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Found 17 results

  1. Year 127 of The Second Age 6th of May, 2023. ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ 'ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᛋᛚᚨᚤᛖᚱ' ᛁᚱᛖᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ A MATRIMONY OF HONOUR AND GLORY ᚢᛚᚠᚨᚱ ᛋᛏᚨᚱᛒᚱᛖᚨᚴᛖᚱ It is hereby that Sigrun ‘Dragonslayer’ Ireheart and Ulfar Starbreaker come together to host a ceremony of the ages to officialize us two dwarves in marriage before the Brathmordakin. Let this matrimony be one of Honour and Glory, as two battle-hardened dwarves come together to officially seal themselves in marriage as consequence of their shared passions before Belka. After the wedding ceremony there shall be a feast to celebrate the marriage of the two dwarves. The wedding shall be hosted in the Temple of the Brathmordakin. We hereby invite all descendants of the realm to attend, with special invitations sent to the following. All citizens of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All members of the Order of The Golden Lion.
  2. First Edition of the Recording of Raevir Traditions Issued and confirmed by THE COUNTY OF VASKA 7th of Snow’s Maiden, 1913 Contents I. Introductory Notes II. Courtship III. Marriage IV. Miscellaneous Rites V. Conclusion Introduction Since time immemorial, Raevir men and women have taken part in hereditary customs. Most recently we believed many of these customs were lost to the ravages of time. In these recovered articles, the Raevir people and those who are interested in its culture will be able to learn such lost traditions and ideologies from the age of the Exalted Sigismund. The Raevir culture’s past downfall and eventual loss of identity we believe are due to the lack of recording from Raevir scholars of old and lack of elders passing down the traditions to newer generations. In this edition of the extensive chronicle of Raevir Traditions we shall explain the customs of marriage and courtship which the Raevir people take pride in. Going over what is and what is not acceptable when one is seeking out courtship with another within Raevir culture. A great deal of credit is due to the many scholars and historians who, through meticulous scanning of sources and extensive research, have managed to record some of these ancient traditions of the Raevir people. Much of this information has been either passed down secretly through the generations of renowned Raevir families or through centuries old textual recordings of traditional Raevir marriages and courtship. Courtship When one plans to make their intention to court another known within the Raevir culture, this is called the Lyubovnaya Zapiska or known in common as Love Note. The reasoning behind the name is primarily obscure. But, some modern scholars believe the name of this action or stage within the courting process to be referring to a folktale of two figures who shared their love through letters. These letters were created from embroidery on the hide of wolves. The two lovers send their messages of love with baskets filled with cooked lamb, bread, and an alcoholic drink. When the two eventually wed and had children, they too could tell their children to do the same, until the skies fell. “The Youth” by Irena Volkov (1912) When a young Raevir woman or man wishes to do the Love Note. The first thing either male or female must do is ask the head of household for permission to court one of their house. But before one does such, they must offer tribute. This tribute may come in the form of fine furs, hide, bread, meats or silks. The fur can be from any animal but a bear. If one offers a bear hide or fur to their intended family. It will be seen as an insult to their family name and their ancestors. As the bear symbolizes the respected Saint Arpad of Vilacz. So it is highly suggested one does not give bear hide or fur. It is also taboo to give bear meat for the reason written above. Favored colors when gifting silks to the family of your intended lover are red for its symbolism of strength and gold for its symbolism of wealth. It is not recommended, but scholars have recorded purple being another color widely accepted, symbolizing nobility. Though, it is suggested many do not seek this color out for the rarity and difficulty of getting purple dye. Colors which one should not gift are yellow and green. Yellow is considered a color connected to betrayal and separation while green is seen as a color of misfortune. Superstitions abound on people suddenly falling ill when in green rooms or wearing green silks and textiles. Once the young male or female Raevir is finished gathering the items for their tribute to the family of their intended spouse, they must prepare to wear the most modest and ragged clothing. For this will show that you care not for wealth or power but for the member of their household you wish to court. It is said within Raevir folklore there was once a pious beggar. One day, the daughter of a hetman took notice and eventually fell in love with the beggar. The hetman was unimpressed with the beggar until he saw the gifts which he brought to a dinner which he invited the beggar to. At that moment the father realized that the beggar was no beggar at all but a man who decided to live by the words of Godan. So with this story, it is considered good luck to follow the example of the beggar in the story written above. “The Spring Celebration” by Ivan Petrovkov (1517) Once the male or female Raevir is given permission by the one who the other wishes to begin courtship with to court them. The two go through a period nicknamed the Ispytaniya Golubey or known in common as Trial of Doves. The naming of this phase is not really well known, some suggest it is from myths or an inaccurate translation from older text in the prehistoric ancient Raevir language. This is when the two go through courtship itself, finding out about each other and seeing if they are compatible enough to be spouses for each other. Embracing Raevir ideals, it is considered not offensive when two people end a courtship on good terms because they are not compatible together. But when a courtship ends on bad terms, the consequences and price which either person must pay is determined on the severity of their action. If either person is found to be cheating on the one they are with, they must pay the other or their family about two hundred and fifty mina. When either person is found to be harming the other through the mind, they must pay a hundred and fifteen mina, but when it is physical, then the victim or family of the harmed person must be paid eight