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Found 22 results

  1. ᛒᚨᛏᛏᛚᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᛟᚴ BATTLE OF THE HOOK ᛒᚨᛏᛏᛚᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᛟᚴ On a calm sunny day, two Frostbeards sat on the bridge of Norland and fished in hopes of catching a meal for the night. The Norlandic river, famed for its exotic fish, attracted the Frostbeard duo to try their luck. With the Brathmortakin smiling upon them due to their recent victories, the Frostbeards quickly hauled in one fish after another. Though this simple fishing trip was quickly ruined by the sound of a Norlandic warhorn, sounding the alarm and the city guard positioning on the walls. The Frostbeards quickly noticed this and sent word back to Urguan. A quick reaction force combined with Ferrymen, Frostbeards, and Irehearts quickly departed to assist the two peaceful fishermen. The Norlandic guard quickly formed at the gates, griping their spears and yelling insults at the two Frostbeards, evidently showing they intended to shed dwarven blood. As the reaction force arrived, the Norlandic party swiftly pushed out their city and met the dwarven party on the road, but with further reinforcements. The Norlandic party rallied behind their commander, showing their full strength, reinforced by their allies from the Vale as well as Adria. As each side faced off, it was evident that the dwarves were vastly outnumbered, numbering only 140 men compared to the combined rally of 250 men from Norland, Adria, and the Vale. Thirsting for dwarven blood, the battle quickly ensued, by the Norlandic charging forward into the dwarven party. The highly skilled party of dwarves quickly retreated, going to split off in teams in the woods as they fell back in an attempt to split off the large group of Norlanders. Each party skirmished back and forth on the road, exchanging bow fire and surging forward, but as the battle prolonged, the Norlanders quickly began to be picked off by the higher-trained force of dwarves. The Norlandic commander foolishly calling a push swiftly retreated back down the road towards the city, though this was the fatal killing blow for the Norlanders as the dwarven party swiftly pushed through the retreating party, picking off stragglers and eventually slaying the Norlandic commander. With their leader dead and their force losing more than half their numbers, the Norlanders quickly pulled back into the city, shutting the gates and cowering in fear. The Dwarven party, only losing 10 men, let out a victorious warcry before returning home with a Norland prisoner, releasing him on his way in respect for his capabilities as a warrior. But let it be known that the Norlanders willfully attacked two peaceful dwarven fishermen who offered no harm or threat to innocent civilians. The failures as well as cowardice of King Balon's ‘The Handless’ is evident, he refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoing in the war and sends needless warriors to their deaths for a war of his own making. King Balon and Mirven of the Vale, we will not rest until dwarven justice is achieved, with or without further bloodshed.
  2. ᛁᚱᛖᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ ᛏᚱᚨᛞᛁᛏᛁᛟᚾᛋ Ireheart Traditions - The Bone Throne For centuries, the bone throne has been the seat of power for Clan Ireheart. Made out of dragon bones from the dragons Kjell slew, the bones signify the ancient lineage of the Irehearts and their reputation as warriors and dragonslayers. ORIGIN The origin of the bone throne is often misconceived as being a tradition made by Kjell himself, but this has been disproven. Under the leadership of Clan Father Utak Ireheart, he constructed the bone throne with the clan's most masterful craftsmen in order to display the glory of the Clan. Using the bones from the dragons Kjell slew, Utak created a throne worthy of the Ireheart Clan Father. TRADITIONS Head Collecting ᚺᛖᚨᛞ ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᚲᛏᛁᚾᚷ Regarded as ‘barbaric’ and un-dwarf-like, the head collection tradition is held sacred by the members of Clan Ireheart. Originated by Utak Ireheart and Bakir Ireheart, head collection became a tradition that is now practiced by modern-day Irehearts, displaying their kills and accomplishments on the bone throne. Often heads are to be a large variety, from a simple bandit who crossed a son of Kjell, to a Rex’s head. Weapon Collecting ᚹᛖᚨᛈᛟᚾ ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᚲᛏᛁᚾᚷ Similar to the head collection tradition, weapon collection is a relatively recent tradition, only originating a couple of centuries ago. As an Ireheart comes home from battle, they make a choice to either give up the weapon of their enemies or take it from themselves. Often Irehearts will display their defeated enemy's weapons at the base of the bone throne, where all may see the victories and accomplishments of the Clan. It is the tradition of the Clan Father to display the weapons of Kings, Rex’s, and enemy leaders closest to the throne. The Gauntlet of Kjell ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚨᚢᚾᛏᛚᛖᛏ ᛟᚠ ᚴᛃᛖᛚᛚ The gauntlet of Kjell is one of the relics from a bygone era. Crafted at the order of Kjell, it is forged from two ancient armor pieces that used to be worn by Kjell Ireheart himself. Forged from the armor pieces, The Fox’s boots, and The Vipers Helm, it received a blessing from the God of the Irehearts himself. It is believed that due to Kjells dedication to Dungrimm, Dungrimm swore to bless the sons of Kjell and those who wore the gauntlet. The gauntlet not only signifies Dungrimms favor but signifies the place of the Irehearts as being Dungrimms right hand.
