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Found 9 results

  1. Created and published by Chen Yunya Transcribed by some poor passerby ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。 Bīngdòng sān chǐ, fēi yīrì zhī hán. "It takes more than one cold day for a river to freeze a meter deep." ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛ ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。 Chī dé kǔzhōngkǔ, fāng wéi rénshàngrén. Enduring deepening pain is how man ascends. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛
  2. THE YONG PING ARMY the Warriors of Yong Ping DEFINITION The People’s Army of Yong Ping, also named the Yong Ping Army, are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens alongside allied mercenaries who have chosen to take up arms in the name of protecting the people of Yong Ping. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA and its Soldiers are purpose-trained to their specific duties. The most soldiers or regular ranks are familiarly known as Zhànshì or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officers are known as Guān or Dragon Guard. The Army has a strict code of honor, which all soldiers regardless of rank must follow. The soldiers stand as a representation of Yong Ping itself, alongside its history and its population. Hence they must portray utmost honor and bravery in every given scenario before them. The Yong Ping Army is divided into two Regiments. Those being the Zhànshì Regiment and the Bushi Regiment. The soldiers and officers of the Zhànshì Regiment specialize in siege work alongside community services, while the counterparts in the Bushi Regiment are trained and exercised specifically in the art of cavalry and tax collection. Both Regiments have a unique culture within them, yet follow the same ranking structure and code of honor: Their purpose is twofold; To serve and protect Yong Ping. HISTORY Formed as a defensive volunteer force conscripted from the City’s population, the Yong Ping Army has stood proudly as a protective barrier against all dangers and threats posed against the people of Yong Ping for many years. The Tianrui zhànshì have long stood a bulwark against that which would harm their people, serving as protectors and monster hunters in the past. With the growth of numbers in their countrymen joining them in the West though, they soon realized they alone could not uphold this duty alone. Tianrui Ren saw to the establishment and training of a civilian defense force in their then resident district in Talon's Port, a group which would be known as the Tai Ping People's Army. The militia at the time was aided in numbers as needed by the Icathian Company, an ally who continues to stand by Yong Ping and her people in valued service to this day. With an even further surge in population and founding of Yong Ping, the YPA was formally established and the handbook written as a guide of conduct and service for all enlisted. New supply requisition was contracted out to the local San Xiong Di Company, outfitting the ranks with the finest the city had to offer. It was also during this time that two main regiments were established. The Zhànshì, a regiment of Li-Ren under the command of then Duhu Tinarui Ren specializing in siege equipment and civil service; and the Bushi, a regiment of Oyashimans under the command of then Sōchō Masamune Musashi specializing in cavalry and tax collection. Whilst specializing in different categories, the two served the same purpose and remain flexible in duty to fill needs as required. In modern Yong Ping, the Zhànshì regiment serves as the sole pillar of the YPA in both law enforcement and city defense under the command of Duhu Tianrui Ryu. Stationed in the east wall side Long Keep, the crimson and gold uniform can be seen patrolling all districts as symbols of safety and security in the Jade State. BENEFITS After joining the Army of Yong Ping, the soldiers receive a number of benefits. These are: ⦁ A tax reduction for housing within Yong Ping ⦁ Yearly payment in form of minae ⦁ Free healthcare for treatments of any kind ⦁ Material benefits for the soldier’s specific needs ⦁ Free equipment maintained by the Army ⦁ Access to facilities and amenities of Long Keep HOW TO JOIN To join the Yong Ping Army, fill out the following form with your information: Minecraft Username: Discord Username: (Can be omitted from public application if sent via forum PM) Character Name: Character Age: Citizenship: (Yes/No) Reason for application:
