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Found 221 results

  1. MoonsWolf_

    Faoladh [Creature]

    The Faoladh ~History~ After the war of Elcihi'thilln, the leader of the Silver City turned to a researcher named Aelthos, who changed Lomal (the leader) into a snow elf. What the young Aelthos did not know was that one of those people that volunteered to be turned had a young wife who was left in the cold to wait for her beloved who had left for war. After a time of him not coming back, she packed her things and took to the snowy woods, forgetting her cloak behind her. And just like that, a snow storm wiped her farther and farther away from any civilization, while her and her undiscovered child tracked through the wind. She had not know of the child resting within her, but and only though it stress, and so, when she found a cave underneath a fallen tree, the elf women soon died. Not much time later, a Fjarrugiauga found her amongst the snarled roots, her final breath long gone, but even still, the Frost Mother cried out to the God of Winter, Wyvrun, and somehow, the message got through. Wyvrun, also known as Old Father Winter, had a soft spot for females and abandonment, and so, he told the Frost Mother to go out and find the nearest dead animal. An so, as she was told, the Frost Mother went. The Frost Mother came back with the carcass of a newly felled female Ker Wolf who had died of old age not to far from the Elf, and dropped it near the body, the two laying side by side, wolf and elf. Old Father Winter then looked inside the Young Wife, and found the babe, who was dining slowly, but not yet dead, and so He took the child from the womb and placed it's spirit into the wolf. The legends are not all completely sure of what exactly happened to make the next day possible, but they say that the next evening, a white and red pup stepped out of the cave, completely healthy and already 1 month old, and another female Ker wolf came to the pup and cried it off. And so, the first Faoladh was made. . The Faoladh race are considered a gift from the God Wyvrun, but many consider it a curse because from the point you are turned and from then on you are bound to your pack, and there is no way to reverse the transformation, unless through death. The Faoladhs have a bad side as well, they are known for their combat skills and ruthless mentality, but it get worse. On Eclipse Moon nights a Faoladhs Packs will be forced to go out on The Hunt, where their bodies become more of a werewolf shape, more humanoid, and they are forced to go to their nearest town and kill as many people as possible. This form is known as Bazerk. This is why most people hate the Faoladh Packs, although many fear them so much they offer them gift as way to ward them off, although it doesn’t help at all and most of the time gets them killed. The Clipse Moon Night is not the only time that a Faoladh become more of a werewolf form, i happens when they are overly angry or iritated. A Faoladh in human or other form is not a terrible sight, but it is not beautiful either. A Faoladh in human or elf form has a dull around it, any beauty it once had or happiness does not show in the persons "aura", and therefor they are a rather normal sight, although one can I identify them by their inability to speak. In wolf form, a Foaladh gains all of the things it lost in human form back. It is graceful and strong, beautiful and hard to resist. There are some legends that a young Faoladh female enticed a young man to come to her without anything but her looks, she then killed him and brought the hart back to her Alpha as a gift. But do do not be fooled, and human or elf that steps into a Faoladhs Pack/Den site will find their end quickly, no matter the person or time. Faoladhs go Bazerk more often than not given that they get irritated quickly and are ruthless. Many a men have tried and failed to hunt these creatures down, the hunting parties growing thinner and thinner. The Faoladh have had a long lasting hatred for the Fjarriauga, or Frost Witches, given that they are rivals in territory in the North. Although the Frost Mother from the first Faoladh did help her, the dependents soon forgot this when a young Frost Witch killed a litter of puppies. A litter of pups is a sacred blessing to the Faoladh, considering the infertility of the Faoladh is much like the elf's curse. For a human turned Faoladh a litter is celebrated but not as much as a litter from an elf turned would be. The rules for the Faoladh's are simple, although they are different for each Pack, the unanimous one are listed bellow: -No hurting or treasonous acts against the Alpha -If the Alpha has pups, they are to be protected above all else -When hunting, consider your Pack mates and remember your station -Never try to mate with an already mated male or female The territories of the Packs are operated by the climate and geography, and much of the time, they do not feel they need to expand, but as with the Leathnu Te, it has been known to occur before.There are many small packs scattered across the land, the Faoladh having split from any larger pack to form their own, although many do not make it. The other small territories have the same hierarchy system but the only exception is if there is a bigger problem going on in a Pack, one of the Season Leaders will come down to the part of their territory they are letting them have and solve the issue. Although you follow one of the Seasonal packs, your loyalty is to your own Pack. But if in any case it comes down to the life of one of the Seasonal Packs or your own Pack, you are expected to choose the Seasonal. If otherwise, your are named a traitor. Anything between the two Seasonal territories is the Nomadic Lands, this is where if a young Faoladh chooses to go off on its own, this is where you head. No one owns his territory. There should always be a sliver of Nomadic Land. The hierarchy of the Pack has one leader for each of them, and two Betas to protect and serve the Alpha. The Tiers of the system are listed bellow: Highest ranking: Alpha- runs Pack and makes sure all other Pack mates are in line. Do not challenge. Second Highest: Betas- there are two Betas, usually both women, they protect the Alpha from any attack that she does not see. They also are the go between the rest of the Pack and the Alpha Alpha Apprentice: Dara- the Dara is a young female Faoladh Trodai who will one day become Alpha, unless a challenge occurs. Middle: Trodai- the warriors of the Pack, they make up the rest of the Pack. Middle low: Baegnach- the warriors in training. Low: Pups- self explanatory. Protect at all costs Pups are the joy bringers of any Pack and if you are born a Faoladh, you are considered "High Born" and even higher born are the elf pure bloods. There is no difference between Faoladhs turned by death or born, although the pain process is different. Pack Mothers are the Women Faoladh's that have recently given birth to a litter of pups or are nursing in the den. The mating system for the Faoladhs is no different then the Ker Wolves. Once mated, you are mated for life, unless your mate dies or given that Faoladhs are also Humaoid, if your partner cheats, so pick well. Alphas of the Faoladh are known to be ruthless and kind, it depends on the leader, but all Alphas need to keep the peace and justice of the Pack, making them the executors of traitors or Leaders of Rituals. Leaders are chosen either by another Pack Mate challenging them to a fight to the death, a Dara being assigned the position when the Alpha deems them ready or by old age, in which one of the Beta's are chosen (this is rare given that Faoladhs have a very long lifespan, humans extending to 300, elves even longer then their previous enlargements). The changing of a human or other race to a Faoladh is a painful process consisting of a month of migrants and bones breaking and realigning. The stages of the process are listed bellow: The first three days) headaches begin to occur, causing hallucinations and screaming. The next five days) bones begin to crack, your spinal cord shifting to become more lenient. The next 7 days) fur begins to slowly sprout from the skin, fingernails lengthening and the skin on your body becoming paper thin. The next 12 days) The bones that had been broken begin to realign, causing another bout of excruciating pain while long canines grown in the mouth. The last 4 days) the final piece is the actual transformation into the wolf form, which is known to be the worst part, as it all happens at once. The following transformations are easier, but still painful, which is why some people prefer to stay in one form. The main drawback of being a Faoladh is that if you get any sickness, you are susceptible to becoming a wolf forever, any therefor never change back again. It is taken as a serious problem and the Pack take as much care as they can. The Packs have a system for traitors which is followed out at all costs: -If a Faoladh gives away their pack or Alpha, they will meet out rightful justice - If a Faoladh kills or harms any pack mate, they will meet out rightful justice - (The sentence they are given will be carried out by the Alpha, and so the things they do are not all considered death worthy.) Many Faoladhs go Bazerk, which is when a Faoladh decides to remain in wolf form but has such a hate for humans that they go into the Bazerk Wild form, which looks like a werewolf from American ledgers. Bazerks roam the countyside and kill off animals and any humans they can get their claws on. They sometimes join forces and wipe out towns, but it is rare given that they are so driven to kill that they often kill their own kind. It is incredibly easy to become Bazerk, and once fully Bazerk, you are forced to leave the Pack for the greater good, which causes problems with the human life around the territory. The only way to become a Faoladh is to either die, and to have a Faoladh find you within an hour of death, as to not let the decomposition process go too far, or to have the Alpha or Beta of a Pack mark you. There are four Alpha's, one for each pack: The Summer Pack Habitat: lives between Warhawkes-Krugmar Diet: Carnivore and/or Man eater Size: Ranging anywhere from 4-7 ft tall. Color Varieties: Ranging between a brown-to a golden white. Skill set: -The Summer Pack is known for it's potions and it's magic, they are rarely fighting with another clan as they are the peace makers and have given up much of their land to other small packs because of this. It is still to be seen if they will ever help in battle. -The most laid-back of the Four Packs -Avoids conflict with humans/other races at all costs The First Leader of the Summer Packs: The First Leader of the Summer Pack was known as Aofie. Aofie was a young Druid girl when she was turned by the Founding Faoladh. Having lived in the heat her whole life, Aofie left the Winter Pack to journey out, seeking a warmer pack.At this time there were another three packs that no long are here. Spring, Winter and Fall, and so her first bet was to get to the Spring Pack, but she did not make it before she fell in love in the Nomad Territory, which was not claimed by any pack yet. She stay their with her beloved until he died of old age, being a human. She was left with a litter of pups witch she delivered the next Summer, and was forced to settle down. Soon, more and more Faoladh's started flocking to the Nomad territory and she had to take control of the Faoladhs, and so she made the Summer Pack. The Winter Pack Habitat: Form the edges of the Pack to the Northern Coast (Haense-Rivia) Diet: Carnivore and/or Man eater Size: Ranging from 4-7 ft tall. Color Varieties: The Winter Pack has wolves that range from white to black, with any tint to their fur. Skill set: The Winter Pack has very little known about them, being the most secretive. The only skill set we do know of is that they are amazing in battle, but also the most brutal Pack. -Vicious to outsiders -Hate humans -Spend much of their time in Wolf form -Most difficult to conceive given the cold climate The First Leader of the Winter Pack: The founding Faoladh was the leader of the Winter Pack, en which you can read above ↑ -------------Red Lines----------- -You cannot play as a Faoladh unless turned by an Alpha or died with a Faoladh in your company or finding you. -You can only use your Packs specific magic (if it has one) if you are taught by one of the people first -If caught turning you must give the person whatever they want, unless they ask for your life or something to do with your Pack -You cannot assume you were just born into a Pack, you can either be born and your parent died a Nomad or find a Pack Mother and be born from her. -There are no rules restraining the Bazerk side, although it would be helpful if you didn’t go around killing everyone -this magical creature is open to any previous race, although if you were a frost witch turned Faoladh that’s no a thing.
  2. TheDragonsRoost

