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Found 7 results

  1. ✧ The Taelu’Avernan ✧ “This guild? It's not for us. It's for the people that can't learn what we can because they're not allowed the same experiences. Our writings? Our research? That's for them.” - Axilya, Founder of the Taelu’Avernan History: Founded in the struggles of living in a world meant solely for hearing people and heavily inspired by the familial values of the Vale of Nevaehlen, the culture of past Mali’Ame seeds, as well as the passion and pursuit of adventure, did such an idea come to fruition. To take the best of what has been priorly learnt, experienced, and observed and meld it into something new that would grow and develop its own traditions and values as its members do, in order to share knowledge and information about any and all subjects with the world. Created by the deaf elfess known as Axilya and after much turmoil in finding a place to properly settle within, the Taelu’Avernan now resides within the welcoming arms of the home of the Father Circle and ‘Ame culture. Values: At its core, the Taelu’Avernan are a gathering of peoples bound to or respectful of Aspectism that focus upon the adventure of experience, knowledge, and growth; firstly of the self, before following with family, community, and lastly, the world. The Taelu’Avernan are a close knit group, more akin to family than anything else. None shall be left behind or forgotten and everything they do, they do together. The safety and livelihood of each member is just as important as the next and it’s more than expected that guild members look out for each other both on and off the expedition-field. Beyond that, however, the Taelu’Avernan are a group of adventurers that wish to assist in bringing knowledge to those that are unable to learn about or experience a specific subject - no matter how grand and dangerous the task or how small and trivial the research may seem - due to a disability, position in life, way of living, and/or etcetera. The Taelu’Avernan aim to leave as little impact upon the unexplored, choosing instead to learn and leave rather than mindlessly kill and take whenever possible. There is never an action performed by the members of the guild that bears no reason. In addition, so long as it is possible to research, the Taelu’Avernan are willing to give it a shot. Though the guild prides itself upon its ‘Ame ways, one need not be a Mali’Ame to join. They must simply respect the culture, be within the good graces of the Vale of Nevaehlen, and hold a care for nature’s balance. Religion: The Taelu’Avernan, while walking in the footsteps of Aspectism, has no set religion its members are required to primarily follow. Members are free to practice their own religions within the guildhall and around guild members so long as it doesn’t directly contradict the belief values of the Wild Faith. That being said, there are some minor traditions directly implemented into the practice of the guild itself in order to retain respect for the balance and origins of the guild’s foundation. In addition, while no descendant is perfect, if one is found deliberately upsetting the balance, found to be a necromancer, mystic, dragonkin, voidal mage, or bear any other dark magicks, they will be harshly dealt with and kicked from the guild. Structure: In an attempt to keep every member safe upon expeditions, the Taelu’Avernan bears an inherent structure of command and titles: I: THE GUILD LEADER: The Av’Chirr translated roughly to ‘the Wandering Wolf’, is the current guild leader, and bears all autonomy over the guild. Should the Av’Chirr not be present, the trio of branch leaders (the Av’Tayna, the Av’Lareh, and the Av’Maehr) retain autonomy, followed by branch members themselves, and lastly but not least, unspecialized guild members. II: THE GUILD BRANCH LEADERS: The Av’Tayna translated roughly to ‘Wandering Life’, is the current medic leader, responsible for regularly training up the medical branch and ensuring all Av’oeman know, at the minimum, first aid. It is their responsibility to oversee the members of the Medical Branch and ensure all responsibilities are being upheld. The Av’Lareh translated roughly to ‘Wandering Mountain’, is the current warrior leader, responsible for training up the members of the warrior branch and ensuring all Av’oeman know, at the minimum, basic self defense and formations. It is their responsibility to oversee the members of the Warrior’s Branch and ensure all responsibilities are being upheld. The Av’Maehr translated roughly to ‘Wandering Wisdom’, is the current researcher lead, responsible for preparing and training members of the scholar’s branch and ensuring all Av’oeman know, at the minimum, how the