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Found 1 result

  1. “That which holds us together holds power, and it is that power which we must harness.” -Page 1 of Spiritus Scientia Overview Spectromancy is, in its truest form, burning the soul to create supernatural effects. The secondary part is forming a bond with a creature from the other side. Phantoms must bond with descendants, and descendants must do vice versa. Spectromancy is a One Slot magic Spectromancy can be practiced with a valid [MA], it can be learned from someone with a valid [TA] or from learning the ritual from a valid [MArt] or other source that details the ritual Spectromancy requires both a descendant and someone with a valid [CA] as a Phantom Learning and Casting In order to start learning Spectromancy, one must learn the bonding ritual. The easiest way is to have someone else preform it. To cast a spell in Spectromancy, you must start by burning a portion of you soul, this requires [1] emote, then to mold the Umbral Mists into the effect you desire (dependent on the spell) then to release it which requires [1] emote. The Umbral Mists The Umbral Mists are a byproduct of soul burning, Umbral Mists are released from you as you burn away a portion of your soul, the Mists are then able to be shaped into different effects, as determined by the spell, the amount of soul that is burned determines how much Mist is released, as shown by the table here: 0 SP: No mist 1 SP: Small puff of mist that lasts a few seconds 2 SP: Large puff of mist that lasts 1-3 minutes 3 SP: Substantial amount of mist that lasts 5-7 minutes 4 SP+: Grand amount of mist that lasts 10-20 minutes If someone were to die inside the Mists, they cannot be revived for 1 OOC day, if someone were to attempt to heal inside the Mists, magically or mundanely, it would fail. Soul Points (SP) Soul Points are an OOC measurement for how much substance someone’s soul has, most descendants have about 3 SP, when you hit each tier in Spectromancy, you will expand your pool of SP. SP cannot be recovered by normal means, by default, once a Soul Point is burned, its gone for good. The exception being is certain events, event items, MArts, and CAs that all have the properties of regaining SP. The following table shows SP progression. T0 (normal person): 3 SP T1: 6 SP T2: 8 SP T3: 10 SP T4: 14 SP T5: 20 SP If one were to use all of their SP, they must force PK, this is the result of their soul being completely burnt. Spellcasting Mental Whispers Cost: [1] Emote, No SP usage Description: Speak with your partner telepathically, use /message for this, lasts [3] emotes Effects: Leaves you with a moderate headache, no long-lasting effects but this must be rp’d Soul Pyre Cost: [1-3] Emotes, 1-3 SP Description: Create a small ball of blue-grey flame, this flame is created using 1 Emote and 1 Soul Point, you can overcast this for up to 3 Emotes and 3 Soul Points, this ball of flame is about baseball size, each time you overcharge it grows in size 50%, 100% 1 emote, 150% 2 emotes, 200% 3 emotes, this ball is made using your burning soul, this ball of fire will not burn the opponents soul, only their body, unless they are a phantom, if a phantom is burned by this flame, the fire will continue burning, burning 1 Soul Point every emote, when the phantom is burned out completely, they get all their Soul Points back at the end of one OOC week (as if they were dispersed 3 times in a week) If someone is killed with this flame, they cannot be revived for 1 OOC day. Effects: Casting Soul Pyre in any measure will cause major pain, it will feel as if the hand you are conjuring the flame in is on fire, and as if that flame were eating away from that limb, after the flame is released it will feel as if you were just burnt by the hottest flame, the next 3-5 hours depending on how much you charged the flame is how long the effect will last Soul Contract Cost: N/A Description: A Host or its phantom may open up a soul contract with another descendant, this involves splitting your soul into 2 halves, and giving that half to another person as well as receiving their half, this means that you mustn't burn their soul while casting your spells meaning if you burn their soul, the contract is null and void, if this happens go through the effects of Soul Siphoning, if the deadline is not met go through the effects of Soul Siphoning. The deadline is discussed IRP, (an agreement must be made or the spell fails) The Deadline can be from 