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Found 24 results

  1. No one may read this letter but @Morphine A LETTER TO TULGA KHAN 20th First Seed, 175 S.A __________________________________________ A remnant of a minor clan writes to the Khan in haste.
  2. Small, tightly wound letters fill the missive - seen upon black as midnight paper. “Exalted Horen and Saint Julia, behold us prostrate at your feet, learning by your most noble example. Through God our Lord, grant us peace and harmony, and, through the abundant graces God hath given to you, bless us in times of need and plenty alike.” My Dearest Brother, the Duke of Stran, Ser Istvan Ivanovich and my Honorable intended, the Baron af Brasca, George af Brasca, I am writing to you with a heavy heart, as I find myself torn between the brother I grew up with and the man I have come to care for. As you are aware, the Baron George af Brasca has sought my hand in marriage, and his proposal has left me with a difficult decision to make. I care deeply for each of you, and I find it unbearable to think that a dispute over my affections might lead to a result no one wishes to see. I implore the both of you, with all the love and sincerity that resides in my heart, to approach this situation with humility and a commitment to humanity. The prospect of a duel, a clash of swords, is a time honored tradition - one I would dare not stop. This letter is simply to request one thing of the both of you, so I may look forward to the duel instead of lamenting it with bated breath. I ask you, my dear brother, to consider the profound bond of family that we share. Our relationship is a treasure beyond measure, and I cannot bear to see it strained or severed over a matter of the heart. Baron George, your intentions have touched my soul, and I have come to appreciate the depth of your character. Please, look to our growing bond and consider my plea. I beseech you both, whether win or lose, to offer not harm to the other. The terms set were that of the winner having the ability to request what they wish, and as I know you are both honorable individuals, I know you will accept my plea. As the winner, offer no cruelty but instead dignity and respect, considering the feelings of all involved. I am confident that the love and compassion you have shown me can extend outward and to either side. My heart aches at the thought of causing strife between the men I care for so deeply. I trust in your wisdom and goodness, and I pray that you will heed my plea for a humane and harmonious resolution to this upcoming duel. “God, who alone art perfect Charity, if I should speak, think or do things in unkindness today, rebuke me, but, before that, strengthen my own meekness and mildness, that I might be the font of Thee.” With all my love and gratitude for your understanding, Her Ladyship, Viktoria Helena Ivanovich, ward to the Princess Adeline of Aaun @Pork@WaveLincoln
  3. 12th of The First Seed, 144 S.A. A LETTER TO THE DE VILAIN; This letter is specifically created to mimic the last letter my mother ever obtained from my grandfather, Hannes de Vilain. I hoped it would have maybe garnered some attention from the people it’s specifically written for. My name is Idaline de Vilain- more commonly known as Ida. My mother is Agnes de Vilain. My father, Atticus de Vilain. Though, to my knowledge you have never met him. If any of my family is left alive, I apologize to inform you it’s most likely my mother is dead. As she did not leave the lands of Almaris, nor did my father. The purpose of this letter is that I search for you. I have been passively searching for the last decade, but in all honesty I have been afraid. I know little of my family besides that of what mom informed me. Don’t worry- all good things. But I have been unsure if you are all the same, or if perhaps sleeping dogs would be awoken by my writing it. But- I’ve been told any gripes people may have had of the past are likely little to none, if not forgotten as a whole.. So I write now, and I reach out to any of the remaining de Vilains. I have been empty without kin. I don’t know if you all feel the same. But I suppose I will find out. If you send a letter- I reside in Whitespire and Veletz. Please know, if any of you do linger, you do not owe me a response. Idaline de Vilain, A Lost Daughter.
  4. [[! Crudely written as if one had never even picked up a quill much less written his much. ]] I've been a-chasin' after a dream that keeps playin' hide-and-seek, like winter reachin' out to catch that runaway sun before it gives in to meltin'. A pipe dream wrapped in silk and sweet laughter I'm akin to a tune that lost its melody too quickly, and me? I'm the part you can recall, but the next verse slips away like morning mist. Three hundred years have passed, but I still keep hopin', even though I know it won't come back. I've been waitin' for the day Olly, my girl, comes back. Waitin' to hold my love and hear my buddies say everythin's fine. But I'm in a world that don't know my heart. They don't get why I do things, just quick to judge. They don't see the secrets we both carry, like twists in a tale we share. A fortune i can not tell is my own. The wheel is turning, its is always turning. And I am much very tired of waiting. So, here I am, like a songbird on a sunlit morn, all set to twirl and spin my tale. Gonna sing with a touch more oomph, put a dash of magic on the chorus your always forget—oh, it'll cling like starlight on a summer night. Here's to hopin' you birdies are tuned in, ready to dance to the rhythm of this whimsical heart! Daub your cheeks with colors, gently close them peepers, summon a tempest of tunes, for I, Devika, the Wandering Songbird of the Bloodless, am fixin' to tuck my wings and settle down in a snug little nook. I'll be a lullaby for moonlit eves and cracklin' campfires, a tale-whisperer in the twilight of years. Cause it's only the songbird who's next in line, the elder among the melodies, that can trill a tune, stitch a memory, and craft its very own lullaby. So come, wander over to me and thread your tale. Let these ears of mine savor your verse, like an aged goblet savors the finest of wines.
