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Found 5 results

  1. The Myrinian Guard 52 S.A. The Myrinian Guard is the main military force of Myrine, serving as a first defense against its enemies. The Guard serves as an important role in the upkeep of Myrine, as well as the protection of its people. Serving within the ranks of the Guard is of the most utmost honors one can receive within Myrine. Regular Ranks Initiate The beginning rank within the Guard, those who first enlist will start as Initiates. Those in the Initiate rank will learn basic combat skills and eventually go on to specialize in one style of combat. Footman The backbone of the Guard, footmen are the infantry force of the Guard. They have met the standards of which it means to be fully ranked within the Guard, excelling in both combat and battle tactics. Cavalryman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, these are men who excel in the art of fighting on horseback. Cavalrymen are few in the guard, and only the best make it to this rank. Bowman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, bowmen are the ranged force of the Guard. Their accuracy and precision with a bow must be pin-point. Officer Positions Captain The leader of the Myrinian Guard, second only to the Baron on the battlefield. The Captain is the highest ranking somebody can obtain in the Guard. The Captain is tasked with organizing the guard, training the lower ranks, and leading the Guard into battle. The Captain of the Guard has full authority over the Guard, and his orders must be obeyed. Armsman The lowest officer ranking of the Guard. Armsmen have proven their military prowess and their ability to lead. Armsmen are responsible for handling the Captain’s tasks when he is not present. Armsmen are entrusted to help lead the Guard alongside the Captain, and should actively work towards the betterment of Myrine and the Guard. Duties The Guard’s most important duty is to act as a defense force in times of immediate crisis. The Guard must always be ready to defend Myrine and it’s citizens from external threats. The Guard is also tasked with manning the gates and defenses, patrolling Myrine’s lands as well as the city, and guarding important figures. Trainings Basic Training Basic training applies to Initiates looking to rank up to a more specialized role within the Guard (Infantry, Cavalry, or Ranged). In this type of specific training, an initiate must train their own individual skills in fighting. These trainings are usually held on a smaller scale between an Officer and the Initiate looking to be trained. Once their skills meet Guard standards, they will be promoted to the rank that fits them. Specific Skill Training Officers can lead specific training on different skills that they deem necessary. Those who wish to excel in these particular skills, such as cavalry, bowmanship, and/or infantry, should attend these training. Group Training Rather than focusing on individual skills, these group trainings are meant to mimic real time battles, giving the guard the needed experience to respond to many of the situations they will be required to fight in. In this classic style of training, the guard will be split into the two teams, each with their own commanding officers, and will be pitted against each other in many different environments or situations. Formations Spear As the name implies, the spear is a formation which is shaped as the arrowhead of the spear. This formation is incredibly useful in charges meant to break enemy lines. Wall Used mostly to shield from ranged attacks or to display a show of power in numbers, the wall is a single filed line of soldiers. Waves The formation waves signals for Guards to create a rectangle or box. This formation is mostly used when guarding people or things of extreme importance from some type of enemy attack. To Join: Fill out this application: [Link] Talk to the Captain or an Armsman.
  2. MYRINE'S BOUNTY Presented by the Mareno Company We strive for professionalism, conduct and our grandeur in association with customers from across the continent. It is in our interest to provide the best; we sell the finest products, made of luxurious and refined materials, crafted by talented and fine craftsmen. In our greatest efforts to serve, The Mareno Company has embarked on a new venture -- the Myrine’s Bounty. To all across the continent of Almaris, we are proud to extend an invitation to all wishing to attend our auction, located in the City Square of Corazon; the Principality of Savoy has offered us a hand in partnership in hosting our auction, and we also come to rejoice in the opening of our new establishment, the Little Myrine. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion for our company, we honour all to come. The Myrine's Bounty will occur on 21st of the Grand Harvest, 42 S.A. Why is our establishment different from others? We sell only the finest goods across the continent, and our competitors are unable to match our authenticity nor our conduct. In being able to make merry with everyone, we are established in over three different nations and continue to strive in our expansion to bring others affordable prices and quality products. What is special about the Myrine's Bounty? Unlike regular auctions where normal, crude items are sold, all our products are of high quality and unique in value. On top of this, we will be selling a variety of different materials for those who wish to make the finest blades, or the most lustrous of jewellery. All materials are one of a kind and rare. What can we expect? A small insight into the items that are going to be included in the auction is a dagger of blighted-steel, beat and forged using this rare, sought-out material. For those leering at ancient relics, we came across a formidable spear of yore during one of our expeditions, for those who wish to discover its secrets or keep it as a collectors item. On top of this, for those men and women looking to swoon their beloved, we have found an amulet that induces love, joy and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company [OOC Information] Date: 09/25/2021 5:30 PM EST (Upcoming Saturday) Location: City Capital of Corazon, Principality of Savoy - City Square We will be hosting an auction above at the specified location and date. All items will be story-team signed (no player-signed items will be sold). If you are looking to take part in the auction, we would love to have you with us! RAFFLE At the end of the Myrine’s Bounty, we will be hosting a raffle to give back to the community. In order to sign up for the raffle, please list your name below as formatted and comment on the thread. You must be present at the event for your entry to qualify, or it will be passed onto the next! The winner of the raffle will be able to receive an ST-signed reward. RAFFLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON: 09/24/2021 - 11:55 PM EST Once entry to the raffle is closed, we will reply to this thread with a final list of participants and their designated numbers, which will be rolled on to determine our winner on the day. IGN: RP NAME: (Reply to this thread with a brief description of your character receiving a raffle ticket.)
