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Found 5 results

  1. [!] Several members of the Redfist Trading Company could be seen handing out flyers and pinning them on walls all around Aevos. (Stall 8, Whitespire, Aaun)
  2. [!] Several flyers were hung all over Aaun and Lurin. On it, a pricelist could be read displaying various prices and items.
  3. THE SILVER MERCHANT AUCTION 16th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 136 of the Second Age To the Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or and allies of the Blessed Silver State, Long have the mali’thill of Haelun’or lived within their silver walls, abiding by their tenets of purity and progress. We philosophize and debate, for both are essential to the very progress we seek, but there is one final step required: action. Progress cannot exist without change – so, dear citizens and allies, take up your spare change and make your way over to the first auction of Tahn’miar. The Silver State of Haelun’or invites all of their blessed citizenry and allies to this event – it shall be held in one elven day ((Sunday, June 9th, 4PM EST)) in the Main Street/Tavern of elcihi’thilln. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. EVENT DETAILS THE AUCTION Attendees: What can you expect? Up to twelve unique items, each with their own personalized craft, to accompany you throughout your Aevosian journey and pass down through your descendants. Custom Heirloom slots: you can come back at any point to have monster parts and whatever else you collect incorporated into your item over the course of its lifetime. An elemental weapon voucher: use this to obtain a weapon forged out of Arcanium! And much more... Signed, Tilruir’mali Yera Silveira Okarir’maehr Celestia Astramaris OOC Information: Location: Haelun'or Tavern When: Sunday, July 9th, 4PM EST
  4. Zvaervauld Lilac Honey Issued naf zwy 13th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 461 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, House Weiss introduces its first batch of lilac honey this Saint’s day. With a selection of rolling fields belonging to our great king being left under our protection comes an opportunity to expand the commerce of the realm internally and externally. We have chosen the first export we will invest time into: honey. For some it is a delectable snack, for others a medicinal wonder. Tender practices and attentive care has allowed the lands surrounding Staalgrav to flourish in the vibrant pinks and purples of blooming lilac. Within such oceans of petals we have established strong colonies of persistent honey bees, all who work diligently to create the lilac honey of the future. For these bees we have provided only the most quality of man-made hives with roomy confines and easily removable racks that have been hand-carved with the utmost vigilance to mimic the internal starting structure of a colony: a love letter to the wonder of Godan’s Creation. Though we have tried our best, we have found that some bees inevitably prefer nature. To encourage the utmost comfort for our hard workers (and to gain the tastiest of honey) we also allow the construction of natural hives. With great effort, we ensure that we disturb these small worlds as little as possible. Whichever the source, we can assure the quality of our Zvaervauld lilac honey. Sold on Market Stall III or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss
  5. KAROSGRADIAN MARKET EXPANSION Issued by the Office of The Royal Treasurer On this 12 of Msitza and Dargund of 361 E.S. PREFACE VA BIRODEO E HERZENAV, During the last half of the decade, with the blessing of GOD, the Karosgardian Market has been constantly expanding, new businesses opened, new goods traded, and more customers satisfied. So much has boomed, that until now, all of its shops and a good portion of the available stalls have been purchased, operating and bringing themselves income. However, after overseeing from the Royal Treasurer, it has become apparent that some of said properties - namely stalls - require revisions when it comes to their appearance, location, and availability to the general public. Moreover, it has also become clear that efforts to expand upon the already-existing physical market would be a beneficial act. As such, the Officer of the Royal Treasurer, with help from the former Seneschal Mio Mackensen, has undertaken an effort to both design and construct more stores and review the state of its existing stalls. Depiction of Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay overseeing the construction of the stores. REVISIONS Stores While there hasn’t been much significant change in the layout or position of stores, two changes regarding shops shall occur: I. Crown Avenue I - Previously owned and used by the Haense Fur Trading Company, and later by the Black Crow Company™, part of the Royal Treasury, is now sold and operated as an independent property. Upon notice to the citizens of Karosgrad of this change, the store was sold quickly, now