  5. Depiction of Warsovia in the summer [♪] [!] A private letter written in Lechitic and addressed to Waclaw Jakub Jazloviecki, brought to the young Count by a homing pigeon. The letter bears the seal belonging to Jan Jazloviecki, the first Count of Warsovia. ((Please do not metagame and RP the contents of this letter unless they are shared by the recipient.)) @ratlordmagic Waclaw, my dearest son, I'm sorry to have left so many things on your plate. You're still young, a bit foolish and impulsive, but I was no different when I was your age. I don't know when this letter will reach you, but I want you to know that the voyage is going smoothly. We should reach our destination soon enough. This information always comforts me in some way, but between you and me I will tell you that I have heard it so many times already that I no longer believe it. Having many days to myself, undisturbed by anyone, I decided to write this letter to let you know that my thoughts are always with you. I would like you to look at everything I have done from a slightly different perspective after reading this letter. Maybe you will notice something remarkable in this story for yourself. I was a young boy, younger than you are now, when I was forced to live through the terrors of the Harvest Revolution. I saw blood, corpses, pain and suffering of the people I called friends and family. I saw what happened to my father, what happened to my sisters and brother. Each of us was affected differently by this conflict. The revolution left a mark on me that I have never been able to shake off. Feelings of guilt, powerlessness and weakness. I felt inferior to my siblings but at the end of this road it turned out that I was the one who survived the longest. I was the one who raised up our bloodstained banner and crossed the river Petra to reach the place you now call home. It was a huge endeavour. Together with your uncle Henryk, we set up camp in the ruins. The days passed quickly but there was more work than we thought. Cleaning up the rubble, clearing the courtyard, gathering large amounts of stone, wood and other materials from which we built Kamieniec, our new home. The new seat of House Jazloviecki was nothing when compared to Grodno, but we were humble. It was not much, but it was enough for us at the time. I lived in the castle and didn't pay attention to what was around me. My family still lived in Petra. It was so foolish of me to care little about them. When they needed me most I was not there. Bianka was murdered and the wound in my heart reopened. Did I hate her? Yes. Blind pride and the belief that she could not match our father's genius caused my neglect of our relationship. By the time I wanted to fix this, it was too late. My sister was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't wish you to ever have to go through such a thing in your life dear son. After this incident when I officially became the patriarch of the house, I married your mother. My life changed completely. I have always said to you, your brothers and sisters that it is family and loyalty that comes first. I still hold that view. If I can ask for anything, and I know I have been a terrible father and you may hold a grudge against me, but if there is one thing I can ask for then please take care of your siblings and stay loyal to those who gave us new life. Take what fate gives you no matter if it's better or worse than what you were getting before because there may come a day when you lose everything. Enjoy your family and what's around you while you still have it. I don't know if this voyage will end successfully, or if the merciless sea will swallow me and the crew up, but know that if this letter is the last you will ever recieve from me - I love you dearly Waclaw, my firstborn son. I am always with you. Your father,
  6. [!] A letter is pinned to the entrance of the newest burrow in Bywater ~The burrow by which this letter is pinned~ Dear Humbert and Pigling, Per your request, I've constructed you both a burrow underneath the potato patch. I hope it will suit you! Although it is not fully finished, for I've left the bedroom construction up to you, this burrow should be more than adequate for a humble life here in Bywater. P.S: I left some supplies in the pantry, do take a look! Regards, Mayor of Bywater, Mimosa Applefoot.
  7. [!] A missive would be sent out to the general public of Karosgrad in a dinged parchment. The words would be written carefully in a black ink that stained to the back of the paper. To The Royal Family of Barbanov and whom it may concern, For those who may not know me, my name is Ipera Antionette Ashford de Falstaff. In recent times, I have done many unsavory things, reflecting poorly on my family and Her Highness. Though it is not my place to go into specifics into what happened between the Princess and I, that is for her to publicize how she deems fit, I do wish to issue the sincerest of apologizes. I spoke out of turn, and above my rank, to someone who deserves respect of the highest degree. To Her Royal Highness,I was a provoker, and caused you to lash out. It was not your fault, you were just acting in reaction to my improper actions. You had every right to be emotional and should not be ridiculed by the public for anything you may have said or did to me in this time. I am sorry for pushing you. I do hope that we can work through this and eventually regain the friendship we held when we first met. To His Serene Highness, I should have not spoken the way that I did to you, even if it was in private. It was unsightly of me and I am very grateful that you did not publicize what I did say. I hold our friendship in high regard and I am thankful that that friendship has remained intact. However, I do wish to clarify some misconceptions, I did NOT steal His Serene Highness’s circlet. I removed it from his head and joked around with him, and immediately returned it once he asked for it. The crown never left the palace or His Serene Highness’s sight. This was blown out of proportions by an unnamed source stating that they saw me trying to take it once before, which is false.Through my clarity I do not wish to continue this quarrel however my words are ment to put an end to this more than anything else. Signed, Ipera Antionette Ashford de Falstaff
  8. A Letter of The Past [!] Amelia sitting at her window, reading a letter she never sent. Sitting down in her lounge chair, Amelia put on her reading glasses as she placed a stack of papers into her lap. Ever since she moved Amelia has tried clearing out items that have no use to her. “Recipes, ein list of fabrics, ein list of dyes,” She rattled off, making two piles of papers. “Ein unfinished drawing… several unfinished drawings. Ein tax break, notes…” Amelia sighed as she lifted up her glasses to pinch at the bridge of her nose. It has been an hour and finally she has made it to the final paper. Looking down she sees that it is an envelope, and sealed with her family’s crest. Opening it she pursed her lips at the name written with love. ‘Dear Fitz, It has been years since you have left me, and several less since I have left Elysium. I’ve come to agree with myself that being in Elysium reminds me too much of you, too much of what we had built up only for it to come crashing down. I missed the man you were, we were going to get married, a whole ceremony that I had already made a dress for. But now the dress grows with layers of dust, untouched since I had once shown you. Haense was once my home as a child, and it is again. I live in a small house, just enough for me and maybe another. Though I know my child will not be joining me, nor you, I still wait near the door for the day. I have my simple lifestyle, restocking shelves of books and quills, buying ingredients, and making my meals. There Are days where I just write letters, much like this one, begging you to remember me and to come back for me. But much like the others this one will be burned in my fireplace. That is my fear, or rather my issue, I’m stuck in the past we made and the future I so built up for you and for myself. But I have to move on, even though I vowed to never forget you and to never move on. But what are my vows if they were never received under the rite of marriage? Maybe one day I will send a letter, one more calm and still full of that young love I had. I missed you. Sincerely, Amelia Guenevere Mondblume’ Amelia looked over her signature again, then towards the name at the top. The silence that surrounded her was deafening, not even the crackle of the fireplace seemed to make noise. Not until she released a breath, her entire being relaxed. “Ich was young und stupidly in love. Ich am glad Ich moved on…” Her thumb rubbed over the name ‘Fitz’ a few times, it blurring out under her skin. Slowly she stood up, folding the paper and placing it back into its envelope. As she looked at the broken wax seal she sighed and threw the paper into the fireplace, watching as the letter burned up and turned into ashes. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, ich hope du rested und found love.”
