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Found 6 results

  1. In Athera, on the outskirts of The Reformed Kingdom of Oren, a settlement was formed, mostly human, on a fishing wharf. It was out of the way from major roads, and it's population wasn't high, so it's not hard to believe that the economy was so stagnant that the majority of the population lived in little more than mud huts along the small fisheries and make-shift dock. There was one exception: a powerful wizard, likely of dark magic, held a tower that loomed over the little village. His name was Deinalt Mephistaurus, and he enjoyed the power he held over the peasants and fish-mongers. He relished in it and exercised it as a tyrant. The villagers had little choice but to comply with his demands. The years drew, however, and they saw no way out, his demands becoming harsher and harsher as he pushed their limits. Sometimes, they were even summoned into the tower itself, either to never be seen again, or as a dry, pale corpse. Secretly, they sent messages out, begging for help from Oren, but Oren had been caught up with politics and, most importantly, wars, and their resources were stretched thin. The request went unheeded. When war erupted in 1483, the villagers knew they would not receive help soon, if at all, and sought instead to hire mercenaries who would take the job for the meagre coin they could scrounge up. They eventually found some who agreed, and the group stole in at the dead of night to ambush the wizard as he rested, for they knew frontal attack upon his tower would avail little except their own deaths. They did not kill him as he slept, as the wizard did wake, but he was still caught flat-footed and with his magical components outside of his reach. He cast what he could, but blind-sided as he was, the fight was intense but short. Deinalt Mephistaurus fell backwards upon the bed he had woken from, but not before cursing the traitorous villagers with his dying breath, promising pain and destruction to them as long as they lived. In the end, the village rejoiced in the victory of their saviours. After much celebration, the heroes parted and Rahult enjoyed their new freedom. They found some measure of prosperity now that they were no longer bogged down with the unrelenting and unfair demands of the wizard. Ten years later, on the anniversary of the wizard's murder, the Plague hit the town, and much of the population died over night. It was no coincidence, the villagers moaned as they mourned. Deinalt's grip still strangles them today. His curse continues! Some of the villagers suggested seeking clerical help, but this idea was shot down for its massive cost. Besides, the Plague hit them hard; if this were truly the will of the mage, would it not be satiated? Another ten years passed, and upon the anniversary, the village was torn with a localized earthquake. Many died in the fallen rubble. Many more lost their homes. Calls for holy intervention increased, but so did the flight from the village. Nothing could be done to circumvent the next tragedy but to wait. When the 30th anniversary came, the villagers waited with baited breath, waiting for a swoop that would likely kill them off for good this time. But the night passed with no unholy intervention, and they all breathed a collective sigh... until the next morning. Several people (men, women, children) were found dead in their beds, throats slit. A couple people were confirmed missing shortly after, but it was unknown if they were still alive, or if they were, whether they were fleeing justice for the acts or fleeing the curse before it could hit them. The villagers would have loved to follow up these events with a witch hunt, but their seeking was cut short; the Flood had overtaken Athera and their wharf was one of the first to drown below the constant rains. Those who were left had no choice but to leave their homes to be swallowed by the waters and go to Vailor. Some of those villagers may still yet live, as could the Heroes of Rahult... as could the unknown murderer. And though the village is gone, no one knows for sure if the wizard's curse is done. Known Former Villagers: Sahar Tha'un Known Heroes of Rahult: Timeline: 1468 - Athera was settled 1469 - Rahult was successfully settled, building watched over by Deinalt Mephistaurus 1475 - Mephistaurus's demands become strange. Citizens begin to disappear 1483 - The Kingdom of Oren becomes Galahar. Rahult citizens look elsewhere for aid. 1483, Sun's Smile - Mercenaries are hired to kill Deinalt Mephistaurus, a contract is drawn 1483, The Amber Cold - Deinalt Mephistaurus is killed in his tower. 1493, The Amber Cold - Plague hits the town overnight. Many citizens die. 1503, The Amber Cold - A localized Earthquake hits the village 1513, The Amber Cold - Many citizens are found murdered in their beds End of 1513 - Rahult is abandoned to the Flood
