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Found 11 results

  1. (Pictured: The Legion of Musin Monks who run the JonesCO(TM) Printaminator(TM) which printed these very propaganda pieces) "Posters, Propaganda, ACTION!" Yelled out a JonesCO(TM) Poster Placement Director as a small army of Musin rush to place countless posters around anywhere an Adrian currently lived Such posters as:
  2. AS THE STATE OF Kaethul has prospered greatly in recent years, the Overlord has sought to integrate a new position to assist with the city’s functions: the Mayor of Kaethul. Any adult citizen who holds a position, is an active member of a guild, or owns a residence within Kaethul may announce their candidacy and run for office. THE ELECTION PROCESS WILL take place as follows: After candidates have announced their intent to run for office, each nominee will give a speech on their beliefs of what the position of mayor should entail and the responsibilities the position should hold, and how they believe they could best fulfill the position of mayor. Following the speeches, the general populace of Kaethul, or the Hall of Commons, will vote on whom they believe to be the most promising candidates. Thereafter, the nobility of Kaethul, or the Hall of Lords, will pick the candidate they believe to be most competent of the elected pool. ANY WHO WISH TO announce their candidacy may do so by sending a bird to Anatoliy Godunov (@Caedis), or any other steward of Kaethul. SIGNED, YERA SILVEIRA, Overlord of Kaethul, Master of the Hidden Tower, Lady-Magister of Hohkmat JUNIPER ROSE, Advisor to the Overlord of Kaethul, Steward of Kaethul
  3. Penned and issued by, the 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 20th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1956 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, GOOD CITIZENS OF WHITESPIRE. I am Boon, of Boon & Bane’s (as I am sure you have heard). I’d like to publish my findings after I believe TWO YEARS of my position as Lord Mayor. Just today, I held my first official, professional, masterful, and executive meeting with those that call themselves the ‘city council’. I had seen these fellows around before, but, I never introduced myself nor did they introduce THEMSELVES to me. I put this down to my SHEER PRESENCE being so imposing and my aura so WEALTHY. To start with my aforementioned and MOST IMPORTANT findings, I’d like to share with you readers a few fun facts and tid-bits of those that sat before me in the city council (because I, of course, positioned myself above them all upon the big chair). I still do not understand what this council of cities does, however, I find it quite charming they keep asking to ‘take the floor’. I think it is absurd to ask for permission to dance and that you should be able to do such whenever and wherever you like. Firstly, one of the fellows whom was named Vylandris (quite peculiar if you ask me, which you should), stated that he once tried to convince a Haeseni woman to dance with a goat! His favourite colour, quite oddly, was SKY blue. Which, I think, is just a NORMAL blue. No need to specify sky, big fella. Next we have big Franny, or Frantzisko Bishop Buron something or other important-sounding. Big fan of WINE RED, he is. Broke into a guardhouse when was just twelve! Now, this fella, after hearing this, I’d properly trust with my life. If he was jumping off a bridge, well, I might too. Might even jump off the Hand of Horen with him, but, that is a story for another day. MOST INTERESTINGLY, however, was the fellow named Henri de Lewes. He had NO FUN FACT… Up until when he did indeed produce a fun fact; that of him marrying his cousin! Blimming heck. Don’t remember a comment on a favourite colour unfortunately, but, I’d imagine it is whatever colour that his cousin likes. I’ve also been seeing some odd and downright weird happenings around the city itself, of course, with my new monocle that I acquired as to display my new-found professionality as Mayor. Namely, that FREAK from back home; Godric. Seems that Godric from the village over followed us, Boon and Bane, all the way from Hurstcombe to try and one-up us at OUR OWN TUVMAS STALLS. Terrible fellow. I will see to it that Godric is deemed a villain and his stall is flattened if he continues to harass us, so please write to me (in big letters and with simple spelling preferably) if he harasses you as well. I have also noticed a most terrible thing during my REIGN as LORD MAYOR. I have been counting the cobbles upon the Whitespire street as I have been performing my morning walks, and I have noticed that: every fourth brick is very slightly skew-whiff. Let it be known that I will personally be taking donations to fix such an impending problem. Hashtag Fix Aaun’s Infrastructure (I don’t know what this means but I was told it was trendy). Other than that, I have NOT been very impressed with the residents’ breakfast routine. Not a single person has reported to me, other than four people. If you are not careful I will be enforcing a STRICT breakfast routine of which every morning you must line up with your empty bowls in front of my upcoming soup kitchen and Bane will be keeping track of how much each one of you eat. Also, I’d like to remind Merryweather Merry Swap participants that the gift-exchange will be taking place next Saint’s day. Anybody that doesn’t like this knows where the gate is, BUT, you’ll have to be extraordinarily thin to fit through them because we sadly won’t be opening them anytime soon because of odd green fellows and turquoise-bandana-wearing folk stalking us. Cheerio and until next update. Right, Bane, put down that blimming quill now and help me tidy up after the chickens. Come on, you can stop writing now, don’t do this aga Penned and issued by, 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd.