  9. Dear Delilah Dear Delilah, As I start this letter, I wonder if it would ever reach you. I remember when we first met with your curious and childish nature that had screamed to thyself as innocence; which had intrigued me deeply. You may beg to differ now that you have grown into a fine young girl. I cherished the moments we shared together -- watching beyond the gates of Elysium to making your gown for the Snowball -- and wish that later in the future that we could do more. However, it seems to not be very soon that those new memories would be created. To my beloved sister, I am off on a sojourn to search for something that could possibly help with my internal conflict. It may be days, weeks, or even months before I could come back as the head strong and worrisome older brother you know. And as I write this, I wonder if leaving you would truly be worth the pain and suffering I'll face on this journey. What would I gain as a lone wood elf with no seed, wandering around this earth like a lost lamb without it's herd? In the end, I've chosen the option to run. How our conscious makes us cowardly that thy chases the easy rout against problem. If I could, I would laugh along with you about my stupidity. With this letter, I lend you minas that would help you buy whatever you desire; be it a house will you? I have a feeling that staying all over the place will become a problem. Focus on your studies for now and enjoy your life unlike myself. I might as well make you a new gown while I'm out and about around the world. I bid thy farewell and good prayers. Your Brother, Amadis Faedi
  10. [!] A black raven flies over trees and nations to bring a letter that may never be read. 20th of Malin's Welcome, SA 72 Dear Fitz, I do not know where you have gone, but I hope you are safe. The Guenevere's have been removed from Elysium; I forget for what, but I know that they are gone from there now. The manor feels empty, more than it already did. My Pa isn't around much, and Mica left to explore the world to her heart's content, I wonder if you are doing the same. I've slowly lost motivation in my craft over the years, but I picked up needle and thread and created a new dress. Maybe I can find a girl in Haense that will like it. It is made of a soft cream top with a dotted blue skirt lined with red at its borders, truly a nice match don't you think? Maybe I can make another version of it too, one in green and yellow. I miss you, I truly do, not a day goes by where I don't think of what you are doing and working on. Every part of me wants to help you, to be near you but I know you always did keep me away from the work you did. I remember years of our lives together, but now it only feels like we just met all over again. And in some truth, we did, you met me again for a second time. As heartbreaking that interaction was, it only fueled me to stay by your side and help you back to your place of standing, even if I failed ultimately. If you ever call to find me, I will be moving back to Haense. As much as I love Elysium for raising me and sheltering me for most of my life, none of my family resides there anymore. My aunt that raised me when my Pa couldn't is elsewhere, my Pa himself is never home it seems, and the child I helped raise is traveling the world. I have more resting in Haense than I do Elysium, but I will always visit when I can. When you do come back, I will wait for you with open arms and hopefully you the same for me. The love of my life, may you come back in peace. With Love, Amelia Guenevere Mondblume
  11. [!] In Almaris, a crudely constructed snowman would sit in the middle of the town squares everywhere, with a letter attached to it. Salutamu! I am Yaşamın! and I am in search of my father! well, I am pretty sure my actual father is dead! but please help me find this man, he is my new papa! I met him when I snuck out of my family's house, in search of my really Pappa who went to go get cigarettes, it's alright, like I said he's probably dead. but I need to find this one, so please help me! I drew a description of him and his name. His name is Lucian, and he has a funny accent that makes me giggle, mr. pappa if you see this, please leave a letter on one of my mr. snowmanses From: Yaşamın [!] a dried splotch stained the paper, as if a child had eaten some snow from her snowmen, and coughed onto the missive by accident. A small Illatian would be seen waddling around Oren, having returned to her snowman, only to see another write a response on her sign, seizing the paper before turning around to shout. "HEY! WHERE'S MY PAPPA?! WHO WROTE THIS?!"