  3. -x- You may not know me, but you should! I am the one and only Li Xiufeng! Naturally, my family is well known around our glorious state. But, I don't think everyone knows enough. Read on and educate yourself more on the best family in all of Young Ping! The Zhu, Bestest teacher, and the best bestest A-Yi, -x- Li Xiuying, illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x- As everyone should know, this is my A-Yi and is also the Zhu of the Jade State! She is super duper nice, patient, a little old, and patient, and teaches me. I do not know where I would be without my A-Yi. Maybe I wouldn't be as famous or smart. No one can replace my A-Yi! She is also the leader of my home and Yong Ping! She's a god, I saw her fly once. Ex-Minister, bestest best best Baba, -x- Li Xiahong, illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x- This is the famous Xiufeng's Baba! He is the super nicest like my A-Yi but always pesters me about school and studies which is really annoying and boring but A-Yi says he does it because he loves me! I love him very much and he makes very okay food. He always teaches me out to treat others and it has made me into the super cool person I am today. The Famous Xiufeng's Mei-mei, the bestest friend, -x- Li He Ying, illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x- This is the famous Xiufeng's Mei-mei! Her name is He Ying and is really loud but not with her voice but with her drum! She is the bestest musician and is going to take over the word with her drum! Baba gets mad because she plays late at night but I really like it because it helps me sleep because it sounds nice. She is the bestest Mei-Mei! The Famous Xiufeng's Jie-Jie, -x- Li Mei Lin, illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x- This is the famous Xiufeng's Jie-Jie. Her name is Mei Lin. She is a little mean and smells a little funky but, I, Xiufeng, am the bigger smaller person and pay no mind to the negativity. I love her a little not a lot but I love her! Baba makes us behave good and his good teaching made both of us cool! The Famous Xiufeng's Di-di, -x- Li Xiao Huan, illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x- This is the famous Xiufeng's Di-di! His name is Xiao Huan! He only came into my world a little bit of years ago and is a little sticky and a lot gross but Baba said I have to be nice! Even though he is a little dumb, I, Xiufeng, love him with all my heart! Maybe one day he can be cool but he will have to try really hard because he has a long way to go. -x- The honorable Li Xiufeng, speaker of all things speakable, truth sayer of all things sayable, smart person of all things knowledgable illustrated with love and care by the great artist Li Xiufeng -x-
  4. [!] Invites marked with a crimson wax seal of fire 火 would be sent to all residents of Almaris, bearing with it a painting depicting a spectacle of fireworks fired over a sea of fire. [OOC CREDIT: Hosai Baido 1848-1920 'Fire Fighters Brigade' ] Evil lurks amongst the land as the cold winds of Spring dissipate to welcome the hot breeze of Summer. To lower the risk of wildfires, decrease the chances of wild animals decimating farmer's crops, and remove any cover where evil may hide, the people of Yong Ping will be hosting their first Yamayaki Mountain Burning in the mix with a Summer Festival. The Yamayaki Summer Festival will last for a number of three dragon days, preparing the earth for the last day where a mass-controlled fire will take place in the forest east of Yong Ping. Yamayaki Summer Festival Itinerary [OOC CREDIT: Firemen of Edo] [OOC: Friday 6:00 PM EST] The Ring-Around Race The Ring-Around Race is a massive two-player obstacle course taking place outside the walls of Yong Ping, consisting of four parts that require both players' participation. [MATERIALS & INFO ] 1) Player 1 will be blindfolded and handed a bucket 2) Player 2 is a guide that helps Player 1 navigate the obstacle course Further divulged at the event, players in teams of two will need to race around the nation of Yong Ping, starting from the west wall to the south, east, and North. The first to make it across the finish line will be awarded the prize-winning sum of 20 mina each and a trophy. The Beginning Summer Festival Show Part of the festival's booths and entertainment has been arranged at the North wall, sandwiched between the Sakura Forest and Yong Ping. With a vast variety of food and games set up at every stall, guests are more than welcomed to watch the Geisha show that will be performed later in the evening, accompanied