  3. Year 117 of the Second Age, ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ ᚱᛁᛉᛉ ᛗᚨᚾ TAKING OFF THE BELT. ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚢᚱ ᛞᛖᛈᚨᚱᛏᛋ It has come to my attention that my time as Clan Father should come to an end. Whilst I like to believe I have led our clan according to our core values and clan tenets, my reign as Clan Father of the Sons of Yavok was not as successful as I, Sigrun Ireheart would have liked it to be. I am announcing that I am officially stepping down as Clan Father. May one of the previous Clan Fathers, Bakir ‘Orcs Blood’ Ireheart rise up once more to lead our clan into glory, and keep to the clan values and tenets as I have. Now it is time for the Sons of Yavok to put their loyalty and trust towards our previous Grand King, Bakir. It has been twenty-five years of leading our clan, and I thank all my brothers and sisters of the Irehearts for the unconditional loyalty and trust they put into Sigrun Ireheart as Clan Father. Elder of the Irehearts, Grand Master of War, Grand Champion of Urguan, Dragonslayer, Champion of the Wilds, Captain of The Obsidian Guard. Master of Dungrimm’s gym, Urguan’s international chess Grandmaster. Clan Father of The Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III
  4. THE ALMARIS OLYMPICS Consisting of the entirety of Almaris, the Almaris Olympics brings together the descendants to feast and compete for great titles, wealth and recognition. While many similar gatherings have been held in the distant past, the Almaris Olympics will mark its name in history as one of the largest competitions known to date. JUDGES A vital part of the games, judges not only assist in organizing the events, but also choose the fate for the competitors for each competition. MERCHANTS AND CULTURE The Games are a major attraction for all races and provide a great avenue to find exotic items only available from certain parts of the world. Merchants and Kingdoms alike are encouraged to set up tents and stalls, selling their goods and showing off their culture and way of life. GAMES Every decade, the Almaris Olympics presents new competitions and games for competitors to compete. The Following games are for the first iteration of the Almaris Olympics. JOUSTING TOURNAMENT Drawn from the most ancient art of horseplay, the jousting event is the first competition for the Almaris Olympics. Competitors are expected to bring their finest bred horse to the tournament as well as pay a small fee for entering. Upon entering the competition, the finest horse riders of the realm have assembled, and will compete for a great sum prize, alongside recognition from each Kingdom of Almaris. PRIZE 2k Mina DRINKING CONTEST While most may not consider drinking a sport, the art of downing the strongest drinks known to man is certainly a sight to behold. Commissioned by the Kings and Queens of Almaris, the strongest brew will be made for such an occasion, and will challenge even the most skilled alcoholics of the realm. PRIZE 2k Mina THE GRAND TOURNAMENT The crown jewel of the Almaris Olympics, the greatest champions from around the world compete in the largest competition known in history for the title of Champion of Almaris. Fighting for fame, riches and glory, The Grand Tournament requires a small entry fee to enter to compete for a prize large enough to fill a great lake. PRIZE 7k Mina Champion of Almaris NATIONS Nations participating in the games is the most important aspect. Several Kingdoms, and peoples alike join to put forth their best champions and competitors in hopes of bringing fame and glory to themselves and their respective nation. The following list are the main signatory nations competing in the Olympics. Signatory Nations: Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Balian The Principality of Celia'nor The Vale of Nevaehlen The Kingdom of Aaun The Kingdom of Norland
  5. 3rd of The Deep Cold. A DAY OF IRE ᚨ ᛞᚨᚤ ᛟᚠ ᛁᚱᛖ This stone month, our people have had their fill of festivities, with weddings occurring every other week and new dwarves arriving from the treacherous mountains, reuniting with their kin. Our people thrive and our Kingdom flourishes with peace around the realm. To celebrate such an occasion, The Grand Kingdom announces two great events to take place in the coming weeks. A GRAND WEDDING ᚨ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚹᛖᛞᛞᛁᚾᚷ The Grand King announces with great pride, a ceremony of the ages to officialize two dwarves in marriage before the Gods. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart shall be married to Ealisaid of Clan Mossborn, and officially be crowned as the Queen of Urguan. With such an occasion, the finest mead shall be brewed with the look of gold to present to the guests of this great feast. A GRAND TOURNAMENT ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᚺᚨᛗᛈᛁᛟᚾ ᛏᛟᚢᚱᚾᚨᛗᛖᚾᛏ To honor the newly crowned Grand Queen of Urguan, and the guests from around the realm. A royal tournament shall take place for all guests to enjoy. To heighten the stakes, a prize of 1,500 Mina shall be given to the winner of the tournament. The Grand Kingdom formally invites its closest allies, friends, and kin, to each ceremony to celebrate and feast amongst the halls of Kal’Darakaan. The following Kingdoms and peoples are invited. The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Balian The Kingdom of Malinor The Principality of Sedan The State of Lurin The citizens of Khron’Hundmar Event Date 10/30/2022, At 4 pm EST.