  12. To The Mountain Men To the Tribesmen, The People of the Mountains, The Kingdom of Norland and Jarldom of Dunrath do not accept this proposal written forth. We reject it on all counts. 1. The Jarldom of Dunrath shall build as they see fit and as the King of Norland allows. 2. The Fortress known as “Fort Cathrine” will continue to stay standing. 3. The Settlement known as Gränsstad will continue to exist as it has. 4. The Construction of estates outside the walls of Dunrath shall continue as they have. 5. Constructions of roads through the Raenrland will continue as they have. 6. The Tribesman of the Mountains will be allowed to live in peace. These terms are non-negotiable. Should you refuse, The Father’s fire shall rain down on you, and all of Norland shall descend upon your lands until all of you are sent to his halls for judgement. We are the rightful rulers of all the lands of Norland, including the Raenrland mountains. There will not be an acceptance needed as these are our terms, if they are not followed, all of you shall have war upon you. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders His Highness, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Marshal of the Ashguard, Prince of Norland, Ruler of Eiriksgrad The Most Honorable, Dùghlas MacDhaibhidh MacFhilib MacMartainn Sutharlainn, Chieftain of the United Clans of Barr and Suther, Jarl of Dùnrath, The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  13. The Duke’s Affirmation of Faith Seeking Penance 1st of Horen’s Calling, 1850 Issued and penned by the Duke of Cathalon from Cheval Hall. To whom it may concern, It is not for us, the laity, to decide upon matters of the clergy, ardent worshippers such as we seek the guidance of the Holy Synod and the Holy Mother Church led by the Vicar of GOD, His Holiness to bring us to moral righteousness and salvation in the Seven Skies. Duke Thomas Andrew Helvets, and the whole of the House of Helvets do affirm our fealty in faith to His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI. The tumultuousness of the past year of 1849 is behind us all, so let all come forward in this new year to be of one Empire, one faith, one High Pontiff. Lessons of the War of Two Emperor’s are remembered well within the household of Helvets, and bloody schism shall only lay humanity low as we sit at the precipice of invasion by the dwarves. Thus we denounce the actions of schismatics who would tear the tapestry of our faith apart and anoint themselves as its leaders. It is our fervent wish that their Imperial Majesties be reconciled with His Holiness, and that remedy be found so that the unity of our faith remains whole and the brotherhood of Canonism defended. We are their Imperial Majesties vassals always and the true Vicar of GOD, His Holiness High Pontiff Everard VI, leads the faithful. I, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, seek penance from our Holy Mother Church so that excommunication and interdiction may be lifted from the souls of our Empire. We appeal to His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Albarosa, @KaiserJacobII, the Archbishop of our local diocese to hear our plea and dispense such penance. Signed, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon
  14. Letters from Chieftain Leyna of Clan Kazimir Listy od wodza Leyna z klanu Kazimir Issued the Eleventh of the Deep Cold, 46 S.A. To my People, my Family, my Kin, I, Leyna Kazimir, write to you now, not only as a compatriot and kinsman but as a Chieftain and the sole-inheritor of my late-Mother’s great family name. As the firstborn and eldest of my late-mother, Rebeka la Waevra, and late-father, Lomiei Vinelli, it is not only my honor to take up the mantle but my duty. It is then my prerogative to take up a new Clan name, befitting our Clan Mother’s legacy, a legacy wrought not by wrathful ambition but peaceful growth and the establishment of a peaceful place for all who followed her. In the Rozanian language the name Kazimir refers to a bringer of peace and it is for this reason that I have chosen it. A symbol of not only our clan’s past but a symbol to guide us into the future. Many of you, my people, my family, and my kin, have been spread across the Realm of Nyrheim following the tragic death of our Clan Mother. It is to you and your families I wish to give a home, a greater family, and a name to be proud of. For those of you I have had the privilege of close comradery with, I am thankful for all the years we have had together; and to those I have yet to meet, be you distant cousins or lost bannermen, I anticipate with great pleasure our coming meeting. To Qiew la Waevra, @JudgedKitty To Malakai La Waevra, @Roria To Pip, To Doc, @ggooose1 To Mythzic, To Brawly, @Tk4522 To the House of Bishop, @Lomiei To the Redfist Chief, @Robin01_boy To Nadia Buckfort, To Alric Edvardsson, @Qaz_The_Great Allfather guide you, Leyna Kazimir, Chieftain of Clan Kazimir
  15. The Notes of a Retiree [!] The former Grand King had almost sat down in his chair with a bottle of ale and a pipe as missive after missive seemed to travel through his door. He relinquished the ale and pipe for the papers and read through each one with a heavy heart. Though as he finished reading he felt himself not consumed by sadness or anguish at the thought of his kin fighting and his Kingdom splintering but a sense of excitement. For the former King’s temper was well known. To all those who dwell in the Grand Kingdom, I have attempted to stand aside and allow those who now hold power to handle the issues that they now face. Though I cannot hope but feel that some of these issues were compounded by me, I may have grown busy and perhaps allowed things to fester and maybe allowed others to slide. I assure you that my time is now free and to all those who seek to subvert the Grand Kingdom, you are given the honor of choosing how I spend this newly acquire time. Either I can drink and smoke myself into an early grave, or you can force me to wear my armor and draw my ordaz and right any wrong you have committed. To all those forces that now stand in opposition to Urguan, I recommend standing down and seeking forgiveness from the next Grand King, or I will gladly remind you why you waited till I stepped down to be traitorous fools. The Grand Retiree,
  16. One night as she lay beside her sleeping husband, Adelina Bishop woke from a slumber. With much on her mind, and her stomach much too large, she went to the study to ease her thoughts. She wrote, bent over her husband's desk, a letter to her children. As it laid upon the desk, she went back to bed, and hours later gave birth to the first of Erwin and Adelina Bishop's daughter, Helena Bishop.