  4. Penned and issued by, the Fourth Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1955 Greetings and Abundant Prosperity to the Esteemed Men and Women of the United Kingdom of Aaun, In the spirit of shared blessings, I, Sir Lord Mayor Boon, am honored to extend heartfelt wishes for wealth beyond measure to all. With the collaborative efforts of my esteemed brother, Bane, I scribe this missive to announce a momentous occasion that shall resonate near and far—the inaugural Tuvmas Festival of Whitespire, a cherished tradition hailing from our ancestral homeland of Hurstcombe. Picture, if you will, the market stalls gracefully positioned outside the city's confines, lining the main road like a vibrant tapestry. Allow the enchanting aromas of rich hot chocolate, succulent roasted meats, and the warmth of our grand bonfire to guide your senses straight to the heart of the festivities. Here, amidst the captivating scene, our gracious merchants and jubilant festival-goers eagerly await your presence! These merchants, each a purveyor of fine wares, have been meticulously HAND-PICKED by the discerning eye of Bane, representing the esteemed international brand Boon & Bane’s. This careful curation ensures that only the pinnacle of quality goods graces the market, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for all who partake. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey, where tradition meets jubilation, and the air is filled not only with the scents of delectable treats but also with the shared spirit of camaraderie. The Tuvmas Festival of Whitespire is a testament to our shared heritage and the enduring unity that defines the tapestry of our community. We will be having a communal Tuvmas Markets Tour soon, however, you are welcome to shop and peruse the markets any time! Anticipating the pleasure of your company at this grand occasion, I remain at your service, and welcome visitors from afar and near to take part in our celebrations over the coming week! [OOC: Tuvmas Markets Tour: Thursday, Dec 21 2:00pm EST.] TUVMAS BALL To continue on with our Tuvmas celebrations throughout the week, you (yes, you, reading this!) are cordially invited to attend our Tuvmas Ball at the Hand of Horen. Wear your finest silks, however, preferably no white; as there will be abundant tables of food for you to enjoy! [OOC: Tuvmas Ball: Dec 22, 3:00pm EST. Location: The Hand of Horen.] MERRYWEATHER MERRY SWAP As I am sure you merry swappers have noticed, we have been unfortunately unable to move forward with our gift-giving day because of the unending raids and attacks along our road. However, fret not, as we will be moving the venue for the Merryweather Merry Swap from The Blue Bonnet tavern in Merryweather to The Black Rose Inn inside the capital. Please be advised that your numbered gift boxes will be moved to the Whitespire tavern upstairs. I, Boon, promise that your gifts will be handled with delicacy throughout the move! Let this also serve as a reminder to you gift-giving folk to get your gifts in your respective box in time for the exchange! Or else Boon won't be happy... [OOC: December 23, 3:00pm EST. Location: The Black Rose Inn in Whitespire. For any other details, please refer to the previous Merryweather Merry Swap post.] Penned and issued by, Fourth Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Professional Knitter, Chutney Developer, Marmalade Enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd. Laurene Renaulta Adelaide Ashford de Savoie-Lewes, Grand Reveller of The Paradsian Court
  5. Penned and issued by, the 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire On the 13th of Harren’s Folley, 1954 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, GOOD CITIZENS OF WHITESPIRE. I am Boon, of Boon & Bane’s (as I am sure you have heard). And it has been brought to my attention that I am now the FOURTH LORD MAYOR of WHITESPIRE. I am not quite sure what this means but it sounds very very important and so I am quite honered honoured and I will be shoving this in my brother’s face, and so I thank each individual person that has allowed me this title. I have been told by a secret source that I am now able to demolish buildings so I URGE YOU to be nice to me, or your home will be FLATTENED. However, if you have any suggestions or nice compliments to me, please write to me and I will ask Bane to read out your letter over a cup of tea. Anyway, as my first promise, I will be out finding cows (and possibly a few chickens) to gift to every loyal citizen. Do not be alarmed if you find a few cow droppings on your rugs (however do not ask me to reimburse you for this). You are most welcome. Boon also thinks (that is me) that most government and council meetings are quite boring and that, as my first initiative, buffet tables stocked with the HIGHEST QUALITY SOURCED AAUNESE AAUNIC LOCAL FOOD will be provided for all those in attendance. AS THE FIRST BILL I AM PREPERSING PROPOSING, I would like to ensure all citizens of Whitespire are kept healthy and happy and on a full belly to give us an advantage against our enemies. You will be required to EAT BREAKFAST every day and consistently provide myself with a detailed list of what you consumed every week. If I EVER catch wind that you are fighting on an EMPTY STOMACH I will deem you a villain and see to it that you are evicted. Alright, Bane, you can stop writing now. Why are you still writing? I said stop you bumbling idio Penned and issued by, 4th Lord Mayor of Whitespire, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd.
