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Found 10 results

  1. The Free Company of King Louis’ Heart “Woe upon those who oppose our Prince!” Ser Basil ‘the Hangman’, during the Battle of Salvus Repentus. The Lions of Hightower over the white snow of the Hesseltine Mountains, on a red and gold field. In quick summary, the Free Company of King Louis’ Heart is a militant based in the land of Ponce. They owe their loyalty to the Prince Hightower of Ponce, in times of peace and during conflict which he is involved in, and are released from their vows to practice mercenary work when not required under the Hightower banner. Signed, Captain Peter Bedevere Chronicle of a Golden Heart “This heart once was alive.” - Abbe Onfroi, looking at the heart of King Louis, 1542. _____________________________________________________________________________ The Louisan Host charges forth to clash with mercenaries, hired by Salvus Repentus, outside of Peyran. C. 1521 Unknown At the end of the Duke's War, Louis Francis Hightower besieged the Republican stronghold of Peyran. Salvus Repentus, the pretender Republic which had claimed the King’s title, was an entity in chaos by the time the Louisan Host arrived at the walls. Ser David Lamppost was the first over the walls, followed by Ser Basil Bedevere and his Hangmen. The walls were quickly breached and fighting went to the streets. The day was won swiftly, Louis Francis was crowned on the battlefield without much pomp and immediately set forth to constructing his new state. The Hightowers had settled into the Republican senate building and utilized it as a base of operations for controlling their new subjects. After a year and a half of rule, King Louis Francis I called the condottieri, knights, and men-at-arms in his control together. The Condottiore known as Gianpaolo Gradic brought three stab wounds to the King’s chest. Chaos erupted in the court, with numerous sellswords turning their blades onto the King’s levymen and knights. The Sack of Salvus Novus had commenced. Ser Basil, and two squires, fetched the body of Louis Francis into an escape tunnel that had been mapped by the ousted Doge. Basil and his men fought to the docks, the Prince James I in their possession, and made it onto a ship. The boat was sunk by an Savoyard warship, which had been lurking in the depths prior to the coup. The body of King Louis was lost, but Ser Basil and Prince James escaped onto the mainland. Three days, a monk discovered the water-logged body and carved out its heart. The organ was later encased in gold, the stab wound that brought it to death claimed to be visible. He was identified by his crown, which had been sunk into his decomposing head when the ship met its violent, turbulent doom. For a lengthy time, the heart passed between clerical and scholarly hands. It was purchased from a defrocked friar, called Tomas von Bun, by the Prince James I following his arrival at the Johannian Court. Now, a generation later, it is in the possession of the Prince James II of Ponce. Many believe the heart to give its holder bravery. The relic is the prized posession of Ponce and before every battle, the Free Company will offer it a quick prayer. On Louisan Tradition: Prosus Condotierri “You’ll never get fame or riches, unless you do.” - Ser Beelzebub Basarab, to the company lined in the courtyard, 1554. _____________________________________________________________________________ The three Captains collecting taxes for the Prince of Ponce. C. 1555, Lady Anne Marie The Company of King Louis’ Heart is contracted by House Hightower to serve as its standing retinue. However, in accordance with the Prosus Condotierri military tradition established by King Louis Francis I, the three Captain have the ability to take on contracts of their own. When not in times of war, the soldiers of Ponce can be conscripted to other conflicts to draw revenue. When not at war under Ponce or performing a contract, the Company will serve Ponce and its people de jure. They perform the basic duties of protecting the land, enforcing the Lord Hightower’s Law, aiding the citizens and aristocracy, as well as manning the keep. As taught by the Duke of Furnestock, a close friend of Prince James II, the Rule of Three disallows for any abuse of power taken by an army. It effectively delegates ruling of the band to three equal captains, each with equal say, so that they can effectively yet wisely make decisions regarding its affairs. The reigning ruler of Ponce has the ability to veto decisions which he does not agree with and effectively rule the Company as its sole leader, in times of necessity. Though, this rarely occurs, as the head of state must deal with other matters. Accolades and Medals “The way to a man’s mind, is his head.” - Valentino the Rat, pinning an award to a recruit’s hat. _____________________________________________________________________________ The St. Everard Cross Awarded to those soldiers who have proven their bravery even in the face of bleak odds by rescuing a companion in combat. It is considered to be a great honor, as it denotes one's devotion to their