  2. *Various signs are posted around the main roads and the capitol cities, the signs would also state that the poster is willing to pay, for the help of a teacher in mental magic, the poster would read* "To whom it may concern. My name is Ikarus, I'm currently interested in learning the art of mental magic. If anyone would be willing to teach me, I'd be ever grateful. I'd be willing to pay you if that's what you're searching for. Send me a bird if you wish to contact me about this position. With gratitude, Ikarus. (Pm In game, or over the forums)
  3. ~Lenniel Divhileia~ Age: 218 Gender: Male Race: High Elf Height: 6'4" / 1.8 meters tall Weight: 168 lbs/ 76 kg (I imagine) Description His body, like most high elves, is rather slender and lithe with a light skin tone. Strawberry blonde hair, brushed back, spikes out from his scalp. Long, pointy ears poke a little way from his head, though streamlined. His brows rest evenly across, though the right may twitch from time to time. His eyes are a shade of purple, while neither twinkling nor flashing, that have a certain glow to them. His face is always with a half smile, though one could wonder if he is laughing with them or at them. He wears a white linen shirt, buttoned down the middle, with the sleeves coming up to his elbow. Around his neck is a frilled cravat, splaying out down the middle of his chest. Over those, he wears a green jacket, flaring back dramatically at the elbow with a large whit cuff. His pants are simple, also linen and colored light dirty grey. His feet are fitted with regular calf high brown boots. Personality/History Template: Mage High Concept: Aspiring Master of Alteration - Who wouldn't want to have the powers of a god? To alter the fabric of reality to your whim? Trouble Concept: Indulgent & Indulged - I like to have the finer things in life, like cake! Childhood: Knows nothing of his past. Found in the wreckage of a home with two other corpses. Was adopted into another family. Growing up, he wished to learn magic, but failed at properly connecting to the void. Could only ever accomplish simple household magic. Was teased and ostracized for his failure. After a little over 20 years of this, he quit. Phase Aspect: Fear of Failure Young Adult: Turned his attention to more scholarly pursuits. Read histories, biographies, anthologies, and anything else he deemed interesting. Only stopping to eat and sleep, he shunned social interaction in favor of his literature. This continued on for around a century, attesting to his foster parent's patience. This routine was only broken by the multiple cataclysms that struck, though those usually saw Lenniel with his nose in a book while running away from danger. Phase Aspect: Loremaster Bonus feat: Improved Peripheral Vision - Can spot things out of the corner of his eye better than the average joe. Adult: Eventually, the socially underdeveloped Lenniel was kicked out of the house. This forced him to seek employment to make a living. He eventually settled in Arlas. He took up being a minor Scribe, helping to copy documents and other menial activities. The rest of his time was split between reading, and messing with his neighbors. Switching flowers across the street, making random objects jump up and start waltzing to an unseen orchestra, making papers get blown away in a sudden gust of wind, even pebbles into people's shoes. While severely annoying in some cases, he also tried to avoid hurting others seriously with his pranks. Phase Aspect: Magnanimous Prankster Recent Events: With the transition to Athera and the recent elf hunts, Lenniel decided not to return to Arlas. For a time he was homeless, picking up a few... acquaintances here and there along the way. Said acquaintances have convinced him to once again start learning Magic again. Sadly, he as fell to what were probably bandits a couple times along the road. But recently he has had a streak of luck: Lenniel acquired a house, secured over 2000 minas through a quick investment, is starting to learn and SUCCEED at casting magic, and is all in all rather pleased with his situation. Magic Arch-type: Alteration Sub-Type: Telekinesis Rank: Beginner Arch-type:Household Magic Rank: Master