1 OOC Week to 1 OOC Month. Effects: When you open a Soul Contract, you give up half of yourself to receive the half of another, this means that you won't be able to open another soul contract, you also might be prone to bouts of feeling either not whole, or maybe just sad in general, you can also rp as you don't act much like yourself when under a soul contract, you don't take on the other person's mannerisms but you don't act like who you were before, you must complete the task within the Deadline or you will have the other person's soul half taken from you, but you don't get your half back. While under the effects of the contract, while you approach the end of the Deadline without completing the task, you will undergo detriments, 1 Week Effects: Day 1: Nothing Day 2: Nothing Day 3: Nothing Day 4: Moderate to Severe Migraines Day 5: Mind feels foggy, starts to feel physically weak Day 6: Extremely hard to think, moving becomes a moderately hard task, (like moving a heavy couch on your own) Day 7: You can't think about anything other than task at hand, you're not able to move to do anything other than the task, you cannot talk like a normal person, your speech is limited to that of a stereotypical zombie about the task. For the 1 Month, each of the detrimental stage begin at the start of a new week. If you fail to meet the Deadline, you must undergo the effects of the Soul Corruption Spell but the sliver starts at 50%. Soul Corruption Cost: 1 SP Description: Plant a sliver of your soul into some elses body, by doing this they will gain one soul point, if this point isn't burned, then you can start to grow it, this means that the silver begins to grow inside that person's soul, slowly but surely taking control, the sliver grows each time you cast this spell on it again, but this time it only grows the sliver, each time you cast the spell, the person will suffer a mental attack, (use crp) this means that the person will be in their mind fighting a faceless figure, (they both get an average arming sword) if the victim wins, the sliver will be reduced in size by 10% and cannot grow for the rest of that OOC day, if the caster wins, the sliver grows to take up 10% of the soul's room, meaning that if you cast it three times on one person, the sliver is taking up 20% of their soul, the victim does not know that their soul is being taken over until it reaches 50%, at which point they will begin the have symptoms like those of Soul Siphon other than they do not leave, they will stay unless the victim gains more than 50% control of their soul, when the sliver hits 100%, the caster will have turned the person into a Desolate. (placeholder for CA link) Soul Siphon Cost: [5] Emotes Description: Siphon energies from another's soul, (requires OOC consent, if none is given, only half their soul can be taken, meaning you must stop siphoning when half their soul is gone) must be T5 to start Soul Siphoning, you can 'pass' the spell to another, but anyone below T5 cannot start the spell, Emote 1: Siphon 1 Soul Point, Emote 2: Siphon 1 Soul Point 2 Total have been Siphoned, Emote 3: Siphon 2, Total 4, Emote 4: Siphon 1, Total 5, (diminishing returns after 3) Emote 5: Siphon 1: Total 6 (you may stop siphoning whenever you see fit, such as when you don't want to kill the person) Effects: As you have absorbed someone else's soul, per one point siphoned you must rp an elven day acting similar to that person, the soul must be of a descendant, you also retain a large headache within that span Create Bond Cost: [8] Emotes Description: While not necessary for creating a bond, it can certainly help to enlist someone who has a bond to help you create one. If a Phantom, an unbonded descendant, and a Host or phantom of T5 are all willing to preform the spell, a new bond can be made between an unbonded Phantom and Descendant Phantom Abilities Umbral Form No SP Usage Bend your lifeforce's ectoplasm into an inky black color, blending with shadow like how water mixes with itself. As long as you are within shade, you can become invisible at will. Shadow Step No SP Usage Teleport from shadow to shadow while in Umbral form to avoid detection whilst moving, you can only teleport to a shadow 15ft away from you. (5 Blocks) Consented Possession No SP Usage Fall into your Host's body taking control of them, this can only happen if the Host is allowing it, this possession can only last 3 irp hours before the possession becomes draining for both parties involved, if you