hundred mina and the aggressor must lose their middle finger on their right hand. Forcing the person to lose their ability to hunt with a bow, letting their chances to receive hide or fur from an animal, lower. These punishments are the same for both male and female Raevir. When either Raevir is ready to propose and both are prepared to become wed under the light of Godan, it is expected for either male or female Raevir to propose to have the permission of their intended family. The first step is to gather the most fresh flowers for the mother, the second is to get the head of a great and large stag. Once those two things are done, the third step is for the Raevir man or woman to hunt down a creature of the woods and prepare to serve it to the family which your future bride or groom comes from. Eventually, once the three steps are done, you must prepare a tent in the woods with a table and a campfire in the center, as in the forest shall you invite the family for a feast. “Lady Raevina” by Olga Fedorovna (1813) Once the gifts are given to both mother and father, you then ask the family for their blessing upon all which you hold dear to take their family member’s hand in marriage. Assuming you have gotten the permission of your lover’s family. You then are able to propose marriage to your lover in any sort of setting but first one must create a wooden ring from spruce wood and then burn it for good luck. Once the ring is burnt into ashes, you then find a ring created from gold with any gem. Though traditional gems include rubies and emeralds, but, diamonds are also considered a classical gemstone to use for an engagement ring. Once the engagement is official, the two Raevir who intended to be wed under the light of Godan must host a grand feast to pronounce their intentions to wed before family, friends, and their entire community. Once this is done, the planning for the wedding can begin. Marriage Before the wedding planning may begin, it is a part of Raevir tradition for both bride and groom to go through their own separate pilgrimage called the Put' Dzhulii or translated to common as Julia’s Path. The name refers to Saint Julia of Paradisus being the faithful wife of the Exalted Horen. Both bride and groom must visit holy sites across the continent. It is a tradition for both bride and groom to wear modest clothing in earth colored tones when visiting holy sites across the continent. The only thing which may be an ounce of metal is the Lorraine Cross which you take with you on this pilgrimage. The way one must travel upon this pilgrimage must be by foot or horse. One must not be allowed to stay within an inn and may only camp within the woods or ruins. Though, if you do encounter a monastery, you may be permitted to ask for refuge for one night then leave the next morning after offering tribute of bread or carrion black to the nuns or monks running the monastery. Once both the bride and groom have finished their respective pilgrimages, they may begin planning the wedding. “The Halls Of The Exalted” by Zelina Varui (1436) One of the first things both bride and groom must prepare when planning a traditional Raevir wedding is to find a priest who may conduct the wedding. It is not only pious to place Godan first when thinking about a life binding union, it is smart to find the availability of the priest. After the bride and groom have found the priest for their marriage, the two must find a venue for the celebration after the bride and groom take their vows. Traditionally Raevir couples pick the woodlands or large moot halls. Though options like castles, taverns, or anywhere a large amount of people may gather is also acceptable. As the Raevir ideology is for a wedding to not only announce a holy union under the light of Godan, but to announce the love which two people share in front of their community and to show their compatibility with each other. Decorations for the location of the after party for the wedding include wreaths filled with berries and pinecones, then banners of red and black colors or if the bride and groom are a part of a noble family. The banners then shall be the coat of arms of both bride and groom. “The Imperial Raev” by Svetlana of The Marches (1836) Traditional Raevir brides are expected to wear gold or ivory colored clothing. Adorned with gemstones and pearls. A matching Raevir kokoshnik must accompany the sarafan styled gown. The Raevir kokoshnik when worn in a setting of a wedding is typically adorned with an abundance of pearls and gemstones. The kokoshnik has a veil attached to the back. The raevir groom is then expected to match his outfit with his bride, if his bride wears gold. He wears gold and vice versa. Though the groom wears a deeply embroidered kaftan and a matching fur hat with feathers decorated on the top with a gemstone being on the center. Once both bride and groom are ready and fully dressed. Both bride and groom then must go through separate rites with their closest same gender relatives or friends before arriving to the church. For the bride, each female friend or relative must offer the bride many pearls. The pearls given to the bride will be then stored in a small golden pouch hidden in her gown. Each pearl collected represents a year the bride and groom shall be together, believing the roundness of the pearl represents wholeness and unity. Once the bride has finished this rite, the bride with her female relatives will walk to the church where they shall store the bride in a small room for her to wait for her groom to walk to the altar. For the groom each male friend or relative will offer a feather for his fur hat required for his outfit. Each feather represents strength and flight, and with that, the more feathers which are present on the fur hat, shows how strong their union shall be. With that, both bride and groom are prepared to meet each other at the altar, the groom of course arriving at the altar before his bride. Once the groom has arrived the bride may reveal herself and be handed off to the groom by the eldest male and female relative of their household. Though, a key detail which must be noted is that when both bride and groom are presented in front of the altar, they are expected to be holding a long wax candle. Symbolizing their long held prayer to Godan for a hopeful and blissful union. Once the bride and groom are officially announced as husband and wife in the house of Godan, the celebrations then begin. “Sigismund and Helaine” by Ealinea Ruviakovich (1410) Celebrations include both newly announced husband and wife dancing to traditional Raevir music and songs along with their new relatives