    Magic of the Oblivion

    There is the Void, an endless and boundless pit of nothingness that takes as much as it gives. This is the origin place of all voidal magic on Atlas. However, there may be something far more darker and more dangerous than the Void. It is called Oblivion and it affects the body and the mind in far more deadlier ways than voidal magic. Casters of the oblivion school are able to counter the effects of the voidal magics by taking the effects of the voidal magics and putting it on themselves, granting the voidal magic user more strength, however once the oblivion mage dies (even once), that strength instantly disappears and cannot ever be recovered, leaving both the oblivion mage and the voidal mage without strength. This leaves the oblivion mage with very little time before the forces of nature begin to recoil onto the mage, creating Oblivion Recoil. There is no way to counter the effects of Oblivion Recoil at all, no matter how advanced you are in the school. These same casters can mess with the natural world, spreading plagues and fracturing a small area around them. The way that fracturing works is that the caster has to spend some of their own mana to create cracks all around them in a small area and sustain at the same time as an opposite effect happens called Counter-fracture where the natural world is fighting back with a lot of forceful tension to correct the fracture that the mage generates. Fracturing is meant to act as a barrier around the mage, shielding the user from magical attacks alone for a short duration of time or after some damage has been sustained, whichever comes first. Regardless of whichever happens, the Recoil effect is given to the oblivion mage. However, there are very great dangers to the oblivion mage alone as it means the person is no longer affected mentally by the void, but by the soul-destroying forces within Oblivion itself. By taking the energy from Oblivion to cast the spell that the mage casts, they are slowly affected over time by the energy of Oblivion itself. The energy (or mana) of Oblivion means that it siphons all types of strength that the user has, no matter how powerful or strong-willed they are. It varies from caster to caster on the effects on mental instability due to the Oblivion energy, but it ends the same way with an irreversible death. Many masters of Oblivion sought out a way to counter all the negative effects of the corrosive energy within them, but as Oblivion is a near-omnipotent unnatural force, it cannot be countered. Many have also sought to gain true immortality from this unnatural force, but no one has found a way to do so before they succumbed to the mental breakdown and full-body disruption of Oblivion magic. Perhaps with the study and practice of the art, one may gain a resistance or even a tolerance to the power?
  3. Picking up the Hammer The Revival of the Angathgul as the Naakh’Ilzgul History The Spirits’ Hand - Shamanic Order “The Spirits Touch all” - The Uruk Buubztik of Lur, Late Vailor times And so I, Shagarath, pick up the hammer and smite it upon the anvil to revive the Angathgul, now named Naakh’Ilzgul: The Spirits’ Hand. For we Spiritual servants are the ruling hand upon this Mortal realm. It is WE that abide their will and WE that execute their demands. For too long the Spiritual faith hath been cast aside, Spirits mocked and forsaken. Now is the time for all descendant souls of Atlas to have the opportunity to show devotion. All that already follow and all that are intrigued are welcome. Let no ignorance on the topics of Spirituality or Shamanism stand to create unnecessary conflict. Let the spirits be praised by all, for they Touch All, not just the sons and daughters of Krug. This is how I preach to you, denizens of the mortal realm. A speaker from the spirits. These are my teachings for all who agree to follow. “Afar Ilzgul, Lup Ilzgul!” “Praise the Spirits, Fear the Spirits!” Mission Preservation The Shamanic and Spiritual faith has long been a tight organisation; a clique if you will. Now the time has come for all to prosper and spread the faith. If shown to be loyal and to have proven their devotion to the Spirits, all descendant life should be able to take part in worshipping and serving the Spirits. Balance All still know the horrors, that brought down the Realm of Vailor, and the Shamanic council knows well that such should be prevented at all cost. The blind ambition of a single shaman brought forth the end of a Realm, and the destruction of a Spirit. The Spiritual Realms were out of balance, for no Spirit should become powerful enough to access the Realm of Mortals. Therefore, we task ourselves with maintaining the balance that has been restored with Orgon’s destruction. Assist Furthermore, the council and members shall occupy themselves and devote their time to aiding all in need of their guidance, council, or help. Among these services are: the contacting of Ancestors, the creation of curses, che aid in elemental matter (Such as moving boulders from paths), the creation of Spirit imbued items, and bestowing blessings. Purge Lastly we shall fight and condemn all that is unholy, undead, or unnatural. Those who play with lifeforce, create abominations that are from beyond this Realm, or access and use the void in a manner that is self serving and harmful to both the Realm and Others shall be purged. The order wishes to clean the Realm of such filth. Inclusion As said numerous times, any descendant that is motivated, loyal and devoted enough shall be tested and accepted. Shaman Elder has the ability to accept a new member and thus it is advised to find out these individuals and speak with them. - To join the Naakh’Ilzgul is not to bound one’s soul for life. It is merely to pact themselves with like minded souls to better serve the greater good of Spirituality. - To join one must be Spiritually attuned or be willing to follow the Spiritual path. This entails that the person lives by the ways of The Spirits and wishes to serve and please them. - Upon joining one is not guaranteed to be gifted the shamanic arts. - A joined member shall live by the rules of those that lead the order and both agree and enforce their stance as listed below. - Members shall respect the alliances that are and were made. - Acting against the interest of the Naakh’Ilzgul shall result in banishment or punishments. Stance of the Naakh’Ilzgul The Naakh promotes peace among Descendants and the spread of the spiritual faith among them. The Naakh answers to the Spirits, and Spirits alone. Mortal leaders of nations and land are not acknowledged to have power over them. They are left be if they form no obstruction. The Naakh recognizes other beings of Aengelic nature, and those that follow them. They are left be if they form no obstruction. The Naakh condems that which is unnatural and undead, and shall act to purge such. The Naakh condems that which falls under the taboo of Dark Shamanism, and shall act to purge such. The Naakh condems those that access the abnormality that is the void in a self serving and harmful manner towards the Realm and the Descendants, and shall act to purge such. The Naakh recognizes and respects the Aspects and their followers as separate entities that act alongside Freygoth and work in Unison. The Naakh supports the Temple of the Ancestors and the Dark Elven religion within Velunor of the Dominion, for their ancestors and ours live alongside one another. An attached note: This message to any remaining Raguk uruks that wander the Realm: come see us should you wish to speak with your ancestor Kharak’Raguk, or to be granted your red-skin birthright of forging bloodsteel. In the early days of Angathgul, there was an alliance between the Raguks and Shamans. We would wish for this alliance to live once more. [ooc: Hedgehug#2111 for anonymous letters]