  17. Nataliya Reza, writing her letter in Freeport. Hello, to those whom are reading this letter. three years it has been since the execution of the former Princess Royal, Nataliya Reza Barabanov-Wick. As you may know, rumors have been floating about, that she has survived. And I am here to share with you, that those rumors are true. I am Alive. "Name and Business." an Oren Guard inquired as he looked down upon the figure, hidden behind a dark cloak. "Nataliya Reza." The woman stated simply, pulling the cloak away from her head, revealing herself as her sapphire gaze darted upward towards the guard. The man paused for a moment. "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" he inquired in a perplexed manner. "I know many people who want me to be." she offered a gentle chuckle. "I need to lay off the drinking." the guard simply shook his head before flipping the lever, allowing Nataliya to enter Providence. the 'lot of you are probably curious as to how I survived, if you are looking for a logical scientific answer, that I cannot give you. Or perhaps I could, but I am not a professional in that field so the only possible thing I could offer is theories. "Next!" An ISA Soldier called out, a line of people would be seen outside of the church, The Coronation of the new Emperor. "Next Please!" the ISA Soldier called out once again, causing the line to inch forward every-so-often. A Child could be seen bouncing up and down beside her mother before accidentally stepping backwards onto a woman's shoe. The girl spun. "I'm sorry Miss!" Nataliya then offered the young child a warm smile. "It's alright dear, it happens to the best of us da?" The Child's mother turned about. "I'm so sorry, she's a bit-" She then paused, squinting her eyes at the Haeseni woman before stating. "You look familiar. . ." Perhaps It was Godan's protection over me, sending Angle's to watch over. Godan does protect the innocent and punish the wicked after all. Or perhaps it could've been the Barbanov's before, watching above with anger that their own Kin turning against each other, condemning one of them to death for crimes they did not commit. "Next!" The Soldier called out. Nataliya stepped forth with outstretched arms to her side, allowing to be patted down for weaponry. "Nat?" A familiar voice called, one of Anna Henrietta's "How did- you survived?" the woman appeared to be dumbfounded by this discovery. "Da! And I will share how I survived when this is over." she chuckled softly before entering the church Or perhaps I was saved by the Knight's Terrible aim whom assaulted me moments before, and his lack of knowledge how to properly check for vitals. who knows? Nataliya entered the church, sauntering past groups of people whom turned with looks of shock and surprise as she passed by. whispers would be exchanged by the men and women as the Haeseni Princess found a spot next to her dear friend Margaux, conversing with the youthful woman whom had just lost her mother. whilst Sir Candle sat in the pew behind, making sure nobody attempted to attack sweet Margaux or Nataliya. A young boy with an oversized beret would sit in the pew in front, fooling around before turning to gaze at the architecture. After a moment, the young boy would recognize a familiar face. his visage paled upon the sight of his aunt, thinking as if he saw a ghost. He then Hastily turned back forward confused. Though what I do know, is that my Kingdom is not what it used to be. It saddens me to see my own country men whom I used to put my life on the line for turn their backs on me. I've fought along side men who gave up their lives to protect my Kingdom and myself. and I will never forget those faces. each face who had stood in the way when a blade or any weaponry that was swung my way, even when I was disowned. they were still willing to protect me. My Uncle Ser Demetrius, Ser Ivan, Rozalina Baruch, Arminus Wick, my husband and many others. Good men and women of Haense who were willing to still protect me even though my titles were stripped from me. These people had honor and respect. And I had earned theirs. A small child would be seen walking the rainy streets of providence, his head hung low, the beret dangling from his head before pausing mid-tracks. the child then spotted a petite woman, holding a black umbrella over her head as she gaze at the young barbanov with her sharp sapphire eyes. but where is that honor and respect now? Never in my life have I seen such cowards in my Kingdom. Knight's who went through tedious trials, to earn their names and moniker's, cower like dogs with their tales in-between their legs when my so called nephew, the King ordered my execution without trial? Or that their own King spoke the words of Iblees, clearly possessed by a demonic creature, but no one batted an eye? being apart of the royal army was an honor! yet you treat it like some medal that makes you better than the rest of the people of your kingdom whom you took an oath to protect. Respect and Honor is not something that gets bestowed upon, you earn it. Any man who must state 'I am the King' is no true King. And yet, that is all I heard from my brother and nephew's mouths. A good King is humble, Kind but also just and stern. And the past rulers lacked many of those qualities whether you want to hear it or not. You claim you do your work for The King's and Queen's before us but they would spit in your direction and call you the traitor for what you have created! Otto paused, gazing at his aunt with shock and disbelief before shaking his head left to right, neglectful to accept the fact “Vy are niet real, vy are just like my mamej who does niet come back! Papej says vy are just my thinker playing tricks on me.” The greatly oversized beret swayed with every head movement, almost dropping off his head. Nataliya Reza's smile soon dropped into a frown at her nephew's statement. The Princess pondered at the thought before extending her hand out towards her nephew. “You’re going to find child that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. the truth is often what ve make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.” She answered softly as her sapphire gaze still sat upon Otto.“ I am real as the trees planted here, the air you breathe.” Her hand still hung extended towards his, awaiting for him to touch it to prove she is alive. Otto August reluctantly shot a glare up to meet the woman's eyes for a brief second. Though after a few more moments passed he would raise his hand towards hers, a small flinch being felt as they made true contact and a gasp coming from the boy “Nie.. How did vy?” Though vague she could likely understand what he was referencing to. You feed your people lies. Ever since my father's death you greedy spawns of Iblees dug your claws so deep into the lines of Barbanov's, playing them like puppets. Choosing Queen's who have the spines of damp rags because you know they're easy to manipulate. Casting me out because I was not a pawn to your game of chess! genociding innocent lives because they speak the truth that you do not want to be spread! As the two Barbanov's conversed a young man strolled up standing next to the woman. Her son Casimir Rupert. The Wick's stark green eyes narrowed at the young boy. "He is nie' family." Nataliya huffed at his words. "Casimir be loving, he is nie' Heinrik. Otto is kind." Casimir stood idle, continuing to shoot daggers at Otto before answering. "Da? that is what you said to me when I met Heinrik. And now look." his tone grown more irritable. "my mamej seems to forget that the men of Haense and the King, her nephew, wasted no time at all to attempt to burn the flesh right off her bones. . . I wonder how many will burn at this one hands" The young Wick then stormed off without saying another word. It was clear that he had a hatred for the Barbanov's and rightfully so, and could not understand why his mother still held some kindness to a few. And now. . . you spread the lies of me being a witch! Where did these lies spread from? Last I remember, my family and I resided in Freeport. And before that, it