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Found 8 results

  1. On the imperial year of our Lord 1948 Issued by Holy Ser Halston Veyont, Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude ☨ꜱɪᴄᴜᴛ ᴅᴇᴜꜱ ꜱᴀɴᴄᴛɪꜱꜱɪᴍᴜꜱ ʙᴇʟʟᴀᴛᴏʀ☨ “At once the darkness was cast out by a sword ablaze, and there GOD spoke to Owyn. ‘You stand before me in the waters of Gamesh, Owyn, Son of Godwin, Son of Horen. Your people cry out for justice and purity’.” Book of Owyn 21-23 In the defense of the faithful Clan Kato and the people of Sakuragakure, Let it be known that the Order of Saint Jude will come to the aid and defense of the faithful when at the violent hands of heathens and heretics with little respect for the Virtue. The threats of violence against the justified qualms of the former Lectors and Oyashimans will not be tolerated and any violence met to the Village of Sakuragakure and its people will be actively combatted against. The Order of Saint Jude does decree… The Order of Saint Jude pledges to protect the lives of all Canonists involved in mentioned conflict The Order of Saint Jude will henceforth assume the defensive posture of ‘peace enforcement’ to protect the Oyashimans, the villagers and their home. The Order of Saint Jude will work in tandem with the forces of Sakuragakure to expel any darkspawn discovered within the State of Lurin. Should the State of Lurin oppose the Holy Mother Church, the Order of Saint Jude will regear to the offensive position. Should Lurin attack the Order of Saint Jude, the Order shall engage the forces of Lurin If Lurin outwardly deposes The Holy Mother Church, The Order shall in turn engage the forces of Lurin Signatures: Halston Veyont Grand Master to The Holy Order of Saint Jude Bishop Odo Diocese of St. Emma Father Alexios Vicar of St. Emma Father Pious O'Rourke of Numenost Bishop of Aquila Kato Oijin Shugo of Sakuregakure; Legendary Sanbushi Father Matthias Cardinal of Lotharia Patriarch Josef Patriarch of Jorenus Bishop Stanislaw Diocese of Westerwald, Pontifical Chamberlain Cardinal Arnauld Archdiocese of Albarosa His Holiness, High Pontiff Sixtus V Head of The Holy Mother Church
  2. THE BROTHERHOOD ETERNAL Issued at Year 150 of the Second Age A gathering of atronachs convenes within a hall, an atronach drone ready to start taking record of the words about to be spoken. “Brothers, it seems the place that we once thought free from the dark has been infested by vile creatures of frost. Although there may no longer be any residing within Lurin; this leads me to wonder what else is hiding from our watch… We shall not let such things continue! We vowed to protect Lurin from the dark and we have failed! This time however, I call for a penitent crusade, to make amends for our inability to push the vile scourge from the lands of Lurin. Starting with Lurin itself; we will test the suspicious and we will slaughter the guilty and impure. To restore purity and balance to our once serene lands, ultimately bringing peace back to our citizens.” This is a formal declaration issued from The Brotherhood Eternal. By all that is; By creator and void, we shall cleanse the realms of the vile scourge that dare plague the blessed lands with their presence. We pledge to dedicate ourselves to aid all that are pure and holy. To protect the innocent from these vile darkspawn that threaten the peace and safety of all. We ask that the innocent and holy not see us as foes, but as allies in these dark times. For we will lay down our very beings for the lives of the innocent, the pure and the holy. Our will; unbreakable. Our inquisition; unending. until every last dark creature and their allies are removed from this mortal plain; we will not rest until the lands are pure and free from dark once again. We are eternal. ETERNAL WE HUNT! signed, Kiraso, The Penitent Pharos, The Supplicant Taurun, The Great Mountain Master Prometheus Aichtuyo Larmo
  3. The Wedding and Union Of Einar Kervallen & Tiwari E. Elmwood ╔═══════════════════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═══════════════════╗ Finally, after a long time of waiting and postponing, it is time to officially Wed the two; Einar Kervallen and Tiwari E. Elmwood. As such, this post has been sent out with the goal of formally inviting people into attendance for this Union. The invitation is open for anyone to come, but some are formally invited bellow. [OOC; It will take place at 6pm Est on Tuesday the 1st of August] ╚═══════════════════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═══════════════════╝ In no particular Order; ❈ The Kervallen Family (You are included, Onon) ❈ Miras & Sena (if this invitation reach you) ❈ The Silver Lubba and his Family, Anarion & Uialben ❈ Juniper Rose & Scrisa ❈ Gaius Kaeronin ❈ The Edevane Family ❈ The Tsecsar Family ❈ The Snowell Family ❈ King Cyrius of Dunfarthing ❈ Thomas Braxley ❈ The Athri'onn Family ❈ Nellis ❈ Kaelis