Taelu’Avernan operate on a guild sanctioned expedition. The Av’Maehr is also largely responsible for the upkeep of the Taelu’Avernan’s records and tomes. It is their responsibility to oversee the members of the Scholar’s Branch and ensure all responsibilities are being upheld. III: THE GUILD BRANCHES: The Av’oeman Tali’Taeleh translated roughly to ‘Wandering Ones Part of Mind’, otherwise known as the Scholar’s Branch, are fully fledged members who have passed further trials to take on greater responsibilities and specialize in the gathering and spreading of knowledge. The Av’Oeman Tali’Diraar translated roughly to ‘Wandering Ones Part of Guard’, otherwise known as the Warrior’s Branch, are fully fledged members who have passed further trials to take on greater responsibilities and specialize in the leading and protection of guild members in combat. The Av’oem Tali’Walehan translated roughly to ‘Wandering Ones Part of Healing’, otherwise known as the Healer’s Branch, are fully fledged members who have passed further trials to take on greater responsibilities and specialize in the health of both mind and body for guild members both in and out of expeditions. IV: THE GUILD MEMBERS: The Av’oeman Maehr’sae translated roughly to ‘Wandering Ones Disseminating Knowledge’, are the current guild members who have fully passed their trials and are active within the guild. The Av’oeman Sirame’sae roughly translating to ‘Wandering Ones Developing Honor’, otherwise known as honoraries, are members of the guild who have passed their initiate’s trials but are unable to enter the field with the rest of the guild based on personal circumstance, be it age, physical disabilities, or even just a desire to not join their guild mates on expeditions. V: THE GUILD ASPIRANTS: The Taelu’Avernan Initiates are simply that: aspiring members that have yet to complete their trials! The Guild Hall: TBB (To Be Built!) Getting Into Contact: Those wishing to join the Taelu’Avernan may reach out and contact the Av’Chirr or any of the Branch Leaders. A list of our current members and leaders rests in the Taelu'Avernan Library! [Previous and Outdated Postings (Archived and OOC)]:
  2. The Pretender’s Folly The Silver State, home of tranquility and purity, has found itself at odds with the lesser realms abroad due to their unwarranted support of the deceiver and pretender, Ivarielle - who claims a royal throne that does not exist. Eating the lies of Ivarielle, they know little of our own tradition and culture though they will put themselves against us regardless. They care little for the truth, and they care little for logic. Suffice to say, attempts from Haelun’or have been made to reconcile but it is the prejudice of the lesser realms that blinds them from following the path of reasonable judgment and fairness. They opt to support Ivarielle, for they believe that Ivarielle is the better of us but that is far from the truth as I shall tell you now, dear reader. Sohaer Braxus Ni’leya offered the pretender Ivarielle the chance to debate him and publicly explain her grievances to convince the mali’thill to support her, deriving this from our well-established traditions where a mali’aheral may challenge the Sohaer to a public debate overseen by the most venerated of the mali’thill, the Malauriran, to decide who is victorious and who shall be given legal control over the Silver State. Ivarielle took the offer, but she had arrived with naught but a disgraceful presence. Arriving thirty elven minutes late, she swiftly made her way into the city and up to the Silver Citadel unimpeded. As she entered the Silver Citadel, the citizens of the city were told to move to a bench allocated to whom they supported. The Sohaer, honorable and pure, had his bench filled with mali’thill and mali’aheral. It had become so filled, that some of the supporters had to stand beside the bench. However, if one were to look at Ivarielle’s bench, they would see that it would be mostly empty… with only a crazed lunatic elf who claimed to not know who Ivarielle was after the events, and a blind elf who most likely sat at the wrong bench. Ivarielle asked, talking over the Malauriran, repeatedly and arrogantly if the Sohaer wants to surrender, going against tradition that both parties should be silent until they have been asked questions by the neutral arbiter. Despite being told to be silent, they continued. Sohaer Braxus, unwavering in his support of the traditions, remained silent except to explain to the foolish Ivarielle that tradition states that only questions posed by the arbiter be answered. Ivarielle, failing to coerce the Sohaer into conceding defeat before the debate had even begun, claimed that she had already won and did not need to debate. Still