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Found 8 results

  1. 1.9 SURGE LOTC PVP TIER LIST (REAL) (APPROVED) (PROVEN BY REAL ANALYSTS) (100% ORIGINAL IDEA) --------------------------------------------------- This is an OFFICIAL 100% REAL 1.9 Surge tier list, written and approved by professional pixel clickers and terrorists. I made this for fun and got some input from other people, please don't attack me (where I was put on the tier list was determined by others, not me). In making this tier list, what was considered for each player was their abilities in 1v1s (gear and fists), their awareness and strengths in group fights,
  2. uh repost since the other one got taken down for saying [redacted] i quit again
  3. Event Planners, MC Names: EbonsquireEvent Type: RP | ExplorationYour Timezone: EST -5, Midwest (Indiana)Affected Groups: It's open. Any group may come, though 6-8 people is the recommended amount.Event Location: Northwestern Coast of Asul Summation: The Helderenberg is a mighty vessel, built from burly, dark wood and strong ferrum nails. Love and sweat was put into this ship whose course was set for Balanak Peak, an island some ways away past Axios in the middle of the eastern ocean. The living quarters were of adequate quality, fitted with a desk f
  4. “We will hunt down the Norlandic swine, until the end of all days be upon us.” - Grand King Bastion Ireheart to High King Donovan de Frey after his denial of Urguan’s peace terms, 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1609 The Krag, capital of the Kingdom of Norland, circa 1609 Returning home from a long journey to the Citadel of Acael, accompanied by the Grand Marshal, Oyvind Frostbeard, the Grand King brings word to his council of the results of the recent peace talks with the High King of Norland. As he takes his seat within the council chamber, a certain
  5. Jena Doomforged Do not metagame any of the following information below. Basic Information Nicknames: None Age: One hundred Gender: Female Race: Mountain Dwarf Status: Alive I guess Description Height: 4"7' Weight: 90lbs Body Type: Lightly Toned Eyes: Doomforged Red, (( Appear Blue on Skin )) Hair: Dirty Blonde Skin: Fair Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Fairly healthy Personality: Bold, can be edgy, strong, loyal, loving, caresome, honest. Inventory: A pearl placed onto a necklace, the pearl given to her by Damien Menrow A large battleaxe strapped to her right
  6. A black, one eyed Raven would fly around Atheria. A note dropping from its beak infront of people as it flies. It would contain a note. The note would read. The Leidang of Nerreza. Nerreza, a count of Aesterwald, home to a Clan of Old. Born warriors, nothing to match there anger, and battle harderned men, each men baring a unique nickname for the proof that they have skill in battle. Women, allowed into the Liedang(Levy) each allowed to bare there own shield and show there wit against the brutes of the North. The county ran by Count Daren Bonehill is home to a Clan of old within
  7. Recruitment Does thou seek the path of the righteous man? Does thou want to be a man of the woods? Think to yourself, are you skilled with a bow? Can you track and can you hunt? Do you want to be a simple man with a good life? Do you match these things? Well if you do. The Alrasian Rangers need you! Ranks! ~Commander~ Overall leader of the corps, listens only to the King and Knight. | ~Captain~ Second in command of the corps listens to the Commander, trains the new recruits. Has the right to initiate new rangers and brief them on there jobs. | ~Sergeant~ The respected membe
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