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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am searching for someone who can play the character of a dark-elven child named Kira. She has jet-black skin, blue eyes, and red hair. Her personality is up to the player who would like to play her. Kira lives in the Queendom of Vikela with her parents, Asul'ii Aelrothi and Estel Blanc, who both come from noble families, love to fight, and are adventurous. I am preferably looking for someone who is interested in playing her for a decent amount of time. The skin is included, so you don't have to worry about that! Kira will not be playable until the 25th of April. If you are interested in playing this character, please contact me on Discord at s0ftd0ll.
  2. " Through the dark tall trees of Norland sits the city of Vjardengrad, where a mother and her family lives peacefully... " --== Looking for someone to play Jamison C. Anarórë ==-- -- Son of Estel Foxtrot-Anarórë -- ┏━•❃°•°❀°•°❃•━┓ ┗━•❃°•°❀°•°❃•━┛ In Character Information: Jamison Anarórë A.K.A Jamie, Jam-Jam Human, Age 5 Male (gender may be changed according to your preferences) Absolute blank slate - you're free to write up a personality for him! Located in Vjardengrad, Norland, in the Anarórë home. Living Relatives: - Estel Foxtrot-Anarórë (mother) - Artemis Anarórë (older brother) (Full family tree, including list of deceased relatives, can be given upon request at any time.) Adopted child (with Estel and Artemis being elven, and Jamieson human) Out of Character Information: I only ask for two qualities! 1. You are a chill person, and have had no previous issues with Anarórë as a clan. 2. I'm looking for someone who plans to play Jamison long-term, and who wants to turn him into their own (preferably main) character, instead of someone who would only play him when family is online. A picture of the skin can be seen above, however, you are completely alright if you want to change the outfit, or even make your own skin!! I have a base skin for Jamison that you may use for any outfit changes. Need more info, want to know more, or want to play Jamison? Message me on Discord!: Lunan_EXE (display name; mrow) OR, message me in-game!: VaporwaveParrot Note: I am not actively on the forums, please do not contact me on here. Try Discord or in-game.
  3. Hello! I am currently looking for people to play my rp children. I need two people to play a daughter and preferably a son. About Dad: Calderon Elian Ignacio Santos is played by me, MutatedPotato. He is a Hyspanic-Illatian man, standing at 6'3". He has curly black hair and heterochromia, which he shares with his twin sister. His right eye is a dark green while his left is a dark blue. He is music-passionate, and described as a bit of a himbo. Despite his somewhat empty brain, he is very loving and devoted to his family and those who he cares for. He leans very strongly toward death before dishonor, and was trained as the former Viceroy of Hyspia's squire. He bears several scars from his battles against Hyspia's bulls. About You: Currently, we have two children. The firstborn is a daughter named Yesenia Aracely Katalia Xitali Santos. She is a 6 year old girl. Since she's so young, and hasn't really been established much besides short references, her appearance and personality can be determined by whoever plays her. At the moment, she's been mentioned to be a polite and joyful girl. The second child is up to whoever decides to play them. I would prefer it be a boy, as our family is the last one holding the Santos name. The age can be whatever you choose, as long as it is under 6. If you have a friend, you can even be twins! The name can also be up for discussion. Just reach out to me on discord! About Santos: The house was founded by Lmcfc, and is taken over by yours truly. They seem to have a knack for having twins and triplets. La familia de Santos originated from the Isle of Tearion. Prior to the destruction of the Isle, the Santos line was a high-ranking noble family. Thus, those with the Santos name still tend to carry themselves with the poise and dignity befitting a noble. They were evacuated from their home due to an invasion of demons. After months at sea, the family finally landed in Almaris. More info can be found in these two links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dVqfPNo1fUPJ_TYYRqjRw8a90CffMiou6SP-u4zP7zw/edit
  4. Hi! Strange request, I know. BUT I am looking for a necromancer/dark arts caster to organize a plot/roleplay to curse my character so I can continue to write/roleplay him the way I originally intended. After talking to one of the story and lore team, I now know that the initial written plan won't work. So the next best thing, I need a necromancer to curse me. I'm happy to go over character details and plot here in PMs, whatever you need. Thanks! Edit: Thanks for the offers of help and friendly chatter! My original vision isn't entirely feasible within the lore of LOTC, which is totally fine. So I'm gonna talk to some peeps and see what we can do and see where it goes.
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