unimpeded by the Sillumir, she fled the Silver Citadel and away from the debate. The spectators stood in shock and awe as the pretender so brashly threw out centuries of tradition in their arrogance, possibly even fear of losing. Despite the coward’s absence, a vote had been put to the Malauriran so that concluding the event would be done as is appropriate to tradition despite the obstruction. It was no surprise that the Malauriran had unanimously proclaimed that Braxus Ni’leya would retain legal leadership over the Silver State. Whether you be a foreigner from beyond the Silver State, or a citizen that was unable to attend. This event has shown that the pretender, the coward, the deceiver Ivarielle, has no support from the High Elven hegemony. They are an ambitious seeker of power and act only contrary to the Silver State’s established traditions of centuries-old. To those who are diplomats from those realms who support Ivarielle, take this to your leader. See that they know the truth so that they may reconsider their position in this debacle, so that they may not be judged negatively among your people for supporting someone who does not stay true to their word. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! Ay’Larihei! - Anonymous Mali’thill
  3. Ay’Haelun’or! Medi’ir Braxus Ni’leya 14th of The First Seed, Year 52, S.A Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya It is rare that I get to rest these days - however rest is vital for the maintenance of body and mind and so I have decided to confine myself briefly within my lin, to contemplate the future of Haelun’or. When I found her, she was a wicked sight to behold - festering. So interred was she, in the graveyard of impurity that not even her own children would come to visit. However, dear followers of Larihei, I say to you with absolute certainty - the Motherland lives! We are mistaken to think her dead and leave her to rot. For I hear within her, a heart that still beats - it is faint, but a low hum. However, where there is life, there is hope. Thus, I intend on a great exhumation. Haelun’or shall return to us anew. She does not deserve burial, nor does she deserve to return to a lesser incarnation of what she ought to be - thus, I have devised her perfect form - the ideal State of Haelun’or. Permit me to use the analogy of our own Silver Soul, to make clear my point; There are three parts to the Ideal Haelun’or. The Rulers, Soldiers and Common Citizenry. It is those who rule that make policy decisions and lead, which benefits the State as a whole; The Soldiers - Our blessed Sillumiran - Defend the State; they defeat her enemies and they keep public order. The Common Citizenry engage in the everyday affairs of life - the Sciences, Arts, Construction, Smithing, et cetera. I have identified Four Virtues which will allow Haelun’or to fulfill its function as the Perfect State. They are the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Moderation and Justice. In this Ideal Haelun’or, Wisdom is to be found in the Rulers - the Ruler must be Wise in order to accomplish their duty of ruling over the State well. Courage is to be found within our blessed Sillumiran; they need Courage in order to perform their role in the overall life of this ideal Haelun’or. Moderation is to be found chiefly among the Common Citizenry. They must be Moderate in their desires and in pursuing their own private goods. We are Mali’aheral, not Bortu - let us not succumb to greed. However, Moderation extends beyond the Common Citizenry, for the Rulers and indeed the Soldiers must also be Moderate - in their own way. And so Moderation as a virtue, applies to all three classes of people within this ideal Haelun’or. Justice is the fourth virtue, and Justice is not to be found in one particular class of citizen. Justice entombs the State as a whole - it permeates throughout it in its entirety. Justice, in this instance, is the correct relationship between the three different parts of the State, in which each part does its own job and no part tries to do the job of any other part. This means that the Rulers rule over the whole State with the cooperation of the Soldiers and the Common Citizenry. It is now known, that within all Mali’thill, resides a Silver Soul - this soul is Tripartite in nature, it has three elements to it - the Rational, the Spirited, and the Appetitive [For further explanation, read my previous works on these topics “The Silver Soul”, and “The Tripartite Soul”, in this order]. The Soul is ordered by Reason, who uses the Spirited part to reign in the Appetitive. These three parts of the soul correspond perfectly to the three classes of citizen in this ideal iteration of Haelun’or. Reason, Spirit, and Appetite, as I have