by a firework show to end the night. [OOC: Saturday 5:30 PM EST] The Mid-Day Summer Festival Show Starting our event off with a bang, the Geishas of Yong Ping will perform a live show for the audience before the fireworks ceremony. Shortly after, the Grand Hunt will begin. The Grand Hunt Clearing the North Forest for the Yamayaki Mountain Burning is no easy task, so the citizens of Yong Ping invite all of Almaris to come and join in this festive hunt. Participants may group themselves into teams no larger than four members or can go solo throughout their rounds. The hunters who gather the most game within the borders of Yong Ping (boars, foxes, sheep, cow, pigs) will be rewarded with a trophy and the prize sum of 20 mina. (OOC: Instructions will be further divulged at the event. There will be no guides; this is an all-day event; participants will be provided chests to lock themselves for later inspection. The winner will be declared the following day VIA the forum post and at the Yamayaki Mountain Burning.) [OOC: Sunday 6:00 PM EST] The Yamayaki Mountain Burning + Festival Land cleared and appropriately prepared, a controlled fire will brush through the earth accompanied by a long firework show and geisha performance. Participants are more than welcome to help with the mountain burning so long as they do not spread the fire outside the controlled region. Later in the evening, those who have helped with the Yamayaki Mountain Burning will be rewarded with a Fire-Fighter Medal. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be set up for the viewers' convenience and a seating area to enjoy the firework show. Any acts of arson outside of the controlled region will be viewed as criminal behavior and shall be subjugated under national law.
  5. The Festival of Paper [!] Delicate flyers would find themselves being spread across all Almaris from Yong Ping, telling of a festival taking place primarily within the Tianrui Teahouse. Festivities Origami - The Serene Art of Paper Folding The beginning of the festival shall start with the festival-goers filing into the teahouse, origami paper prepared at every place on every table. A teacher shall be at the head of the seating area, showing off the Oyashiman art of the paper folding craft and teaching a simple bit of the art to others. Envelopes of Wishes Envelopes will be given to everyone participating in the festival, along with sheets of blank paper and writing utensils. The envelopes, unlike the red ones often used in larger Yong Ping events and given to others, are not colored in any way. The festival goers are to write a wish upon their paper before placing it into their given envelope. The envelope is then sealed with the mark of a deer for good luck. The wish, however, is meant to be kept secret, for only the wisher and the envelope itself to know the contents. Otherwise, the wish shall not come true. The wisher is to keep the envelope until their wish comes true, then after they can do whatever they wish with said letter, but it is still recommended to keep it safe in their home. Decoration of Lanterns After the sealing of the wishing envelopes, pre-made lanterns will be sold to those wishing to decorate one. The lanterns are light and delicate, so only light paints or pencil sketches are recommended. The decorator can then either send their lantern off into the sky by lighting a candle within the lantern, or take it home to hang within their abode. Gongbi - Ink Brush Art The old art of Gongbi, or merely ink brush art, is a stylized way to create art using only a few simple materials. Festival goers will be able to purchase a Gongbi kit of their own in order to create such art, and be informed of the various styles of such as well. Fan Decoration Sensu fans shall be given to anyone attending the festival, made from light bamboo wood and strong, thick paper. The fans can be left as is for the simplicity, or they can be decorated to the owner’s content. For a possible decoration, if a pair wished to write their initials onto a single fan, the act is said to bring the two together as a prosperous couple. OOC: There will be an auction of mina on whoever wants art and/or pixel art of the design described on their fans. The art shall be made by Moo_bot aka Coffee.exe [BOT]#5456 and prizes go to the three highest bidders. 1st Prize - Illustration & Pixel Art 2nd Prize - Illustration 3rd Prize - Pixel Art Samples of the art: Foods The foods and drinks served during the festival shall be provided by the teahouse the the festival is hosted within. The normal foods from the teahouse will be available, but so will Onigiri and Mochi placed in origami lunch boxes for easy taking and purchase. Signed, Li Xiahong, Minister of Rites Tianrui Carla OOC: The festival shall be held Sunday, June 13th, at 3pm EST