  4. FOREWORD All residents of the District of Valleinor must acknowledge that the following laws are supplementary to the Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion which are clearly outlined in the Dominion’s Codex of Law. As a resident of Valleinor, both the laws presented below and those listed in the codex must be adhered to. The punishment for each crime is outlined in the respective document to which it is scribed in. Ignorance is not a legitimate excuse for any infringement. The following district laws as scribed by Lord Ceruberr Asul'Ailer are effective immediately. Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169636-the-dominions-codex-of-law/ ELTIRAN'LAUREH - THE NOBLE LAWS SECTION ONE - APPEARANCE & BLOODLINES Residents of Valleinor must be of elvish blood. Exceptions may be granted by the District Lord/Lady. Residents of Valleinor are expected not to be unnatural or corrupted in any capacity. The criteria for this will be decided on a case by case basis and left to the discretion of the District Lord/Lady and elheial’tahu (The High Council). Residents of Valleinor must be of a reasonable skin colour (fair, brown, ashen), reasonable hair colour, and wear appropriate attire, as judged at the discretion of the District Lord/Lady. One’s identity must never be hidden within the District of Valleinor, and must be easily identifiable at all times. Hoods that obscure a clear view of the face are forbidden, and any form of facial mask is strictly prohibited. Residents of Valleinor are encouraged to scribe their lineage and present it to the District Lord/Lady to be published for all to see in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. SECTION TWO - RESIDENT CONDUCT Residents of Valleinor are expected to carry themselves with dignity -- both through action and spoken word. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in physical fraternization with a minor (a minor being any mali less than 50 years of age). Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in fraternization of any intimate sort with non-mali. An incredibly selfish, inconsiderate deed which may result in a child burdened with an additional curse. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in non-consensual physical fraternization. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in incestuous intimate fraternization of any kind. SECTION THREE - HOUSING Housing precedence will be given to mali’aheral over those of other racial heritage, and the District Lord/Lady holds the right to reserve available property for this purpose. Furthermore, Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted preference in housing due to the contributions that those of their blood have made to the district. All residents residing within a particular home are required to fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. Should another individual wish to desire in your home, you are required to inform either the District Lord/Lady or a Steward so that they too may fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. All residents agree that in the event that the Dominion of Malin reinstates taxes, all residents must pay said taxes in a timely manner. Any and all expansions of homes must be approved by the District Lord/Lady. Evidence of unapproved expansion will result in swift eviction from the property. In times of war, at least one individual from a household must contribute to the war effort. It is the duty of all to defend their home. The District Lord/Lady holds the right to randomly inspect property for evidence of any infringements of both Federal and District Law. SECTION FOUR - MAGIC Any and all significant matters of sorcery and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter immediately. The creation of potentially hazardous arcane devices is prohibited. Should any resident be uncertain as to whether or not their creation could cause harm to person or property, they should contact either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all unlawful use of magic is strictly prohibited within Valleinor -- further defined as any use of magic which breaks either Federal or District Law. Residents of Valleinor reserve the right to publicly practice their magic within the district’s borders, however, must cease this practice upon entering Irrinor or Velunor. Residents who desire to learn magic are encouraged to join the Mage’s Guild or another magical guild of equal standing to ensure they are adequately instructed and learn to wield the arcane responsibly. Residents of Valleinor are prohibited from the study and practice of any and all Dark Arts. These include: Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy. PUNISHMENTS FOR TRANSGRESSORS Failure to comply with the following laws will result in one or more of the following punishments. The verdict of each crime is to be determined by the District Lord/Lady, and in more extreme cases, elheial’tahu (The High Council). Fine Community Service Confiscation of Goods Eviction Banishment
  5. HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA History It was upon the realm of Axios that Titania Hawksong and Ac’Aelu Tinuvial birthed the settlement which they named Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void. The settlement itself had a distinctly High Elven style, both in architecture and culture. However, what began as a reclusive establishment, home to but a few sorcerers and researchers, soon experienced a grand era of arcane advancement. Such advancements included the creation of both the Manablade and the Arcane Familiar. This period of prosperous ingenuity and growth gained the attention of the Dominion, and so, Norseth’onn was elevated in status to become the third recognised state of the Dominion of Malin. Norseth’onn and her people prospered within the Dominion, and they followed their kin to the land of Atlas following the poisoning of Axios. Caras Eldar, capital of the Dominion and Jewel of Elvendom upon Atlas, became the new home to Norseth’onn and her people, who established themselves in the upper district of the city. The peace, however, was not to last. For reasons known to but a few, Former Lord Arcanist Ac’Aelu Tinuvial lead his Order Absolute in rebellion against the Dominion. The rebellion met a swift end before the state was seized by former Lady and Architect Titania Hawksong and Prince Belestram Sylvaeri. Following the treasonous rebellion, the Dominion reorganised its constituent states into three districts: Irrinor, Velunor, and Valleinor. Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void would be renamed to the latter; Valleinor - Land of Water, which reflected the natural beauty of the upper district. Titania and Belestram reconstructed the district with a particular vision in mind -- they desired for the district to be a peaceful home to the Elder Houses of Elvendom, dedicated to the memory of Malin. The Reformed Vision of Valleinor It is now that the District of Valleinor experiences yet another reformation, spearheaded by the current Lord of Valleinor, Ceruberr Asul’Ailer. As it stands, the district’s citizens are predominantly mali’aheral -- as might be expected given its architecture and arcane history. The district also houses a number of guilds, including: The Mage’s Guild, The Enchantry, and the Celestial Order. Given the quantity of magi and arcane-affiliated guilds which are situated within, the district has attracted a great number of scholars and arcanists to its ivory heights. Looking to the future, it is the intention of Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer to combine the visions of his predecessors in the reformation of Valleinor, as is encapsulated in his dictum for the district: Hileia’sae Maehr’ehya -- Spreading Peace & Wisdom. Firstly, the District of Valleinor will continue to serve as the Dominion’s home of both arcane and scientific research -- a haven where scholars may conduct their studies safely and under the watchful eye of both the District Lord/Lady and the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all significant matters of sorcery, creation of potentially volatile arcane devices, unlawful use of magic, and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. This is to ensure that a high standard of arcane practice is enforced and that the treason the Dominion faced at the hands of Ac’Aelu will never be felt again. Secondly, the District of Valleinor proudly houses a number of well-respected elvish Talonnii (bloodlines). One need only provide the District Lord with said records to have their family recorded in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. Furthermore, certain Talonnii that prove themselves to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society, and can provide proof of their unsullied elvish blood, may be eligible for the status of Talonnii’laurir. Talonnii’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted specific privileges including prioritised housing and a single representative seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council - see “Governing Body of Valleinor” thread). Each individual member of a Talonnii’laurir will subsequently be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). A Lordly Invitation Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, formally invites all mali’aheral and other elves of suitable stature to dwell within Valleinor. As it currently stands, mali’aheral are without a proper home upon the realm of Atlas. Venture to the upper district of Caras Eldar to reunite with your kin and do your part in contributing to the pursuit of wisdom of our people. Come take advantage of the accumulated wealth of knowledge the district and her people have to offer. Hone your skills and work alongside your fellow citizens toward the discovery of stimulating new breakthroughs for the betterment of the realm. For all housing enquiries, please contact the District Lord or an official steward of the Dominion. Nae lin celian anniler, lliran. ((To join the District of Valleinor Discord, please message me at: CaptainSheepy#7719 or @ me in the Dominion Discord)) Additional Screenshots Artistic Credit
  6. CaptainSheepy