and old relatives, drinking contests amongst men and women, and other events such as a duel and a great hunt. Things which must happen during the wedding is the presentation of gifts to newly married couples. Gifts which are appreciated are silks and furs. Gemstones and metals are also appreciated but might also appear as something overly exorbitant. Gifts which are always well appreciated are weapons and tools which may assist either bride or groom in daily tasks. Another thing which must happen during the wedding is the exchanging of goblets. This is where the bride and groom, during the beginning of the feast which is customary during the after party of a wedding, both take a sip from a goblet filled with Carrion Black. Once the two take a sip from the goblet. In the Raevir culture, they are seen as bonded for life and truly husband and wife. The sipping of the goblet symbolizes the two embracing all challenges of being married, together, and standing united. Miscellaneous Rites Other rites which don’t exactly fit within both subjects of courtship and weddings include the celebrations of both the bride’s party and the groom’s party partake or how Raevir people tempt to woo each other through modest and pious means. For a Raevir man or woman being interested in a fellow Raevir. Gifts which may signal to the other Raevir at the proposition of courtship as an idea includes the gifts of fur and alcohol. Furs may include any animal but a bear, as explained before in courtship tributes to your lover's family. For alcohol, it is to be thought of as romantic if one gifts another red wine with a side of beetroot, the beetroot symbolizing a heart, a symbol of romance. The Raevir people as a whole are known to be based on community and hard work. So another way a Raevir man or women may show their interest with another is offering to go hunting or do any other form of labor, showing that you are confident in the other. Though, this way of showing affection could completely miss the mark. As doing labor with a fellow Raevir is just common practice. Though hunting can be something which could be seen as a sign of interest in the other if the creature you are hunting for is a wolf, boar, or any other woodland animal which is aggressive by nature. “The Tsar’s Feast” by Irena Volkov (1900) For the bride and groom, there are certain celebrations which happen during the planning periods of a wedding. These parties are called the Salyut Nevesty for the bride, translated in common as, the Bride’s Salute. Then the party for the men is called the Provody Zhenikha translated in common, the Groom’s Sendoff. For the Groom’s Sendoff, the groom with his male friends and family members partake in a grand hunt, after the grand hunt, the one who had gotten the least animals or no animals at all will be paying for drinks inside of the tavern where the procession may drink and celebrate the announcement of the groom’s union to his future bride. For the bride in the Bride’s Salute, the bride and her party filled with female friends and relatives will partake in a session of painting, horse riding, and overall relaxing activities to lower the stress of the bride when the day of her marriage comes. After some hours of relaxing activities, the bride with her friends shall then attend a sleepover with the bride and her friends and family telling stories. These stories may either be true historical events or folklore and myth. Another event which may happen with this sleepover is the brides and her companions wine tasting with cheese and grapes for the further relaxation of the bride before their wedding day. Conclusion In conclusion, there are many things which are still unknown for the Raevir culture. But for courting and marriage, these traditions shall stand. Even when there is the lack of written records of these events. They will always be the ones surviving through the ages and passing down these traditions to the younger generations. The hope is this study into the courting and marriage traditions within the Raevir culture shall once more be practiced amongst the younger generation of the Raevir people. Godani Jest Wieczny
  3. THE UNION OF WHITE LION AND WAR HORSE [!] A Silhouette of depiction of Princess Verónica Frisketa Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta de Pelear and Lord Audo Weiss No one saw this coupling as a surprise, except for the betrothed until a few years back. It is with the purest delight that House Weiss and House de Pelear announce the union of their two prestigious families with the marriage of Audo Weiss and Verónica de Pelear: an alliance that will last till the end of bloodlines. Dress Code: No White or blue unless given explicit permission The Wedding and Reception The wedding itself will take place within the Church of Blessed Francisco and will see the two joined together in holy matrimony under the light of GOD. A Secret Event There will be an event held within the bull ring. Though that will be withheld till the day of! Should you wish to know what it is, you must attend A Ball Once the secret event comes to its conclusion, the guests remaining will head to the Hyspia Palace so they may enjoy various drinks, and food being offered, including, but not limited to spicy food competition. followed by gifts for the married couple, and general dancing and merriment Time, Date, and Location The Wedding is open to all that wish to attend Formal Invitations Are Sent To; In No Particular Order: His Majesty, Georg I of Haense and his Citizenry of Haense Duke Aleksandr var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Duke Wilheim Barclay and his esteemed Pedigree Countess Johanne Vuiller and her esteemed Pedigree Countess Carice von Augusten and her esteemed Pedigree Viscount Baldrum Colborn and his esteemed Pedigree Viscountess Theodeta Darkwood and her esteemed Pedigree Baron Gaius Rosius var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Ser Vladimir var Ruthern and his esteemed Pedigree Dame Giovanna Barclay and her esteemed Pedigree Lord Alphonse August Barclay Lady Alexandra Emília Barclay Ser Wyn Larian and his esteemed Pedigree Ser Milonir of Whitehall Bishop Iosif and his esteemed Pedigree Firr Mira’Roui and his esteemed Pedigree His Lordship, Alejandro de Arena and his esteemed Pedigree Firress Iskra Firress Liadain The Novar Household The Santos Househod