  6. TO THE HORDE A Joint Declaration from the Eastern Almaris Treaty Organization Our patience grows thin Rex Borok. The declaration of you taking the Jindle bandits under your protection was unwise. For a race that proclaims themselves as an honorable people, you aligned yourselves with bandits that are from an age of dishonor and greed. As you allied with the Jindles you proclaimed that they shall not bandit unless given your explicit permission. Not too long ago, you attempted to extort The Kingdom of Norland into paying tribute, breaking your alliance with them. You then banditted, raided and killed the citizens of not only the Kingdom of Balian, but the Kingdoms of Urguan and Haense. We gave you mercy when you disowned these brigands and banished them from your volcanic lands. But this was just a front. Not a stone day ago, scouts returned to the Grand King reporting that the Jindles were actively helping, living and assisting the orcs still, and that they rallied with your warriors when Malinor asked for a meet. Considering you have lost two wars and have been driven to bankruptcy, we would've thought that The Horde would have learned their lesson. It seems clear that you have not. Your failures are known throughout all the lands and we wonder if the citizens of Krugmar ever get tired of dealing with a spineless monarch. These offenses will not go unanswered. In order to avoid the annihilation of The Horde, Rex you must agree to the following. I. Allow the EATO alliance to establish a fort on your lands as well as access to your city to ensure no more wrongdoing occurs. II. Issue a formal apology to the EATO alliance for attacking its citizens and violating its sovereignty. III. Pay a collective sum of 6,000 minas to the EATO alliance for compensation of life lost. You have until the day ends to make your decision. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, John I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, and Protector of the Heartlanders, etcetera. His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  7. ᛁᛏᛋ ᛟᚡᛖᚱ A FINAL RESIGNATION ᛏᚺᚨᚾᚴ ᚤᛟᚢ Fellow dwarves, an ancient saying reads all good things must come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that I write to you all that I shall resign from my position as Grand Marshal. I wanna thank every legionnaire for putting their full trust into me as Marshal. I also wanna thank Grand King Bakir Ireheart for granting me such an important position. We've enjoyed a lot of victories, and even won a war. Though my fuel tank ran out, and i wish to not burden the Legion with inactivity. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and i believe this is truly for the best. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Legion. =================== Signed, Champion of The Wilds, Elder of Clan Ireheart. Defender of Dungrimm.
  8. ᛏᛟ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚨᛋᛏ THE STRENGTH OF OUR PAST How are the Dwedmar defined? Is it by our greed? Our short height? It is with our will, our strength as a people, and our glory. Our past does not define us, whether it's bloody or glorious. But it is essential to remember our failures and successes so that we may continue to stand united and not repeat those failures. Many of our kin have exceeded the expectations of others and brought upon Urguan’s people glory and success. From filling their pockets with gold to putting down rebellions and winning great wars, these Dwedmar will be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the Kingdom and the dwarves' advancement. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart calls upon each clan of Urguan to submit a list of names alongside feats of their kin that they believe exemplified excellent service to the Kingdom as well as achieved great feats. The List must be submitted to the Grand King for inspection and study. If the King deems any dwarf on the list worthy, a statue alongside their name will be constructed to honor their efforts. The maximum number of names must be five Dwedmar. ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᚨᛏᛋ
  9. PEACE IN OUR TIME Agreed on this 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1881 | 12th of Tov & Yermey, 434 E.S. | 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 85 S.A. 12th of the Sun’s Smile, in the Year of our Lord 13 B.A. Between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Kingdom of Haense, the Grand Duchy of Balian and the Kingdom of Oren Urged on by the Canonist Church, and in light of the possibility for a peaceful end to the conflict that will prevent further blood being needlessly spilt over the Silver Isles, the Kingdom of Oren and the Horde of the Iron'Uzg have come to the following terms with the Kongzem of Haense, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Grand Duchy of Balian: I: WITHDRAWAL in the interests of peace between Canonists and the ending of bloodshed caused by the Orenian intervention, the Kingdom of Oren withdraws fully from the conflict against the Kongzem of Haense, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Grand Duchy of Balian. II: THE SILVER ISLES The Horde of the Iron’Uzg transfers the Silver Isles to the Kongzem of Haense. In turn, the Kongzem shall compensate the People of Haelu’nor with 5,000 mina to aid in the full relocation of the High Elven populace to the Enclave of Fi'Halen. III: CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES The Kongzem of Haense, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Grand Duchy of Balian, the Horde of the Iron’Uzg and the Kingdom of Oren hereby agree to cease all aggressions and hostilities between one another. The United Sovereign States of Almaris is hereby dissolved. IV: MEMORIAL BENCH A memorial bench to commemorate the relationship between Bakir Ireheart and Philip III shall be constructed outside the City of Vienne for weary travellers to rest in their warm embrace. Signed, His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, John I, by the Grace of GOD, Grand Duke of Balian, Viscount of Eflen, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, and Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, etcetera. HIS HOLINESS TYLOS III, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Vienne, Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera Ar-Borok of clan Akaal, Rex of the horde Al-Uk of clan Akaal, Motsham of the Iron’Uzg Ixûla of clan Akaal, Dominus of the Horde
  10. 10th of the Grand Harvest RETURN OF THE KING Vienne was quiet and desolate, all the servants of Frederick I ‘The Craven’ were asleep and in their beds, oblivious of what was about to occur. Soon the dungeon door to Bakirs cell burst open and was greeted by a mysterious figure in armor. They broke the bonds of the Grand King and motioned for the imprisoned King to follow. The Grand King quickly was led outside the city without anyone knowing, they were quickly met at the gate of Oren by a combination of House Romstun and Urguani soldiers on horseback, smiles on their faces as the Grand King walked freely from the captivity of Oren. They cheered and bashed their blades against their shields in celebration before lending the Grand King a horse to bring him home. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart was back on the Obsidian Throne, his lust for vengeance was never stronger and the Kingdoms lust for justice against the dishonored sons of Horen was strengthened. The many transgressions of Orens people tainted the legacy of Horen, defending and helping subjects of the Azdrazi, the kinslaying of their own kin to secure the throne, the repeated dishonoring of your own people by War-mongering to defend an illegitimate elven state and not caring for your own child, a Prince of Oren. My message to you Frederick ‘The Craven’ is this. This changes nothing. Your fumbling of my capture and the great lack of victories in battle has emboldened us and only strengthened us. We will not stop the annihilation of your people until you pull back your forces and admit you were wrong to defend honorless people and slaves to Iblees. Save your people, pursue the retreat of your men from our lands.