    Bloodlines Of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA “Silver elves take heed: for the recording of one’s family ensures the continuance of our people’s health.” - The Bloodline Archive Since a time immemorial, tradition and history have guided the way of Elvenkind. Throughout this history, many names and deeds have been dedicated to the progression and prosperity of our kin. To ensure their memory isn’t like winter’s snow, wiped away by the new spring, their deeds and bloodlines shall be recorded. This is so that future generations may be inspired and aspire to follow in the footsteps of their forebears. By recording their memory, our ancestors are respected and their way of life is made eternal. Blood is inherited; tradition cannot fade. From the ruin which is the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya of Haelun’or, which has been warped and misinterpreted for centuries, rises a new dictum, one by which all residents of Valleinor will live by: hileia’sae maehr’ehya -- spreading peace and wisdom. Where the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya has ultimately failed in its spreading of wisdom and health, it is the desire of Valleinor to see peace prevail, as opposed to the chaos which has ensnared Haelun’or and her people for too long. For it is truly only during a time of peace that we can hope to focus on garnering newfound knowledge, and work to utilise said knowledge for the betterment of our people and the realm. However, just as our ancestors are remembered, so too must we remember that the initial intention of Haelun’or was a noble one. Back in the time of the most blessed, mali’aheral championed that they must keep their lineage free from blemish. By recording their line, Silver Elves keep proof of their exalted blood, and the names and deeds of their heritage are neither diluted nor lead into disregard by unbefitting individuals who may by chance inherit their blood. TALONNIIAN'LAURIR From our ancestors blood we also derive merit in the form of the Talonniian’laurir, the noble bloodlines of Valleinor. Not all bloodlines are equal. Some are virtuous and will follow and embody the hileia’sae maehr’ehya with more fervour while others will not. Therefore, it is only just that those with virtue are granted an elevated status, for silver and tin, while both metals, are not equal in lustre and worth. These noble bloodlines come to be via the following criteria, however, under special circumstances, the District Lord/Lady of Valleinor may grant the status to any them deem fit: firstly, their line must be without blemish and proof of this must be shown, the more generations back this can be proven, the better. Secondly, the bloodline must have at least two members who live and participate in the life of Valleinor. Thirdly, said members must have made notable contributions to the District of Valleinor and the hileia’sae maehr’ehya. There must also be a patriarch or matriarch of each Talonnii’laurir, who is initially the eldest member of the bloodline. The title of patriarch or matriarch is passed on via first of kin, however the one who holds the position and subsequently nominated to sit with elheial’tahu (The High Council) is determined internally by each Talonnii. It must also be noted that Talonniian’laurir are expected to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society who carry themselves with the knowledge that their words and deeds reflect upon that of their predecessors. This investiture of a bloodline by the District Lord/Lady grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. Moreover, each individual within a Talonnii’laurir will be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). Step forth, mali, and scribe your lineage and the deeds of your blood for all to see. CURRENT TALONNIIAN'LAURIR Hawksong Sylvaeri OOC: How to Format Your Own Bloodline Post
  7. CaptainSheepy

    Governing Body of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA The District Lord or Lady of each of the three constituent municipalities of the Dominion of Malin have developed distinct systems of local governance for their respective districts -- each reflective of the dominant culture therein. The District of Valleinor, situated within the heights of Caras Eldar, is no exception. As home of the arcane within the Dominion, the governing body has been organised in a manner so as to ensure the viability of controlled magical practice and research. Furthermore, in recognition of the Elder houses of Elvendom, the District Lord or Lady bears the right to name certain families as Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines). The ascension of a bloodline to this status is typically the result of a prolonged demonstration of loyalty to the district, and by extension, the Dominion of Malin. This investiture of a bloodline grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council) so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. As it stands, the foremost figure of authority within the District of Valleinor is the District Lord or Lady. It is the Lords and Ladies of the Dominion that represent the rights and powers of the three district municipalities. Vetted with authority by the people of their districts in an election called by the Mortal King in his throne room, the members of the House of Lords are held to a rigorous standard, expected to serve for twelve years (3 Elven months) before facing reelection. Each candidate for these elections must publicly give a concise speech of their ambitions, past services, and goals for their term in office. The duties of each governing body of Valleinor, as established by the King Kairn Ithelanen and Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, are outlined below. ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL DISTRICT LORD / LADY The House of Lords representative for the District of Valleinor. They are tasked with writing district-wide laws, arranging public work projects, events and general maintenance of the district. The District Lord or Lady holds the right to both ascend bloodlines to Talonniian’laurir status and to revoke this status as they deem fit. It is also the Lord or Lady’s responsibility to arrange regular metings with elheial’tahu. LORD CERUBERR ASUL'AILER ((CaptainSheepy)) LORD / LADY ENCHANTER The Lord / Lady Enchanter represents matters of sorcery in the upper district of Valleinor. It is their duty to handle approval for arcane devices, practices and to ensure that the district is kept clean from rifts, tearing, and voidal sewage. [Picture] [RP Name] [MC Username] ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL The High Council is composed of the District Lord or Lady, Lord or Lady Enchanter, and the matriarch or patriarch of the Talonniian’laurir. In addition to these individuals, the District Lord may also ask the leaders of prominent guilds within the district to attend council meetings. The High Council will regularly convene to discuss matters of important within the District.
  8. Red_1996

    Looking for a teacher.

