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Found 21 results

  1. THE RESULT OF THE VOTE AND APPOINTMENT OF THE TILRUIR’MALI Issued by the Maheral & SOHAER 12th of the Sun's Smile, Y. 169 SA. 1965 FA To the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or, Our glorious citizen Eistalyn Othelu'maehr has been rightfully busy with plans for the future and betterment of the Silver State with a focus upon diplomacy and internal events within the capital. After elMaheral finished the count twice with the aid of his Sulii'ceru, the conclusion is without debate; elSohaer Theveus Sythaerin remains as Sohaer, yet this is not the end of the challenger. It is with great excitement we welcome Eistalyn Othelu'maehr the position of Tilruir'mali on the 12'th day of the Sun's Smile, Year 169 of The Second Age. May she make her plans become works of reality and may she continue to serve our Silver State well. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya As signed by, Theveus Sythaerin Sohaer of the Silver Realm of Haelun’or Seth Calith Maheral ito Haelun'or
  2. The Debate 169 SA 1965 in First Age calculations To the citizenry of Haelun’or The position of elSohaer has been challenged by a fellow citizen. The debate for the next Sohaer will be held on this The First Seed [today 4pm est] to find the next bearer of the mantle of the teacher, to lead our people to a brighter future among Theveus Sythaerin and Eistalyn Othelu’maehr. After the debate, an entire elven day will be devoted to voting. Each citizen would be given TWO [2] votes. These votes can be split, abstained, they can be on the same candidate and once the voting has been done, elMaheral and elSuli’ceru will together count the votes. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Maheral Seth Calith.
  3. The Tale of the Hare and the Larva 1951 FA / 155 SA When the Hare had made certain the Larva understood the duties, he thought himself satisfied that the rest could finally be found. The Larva pushed and pushed, pouring fuel into the beckoning fire to guide all of the scholars but the Hare had not anticipated that the Larva within a much shorter time, would have spent the rest of his fuel for the flames. So in the darkness, the Larva claimed Celestia Astramaris to be Maheral. The Hare watched for two years, Celestia was nowhere to be seen. So he spoke to the other wise animals; The First Mole, Serpent, Lynx and the Swan all agreed with the Hare. The light must return and those who have stumbled in the Larva’s darkness, return to the path. The Lynx were busy in their project of rediscovering the lost art of arcane. The Mole, Serpent, and Swan too had new duties far from the people they once guided and so the Hare requested to take up the heavy duties once more after 13 years of rest. And so it is with the will of elMalauriran that Celestia Astramaris never was Maheral and thus is no Malaurir. It is also the will of elMalauriran that Seth Calith is Maheral. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Maheral Seth Calith the Hare -Malaurir Lelien Lazul the Swan -Malaurir Silvos Sythaerin the Serpent -Malaurir Iatrilemar Elervathar the Lynx -Malaurir Andria Fi’tarlareh the First Mole
  4. Usamea found herself in a typical evening within the graceful city of Vallagne. The elven lady moved amidst the flowing currents of the people, tending to her own affairs and obligations. Among the bustling crowd, a human figure emerged—a simple, weather-worn man who had the look of one in need. His plea was humble and earnest, an appeal for any assistance she could offer. He was not fussy—food, coin, or any form of aid would do. Usamea, moved by his plea, adhered to the principle that guided her kin: to offer aid to the needy was to uplift all. She rummaged through her belongings, her hands finding packets of food since she lacked any coins at the moment. Offering the sustenance to the man, she watched as his face lit up with relief and gratitude. His thanks were followed by an offer of repayment, a promise made out of earnest goodwill. But Usamea, guided by the wisdom of her people, knew that acts of kindness were not a transaction. She gently declined, instead encouraging him to extend his own hand to others in need when the opportunity arose. As it happened, this humble beggar was far more than he seemed. The prophet, touched by the generosity of the silver-haired lady, felt compelled to repay her in his own way. And so, he gifted her a vision that would prove far more valuable than any coin or feast. It was a glimpse into what lay ahead and what happened before, a prophecy woven into the fabric of the future, filled with cryptic symbols and dire warnings. Engulfed in the tendrils of a vision, Usamea