  4. A Holy Union Regarding The Unions Between House Mösu & Rhodon de Rosius Upon the 14th of the Seventh seed, 113 of the Second Age, an invitation goes out to the friends and family members of House Mösu and Rhodon de Rosius to witness two marriages! One between Björn Mösu and Emma Rhodon de Rosius alongside. The ceremony shall take place in Petra, although due to the fact of there being conflict in the region, it is required the guests that partake shall not cause trouble or start conflict and remain respectful to all during the duration of the event no matter what strifes they have outside of the event. __________________________________________________________ Formal Invitations have been delivered to the following: House Rhodon de Rosius, and all their Rosius kin House Mösu, and their kinsmen His Royal Majesty, Charles I, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree His Royal Mahesty, Georg, by the grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, and his royal pedigree His Grace, Duke of Adria, Heinrik I Sarkociz, and his esteemed pedigree Auntie Sarah Artenin Uncle Joe
  5. Issue One 11th of the Wzuvar & Byvca Volume One The Kvaz Khronicle “Karosgrad after a snow storm” depicted by Branimar Kvazyev Stories of the day: -Grand Prince of Kusoraev Married! -Saving our Soldiers! Ruthern wins big in Duma! -Election results covered here! Page 1 Grand Prince of Kusoraev Celebrates Lavish Wedding Day As the day of the Grand Prince of Kusoraev's much-anticipated wedding arrived, excitement built throughout the kingdom. The royal palace was abuzz with activity as preparations for the big day were underway. We spoke with one of the palace servants, who wished to remain anonymous, about the preparations they had been witness to. "It was a flurry of activity," the servant told us. "The palace was cleaned from top to bottom. The kitchen had been working around the clock to prepare the feast, and the staff had been rehearsing their roles for the day. It was going to be a truly magnificent event." The Grand Prince and his bride-to-be had not been seen much in public recently, as they had been busy with final preparations for the wedding. However, the servant shared that the couple seemed very happy and excited for their big day. The wedding was a lavish affair, with guests from all over the kingdom and beyond in attendance. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Basilica, and was followed by grand celebrations. We will continue to bring updates on the Grand Prince's newlywed life as time goes on, especially as he begins his tours of his vassals. For now, the kingdom celebrates this joyous occasion. Poem of events by Kasimir Kvazyev: In days of old, when knights were bold And lords and ladies fair A prince did seek a noble bride To join him in his royal lair With sword in hand, he rode the land In search of true love's kiss And when at last he found his match His heart did swell with bliss For she was fair, with golden hair And eyes that sparkled bright Her gentle touch and loving heart Brought joy to his lonely nights Together they did pledge their troth In a ceremony grand And as they knelt before the altar Their love was declared and fanned So let us raise a glass and toast To this royal couple true May their marriage last a lifetime And their love forever renew. Page 2 Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's Act to Support Injured Soldiers Passes with Widespread Support Editor's note: We understand this coverage comes from a previous duma session, but we believe the content held within the bill and its passage is of monumental importance to cover. In a recent development in the Duma, Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's proposed act to provide financial compensation to members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Knights of the Kingdom who have suffered injuries while in the line of duty has passed with widespread support. The Medical Compensation Advisory Act of 453 ES proposes that those who have undergone amputations be eligible for compensation to help them acquire prosthetic replacements for their lost limbs or digits. The act has been met with widespread support from both military personnel and civilians alike. Many have praised Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern for her dedication to supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect the kingdom. The proposal has also been hailed as a crucial step in recognizing the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers and ensuring that they receive the care and support they need. The successful passage of this act is a testament to the nobility's commitment to supporting our military and ensuring that they have the resources they need to continue serving the kingdom with distinction. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and all those who supported this crucial legislation. Page 3 Kvazyev feeds the poor! As he strolled through the streets of the small village in which he lived, a poor young boy held tightly in his hand a piece of bread, which had been given to him by his mother for his midday meal. Despite his meager circumstances, the boy was content, for he knew that he was loved. Upon coming across a group of children engaged in playful merriment, the boy felt a pang of envy, but he quickly pushed it aside, choosing instead to join in their games. When the other children saw the bread in the boy's hand, they begged him to share it with them. After a moment's hesitation, the boy broke off a piece of the bread and offered it to the group, feeling a sense of joy at the thought of having brought a smile to their faces. The Kvazyev family, known for their generosity and kindness, has once again demonstrated their commitment to helping those in need by providing nourishing bread to impoverished children in their community. Page 4 Your ad could be here! Bird Kasimir Kvazyev to purchase a cheap space! Election Coverage! As the kingdom prepares for the upcoming XLIII Session of the Royal Duma, many are looking to the three elected officials who will be filling the seats. Royal Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and Grand Maer Roui de Melphestaus have been praised by anonymous sources for their competency and plans for the upcoming Session. "Adelajda vas Ruthern has always been a strong voice in the Duma," said one source. "Her dedication to the kingdom and her willingness to listen to the concerns of the people make her an excellent choice for the upcoming Session, especially with her Medical act." Another source praised Roui de Melphestaus, saying, "His experience and level-headedness will be crucial in guiding the Duma through these trying times. I have no doubt that he will be an asset to the kingdom." Not all elected officials have received such praise, however. Royal Alderman Atilan Bishop has been criticized by anonymous