just mentioned. The role of Reason is to Rule over the entire Soul. Reason is able to weigh all relevant information and to make choices that are in the Soul’s long-term best interest. Reason, of course, corresponds to the Rulers of this ideal State. Spirit fights for the soul externally and internally, and helps to keep order. The Spirited part of the Soul corresponds to the Soldiers in this ideal State. Lastly, the Appettitive part of the Soul is our desire for food, drink, sleep, sex and other material goods. The Appetite knows no internal limits - it takes as much as it gets, unless it is retrained by some outside force or lack of supply. The Appetite corresponds to the Common Citizenry. Remember dear lliran, in our efforts for perfection, we must not become Bortu-like in our ambition - rather, we must not let our ambition turn into greed, for it could be our very un-doing! Justice in the Soul, as with the State, is the correct relationship between the three constitutive elements. In which each part performs its own duties and does what it is by nature, best suited to do. Specifically, Justice in the Soul means that Reason Rules over Appetite, with the cooperation of the Spirited, to govern and restrain the Appetites and direct them towards the Good of the entire person. Those who Rule, Those who Defend, Those who Labour - Different, but Equal - pursuing Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya as One. Let us create this perfect form of Haelun'or.
  4. [!] Before you is a beautifully written missive, graced with simple yet hauntingly delicate drawings of flowers that look real but also have a surreal feel to them, giving the reader a sense of magic in the simple art of drawing plants. (ooc: Image from the Voynich manuscript) Greetings, my Mali brothers and sisters around Almaris! I want to remind you all of a very special phrase to me, one that I believe ought to serve to unite us all rather than divide us. Health and Progress. Under the guise of following this phrase, many individuals have been unjustly killed, but the ideas of health and progress are not responsible for this. In fact, when one meditates on the meaning of the words health and progress, one finds that they condemn the actions of racial purists just as much as they condemn the actions of religious zealots and anyone who prefers feeling over logic, opinions over fact. These words serve as a rallying cry for all beings to push for progress: To progress the world to the point of minimal suffering as quickly as possible. I know not any reason why one should reject this call. The thing that can unite the vast majority of peoples, cultures, and religions across the world is that we all want a word where people are healthier and happier. And thus, I want to invite you all to discover just one of the many ways we can bring about this progress! Many people look at mages and wonder, "What would it be like to be able to do such magical things?!" but they are discouraged from becoming mages themselves. For me, it was the characteristic loss of strength that goes with learning voidal magic that drove me away from the arcane arts. Yet even the simplest looking of plants can posses the most magical powers! Some plants help to muffle, or lower body heat to the point of hypothermia. Other plants help wounds to heal quickly or decades old scars to heal. These simple plants deserve our attention and respect, as they can do things that even our strongest warriors cannot. I believe botany is the key towards progressing our world towards health and happiness! And so, I would like to invite all my Mali brothers and sisters to study botany with me this Mali Saturday, or Saint's Saturday as they might say in a Cannonist area (ooc: ok idk how else to tell u when its gonna be. Don't judge!). I am not a professional botanist by any means, only an individual who has newly discovered the beauty of plants! Hopefully we can inspire some people to study weeds! Signed, Luthriel Paleth -let out of prison with out trial due to government corruption, don't mind me snooping around Haelunor instead of rotting away in a cell while i wait for my purity trial-