  11. TO PURGE A THREAT Agreed upon by: THE KINGDOM OF HAENSE & THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN On this 10th of Tov And Yermey, 432 ES | 10th of The Amber Cold, 82 SA The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, has now learned that the Horde has resorted to associating itself with foul elements. Furthermore, wishing to defend the honor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan so recently besmirched, by the authority of His Royal Majesty King Karl III Barbanov-Bihar and Grand King Bakir Ireheart declare themselves to be in a state of war. A campaign shall be pursued until all forces, offensive to nature itself, are neutralized, and levied insults against the Grand Kingdom are remedied. “And to ye Sons of Krug, who have fallen to other faiths, I admonish: GOD punishes not, but protects. And there is no pain with GOD, but without him. And so you suffer not in retribution but in separation, and in the Skies you shall find solace.” - Exalted Prophet Owyn ARTICLE I - AZDRAZI HARBORING The Horde in recent times has been exposed for harboring Azdrazi and known associates of Iblees. Great evidence has mounted against the Rex for not only allowing the Azdrazi to settle Ireheart land and for a full Azdrazi academy to thrive, but also to be a very close friend to the worshippers of Iblees and to Azdromoth himself. ARTICLE II - AGGRESSION ON DWARVES The Rex amongst other members of the dishonorable Horde have repeatedly made aggressions against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its people. The First insult is the threatening of Grand King Bakir Irehearts life and then the demanding of tribute from Grand Kingdom. The second slight was the harboring of Azdrazi that attacked the Grand King in the Haeseni tavern. And finally the most dishonorable of all, the capturing and killing of dwarves within the city of Krugmar. ARTICLE III - DENIAL OF PEACE After the repeated aggression and slights against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, reasonable terms for peace were proposed twice to the people of Krugmar, and twice they were rejected. Refusing to regain their honor and do right to those they have wronged. A summit held by the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska was held to mediate peace. Yet, the Horde did not show. A singular Goblin representative was sent, a mockery of good faith to instill peace. It is evident The Horde does not wish for peace. Wargoal: Conquest of Tile 90 Attackers: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Kingdom of Haense Defenders: The Horde (Haelun’or) Date: Saturday, July 30th at 4pm EST [This is taking into account the current ongoing War] Warpath: Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.
  12. 12th of the Ambers Cold DEMANDS OF JUSTICE ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᛁᛋᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱᚨᛒᛚᛖ ᚱᛖᛪ ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᚠᚨᛚᛚ It was assumed after Krug refused Ibleeses temptations and helped defeat the evil god, that his descendants would be the most strong, honorable and the greatest dark creature hunters of the realm. But as seen before in history, the orcs have fallen from their ways, dishonoring their great ancestor and dishonoring what he stood for. The Horde has taken another step to dishonor their creator, by capturing and killing a son of Urguan, of honorable and great descent. Hailing from the greatest line of Yavok and Kjell. Falling not in battle nor old age, but by the blades of the horde, behind closed doors with the intent of keeping their deaths secret. This is not the end of their dishonor. The Horde has allowed the corrupted dragon-kin to infect their land and their people. The Rex has allowed an academy of Azdrazi to settle on his land and live in the once occupied Ireheart town. But evil often hides itself in the shadow, not revealing its true face to the people of this realm, and often to its own kin. The Rex has done the same. He has not only colluded with the Azdrazi by allowing them to settle on his lands, but he has worked with them closely and helped them thrive within the lands of Krugmar, to find a home and spread the taint of Iblees. These transgressions and attacks cannot go unanswered, especially by the sons of Urguan who hold honor and justice close to their hearts, who strive to kill dishonor where it stands and banish evil where it hides. And so Grand King Bakir Ireheart alongside the entire Grand Kingdom of Urguan declare the following terms to the tainted Rex who has not only transgressed against the dwedmar, but to all descendants. The Horde shall do the following: I. Formally allow the Grand Kingdom to enter Krugmar and expel the Azdrazi from the domain of the Rex. As well as destroy the Pirate Cove for illegally harboring Azdrazi and settling on Ireheart soil. II. The Horde will hand over the orcs who have dishonorably killed Balor Ireheart and face trial by the Urguani courts. III. The Horde shall pay 7.5k minas in compensation to the Grand Kingdom for not only allowing the influence of Iblees to spread but also compensation for the assault, capture and killing of dwedmar. IV. The Rex shall agree to deliver a sum of 20 stacks of leather to the Grand Kingdom. The Horde shall have two days to adhere to these terms or The Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall issue a Grudge alongside a declaration of War to defeat the servants of evil and to achieve Justice. Upon agreeing to these honorable terms, the Grand Kingdom shall sign a non-aggression pact with The Horde lasting for 10 years.