cause. Medal of the St. Everard Cross 100 Minae Reward Gilded Sword The King James I Medal In ceremony, the recipient is awarded with this following a display of commanding excellence, including when a commander is fallen and impromptu leadership is taken. Often, the King James medal accompanies other awards, such as a promotion or minae reward. It is representative of King James I as the greatest leader of Salvus, having effectively governed diplomatically, militarily, and stately. Medal of King James I New iron set of armor 150 Minae Reward Victoria Salvus Repentus The Victory of Salvus Repentus is symbolic of the conflict in which King Louis Francis I conquered the pretender state of Salvus Repentus, ruled by a Republican Doge. It is awarded to a man who shows significant skill in combat in which he successfully kills ten enemies in a single battle. At its central is the bust of King Louis Francis I Hightower. Medal of Victoria Salvus Repentus A gilded set of armor 250 Minae Reward Hierarchy of the Free Company “The colors of a man's tabard should match those of his friends..” - Ugluk Proverb _____________________________________________________________________________ The uniform of the Free Company is the colors of Ponce, gold and red, complete with the cape of King Louis Francis I. Men are allowed to don their personal arms, in small manner, upon their cape. Furthermore, they can display their accolades and medals upon their breast. Men are expected to keep their armor, weapons, and uniform in clean order. Hierarchy and Payment “They key to a man’s heart is his chest. And his coin purse!” - Saint Thomas Denims III, delivering messages. _____________________________________________________________________________ The Ponceau regiment charges forth in the Battle of the Gorge. C. 1593, Joseph Frederick Horen; Duke of Furnestock To sufficiently fund itself and give incentive to its swords, the Company uses profits gained from contracts outside of Ponce to supply a regular wage to its soldiers. Pay varies depending on basic rank and often acts of note earn a raise. Captain - Wage varies based upon contracts taken by the company. The Captains make decisions for the company through voting, however in the absence of other Captains they make act alone. Often, Captains are chosen from the ranks of the Company or from the Prince of Ponce’s knights. Adjutant - 200 Minae every Saint’s Month. The Adjutant is the delegation of the Captains to the rankers. All serjeants are expected to maintain a Company supplied steed and a lance, so that in combat they make up the cavalry. Ranker - 100 Minae every Saint’s Month. Rankers make up the vast majority of the order and often are found as infantry. Standardly, they make use of crossbows and longswords, pikes, or any assortment of short-arms. Valet - The valet is equivalent to a recruit. He receives no pay, at first, yet will soon be promoted following a sufficient amount of time within the order (usually one Saint’s Week). Special Ranks “Why are you so special?” - Old Captain Nathan to a bug-eyed recruit. _____________________________________________________________________________ The Company of King Louis’ Heart charges forth, its red banner pitched in combat. C. 1590 While the main duty of all Louisans is to serve the Company, a select few have specific roles in the order based on their particular set of skills. They receive no pay bonus, but are often given gear which pertains to their specific role. Standard Bearer - The standard bearer is charged with bringing the banner of the company into combat and ensuring it remains pitched, in the valorous position against the wind, for the entirety of the battle. Should he fall in combat, the soldiers should retrieve the banner to keep morale and momentum! Surgeon - The surgeon is charged with the tending of battlefield wounds and homefront illnesses. Whenever harm befalls the Company’s men, he is there to aid. Quartermaster - He who is charged with the supplying of all men. The quartermaster manages the armory and supplies each man with his gear. Prior to battles, he is expected to make sure everyone is readily equipped. Purser - The purser is charged with the funds of the Company. When a soldier earns a raise or when all soldiers require payment, he must supply them with such. Furthermore, if the Company is going into a new venture, he will be responsible for garnering funds. Signing up for the Company (APPLICATION) “Yah you like that?” - Piero Gradic asking onlookers if they are interested in his enterprise. _____________________________________________________________________________ Men scramble to speak with their local Free Company recruiter in Johannesburg. C. 1584, Unknown. You’ve followed a trail of posters for this mercenary company to a nearby tavern. Many men gather around a table and you wait in line. A recruiter stands before you, he claims a strange pair of spectacles and a Hightower tabard. What’s your given name, man? (MC and RP): (Skype): How many years’ve you got?: Did your pap teach you any craft? (Nexus trade, if any): He adjusts his spectacles and looks you up and down.