  6. WE SEE DE! TO THE CITIZENRY OF VALLAGNE: I am officially announcing my candidacy for the 1934 Mayoral Election. The following is a list of the goals I seek to accomplish during my tenure; however, above any of them is my desire to act as a mouthpiece for the common people of Vallagne. I wish more than anything to act as a bridge between those of our working class - the rentors, the farmers, the craftsmen and the beggars - and our legislators and royalty. "De" Duncan Kame'eleihiwa's platform: 1 - SOCIAL WELFARE As mayor, I will dedicate a portion of the city's taxes to subsidizing our agricultural sector. The surplus of our harvest will be distributed, by need, to eligible citizens, who will be able to apply for a program that distributes food to those who, otherwise, would struggle to afford it. While the city has made great strides in making housing affordable for all, I feel that this final step will help eradicate the blight of poverty from our great city once and for all, and allow every citizen, now free from the burdens of merely surviving, to live up to their full potential and give back to this nation. 2 - CRIMINAL REFORM Having been a fugitive of the law in the past, I understand how one simple mistake can ruin someone's life forever. Our greater Petran community should strive to uplift and forgive one another, and to allow those who have been tempted by the vices of Iblees to redeem themselves. Eligible criminals would be offered the chance to go through a period of indentured servitude to the state, while learning the skills necessary to function in a civil society, and providing labor to the city that may otherwise go understaffed. We are a civilized nation; there must be alternatives to imprisonment or death for our criminal class. 3 - SECURITY That is not to say that the lives of our citizenry are to be taken in vain. Under my administration, the systems that strive to protect our nation will receive extra funding - namely, the Riverguard. Enrollments to the Guard have decreased in recent years, and we must find ways to improve the security of our Capital, either through heightened recruitment or through funding better equipment for our soldiers to ward off any violent threats to our people, both foreign and domestic. 4 - BUSINESS Of course, to fund all of these new ventures, we will need a greater supply of tax money. This should not come from raising the price of real estate; rather, by subsidizing businesses to operate in Petra, the taxes collected from our stalls and business-oriented buildings will increase. Encouraging satellite markets for some of Vallagne's artisan goods will draw in visitors from across Aevos, both to purchase our finer products and to become citizens. These goals, of course, will be impossible without the vibrant people that have made Vallagne such a wonderful city to live in for such a long time. If anyone wishes to comment or critique on the preceding promises, feel free to send me a letter regarding them and I will respond in due time. Sincerely, Uncle Godfather Steward Duncan "De" Kame'eleihiwa De. Now You See.
  7. I Bannerlord Flour “Orc-Lifter” have seen a need for a Mayor in the city of Vikela. And where their is demand supply must be given. I wish to be your mayor! As mayor I will bring to light our recent issue of robberies and try to prevent it from happening again with my four year plan. Vote wisely Vikela their can be only one and only one will do you justice. Vote Flour for mayor!
  8. Issued by House Bolivar A Declaration to run for Mayorship As Vikela is in need of a Mayor; I, Adrian Santiago-Suffolk de Savin y Bolivar, declare my intention to run for the Mayoral Position within Vikela. Upon my success I pledge to do all I can for Vikela, it's citizens, and everything in good faith. [!] The Missive is found around Vikela, at the bottom of it lies a rose [!]