  13. ᛋᛟᚾᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ DUNGRIMM’S LEGION. ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ The Sons of Urguan have forever relied upon Dungrimm’s legion should any conflict arise. Dungrimm’s Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest militaristic guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Under Sigrun Ireheart, the legion is bound to prosper once more with these changes. The Commanding Ranks. Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal is the disciplined and experienced leader of Dungrimm’s Legion, second only to the Grand King himself. He is expected to be the Grand leader all the legionnaires and dwarves look up to. He shall lead with courage and gallantry and shall be devoid of any cowardice. Disobeying the Grand Marshal is to be considered a terrible insult to the experience he has gathered. Commander. The Commanders of the Legion are the most confident, brave and cunning Thanes handpicked by the Grand Marshal himself. To be promoted to the Commander rank is a promotion of highest honour and courage. There shall be no more then two commanders at any given time. They are considered the Grand Marshal’s right hand men, and are the ones in charge if the Grand Marshal is absent. They are to be in charge of running their own trainings and events for the Legion, and are fully trusted to host them on their own. Lieutenant. Lieutenant is the lowest commanding rank in the legion, nonetheless it is a rank of great martial ability and prowess. Lieutenants have the duty of leading soldiers should the Grand Marshal and Commanders be absent. It is the Lieutenant's duty to make sure to lead the ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion and keep the Legion functioning. Brigadiers may also command cohorts if they desire to do so. The Soldier Ranks. Pridebearer. The Pridebearers of the legion are true veterans of Dungrimm. They are the most skilled and hardened warriors of the soldier ranks. It will often take Legionnaires decades to reach this rank, making it a position of true excellence in the Legion. Often Pridebearers are the first ones to be considered for Lieutenant. They are the ancient and undying defenders of Dungrimm’s Legion. Longbeard. Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Ironguard. Members of the Ironguard are to be considered the true core of the Legion. True warriors that are dedicated to Dungrimm’s Legion and that have sworn their oath to it. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication then the Grunts below them, and should carry a presence that is not to be trifled with. Grunt. Grunt is the beginning rank of Dungrimm’s Legion, any dwarf can sign up and start their journey through the ranks as a Grunt. They will be trained in combat and discipline, leading to a quick experience as to how true Legion life will be. Once competent enough in listening to orders, combat and discipline Grunts will be promoted to the Ironguard after swearing their oath. Classes. There are various Classes a legionnaire can select to gain extra experience to their liking. Whether that be a Medic, Ranger, a Mage or a Beastslayer. These legionnaires get drilled and trained in their class, making them into an elite force used for specific duties alongside their standard issue legion training. Medic. Medics get trained to be an on the ground, hands on surgeon in the heat of battle. Medics are trained in their field to surgical precision. Their training is considered the most mentally straining due to the extreme multitude of scenarios they need to be prepared for, and for that reason they are heavily respected within the legion. Ranger. Rangers are the main scouting and stealth force of the legion. They are primarily trained to be self-sufficient archers who can whittle down an opponent from far away with arrows. They have been given the duty of scouting out the enemy ahead. Mage. The Mages of the Legion have been given training in general use of their magic, usually behind the main force in a more supportive role. The Mages are given the duty of targeting out the more powerful enemies with their spells, or using their spells as cover for the other legionnaires. Beastslayer. The Beastslayers of the Legion are an elite fighting force specially designed to slay unnatural and rare monsters ordinary legionnaires aren't trained for. The Beastslayers excel in fighting anything supernatural that may come their way. The Legionnaires Oath. Step forward, grunt [“Grunt’s Name”], and swear by the gods of Urguan, the manes of your ancestors, and your own honor an unbreakable oath that you will follow your commander wherever he may lead you. You will obey orders enthusiastically and without question. You will promise to serve under the standard of the Legion with honour. You will serve Urguan faithfully, even at the cost of your life, and will respect the law with regards to civilians and your comrades in arms.” “Congratulations. You are now a member of the Ironguard.” Legion benefits. While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks indefinitely should they stay active within the ranks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Legion Pay: The commanding ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion are expected to be grateful for the chance to lead the Legion, and are given no pay. This is the pay given to active Legionnaires judged by rank. Pridebearer: 20 Mina per year. Longbeard: 15 Mina per year. Ironguard: 10 Mina per year. Grunt: 5 Mina per year. Legionnaire of the Year: Legionnaire of the year is a rank granted down by the Grand Marshal himself, such ways to obtain this honour is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both in roleplay and out of character)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for that year’s payday.. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Year you will get double pay for that year’s pay day. Legion Hall of Fame: The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Enlistment Requirements One must be at least eighteen years old. One must reside in Urguan. One must not be banished. One is expected to have a good grasp of Urguanic Law. Promotions. Every two years. (two weeks) the Grand Marshal shall host a promotion ceremony based off of the performance by the Legionnaires the past two years. The current ways to gain recognition by the officers are: Gate Duty Outpost Duty Patrol Guarding Meetings/Feasts Completing tasks assigned by officers Saving a fellow Legionnaire Attending a Training Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom Being critical to a successful mission Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion Winning a Legion organised tournament Attending Raids Attending Skirmishes Wear the Legion issued uniform Attending Battles Donating any of the following materials: Iron Gold Coal Leather Meat Golden Carrots Feathers Wood If Legionnaires want to get promoted, these are the things they should especially avoid doing. Refusal to address an officer or Legionnaire of higher rank with proper decorum while on duty or in a formal environment in the Legion Hall Cause the mission failure Misuse of Legion issued equipment: Speaking against an Officer during serious matters Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks Going Stark Raving Mad Refusing to wear the Uniform on duty Uniforms: (New skins will be posted here, wear the old ones for now.) Enlistment: Legion form.