fell into a chasm of darkness, a yawning abyss that stretched beyond sight. A sea of black swelled beneath her, its ebon waves lapping her form as she surrendered to the relentless current. Then, a beacon erupted from the abyss, pulling her up into a cascade of colors and realities that twisted her senses. When the vertigo subsided, she found herself standing in a grand throne room, a masterpiece sculpted from gold and embraced by nature's green fingers. The echoes of a name rang in the air - "Larihei!" Usamea blinked, disoriented, as a male mali'ame stormed in, calling out to her, or rather, Larihei. In that instant, she understood. She was but a passenger, viewing this world through Larihei's eyes. “Ito Aeloran” the elf's voice bounced off the golden walls, laden with urgency. The room seemed to breathe, its grandeur morphing into a scene of blood-soaked chaos. A battle unfurled before her, the battlefield a macabre dance between infernal horrors and brave elven warriors. Each elf felled was answered by a crumbling undead, their ashes blowing away in the wind. Yet, the horrors seemed endless. Then the heavens split open, and a figure descended - a form so vile that even the air seemed to recoil. Recognition twisted in her gut. This was Iblees, the Betrayer. The air vibrated with his stolen tongues, each word a dagger thrust into her mind. His betrayal culminated in a single act; he cast a bolt of dark miasma that struck her and the warrior beside her. She could almost feel her veins turn to ice as the curse of Iblees took hold. In a moment, the scene changed. Time spun its wheel, revealing the growth of the elven kin - mali’aheral, mali’ame, mali’ker. She saw their cities rise, a testament to their perseverance and ambition, and watched them evolve, always from a vantage point above. The final scene was a departure from the rest. Usamea found herself in a cavern lit by an eerie glow. Three figures in robes stood before a tear in reality, the room pulsing with voidal magic. From the tear, ghostly mists seeped into the air, their spectral whispers coiling around her like serpents. An instinctual dread settled in her heart: something about this was profoundly wrong. As the vision released its grip, Usamea was left with more than just a sense of dread. She bore the weight of a prophecy, a call to action. Her path was now clear.
  5. [!] Like whispers carried on the wind, the missive fluttered through the remnants of Heliviiryn, passing from hand to hand, a transient messenger of fate. As the golden orb of the sun bid its fond farewell to the enchanting land of Almaris, a land fraught with uncertainty, the descendants stood resolute beneath the fading hues of twilight, clinging to their last bastions of hope. Venturing forth with trepidation, their weary footsteps echoed through the abandoned depths of a forgotten sewer, a hidden passage crafted by the deft hands of the Mori, whispering secrets of a bygone era. In this serendipitous discovery, a respite awaited, a clandestine refuge where they could exhale the burdens of their trials and find solace, at least for a fleeting moment in time. And, across the expanse of an unfamiliar sea, where waves crash against the shores of the unknown, an ethereal veil shrouded a mysterious library, its ancient halls submerged within the obsidian realm. It beckoned like a siren's song, its pages filled with foreign knowledge, waiting to be unraveled and deciphered. Only those with illuminated minds and hearts could dare to unlock its profound mysteries, for it demanded the wisdom of the chosen few. And so, in this hour of profound longing, I beseech the children of Silver, the valiant and ever-watchful disciples of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, to gather as Larihei intended. Let your steps converge upon the path of destiny, where the shepherd calls to reunite the scattered flock and embark upon the sacred journey towards enlightenment's embrace. To all those lost lambs yearning for guidance, whose spirits thirst for the radiance of higher truths, heed the resounding call. Cast away the shackles of doubt and join the ranks of the enlightened, for your presence is more than requested—it is fervently and resolutely awaited. Together, let us intertwine our destinies, weaving a tapestry of unity and purpose. May our hearts beat as one, a harmonious symphony resonating with the melodies of awakening souls. In this poetic dance of transcendence, let us honor the legacy of our ancestors, embracing the profound journey that lies ahead. For it is through unity, through the collective pursuit of enlightenment, that we shall illuminate the path and forge a future imbued with wisdom, compassion, and boundless possibilities.