  3. TREATY OF TRIDENT & AXE To Peace and Prosperity Upon this day, 7th of Malin's Welcome Year 39 SA, the House of Mareno and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan have come to an agreement and settled a treaty; the following is stowed. ARTICLE I - Land ♛ The noble House of Mareno will be given land to the north of Urguan, near the east-fleet. This land will be known as the Barony of Myrine. ARTICLE II - Titles ♛ Cyrus Mareno, as head of House Mareno, will be given the titles of Baron (of Myrine) and Lord of the Trident’s Peak. ARTICLE III - Military Independence ♛ The Mareno family will be granted military independence, wherein the family house-guard or military will only answer to the Baron of Myrine and nobody else. ARTICLE IV - Barony Law’s ♛ The Barony of Myrine will have their own laws set in place as long as they do not conflict with the existing articles and laws set in place by Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE V - Trade ♛ The Barony of Myrine is free to import and export goods, establish trade relationship and routes without interception from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE VI - Travel ♛ Those apart of the Barony of Myrine are free to travel within the waters and land of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan without further entailing embargos, arrests or otherwise. In return, the Barony of Myrine agrees to abide to the following articles and terms as listed below; ARTICLE I - Limits ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not permit unwanted enemies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan access into their land. Nor allow any foreign nations to station troops in any capacity in Myrine. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will discuss any future expansions of Myrine with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan before extending their borders. ARTICLE II - Political Alignment ♞ Naturally, the Barony of Myrine is expected to align itself with the diplomatic missions and goals of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not sign any other political arrangements without specific permission from the Grand King of Urguan. ARTICLE III - Trade ♞ The Barony of Myrine and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will keep open trade routes between themselves. ARTICLE IV - War ♞ If the Grand Kingdom of Urguan is at war, the Barony of Myrine will drop its current diplomatic situation to follow under the political missions and goals of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will allocate 20% of their produce of weapons and armour to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan at production cost instead of straight market value. Signed by: Grand King of Urguan Cyrus Mareno, the Baron of Myrine, Lord of Trident's Peak
  4. A GRAND OPENING Presented by the Mareno Company After many years of service in selling our finest merchandise, the Mareno Company now presents you with a new installation. To the consternation of those unable to trade with us, we bring you with great news; our many adroit employees have worked hard in both construction and craftsmanship, gathering the finest of materials for sale across the continent. You can look no further than the Mareno Company in order to find exclusive items, each bequeathed by only our most talented workers, concretized with a variety of skills to suit their roles in our grand company. Not only are the prices affordable, but they are low-cost and efficient; you are able to get your hands on reliable stock at a price that is sustainable. Our providers are one of the finest in the world, you will look no further to ratify our concrete quality -- we strive to be a sustainable company that looks to the future, and we continue to grow and develop with the communities and nations we work with. If you are interested in allowing us to make business in your city, please contact us swiftly at our designated offices. The TRIDENT Located in Providence We are delighted to announce the opening of our newest installment in the heart of Man; the City of Providence will be graced by a stall at the front of their home -- this stall will be known as ‘The Trident’. Many weeks of resources and groundwork design allowed for ease of access, providing you with a stall most fitting for its opulent wares. Luxurious items sit within, introducing a wide variety of products useful in both day-to-day life and military upbringing. If you’re an aspirant warrior, look no further than our stall in providence, we are currently selling a variety of weaponry and armour to ensure you are protected from your foes. Feeling a bit drowsy, or under the weather? We have a list of dishes and succulent foods that can be purchased, prepared by the greatest chefs across Almaris. And for those who wish to ease their nerves, our brand of cigarettes are a treat. Affordable and cheap, you will be able to puff away enough crops and tobacco. At the end of the day, this