  14. Year 82 of the Second Age, 5th of Amber Cold. (IRL Date) ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᚱᛖᛏᚢᚱᚾᛋ ᛏᛟ ᚹᚨᚱ A RETURN TO THE CALL OF DUTY ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᛋᛚᚨᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾᛋᚴᛁᚾᚾᛖᛞ An Ireheart returns to the duty of leading the Legion. On Year 82 of the Second Age on the 5th of Amber cold a war was ignited. With the fury of the dwedmar and the foolishness of the orcs of The Iron’uzg. One dwed was killed, and for their sins one orc was killed, with two more captured. I, Sigrun Ireheart cannot simply standby as a soldier whilst this war goes on without my nation, my old soldiers going unled without a Marshal. For the reasons I had previously resigned have been rendered void by the ignition of this new war. I vow to return to the duty of being Marshal with vigour, should Grand King Bakir Ireheart accept me as his Grand Marshal once more i shall return to duty next stone year. Should any of my old commanders disagree and see themselves fit for the Grand Marshal role, i will accept the adversity and pray to Dungrimm they shall lead us with vigour and glory during this conflict. I shall leave the role for someone else after the war has ended, for someone else to lead the legion to glory. I ask you, brave dwed to let me lead us into victory this war, and trust me with the duty i had previously lost the appetite for. For the ancient saying goes, there's no better feeling then killing an orc. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds.
  15. 11th of the First Seed RAZING OF THE COVE ᛋᚲᛟᚢᚱᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᛋ The sun rose above the still standing statue of Kjell looking over the old home of the Irehearts. Now illegally possessed by the Dragonkin, the Irehearts took action for such a slight. After issuing demands to the dragonkin, which they foolishly ignored, the Dragonslayers and the worshippers of Xan marched upon the dragon-cove, to exact revenge and to achieve justice. The group entered the town without being stopped, the only witness fleeing at the sight of the dwarven band. They were greeted by set up cannons at the harbor, fashionably aimed at the ships in the dock. The group quickly went to work, loading the cannon and firing on the large battleship in the bay. Loud booms would be heard across the mountain as the gunpowder shot the heavy cannonballs into the belly of the ship. It groaned before sinking it to the cold bottom of the sea. The dwarves then turned the cannon to the main hall, letting loose more shots hitting the once honorable hall of the Irehearts, more loud booms would be heard with the crashes of flying stone and broken wood debris scattered over the cove. They then turned to the Ireheart sloop that still held the clan's colors. Not leaving it to the dishonor of the Azdrazi they set it ablaze allowing it to burn to its eventual doom. After setting more of the dragonkins houses ablaze and letting their homes be turned into ash. The band took control of the final cannon, hoisting its barrel up high and adjusting it properly, they set its sights on the final standing building. The aviary. The crew once more got to work, fueled by adrenaline and the honor of fulfilling justice they quickly loaded the cannon and with the help of the paladin, lit the fuse and let the cannon fire. The cannon would be stronger than the ones before, letting loose its might it would rip into the aviary tower, creating a large crater in the middle, destroying any supporting beams to keep it standing. Chunks of rocks would fly all over the town before the tower tilted forward, crashing down to the ground below, destroying anything inside. As the party left, the great hall crumbled and burned. Ships sank and houses turned to ash. A cloud of smoke spilled up into the air, creating a toxic atmosphere for the inhabitants. Missives would be sent out to the Rex and the academy. “You were given a chance to vacate our lands and you refused. The khronammoruk will weed you out like a pest and remove any memory of the dragon taint you bring with you. And Rex. Do not make the same mistake your predecessors did, and test the might of our clan. Remove the dragonkin off the land behind your city, or share their fate.” ᚹᛖ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚲᛟᛗᛁᚾᚷ ᚠᛟᚱ ᚤᛟᚢ
  16. ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᚴᛁᚾ “A dwarf never forgets.” CLEANSING OF THE DRAGONKIN No descendant has come close to the combined feats of Yavoks kin. Yavok Ireheart, the founder of the clan, purged dark beings haunting the caves of his home. Kjell the Dragonslayer, slaying multiple dragons himself, set the precedent for the later generations of khronammoruk. With a Dragon attack on the capital of the dwarves, and the attack on the King of the Dwarves in the Haense tavern, the threat of the Dragonkin and Azdromoth grows greater. The Dragon-worshippers taint the land they touch and associates of Khorvad and Iblees cannot be ignored as they move to undermine the ideals and places we’ve all fought for. The Irehearts grow tired of the repeated slights by the sons of Azdromoth by tainting dwarven lands and the repeated attacks on Urguans kin, the repeated seizing of Urguani land from the Paladins and the deals with Iblees. For this, the combined Elders of Clan Ireheart and the Clan Father of the Irehearts make a bloodpact to fully cleanse this land from the spawn of Iblees. To those who live in the old ruins of Dol’Gorix at the foot of the volcanic mountains. You will have two stone days to remove your belongings off our sacred land or blood will once more be split in reclamation. Kav un anakrun yol zahere. Do not test our patience. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds. Elder of the Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Elder of the Irehearts, Commander of the Legion. Elder of the Ireheasrts, Certified Dragon Tracker