    Hi, I’m a halfling named Hiroka, and am looking for someone willing to teach me magic. Any offensive magic will do, and I hope for illusionary magic as well. If you are willing, I will most likely be in Belvitz. If this post breaks rules, please tell me so.
  9. *The forests of the Dominion would be dark, Limien could hear the wind, trying to push its way through the trees, animals would be making slight noises as the crunch of leafs and twigs would be crushed under the white haired Elf's feet, as the elf continued further into the woods exploring, he would notice something strange, dark figure moving around near him, almost seeming to be following him* "Who's there?" *The elf would state as his breathing would begin to increase, his heart rapidly increasing in beat* *The elf would then turn back around, as the result of him seeing nothing but would have a feeling of uneasiness.., he would feel cold, slightly fearful. As he continued on, deeper into the forest the more he felt vulnerable, but suddenly he would pause as he felt something behind, he would then slowly turn around to look over his shoulder to reveal a dark black figure, his eyes fixed on it as it slowly got closer....* (Scroll to the bottom of the post) (If you meet this and are interested in taking a apprentice contact me either through this post, IG OOC and or Discord so we can speak further...) Discord: Dallren#3257 Username: Accrayer
  10. Slayy


    MC Name: Slayology Character's Name: Svette / Hela Character's Age: [I can't even remember] Character's Race: Fjarriauga [Former Elf] What magic(s) will you be learning?: Telekinesis Teacher's MC Name: @Jake! Teacher's RP Name: Hauxir / Aryen Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  11. Humanistic


    RETURNING TO THE HUNT After a day full of spiritual labors, Falum of the Lurs retreats back into the Wolf Den as he drags the remnants of Minotaur that he claimed for a trophy. The scarred Orc climbs through the wilderness that grew within the cavern and deposits his trophies into treasure chests deep within the Den that is guarded by the great Lur Wolves. The rest of his claim is dragged toward the feast hall and a great lump of flesh and meat is tossed onto the table prepared and cooked by the skillful Clan Father, Eath of Lur. Falum rests upon a lone seat next to the feasting table as he lets out a loud and tiresome groan as his restlessness grows upon him after the Hunt and battle between his two Sons. He places a large orcish palm upon his forehead and begins to let his mind drift for many moments until a wanderer goblin draws upon his attention. The Wanderer shifts along into the Den with a large pelt draped over his head and a cane to keep his balance. As Falum begins to notice him they make direct eye contact as he approaches closer, a great cloudiness and weathering were the deep pupils of this Goblin. The grey and cloudy eyes of the Wanderer peered deeply into Falum's Spirit and bewildered him amidst his presence as they greeted one another with a headbutt. This mystical wanderer began to speak to Falum and asks, "How are yew, Lord uf Lurs" with a bit of a howl to his vocal tone. Falum recedes from the Wanderer and groans "I have been better, wise one. I fear that my Spirits have been down and I fail to prove myself to the greats of the stargûsh." The Goblin hops upon a stool resting himself as he speaks to Falum with curiosity inscribed upon his features "These Spirits, perhaps you have not failed them but they have failed you? What is it that keeps your devotion to these deities?" The Stranger begins tapping his cane upon the wilderness grown floor and continues pressing upon the Orc "Many greats have came before you, and many did not seek the Spirits and achieved greatness." A confused expression grows across Falum's face as he contemplates the influence that the Wanderer cast upon him. The Lurs face grows dark as he droops his head beading his eyes deep into those of the Goblin. "Many have devoted their livelihood to countless different walks of life, but only so many reveal the truth of the world the way it is and does not try to obscure it. Many wish for the World to grow into a peaceful state but do not wish for opposition or adversity in their lifetimes. With no strife and with no challenge to change the world it will crumble in the hands of those who will seek this stagnant life. The Spirits are undeniable for I have walked with them, I have spoke with them, and I have even been lent the blessings of their godliness. In the Spirits, those who wish to follow down the path of redemption can prove themselves to their brothers and those of the afterlife. Sacrifices must be made regardless of your position in life and is the only truth that anyone must encounter. I seek to prove myself to those who came before me and those who now stand alongside me. The Ancestors shall see my strife's and shall see the civilization's I continue to build and fight for in the name of the Immortals. In the name of the Spirit of the Hunt, in the name of the Spirit of the Wild, I will earn my place in the afterlife alongside Lur and the Ancestors of Stargûsh'stroh and leave my name immortalized in these lands of mortality." The Wandering Goblin raises his cloudy eyes directly upon the Lur's figure and bobs his head letting out a grand chuckle as he continues to tap his cane upon the floor. The great burst of laughter surprises the Lur and they both come to a stand as the silence drowns the air amidst their presence. The Goblin lingers around the campfire glaring deep into the flickers of the flame as if he had the ability to see the deepest embers within the Element. The Wanderer remains silent as he drags himself with the use of his cane back towards the entry of the Den and lets out a wispy cackle as he speaks to the Lur "So be it, young Lur. The Spirits will look upon you as you have upon them and shall spectate the challenges that you face. I accept your answer, but words alone will not prove to the Spirits what your ability is capable of. Only will your actions prove any of the things you speak." As Falum loses sight of the Wanderer and follows the figure out of the Den and into the brightness of the heavens only the whispering winds were left amidst the Orc. The Wanderer in plain sight vanished amidst the winds and was no where to be found.
  12. EagleEyeKK

    [Alpha Feral] [Feat] Alydril Serene

    MC Name: EagleEyeKK Character’s Name: Alydril Serene Character’s Race: Dark Elf / Feral What magic(s) will you be learning?: Alpha Feral Teacher’s MC Name: WhiteKnight_19 Teacher’s RP Name: Eryn Nailo Serene Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes indeed! Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yep! Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? No
  13. z3m0s

