a long life, you would think I knew more. But each truth I discovered didn't change only the world and its great mysteries. I was envious of my father's authority and respect, especially after seeing my friend Karl achieve it with Haense. They possessed things I did not, but by the time we were through, I had far more. I still held onto the memories that had just surfaced—bitter, sweet—a mixture of my life. It was something they could not take from me. Landing back at the beginning of our prime We'd built ourselves and our kingdom in the summer sun one brick at a time I missed my mother, being in the desert, the kharasi, and the people I loved. And yet, I longed for the heat and the light on my face. But as I stepped into the stone city, everything was taken away from me. Chaos engulfed me, and I formed new friendships and found lovers. Initially, I was content with being no one, having only my family and a few questionable companions. I treasured those relationships. However, time passed, and I was given tools and bestowed with a title. At first, I despised being referred to as a princess, as I wanted my mother's title. I simply desired to be a wildflower. I recall doing my best to maintain the favor of my father and sister, willingly fulfilling any request they made. The reasons behind the drastic changes they imposed upon me remained unclear. From being a diplomat to an ambassador for the south, I received assistance and a title that I initially detested. The Ashford name, unfamiliar to me, was one my father took pride in, yet he never used it. Astrea... Ashford, a title with a bloody history. Nonetheless, here I am in the city while the rest lies in ruins. Is our world truly crumbling? Is everything I dedicated my life to falling apart? There is no salvation this time. Not this time. I was labeled a wildflower, but appearances can deceive. Like delicate petals, my spirit was once whole, but the world had cruelly pruned me, leaving me to languish in a vessel of uncertainty. A mere façade of beauty, I withstood the weak sun, all the while lacking the nourishment my heart yearned for. I clung to the edges of a glass, my existence teetering between sinking and floating, lost in a tumultuous sea of emotions. As a protector without a shield, I embraced the weight of responsibility, shielding those unable to fend for themselves. But as I built walls of obligation, the ones I cherished most were forcibly pushed away. With each bond severed, I found myself retreating, cornered by adversaries lurking on every side. Society's expectations for a perfect princess became my cage, confining my vibrant spirit and preventing me from soaring free. Oh, how I longed to bloom with authenticity, to embrace my untamed nature! I sought the gentle touch of empathy, the nurturing soil that would help me flourish. Until I had someone to be my shield. Now those walls are nothing but rubble and dust What was once silver lining of us has turned to rust SA 85. With fierce determination, my arm swept across the chessboard, shattering the delicate balance of the pieces. My voice echoed through the heavens as I unleashed a primal cry of defiance, challenging the very fate that had entwined me. Every step I took toward the West sealed my doom and, with it, the fate of my people. Each stride became a tempest raging within my mentality, a relentless torment tearing at the fabric of my being. The weight of my decision pressed heavily upon my shoulders, threatening to crush my spirit. Should I fall alongside my beloved city or offer them a sliver of hope, a fighting chance at life? The agonizing deliberation consumed me, as I questioned whether there would be people left, whether they could endure the encroaching wars looming on our doorstep. My heart writhed with the torment of remembrances and conflicting ideas. Yet, this was not the perspective of a mere puppet manipulated by external forces. No, this was different. This choice held a potency that allowed me to stand as something more. We had fought relentlessly and tried our hardest to safeguard our world, but this judgment, this sacrifice, stirred a force within me that kept me standing. In the face of despair and against overwhelming odds I marched onward, embodying the defiance of a fallen kingdom. A monarchy that disapproved of the custom of kneeling and pleading with a city that was significantly worse than their own for forgiveness. They had done nothing to warrant such treatment, yet they expected it. No outrage came from those we once thought were our friends. We were betrayed by friends, betrayed by those we had extended a helping hand to. I accepted the weight of my decision, the ultimate expression of sacrifice and the embodiment of hope, as a lone figure against the backdrop of a world in disarray. A deal was struck, our hands shook, and a bottle of wine was opened. Our fate was sealed, without so much as a council. Was this where everyone turned on me? Or was it before ? In those days when we’d fight our demons together If we had started over, oh, I wonder... Returning to the gates, I, Leika de