  2. (There would be a large poster hanged on the entrance of a tavern in Oren) It reads: Mercenary For Hire! Looking for a strong guard to protect yeh in yer travels?! Or someone that will do work for you? Well here is Uhjha'k a big Kha that will do anythin' for mina! He is extremely good with tha sword and knows how to blacksmith, mine, and even leather-work. This young Kha will keep yeh protected during your journeys and no one will dare to mess with yeh! If yeh interested in Hiring this Kha just read the directions below. (OOC) I will do almost anything from crafting and blacksmith to fighting, list your offers down below if you want to hire me.
  3. OOC stuff: THIS REGIMENT WILL NOT BE FULLY OPERATIONAL UNTIL THE RELEASE OF 5.0 ON 6th AUGUST. UNIFORM SKINS CAN BE FOUND HERE: Light Armour Medium Armour Heavy Armour A wee bit about myself: I'm actually a Dragoon in the Canadian Forces (I operate LAVs as a Recon Soldier, in layman's terms.). If you're looking for legitimate, quality military RP, you've come to the right place. Now since I'm lazy and don't want to train nerds how to fight, I've created a Private Military Company that aims to be operational as much as possible. This means your character (can be an alt if you really want to join), will need prior service in some sort of military or guard force under his belt. The Regimental Motto is at the very top of the scroll you just read, under the fancy "Regiment Du Neufgart" letters and golden fancy-looking border things. YES, we hire women, but only if you Mulan it and pretend to be a dude the whole time (which will be hard considering you need facial hair to join). I am basing this regiment loosely off of the Swiss Guards that King Francis I of France used. Mercenaries have been used by governments for ages and ages, so this concept isn't something new or far-fetched. You literally just hire us under a contract and we'll fight for you under the guidelines set in the contract as if we were your own men. You don't have to worry about the classic "mercenaries fight for whoever has the most money" stereotype, either, since everything is set in stone by the contract. Cleos Jorrel is the Commanding Officer. Contracts will be made and signed in-game as an item (book), and copied so both I, and yourself have a copy. The contract will be administered to the members of The Regiment most likely through skype or whatever, so that they all know what they have to do and where they have to operate. You don't just have to use our services as a bonus unit in war, either. We provide armed guard for palaces, mansions and even towns or cities if need be. The regimental salute is to slam your fist to your chest, and in a deep voice say or shout; "Ava Neufgarten" This group will be as professional as possible, too. I won't tolerate any shitposting or memes in here or the server, ESPECIALLY in-character- even as a joke. You get a sweet uniform, too. Made by yours truly. Below are the applications. If you have ANY questions, please ask. APPLICATIONS (copy-paste). Answers will be written in normal text, not bold/italic/underline/strikethrough, size 18, on the line(s) UNDER the questions. ((Applications may be referred to In-Game/In-Character as a means of starting/ending a contract, demoting someone or kicking them out. For example: "You signed in your contract that you agreed to the Code of Chivalry. There is no excuse for what you did!", or "It says on the contract that we were to work for you until 5 Suns Smile, 1571. Unless you start a new contract, we will be leaving that day.")): JOINING CONTRACT ((In-Character Information)) Surname: Given Names: Age: Gender: Race ((all are accepted)): Do you have prior military experience?: Do you understand and accept the terms of Unlimited Liability? (Yes/No): Do you understand and accept the Regimental Code of Chivalry? (Yes/No): Do you agree to remain professional and maintain a high standard of positive Dress and Deportment at all times, on or off-duty? (Yes/No): What are the Regimental Colours?: Describe, in your own words, what Regiment Du Neufgart is and does ((make it short.)): What is the Regimental Motto?: Who is the Commanding Officer of the Regiment?: What is the Regimental Salute?: Sign and Date: ((OOC Information)) Add Mullraugh on Skype with the message "Add me to The Regiment chat." ONLY IF YOUR APPLICATION IS ACCEPTED. I don't care about anything else. Just act mature as humanly possible and you've got the job. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The following may also be done in-game. Just send a bird to MULLRAUGH if I'm online and we'll have a face-to-face chat. Please note that The Regiment may decline any contract if it is deemed unwise or if it's literally a death trap. I.E. You want us to assassinate the Emperor of Oren or something stupid like that. HIRING CONTRACT ((In-Character Information)) Surname: Given Names: Are you Nobility/Royalty? (Yes/No): What type of contract is this? (Guard, Military, Other ((OOC: we may be hired for illegal things such as assassinations, aiding in open rebellion, etc)): What are your affiliations? (Who/What do you work for? Nation, House, Army, etc): What do you want Regiment Du Neufgart to do for you?: Where will this take place? How long will the contract last? (Maximum of 1 Saint's week. More contracts may be made once this one is expired. Just give IRL dates.): How much will you pay? (Up to negotiation. Don't expect it to be cheap, though. 300 Minas would be considered low.): Will you provide Food and Accommodations? (We'll need to build a camp on your land if not.)