    [MA][Demi-Ascended] z3m0s

    MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin Ireheart Character's Age: Three-Hundred and Thirty-Five Character's Race: Sky God Mountain Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Demi-Ascended Teacher's MC Name: _Fid_ Teacher's RP Name: Belestram Sylvaeri Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: N/A Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I was previously accepted, and when disconnected I had the app denied found here -
  14. MC Name: Farryn Character's Name: Elvira Naromis Character's Age: Around 140 Character's Race: Half Elf [Ascended] Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Ascended Ruin and Demi-Ascended Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): The Ascended are the agents and followers of Aeriel, the Archaengul and Caretaker of Souls, who have existed since the days of Aegis - during the second Invasion. The mission of the Ascended is to take care of the many souls of the descendants, as well as combat against those of darkness that seeks to spread their corruption upon the descendants and the world. For this purpose, Aeriel gifted her agents with different and unique abilities that fit into each aspect of the mission and changes as time goes on, ever changing should it be deemed necessary. As of now, the current abilities of the Ascended correlate to the Living Flame, the nexus that connects all Ascended to Aeriel and serves as the physical manifestation of her will. The one bearing the Living Flame, the Master Sage, can create new Ascended through bestowing Living Embers upon those chosen to become an Ascended. Eventually, those with the Living Ember within them will have the ember turn into a Progenous Flame, allowing the Ascended with such flame to create students of their own. Should the Master Sage perish, the eldest Progenus Flame would become the Living Flame. The Ascended are currently immune to time and any kind of corruption, making them semi-immortal but still capable of dying by physical means and passing on. They can also regenerate passively much faster than the average descendant, which ties in with their ability to take on the wounds of others upon their body. An Ascended is also nigh-immune to poisons, healing potions, drugs, and alcohol as their regeneration nullifies the toxins. Finally, each Ascended holds the ability to invoke soulfire through the ember within their body, useable for combat and more normal means. However, depending on which school an Ascended takes, their characteristics and abilities with soulfire. The School of Ruin Those within the Ruin Sect have soulfire that would cause unbearable pain and burn those of dark nature, from undead to those with corrupted souls. This makes those within this school effective when it comes to eliminating threats directly. The School of Rapture Those within the Rapture Sect have soulfire that would tire corrupted beings upon touch, draining their energy until they fall into unconsciousness. While not capable of destroying dark threats, they are useful when it comes to capturing the dark forces and subduing them. The School of Rapport Those within the Rapport Sect are referred to as Demi-Ascended; they bear the passive and physiological abilities of an Ascended and their bodies are not weakened by the connection with the void. However, their soulfire is gravely weaker than the other two sects and limits their use of it. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  15. MC Name: RhodriTheGreat Character's Name: Derfel ap Cadwaladr Character's Age: 724 Character's Race: Dark Elf What Magic will you be Learning?: Strength of the Abyss Teacher's MC Name: Dardonas Teacher's RP Name: Xaleskar Do you have a Magic you are Dropping due to this App?: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic by using the Magic List Errors topic? Yes Have you applied this magic on this character before, and had it denied?: No
  16. MC Name: ThatGuy_777 Character's Name: Guyden Aureon Character's Age: 146 Character's Race: Wood Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Druidic Transcendence Teacher's MC Name: Delmodan Teacher's RP Name: The Owl Druid Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nein Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Affirmative Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Indeedly-dodaday Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  17. joniomega

    Magic Teach Apply

    MC Name: joniomega Character's Name: My character's name is Omega. Character's Age: My character's age is 24. Character's Race: My character's race is Highlander. What magic(s) will you be learning?: My character want to learn Fire Evocation. Teacher's MC Name: Hobolympic's Teacher's RP Name: Balek Irongut Why fire evocation?: Its because my character like's fire. He like all the colors that it can have especialy the red because its his favourite color. And to because he like the chaos, but only in enemy places, monsters or for use it in rp battles. But he only want to use it for keep safe the inportant persons of his live. What bad things can make the fire evocation?: The fire evocation its difficuld to learn as all the other evocations or magic types. And you need to go slowly, making sure that you can make fire or burn things because if not you can burn your self or your friends.
  18. _Lackless_

    The Settlement Of Mya'Magara

    [!] A few pieces of paper are nailed onto various trees and posts throughout the lands of Atlas. On these papers would be talk about a new settlement opening up, A M is stamped into the paper at the top, with a few intricate designs at the bottom. [!] The Settlement of Mya’magara (Credit to MTG for the picture!) In my time, I have not done a lot, or have had much to lead and enjoy, but with all my effort, I and a few others have made a safe haven, a place to call home, where every race or creature you might be, can stay at and enjoy your time, away from everyone’s hate, or harmful words, we call it Mya’Magara, Elven for Mercy Cave. Nonetheless! This is a opportunity to all! the Settlement of Mya’Magara reached its completion, with so little to be added, and with this accomplishment comes the seeking of citizens. For those who love the underground type structures, this is the place for you, If anyone happens to visit you’ll notice the gates wide open! For all to see the beauty that is inside, the living areas might not be gigantic, but its a place for all who want to enjoy themselves. In Mya’Magara gara magic is allowed to be casted, on the condition you don’t hurt anyone unless in self defence, although i’d hope that wouldn’t be needed! Benefits to living here will be listed below! It’s a place for all to stay, dark creature or not! All magic is allowed under the condition it’s only used for defence. The settlement itself is a beautiful place! For those who love nature and all. Mya’Magara is tax-free! Listed above is the fantastic entrance to Mya’Magara! To actually get inside the settlement you need to walk down the cave until you reach the gate which will most likely be open! But that’s not all! Not only do we have cozy rooms for citizens to stay at, the Settlement comes equipped with a Tavern, Library, and a Forge, Farm, for both crops and animals. More will be added soon in the near feature! Those interested in this opportunity bird.to a new start, Send a letter to the Seer by Or you can just show up, that works as well! Mya’Magara, located just South from Haense and just South-West from Whitepeak, resting on a small hill as it awaits its visitors. ((COORDS X-9 Y86 Z2860))
  19. z3m0s

    [MA][Mental-Magic] z3m0s

    MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin Ireheart Character's Age: Ancient Character's Race: Ascended Mountain Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Mental Magic Teacher's MC Name: __Elk__ Teacher's RP Name: Greiret Faean Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Yeah boi \/ Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I agree Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nay
  20. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