  17. THE EASTERN ALLIANCE Agreed on the 10th of the First Seed. Between the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan SECTION I: DEFENSIVE ALLIANCE The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, hereby referred to as ‘the signatories’, sign a new defensive alliance between the two sovereignties henceforth known as the Grand Alliance to replace the current pact of non-aggression. I. The signatories agree to a defensive military alliance. II. The signatories agree that an attack by a third party against one of them is an attack against both of them. III. The signatories agree to settle any dispute between them or in which they may be involved through peaceful means in such a manner that this alliance and the laws of the signatories are not endangered. IV. The signatories agree to consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the signatories is threatened. V. The signatories agree to keep the option available to expand this defensive alliance into a full military alliance whenever deemed favorable by both parties. SECTION II: MILITARY COOPERATION The signatories agree to engage in military cooperation in light of Section I. I. The signatories agree to engage in the occasional shared military training. II. The signatories agree to host wargames in both of the signatories’ sovereign lands. III. The signatories agree to keep military correspondence for these trainings, wargames and any other militant affairs such as rallies that are of interest to the other signatory. IV. The responsibilities for these forms of military cooperation lie with both the Haeseni Lord Marshal and Dwarven Grand Marshal. SECTION III: TRADE The signatories agree that a pact of free-trade shall begin between both parties, with each agreeing: I. That nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other signatory’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. II. That each signatory shall receive one untaxed stall to sell whatever goods they see fit, so long as they do not break said nation’s laws. SECTION IV: DURATION The signatories agree to be bound by the terms of this Treaty for a period of twenty years. IV JOVEO MAAN His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III His Excellency the Aulic Envoy, Matyas Joren Baruch Ambassador to Urguan, Erika Renate Barclay
  18. An artists depiction of an celebration taking place by the tripartite alliance. A GREAT FEAST As the Tripartite army withdrew from the battlefield and returned to their war camp, many small feasts and celebrations of their victory rang out across the various territories of the alliance, mead was poured, meat was cooked and wine was drunk. But as Bakir sat in the great dwarven halls of Kal’Darakaan he would find these celebrations not worthy of the warriors who fell during the battle, not honoring those who were victims to the crimes of Philip III, and not great enough to be remembered in history. So Bakir brought forth a dwarven scribe and issued summons to each signatory in the Tripartite alliance for a Great Feast in the halls of Kal'Darakaan, where food would overflow and your cup would not go empty. So word spread around the entirety of Almaris, and individual letters would be sent to each of the signatories of the Tripartite Alliance. The Kingdom of Haense and to Sigismund III The Ferrymen Band The Vale of Nevaehlen and to Mirven Caerme’onn The Kingdom of Savoy and to Ser Lucien To the Kingdom of Krugmar and to Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal To the Kingdom of Norland
  19. THE FOLLY OF PHILIP III The sun rose above the Urguan mountains, where radiantly warm rays of sun shone upon the ranks of the tripartite army. A mass of Tripartite warriors nearing the twenty thousand mark assembled by the front gates of the newly built Grudgefort, preparing for the battle against the Orenian invaders to come. Noon struck, and a domineering horn sounded as the commanders of the Tripartite alliance stepped in front of their forces to lead them to an assured triumph. Led by Durorn Ireheart, Bakir Ireheart and Grigori Vyronov, the army of the alliance marched forth, clattering swords to shields and resonant boots to the gravel of the warzone, off to meet the Orenian force. The sun of the eve reflected off the armor of the Imperial State Army, their ranks vastly outnumbered by the tripartite forces. Yet, as the general saw the opposing army advance, he sounded that his Orenian fodder marched in adversary, both armies clashing between the nearby boats of the fleet and mountain range of the East. As they advanced each other, Durorn ordered several volleys of arrows to be let loose onto Philip III’s army before breathing into the war horn once more, sallying a charge towards Orens forces. A deafening sound of war cries was heard from the charging army of the tripartite, slamming into the unexpecting ranks of the ISA. For a while the fighting was even as each army clashed, filling the air with the sounds of axes hitting shields and swords crashing against armor. After a while the ISA grew weary and began to grow fatigued, the men of Blackvale attempted to reinforce the frontlines of the ISA, but there was no chance of turning the battle back around. The ranks of the dwarves, humans and orcs quickly cut through Blackvales reinforcements whilst the Ferrymen slew those cowardly enough to flee. Orenian bodies littered the ground along eastfleet all the way to Southbridge, their blood soaking into the sea, making the water look like pure Haenseti wine. As the remaining alliance army returned to their camp inside the great grudgefort and prepared for a great feast, all the world knew the folly of Philip III and they will know that– We are coming for you.