(Yes/No): Do you know and understand that Regiment Du Neufgart will 'not' assist with any unlawful actions?(Yes/No): Do you know and understand that Regiment Du Neufgart serves itself and this contract only; not yourself, your superiors or your subordinates? (Yes/No): ((The following are to prevent being seen as an enemy element when not under a contract. Regiment Du Neufgart will remain politically neutral and hold no grudges or prejudices when there are no current contracts against you.)) Do you agree to remain friendly or neutral to Regiment Du Neufgart after this contract has expired? Do you understand that Regiment du Neufgart may sign a contract in the future where The Regiment must fight against you?(Yes/No): Do you understand that if Regiment Du Neufgart must fight against you, once the hostile contract is broken, The Regiment resumes Neutrality?(Yes/No): Sign and Date:
  4. The Azghari Warband “When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell followed with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” A band of brothers and sisters equal beneath the Eternal blue sky, this band of nomadic peoples are renowned for their passion and fervour - the most proficient horse riders to ever grace Vailor’s many meadows and pastures. Formed by Darius and Cyrus, sons of the great Sasan, the pair of warriors were without parallel; renowned for their hundred-strong harems. Although there exists no ranking for the warband, the strongest leaders are chosen by the entire warband to guide them - holding no position except that as a trusted figure. In this way any man can make his fortune and become great, provided he be worthy. They made their foes flee in horror because their swarthy aspect was fearful, with an intriguing distinguishment in their eyes is seen through the colours of brown, green and blue. Their hardihood is evident in their wild appearance, and they are beings who are cruel to their children on the very day they are born. For they cut the cheeks of the males with a sword, so that before they receive the nourishment of milk they must learn to endure wounds. Hence they grow old beardless and their young men are without comeliness, because a face furrowed by the sword spoils by its scars the natural beauty of a beard. They are short in stature, quick in bodily movement, alert horsemen, broad shouldered, ready in the use of bow and arrow, and have firm-set necks which are ever erect in pride. Though they live in the form of men, they have the cruelty of wild beasts. A travelling band, these nomads are oft on the move and rarely stay in the same place- their swords are sold to the highest bidder. Many kingdoms have competed to hire them, brutal warriors who are known for both their skill in the field and their fortitude when faced with great sieges. Their ranks know no difference between man or woman, any creature except the accursed Kha can serve amidst their ranks provided they can ride. The Azghari do not settle and farm, they are hunters and gatherers - fast moving horsemen that stay for only short times in a single place. Every member is expected to sustain themselves by their own tools, hunting game and slaying prey to feed them. Slavery is accepted by the Azghari, and a man is judged on how many slaves he has taken. For those who are taken in bondage, freedom can only be earned by hard coin or valour shown in the Warband’s service - freeing them to fight as any other rider. For the wealth that is gathered in battle, every man receives an equal portion - the Warband knows no boundaries to brotherhood. The faith of the Azghari is revolved around the deity of ‘Od Tengri’, the unknowable one who knows everything. He is the judge of good and bad, Tengri can bless a person richly, but can also utterly destroy those whom he deems unfit. His actions cannot be predicted. His ways, difficult to know. There exist many other spirits or 'aenguls' besides Tengri. These spirits are diverse. They can be good or bad or of mixed temperament. They can be gods residing in the upper heavenly world, wandering evil spirits from the underworld, spirits of the land, water, stars and planets or spirits of the ancestors. They can be in charge of certain tribes or of certain nations. Under Tengri these spirits all have some limited influence, but it is nearly impossible for normal people to contact them. Only the High Priest of Od Tengri can contact them. Unless Od Tengri contacts them himself. There is no 'one true religion'. Humanity has not reached full enlightenment. Nonetheless Tengri will not leave the guilty unpunished and the virtuous unrewarded. Those upright in spirit and righteous in thought are acceptable to Tengri, even if they followed different religions. Tengri has given different paths for man. Anyone interested in service would do well to inquire with Cyrus (LemonDropzz) or respond here: OOC: Username: Skype: IC: Name: Race: Age:
  5. *There is a flyer in populated cities with messy hand writing* IN NEED OF MERCENARY "I know of a man who is in grave danger but will not accept my help. Because of this i ask of a strong, powerful man or woman to watch over him. Each elven week that you watch over him, you will be paid 150 minas. If you do wish of this, contact Elynnus, a guard who lives in the snow elven lands." ~A Ooc info: Elynnus's ING is Harleyx and for those of you who may not know, a elven week is a ooc week. Also please make sure your character is skilled and not a imbecile who won't properly do his/her job.
