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Found 19 results

  1. Yong Ping Commemoration Festival Join us this Grand Harvest for a Fabulous Festival in Yong Ping! [OOCLY: Saturday 7pm EST] To celebrate the anniversary of our dear city’s founding, all are invited to this grand spectacle. From games to performances, there will be something for everyone; even merchants from afar will be satisfied by Yong Ping’s finest wares. The event will start off with a grand opening ceremony at the Temple of Enlightenment to commemorate the progress Yong Ping has made thus far. Then, everyone will gather
  2. THE PACT OF KRAKEN AND DRAGON Agreed on this 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 18th Year of the Second Age ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY Yong Ping City, The Sovereign State of Talons Port, hereon referred to as “the signatories”, do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as sovereign powers over their peoples, meaning: I: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. II: THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions. III: THAT the signatories ac
  3. Treaty of the Sandsnake and the Dragon Issued 20th of the Deep Cold, Year 16 of the Second Age ARTICLES: Non-Aggression Trade Agreement Declaration of Friendship Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between Osanora and the City State of Yong Ping, hereafter referred to as the signatories ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding non-aggression: Signing parties refrain from participating in any conf
  4. RESISTING DISCIPLINE ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] In an attempt to preserve the peace and enforce the necessary measures to protect citizens and uphold Yong Ping law. 一。Anyone found to be disturbing the peace, and/ or starting fights unnecessarily will be disciplined by the guard as they see fit and thrown out of the city. Repeat Offenders can and will be banned. (1) This includes disturbing court cases. 二。Any individual attempting to avoid an action of discipline or call to court,
  5. A UNION BENEATH THE LANTERNS [!] Spread all throughout Almaris, a red packet decorated and laced with golden embroideries was sent out to the whole city of Yong Ping and the citizens of its allies. Each packet’s contents included an invitation, written on rice paper in elegant Li-Wen calligraphy for those fluent in it, and common translation provided beneath it, detailing an event to take place in Yong Ping. For those who received special invitations, not only would they receive the flyer, but included along with it was a portrait of a couple, painted and drawn in the traditional L
  6. YONG PING PEOPLE’S ARMY RECRUITMENT Fliers and Posters are distributed throughout all of Yong Ping with an ink-brush painting of a staunch Yong Ping soldier, glaring at the reader. In bold print at the bottom is: 「BRING HONOUR TO YOUR FAMILY. JOIN THE YONG PING ARMY.」 Event Details: Recruitment, weapons training and enlistment will be held on Malin’s Welcome, the 16th Year of the New Age. Please head to the Barracks by the Dragon Gates in Yong Ping on the day. [OOC: Thursday 11th March 6pm EST] Enlistment Requirements
  7. Li-Wen 李文 Li-Wen is vastly different from any existing languages on Almaris, borrowing greatly from the Hou-zi in its use of characters and pronunciation, often very difficult for those unfamiliar to pick up. Words are often made of a combination of up to three syllables in phonetics, with five different inflections. Li-Wen is tonal; tones must be correct in order to convey the correct meaning, which makes it more challenging to learn. One mispronunciation of an inflection can result in calling your mother a horse. It is heavily context-laden and lacks preposit
  8. YONG PING SETTLEMENT APPLICATION Settlement PRO MC Name: Kemobrown Settlement Name: Yong Ping Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): 1st preference - Tile 66. 2nd preference - Tile 73 3rd preference - Tile 77 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Yong-Ping City is the epicentre of Eastern-inspired culture and arts. It’s home to the Li-Ren, Hou-zi, Oyashimans and many other travellers who have found home with its unique cultu
  9. [!] A flyer was be distributed round all of Almaris, with it's usual elegant Li-Wen calligraphy and common translation provided underneath. This flyer was special, a gold finish bordering the red sheet, with an illustration of Li-Ren adorned in gold, carrying a Dragon Dance Costume above their heads! DRAGON DANCE PARADE The people of Almaris have joined together and taken the time to welcome in the New Century with the people of Tai Ping through our Lunar Festival- first washing away our sins and pasts, to dazzling the sky with beautiful fireworks, a
  10. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with, not only elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath, but a beautiful sketch of a tradition Li-Ren Lion. LION DANCING COMPETITION With our bellies full from the beautiful Firework Feast, and our tongues left in flames from the infamous Spice Challenge, through our year-long celebrations of the Nian festival, the time draws near for our famed Lion Dance Competition! We in Tai Ping humbly invite the boldest of competitors to watch- and participate in the most daring contest