was Providence where I was respected better than my own Kingdom. Did you want to get rid of me because is see through your lies and know your darkest secrets? Or Perhaps something else? It is beyond my comprehension as to why I am constantly sought out and to be messed with when I have never done anything traitorous against my kingdom and have done nothing to harm it, except speak my mind. But that's where the Irony lies. I am doing harm. I'm damaging the walls of your fabrication of falsehood. Some of you been told that I am against Haense, but that is false. I am for my Kingdom, I am for Haense. I am against the people who are sending and digging their corrupted roots into the soil of it. And I will not stand by, saying nothing and watch it burn to the ground. While all the innocents suffer from your corruptness and pride. Nataliya parted ways with her young nephew, hoping that this one would not turn his back on her. The Princess made her way out of Providence, to the docks where a ship rocked side to side in the bay. Stepping onto it before offering the sailor mina as she sat down on a bench, a cloak wrapped around her to keep herself warm. "Where to?" the sailor inquired curiously. "To Freeport, please." she responded gently. The Sailor let out a hearty laugh. "You're a mad woman if you live there!" The Princess lifted her gaze to him once again. "perhaps I am." Say what you will about me. Call me a traitor a witch a Disgrace a Monster whatever word comes first into your head when you think of me. I've been called those my entire life, but I do not care. If had to revisit the pain and sorrow I went through to arrive where I am now, I'd do it all over again. I have a loving husband, Petyr, whom I have known since we were children, who tends to my every need and has never left my side. a wonderful young boy, Casimir whom I was lucky enough to watch grow up into a young man and be something I am proud of. I have my beloved Aunt Alexandria and Uncle Konstantin. who cared for me as their own daughter. My little brother and sister Aleksandr and Juliya, whom I've practically raised since birth and proud to call my siblings, and thankful that they have not had to endear the hardship I went through. my Great Uncle Rupert and my Uncle Nikolas who've treat and see me as their own daughter. I have the Wick's who have also known me since childhood, standing in as my protectors. my Aunt Irene, Godan Rest her soul. who was there for me as well, tutoring me and being there for me and accepting my choices when others weren't. and the friends I have made along the way of my journey, though I still have much more to go. I regret nothing. I do hope this letter makes your blood boil. You will understand and feel what the King's of Old are feeling right now. what has become of once a great Kingdom. I do not care if they entire Kingdom despises me after this letter! I'd rather die a hated woman, knowing I spoke the truth and stood my ground than die a loved puppet, and a pathetic liar. "We're here." the sailor stated before tying the rope to one of the posts at the dock before helping the woman out of the boat. "Spasibo." she dipped her head in thanks before offering him a tip. "Of course, try not to get killed." Nataliya turned back and smiled. "I'll try not to, I've already made that same mistake before." She then made her way up the steps into the tavern where her Husband and Ser Candle waited for her. You can spread your piteous lies you can change your documents, strip away my titles. you can do anything possible that helps you sleep better at night! But that cannot change blood. You cannot change the truth of who I am! I am a crow and this is my Crow's Calling. I am Princess Royal, Nataliya Reza Barbanov-Wick. First born of King Sigismund II and Queen Viktoria Ruthern. And I am not done yet. ooc comments: please keep it in RP and keep it respectful. I don't like bringing OOC into RP or vice versa. I've put some thought lately and I think after Nataliya has moved on, I will be pulling myself away more and more from LOTC. (she's not dying soon FYI) I know it has only been two years of me playing this server, but I've slowly grown a distaste for it, I am a busy person and my life will only get more busy as I go along. I will obviously will still be around but I do not know for how much longer. I've always had a fondness for Medieval, Fantasy and History themes. whether it be movies, shows novels, games and etc. and was very happy I finally found a RP server that fit my liking. but it's like a child beginning to grow out of their toys, and really not wanting to play with them anymore because they're starting to mature. on that note, I haven't grown out of LOTC yet, but there is an end in sight down the road. I hope y'all have a wonderful day <3
  18. Witchcraft, Magic & Paganism ☨ A letter written by, Father Ivarus of Saint Heinrik Basilica, Jorenus Paganism, Witchcraft, Magic.. all terms to describe the work of Iblees, the practicing of human-sacrifices.. summoning Daemons in the name of false Idols, this is pure sacrilege to the citizens of nations where Canonism, our religion is the major religion, as God is the only one Lord who rules over our World. Everywhere I go, but also where others go, you can see people practicing dark magic in front of the basilica, this is something only the wicked would do, as us, Canonists follow the Word of our lord God. Recently, there was an execution of a Witch in Karosgrad, Haense, this lady practiced witchcraft and was sentenced to death by being burned alive on a stake. This, is what should be done to everyone who opposes Canonism and it's beliefs, as we can not risk the influence of dark magic being expanded into the nations where Canonism is the dominating religion. People nowadays, are so tolerant in these practices, but keep in mind, that when this spiritual-practice of witches, wizards and pagans is still being tolerated, that the word of God will mean absolutely NOTHING to them, they will laugh at you, in front of your own basilica where you attend mass to receive the wisdom of God himself! Utter madness! Even the Koeng of Haense, His Majesty Heinrik Karl got possessed by a Daemon of Iblees and could almost have DIED if there was no healer or a Priest present, due to the practices of the people we allow in Haenseti-Ruska- But let us also not forget, Oren. I am not here to demand the eviction of practicers of Magic and such, I am mainly here to show you my perspective, as a Priest of our dear religion, of what is happening everyday in the cities we love with all our hearts. This is why I beg the politicians of the nations where our Churches are located, keep an eye out on the people who practice the work of Iblees, as it is the work of the evil one, who takes sinful souls to the Void, and if any loyal Canonists is nearby these practices, we would not want to let them join these sinful souls. And the people who speak against the Church, Godan, these people should not be allowed to enter any soil where a Church of our faith is, as their presence is the purest form of sacrilege, a disgrace to the Church, one who we often consider to be apart of the damned in the void. Scroll Of Spirit: Epistle to Jorenites, Verse 13-14 "There can be no laxity in faith for any reason, not war nor peace, not wealth nor poverty. The Lord lasts through all adversities, for He is their source and their remedy, without Him, they are uncured." This verse here, obviously shows that all devout Canonists should rise up, and show no mercy towards those who oppose our faith, which is the most important aspect of our culture and identity. An aspect, we should not be ashamed of, nor be afraid to tell people that we are Canonists, as it is God who shall protect us against the Heathens! It is the Lord, that shall punish the heathens, worshippers of Iblees! Not their false idols and their handmade gods! They worship Iblees, not the Almighty One. And if it is time for us, to be used as God his tool to execute his punishment in any way necessary.. in that circumstance, in the name of our Lord... Amen.