  5. [!] A white goose can be seen flying across the lands of Almaris, dropping a missive wherever it may land as it seeks to spread word as far as possible. A number of specially addressed invitations would be sent to royals and leaders of respected groups and nations. “Lliran, the time has come, as it always does, for a show of strength to be held. I’ll keep this short since I know many have limited literacy skills. A tournament will be held within the Fennic Remnants to decide a champion of combat. As I imagine I’m sure many reading this have participated in similar events, this one like many others will be fists only with no armor advantages. I call to the sellswords and bandits, the guards and soldiers of Almaris, to come and prove their strength for honor, glory, and a two hundred mina prize.” - Arevthor Tathvir [!] Accompanying the missive is a number of extra sheets to be used for an application into the tournament itself. OOC: Tourney will be held on 7/8/21, starting around 8 pm EST or once enough participants are gathered, Applications will be closed at 6pm EST to give organization time Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScL2VlMwxiIAJnC45ZlMGTx0UlvPX7nRCiCJ5qu6YD3P3l8GQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  6. House Melphestaus Current Family Scion: Minuvas Melphestaus (roleplay group) “SERVUS SUMUS” ~ “I SHALL ALWAYS SERVE” "I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I WAS THERE AT THE COMING OF THE EXALTED GODFREY, AND I WELCOME THE AGE OF MEN. WHEN MY KIN BETRAYED THEIR OATH, I WAS THERE IN DEFENSE OF EMPEROR PHILIP AND JOHANNESBERG. I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I WAS THERE ON THE WALLS OF HELENA AGAINST IBLEESE. AND I AM HERE, TODAY. I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I HAVE SUFFERED; BUT I HAVE NEVER BETRAYED. MY LOYALTY IS TESTED, BUT NEVER BROKEN. I AM A MELPHESTAUS MY LOYALTY IS TO EMPEROR, TO EMPIRE, TO SCION GOD SAVE THE EMPEROR" --FAMILY OATH-- FAMILY SUMMARY The ancient family scion, Diamatus Melphestaus was a rarity amongst Elven kind. He had, having lived in an age where the sons of Malin had grown under the dominion of an emerging and growing age of man. "The age of man is upon us, as is the slow decline of the Mali. This does not usher an age of mourning, but an age of peace - to age gracefully in the centuries of human ascendancy and to make it one of triumph" - Diamatus to his Children. Diamatus was there to witness the coming of Exalted Godfrey, and be impressed by the span of this man's capabilities and reach. Diamatus took the an unusual practice as a High Elf, and welcomed other Mali who were not Thill into his blood line- establishing new blood lines, and in many ways making up for the lack of natural birth children. Thus his family was larger than most Elves, as it included numerous adopted children. He considered them all of 'his blood' , though notated some as 'De Melphestaus' to indicate they were not in the most literal sense procreated by him. He then developed a system of 'Scions' which would serve to lead each of the blood lines of the family, and give them independence to pursue their own passions. This was the start of an unusual relationship the family had with the Elven Princedoms through the ages. His child, Maelgar would further continue this tradition. In the time of the Dominion of Malin, the Melphestaus family served under the Princes of Malin as vassals to the Empire of Oren. The family scion, Maelgar Melphestaus and his wife Illana Melphestaus prided themselves on being able to intricately maintain their Elven culture yet immerse themselves with the Human Imperials of whom they were vassals. When oaths were sworn to the Empire of Oren, the Melphestaus family was there to kneel with their leadership and give fealty to Imperials. Although the Melphestaus were Elves by birth, they recognized the nativity of the Imperials and the need for Mali wisdom to guide them. The Sons of Horen would inherit the world, Maelgar believed as his father did, and it was the duty of Mali kind to guide them, teach them, and help them usher in a new age. This idea that Elves were not, in fact, superior to Humans was perhaps the final nail, in addition to the conversion of Canonism, in their relationship to further Elven Princedoms. It was at this time that the Melphestaus line found itself no longer welcome amongst circles of Elven Purists. Detached from ideas of racial purity, and seeing in the humans a society of merit - the Melphestaus family grew fond of the humans they had lived with for many decades. So close was their loyalty to human society and their obligation of service, the family moved to Johannesburg in 1580, under the reign of Emperor Philip I and worked as academics and lawyers, offering guidance and wisdom when requested to those who wanted it. In the year 1593, the betrayal of Elven society against Oren as Courland began its invasion did not shake their loyalty. As Imperial loyalists, the Melphestaus family helped in some small part in developing the ‘thanium bomb’ on behalf of Emperor Philip I in the late 16th century. Fleeing the city, they would escape to continue living - never severing their loyalty to the inherited and acknowledged Emperor of the human realm. In times of racial hate against elves, the family Melphestaus