stall is the heart of everything -- look to The Trident for all your goods in Providence. If you have any concerns or require information, send to our bird-box and we will come to fill any inquiries you may have about a specific product. KAROSGRAD EXPANSION A new day for the City of Karosgrad Though we celebrate our joyous opening in Providence, we shan’t leave the denizens of Karosgrad with contempt. Of course, we care for all who let us sell our wares, and so we have yet another surprise targeted to our loyal customers. We have inaugurated refurbishment and expansion of our fetching stall in Karosgrad. In doing so, our expansion has led to a new opening with the latest flooring and building structure -- not only is the stall easier to maneuver through, it has introduced another level to explore and range over. The second floor of our stall in Karosgrad brings new opportunity and larger stock; all items sold previously above have now also been introduced underneath; you will not see the light of day where one of our stalls is unavailable or lacks any produce. As always, we work with the finest worksman and providers to ensure quality wares -- each item has been held and handled by someone masterful in their craft. We know of the struggles during callings of war, and so more weaponry and armour has been stocked up in order for the vaunt and staunch steeds of Haense to grab; nobody will see their own crimson, but the ichor of their foes shall drench these weapons. Sharp, durable and sustainable -- they will last for years to come. Outside of our second-floor introduction, we have opened yet another addition in Karosgrad. A new office will begin functioning with haste in the heart of the city. If you wish to make business inquiries, or wish to call a trade meeting with one of our financial employees (or direct any messages to our higher echelon), please come visit our office. We are open everyday and will be able to answer and provide any information you desire. “We look to a better future, not one stricken by poverty, but filled by the joyous celebration of your denizens. This is a gift from me to the community -- the journey has only just begun.” Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company
  5. THE MARENO COMPANY Founded by Jace Mareno Since 28 SA Where there is a Mareno there is a coin to be had, and a bargain to be struck. Introducing the Mareno Company. From which the founder, Jace Mareno, has forged ahead against nearly each and every Company bound on Almaris. But why has the Mareno Company surmounted each of these companies? Not because of the trope characteristic traits of being humble; no no, they are hard workers from opportunist backgrounds. A job is a job and so is a deadline, something which the Mareno family prides themselves on both inside and outside of their company. So expect any order you might have to be promptly seen to. You see streets of merchant stalls with a singular item-of-need in display, yet none in stock, not ever. Is it really that hard to see a shelf be stacked? Mareno thinks not; an overflowing stall is a happy one. So what services does the Mareno Company offer? Ferrum Armour & Weaponry Ranged Weapons for shooty long range. Food for Almaris’ Warriors - steak - porkchop, the lot. Medicinal and Alchemical Herbs Building Materials An Abundant More to Come Shortly All of that is to be always stocked on our shelves, brimming to their rims. But wait, you think yourself as a big guy? Not only do we extend our stock to our stall-bound shops, if to be contacted we also extend our services in bulk. Be it a hundred armour sets delivered to the gates of your keep. Or as we do in Hanseti-Ruska, supply their military with a constant stock of ferrum armour and weaponry -- ranged weapons included. Our integrity and veracity ensures we are their main suppliers of the BSK. EAT SOME MEAT AND JOIN THE ELITE Do not confuse this name for something of the peculiar sort. We only intend to rid of this bread plague-- do you remember in times of old, when one would wake up to a hearty breakfast and not the three-for-one piece of bread. Bread for breakfast, bread for dinner, bread for supper. Why? The cattle farmers have grown stagnant, in their place; Mareno. We are now selling meat across all of our stores for the ridiculously cheap price of 0.3 mina per piece. Meat sustains you longer, and now competing at the same price as most bread merchants, it is certainly bargain for your mina. Drop that foul tasteless bread and eat some meat. Where are we? The City of Karosgrad -- The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The Principality of Savoy - Corazon The Shipwreck Keep -- Roadside to Elysium Contact Us Bird Jace Mareno or Andronikos Mareno || dannyERP & the60th Leave a letter in our P.O Box at our Main Office in the Sea Maiden store located in Karosgrad, Hanseti-Ruska. Discord: danny #2021 & The60th#5206 Alternatively, inbox me on forums.
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