Astrea, was met with a scene of chaos. Guards fought guards of the same colors, engaged in a fierce skirmish. Then their accusatory gazes turned toward me, their words laced with frustration and anger. "Where were you?" one of them shouted, his voice filled with resentment. My eyes flickered to the side, my grip on my crown tightening before I abruptly cast it aside, the symbol of my authority discarded onto the cold street below. But as I spoke, a revival of tenacity erupted from within me. The restrained hatred and resentment, the weight of treachery and hidden intentions that had tortured me from behind closed doors, erupted. So much time spent raising the city rather than my own kids. Was it all for this? I stopped trying to act like my sister or my father. Instead, I was engulfed by my ancestors' ferocious hatred. My golden eyes narrowed at the guard, my voice cutting through the air like a sharpened blade. "Did you truly believe I was blind to the intricate web of deceit you spun, the plots you orchestrated behind my back?!" My voice thundered, each word infused with seething anger that resonated through the air. My eyes blazed with a fiery intensity, piercing through the guard's facade of arrogance. My grip on my emotions tightened, my rage fueling my words as I continued, my voice a whip crackling with righteous indignation. "But now, you shall bear witness to the repercussions of your grave underestimation of me. I Am no longer the little girl you once knew. Let's see how you fare with this." My voice resounded with Fierce grace. My tone carried a sense of dignified authority, befitting a monarch who had been wronged. For the first time, I was no longer the warrior princess, the war-torn queen. I was the wildflower queen, Leika de Astrea. In my final moments of strife, I stepped into my role. The chaos broke my heart. Heart breaking, If I has tears to give them it would be spilling out. Flooding the streets. How far had I let them all fall to come to this? Would we have fallen? The guard's facade of bravado faltered under the weight of my presence. His eyes widened, a glimmer of trepidation betraying his realization of the formidable force standing before him. The force he had forgotten had thwarted so many plans and coups before. This was just a droplet of my anger. "I have grown wise to the intricate schemes woven behind my back, and I shall not be swayed by the deceit that once ensnared me," I declared, my voice filled with measured resolve. Infused with an air of regal certainty, my words hung in the air like a delicate tapestry of power and perseverance. My graceful authority resonated, transcending the realm of petty revenge. My purpose lay not in obliterating my adversaries, but in showcasing my unwavering strength and resilience as a ruler. I was not my father; I was not my cousin who stood above them on the staircase, the weight of my words being calculated in his head. Behind him stood my son, my sweet son, brainwashed by his own family to turn against his mother. Did I blame him? No, the answer was clear. I could never blame him, I could never even let my heart and my mind battle to hurt him. If he had wished to kill me, I wouldn't have stopped him. Every regret, and yet... I could never turn my anger toward him. I watched as he turned tail and ran. Would I ever see him again? The answer was no, I would never get to hold my son, see him grow up. His sister left to be the eldest, his name erased from history.. Snatched by the very people who sought to kill me countless times. Fallen into oblivion? Then it was just my cousin left. Faust witnessed his own plans crumble to dust, his treacherous raid against his own people unraveled by my cunning. And yet, here I stood, one step ahead. My hands curled tightly around the draft of the western concord, rage burning in my eyes, and my voice trembled with a mix of heartbreak and fury. "How dare you! How dare you betray our own kin! You could have come to me. We could have found a way together. But no, you chose silence and darkness, plotting behind our backs, until your actions led to the slaughter of our own people! Tell me, do you feel any remorse? Do you regret the blood on your hands?" I spat each word, my voice laced with a deep anguish and a seething anger that threatened to consume me. He gave no answer, his cowardice on full display, and he fled before I could even give the order to capture him. At that moment, Leika de Astrea emerged as a force to be reckoned with, fueled by a mixture of righteous indignation and sorrow. I became a beacon of defiance against the dwarves, the wood elves, and all those who dared to challenge me. My resolve, hardened by the fires of betrayal and the sacrifices of my fallen comrades, propelled me forward. No longer burdened by the weight of leadership, I embraced my role as a warrior, a strategist, and a symbol of resistance, vowing to bring justice to those who had caused so much pain. Yet, such a memories only brings me anguish only brings me the option could it all have been changed? How fragile of me to break so easily Fear took the