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Found 13 results

  1. A Kraken’s Contract with a Lubba The Unified Domain of Vortice has contracted The Silver Lubba Band today, 12th of The First Seed, Year 28 of the Second Age to do the following within the lines of a custom contract which combines the following contracts into one: Garrison contracts Garrison contracts are similar to road protection contracts, though these contracts are for patrolling cities and settlements, defending them at any cost from raids, slavers, and malicious actions posed by the people inside. A list is to be provided to avoid confusion on what i
  2. The Silver Lubba Band 12th of The Grand Harvest,Year 27 of the second age (For The Glory of The Eternal Silver Lubba) Tensions rise and fall, but even in times of peace, there are battles to be fought. With this mindset and a recent acquisition of spare land and time, The Silver Lubba Band has been made to help quench this demand for soldiers with a right price. Raiders, slavers, bandits, and simple brigands roam the realm all night and day making our roads unsafe and take wealth within minutes that could have taken them years to acquire. Unfair
  3. THE METINAN COMPANY Sacramenta et Nummi MISSION The beginning of the Second Age ushered in the sudden exodus of many souls from the forsworn lands of Atlas. Among those that landed on the shores of Almaris were a band of petty mercenaries known as Metinans— their island an obscure oddity rarely visited by the denizens of Atlas. Joined by fellow outcasts, the motley band quickly mustered as a company of foot, though always accompanied by a few spare cavalrymen. With their belongings upon their backs and livelihoods at stake, the men set forth on this ne
  4. The Free Company of King Louis’ Heart “Woe upon those who oppose our Prince!” Ser Basil ‘the Hangman’, during the Battle of Salvus Repentus. The Lions of Hightower over the white snow of the Hesseltine Mountains, on a red and gold field. In quick summary, the Free Company of King Louis’ Heart is a militant based in the land of Ponce. They owe their loyalty to the Prince Hightower of Ponce, in times of peace and during conflict which he is involved in, and are released from their vows to practice mercenary work when not required under the Hightower banner.
  5. (There would be a large poster hanged on the entrance of a tavern in Oren) It reads: Mercenary For Hire! Looking for a strong guard to protect yeh in yer travels?! Or someone that will do work for you? Well here is Uhjha'k a big Kha that will do anythin' for mina! He is extremely good with tha sword and knows how to blacksmith, mine, and even leather-work. This young Kha will keep yeh protected during your journeys and no one will dare to mes
  6. OOC stuff: THIS REGIMENT WILL NOT BE FULLY OPERATIONAL UNTIL THE RELEASE OF 5.0 ON 6th AUGUST. UNIFORM SKINS CAN BE FOUND HERE: Light Armour Medium Armour Heavy Armour A wee bit about myself: I'm actually a Dragoon in the Canadian Forces (I operate LAVs as a Recon Soldier, in layman's terms.). If you're looking for legitimate, quality military RP, you've come to the right place. Now since I'm lazy and don't want to train nerds how to fight, I've created a Private Military Company that aims to be operational as much
  7. The Azghari Warband “When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell followed with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” A band of brothers and sisters equal beneath the Eternal blue sky, this band of nomadic peoples are renowned for their passion and fervour - the most proficient horse riders to ever grac
  8. *There is a flyer in populated cities with messy hand writing* IN NEED OF MERCENARY "I know of a man who is in grave danger but will not accept my help. Because of this i ask of a strong, powerful man or woman to watch over him. Each elven week that you watch over him, you will be paid 150 minas. If you do wish of this, contact Elynnus, a guard who lives in the snow elven lands." ~A Ooc info: Elynnus's ING is Harleyx and for those of you who may not know, a elven week is a ooc week. Also please make sure your character is skilled and not a imbecile who won't properly do his/her job.
  9. The Blackfist Company The Blackfist Company is a mercenary, merchantry and worker force situated in the Kal’Krest. The purpose of the company is the growth of the members in their skills and nature, and to become a place known for it’s quality of product and membership. The Company was founded by Magnus Blackfist, Clanfather of the Blackfist clan and Jarl of Kal’Krest. Once the initiate is elevated to one, or multiple of the three sects, he will be given housing within the city and room along with guidance to practice his/her arts. - Ranks - Company Inititate: The first r
  10. The Winter Wolves "The Winter Wolves are always hungry." The Winter Wolves are a new mercenary charter that can be hired to do many different services. We are always taking applications to join, so if you are interested send a bird to Cain Miles ((Dinacow)) for more information. We are looking for anyone with any level of skill, and we pay well and steady. If your tools of trade are damaged, then they will be repaired for free. You must be able to be called upon for battle or work almost whenever, and are expected to meet some level of activity and productivity. We are a fa
  11. Company of the Sandborn History; The company started a few years back with the failure of Sand’s attempts of creating a military, he was raised as a knight and learned the skills of riding and the art of blade. His strive of creating a respectable military only resulted in multiple reformations and a military that for ever will be a disgrace to the lands they came from. In his time away from the failed military he began to recruit sellswords behind closed curtains to help secure to future of his city yet as he was beginning this process, the great exodus caused much stri
  12. ((We are for hire for almost any kind of mercenary job you can think of. See the post below or this link for more details: http://www.lordofthe...ssins-for-hire/)) Walking through town one day, you are approached by a mysterious man, cloaked in dark grey. You can see strands of white hair under his hood, but the rest of his features are obscured. He examines you and says in a relatively deep voice, "You look like the type...tell me truthfully, are you..a mercenary, a thief...an assassin..?" Looking at the man questioningly, you reply: "Uhh..not really.." "Perhaps..what is
  13. The Kathaik Mercenary Company We Fight for YOU, and a bit of gold. Prices: Prices are listed as the amount of minas payed per man.If the entire force is hired, then 200 minas is taken off the total price. We supply our own armor for guarding and raiding contracts. For Battles, take 200 minas off each man if you supply us with armor. Per Battle(warclaim):500 minas. Per Raid:250 minas, depending on security of designated target. Hired Guard Force:175 minas per week.(Maximum of 2-3 weeks) Faction Discounts: Take 250 minas off your total price. Factions subject to a discount: -The Dwar
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