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Found 11 results

  1. I Bannerlord Flour “Orc-Lifter” have seen a need for a Mayor in the city of Vikela. And where their is demand supply must be given. I wish to be your mayor! As mayor I will bring to light our recent issue of robberies and try to prevent it from happening again with my four year plan. Vote wisely Vikela their can be only one and only one will do you justice. Vote Flour for mayor!
  2. Issued by House Bolivar A Declaration to run for Mayorship As Vikela is in need of a Mayor; I, Adrian Santiago-Suffolk de Savin y Bolivar, declare my intention to run for the Mayoral Position within Vikela. Upon my success I pledge to do all I can for Vikela, it's citizens, and everything in good faith. [!] The Missive is found around Vikela, at the bottom of it lies a rose [!]
  3. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY PARAMOUNT LEIKA DE ASTREA VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW DECLARATIONS OF CANDIDACY We shall begin accepting declarations of candidacy for mayor with the first decree of the patrician council. You must have one individual speak on your behalf in a nomination post, or missive, in order to be nominated. Any petition that meets the eligibility requirements will be subject to a court speech that will result in a vote after. Mayors serve four-year terms and may be re-elected just twice. ELIGIBILITY Before a candidate may run for office, they must fulfill the requirements listed below: Must not hold a current TET government position. May come from any background (Royal, Gentry, Commoner, etc) A minimum age of 18 is required. Must be operating in the best interests of the state
  4. Gratitude To The People Of Minitz I, Gregorius Roa, thank the people of Minitz for having put their trust on me, I promise to accomplish all of my other promises if I win the elections for mayor, for you have trusted me and I need to reciprocate that trust with accomplishments as the mayor of this great city. So, I hereby present my proposals within this document - I hope you like them - and I hope for a better Minitz, a better Aaun. Seeing what my opponent presented in the debate, I hereby introduce to you to my First proposition: Every race shall have equal rights, for the Kanun does not mention to discriminate against others just for what their birth race is, nor who they were born from, as the children are not charged with the sins of their kin. -Allow non-Reinmaren elves and other races the opportunity to lease houses inside the walls of Neu Brandthof, bringing more chances to the humanoid non-Reinmaren to lease a house. This settlement is a human settlement and not a majority of elven, dwarven or other races. -If a non-human individual wishes to become Reinmaren, they should be given the chance to do so, just as a human, for we should accept everyone that wishes to be Reinmaren into the culture; they should be given the same rights as those who have taken the oath to become Reinmarens, letting them lease a farmstead, as well as to lease a house inside the walls if they wish to do so, and to live in a farmstead. Second proposition: Address the issue of housing, by building a provisional office in charge of directly solving the matter. In the stead of the Duke, the Bailiff or the deceased Lawspeaker Petsch, for everyone deserves to have a house in haste. It is our duty to assure these homes safe, and comfortable, and in doing so makes our community thrive. Third proposition: Begin to push the government of Minitz in order to enrich the streets with the basic access of: -A local banker -A public aviary -A fully-functioning soulstone pillar Fourth proposition: To host moots after the officials have ended, to discuss with the Burgh upon concerns and what to vote for, then expose those weaknesses to the Duke after the discussion ended in a way of strengthening our walls from within. For the propositions both of us agreed on: -Organize training lessons with the military, in the hope our people will not suffer another defeat to the ferrymen again, nor any other enemy of Minitz and Aaun. -After the candidate debate finished, my competent opponent’s opinion changed, so I will put it here too, if a non-Reinmaren, be it human or non-human gives his all for Minitz, helping in any way possible, they should be given the chance to lease a farmhouse outside the walls, or to buy a house inside the walls. For the propositions accepted from the people: -Organize a search team to bring home Hannah Herrlichkeit and Teft Barclay alike, not only for the Herrlichkeits be buried together, but to honor a Ritter of Minitz with proper burials. Hopefully, this gives the citizens a sense of some tranquility and resolved matters. -Supervise the local architecture of housing, so that the external facade isn’t changed and it does not affect the overall aesthetics of Minitz. Gregorius Roa Chieftain of Roa, Hochgeehrte of Minitz and Soldat of Theoderic’s Warband
  5. Welcome all. I promise I shall keep this short, but you will hear all you need to settle your minds. I am Gerard du Valcour, and running to be the mayor of Valfleur! If you wonder why should vote me for, look no further. I have 4 goals in mind I would aim to accomplish during the four year term. First, I would arrange and host a Fruit and Wine festival in city of Valfleur. We would celebrate this at the harvest, showcasing the fine produce of our Commonwealth. There would be contests for Horsemanship, for archery, for the finest produce and the finest wine presented during the festival, all to be judge by a panel of the Commonwealth's finest. A market would be established during said times, for merchants near and afar to show off their wares, and the small fee for a stall during this time would be donated to our clinic to help provision them and support them. My second goal would be the establishment of a public granary. Excess foodstuffs can be donated to the granary, and those in need will have access to the grain and foodstuff within to keep themselves fed. This could also be utilized to help support a campaign in defense of the Commonwealth, should such an event fall upon us. Third, in an effort to help encourage local business and merchants within the city, a portion of the funds allocated to the Mayoral office will be open to help reimburse active businesses in the city walls on their taxes. To qualify for this, the business in question must be run by a citizen of Petra, have a stall or other place of business in Valfleur, and be in operations for two years, with annual inspections by the Mayor's office to validate all this. Lastly, in celebration of the chivalry that is the Knights of Valfleur, there will be an annual pamphlet showcasing the heroics and talents of knights, each to cover one knight in particular. I have come to say what I would do if I were your Mayor, now ask yourself, is this something you would like to see in your city of Valfleur? A vote for Gerard is a vote for a prosperous city!