lead, now I'm still falling Falling deeper, faster, I find myself weighed down by the burden of choices. My world is torn by war, and yet I wear a mask, a smile on my face that only my husband sees through. He knows the cracks in my facade, the torment that keeps me awake at night. I see the toll it takes on him too, trying to shield me from the weight of it all. The pain, the screams, the never-ending paperwork—if my hands were real, perhaps they would feel the same pain I do.So many lives were lost in the service of our country . Gratitude fills my heart for those who remain steadfast, while regret lingers for the bridges that have burned. So many people I will never see again. Fallling I yearn for Astrid, her blade gleaming with determination, and her unwavering support that bolstered me in the darkest of times. I wish I could have done more, offered solace and strength in her moments of need. Her absence leaves a void in my heart that echoes with lost battles and unfinished conversations. I miss seeing Roy's smiling face, his eyes alight with mischief, always trailing behind the woman and princesses. His unwavering loyalty and playful banter brought a lightness to our heavy burdens. I shall miss seeing Mikas Face, Riding along on his chicken.. simply observing Lord knows that man has seen it all. Nikko and Luca, my brothers by blood and bond, with whom I shared countless childhood memories. We laughed, we fought, we dreamed together. The distance between us now weighs heavily on my soul, and I long for the simplicity of those carefree days. Roylan, whose warmth enveloped me in his embraces, his words a balm for my weary spirit. The void left by his absence feels unbearable at times. I ache for his presence, for the comfort and understanding he offered without judgment. Plume, the young child known as the heart of the city, whose green thumb nurtured the plants that adorned our once vibrant streets. Now, as the world crumbles, I worry for the fate of those beloved flowers. Who will tend to them with the same tenderness and care? Verrona, whose motherly presence brought comfort and direction during difficult times. In the middle of the confusion, her wisdom and compassion stood out like beacons. She instilled strength in me, and I long for her kind words. A second mother when my own has abandoned me. Theo, my half-brother with whom I shared blood and who I cherished company. I miss the connection we shared, his laughter, My little brother. Where have you gone? Will you even care that i am gone, you have no one left. No one that knows your name. Frisket, whose fascinating demeanor and ever-winding wisdom offered clarity to even the most complicated of situations. I yearn for their advice and their enigmatic puzzles, which frequently held the solution to our victories. Your highly developed hyspian culture, Would you be alive today if I had pleaded with you more to stay at the wedding? Our Sorvian Monty the friends that stood by my side through my trials and difficulties. I am terribly saddened by their absence as I consider the significance of their sacrifice. What should I do with their unclaimed books, tales, and wisdom now? When he learns that yet another colleague has perished, lost in the never-ending flow of battle, who will be there to console him? Absolon, whose talents and charisma commanded admiration from the people. His legacy still reverberates, his name whispered with reverence and respect. I mourn the loss of his light, extinguished too soon. Flour and his bakeries, their delicious creations that brought joy to our civilization. Ereine, with her infectious smile that could light up the darkest of days. I yearn for her laughter, the way it lifted our spirits and kindled hope within our hearts. Her absence is a void that cannot be filled, the sky lost a star that day. Aylin and Esmond, the true heroes, whose wisdom surpassed measure. They were taken from us too soon, fighting for the very ideals I shattered. Their loss weighs heavily upon my soul, reminding me of the consequences of my actions. I often wonder what would Aylin have done? A question I often asked myself in times of need. Falling into oblivion Into oblivion But it wasn't all bad. Not at all. And as I approach the end of my journey, I can leave behind a legacy of both triumph and lessons learned. It's time for me to find my final rest, to embrace the peace that has eluded me for so long. May my enemies learn the consequences of their actions and may those who come after me forge their own paths. I shall miss the people who I called home. [!] With her aged body, the former monarch closed her eyes one last time. She held onto hope, finding solace in the idea of finally being at peace. These were the last wishes of a dying woman, her farewell to the world and her hopes and aspirations for the future. Goodnight, Leika Juno De ishe Astrea , Little Butterfly, Lady Dangerous, Warrior Queen ,Queen Leika De Astrea Wildflower of Elysium, Lady Paramount, Mother of the Realm, Countess of uhrie, Princess of abhrami.
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