  6. [!] Fresh parchment, untouched, Ink's embrace, newly written, Words whisper softly. In our relentless pursuit of our lost kin, the forgotten children of Silver, we have been engulfed in profound contemplation. The ancient wisdom of our ancestors has filled our thoughts, illuminating the need for our steadfast fidelity to their teachings. Forgiveness - the virtue that sings the soul of our society - is our grace to those who have strayed but yearn for redemption. Yet, even as mercy sways our hearts, we recognise the need for a purifying acid to cleanse those whose transgressions threaten our existence. Their redemption lies in penance and enlightenment. Our people are as open-armed as they are discerning. Larihei's warm, inviting embrace waits patiently for those whose quest for enlightenment is genuine. But pretenders, those who don’ facades of false sincerity, will find no refuge in our midst. They are destined to face the cold reality of their deceit. As a follower of Maehr'sae Hiylun’ehya,we are engulfed in an ocean of responsibilities. We are not merely followers; we are the harbingers of her teachings, the keepers of our ideology, the guardians of our purity. It is an eternal vigil, an everyday duty we undertake with unyielding determination. A High Elf's purity or impurity defines their existence. A Mali’thill, a pure elf, transcends worldly desires, steered by reason and logic, tirelessly striving to elevate themselves and our homeland. Our devotion to Maehr'sae Hiylun’ehya is not just fervent, it's consuming. In stark contrast, a Mali’ata, an impure elf, lives for the self, their lives haphazardly tossed around by the waves of transient emotions, seeking fleeting pleasures and accolades to satiate their ego. They reject their kin and their community, choosing selfish desires over collective well-being. To be born of Aheral blood is to be bathed in the purest essence. It is a gift of a superior mind and body, a state of supreme cleanliness that sets us high above the rest. This birthright of purity, unsurpassable by any, is at its purest in a newborn, untarnished by the corruptible influences of the world. We, the Mali’aheral, are bestowed with the sacred duty to safeguard this purity. Our essence, our greatness, must not be snuffed out by the impure. It is a flame we must protect, a beacon we must keep alight. The threat of the impure is sinister. They bear our faces, wear the skins of our kin, friends, and family. They are twisted reflections aiming to extinguish our radiance, driven by a terrible cocktail of malice and envy. A High Elf corrupted is a High Elf lost, for once tainted by impurity, their return to their former purity is nearly impossible. Thus, dear diary, our vigilance must never wane. Our purity is not just our heritage, it is our destiny. We must carry it forward with undying passion, and fierce determination. Until tomorrow,
  7. [!] Through realms it soared, that parchment fair, Alive it seemed, though worn with care. Freshness and age in tandem danced, A tapestry of time, delicately enhanced. Once upon a time, in the heart of the Silver Walls, Larihei's flock stood united. The harmony of our work, the unity of our purpose, was a testament to the strength of our society. But as the inexorable hands of time continue to spin, society too, shifts and evolves. It is a reality we cannot ignore - change is inevitable, and we must keep pace, or risk stagnation. As I write this, it is not without a sense of abandonment that I observe the plight of those seeking enlightenment. Our people, who were once open-minded, now shun those who dare to think outside the confines of conformity. A once vibrant society, reduced to a mere echo of its former self, a victim of a corrupt hegemony that has insidiously infiltrated and darkened the minds of the children of Silver. This transgression, this sacrilege against our essence, can only be absolved by Her, the one true shepherd, Larihei. I pen these words, not in despair, but with a resounding call to anyone who would listen. The era of Larihei has not passed into the annals of forgotten history. Our shepherd will return, I am certain of it. She will return to guide the lost, to enlighten those who have strayed from the path of wisdom and unity. A sense of anticipation fills me as I end today's entry. I am filled with hope for a future where the Silver Walls, both of the Stars and the Mother echo once again with the harmonious work of Larihei's united flock. It is a future we must strive for, a future we owe to the generations that will come after us. We must turn a blind eye to the supposed leaders of this world, their minds marred by the corrosive touch of power, an affliction even the mightiest aren't immune to. However, we, the children of Silver, must remember that we are bound by a bond deeper than any traditional kinship. We are brothers and sisters in spirit, bound by the principles of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, a bond that roots deeper than any other. In this grand tapestry of existence, we mustn't let our hearts be darkened by the shadows of anger, hate, and grudges. Instead, we ought to embrace the vibrancy of our differences, view them not as dividers but as unique threads that add depth and richness to our collective story. Each variation, each nuance, offers a lesson, an opportunity for growth and mutual understanding. We are different pages of the same grand book, unique chapters in the story of Larihei’s children. We must turn these pages with respect and reverence, learning from each other's narratives, for in this lies the path to our collective enlightenment. May Larihei guide us all.