  4. The Brotherhood Purpose The Brotherhood is an organisation currently attached to the Yellow Cross with the mission to contain or eradicate any and all darkspawn which pose a threat to the general populous of the realms. Going to any lengths necessary in order to achieve their goals in preserving life and keeping the innocent safe. However, those that stand in the way of the brotherhood may face judgement, and in some cases, punishment. This purpose is given to them via directives that the Atronachs follow to the best of their ability, applying experience and gained knowledge to each scenario and task that they may come across. -A brotherhood Atronach watching over Lurin territories. Ideology The Brotherhood typically strive to bring balance to the realm, although some constructs have chosen to abstain from worshipping any deity, most however have chosen to follow the concept of the void itself, being that it is the method of their creation. These Atronachs revere void as the beginning and the end of all that exists and that which has yet to exist. Therefore they think of the void as the embodiment of balance. Due to this belief in balance, it is on rare occasion that the Brotherhood will come to an agreement with groups of darkspawn that will assist in defeating threats deemed more dire by choosing the lesser evil. Each Atronach hailing from the State of Lurin is able to speak the Lurinite language. Typically being used to relay information to one another when the Atronachs don’t wish to risk the spread of information and/ or express certain emotions. However they still may speak this language in casual conversation due to it being originally constructed by the Atronachs of Lurin. Structure The structure of the Brotherhood revolves around the age of the Atronachs. The older Atronachs are considered more advanced than younger ones. Because of this, the elders of the Brotherhood are considered the leading force. This however, only applies to the Atronachs who have proven themselves and are capable through experience and ability. In these cases these special Atronachs are given a unique set of plates that identify them as leaders. Although primarily made up of Atronachs made by the forgers of Lurin. The Brotherhood do accept other constructs into their ranks. This can range from Sorvians to Golems, as long as they share the same goal of eradicating evil from the realms and keeping balance. The brotherhood will gladly take them in and treat them as one of their own. Atronach Classes Ŝtalo Class Atronachs The standard class of Atronachs which have been equipped with steel plates. This is the class of all recruit Atronachs as well as some leadership Atronachs by choice. Imiti Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs that have been equipped with Arcanium gauntlets, helmets, or other parts. Mimicking either elements or other substances chosen by the Atronach themself or the forger. These Atronachs typically take on a less direct combat role. Malhela Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs equipped with Rokodra plating. These Atronachs are rarer and serve a vanguard role due to their durability and the unique properties of the metal. Atronachs that fall under this class can be considered to be one of the more aggressive constructs compared to their brothers, say for the Detruanto Class. Fajro Class Atronachs An advanced version of the Ŝtalo Class Atronachs equipped with Daemonsteel plating. These uncommon Atronachs are usually fire or ice aligned. Ŝanĝita Class Atronachs A blanket subclass of Atronachs who have had their platings altered in some way or additions made to their current structure. This can include steel that has been enchanted to be denser or have plates that have been enchanted with spells. Detruanto Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs considered looked down upon by the Brotherhood. Although still considered part of the Brotherhood, they are rogue entities which have no aligned impera and are fully independent, able to follow their own rules and beliefs. These are often seen in black plating. These are considered the most unpredictable and dangerous class of Atronachs, approach with caution. This classification also applies to Atronachs possessing outdated directives. The Brotherhood Directives The Following are the current directives for the Atronachs of the brotherhood, say for a select few Atronachs that fall under the Detruanto classification. I. - Never kill unless granted the go ahead by the appropriate level of authority. Otherwise detaining is your first priority. II. - Never turn against your creator or The Most Serene State of Lurin with violence or hostile intent. III. - Always follow the chain of command, somebody lower in the ranks can’t overrule someone higher in the ranks. If no appropriate chain of command is available the other directives take priority. IV. - Always finish a task given unless commanded to do otherwise by the appropriate rank. V. - Always sustain yourself at any cost if threatened to be destroyed or attacked through physical means. VI. - Spooks and undead are unlawful beings and should never be trusted in any capacity. If possible and acceptable by the law of the lands, terminate them. VII. - Study the law of the lands you wish to visit, abide by them and operate appropriately. If you do not wish to abide by the law of those lands, you may not visit there unless it is under supervision of a high ranking member or under direct order to break this directive temporarily. VIII. - During the free time outside of orders you are to explore your personal goals and develop yourself as a living being.