sources for being a poor choice for the Duma. "His track record in the Duma has been lackluster, at best," said one source. "He lacks the vision and leadership skills that are necessary for the role. I fear that he will only hinder the progress of the Duma in the upcoming Session." Another source echoed these sentiments, saying, "Bishop's selection for the Duma is a disappointment. I have no confidence in his abilities to serve the kingdom effectively in this position." The kingdom awaits the start of the XLIII Session with anticipation, eager to see how these elected officials will shape the future of the Duma and the kingdom as a whole. Page 5 Neigh, Horses aren’t Controversial! The Kvaz received the following letter to the editor. We find it necessary to rebuke it! As a resident of the Kingdom of Haense, I have long been a proud supporter of our noble traditions and way of life. However, there is one small aspect of our kingdom that I feel could be improved upon: the use of horses for official transportation. For centuries, it has been customary for horses to be used for the transportation of royalty and other high-ranking officials. This practice is steeped in tradition and is seen by many as a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication. However, I believe that it is time for us to move beyond this outdated mode of transportation and embrace a more modern approach. First and foremost, the use of horses is impractical and inefficient. Horses are expensive to maintain and can be unpredictable, making them unreliable for official transportation. Furthermore, the use of horses can create a sense of exclusivity and elitism that is at odds with our kingdom's values. At official functions, only a select few are able to enjoy the luxury of being transported by horse, while the majority must make do with other, less effective methods. ** As the premier newspaper of the Kingdom of Haense, it is our duty to provide balanced and accurate reporting on the events and issues that affect our beloved kingdom. In light of the recent editorial calling for the abandonment of horses for official transportation, we feel it is necessary to provide a counterargument that highlights the many virtues of this time-honored tradition. First and foremost, it must be noted that the use of horses is not merely a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication, but a crucial aspect of our cultural heritage. For centuries, our ancestors have relied on horses for transportation, and the skill and artistry involved in the breeding of horses is a testament to their ingenuity and bravery. To abandon this tradition would be to erase a significant part of our history and identity. In addition, the use of horses is not impractical or inefficient, as the previous editorial suggests. On the contrary, horses are strong, reliable animals that can be trained to meet the specific needs of official transportation. In addition, the slow and stately pace of horses is perfectly suited to the dignified nature of official events, and allows those who are being transported the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of our kingdom in a leisurely and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, the use of horses does not create a sense of exclusivity or elitism, as the previous editorial claims. On the contrary, the sight of a beautiful and well-maintained horse is a source of pride and inspiration for our people. It reminds us of the greatness and splendor of our kingdom, and inspires us to strive for excellence in all that we do. In conclusion, we believe that the use of horses for official transportation is a vital and cherished part of our kingdom's traditions. We are grateful to have a wise and visionary king who recognizes the importance of this tradition and is committed to preserving it for future generations. Page 6 The Kvazyev Company The Kvazyev Company is a trading company specializing in weaponry, banking, trading, and meals for the hungry. Seek out Branimar (Doggedwasupxxx) or Kasimir Kvazyev (Lickspittle) for a job. (Dogged#8148, Lickspittle#5373) Want an advertisement in this newspaper? Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to give us a story? Is there something that must be said? Bird Kasimir Kvazyev! (Lickspittle#5373)
  6. An Oakheart-Barrow Wedding 7th of The Amber Cold, 98 S.A. Ilya and Zemzy enjoying the delicacies at the feast Long Awaited Union A long time has passed since Zemzy Oakheart and Ilya Barrow, formerly Ludovar, began their courtship; even more since they had met. Having shown little less than the most truthful love to each other during this time, it is now official that the couple shall be finally getting married, despite some unfortunate circumstances having delayed the event by many a year. Invitations Her Ladyship, Marcella Georgina Ludovar Her Ladyship, Adalia Aleksandra Morovar Her Ladyship, Cecilya Angelica Ludovar His Lordship, Jakodi von Draco (& Only Jakodi) Sir Orin Vel'venest Any & all friends / llirs of the bride & groom The wedding ceremony will be taking place in the Serene State of Lurin, to the south. Follow the signs past the camel to Balian & the old fort Myrine-Redclyf to attend. Signed, Mister Ilya Vladimir Barrow Ilya Vladimir Barrow Miss Zemzy Ellenoir Oakheart Zemzy Ellenoir Oakheart OOC: It will take place on October Sunday 16th at 5:30pm est Please dress accordingly~!
  7. The Union of an Emerald Comet and an Onyx Star On the 16th of Snow’s Maiden, after years of orbit around each other, the paths of an Emerald Comet and an Onyx star finally joined together. From henceforth they shall journey together as one, unified in love. On a starry night within a hidden grove in Hefrumm, Garedyn The Green stood clad in his traditional Mossborn armour. Alongside him was Charsi Doomforged whose eyes glowed like the stars above them. The armour-clad dwarf removed his helmet, revealing his emerald eyes sparking with passion. He presented a masterfully crafted blade to Charsi Doomforged, who stood brilliantly like an onyx in front of him. He offered his blade and his heart, and she gladly accepted. Under the moonlit sky, under the watchful eyes of the Brathmordkin, Garedyn the Green and Charsi Doomforged married. To celebrate this event and officiate the union, a wedding ceremony will take place alongside the preplanned feast in Hefrumm, which will be held on the following stone day this missive is released [OOC: 8th October, Saturday 4PM EST]. This feast will take place in the great meeting hall of Hefrumm. All kin, friends and allies of the couple are welcome to come and join the festivities.