served. The family has always distrusted Elven Princedoms for this reason, believing they will inevitably betray all political allegiances to humans - because of racial arrogance. Yet the Humans were not always kind to the Melphestaus family, despite their desire to serve. They took the hate, cut their ears to appear human, and served. Decried for faith, they adopted Canonism, and served. In times good and bad, they always served. After nearly two hundred years, Maelgar and Illana had their first child, Minuvas, in 1776 in Helena. They promised each other their children would learn languages, art, and culture - but they would never imply that he was Elven, only that he was an Imperial. Because the Elves were cursed with few children, adoption is a popular method for growing the family. They would never take their children to the Silver State, to be polluted by ideas of purity before their children could learn of their own free will. A mali child being born is a gift, but one that could be free from the prejudices inflicted on them would come to love their Empire even more. They took up human practices and commissioned for themselves a human house coat of arms, kept privately, to impart on their children. Family Scions & Paths Scions So that each member may be kept productive and best maximize their talents, it was Maelgar who introduced a system of Scions that was unique from Imperial household titles. Each branch would have its own Scion, determining how best pursue the talents of its immediate kin, expand the family, and make decisions within it's family tree without consulting the Family Scion. The Family Scion was head of family, who would now serve in a more advisory position to ensure that no branch was deviating too far from the family goals and to keep them focused on larger family ambitions. The Family Scion was not always choose from among the other Scions. Though every member technically has 1 vote, the weight of each vote was often measured by the merit of the individual voting. Paths. Paths are an assigned 'goal' from the Scions on how the Mali may best pursue their life interests. They are encouraged to be voluntary, so that they match the interests of the Mali. A family member is expected to have chosen a path by the age of 30 years old. Specific paths are encouraged, but not required, by bloodline. The paths are numerous, though they tend to fall into the following categories. Specific bloodlines are encouraged to follow certain paths, except wood elves who are encouraged to pursue many paths. Family members may also pursue multiple paths and this list is not exhaustive. **High Elf **Dark Elf **Half-Elf The Path of the Arcane: Study of magic in all its forms, this path is a life-long investment. The Path of Academia: Science, mathematics, scholarship in all its forms. Family members are encourage to write, read, and learn about the world around them. The Path of Politics: Government excellence, leadership and elections. The Path of the Blade: The crafting of weapons, and the use of weapons - whether that is the assassins knife, or the Soldiers sword. The Path of Business/Finance: The sale of goods, owning of business, running of franchises and handling of money. The Path of the Faith: All family members are encouraged to join the Church, if they devote themselves as Priests, knights, or nuns - it is a great honor for the family. The Path of Science and Technology: Half-Elves lack the full gifts of magic within the family, and often take up trades in technology and gadgetry. High Elf Bloodline "Melphestaus" Dark Elf Bloodline "Livarai De Melphestaus". Wood Elf Bloodline "Daemyar De Melphestaus". Half-Elf Bloodline "D'Argyll De Melphestaus" Overall Family Traits Common to all members The Melphestaus family has served the Empire for centuries, quiet, obedient, with their ambitions kept close to the family heart. They are Imperials first, but have embraced the gifts of their Elven heritage in pursuing the improvement of their family and Empire. They prefer to embrace human-like clothing, naming conventions, and stylization - though each family member falls on various ranges of this scale. With some fully embracing their Elven features, some shunning them completely, and others trying to balance the identities. Acceptable Races into the Family: All Mali (To include Dark, Snow, High and Wood Elves) Half-Elves (of any of the above) Family Values Loyalty The Melphestaus family has never broken its oath of fealty to the Empire since the time of the Dominion of Malin, and they shall quarrel amongst each other before they turn from the Empire. There is no greater achievement for a Melphestaus than to serve the Imperial Government. They judge other Elves harshly for betraying