  6. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard. Halflings and their strange ways... A Mayoral Edict ~Scaring the Gnomes~ As the new Mayor of Honeyhill, t'is time for me to make a few changes 'round here! ~NEW ELDERS~ I hereby appoint Dolly Peregrin and Gilbert Bingu as Elders of Honeyhill! May they serve well! ~Burrow Obligations!~ To ensure that burrows remain occupied and to keep us busy producing foodstuffs, all burrows must now provide a certain amount of resources to the village as a whole! This ought to serve as a much more rational way to handle burrows, ownership, and evictions without relyin' too much on Elders doing things at their own whims! Every year, each burrow owner must provide one of the following options: ~Eight hay bales, bound with twine ~Twenty four baked potatoes ~Ten pumpkins, larger t'a better ~Sixteen sugar cane bundles ~Four leather hides, preferably tanned ~Eight cuts of meat from any animal Bigguns do NOT count as animals. Do NOT pay your obligation with anything cannibalistic. ~Eight bundles of wool ~Sixteen wood of any style ~OR a dinner party held in their burrow! If ye be a Gnome, ye are exempt, as are burrow owners who got their burrow that very year. Ye may provide extra resources in advance if ye are to go on travels or adventuring of sorts, up to four years permissible (send me a bird if ye need more leniency!). All of the collected resources will be redistributed back to everyone for use in burrow pantries, parties, and other such matters! The obligations be due after every Sun's Smile ((Sunday)), so get to work! ~The Importance of Farming~ We shall devote ourselves to the art of farming, as Knox has so willed us. We are to rotate potatoes, oats, and wheat between our three fields and use proper equipment. With this in mind, we MUST acquire the following equipment: ~A proper pony-drawn field harrow ~Better harnesses ~Threshing flails ~Winnowing fans This be the end of the missive! May Knox bless us all! ~Mimosa Applefoot, halfling and Mayor of Honeyhill. [!] The notice ends with the flag of the Halfling Republic
  7. [!] You find a note in your aviary. These halflings and their strange elections... Mimosa for Mayor! Lo there! I, Mimosa Applefoot, promise to make Honeyhill PROSPEROUS PROPER and SAFE! I shall do these things by focusing on what matters; good food, good booze, and a warm hearth be the foundations of society, and those I shall never forget in my duties! Even with our new Republic and all of the governing tasks it requires, we shall NEVER forget our halfling roots and the simple gifts of life, provided to us o' so generously by Lord Knox who watches o'er us from the wheat fields! ~Don't forget to vote King Cyris in for Thain too! T'is a shared ticket, Cyris for Thain, and Mimosa for Mayor!~ -Mimosa Applefoot, Mayoral candidate.
  8. Elect someone who makes ALL citizens a priority VOTE FOR RICHARD D’AZOR [!] Upon each residence in Providence would be a rolled up campaign paper, stamped with a d'Azor seal. CURRENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF RICHARD D’AZOR - Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at eighteen, serving as Diplomat to the Jade State of Yong Ping. - Contributed to the Marantine Hall Charity Organization which helps fund housing, find jobs for the poor, and holds events that all proceeds to helping achieve that goal. - Joined the Princess Helena Theater by playing the role of ‘Prince Peter’ in the play ‘To the End’. CURRENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ODESSA MACPHERSON - Serves as Lady Chamberlain to Her Imperial Majesty, the Holy Orenian Empress, Anastasia I - Administrative Experience IF ELECTED, I, RICHARD LEOPOLD D’AZOR, PLAN TO: - Collaborate with both courtiers and citizens in order to mend the rift between nobles and commoners with the help of my Deputy Mayor - Organize with the Home Office to pursue funding for the arts - Fight to secure a well-rounded education for all by endorsing the Imperial Academy - Continue the work of Marnantine Hall and help fund housing and jobs for all citizens - Promote the creation of new, small businesses owned by the people of New Providence to promote domestic trade RICHARD D’AZOR for MAYOR of NEW PROVIDENCE CITY I, Richard Leopold d'Azor, promise to help rebuild the relations between those of The Aster Court, and the hardworking, outspoken citizens of New Providence as your mayor! ODESSA MACPHERSON for DEPUTY MAYOR As Lady Chamberlain to the Aster Court, I, Odessa MacPherson, will make it my personal duty and responsibility to promote positive relations between the citizens of His Imperial Majesty’s vast empire, and of Her Imperial Majesty’s Aster Court. Vote for Richard d’Azor