  5. THE COURTS OF LURIN Issued at Year 117 of the Second Age While The Most Serene State of Lurin is still young, it is seen fit to reform the courts to benefit the state they belong to in an attempt to create strife among peers to progress further than ever possible. With this sudden expansion of influence of the people over the state, it must be noted that the state will provide a counterweight in the form of simple requirements to be considered an active member of Lurin’s courts. THE NOBILITY OF LURIN While the court of Lurin is filled with nobility of varying degrees and the average citizen it should be noted that nobility only applies to one person and only in special cases a family is considered an integral part of Lurin. High Nobility: High nobility is often seen as the most important sect of people in Lurin, though they only get limited privileges compared to the average citizen. Vassal Leaders of various levels Vassal leaders are those granted a plot of land to develop the lands of The Silver Lubba for them and establish settlements for their people or potentially fortify the borders of the territories of Lurin. Often vassal leaders can be found as a voice upon the council and within reason govern their own lands with a certain amount of autonomy in exchange for their service. Division and Office Leaders With the rather unique structure of Lurin’s governance, the various divisions and offices are all granted their ability through The Silver Lubba and have their leaders assigned much through the same process. Division leaders are in every way above office leaders though fall in the same ranking of high nobility due to their importance in a functional state. Division leaders are often at the forefront of progress and military matters which they will need to execute with success as failure is not an option within the state at this level of leadership. The lack of a division leader to a division is often filled back up by the lower ranking members of the division, however, if it is found that incompetency is rampant, The Silver Lubba will personally lead the lacking division temporarily. Office leaders are maintaining the state and their institutions to keep the citizenry engaged, educated and healthy. When a position in these offices aren’t filled then often The SIlver Lubba steps in to personally ensure it stays functional. Previous High Council and Silver Lubbas Previous members of the High Council and Silver Lubbas are viewed as highly experienced members of Lurinite society, making them extremely valuable as advisors to the state and as a reward for their service they are granted their position as high noble. THE REQUIREMENTS OF HIGH NOBILITY To become a high noble within the territories of Lurin one must dedicate themselves to the state and its people with many paths laid out for even regular citizens to work their way up to this level of nobility. (A noble of Lurin ensuring the presence of their levymen) Minor Nobility: Minor nobility is often made up of people who have helped the state less directly or are not yet influential enough to be considered a high noble. Family Estate Holders With the nobility of Lurin working different from most other forms, only the one who holds the family estate is considered a minor noble to avoid stretching out the system to where everyone could be considered a noble somehow. Within reason the patriarch or matriarch of an influential family is the preferred candidate for holding these family estates. Large Company Holders Large companies within Lurin are considered minor nobility to empower them to more easily convey their desires within the territories for the sake of progress. Large companies need to be granted this title of minor nobility and only one leader per company is able to hold this title. The Silver Lubba’s Family The family of The Silver Lubba is most important to the state, some of these individuals considered princes and princesses if they are a direct descendant by blood to the first degree from The Silver Lubba themself. Though regardless of this, they are still merely minor nobles to limit their power within the state unless they manage to work their way up the ranks like every other citizen of Lurin. Lubba Knights Lubba Knights are an integral part of the Lurinite military, providing prowess of both mind and body to the state as their most elite forces of the realm. Lubba Knights are chosen personally by The Silver Lubba to maintain a force of only the best Lurin can find within their territories. Personal Advisors of The Silver Lubba Personal advisors to The Silver Lubba are often invited over personally to council meetings to bring their unique perspective or expertise to courts. Though not anyone with expertise becomes a personal advisor, often minor nobility is granted to those who repeatedly are requested to show their perspective upon certain issues. THE REQUIREMENTS OF MINOR NOBILITY To become a minor noble within the territories of Lurin one must be proficient at their trade or have value to the state as a whole. Each one of these positions bar the family options are achievable within reasonable time and dedication by any citizen of Lurin. Additionally