    The Academy of Khronheim ~Founded in 1648~ The Academy of Khronheim has been founded in order to grow the knowledge of the people of Atlas. While the academy will mainly focus on the arcane of the world, among other magics, we will also focus on other matters of knowledge, such as architecture, religion, and history. For the first time as well, the academy will be headed by the Ironguts, who will bring with them all the knowledge the clan has gathered of the arcane in their expansive history with it. The academy can be found in the city of Khronheim. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CURRENT List of Subjects Taught at the Academy Fire Evocation Water Evocation Conjuration Illusion Defense Against the Dark Arts Alchemy War Tatics The Ranks of the Academy Grand Master The Grand Master is the highest rank one can achieve, being voted in by the consul of Masters. Leading the academy in all respects, the grand master is considered to have the final world on all matters. Also, while holding the rank of Grand Master, this scholar is also one of the several Masters. Master The Master is the second highest rank one can achieve. To gain this rank, a scholar must be committed fully to learning, and be considered the academy’s highest authority on one the taught subjects. Because of this, there are several Masters at any time; The Masters of each respective subject. Each of these scholars are granted a position on the consul of the academy. Adept The third highest rank one can achieve, the adept is one of the many at the academy who have finished their apprenticeship, and can now pursue the study of a subject on their own. This is also the rank in which a scholar can begin to teach their talents here at the academy. Apprentice The first official rank of the academy, this is where a scholar has been accepted by an Adept and has officially began their journey into the world of knowledge. They will prove themselves through a couple of stone months before they move onto the title of Adept. Initiate The Initiate has been granted access to the academy, however, they have not been accepted by an Adept yet. The Initiate will wait until they have been assigned someone to teach them. Current Members Grand Master (Vacant) Master's Dorin Iorngut Kardel Irongut Adept's Dimlin Irongut Carsandra Ivydale Garoll Earl Dael'ran Bael Tunnelsmasher Dwalin Irongut Apprenice's Initiate's Hogarth Irongut Arak Robyn Vulnear Mercai Hollowbound Marradak Weatherby Lionheart Gunther Tiberius Iron Enzo Bianchi The Rules of the Academy As far as rules go for the Academy, they are pretty loose. However, that does not mean there aren’t any. #1: Follow your higher ups orders. This rule is pretty simple. Your higher ups are your higher ups for a reason, they more than likely know what they’re talking about! If they tell you to do something, and you do not listen, then you may be suspended for insubordination. #2: No harming others at the academy unless specifically given permission to do so otherwise by a Master or the Grand Master, any use of physical or magical violence towards another will result in suspension or expulsion. #3: No use of the dark arts while the study of the dark arts is highly encouraged, they are NEVER to be used. To do so will result in immediate expulsion, and all ties with the practitioner will be cut. Applications Initiate Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: Do you know any magic currently?: Which subject do you plan to learn?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Adept Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: What subjects do you know?: Are you able to teach?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: We are currently accepting only those who are able to teach their subjects. This includes ALL forms of arcane magic, as well as any forms of scholarly study. If a subject that is not ordinarily taught is offered, we will contact you immediately to discuss the details.
  21. Thaumaturgic Amplificare The Thaumaturgic Amplificare also shortened to “Arcane Amp” or “Magic Engine” is a piece of Arcane Technology designed to amplify a Mage's abilities to a large degree, enabling them to perform feats that are beyond the capabilities of regular Mages. How the device works: Functioning almost like a giant stave that Mages usually use, the Thaumaturgic Aplificare differs in that it casts an amplified version of the spell through its many rings. It does this through having several focused rings that differ in size as they reach along. The device has two focus crystals in the middle of two of the rings. One of these crystals is in the middle of the first ring which the spell will pass through and thus become more focused, it would then pass through the other rings to the last crystal allowing the device to fire off an accurate shot. Instead the rings are lined with a Ruibrium paste, finely painted on the inside of each of the rings that are designed to empower the spell and focus it at the same time as it passes through amplifying the power of the spell casted making the end result akin to the power of a traditional siege weapon. The difference being the device allows its user to fire a more focused and accurate shot than a siege weapon, but one of the drawbacks is that it does require a mage to operate. The device itself is mainly designed for evocationists to use of almost all varieties, though Air and Earth Evocation may break the device outright in using it. When a mage uses this device, they must be sure not to funnel overly powerful spells into it. If such an act is done, the amplified spell would utterly destroy the device, harming those around it as well. How the device is made: One of these devices must be constructed carefully, the materials involved are fragile enough that it could break if not made properly causing the engineer building the device to start over. The device itself can be constructed either on a structure that has enough space for it, or it can be constructed on top a sturdy wagon (Note it would add significant weight to it) for a more mobile version to be transported to Sieges. Note it is hand crafted and put together in a properly equipped workshop, although repairs to damages can be made on the field or outside of a workshop the actual device requires to be assembled in one. The device is large no matter what, there is no real way of making it smaller to get the same power or amplification of power. The specifics include making round rings and attaching it to a system where the size of each ring goes from largest to smallest. Once all the parts are fitted together it must either be fitted to a stationary platform or on top of a cart. Once fitted to a stationary platform it cannot be moved off and will have a limited field of view, while on the cart it offers limited mobility at the sacrifice of lacking significant protection and being more vulnerable to damage. Lastly there are two focus crystals on the device, one which is situated in the first ring and one that is situated in the last ring to allow a focused and accurate amplified spell to be fired off at the target the device is aimed at. Uses of the device: The primary use of the device is for purposes of war (namely, to be used in siege warfare, where it can be very useful in supporting either a defensive or offensive party with its artillery fire powered by magic). Having Arcane Evocation cast through the device it could send a spell strong enough to dislodge stone in even the strongest structures, much like an accurate trebuchet. Via the use of Fire Evocation, the operator of this device would find it incredibly effective against infantry. A wide spout of fire could be made to roast the enemy, or a focused beam could be directed towards castle-bound assailants, to soften them up. As with normal fire evocation, the magical flame dissipates after the spell is stopped.There is, however, a risk that comes with using Fire Evocation, as high demanding spells will cause the Ruibrium paste to diminish more quickly. Of course, uncontrolled spells also hold the potential to damage or destroy the device. Lastly, it could be used with Water and Earth Evocation, with the former having the possibility to be used as a high pressured hose of sorts or launching large blocks of ice at enemies from a besieged or siege standpoint. With Earth Evocation, a large and solid piece of Earth could be thrown at the enemy much like with traditional siege weaponry, although if misfired it could lead to damaging or destroying the device in the process if not handled correctly. Drawbacks and Flaws: One of the main drawbacks in the design is that it requires Ruibrium Pasting around each of the rings to empower the spells, the Ruibrium in question would have to be processed as unprocessed Ruibrium would likely cause the device to combust as soon as a spell passed through just one of the rings. Another is that the Siege tool isn’t very portable, for single-handed-combat applications, it wouldn’t fair too well, considering it’s a large siege tool. The engine requires a lot of time to use, meaning you’ll have to make multiple emotes to focus, then send the spell into the engine, have the spell pass through the lenses, and then fire onto the target. (Five to six emotes) This is by no means a one shot kill siege weapon. It will take multiple shots to fully decimate a castle wall. But if focused on a person/group of people, It’s probably going to down them. The engine itself is a fragile device, it could easily be damaged beyond the point of usage for the duration of a battle if hit by a hostile siege weapon. It could also be damaged by misfired spells or overcharged spells that have passed through the crystal. ( Rolls for firing, 10 or above for a perfect strike, 9 to 6 for a miss-aimed strike, 5 or below for misfire and damage to the engine.) Fire, water, electrical,and arcane evo work best with the engine. Using earth or air have chances of damaging the Amplificare. Air would fling the device backward, and earth can possibly crush the device. However, if both evocations were successfully used (You’d need a 15 or above) Air would act as super-powered pressurized cannon, and earth would let loose a massive stone evocated object that could inflict a lot of damage. When the Amplificare fails/gets destroyed: If the device gets damaged beyond repair, it can produce a small explosion, damaging anything around it. Putting its crew out of action through death or severe injury. (Note added the Crew out of action in late, I always meant for this to be in, seems I forgot to put it in) (( OOC Note: I thought I'd try my hand at Arcane Engineering, I thought this would be a pretty nice idea to make a device for Mages to use in Siege Warfare without having something that isn't too overpowered or that would provide a ridiculous advantage. I don't intend for this device to just appear should this lore be accepted and fully plan to develop the device in roleplay with the help of several characters. )) Authors: TauFirewarrior: Concept, main body of writing HugoTheChamp/Mephistophelian: Proof reading and edits Bokratz: Various additions and edits