the Empire over 300 years ago, and look suspiciously at Mali'Thill of Haelun'Or. Merit The family follows the concept of merit in all things. The family scion is set first by human inheritance laws, but the family decides internally who among them is most deserving to lead them based on accomplishment. Thus the family ‘heir’ is voted upon by the living descendants of the current Family Scion. To Serve and Guide Serve and Mentor Humans. As Mali or those of Mali mixed blood, the Melphestaus family is likely to outlive its human counterparts and friends. It is therefore the Houses Duty to preserve, through academia and archiving, the history of humankind - and to advise its leaders in the coming age. They will take on a leadership role, if required, but they ultimately will return authority to the Humans when appropriate. A Melphestaus is most comfortable as an advisor to a powerful human family or individual. Humans can never be adopted into the family, as this decries this very value. However, they will employ human mercenaries, guards, or employees as a part of any estate and often welcome them into their inner circle of friendship. Faith The family is devout Canonists, taking to heart the teaching of the Holy Scrolls. As such they will not allow inter-marriage with humans into the family. They will, however, adopt Adunians and Half-Elves into the family as they believe they do not share in the sin of their parents. They will not allow their children adopted or natural to participate mix-race marriage in accordance with the teachings of the Church of Canon. Though mixing between Elves has no limitation. The family has adopted the studies of Blessed Pius of Sutica, the High Elven Canonist priest as fundamental to their understanding of Elves and Canonism. Mild-Mannered A Melphestaus rarely raises his voice in anger, and dresses appropriately for the occasion. Well made Elven robes or Imperial Attire is the preferred dress. They believe that one should never strike when in a position of weakness, and family members rarely choose to show their hand publicly about their true beliefs on any given topic unless they believe it will have influence. Family Strengths Educated Children of the Melphestaus family are offered a wonderful education by the family, and they take it upon themselves to ensure each of them is fluent in multiple human dialects and has a strong grasp of Imperial history, culture, peerages and Knighthoods. Magically Gifted The family pursues arcane studies, privately, and shares them with the family. It is only in extreme circumstances that a Melphestaus would display their magical ability to others, feeling it is the secret ‘line of defense’ they have against their enemies. Human Bonds The family is comfortable around humans, feeling relaxed when making friends and engaging in small conversation. They are unburdened by the Elven social constructs or judgments of humans. They do, however, look at humans as if they were a young hero of the story - naive, in need of guidance and training, but will one day rise to greatness. Family Weaknesses Distant The Melphestaus family can be judgmental, especially of its own family. Bonds of affection are built slowly and over decades. Impure Mali of the Melphestaus family are generally considered impure by the Elves of Haelun’Or. Other Elven pure communities are also highly judgmental of the family, decrying their existence as Imperials.Therefore, the family has strictly forbidden their family from returning to Haelun'Or lands for fear of death, execution, or other judgment by their kin. The adoption of Canonism is required and service to humans only further entrenches their distance from the Silver State. Faux Humans Although they are Elves and of Elven descent, they have a nagging desire to appear more human and Imperial. A Melphestaus will struggle their entire life about whether they should be trying to fit in with human society, adopting their clothing, dress, and language or whether they should fully embrace being a Mali. Temptations of Power The family desires recognition, and must resist the temptation to use their long life and gifted intelligence to place themselves above humans. They do not think it is wrong to be in charge, to be enobled, or to lead humans - but they must always be wary from subverting true authority from the sons of Horen. Family Events and Other Lore Posts: The Scepter of the Blessed Emperor, Fealty to Emperor Philip II The Ravenmour Estate Family Tree Language/Culture: The Family is an "Imperial Elf" type culture, with our language dialect found here. Family Discord: https://discord.gg/GxbPrrxkKN Please hop on in if you would like to join this roleplay group and create a lasting Imperial Elf RP group.