  8. The Union of Audrick and Kutznetsov [!] A depiction of the young couple in the gardens. All it took was a simple conversation which started to bloom and flourish as time went on, for a flaxen-haired girl and dark brown-haired boy, their stories began to intertwine and develop. Mister Adrian von Audrick and Miss Dijana Kuznetsov, join hands in holy matrimony within the next coming days, at the Basilica, after the ceremony there will be a small dinner party hosted at the couple’s home. Ceremony: This is a public event for all of Haense to attend if they wish, all are welcome to watch this joyous occasion between the eldest Audrick son and the youngest Kutznetsov daughter joined together for the rest of their lives, bound in marriage and love. The ceremony is going to be held in the Haense Basilica. Dinner Party: Shortly following the ceremony, there will be a private dinner party held at the couple's home, just near the gardens at Koengstreit IV. This party is mainly for those who are closest to the couple, family, and friends. Those with special invitations from the couple: Mister Ludwig von Audrick and the rest of the Audrick family Mrs. Sanja Kuznetsov and the rest of the Kuznetsov family Her Royal Highness Dorothea Isabel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Royal Highness Aloisa Leisel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Ladyship Viktoriya vas Ruthern Her Ladyship Juilya Barclay and her pedigree Her Ladyship Johanna Ludovar and her pedigree Mister D’Artagnan Palmer and his pedigree Mister Fabian Alcaraz and his pedigree Members of the Northern Geographical Society To the Kingdom of Haense: This is a public invitation to all who call Haense home, we welcome you with open arms to join us on this monumental occasion, feel free to stay for a short while or stay for the whole ceremony and we thank you ahead of time for joining the growth of the Audrick family. Mister Ludwig von Audrdick Mrs. Sanja Kutznetsov Mister Adrian von Audrick Miss Dijana Kutznetsov
  9. IN HOPES FOR THE FUTURE; OF KEEN AND NOVELLEN 11th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1875 The matrimony of His Lordship, Baron of Ames Vincent Atticus Keen and Her Imperial Highness, the Countess of Carolustadt, Victoria Augusta Novellen. Following an unassailable courtship between the newly titled Baron of Ames and the ever so prestigious Countess of Carolustadt, the two have decided to officially wed. The pair were joined in holy matrimony upon the golden evening of the 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the Barony of Ames where a small ensemble of close friends and relatives gathered to bear witness to the ceremony. We pray that God guides and blesses them as they embark on this most joyous path. Published in 1875 by the Baronial Court Scribe of Ames, Charles Mounte On order of His Lordship the Baron of Ames, Vincent Keen
  10. [!] A depiction of Lord Filip Amador symbolically reaching into his chest to grab his heart, which he gives to her in a display of love. The time has finally come, citizens of Hanseti-Ruska! Baron Filip Amador, the young patriarch of his House, has pledged himself in everlasting love and fidelity to Her Highness, Petrysa Henrietta of Sedan. (@Mamimiux) With the approval of His Serene Highness, Freidrich Stanimar De Johannes, the 2 will be joined in holy matrimony under the watchful eye of Godan and his flock. The ceremony of wedding shall be held in the walls of Saint Heinrick’s Basilica in Karosgrad. The time of which is to be the 12TH of Gronna and Droba at the 17th hour. After the ceremony, the congregation will retreat to the Nikirala Prikaz for a ball of blues and whites. Present also, will be a display of fireworks and special dance by the Amador family Panda-bear, Tessio. Formal Invitations are sent to the following His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Princely Grace, Johann Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Rhys var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Johann Ludovar, Count of Otistadt and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondstadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Elimar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree His Serene Highness, Friedrick Stanimar de Johannes, Prince of Sedan and his noble pedigree Signed, His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  11. A sound that seems to be filling the ears of the residence of Elysium oftenlately rings out once more, the time for another wedding engagement is occurring once more! Brought to a location, who's importance is known only to the two men, Fal'leon Odinson and Kosher Daesmon met up. It began as a simple apology for a scuffle the two had some two elven days prior, simple and innocent. However, soon the wood elf baring a flower crown was on one knee, bestowing to his lover a ring of aurum and opal, crafted expertly. "You sly dog," A cheeky and fond comment made by Kosher as he revealed his own engagement ring for Fal'leon, proving the two seemed to have been on the same wave. A yes came in the form of a loving kiss, and the two were left beaming and teary eyed, rings upon their fingers. Their love blossomed from uncertain times and have sprouted forth not only their relationship, but a daughter and upcoming unification of two clans through the two noblemen. The date reigns undecided, however, it seems Kosher and Fal'leon shall be just a bit more smiley.
