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Found 1 result

  1. Relevant Resources: The Isles of Axios ~ Map As our battered ships ventured through the portal, leaving behind Apohet's annihilation, we laid eyes upon yet again unfamiliar territory. These were the Isles of Axios. Cartographers were quick to busy themselves with mapping the islands, and you were lucky enough to see one distributing their latest map. http://axios.droppages.com/index.html <- Interactive version, takes 20 seconds to load for the first time due to hosting. Upon further inspection, you notice that it is a portolan chart with converging rhumb lines. At the bottom right corner there is a compass rose surrounded by creatures, resembling animal spirits of some far eastern culture. [The map itself is RP valid, it is recommended that RP sketches be done based on this map] Backup Version (non-interactive, low-res): Disclaimer: Accuracy of the product may vary, its content is subject to change. Does not offer features such as co-ordinate tracking and player listings. The interactive version allows you to easily zoom and pan, I'll be adding layers in after the nations have further progressed. Edit: 'beta' testing layers. Please report any issues! http://axios.droppages.com/beta.html Please do message or reply if amendments need to be made, or perhaps you have a suggestion in mind. Change log:
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