wish to extend it further, you can spend 1 SP and continue for an hour, after you leave their body you cannot use this until 1 OOC day has passed. Greater Umbral Form 1 SP Bend your lifeforce’s ectoplasm into an inky black color, infusing it with Umbral Mist, you can extend the mist from yourself and create darkness in a 15ft aura (5 blocks) within this aura, you can become invisible at will, you can also extend this darkness to natural shadows, creating a billowing cloak of darkness behind you, this will grant you 1ft more to your aura, you can do this up to a 25ft aura, this will last for 1 OOC hour or until you dismiss it. Dark Ascension No SP Usage Reach into Ebritaes and pull out a part of a soul, for every [1] Emote you spend doing this, game .1 SP, meaning you need to spend [10] Emotes to gain 1 full SP Descendant Abilities Detect Ectoplasm No SP Usage Take a deep look around you while channeling your inner soul to detect the ectoplasm around you, this will light the ectoplasm into a bright, glowing white color visible to others Channel Phantom No SP Usage Allow a Phantom to temporarily take slight control of your body, this possession cannot cause harm to you, it cannot be used to cause harm to others, it can move with much difficulty, it can speak with the voice of the phantom, and can only last 10 OOC minutes. You can choose to take the phantom out of you at will, if you let an apparition take control of you, they will leave when they choose to leave, they have complete control over you, every 1 OOC hour they control you, you can choose to spend 1 SP to do a /roll contest, winner gets their way. Share Soul No SP Usage Share souls with your bonded Phantom, allowing you to exchange SP with them Reverse Possession 3 SP Attempt to take control of a Phantom you can see, (this cannot be your ghost) do a /roll contest, if you win deduct 3 SP and you control them for 1 OOC hour (negotiable OOC) you cannot make them harm themselves or others, your body falls unconscious as you control the Phantom's Lesser Umbral Form 2 SP Take on a form similar to how your ghost does, your body becomes a dark mist, while still corporal, you can meld into the shadows around you, if you are killed in this form you lose 1 SP and cannot be revived for 1 OOC day. Tier Progression Host Tier T1: Takes 2 Weeks To reach the end of T1, Mental Whispers, Detect Ectoplasm T2: Takes 3 weeks to reach the end of T2, 5 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Detect Ectoplasm, Channel Phantom T3: Takes 5 weeks to reach the end of T3, 10 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Detect Ectoplasm, Channel Phantom, Share Soul T4: Takes 6 weeks to reach the end of T4, 16 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Detect Ectoplasm, Channel Phantom, Share Soul, Soul Corruption, Reverse Possession T5: Magic has been mastered, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Detect Ectoplasm, Channel Phantom, Share Soul, Soul Corruption, Reverse Possession, Soul Siphon, Create Bond, Lesser Umbral Form Phantom Tier T1: Takes 2 weeks to reach the end of T1, Mental Whispers, Umbral Form T2: Takes 3 weeks to reach the end of T2, 5 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Umbral Form, Shadow Step T3: Takes 5 weeks to reach the end of T3, 10 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Umbral Form, Shadow Step, Consented Possession T4: Takes 6 weeks to reach the end of T4, 16 weeks total, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Soul Corruption, Umbral Form, Shadow Step, Consented Possession, Greater Umbral Form T5: Magic has been mastered, Mental Whispers, Soul Pyre, Soul Contract, Soul Corruption, Soul Siphon, Create Bond, Umbral Form, Shadow Step, Consented Possession, Greater Umbral Form, Dark Ascension General Redlines SP cannot be recovered by normal means, souls don’t regen SP Since it has soul altering effects, certain magics can be incompatible with Spectromancy (Shade, Clericalism, Paladinism, etc.) If soul points are all expended a PK must be enforced Spectromancy is [1] Slot magic -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Credits]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- aCovey, helped me with ideas and criticisms Wavey for ideas and inspiration CaptainTriggered for rp inspiration Sorry for the poor formatting, this is my first time writing a lore piece and am not all that familiar with the writing on LotC forums.
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