  19. A LETTER TO THE HIGH PONTIFF, JUDE II, VICAR OF GOD AUTHORED BY AGUSTIN JAIRO ALTAMIRANO Dear Holy Father It is the opinion of myself that Bishop Methas of Leumont is not an appropriate head of the Diocese of Leumont. I believe that he has proven to not hold the qualities of virtue for such a role. It is my firm belief that he has broken Canon Law before and will continue to break such laws. I weep as GOD weeps, seeing a leader of his flock is not leading them properly. CHAPTER 1. CRIMES AGAINST VIRTUE §2. A person who engages in concubinage, adultery, or fornication has committed a crime. §8. A person who has carnal relations with another outside of their race has committed a crime. CHAPTER 2. MATRIMONY §9. A marriage including at least one spouse of mixed descent is not valid unless it should bear children of at least three quarters descent of one descendant race. §9. If a prospective spouse is of mixed descent including human blood to the fourth degree, it shall not be valid unless it should bear children of at least three quarters human blood. CHAPTER 4. CRIMES AGAINST TRUTH § 4. A Canonist who worships anyone but God, the Creator, has committed a crime. CHAPTER 7. ECCLESIASTICAL OFFICIALS WITH TEMPORAL AUTHORITY §8. An ecclesiastical official shall not serve as the ruler of a state, unless such a state is a holy land under the control of the Church. These are the laws that the Bishop of Leumont, Methas, has broken. It is appalling to me and hopefully others, that a head of diocese breaks laws that he should be upholding. I ask for justice to be brought to Methas Shaw, a breaker of Canon Law, the highest of all laws. From your faithful servant, Agustin Jairo Altamirano
  20. [!] A public letter addressing the Hyspian Public would be distributed to Nueva Tierra and Cartagena It is with a heavy heart and sad circumstances of which I find myself in the position of having to write this letter. Nevertheless the circumstances call for such letter to be written. It is with a heavy heart that I must state that the apostate king of Hyspia has reverted to attacking his own people in an attempt to cling to power. Such attack happened recently on the man of virtue named Carlos Mendez. A man who dedicated much of his life to the nurturing and raising the young prince and dedicated years of his life in selfless service to the Hyspian people. Years of his life of which been repaid by exile, and the baseless allegation of being undead, in an attempt to end the life of one Carlos Mendez. After Carlos was proven innocent Antonio then continued to charge Carlos Mendez with numerous crimes of which he never committed. All in an effort to make Antonio look more powerful and distract from his constant and numerous failings as a leader. So therefore after much time in thoughtful prayer I must cease to even recognize the existence of Red Hyspia and call upon all Hyspians to do the same. Antonio is unfit to be king and lacks the virtue that Cesar Rivera held. Antonio Rivera's crimes are numerous and serious, his reign of terror has resulted in many deaths and attacks on many Hyspians, may GOD bless each and every soul sent prematurely to the seven skies as a result of Antonio's arrogance and selfishness. I was but a young boy when the Canonists first rolled into Osanora to help the Hyspians achieve their sense of identity once more and was ecstatic to have the love of GOD not only enter in my heart but in the heart of Antonio Rivera and all other Hyspians. It was a glorious and happy time, filled with love and optimism. Antonio then crushed those feelings and destroyed that time when he decided to turn his back on the holy mother church, abandoning not just GOD, but Hyspia. I have praid every day sense for Antonio to return back into the light of GOD. Alas, no such day has come. Antonio abandoned the holy mother church for selfish reasons and personal gain, the largest insult to virtue and the people of Hyspia. He then proceeded to send the Hyspians of faith such as the Altamiranos into exile and cast out the Canonist Hyspians out of their homes, their families, their people. How can one claim to be king when he constantly divides and destroys the very people of which he swore an oath to protect and to serve. Antonio has not just betrayed Hyspia, but he betrayed Cesar the man who united Hyspia, little would one know it would be his son to divide Hyspia. When one would think Antonio cannot go any lower, he goes lower, exiling the man who raised and nurtured him through his infancy to adulthood. Then levying false claims against him in an attempt to destroy his name, his heart, and his will. and in turn Hyspians heart, will, and spirit Hyspia will not be broken so easily. Such extraordinary times call for extraordinary people to step up and take the mantel of responsibility of leadership. One such man of virtue and GOD has stood up to help Hyspia, guide it, heal it's people under the guidance of GOD. Such man is Cardinal Francisco, he is the man for the moment. By the grace of GOD Cardinal Francisco helped guide the Hyspians of Virtue to their new home in Cartagena. It is through the grace of GOD that Cardinal Francisco is the rightful ruler and Shepard of Hyspia. Under the guidance of GOD Hyspia shall prosper and it is with a heart full of Joy and optimism that I pledge full and unwavering support to the most Holy leader of Hyspia. Cardinal Francisco. I call upon all Hyspians to do the same to follow the the one true leader of Hyspia, Cardinal Francisco, long live Francisco and GOD bless Hyspia. I now wish that you join me in prayer for a most wonderful and prosperous future. Dear GOD, May we find the strength to overcome this obstacle placed before us. May we emerge stronger and united than ever before, may Hyspia see bountiful harvests and peaceful times. May we forever stay on the path of virtue oh GOD and never stray from it once more. For it is GOD that is most high, GOD that delivers us from our sin, and grants us eternal life in the seven skies, and may GOD deliver us from this crisis and strengthen us on the inside and renewing our resolve to virtue. We ask this in your name. Amen. Peace and long life be with you my Hyspian brothers and sisters. Viva Hyspia, and long live Francisco, the True ruler of Hyspia. Signed, Hernando Altamirano