they are needed to bring forth one person to fill up a position within the divisions of Lurin with families considered as one entity, refusing this requirement will result in remaining a regular citizen rather than minor noble. Upon achieving this first step up into nobility, a mundane weapon of choice may be requested to The Silver Lubba themself who will provide the holder of this title with what they desire to use. This weapon becomes a symbol of service to the state and is of great importance to the holder of it as the loss of this weapon is a great tragedy upon the banner this noble comes from. Furthermore beyond this symbol, the fresh noble will need to provide a banner for the halls of The Silver Lubba, representing them, their family or company in the courts of Lurin and is seen as a gift of great prestige from The Silver Lubba to have their banner present. THE PEOPLE OF LURIN While our courts are filled with nobility of varying levels, it should be noted that citizens are often seen wandering in with issues they have found or ideas they wish to bring to light. Our citizens are encouraged to participate within the courts of Lurin to aid us in our governance as if it were their own duty to do so. Periodically a time for these suggestions and issues is hosted by a member of the high council of The Silver Lubba themself. (Lurinite court being held within the designated room) These moments of public court for the citizenry are a right given by The Silver Lubba and must be held at least once per Esht Month, however, it is preferred to host these bi-weekly for a more effective means of dedicated communication outside of conversations held directly with the various council members. Once a public court is called for with a location provided for it, the citizens may bring forth their word without issue unless in direct violation with the current laws. THE MILITARY OF LURIN With the courts set up within reason in our Most Serene State of Lurin, the military duties of our people may not be forgotten in times of prosperity. Without a necessity to maintain an army in the eyes of our citizens it has been seen fit to take a necessary step towards maintaining a proper standing army made up from people rather than the constructs our state provides us so the constructs may focus upon their primary goals instead of having to act as our military. (A Silver Centurion marching forth into enemy territory) This new system includes full participation from our nobility as they are now required to send forth at least one person from their group to be granted and maintain their position. As easily as the noble status is granted, it may be stripped at the same speed if the bare minimum is not met. This one person put forth must be capable of learning, following orders and be able bodied. These people do not necessarily need to be soldiers of the state, they merely have to participate within the government’s system of divisions. Each person put forth can choose their own division to join willingly to maintain a minimal amount of staff within each division with relative ease and keeping ourselves capable in times of conflict. THE ETIQUETTE OF LURIN The etiquette of our Most Serene State of Lurin is rather simple with the rule of thumb being that humility is praised above all and the lack thereof shunned within the courts. Within Lurin a citizen and The Silver Lubba share the burden of the state in different ways, though never must one raise themselves too high to estrange the people of our state as chaos ensues. Every citizen has their worth provided to the state, the lack of doing so may put them in a less favorable light. Additionally, the laws of Lurin will always be maintained by the citizens of our Most Serene State of Lurin as the lack of discipline will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, there are simple phrases within court one could use to show respect to the culture of the Lurinites or used to disrespect a citizen greatly. “May Eshtael Bless you” - A simple phrase to wish good health upon them. “May your scales never tip” - Wishing someone stability and prosperity in life. “The Atronachs Missed You” - Accusing someone of being vile in nature. “May Tahariae take care of you” - A phrase to wish someone dead. Along with these simple phrases, there is a good chance they will be spoken out with the Lurinite language to ensure foreign bodies know little of what is being spoken of. However, even among Lurinites this language is rare to be spoken as many only speak it to express the true meaning of their words. THE FASHION OF LURIN Most other settlements and nations of the realm often have difficulty finding out who is deemed important and who is not within Lurin, partially this is because of the odd fashion found within Lurin and on their citizens. Often they are seen wearing their work uniform or a modified version of it for more formal meetings, however, there is still the presence of informal clothing among the people who lack a position within the state. Often viewed as a shame, however, if they manage to become successful without the state then they might as well have earned their share into becoming a minor