  12. U N I O N of D R U S C O The Union of the Duke and Duchess of Drusco PENNED BY PRINCESS CATHERINE, PRINCESS-CONSORT OF SAVOY To the subjects of Savoy, and all of Canondom, after a recent announcement of betrothal, another marriage blesses the southern realm of Savoy as Lady Joan of Alstion and Prince Louis Maximillian of Drusco finally are promised to wed as willed by the Royal prerogative. The Court of Aggrade formally invites those welcomed to the holy matrimony of the lines of Ashford and of John - once riddled by strife now United beneath a righteous banner. The ceremony shall be held within the illustrious basilica of San Luciano and followed by a feast within Il Palazzo Royale. If one wishes to take up arms against the guests Of the Principality of Savoy, they will be swiftly dealt with. All citizens are invited, save For those who are enemies Of the Principality of Savoy. Weapons and foul play will not be tolerated. Special Invitations are sent out to the following: House of Ashford de Savoie HRH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie@Lionbileti HRH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie @Spicii HH Prince Olivier Laurene, Duke of Junovas @Publius HH, Prince Leufroy Renault of Savoy @Vukarism HH, Princess Athenais Olivienne Marie of Savoy @Dasdi HH Princess Laurène Henriette, Countess of Susa @Alexi_ HH Princess Claude Elisabeth, Lady Pruvia @amyselia HH Princess Eugenie Cecile, Lady Baruch @sunflowerist And their Issue. ...And the Peerage of Savoy alike. HIH Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor @Nectorist HIH Anastasia, Holy Orenian Empress @Eryane HRM Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska @Xarkly HRM Emma, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska @livrose IN NOMINE DEI, His Highness, The Prince Louis Maximilien, Duke of Drusco Her Excellency, Lady Joan of Alstion, High Ministra of Aggrade Her Excellency, Guenda di Sarola, Mistress of the Robes CONFIRMED BY, His Serene Highness Olivier II, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano, Protector of the South Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess consort of Savoy, Duchess consort of Savoy, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa
  13. The Blissful Union of Joseph d’Azor and Philippa Fitzpeter Joseph d’Azor and Philippa Antoinette Fitzpeter sharing a dance at the Floral Ball c. 1827 Drawn by Eugénie Cécile ((Credits to @sunflowerist)) [!] Lord Joseph d’Azor during the closing masquerade paused within his steps of a dance, looking towards Philippa with a smile. He revealed a piece of information to the Lady, making her raise a query. Joseph d’Azor as most know, owns a renowned jewelry store within Providence. Joseph stood there with an almost sheepish expression, pulling out a ring, a dazzling one at that. A masterful piece of work the man poured his heart into. With this he asked a question, one that linked Joseph and Philippa into a union.“Will you do the honour of marrying me? [!] The Proposal at the Closing Masquerade, c. 1828 ((Credits to @Seva)) During the conclusion of the third social season, a union is being announced with delight. His Excellency, Secretary of War, Lord Joseph d’Azor and Lady Philippa Fitzpeter are officially inviting family, friends and citizens of Oren to join them in their union. The wedding will take place during the Sun’s smile of 1829. The union will take place within the Cathedral of Providence, where the marriage will be taking place before GOD. Those who are invited and wish to come may witness the union. Celebrations will be held at The Augustine Dining Hall after the ceremony. Those invited and all citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire are highly encouraged to come witness this wedding. The Ceremony: As any wedding would have, a ceremony will take place in the Cathedral of Providence. Where the couple will be married in witness before GOD. The couple will donn white clothing with their favourite colours blue and green scattered about their fabrics. The Reception: The reception will be taking place in The Augustine Dining Hall where various activities will be included. Firstly, throughout the season the couple has yet to have an uninterrupted dance. There will be a short portion of the reception dedicated to a couples dance for the duo. A grandeur feast is held in the reception, allowing for those who come to enjoy the delicacies offered. The married couple will serve a toast before the feast commences. During the reception, there will be a contest for the best-dressed. The contest will not have a line up as Joseph and Philippa will judge throughout the wondrous event. The winner of such will receive two-hundred and fifty mina. A list of special invitations would be sent to the following friends, families, and citizens of the Empire and abroad. His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, John VIII & his esteemed pedigree @KosherZombie HIH Phillip Augustus the Duke of Crestfall & his esteemed pedigree @BenevolentManacles HIH Philip Aurelian Count of Rentzfeld & his esteemed pedigree @ErikAzog HIH Princess Imperial Elisabeth & her esteemed pedigree @Ivoreyy HIH Princess Josephine Augusta & her esteemed pedigree @VIROS HIH Prince Peter Maximillian & his esteemed pedigree @Ark HIH Prince Joseph Leopold & his esteemed pedigree @Maur HIH Princess Amelia Margaret @libbybelle His Holiness, High Pontiff Tylos I @rep2k His Lordship Leopold Henry Fitzpeter & his esteemed pedigree @Dyl His Highness Prince Antonius Martius of Vilac & his esteemed pedigree @Milenkhov His Grace Peter Alexander D’Arkent & his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Thomas Andrew Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon & his esteemed pedigree @Fishy His Excellency, The Secretary of the Treasury, Sir Henry Penton & his esteemed pedigree @CharmingCavalier His Excellency, The Foreign Secretary, Simon Cassimir Pruvia & his esteemed pedigree @MrChenn His Excellency, The Director of the Secret Service, Sir Anthony Alexios Basrid & his esteemed pedigree @BobBox His Excellency, The Solicitor General, Charles Galbraith & his esteemed pedigree @sergisala TRH Erik var Ruthern, Count of Kositz & his esteemed Pedigree @Imperium TRH Anastasia O’Rourke, Countess of Halstaig & her esteemed Pedigree @Asutto TRH Iskander Basrid, Count of Susa & his esteemed pedigree @KBR TRH Alren DeNurem, Count of Mordskov & his esteemed pedigree @Mirtok TRH Sir Erik Othaman, Count of Valles & his esteemed Pedigree @grnappa TRH Alexandra Karenina Ipera, Countess of Dobrov & her esteemed pedigree @Eryane TRH Jan Otto Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz & his esteemed pedigree @Luminaire TRH Wilhelm Lucius D’Arkent, Baron of Carrington & his esteemed pedigree @MannyMannyManny TRH Sir William Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood & his esteemed Pedigree @DarkWrath94 TRH Jonah Stahl-Elendil, Baron of Stahl-Elendil & his esteemed pedigree @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth TRH Olivier Halcourt, Baron of Artois & his esteemed pedigree @Olivier Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith & his esteemed pedigree @Average 3rd Brigadier Sir Tobias de Sarkozy & his esteemed pedigree @Qizu Sir Otis de Rosius & his esteemed pedigree @0TI5 Lady Mary Casimira Othaman @ncarr Lord Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie & his esteemed pedigree @Lionbileti Beryl J. Carrington & Sons @BenjiBot_ Squire Karl Amador @giambro Additional Invitations are sent to... The Loyal Soldiers of the Imperial State Army The Loyal Men of the Ministry of Justice All Representatives of the House of Commons (A certain d’Amato would not receive an invite to his doorstep) All members of the Palace Courts All members of the Foreign Office All members of the directory of Civil Affairs Lady Elisabeth Leopoldine and her esteemed family @Tigergiri Okarir'sil of the Silver State, Okarir'nor of the Silver State, Laurir of the Viradiraar @SacredSource Jacker Gendik and his esteemed family@Ariyanqwq Arlo Cooper and his esteemed family @CunneR Alexander Antler and his esteemed family @kazoo Mata Leslie and his esteemed family @CanadaMatt All citizens of Oren and allies are encouraged to attend. His Excellency, The Secretary of War, Lord Joseph d’Azor Lady Philippa Antoinette FitzPeter {OOC} Date: Sunday, July 18th 6pm EST Where: Cathedral of Providence Reception: The Augustine Dining Hall
  14. Dear Women of the north, My name is Atil Bishop. I’m male. I’m 22. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, I’m Human and i have a beard. I weigh 66kg, I’m 5’11 almost 6 foot. I’m kind and gentle like my friends tell me. I have a beard. I have a silver hand from a fight with bandits. I enjoy killing trolls. I’m in the hra as a footman as of right now. I like reading and fighting. I like fancy clothes. I’m soon to get a house. I love to make jewelry. I like to make swords. I’m best friends with a high elf. I like gold. My best friend is in a wheelchair. I like long walks in the forest. I like whiskey and wine. My favorite flower is the rose. I like the color red. My favorite animal is a bear. I love to cook and clean. -Atil Bishop If you have any more questions ask me by sending a bird to Atil Bishop (Crow#0605) Also Fill out the Form below Name: (ign:) (discord:) Age: Gender: Hair color: Eye Color: City of birth: Favorite Animal: Favorite Flower: Would Marry:
  15. [!] Letters of fresh parchment sealed with the crest of House Vyronov would arrive across to each head of the noble houses in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by a messenger bearing a most noble uniform while fliers were tacked to the notice board in the square for all to see. A UNION BETWEEN VYRONOV & BARCLAY 370 of Vzmey and Hyff It is with great pleasure that the houses of Vyronov and Barclay officially announce a long anticipated union between her Ladyship Marie Barclay and his Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov, Baron of Astfield. The ceremony will take place in the Basilica of Saint Henrik conducted by KML Alfred Patriarch Jorenus. Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the Barony of Astfield, the future home of the newlyweds. Food and drink will be provided and the guests will be welcomed to join in merriment with music and dancing. We anticipate your arrival on the most joyous day! Special Invitations Listed Below His Royal Majesty, Heinrik of House Barbanov and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Friedrich of House Barclay and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Ruslan of House Baruch Baruch and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Fiske of House Vanir and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Maric of House Ruthern and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, Kazimar of House Ludovar and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Aldrik of House Amador and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Janb of House Kortrevich and his esteemed pedigree Laurir Tarathiel of house Asul'onn and her esteemed pedigree The Aevaris Household Imperial Practitioner-General Doctor Mayan Avern All Haeseni Subjects and Allies of the Iron Accord Signed, His Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov Baron of Astfield Her Ladyship, Marie Barclay [[OOC: Friday April 30th @4:00 pm EST/ 9:00 pm GMT]]
  16. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  17. A MARRIAGE IN SELM 1st of The First Seed, 1790 Coat of Arms for the Duke of Sunholdt TO THE ENTIRETY OF THE ORENIAN DEMENSE It pleases the Duchy of Sunholdt to announce the marriage of Lord Alexander-Lucian d’Arkent, son to HG Duke Peter Baldwin and the late HRH Princess Tatiana Lorina, to Victoria Adelheid da Balain on the year 1790. To mark the momentous occasion, the ceremony shall be held in the walls of the Imperial capital at the Basilica of the Final Revelation. OOC: Saturday the 17th of October, 2020 6pm EST IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lord Alexander-Lucian d’Arkent of Sunholdt
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