  21. A Public Letter to King Antonio De Rivera Dear Antonio De Rivera, King of Hyspia. Allegiance It is Carlos Mendez, writing to you from my office in Cartagena. There are many things I wish to cover in this letter, starting with my allegiance. Ever since I was a young boy in Tierra Natal during the reign of Cesar I, I held my loyalty to the Kingship dearly. Yet I have grown both mentally and psychically since that point, I finally see that you are not fit for the title. These words come at a personal cost for me, as a man who based his teenage years off of serving and protecting you, it truly hurts to say these things. The Betrayal Moving onto my next point, I held enough respect to visit your coronation, although my reasoning is mixed, it really holds no relation to you. The way I was rewarded for years of loyalty and simply wishing to leave was a deadly claim against me, that I was undead! This came with no evidence and no witnesses present. An Utterly shameful attempt at murder. Yet you previously knew that the men who claimed me to be undead, are untrustworthy, and instead you believe them over me. Making the bold claim that I am undead, luckily after a quick test by a Norlandic Keeper, this bold lie was proven wrong. Although I still did fear for my life as I was surrounded by swordsmen. I haven't taken this strike quietly Antonio, you falsely claimed me to be undead, a member of the Osanoran and Cartagenan Government. My respect towards you has dramatically lowered since I left, starting with the insults thrown at me when I wished to peacefully leave and continuing with the attempted murder. Renouncement Ending this letter comes with the biggest portion of it, the renouncement of my loyalties to the Apostate King. So I, Carlos Mendez, Lord of House Mendez, renounce my loyalties to the Apostate King Antonio De Rivera, along with House Mendez. Carlos Mendez Head Medic and Warden of Cartagena
  22. AN APOLOGY TO THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH “I ordered the estates of the earth, and I have set a path before you.” Virtue 6:4 Dear Holy Father, Jude II I would like to apologize for the heretical and apostolical acts I have done against the Holy Church and GOD. I was led down a dark path in my life, I had abandoned GOD and the holy virtue, replacing it with beliefs that most should never hold. I have been lead to the light by his eminence Cardinal Francisco and the Holy Scripture he has provided for me. I have read such documents every night since he had provided me with them. They have reinvigorated my belief in GOD. I wish for forgiveness from you, holy father, and the rest of the church. I wish for the ability to reenter communion. I wish for forgiveness for allowing my family to also be led on such a dark path. I'd also like to give a personal thanks to Javier Francisco-Altamirano for his role in my conversion. From, Carlos Mendez
  23. A Letter to His Holiness, Owyn III From Bishop Francisco Altamirano Bishop Francisco would look out the window of his Osanoran office then back at his parchment and began writing his letter to His Holiness. Dear Owyn III, pontifex maximus, servus servorum Dei, episcopus Sancta Sedes I'm happy to hear of your quick recovery, God as always, has answered the faithful's prayers. With you still alive, the Holy See can continue to have it's always just and pious bishop. The truly faithful of Hyspia, Javier Francisco, Santiago Chicote, Andre Altamirano, Alfonso Altamirano, and I, are truly thankful for your assistance in our time of need. The Red Traitors continue to harass us even when we want to leave peacefully and forge our own path through God. I thank not only you, but all the clergy men and men of the Supreme Order of Ex.Owyn for helping us in our plight. I continue to pray to God that the men of the clergy stay safe during these troubled times, and that the men of the order have safety and the courage to defend God's glory in their holy endeavors. I also wish to inform you that the faithful of The Barony of Osanora, have accepted me and my faithful followers into their walls with open arms. They have allowed me and my acolyte, Javier Francisco, to continue our holy duty to God within their church. In Osanora, we can start anew without interference from the Red Traitor minority, who wish to trample on the Holy Mother church's holy endeavors. I hope that you have the truly faithful of Hyspia in your prayers as we go through this hard time. From, The always faithful Bishop Francisco of Hyspia Bishop Francisco would finish the letter then send it towards the Holy See
  24. Dear Holy Father The king of all Hyspians, Antonio De Rivera, has abandoned God and the light that he shares to all people's. I will not serve under a heretic king, who has made a mockery of my faith and people. He has abandoned his people, his culture, his senses, and most importantly, GOD, by converting to the 'Red Faith'. Me and my followers wish for refuge in the church, and hope that you will accept us in. From, Bishop Francisco Altamirano of Hyspia
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