  7. Character Name: Amechirr Celianto Nicknames: Chirr, Anto Age: 119 Gender: Male Race: Elf Sub-Race: Wood Elf Status: Alive Description Height: 5'8 Weight: 140 Body Type: Slim Eyes: Green Hair: Black Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Ancient Elven Marks on lower back, Ranger Markings on upper right arm Health: Healthy Inventory: Bow, Quiver with an assortment of arrows, Ring Of Darkhaven, Journal on Ancient Elven, Abresi guard papers. Further Details: Always wears thick cloaks to hide the markings of the Ancient Elves that distinguish him among a secret society of elves that know the true meaning of Mali. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Malin Religion: Ancient Elven Amellir Alliance/ Nation/ home: Ranger Of Ame/ Changes/ Ame Job/Class: Guard of Abresi, Ranger, Writer Titles: Guard, Ranger, Mali'Ame, Mali'khel Profession(s): Writer and Fletcher Special Skill(s): Shadow Walking and Expert Accuracy Flaw(s): Loyalty Magic Current status: N/A Arch-type:N/A Sub-type:N/A Rank:N/A Weakness(es):N/A Strength(s):N/A Current Spell(s):N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Stealth Trained Weapon(s): Bow, Hand-To-Hand, Fighing With an Arrow Favored Weapon(s): Bow Archery: Expert shot Biography Parents: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Children: None Extended Family: None Pet(s): Chirr ( Wolf) History Childhood: Deep in the Ame, a shadow came over a child that had been abandoned. Then the cold came, making the the child cry. The Ame watched to see what the child wood do. If the child harmed the forest, the Ame would let it die. However, if this wa a true Amellir, then he would live, and the Ame would send a Chirr to gude the child. As the child took steps toward the wood, as if to break branches off the tree, the Ame began to take its focus off the child. But after hearing or feeling no break of branches, the Ame decided to look on. The child had climbed to the nearet limb of the tree, and huddled close too the bark. That night a Chirr snatched the child, and brought it to its den. In the morning the child awoke to see ten figures sorroundig him, and strange drawing on the ground around him. At the age of three the child immediatly began crying, hoping someone would attend its needs of warmth and hunger. The figures began to talk, each raising a hand to the child. They all took a step foward and a step to the right, leaving ten gaps. As they continued chanting, Chirr filed all but one of the gaps left by the figures. The child, looked at one of the chirr and began luaghing. "Puppie" the child said between luaghs. As the child stood to walk over to the Chirr, a hand rested on his small shoulder."You would be wise to stay put young Mali," a voice said, almost whispering compare to the chanting going on. The child could not understand the chanting, however the deep male voice was perfectly understood by the child. The remaing Gap was filled by a slim looking Chirr, with pup hanging from its mouth. The chanting suddenly stopped. The child suddenly let out a scream in agony as his lower back seared with pain. As the child was knocked unconcious by the pain, the Chirr with the pup moved foward, dropped the pup next to the child, and left. All but one chirr, and one figure followed the chirr out of the den. The figure then toke their hood off and smiled. An older Mali women smile and put a hand on her chirr. "It has been some time since we have had an Amellir join us, We must keep him safe." The chirr let out a long howl and then picked up the Chirr pup as the women cradled the child and left. Ancient Elves Oaken Rangers Darkhaven Wilds Abresi
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