  4. Angoleth Nicknames: Angol (Pronounced Aengul or Angel) Age: 50 Gender: Female Race: High Elf Status: Active Description Height: Six feet, six inches. Weight: One hundred sixty pounds. Body Type: Straight/Hourglass Eyes: Blue Hair: Platinum Skin: Fair Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: Healthy Personality: INTJ Inventory: To be added Further Details: N/A Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Aeriel Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: Aesterwald/Annil'sul Job/Class: Mage Title(s): None Profession(s): Enchanter, Librarian, Masseuse Special Skill(s): Magic Flaw(s): Combat Magic Current Status: Mastered Arch-type: Alteration Sub-Type: Transfiguration Rank: 5 Weakness(es): Weakness Strength(s): Intelligence Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: None Trained Weapon[s]: None Favored Weapon: None Archery: Incapable Biography Parents: Aegnaer (Father), Anunis (Mother) Siblings: None Children: None Extended Family: None Pet(s): None History Artwork
  5. The Scryers of The Mages Guild The Scryers are a sub-sect of the Mages Guild established by Guildmaster Vedaer Sylvaeri in order to maintain the peace and regulation in the world of the arcane that the Guild so eagerly seeks. In doing so, the Scryers perform tasks that further this goal; Be it the retrieval of relics, the investigation of eldritch anomalies, or a task as humble as guiding wayward magi into it's mother guild. Often members that have proven capable in combat, the Scryers have recently taken to scouring the realm for rogue magi. (See "Rogue Mage Trials") Enlistment In order to enlist and perform the duties of a Scryer, one must prove themselves a well known and trusted member of the guild. Those respected amongst the rank and file shall be sought out, and interviewed. Should one desire to take initiative and volunteer, they may send a letter to the High Scryer ((mthdominator)), or one of the Archmages themselves. Hierarchy The Scryers have been constructed upon a simplistic hierarchical system. This system is shown below. High Scryer- The individual responsible for the management and leadership of the entirety of the Scryers. This individual must serve as a Guildmaster or higher. Arbiter- Tasked with trying rogue magi and organizing drills, lessons, and research trips. Instructors take claim to this rank. Two instructors may serve as this rank at a given time. Scryer- A person that has proven capable of defending themselves, their guild mates, and the tranquility they seek to establish. Often apprentices, instructors, and Guildmasters alike. Enlist- A newly enlisted guild member, pending drilling and a final interview. *Auxiliary ranks are often assigned.* Uniform Light robes are provided for the Scryers. *Color varies* -Written by Guildmaster Vedaer Sylvaeri, High Scryer of The Mages Guild
  6. Yulnii Elibar'acal Nicknames: The Golden Owl, Anti-mage Age: 41 Gender: Female Race: High Elf Status: Alive and crazy Description Height: 6 feet one inch. Weight: 135 pounds Body Type: Incredibly thin (near to the point of being unhealthy) Eyes: Dark blue Hair: Blonde Skin: Pale Markings/Tattoos: Scar along her left arm. Health: Physically well, mentally unwell Personality: Generally very friendly, but quick to anger. She is incredibly self-conscious. At times, she can seem to be controlled by another, completely different presence within her body. Inventory: A red rose in her hair, a golden owl necklace, and a small bag full of various knick-knacks. Further Details: As of now, none. Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral Deity*: None Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: Elves of Haelun'or/ Elibar'acal Family Job/Class: Sillumiran Title(s): Sillumir, Mali'i Profession(s): Practicing Fi'hiiran'tanya, protecting Haelun'or Special Skill(s): Fi'hiiran'seth, Fi'hiiran'tanya, incredible artistic ability Flaw(s): Can be quick to anger and quicker to make an enemy of. Her mental stability is in question due to the nature of her magic. Magic Current Status: Active, master in Fi'hiiran'seth. Adept at Fi'hiiran'acaele Arch-type: Fi'hiiran'tanya Sub-Type: Fi'hiiran'seth and Fi'hiiran'acaele Weakness(es): Physical strength, Necromancy Strength(s): All other magic Current Spell(s): Ailer's mist. Ailer's missile. Ailer's protection. Weaponry Fighting Style: Dagger/Anti'mage Trained Weapon[s]: Dagger, slight sword training Favored Weapon: Nothing Archery: Bare minimum of training Biography Parents: Iheiu Elibar'acal (Missing), Iyathii Mercahe (Missing) Siblings: None Children: None Extended Family: Valmuel Elibar'acal (Great-aunt), Naeri Elibar'acal (Uncle), Lorei Elibar'acal (Uncle), Athri Elibar'acal (Deceased, Uncle), Vulchirr Elibar'acal, Asul Elibar'acal (Cousins) Pet(s): Fox-Amber (Deceased) History - To be added when I am not a lazy bugger. Until then, check this out: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/105651-the-march-of-the-golden-owl/?hl=elibar%26%2339%3Bacal Early History The Teenage Years The Destruction of Haelun'or The Sacrifice - Fi'hiiran'tanya The Wandering of the Conclave The Tomb The Fringe Artwork
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