  8. FROM THE DIARY OF THE LAURIR FAREWELL As Issued from the An'asul estate DATE UNKNOWN "An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start." - Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar It has been days since I last wrote in this diary, and I can barely bring myself to do so now. The weight of my loss is overwhelming, and I am consumed by a feeling of emptiness and despair. I have lost everything, my home, my family, my friends and my purpose. I am alone in this world, and I cannot see a reason to go on. I spend my days wandering through the ashes of my former home, reliving the memories of the past. I remember the laughter and love that filled our home, the warmth of my family's embrace. But now, all that remains is a cold emptiness. The enemy was too strong, and I was too weak. I cannot help but feel that my people looked up to me and I failed them. The thought of rebuilding and moving on seems impossible. I have lost everything that ever mattered to me and I cannot imagine a future without them. I am plagued by thoughts of ending it all, but I cannot bring myself to act on them. I am torn between the desire to end my suffering and the guilt of leaving those behind who have suffered the same fate. I have nothing left, and the pain is too great to bear. I have been struggling to find a reason to keep going and to find a spark of hope in this dark and gloomy world. I am tired, tired of this endless cycle of grief and despair. I am tired of feeling this immense weight on my shoulders. I find myself thinking about the past, the good times, the happy moments that I shared with my loved ones. But then reality hits me, and I am reminded that they are gone and they're not coming back. I am haunted by the memories of the last time I saw them, the screams and the tears, the blood and the smoke. I am struggling to find a sense of purpose in this world without them. I am struggling to find a reason to wake up every day and to face the reality of my loss. I am struggling to find a way to move forward, to find a way to heal. But as the days pass, I realized that I needed to find a way to honor the teachings of Larihei and to continue the legacy of my Talonnii. I may have lost everything, but I will not let my memory go forgotten. I will not let my death be in vain. I will find a way to rebuild, to move forward and to make sure that their legacy lives on. My chosen successor shall be my dear nephew, Edgars An’asul. For he shall lead the talonnii into prosperity as Laurir once I am gone. Farewell my dear followers of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, I shall join one with Larihei. AY'LARIHEI MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Usamea An’asul
  9. Dear friends, It is with a heavy heart that I announce the following. The An’asul talonnii will officially depart from the current regime of the Silver State of Haelun’or. No longer will the An’asul name be associated with the current political regime of State. The An'asul talonnii cuts all ties with the Silver Council, and will relinquish their citizenship and duties hereby. The An'asul talonnii shall continue to prosper within the lands of Celia'nor as their citizens. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHRSAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An'asul
  10. THE CHALLENGE OF THE SUN THE SOHAER OF HAELUN'OR As Issued from the An'asul estate 18th of Malin's Welcome, Year 97 of the Second Age {Art by Pengzhen Zhang} "An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start." - Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Blessed Citizens of our State, our home and refuge… While many of you know me for my rather clamorous ways of ensuring the progress of our blessed bastion, I am indeed a servant of the state, a vigorous one who sacrificed their whole being to the betterment of our kin. Unlike others, I do not seek to abolish institutions to install myself as the absolute power of the State.. Powers and responsibilities should always be distributed among the blessed; ‘tis to allow the ever so progressing mali‘thill to actively participate in the political scheme of Haelun’or but to also prevent one individual becoming the absolute force, a dictator. We have seen this from time to time, the last time Sohaer held absolute power they attempted to erase the most blessed Maheral from our history. The last time someone we called Maheral held absolute power, she ended up being a fraud. This we have seen, and this I promise will never happen under the guidance of myself, democracy shall prevail. This I promise with my ever so dying soul, Haelun’or will be reinstalled as a nation great among the nations of the realm. We shall be the epitome of a functioning democratic society and never shall we be blinded by mundane terms such as “Regent-Sohaer”. And so, this is a promise to the Motherland itself, to the mali’till and citizens of our Blessed Bastion… The Silver News shall be promised full autonomy as per functionality. The editor in chief shall be promised funding to ensure the prosperity of the paper and the government shall not dictate the functions of it. Elsillumiran shall function as always, Okarir’tir will remain as their commander and Sohaer their Commander in Chief. Maheral as the head of state shall rule over the aforementioned. If changes are needed, they shall be directed by elokarir'tir. Magic has long gone untouched within our nation. I promise to start the distribution of magic myself within the blessed bastion, and once my pupils have graduated they shall take upon themselves to teach. Magical institutions will be reinstalled, and Haelun’or will once more be the home of magic as Larihei intended. This includes any and all scholarly subjects we are able to teach to the masses. After a long lasting war, I believe instead of enemies we should aim to befriend the nations within the realms. It is no lie, we were close to extinction and were it not for the miracle that happened we would all be nothing but blood stains upon the silver isles. Never shall we raise unnecessary arms again and under my guidance we shall aim for peace. Certain council meetings shall be made public; the citizenry invited to listen as elheial'thilln converses about the topics of the nation. Public assemblies as started by Sohaer Uradir shall be reinstalled and will take place on a scheduled basis. Many things, but I believe change is exactly what Haelun’or needs as for now. We have had Sohaeran closer to identical to one another, yet no change has happened and now we found ourselves almost extinct. I could write a novel that will take centuries to finish if I was to write everything that I seek to change, however instead of that I wish to have you citizens come speak with me. Come, have a discussion and we shall exchange words and ideas on how to make the nation a better place for all 'thill. I am Usamea An’asul and a vote for me as Sohaer of the Silver State, is a vote for progress and health. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An’asul