  11. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation, along with a traditional painting of a fireworks show underneath! FIREWORK FEAST With our woes and worries washed away by the fire, and the suffering of Tai Ping to be long forgotten, we can only make way for the most joyous events now as we move into the third month of the celebrations! Now, more than before, families gather together to celebrate the Nian Festival, and it isn’t uncommon to see colorful sparks lighting up Tai
  12. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath. WASHING AWAY THE ASHES OF THE PAST AND BEGINNING ANEW Following the, yet again, traumatizing events of what happened in Tai Ping on the night of our beginnings to our new century, the perfect opportunity has arisen for Tai Ping and it's people to wash away and leave behind our past transgressions, as we come close to our Cleansing Ritual. The second month of the Nian year-long festival heralds a purification rite where each are give
  13. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath. Not only that, but on the bright red paper was a shining gold border, and engraved on the very top was an ox, the zodiac of the New Century! TAI PING LUNAR NEW CENTURY, NEW YEAR! Dear Reader, you are formally invited to join the citizens of Tai Ping in celebrating the Tai Ping Nian Festival! This year’s celebration will be packed with festivities - one for each month! So don’t fret if you miss out on one event, for there is sure
  14. The Sky and the Star The evening creeped in over Talon's Port quite beautifully- the tavern was busy with celebration and chatter, nevertheless, today was a day the people of Tai Ping had been dreading since the very first victim claimed. From the front gates, the Talons citizens would turn their head to the sound of a loud gong. Soon after that, it wasn't long before the sounds of sobbing and wailing trailed into the area. Marching slowly through the streets, dressed in all white, the Li-Ren funeral procession made its way back to their own district going over a mile,
  15. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Talons, the calligraphy written in Li-Wen, ink brush strokes seen across the top of the paper. There would be a brief poem to start off the flyer, only legible to those who could read Li-Wen. Mourning the Lost Four elven days ago, our community was stricken with unimaginable grief as the people of our city, in our own district, had their lives so suddenly taken from them by men whose souls need not respect, nor remembrance. The living who survived their hand go on to bury the victims, still, no dou
  16. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Almaris, a small ink-brush doodle of what looks like a fun child’s game dominating the page. Battle of the Bei-Blades Calling out to all the kids in Almaris, big and small, as well as the playful at heart - challenge your friends in this fun new game of ‘Bei-Blading’ at Tai Ping District, Talons Port! This traditional Li-Ren sport consists of a match between two expert ‘Bei-bladers’, equipped with their trusty spinning tops. Each contestant will face off against one opponent per heat, with
  17. TEA HOUSE OPENING NIGHT [!] Flyers of rice paper would be distributed round Almaris, elegant Li-Wen calligraphy on the page with a translation in common underneath. We would like to cordially invite you to the opening night of the Tianrui Teahouse located in Tai Ping District, Talon's Port. Nestled right by the entrance of the district, Tianrui Teahouse is an inter-generational family business known for the quality of their Li-Ren cuisine and the uniqueness of their teas. Come and sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant scenery of the lotus pond with the
  18. Overview: Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice originating from the Far East, passed down by the Li-Ren’s great ancestors. It requires solid knowledge of the flow of ‘qi’ or energy in the body, usually alongside the nervous system in channels called ‘meridians’. By inserting sterilised silver needles into particular channels, one can redirect nervous sensations or hormonal imbalances within the body. It is important to note however, that acupuncture itself cannot completely treat any ailments, it is best to accompany it with dietary or lifestyle changes.
  19. HELL GATE FESTIVAL [!] Posters have been distributed all throughout Arcas, with an ink painting in a distinctly Asian style depicting a hundred ghosts pouring out of the Underworld, each carrying empty bowls. It is that time of the century on the Li-Ren calendar, where the Gates of Hell have opened and the boundaries between the Other and the Living are at it’s thinnest. The air has turned colder and many households find items missing or moved around in their homes… Join us in our festivities to curb the spirits’ wrath, and their appetites! Activities
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