  6. The Blackfist Company The Blackfist Company is a mercenary, merchantry and worker force situated in the Kal’Krest. The purpose of the company is the growth of the members in their skills and nature, and to become a place known for it’s quality of product and membership. The Company was founded by Magnus Blackfist, Clanfather of the Blackfist clan and Jarl of Kal’Krest. Once the initiate is elevated to one, or multiple of the three sects, he will be given housing within the city and room along with guidance to practice his/her arts. - Ranks - Company Inititate: The first rank of the Company is given to a recruit as he joins it. This is only temporary, and he will after a short time be sorted into the other sections. All members of the Blackfist Company can be in multiple of the groups, but can only master one of them. This means that one must chose carefully before selecting. - Warriors - The shield and sword of the Company. They protect the Company and it's interests whatever they might be. The Shield protects the merchants, workers and artisans, while the sword can be bought if the price is right. - Commander - The Commanders lead the veterans and footmen into battle, and is in charge of training them. It is their job to cultivate their potential and mold their abilities not only as combatants but also as leaders. - Black Centurions - The Elite rank of the Blackfist Company is part of the warrior section sent in to break an opposing force, or to carry out the most dangerous missions. - Veteran - Specialized rank: Axemen, Swords, mounted lancers, and archers are separated in this rank. This is where the warriors are sorted into squads and they will be given horses and better weapons to fulfill their roles. - Footman - The first promotion of the company. This is before they are specialized in combat, and are given the rank of veteran. This is where they are given their sets of armor, and expected to fight for the betterment of the company. - Artisans - The Artisans are the Blacksmiths, Stonemasons, Enchanters, Architects, and so on. They supply the merchants and warriors with the necessary equipment to fulfill their jobs. - Master Craftsman - The Master Craftsmen are the experts of the Company in their art. Amongst the Artisans they are respected and well taken care of, as the quality of their work is without equal. To become a master craftsman an journeyman has to complete a “Masterpiece” to illustrate their skill in their art. The Masterpiece can be everything from an perfectly cut gem. - Journeyman Craftsman - The Journeymen are craftsmen that have completed their apprenticeship and are officially acknowledged by the Blackfist Company. Their craft is trusted to the footmen, veterans and seniors. They are also trusted to produce building material in mass for sale or for city building. - Apprentice Craftsman - The Apprentices are craftsmen which have yet to prove themselves for the Company, and work under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master. - Workers & Merchants - This is the blood of the company, where the resources are gathered and bartered. The workers gather the resources, while the merchants sell them or buy them from others. - Master - The masters are trusted with overseeing the other members, and are free to do as they please when it comes to agreements. Their agreements are not just limited to other groups or single individuals, but also cities and nations on behalf of the Blackfist Company. - Senior - Later on when they have proven their worth to the Company they are given the rank of Senior Worker/Merchant, and are trusted to work more on their own. For the workers this does not change much, but the Merchants are given bigger freedom to their trade and allowed to make agreements on their own with other groups. - Aspirant - When the merchants and workers start out they are aspirants, working under a more senior member of the Company until they are trusted to start more on their own. - Recruitment - The Blackfist Company accepts people from all races, despite it’s founding by the Dwarven Blackfist Clan. Already it’s ranks hold a few of the other races, and membership is given without discrimination. The Blackfist Company offers an environment where one can develop your skills with the guidance of veterans, no matter what they be. You may join any of the groups, and even multiple of them if that is your wish, though mastering any of them will take time. - Masters - This is meerly the list over the masters, and does not hold the full member list. - Application - Depending on your personal skill you might jump ahead the apprentice stage, and in some cases the journeyman stage in certain parts of the Company. City of Kal'Krest The Blackfist Company is located in the dwarven lands, within the city of Kal'Krest a city for the company and by the company.