  11. Musings of oem Laurir An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the An’asul estate 6th of The First Seed, Year 81 of the Second Age "Deception rules the minds of many. It falls to us to become the vanguard of truth, the guardians of wisdoms past and futures bright. A mournful day passes over this city, this, our beloved home of Haelun'or. Light shall dawn, and purge the hatreds old and new. Go forth then, mine Weeping Blades! Defend our way, and forever to it keep true." - Malaurir Dio Astore BLESSED CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR, Our blessed bastion is as strong as its weakest link, thus progress must always be safeguarded. As we have many times before, the time has come to choose which citizens we wish to be responsible for directing the future of our people. The labors they face will be great, and they will not prevail without a true will to further the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. For decades have the topic of homosexuality been discussed within the blessed walls of our humble bastion, the time has arise once more. As unfortunate as it was, for myself to allow the Mali’aheral to debate without my glorious presence, I still wish to gift you the enlightenment of my thoughts. Firstly, I wish to offer a few sentence statement in regards of lessers and their homosexual tendencies. I have involved myself in several studies when it comes to lessers and their intimate tendencies, and I must say that I am quite delighted how many of them identify as homosexual, or gay as the liberals have a habit of calling it. The lessers, incapable of absolute purity should be none of our concern, for they halt the spreading of their kin interlocking with partners of the same sex. Homosexual lessers are also much more fun than their heterosexual counterparts, perhaps they enjoy some sort of liberation living their true selves. Thus, I wish that elHeial’thilln Ito Haelun’or will introduce the first Homosexual Parade for the lessers— let us offer them safe haven while the rest of the world hunts them. The more lesser homosexuals, the less lessers there are in this world. What comes to Mali’aheral and the laws or Haelun’or as well as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya— my thoughts are as follows. A Mali’aheral shall not participate in any fraternization outside wedlock for such represents the greed or elBortu. A fertile Mali’aheral shall not participate in any fraternization with someone of the same sex. However, as we are cursed with infertility and as we reach a certain age we no longer have the opportunity to bear children. Many a Mali have stagnated their most important mission, the creation of Oeman’ii, thus we must progress to ensure procreation. I recommend the following, any infertile (over 500 years of age) Mali’aheral that has provided the state with a minimum of Oem boy and Oem girl child through natural means within wedlock, may apply for State approved Homo-License, HL. Evidence of paternity or maternity must be provided during application. Anyone applying for HL must be deemed pure without prior convictions of fraternization outside wedlock. Under no circumstances may a Mali’aheral participate in homosexual activities without an HL. elHeial’lauriran under the guidance of the Most Blessed may review these applications case by case basis. Fraternization outside wedlock shall remain prohibited and the same sex couple must be wedded in the presence of the Maheral. In no scenario, may the same sex couple apply for a divorce without the approval of elHeial’lauriran first and only the Maheral and in their absence elHeial’malauriran may approve such. These are what I recommend. Signed Laurir Usamea An'asul AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  12. To fill a vacancy An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from elHeial’thilln 19th of The First Seed, Year 68 of the Second Age “Rise - rise - rise… Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya will unleash our full potential.” Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR As the council voted for Ayliana Valwynn to take the burden of elSohaer - which she graciously accepted - it leaves a vacancy within the blessed silver council of Haelun’or. In order for us to progress, elHeial’thilln must function to its full extent. Thus, it is our pleasure to announce the seat of Okarir’mali open for nominations. elOkarir’mali shall be in charge of all peace time leisure of Haelun’or and to ensure that the silver elves are kept entertained. It is also within the duties of elOkarir’mali to run the silver tavern. We call you, mali ito thill to ascend – ascend to progress the blessed state of children of Larihei. All Mali’thill citizens of Haelun'or are eligible to nominate themselves and as the council has promised, democracy shall prevail; this means once the elections start, all Mali’thill citizens of Haelun’or may participate and cast their vote. We look forward seeing your nominations and urge all those interested to participate. Signed, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn On behalf of elHeial'thilln, Okarir'akaln Usamea An'asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  13. A letter of resignation An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from from elOkarn Akaln'leh 22nd of The Amber Cold, Year 68 of the Second Age "Heed to my words my brothers and sisters of silver, as our very nation is now threatened from within." An anonymous elf BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR None of us are perfect – we are all subject to failure however it is our duty to learn from those mistakes. Some time ago, I called upon a vote to install Ms Ayliana Valwynn as Sohaer and such was met with a unanimous approval. A unanimous ask for change within the Silver State of Haelun’or. I had hopes and I had dreams, a proper change to turn our silver society into a fully working democracy, and such still is a dream I long for. While I do think peace and dialogue is the answer, I ne approve of installing a tyrant who hoped nothing but destruction for our blessed silver council. We are not a Monarchy and the Silver Council is not for anyone to change without the approval of the rest of the council. Thus, effective immediately, I, Usamea An’asul offer the Silver State of Haelun’or my resignation from the position of Okarir’akaln. I wish the state all the best, however I can not support anyone who seeks to install a tyrant into positions of leadership without a democratic vote. It seems democracy is never the answer for those who are blinded by power. Signed, Laurir Usamea An'asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  14. {Art by atomhawk} To be or not to be An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from elHeial’thilln 20th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 68 of the Second Age “You hallowed harbingers of harmony, offer me your sword as Larihei offered us her guidance…” Malaurir Iaria Elervathar BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR We as a nation have suffered from one dictatorship to another, our nation falling prey to power-hungry megalomaniacs who are blinded by Iblees, who see not their subjects, but only their own lust for power. They act selfishly. They declare constitutions without the procedure of democracy, have the legislative body of Haelun’or vote on matters. They linger everywhere, attempting to turn our democratic republic into an authoritarian tyranny. As of 6th of Snow’s Maiden elHeial’thilln gathered to discuss the Elervathar Constitution that was published without the approval of Okariran ito elHeial'thilln. We deliberated and voted, voted to declare such illegal as we should have done far before the publication of this document. “Shall the Elervathar Constitution be declared illegal and thus not binding?” Usamea An’asul would call upon a vote, by the raise of hands the council voted. Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn - Aye Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn - Aye Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul - Aye Okarir’tayna Seth Calith - Aye Elesia Elervathar - Absent The Elervathar constitution shall be declared null and void. “I call upon another matter we shall vote on, to install Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn as Sohaer” Asked Lady An’asul, and once again the council voted by the raise of hands. Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn - Aye Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn - Aye Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul - Aye Okarir’tayna Seth Calith - Aye Elesia Elervathar - Absent By the authority granted to elHeial’thilln by sacred tradition, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn shall lead the government into prosperity, and democracy shall prevail. We urge you, citizens of Haelun’or– we will return to our roots and once more Haelun’or shall be called a Democratic Republic. It is also the pleasure of elHeial’thill to announce the results of the Okariran debate! We wish to offer our gratitude towards each candidate, however only one may take upon themselves the burdens of elOkarir. The motherland never rests, and competent tilruiran will also be needed. Okarir’maehr Tiuthwyn Visaj Okarir’san A’eollaja Valwynn Okarir’nor April Valwynn Okarir’hiylun Kolvar Valwynn Welcome to elHeial’thilln Okariran, may your tenure be fruitful! Signed, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn Okarir’tayna Seth Calith AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  15. {Art by M-Wojtala} To debate, tradition and silver An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the office of the Maheral 3rd of The First Seed, Year 67 of the Second Age If there were to be a choice, I would say remove power from the council. Do not let them have any more. It is simply too dangerous, and a repeat of what occurred under that Sohaer may lead to our race's utter extermination. We all know there are barbarians who would be glad to see it done. - Malaurir Lucion Sullas BLESSED CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR, Our blessed bastion is as strong as it weakest link, thus progress must always be safeguarded. As we have many times before, the time has come to choose which citizens we wish to be responsible for directing the future of our people. The labors they face will be great, and they will not prevail without a true will to further Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. All those that have nominated themselves for the seats of Okariran shall debate, show the citizens why they are worthy of such a seat. These debates may include topics relating to the duties of a certain Okarir to the current political climate of Haelun’or to Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Good luck Mali’thill, may the odds be ever in your favor. The vacant position alongside their respected candidates are as follows: Okarir’maehr Leithedir An'asul & Elarhil Sullas & Tiuthwyn Visaj Okarir’san A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn & Arasdir Miravaris Okarir’nor Pamphilos Hyptos & April Valwynn Okarir’hiylun Kolvar Trafina-Valwynn & Rune of Ahad Signed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar On behalf of elHeial’thilln, Laurir Usamea An’asul AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] As the missive was posted, the Laurir would speak the contents of the missive within the citadel, filled with Mali and lessers alike. Candidates seemed to be busy with going through their notes, socializing among the citizens. “First, we begin the debate between the Okarir’maehr candidates. I advise the citizens to remain quiet and send all question to me on a paper via the courier that stands by the entrance.” Usamea would speak, inviting the candidates to the dais.