  6. SPRING SAKURA FESTIVAL [!] Invites would be sent around all of Xin Zhou [Almaris] with colourful depictions of the blooming Sakura trees by Yong Ping’s entrance and a dish of enticing Oyashiman cuisine in the foreground. As the sun rises to greet the newly blossomed buds of spring, the people of The Jade State of Yong Ping gather under the cherry blossom trees in feast; celebrating the new season of fertility. This year, the citizens of Yong Ping have prepared a grand event and invite all the residents of Almaris to come and celebrate in the Sakura Festival. Each Saint's Day of the festival will end in a large and grand feast, sharing with everyone the cuisine and culture of both Li-Ren and Oyashiman. It is highly encouraged to refrain from bringing any weapons to the festival- unless they are participating in the Sakura Festival Hunt. Sakura Festival Itinerary OOC: Friday, May 7th, 7 PM EST Mochitsuki Mochi is a delectable sweet that is enjoyed by many of the residents in Yong Ping; however, to make this soft and stretchy treat can be quite tiring. As a test of speed, strength, and endurance, participants paired into teams of two will observe and pound white rice into what is known as mochi. The first team to finish quality mochi will be awarded a one of a kind omamori charm. A demonstration will also be performed to help the participants have a finer grasp. The Yoake Feast The Yoake Feast is the first feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines while also having a first glance of geisha performance. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and the entrees will consist of seafood, beef, and pork. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. The First Fireworks With a colorful spectacle to end the first day of the festival, fireworks will be set off at the bay for the participants to enjoy. It is highly advised that pets are taken elsewhere due to the noise pollution. OOC: Saturday, May 8th Sakura Hunt -- 2 PM EST Under the first blooms of the sakura blossoms, the group of hunters would be approached by a fox beckoning them to a hunt across Almaris. Through the great cherry trees, onwards towards—the sly fox would try to lose their trail. Across the lands, the fearsome hunters will encounter boars, bears, and various fauna to spit roast and enjoy at the end of the hunt. The Hinode Feast + Fireworks Show -- 5 PM EST The Himode Feast is the second feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of raw beef and pork to be cooked manually at the feast. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. Fashion Show While the guests are feasting, a showcase of the fashion seen in Yong Ping will be on display, and the stage of the teahouse will be turned into a runway as our models strut their silks! OOC: Sunday, May 9th, 5 PM EST The Wen Puppet Show Gather up the children and the whole family, as the Wen household puts on a puppet show for our guests in the teahouse! The Dei Feast + Fireworks Show The Dei Feast is the third feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of raw and cooked seafood. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. OOC: Monday, May 10th, 5 PM EST Cooking Contest The Higure Feast + Fireworks Show The Higure Feast is the fourth feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of soup and noodles. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. OOC: Tuesday, May 11th, 5 PM EST Yuyami Feast + Fireworks Show The Yuyami Feast is the fifth and final feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines while also having a front view seat of the final firework show of the festival the Season of Fertility. Guests will be served only tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of fried and hot dishes. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. Drinking Contest For any and all who wish to test the strength of both their stomachs and kidneys, the residents of Yong Ping have collectively prepared a variety of alcoholic drinks to be collectively consumed in contest. For the cost of 5 mina to participate, any participants who are able to hold down their liquor and remain the most sober will win a grand prize of 85% of the earnings collected from those who paid for the event.
