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Found 3 results

  1. Deepstone - Songsteel Origins Long before stories were told, stars have fallen to the surface of our world embedding themselves in rock and soil. For centuries prospective Starbreaker Dwarves and those of the Mali’ame have sought to harvest the fallen stars, but those that go unfound are swept away by the churning tectonic activity into the depths. Here, the pressure and heat have cracked and churned the deposits in with other base and exotic metals like a mixing bowl, forming it into a new alloy where the rolling plates settle in veins. Amongst deep cavern
  2. -=- Saldorsite -=- The Living Metal Material Name and Description (Raw form) (A dense core chunk of a Saldorsite deposit) Saldorsite, more commonly known as Heart-iron, Plant-metal, or Green Gold, is a natural ore in the sense that it is found where nature abounds. Places of high floral concentrations such as thick forests would harbor Saldorsite deposits below the surface. Some would even believe that Saldorsite makes up the heart of a forest, seemingly being alive itself. However, its moniker “The Living Metal” would be misleading, as Saldorsi
  3. Threads related to this lore! The Start Of The Work The Secrets Within The Halls Dormin stood upon his anvil, the Doom forge. He had long been awakened during his sleeps by the echo of his hammer. He had abandoned his bed for months on end now. He would only sleep standing on the forge, holding Ruhnord before being waking up by the sound of the metal he was working, ringing. Hermitage. He had been a hermit for 56 years, three months and twenty one days. He had been infrequent, but he always chased one goal. To discover the true meaning of Kal’Asgol, the city of Asulon. He looke
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