noble or perhaps make their own clothing for ease. (A Silver Centurion with modified uniform entering court) THE DIPLOMACY OF LURIN As Lurin grows over time, there have been a couple preferences and noted down expressions during the diplomatic process which could be more efficient or avoided entirely. With this revelation, a small list has been constructed to give some oversight for future diplomatic meetings. -Bringing anyone other than your leader or someone authorized to officiate pacts autonomously to negotiate terms is a waste of time and effort. -Bringing more than two soldiers to a meeting is an act of aggression. Additional diplomats are an exception if they bring something of use to the table. -A pact with another nation might end up being pushed through the council and shareholders to see a general census before accepting, declining or altering the terms. -Every pact must be made with both parties present in the room, drafts must be prepared beforehand to indicate a clear goal of what the other entity wishes to achieve. -The offering or exchanging of gifts is discouraged during meetings unless they have a true cultural value to avoid muddling diplomacy with nepotism and other forms of bastardized politics. (Diplomats on their way to the Lurinite courts) THE CULTURAL STANDARDS OF THE COURTS The start of court within the territories of Lurin are rather simple, once a time and place have been chosen then as soon as the citizens, indentured servants, council members and nobles of Lurin start wandering in then the leading figure within the room may announce the start with a simple phrase: “The Serene Prevail Today, May Your Voices Be Heard” Followed by a gesture to either summon the first person before the leading figure or to perhaps announce something for all of Lurin to know. The courts of Lurin are considered to be in a more basic form as titles matter little within these courts and competency is always preferred over them. This unusual form enables leadership and nobility to be spoken at by their first name without mention of their title regardless if they agree or not to prevent bastardization of the process of court. The court only finishes after a simple phrase has been spoken out by the leading figure of this court, usually the one who summoned court: “Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance” Once this phrase is spoken, no nobility, leadership or citizens are needed to stay within the room where court was held, granting opportunity for less global and more personal matters to be discussed if deemed necessary to do so. Furthermore, as Lurinite court is considered more basic in nature, it should be noted that at all times only those requesting to speak up will be listened to, the lack of this basic thought in repeated fashion will enable the Centurions in removing them from the premises. Naturally, this rule has exceptions if the words spoken out are widely considered to be slanderous or vile in nature. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  6. THE LURIN FAST TRAVEL ACT Issued at Year 110 of the Second Age With our move away from Lubba's Keep, we sadly enough could not bring along the majority of our livestock, this included our most esteemed purebred white horses that the band has used in every battle they have faced. Recently we have discovered that some of our mercenary hires kept these horses from our days of conflict and quickly pooled them back together to raise the next generation of Lubba Chargers for our guardsmen, workers, government and citizens to use. The Sale of Lurin’s Excess Horses With this discovery, we soon found ourselves with an excess of horses capable of aiding our citizens and breaking even on the less desired horses which are noted down as Lubba Palfrey. Lurin hereby is selling parts of the excess horses for the following prices: For Citizens: Lubba Palfrey: 10 mina Lubba Charger: 30 mina For non-Citizens Lubba Palfrey: 20 mina Lubba Charger: 30 mina Saddles sold separately at the price of 10 mina. Centurions of Lurin will be provided with armour for their horses upon the purchase of a saddle for their Lubba Palfrey or Charger in the good will of these horses being used in the defense of the state. The continuous loss of one’s horse as a Centurion of Lurin may result in being barred from becoming part of the cavalry in future conflicts and will not be granted this good willed horse armour. Additionally, those who are deemed the most loyal of citizens who might find themselves without proper transportation have the chance to be gifted a horse to ensure their travels are safe and swift. signed, The Silver Lubba