  9. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY PARAMOUNT LEIKA DE ASTREA VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW DECLARATIONS OF CANDIDACY We shall begin accepting declarations of candidacy for mayor with the first decree of the patrician council. You must have one individual speak on your behalf in a nomination post, or missive, in order to be nominated. Any petition that meets the eligibility requirements will be subject to a court speech that will result in a vote after. Mayors serve four-year terms and may be re-elected just twice. ELIGIBILITY Before a candidate may run for office, they must fulfill the requirements listed below: Must not hold a current TET government position. May come from any background (Royal, Gentry, Commoner, etc) A minimum age of 18 is required. Must be operating in the best interests of the state
  10. Gratitude To The People Of Minitz I, Gregorius Roa, thank the people of Minitz for having put their trust on me, I promise to accomplish all of my other promises if I win the elections for mayor, for you have trusted me and I need to reciprocate that trust with accomplishments as the mayor of this great city. So, I hereby present my proposals within this document - I hope you like them - and I hope for a better Minitz, a better Aaun. Seeing what my opponent presented in the debate, I hereby introduce to you to my First proposition: Every race shall have equal rights, for the Kanun does not mention to discriminate against others just for what their birth race is, nor who they were born from, as the children are not charged with the sins of their kin. -Allow non-Reinmaren elves and other races the opportunity to lease houses inside the walls of Neu Brandthof, bringing more chances to the humanoid non-Reinmaren to lease a house. This settlement is a human settlement and not a majority of elven, dwarven or other races. -If a non-human individual wishes to become Reinmaren, they should be given the chance to do so, just as a human, for we should accept everyone that wishes to be Reinmaren into the culture; they should be given the same rights as those who have taken the oath to become Reinmarens, letting them lease a farmstead, as well as to lease a house inside the walls if they wish to do so, and to live in a farmstead. Second proposition: Address the issue of housing, by building a provisional office in charge of directly solving the matter. In the stead of the Duke, the Bailiff or the deceased Lawspeaker Petsch, for everyone deserves to have a house in haste. It is our duty to assure these homes safe, and comfortable, and in doing so makes our community thrive. Third proposition: Begin to push the government of Minitz in order to enrich the streets with the basic access of: -A local banker -A public aviary -A fully-functioning soulstone pillar Fourth proposition: To host moots after the officials have ended, to discuss with the Burgh upon concerns and what to vote for, then expose those weaknesses to the Duke after the discussion ended in a way of strengthening our walls from within. For the propositions both of us agreed on: -Organize training lessons with the military, in the hope our people will not suffer another defeat to the ferrymen again, nor any other enemy of Minitz and Aaun. -After the candidate debate finished, my competent opponent’s opinion changed, so I will put it here too, if a non-Reinmaren, be it human or non-human gives his all for Minitz, helping in any way possible, they should be given the chance to lease a farmhouse outside the walls, or to buy a house inside the walls. For the propositions accepted from the people: -Organize a search team to bring home Hannah Herrlichkeit and Teft Barclay alike, not only for the Herrlichkeits be buried together, but to honor a Ritter of Minitz with proper burials. Hopefully, this gives the citizens a sense of some tranquility and resolved matters. -Supervise the local architecture of housing, so that the external facade isn’t changed and it does not affect the overall aesthetics of Minitz. Gregorius Roa Chieftain of Roa, Hochgeehrte of Minitz and Soldat of Theoderic’s Warband
  11. Welcome all. I promise I shall keep this short, but you will hear all you need to settle your minds. I am Gerard du Valcour, and running to be the mayor of Valfleur! If you wonder why should vote me for, look no further. I have 4 goals in mind I would aim to accomplish during the four year term. First, I would arrange and host a Fruit and Wine festival in city of Valfleur. We would celebrate this at the harvest, showcasing the fine produce of our Commonwealth. There would be contests for Horsemanship, for archery, for the finest produce and the finest wine presented during the festival, all to be judge by a panel of the Commonwealth's finest. A market would be established during said times, for merchants near and afar to show off their wares, and the small fee for a stall during this time would be donated to our clinic to help provision them and support them. My second goal would be the establishment of a public granary. Excess foodstuffs can be donated to the granary, and those in need will have access to the grain and foodstuff within to keep themselves fed. This could also be utilized to help support a campaign in defense of the Commonwealth, should such an event fall upon us. Third, in an effort to help encourage local business and merchants within the city, a portion of the funds allocated to the Mayoral office will be open to help reimburse active businesses in the city walls on their taxes. To qualify for this, the business in question must be run by a citizen of Petra, have a stall or other place of business in Valfleur, and be in operations for two years, with annual inspections by the Mayor's office to validate all this. Lastly, in celebration of the chivalry that is the Knights of Valfleur, there will be an annual pamphlet showcasing the heroics and talents of knights, each to cover one knight in particular. I have come to say what I would do if I were your Mayor, now ask yourself, is this something you would like to see in your city of Valfleur? A vote for Gerard is a vote for a prosperous city!
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