  16. {Winter Caravan by Aleksandra Medvedenko} On domestic and international trade An announcement from elOkarn akaln’leh As issued by Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul 21st of Malin’s Welcome, Year 66 of the Second Age “Our Bastion’s wealth and security depend upon our ability to control and regulate trade, even if that means at the expense of our lesser associates.” - Silir Uradir Haelun’or has been known throughout Her history as the isolated state - from the time of the creation to present day - among the continents we have resided in. Such has been an asset for Haelun’or as we remain self-sufficient, we are not dependent on any foreign nation when it comes to exports and imports. Haelun’or has bloomed from the era of Malaurir Dio Astore to the era of Malaurir Elesia Elervathar. To remain progressive it is important to understand the value of external trading, the value of good diplomatic relations between Haelun’or and foreign nations, however not with the expense of ourselves. We must remain vigilant, yet open. I am thus bringing back something created by a former Okarir’san Silir Uradir - the seal of Elemyumiran. This seal will be granted on application basis to merchants that function within the Silver State. We will uphold and protect the rights of our government-approved merchants, who’s caravans will be sealed with the official mark of our Republic in order to ensure safe passage through the borders of the Most Favored allies. We require all trades associated with our nation to be conducted via these marked and traveling repositories. It is by this method that I ask the citizenry to consider supporting the introduction of enumerated goods. When a mali’thill merchant purchases goods to redistribute with a raised price (as is wise and just), or creates goods to sell, they will be required to filter certain textiles and items of interest back through the Motherland to receive the necessary tariffs. Any Silver Merchant would understand that it is their blessed duty to first provide for our Society, not just themselves. Any profit they make, some will go to our capital city (which, due to its elegance and continuation of our kind, is always in need of funds). During times of conflict it is important we remain open to dialogue and diplomacy, the usage of swords and spilling of blood is but actions of the uncivilized. One must always seek diplomatic resolution to conflicts, even when the swords have already been raised. On this note, I am letting the representatives of the Dual Principalities of Fenn and Nor’asath, the Crown of Elvenesse and the Ebonwood Principatus know that Haelun’or still remains open to dialogue and diplomacy– violence should never be the answer. However for now, all trade between Haelun’or and the aforementioned settlements shall be ceased until further notice. We implore the nations to reach a diplomatic resolution. Signed, Okarir'akaln Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  17. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchment was delivered to elSillumiran ito Haelun'or. The missive would also be pinned upon the notice board of Haelun'or. {War by Svadren} For the Motherland, for the bravest of 'thill An announcement to the Silver State of Haelun'or As enacted by Okarir'akaln Usamea An'asul, endorsed by elOkarir'tir 10th of Malin's Welcome, Year 61 of the Second Age The Weeping Blades, elSillumiran ito Heaelun'or, the mighty protectors of the Motherland hold a duty many of us would never dare. They sacrifice themselves for the Motherland and Her citizens. They ensure that our bastion remains secure, they fight in the front lines so us civilians may enjoy our peace time leisure - well, in peace. If it was not for these mighty soldiers, we would be nothing but ash on the ground our mighty walls stand upon. In the light of this, after much deliberation and consideration it is within my pleasure to announce the following: All members of elSillumiran shall enjoy a lower tax of a set price of oem (1) Ibar for their accommodation. The Sillumiran may choose to live in a house within the price range of 2-4 Ibar and pay only 1 Ibar each year. These prices however require full-time participating in all Sillumiran related. The tax reduction will only be applicable to Sillumiran living on their own or within shared lodging consisting only of Sillumiran. The citizenship census must be filled by all Sillumiran who wish to have their taxes decreased. The Okarir'akaln within their discretion may amend this decision. This change will come in effect on the 1st of the Amber Cold, Year 62 of The Second age. Signed, Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Okarir'tir Sillumir Sixty-One "We rise and fall as one mali... ...one nation" AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  18. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. Written by Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul 7th of The Grand Harvest, Year 58 of the Second Age When you become stagnant and aren’t improving by the day, you are only moving towards your failure. Blessed Citizens of Haelun'or, on this jovial day shall we take our first step towards freedom from the festering greed of our enemies. For Mali'thill do not need their fruit, their produce, their coin to survive, for we are more than capable of thriving with no more than the efforts of the purest of elves. Okarir'akaln Usamea An’asul shall thus announce the foundation of the Economic Reform Committee. This committee consists of three organs which each hold their own, unique purpose. To each organ a leader shall be nominated from citizens who dare to step forward and announce their candidacy. This leader shall oversee the recruitment and employment of workers and will log the efforts of each worker to ensure fair compensation is received from the Okarir'akaln. Missives shall follow containing additional information about each unit's functions and obligations. Vacant positions - In addition, to commemorate the teachings and great service of Dio Astòre, founder of Haelun'or, the Silver State shall detach itself from the crumbling economy of Almaris. The Haelunorian currency Ibar shall be taken in full use. The only accepted currency will be the Ibar’thilln - sovereign currency without ties to the rotten minaan, but symbolism for wisdom and wealth. We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity of our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspiration and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own. Signed, Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  19. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. A letter of resignation Written by Okarir’san Usamea An’asul 11th of The Amber Cold, Year 57 of the Second Age There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting. Dear mali’thill, residents of Haelun’or and favored allies of the Silver State, Years ago, around the arrival of myself and my family the state was stagnant. mali’thill disperesed around the continent of Almaris. Under Sohaer Ni’leya we have worked tirelessly to ensure the never ending progress of our Motherland and we have served Maheral Elervathar vigorously to maintain Larihei’s legacy. Now Haelun'or is blooming with life, the state as powerful as ever. However, all things are bound to end, sooner or later. While I write this with a heavy hear, leaving the position of Okarir’san allows me to dedicate my time to different things, different fields and to different ways of progressing the silver bastion and her people. We live in hard times, but never has that stopped us. The Motherland thrives under the rule of Sohaer Ni’leya and the guidance of Maheral Elervathar. Hereby, I, Usamea An'asul resign from the position of Okarir'san, leaving the seat vacant. Along my resignation my current tilruir Leithedir An'asul shall vacate elokarn san'leh and leave the position of tilruir'san. Other than that, the office and its executive decisions shall remain unless nullified by Sohaer or elheial'thilln. ahern ito nae’leh Mali’thill What we call the beginning is often the end, and to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. Signed, Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  20. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. ((Using this information will be considered metagaming if not seen in Haelun’or)) It is the workings of the most wicked to steal from ‘thill Written by Usamea An’asul 20th of The Deep Cold, Year 55 of the Second Age Laws are absolute, laws are there to maintain order within chaos, none of us above them. Dear Mali’thill and other residents of the Blessed Bastion, While we are beings uncomprehendable to many others, only the Most Pure is perfect. We are beings not controlled by emotion however sometimes we make mistakes. This karim a Mali’thill will be brought before pariran’tir, to be judged for their crimes. Sillumir #61 has been accused by the competent Mr Seth Calith of stealing a statue of olden times, an artifact very dear to this older mali. Sillumir #61 will be brought before the pariran’tir for a trial, a chance to defend themselves. Other witnesses will also be heard during this blessed tribunal. The accused is also accused of the following crimes: [REDACTED] Elpariran’tir will be chosen amongst the citizenry (depending on attendance) in the following order: Maheral Sohaer Okariran Citizens Let it be reminded, the accused remains innocent until proven guilty. May the wisdom of Larihei guide us and Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya ensure justice. Signed on behalf of Elheial’thilln, Okarir’san Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] A little note at the end of the missive would state the following: the contents of this missive are subject to change The trial will take place today 22th of December, 20:30 GMT, 3:30pm EST, 12:30pm PST
  21. Genocide of Mali’thill Written by Okarir’san, Usamea An’asul 22nd of The Sun’s Smile, Year 55 of the Second Age Hunted, hated, murdered. Monsters are spilling our blood. Dear Mali’thill, other residents of the most blessed Silver State and whomever this may be of concern, During my tenure as Okarir’san ito’Haelun’or I have seen missives, heard lies and witnessed lessers and Mali’ata sharing misinformation about our blessed bastion. I have come across enemies that wish to slaughter us and to decorate their necks with our ears. Brutal monsters spilling our blood around on whatever ground we walk on. We are hunted, persecuted for just existing. These vicious behemoths claim the realms would be better off without us, they claim we pour acid on everything we do not like. They claim us to be violent beings while having little to no idea what Maehr’sae Hiyulun’ehya truly means. We are not violent, we are not Mali that condone harming others. We are all but humble servants of the State, scholars dedicating their lives to studying and progressing oneself and the Motherland. It is impure to harm another sentient being out of hedonistic glee, one should always aim to resolve conflict with the use of one’s mind and verbal skills. One should rely on a sword only when one’s life is in danger or if someone is a threat to the well-being of one’s blessed body. It is true we are well known for our acid pits, however those are reserved purely to the most abhorrent such as murderers, beings siphoning the power of Iblees and those having non-consensual relations. We do not kill anyone for being impure, we just detest their presence and thus they are banished from our sovereign lands unless they are deemed salvageable; they are offered the chance to regain their purity, to be ‘thill once more. If one is beyond salvation, they may go seek life outside our lands, free from our laws. No one has been killed by a Mali’thill in over a century, however Mali’thill have been killed by lesser beings simply for breathing. Yet you dare to call us violent? Thus I implore beings of the realm to choose peace over violence, no more blood should be spilled over nonsense, over bickering that could be resolved over a healthy debate, a dialogue. If our enemies keep spilling our blood, let me ensure that shall be the last thing you will ever do. While we detest violence, we will always protect ourselves even with force if necessary. I implore all other Mali states to protect one another, while we are different, we are all Mali, children of Malin. The Silver State of Haelun’or shall always offer refuge to Mali who are persecuted by other races. The Silver State is open to those who wish to learn, who will respect our laws and culture. We should stand together against common enemies instead of remaining to ourselves. No more blood should be spilled, the world is but crimson coloured from all these wars. AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Okarir’san Usamea An’asul
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