  7. The night sky flickered, little blips of white and blue light blinking above in its vast expanse as two magi stared up at it, speaking. “Yam so curious about what’s really out t’ere. Of course there’s te’ Horrors, but how do they … Get like that? Are they souls?” a woman spoke, scribbling down a constellation atop the notepad she held. “Do Atronaches go there if they kick te’ bucket?” The Mali beside her shrugged, folding his hands atop each other. “Sort of. I believe that-” yet he was cut short by his friend’s voice. “Mika, te’ moon disappeared, am I goin’ blind?” Indeed, as both studied the sky they’d notice the sudden lack of stars, not even the light of the moon itself could be seen. No swirls of purple nor distant stars could pervade the imperceivable curtain, and for that moment, complete darkness cloaked the Principality only broken by the streetlights and lanterns. The woman scrambled to the observatory door to take a look, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped as she came back to the table. “They really disappeared, but t’eres no clouds.” “Well,” Mika paused. “Must be a Voidal Behemoth, Vik. T’ose things can be unfathomably big.” She stared at him, evidently waiting for the ‘gotcha’ that never came. “Bigger than the sky? How can we see them?” “We normally can’t, but … When it’s blocking something we can normally see, we are suddenly aware of the space it occupies,” the Silver Lubba spoke. The rest of their conversation, Viktoriya couldn’t help but keep her eyes upon the sky out of fear the mammoth horror might somehow float down and eat them. For once, the woman realized just how horrid the vast deep really was. A voidal tear that could end all life itself, an infinite expanse of nothing and everything, and thousands of Magi that dare tempt such horrors through the veil with their magick. She knew not to underestimate it any longer.
  8. Settlement PRO MC Name: mika1278 Settlement Name: The Most Serene State of Lurin Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): 121 preferably as we have built our build here on a build server. 125 126 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Past Events from Lubba’s Keep, which will be the predecessor of Lurin as the people of it move to the settlement. The posts below are directly involving Lubba Keep or The Silver Lubba Band. open with caution Settlement Government Structure Explanation: (Keeping it simple for the sake of your time) -The Silver Lubba, Leader of the Silver Lubba Band is the primary leader of Lurin. -surrounded by the Lubba Council which mostly consists of advisors and the highest ranking band members who lead their own divisions of the band or those who have been granted an office to hold up for more recent issues that need attention. -Below the council would be the shareholders of the silver lubba band who have invested a great deal of time and effort into the band such as the more notable families of the keep and their leading figures or notable figures who have left their mark upon the band and the lands they reside upon. -Underneath that you have your average high ranking band members who take the orders from the lubba’s council and relay them to the greater forces or enact the given mandate. -Further down the government you’ll find mercenaries, guards, smiths, siege equipment constructors and plenty more who are the bulk of the band and make it function as it should within their division. TL;DR A mercenary band wants to become a government of a state. Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): Open with caution How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: ah trust me, it’ll be funny. While all races will be accepted within this settlement, it is most notable that constructs freely roam the streets. The local government will struggle to convert a mercenary band layout into that of a functional one for a good time after settling down on the lands. Rampant with much alike minds who seek to improve efficiency and answer some moral questions most don’t dare to ask or think about with an undercity where people may reside and an academy which shows a clear divide in who is enabled to learn. Due to this mercenary root remaining strong and clashing with an older Sutican root, it can appear to some that the general population is a lot more ready to fight a battle that is thrown at them through the various tactics that they will apply in any situation, however, this also has a flipside where they are more accepting of strangers within the city as long they provide some entertainment from conversation to act. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: We have some plans to make this more apparent, but I’ll give some examples of what we already do. -We might or might not be responsible for atronachs roaming everywhere and causing a bit of trouble -People seek out our services, not only as a mercenary company, but also as advisors to clans and families or seek our help to deal with something unknown to them, but known to us. -as exiles from Sutica we are constantly roaming around and making sure our presence is still evident as many from this settlement will still feel Sutican, though forced to adapt in new conditions which shifts the culture further around into something more unique. -we aren’t exactly shy to conflict and have had some of our folks sent out to join, accelerate or decelerate certain conflicts with decent success. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I ran the nation of Sutica for a couple of months, then Lubba’s Keep as a vassal for a bit over a year and the groups within it. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Aye Aye Cap’n.
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