  7. CELEBRATION OF NATIONHOOD (Kunisato Utagawa. Kokugikan. 1853. Triptych Color Woodblock Print. Far Eastern Museum, Stockholm.) Our History For the past eight years the people of Yong Ping have sacrificed blood and sweat to bring us here today. Our people began as a humble caravan of migrants, fleeing a dark and colored past. But the pain of many years before is long since gone. The Cathant is but a faint memory in the back of the oldest elves' minds, and the separation of Li-Ren and Oyashiman are equally distant. For the past eight years the people of Yong Ping have worked immeasurably, giving their all so that their people may be safe and experience the new comforts that their home now brings to them. With a robust culture that reflects its diverse people, the arts of Yong Ping are shown in museums across the lands. Our merchants travel far and wide, and our goods find themselves in the homes of the northernmost towns of Alamaris. (Hiroshige Utagawa. Mariko, 20th Station. 1832. Color Woodblock Print.) The People of Yong Ping The backbone of the people of Yong Ping are the farmers and tradesmen, or the San Xiong Di. They feed the people and make wares that serve the people of Yong Ping. From the great walls that shield the city to the weapons in the army, finally in the food sold at innumerable stalls across the city, the humble laborers are celebrated and valued for their work. Next, the merchants are a lively folk. Providing trinkets and materials for common folk to buy, merchants help bring the world to Yong Ping. Whether it be the finest jewelry or Nordlandic decorations, merchants have found a way to provide. Serving the people is an equally noble task as any, and that is no different in Yong Ping. The government has expanded rapidly, with volunteers and officials filling the ranks of every hall of the Great House. Facilitating every aspect of life, these often unseen workers oil the gears of the machine of bureaucracy to keep Yong Ping alive. A Declaration of Sovereignty Today, we the people of Yong Ping, are proud to declare ourselves an equal of any people or polity on Alamaris. Our claims are settled, and our lands defended. We see a bright future for our people, and as such, must elevate ourselves on the world stage. Today we see it fit to declare ourselves The Jade State of Yong Ping. We claim the city of Yong Ping and her fertile fields. We claim the coasts to our sides and the fields north and east. With this declaration, we wish to secure our place in the world, and in history. [永平萬歲萬歲萬萬歲] Credits to KhiteBuilds for ghost writing this for me
  8. MAGIC REGULATION ACT [Year 15th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] In an attempt to clarify the rules around magic use in Yong Ping, this Act will endeavour to protect the safety of citizens within Yong Ping’s walls from any harm brought by magicks. 一。Any form of magic that brings physical, emotional, and/or mental harm upon a citizen of Yong Ping will be dealt with under the clause of ‘Assault’ in Yong Ping’s Laws and taken to court. 二。Magicks that require the harming of another citizen during casting are strictly prohibited and will also be prosecuted under the clause of ‘Assault’ in court. 三。Severe offenders will be punished with banishment if found guilty through trial. 四。Exception to this rule is ghosts have the right to bother exorcists. [Ooc: We're not gonna take away your chance to do ghost hunting rp, just keep it safe and consensual tyvm] 五。This Act is primarily aimed to ensure the safety of our citizens as well as allow magic users safe and responsible practice of their craft. 六。This Act will come into effect immediately. Signed, Li Xiuying Minister of Justice [OOC: TLDR don’t use magic to hurt citizens, unless you’re a ghost trying to do conflict rp with ghost hunters.]
  9. ORPHANS ADOPTION ACT [Year 15th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] In the event that an Orphan decides to reside within the City State of Yong Ping, this Act will bring into place support structures to help them settle into the community. 一。 We hereby define the term ‘Orphan’ as a personage yet to reach the age of adulthood [18] and lacks an existing guardian or parent. This also includes children who have not been claimed by either parent, regardless if the parent is a Yong Ping citizen. 二。Orphans will be taken under the Care of the State, with food and shelter provided. In return, the Orphan will provide service for the State, whether that be military or government related. 三。If an Adult wishes to adopt an Orphan, they must obtain the consent of the Orphan first and acquire an adoption form from any Officer of the Ministry of Justice. 四。Once adopted, the Orphan is expected to take their Guardian’s family name and register under the family name registry. If later on the guardian and dependent wish to separate, they will have to return the Orphan back to the State’s Care if the Orphan is yet to become an adult. 五。This Act is primarily aimed to ensure that children without guardians are properly cared for and raised with a means to support themselves upon reaching adulthood. 六。This Act will come into effect from Year 16th of the Second Age. Signed, Li Xiuying Minister of Justice [OOC: TLDR if you are an orphan you’ll be a state worker until adopted.]
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