  7. The Winter Wolves "The Winter Wolves are always hungry." The Winter Wolves are a new mercenary charter that can be hired to do many different services. We are always taking applications to join, so if you are interested send a bird to Cain Miles ((Dinacow)) for more information. We are looking for anyone with any level of skill, and we pay well and steady. If your tools of trade are damaged, then they will be repaired for free. You must be able to be called upon for battle or work almost whenever, and are expected to meet some level of activity and productivity. We are a family and our name carries some weight due to our connections, so in our group you are even somewhat safe from bandit attacks and slavers. Come claim your glory and honor within the charter house located outside of Petrus.
  8. Company of the Sandborn History; The company started a few years back with the failure of Sand’s attempts of creating a military, he was raised as a knight and learned the skills of riding and the art of blade. His strive of creating a respectable military only resulted in multiple reformations and a military that for ever will be a disgrace to the lands they came from. In his time away from the failed military he began to recruit sellswords behind closed curtains to help secure to future of his city yet as he was beginning this process, the great exodus caused much strife in his life, later he was exiled from his lands for a peace that did not last. He took his small brigade of sellswords and made for the south, to the edge of the orcish desert. There is where he trained his men to be battle ready. For many years the once noble, now mercenary, camped there with his men, training low born and knights alike. This is how the Company of the Sandborn first began their contracting days. Payment from the company; The payment of all contracts is split between officers, sellswords, and the company vault. The split goes as follows. Officers - 25% Sellswords - 65% Vault - 10% This is split either in minas, or whatever material the contract is being paid in. The sellswords numbers are counted and divided by the amount of minas/materials that the payment is and then handed out immediately after payment. Contracts; There is no set payment the company charges, many factors are involved in deciding if a contract is accepted or not. The danger of the contract, the amount of time the contract is accountable for, and the actual task at hand. The company then judges how many men it need send, unless a specific number is requested. The company must be paid in advance 25% in all contracts. No matter what the contract task is. Application;
  9. ((We are for hire for almost any kind of mercenary job you can think of. See the post below or this link for more details: http://www.lordofthe...ssins-for-hire/)) Walking through town one day, you are approached by a mysterious man, cloaked in dark grey. You can see strands of white hair under his hood, but the rest of his features are obscured. He examines you and says in a relatively deep voice, "You look like the type...tell me truthfully, are you..a mercenary, a thief...an assassin..?" Looking at the man questioningly, you reply: "Uhh..not really.." "Perhaps..what is it to you?" ((To apply, please fill out this application and give it to the man (post it in this thread)) Upon completion, you wander over to the man, and extend your arm to him, holding the application. He looks around, then takes it from your hand. ((See post below for more details on guild))
  10. The Kathaik Mercenary Company We Fight for YOU, and a bit of gold. Prices: Prices are listed as the amount of minas payed per man.If the entire force is hired, then 200 minas is taken off the total price. We supply our own armor for guarding and raiding contracts. For Battles, take 200 minas off each man if you supply us with armor. Per Battle(warclaim):500 minas. Per Raid:250 minas, depending on security of designated target. Hired Guard Force:175 minas per week.(Maximum of 2-3 weeks) Faction Discounts: Take 250 minas off your total price. Factions subject to a discount: -The Dwarven Legion/Kingdom of Urguan. ((Send Contracts via PM)) Company's Honor: Once we have signed a contract with your faction, we will never go back on it and betray you, until your contract is over. All of our contracts are signed in blood. This is to ensure that no betrayals occur on either side. All contracts and contractors are allowed their secrecy, should they require it. Pay: Members are payed whenever the company master hires them out and receives the pay for their duties. -Members all receive a home in Kal'Azgoth, in order to store their things. -Taxes for all homes are payed by the Camp Master -Members receive weekly rations from the company master -Members receive 100 minas a week, if they are not hired out. Recruitment: Members in this company are expected to place their contract and their missions above any other duties. Failure to do so, except in certain circumstances, can lead to a swift removal from the company. Members are expected to drill at least once a week with the company master. Locations for practices are kept secret until one comes around. Application: ((OOC)) Ign: Timezone: TS(Y/N): Skype(You may PM this to me): PvP Skills(1-10, 10 being perfect): RP Fighting Skills(1-10): Do you have the VA 2a?(Preferred, but not needed): ((IC)) Name: Alias: Age: Race: Reason for Enlisting: Past Jobs: Any other Allegiances?: I will uphold the values of the company and swear to never break a contract that involves my person. I swear that if I am to ever break a contract or break my allegiance to the company, that I am subject to any and all punishments assigned to my person. Roster ((http://tinyurl.com/kqasw5f))
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