  22. Good evening everyone, One of the recent issues that the LT has been working on is addressing the magics that allow for answer-key RP. One of these magics is mental magic (Click here to view the topic). With that, we wanted to reach out to the community to share some of our thoughts and gather your own opinions on the future of this magic. Issue 1 - Information Gathering: The main reason mental magic came to our attention was its use as an answer-key magic in roleplay, as currently this magic is capable of digging around in the thoughts of a character and extracting details about a specific event the practitioner wants information about. We’ve identified this as an issue, as it allows a character with mental magic (force, and a bit of time), to essentially extract any information the target in question has access too - whether this be the result of a murder they were involved in, or a casual conversation they had last week with Joe about a soul tree, and while the later may be ‘important’ to the individual digging through a mind, it may not have been to the character who holds that information. This kind of ability kills dynamic RP, thus we wish to address it. One proposed fix to this is to allow mental magic access to only either surface thoughts (things currently on the mind or being discussed) with limited access to deeper memories at a substantially higher risk to the mental mage and subject, or to restrict the mage’s access to only memories heavily steeped in emotions, or memories being actively stressed by a mage. These changes would allow for the target of mental magic to better defend themselves - potentially eliminating the need for mental barriers in the process. We want to hear your view on this aspect of mental magic, and if there are any fixes you have in mind. Issue 2 - Lack of Risk: Another aspect of mental magic we want to look at is the risk to the target of a mage, verses the risk of using the magic to the mage themselves. Save a bad headache and the consequences of attacking a clearly stronger opponent, not too much risk is associated with mental magic currently (we’re looking to change that). One big option we have on the table is to make a mentalist more susceptible to the emotions and stressors of a target. This would force a mage to have either a more subtle touch, or become more skilled at dodging the defenses of an agitated mind if they wanted to succeed and not be absolutely traumatized by the amplified stress of another being. This may also come by means of making the mage experience amplified emotion or mental trauma if they were to make an error during the infiltration process. Everything is still up in the air, so if you have a better idea, we want to hear it. Anything you all have to add to the discussion would be much appreciated by the team, and we’ll be looking over all of the replies to better gauge what the community believes is the solution before beginning to work on things. Thanks!
  23. Maidens of the Oak... History ~ - Over the years, there have been stories of beautiful, maidens- lovely with shining violet eyes... Their gaze capable of leading a man to their death. It all came from the discovery of the bodies of men, laying in circles in the forest. These people's lives were taken from them, their souls literally breathed out of them... and the very eyes that they used to gaze at the ladies, were gone. The stories originated from summers past, a girl who ran from her home, a broken one. She was in despair.. It is remembered that the girl was blessed with her child, but her father saw it as something disgraceful. The Baby has been conceived out of wedlock, and he wouldn't have it. The girl, whose name was known as Farrenla, ran deep into the dark forest where she became filled with sadness. She had lost her mother,years before- who was cursed with the gift of the frost- and had never seen her again. Her sadness was heard by Aeriel, and the Archaengul took pity on the poor soul. Aeriel appeared to Farrenla, and took her hand. Aeriel gave her a gift... an enchanted oak dagger. This dagger would hold the power of the souls who have died. It would give the wielder immortality... but everything comes at a price. To gain the power of the oak, Farrenla would need to take her life. She would be reborn as a servant to Aerial, to take the souls of Lost Mortals and kill them- and pass them to the Archaengul. Farrenla would stay in this endless cycle for years, taking the souls of the lost- entering villages and kingdoms- She left a trail of bodies; This was all out of sadness. she was alone.. so she would use the blessed dagger Aeriel gave her and she would bestow the gift upon other maidens. When Aeriel heard news of this, she became furious and appeared to the maidens. She cursed them to a life alone, bound by the forest, unable to leave it or the world would see their true souls, corrupted by their malicious deeds. The dagger was destroyed, and the curse of the maidens would stop. The Archengul did leave them one gift, for she was a benevolent being. They would be able to transfer the curse singing the Oak Lullaby... Over the ages, their stories were forgotten... but yet, if you wonder far enough into the forest.. you can still hear the Maidens' songs.. * Note : the sung is used to lure people to their deaths, but the song can be used to transfer the curse to women if the Maidens of the Oak desire so. Thy lost soul comes to us, o' soul.. We shall wait, across the pond Until we meet again.. O' young soul, comes to us- Thy can be free again.. Biology ~ - The Maidens of the Oak are known to be beautiful, seductive, and cunning. They lure people with their lovely voice to gain their souls, and their lifespan. They normally look like maidens of all races, and all complexions- Their eyes are always a striking, mystical violet. Under the shade of the trees, they appear this way- Beautiful and intriguing -, but because of the Oaken curse... if they dare leave their wooden threshold, they would appear as dark, vile beings.. Their violet eyes now glowing.. and their teeth would appear to be sharpened.. Their bones would be pushed up, looking very lanky and bony. They would take the appearance of their vile past... murderers and hags. The skin of the Maidens of the Oak is always cold, like their hearts. Because of the Oaken curse, any male child that a Maiden would conceive, would be deformed and stillborn. Any female child would be taken by Aeriel, never to be seen by their mother. All maidens have the power of the oak- If they cast a spell together, as a Clan.. they can save the female child, and she can grow into a maiden like them. They can also take away power from a maiden as a punishment, or even kill them. Life ~ - They live in settlements in dense forests, ruled by the maiden who has taken the most souls from the people around them. She is known as the Oak Maiden. She would be in power until a maiden more powerful came and took power; But this wasn't a peaceful transition.. The former leader would be killed. If any maiden defies Aeriel's room, the clan as a whole would have to take her power, of maybe even kill her (depending on the severity of the act).
  24. The Norlandic Rout of 1660 The crow soars through a sky roiling with black smoke, blind to the bloodshed below. For what is there to see but another monument to the self destructive madness of mankind? Ordered by the raw throat of a man choking on the cloying smog of war, a flight of arrows scales the stairway to the heavens. Barbed tips glint red in a sky riddled with clouds of ash, their sharp edges as cruel as the heathens for which they are meant. The crow jerks away, but even it cannot escape the brutality unfolding below. With a squak torn from its lungs by the weight of an arrow punching through its frail body, it tumbles down into the muddled mess of men below, anchored to the ground by their heavy armor. As the creature falls, so do a hundred arrows, cleaving through the tender flesh of the Norlandic levies, shredding their poorly woven gambesons like leaves punched through by hail. Screams erupt amongst their uneven ranks as even now, their weakest men begin to falter. The peasants can do nothing when the might of the Renatian legions marches across the battlefield, their ironshod boots drumming a beat on the ground more terrifying than any war drum. At their front, leading upon tall steeds clad brightly in glittering steel and the colors of their bloodline ride the most revered Aurelius and Antonius, their lances like darts of divine power moulded by the hands of GOD, to be driven into the chests of those heathens who would oppose them. And lead they did, with shouts of encouragement to their men and followed by their loyal captains and lords, they crashed into the feeble enemy. One could write pages about the tactics that had been elaborated by the greatest minds of the Kingdom in the sleepless nights that preceded the battle. The smoke-filled tents, light by candles at the darkest hours of the night, where Aurelius paced back and forth before a map, his best men at his side, eyes red with fatigue, yet gleaming with the all powerful light of faith and conviction. But in truth, one would speak only of ideas then, great ideas, but ideas nonetheless. The truth of the battlefield can only be recounted in terms of brutality and slaughter. As the legions of men in gleaming black armor advanced behind the cavalry, their pikes and halberds pointed down like thickets of monolithic bramble promising nothing but death, the Norlanders broke. Shattered by the devastating attacks spearheaded by the elite and faced with the uncompromising façade of an ELITE fighting force, their minds sought an alternative, and found it in flight. Flight back to their homes and hovels, their meagre existence spent cracking stones and scrabbling at a dry and hostile land for the smallest harvest of grain. A flight ended all to soon for most, as with great shouts, the cavalry lept into the fray once more, swords sprinkling lush fields with a fertile rain of blood. The levies fled in a confused mass, their unprotected backs so easily carved by steel that had been forged with the purpose of being tested against true men. But such a test would have to wait, for as they fleed, they fell and died in droves. The Kingdom had won again, and at the tip of the spear, the King who had brought them glory once again. Ave to the King, Praise be to GOD, and may every man glory in the splendor of our great nation. A series of paintings of the event are added to the tome.
  25. Eden2020

    Elora's [Arcane] [SA]

    MC Name: UndoneGravy Character's Name: Elora Character's Age: 50 Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: [Arcane] Fire Magic Teacher's MC Name: fragilewoodElk Teacher's RP Name: Greiret Everhilin Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No