owned as a private property. i. The operational stall of the Black Crow Company™ has now been moved within the Golden Crow Bank™, just to the right. Now selling some of the most common and useful raw materials, as well as different odds and ends, all related to the Haeseni culture. II. Crown Avenue XIII - previously used as a public smithy, has now been converted into an open, workshop-themed storefront, ready to be claimed. Stalls I. Market Stalls I, II & III - which previously stood adjacent to one another near the first right turn of the main Karosgrad are to only include Market Stalls I & II, the size of each stall expanding, while also appealing more appealing and eye-catching to potential customers. II. Market Stalls IV & V - which both stand by the side of the Town Hall, are to become Market Stalls III & IV, as what used to be number III has been removed. Both of the stalls have been greatly overhauled to appear more appealing and fitting to the main square. III. Market Stalls VI, VII & VIII - which still stand adjacent to one another as they remain just to the side of the Basilica's western wall (near the end of Wickwood Way), are to change their numbers to V, VI & VII respectively. Each receiving an overhaul, expanding and rebuilt to appear more pleasing to the eye, and hopefully so to the pocket of the passing customer. IV. Merchant Stalls II and the Jointed III & IV - located near the town’s center, by the Basilica’s side, are to switch their locations. The smaller Merchant Stall II is to be directed towards the middle, facing inwards and so being more likely to have its articles seen. The jointed III & IV, shall be moved towards the corner-side, now facing towards the Town Hall and Palace respectively. No further changes shall take place. V. Merchant Stall VIII - previously stood adjacent to the public smithy, shall now be removed due to the expansions following this Edict. As such, the previous Merchant Stall IX shall take its place as number VII, whilst remaining rather untouched with the upcoming expansions; save for a slight readjustment to fit the architecture better. EXPANSIONS Working alongside the stated revisions, Karosgrad will now also see the inclusion of four additional stores, with two of these already reserved by two long-waiting business owners. However, two more, interestingly-positioned stores are planned to be constructed. Depiction of Lord Treasurer Brandt Barclay working on the construction materials. I. Crown Avenue XIV & XV - having their construction already started by workers of the Royal Treasury, the two new Crown Avenue properties shall be placed as a continuation of the chain of stores stretching leftwards the main street leading into the city’s centre. The architecture of the buildings shall follow a very similar and fitting design, whilst also being rather accessible to the passing customers. Each stretching two stores up in total, the now Merchant Stall VIII shall be attached to the cornered Crown Avenue XV for a smooth and appealing appearance. II. Crown Avenue XVI & XVII - upon further inspections on the available spaces around Karosgrad, it has become apparent to the Lord Treasurer of the possible transformation and utilization of the two ramparts built in front of the Nikirala Prikaz. Due to the potential of the space inside these ramparts, architectural plans have been achieved by the Treasurer, with the help and confirmation of his Majesty and other volunteer workers. Thus, drawing out the possibility of two extra stores, each taking up the space inside their respective ramparts. Because of their position, these stores include an interesting edge over the rest, moreso due to the direct, straight forward accessibility of each, whilst the space offered adds to their value. TAXATION As most of the revisions and expansions of the Karosgardian market await completion, updates shall be done to the list of Karosgrad’s available properties, now including the planned changes. Following this, naturally, it shall be the Lord Treasurer job to assign both the selling price and taxes of the new properties. However, due to the addition of two rather beneficial stores, these being the latter Crown Avenues (XVI & XVII), there exists the possibility that a bidding system is applied in order to assign the selling price and owner of these properties. This decision shall depend on the amount of interested aspiring business owners who wish to call these stores their place of operation. As such, it is encouraged for whoever wishes to purchase one of these properties to come into contact with either the Lord Treasurer Brandt Barclay or Lady Seneschal Ingrid Barclay in order to be considered for occupation of said properties. Depiction of the hard working Treasury workers constructing the buildings. IV JOVEO MAN Signed, His Excellency Ser Brandt Barclay KC, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska Signed, Her Excellency, Ingrid Barclay, High Seneschal of Haense
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