  9. ELECTIONS FOR THE CITY ASSEMBLY & LORD MAYOR, PROVIDENCE 11TH OF HARREN’S FOLLY, 1841 LET ALL BE AWARE that on this day, the 11th of Harren's Folly in the year of Our Lord GOD 1841, local elections for the city assembly in Providence shall commence. All those eligible to vote in the City of Providence are entitled to cast their ballot to the Magistrate of Providence. All ineligible votes shall be invalidated. The voting session will come to a close in exactly one saints day (Wednesday at 12am EST). ISSUED AND PROCLAIMED BY The Magistrate of Providence, HIH Philip Aurelian, Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld OOC: PLEASE READ AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR BALLOT IN PROVIDENCE CITY ASSEMBLY ELECTION PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THREAD WITH THE FOLLOWING. THE INFORMATION SHOULD BE THE SAME AS YOU SUBMITTED ON THE BALLOT. YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING WHO YOU VOTED FOR. JUST YOUR RP NAME, MC NAME, AND AN AFFIRMATION THAT YOU VOTED. RP Name: MC Name: Voted: Yes YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNLESS YOU DO THIS. (Ballot Link)
  10. Twenty-Third Ordinance of the Providence Magistrate 8th of Horen’s Calling, 1841 Three decades have passed since the Holy Orenian Empire settled on the eastern coast of Almaris and established it's capital city of Providence upon a hill overlooking the Kahaen Sea. In accordance with the Imperial Charter of Providence laid down by the monarchs, Empress Anne I and Emperor Joseph II, the Magistrate of Providence has been tasked to uphold the city's sacred democracy. In accordance with the Imperial Charter of Providence, the Magistrate is charged with the following duty to: IV. Administrate free and fair city elections. Therefore it has been seen fit by the Office of the Providence Magistrate to open candidacy submissions for the 1842 Lord Mayor and Alderman elections. Members of the City Assembly are tasked with representing the City of Providence and her residents. Each of the seven members of the City Assembly is a representative known as an Alderman. Each Alderman is charged with the duty to faithfully represent the will of his or her constituents by proposing and voting on City legislation. Aldermen are elected every four years by a simple majority of Providence’s citizens, with a term lasting four years. For the 13th iteration of the election cycle of Providence, All Alderman seats along with the Lord Mayor seat will be up for election and in the next cycle all seats will be up for election again in 1846. A prospective candidate for Alderman or Lord Mayor must meet these qualifications: 1.At least 18 years of age. 2.In good legal standing . 3.Live within Providence. Should a candidate meet such criterion, the following form must be filled by a prospective candidate: 1. Full Name of the Candidate: 2. Age of the Candidate: 3. Street Address of the Candidate: 4. Position the Candidate is Running For: Lord Mayor/Alderman Candidacies for City Assembly will close in three saint days from today. (This Saturday at 12PM EST) ISSUED IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1841, The Magistrate of Providence, HIH Philip Aurelian, Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld (This is a forum roleplay post. Replies should only be players reporting their candidacies for City Assembly)
  11. OTIS DE ROSIUS FOR CHANGE Depicted above is a artists interpretation of an amusement park ride. Accomplishments of Otis de Rosius: After living on the streets for almost a decade, Otis took up a job as Secretary for the Lord Mayor Halcourt from which he began his political career at the early age of sixteen. He was recently reelected for his second term as Alderman. Since the age of eighteen, he wrote and passed Acts to benefit the lower and middle classes of Providence. This includes the: Tax Reduction Act, which introduced the necessary pay and reduction of tax on MoJ employees. Tax Act Proposal of 1809, decreasing tax on all businesses by fifty percent, but after the conduction of the Revised Tax Act Survey it led to the: (seen below) Revised Tax Act of 1810, decreasing the tax on business by twenty five percent. Ran many, many surveys and polls to determine what the the citizens of Providence sought necessary, such as the Tax Act Survey, Revised Tax Act Survey, Sanitation Act Poll, etc. Worked as an Imperial Staff Member and was further promoted to Head Butler after a few years of service. Began a soon to be successful Architectural Firm, providing service from Halstiag to Redenford. Elected as a Josephite backed Representative in the House of Commons. Built and oversaw the building of Redenford, and serves as Seneschal of the countryside town. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ If Elected, Otis plans to: Coordinate the rebuilding of the Susa Stalls Set up a Mining Guild and refurbish the Warehouse Reinstate The Lodge/Homeless Shelter in Rochefort Street 1 Fund the Home Office to continue it efforts to beautify the city Create a viable transportation system between the inner and outer cities Collaborate with local business owners to set up events Encourage tourism with events and attractions such as an amusement park and arena A handwritten signature and note from Otis can be found below OTIS DE ROSIUS Many can say, few can do.
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