  20. A STAND OF IRON “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep." It is recent history that your predecessor, Philip II made a mistake. He assumed the dwarves of Urguan would be slighted so easily, that the true sons of Horen, the people of Haense would not stand to defend their country, and their faith. Philip III you bear the same name and you bear the same bloodline, it is only fitting you make the same mistake. Under Ulfric you fought a strong Urguan, under me, you fight a united Urguan. As your most competent warriors leave your side, my kin return from the mountains tenfold. Once more Durorn Ireheart has returned, hearing the call of an Ireheart king, those who are descendants of Yavok have returned as well to enact vengeance upon your bloodline and defense upon our lands. The last time our clan and our nation rallied to such a cause, our greatest warriors by the name of Utak, Gror, Durorn, and Bakir led the war against your failed predecessor and secured his grave within three stone days, those same warriors return treating your bloodline just the same. While you have been squabbling in your throne rooms, debating trivial laws and legislature to implement, the sons of Urguan have been hard at work, smithing, crafting and building a fort of being impenetrable. For your mistake you shall pay, Orenian blood shall fill your streets and those of your bloodline shall be hunted down until you meet god himself. Urguans people will fight and we will win for justice will not be denied. NARVOK OZ URGUAN
  21. 6th of the Suns Smile A KING OF IRE The Halls of Kal’Darakaan bustled as Dwarves readily prepared for the big event, the coronation of Bakir Ireheart. The sound of merchants selling their trinkets, smiths hammering away in their forges and bartenders refilling their drinks. A horn would sound from the Obsidian Throne, calling all to the throne room for the ceremony. Many dwarves from each clan made their way into the room, followed by allies from Haense, Norland, and the Vale, alongside representatives from Elysium and the Elven Alliance. All of Almaris was here to watch a new Grand King be crowned. The room was packed full, many bustled around to find spare seats, but as the final guests sat down the High Prophet stepped forward, slamming against the podium calling everyone to be silent, beginning the coronation. The High Prophet addressed those who were present, described the role of Grand King and the throne that he sits on. He described the seat and the role of Grand King to be a burden, to be sharp and uncomfortable, like ragged rocks of a mountain. He then faced Bakir, asking the Grand King-elect if he swears by the Brathmordakin, by Urguan and by all his life that he will be an honorable, compassionate, courageous, wise, cunning and ferocious Grand King, the Ireheart agrees, swearing by his life, and by his blood to not only be these things, but to be better. Then with a careful touch, Norli grasped the Crown of Urguan and told Bakir to kneel, and as he did the crown of the father of the Dwarves was placed upon his head announcing the new Grand King of Urguan. The room erupted. Cheers of joy and roars of ARU and hails filled the room, Dwarves, Humans and Elves alike joined in the chant as they congratulated Bakir on being the 34th Grand King of Urguan. Later that night, when the feast commenced and cups filled with mead overflowed, Bakir stood up once more before his people to address them. “What a privilege to be chosen as your Grand King. For years I have served in our halls, within our great Dwarven legion and under several Grand Kings, and so I am honored to be one of those Grand Kings, and have the ability to make change within our lands. If we look back in the times of old, back when Thorin Grandaxe conquered the world and forged the Obsidian Throne, or when Kjell Ireheart defeated the great dragons of the realm, or even during the times of Fimlin Grandaxe, Gror Ireheart, Utak Ireheart and Rhewen Frostbeard, when the dwarves were revered, respected and even feared. Our might was known across the realm, our craft was respected, our fighting capabilities were sought upon and our Grand Kings were legendary. In recent times we have lost these things and have not looked back on the successes and even failures of past Grand Kings, we have lost our way. As Grand King, I have promised over and over again that I wish to be a servant of the people, a servant to all those who live in our halls, and so for the last time I shall assure you once more. I will support and work with those who supported me and also who didn’t, I will ensure our name, our respect and our Grand Kingdom is restored back to glory. Finally, I will ensure not only our vaults and our halls but our pockets as well, are filled with gold and silver. I am a son of Urguan and Yavok, and you are sons and daughters of Urguan. Let us grasp glory and write our names in history, so all may remember our triumphs.” NARVOK OZ URGUAN
  22. MYRINE'S BOUNTY Presented by the Mareno Company We strive for professionalism, conduct and our grandeur in association with customers from across the continent. It is in our interest to provide the best; we sell the finest products, made of luxurious and refined materials, crafted by talented and fine craftsmen. In our greatest efforts to serve, The Mareno Company has embarked on a new venture -- the Myrine’s Bounty. To all across the continent of Almaris, we are proud to extend an invitation to all wishing to attend our auction, located in the City Square of Corazon; the Principality of Savoy has offered us a hand in partnership in hosting our auction, and we also come to rejoice in the opening of our new establishment, the Little Myrine. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion for our company, we honour all to come. The Myrine's Bounty will occur on 21st of the Grand Harvest, 42 S.A. Why is our establishment different from others? We sell only the finest goods across the continent, and our competitors are unable to match our authenticity nor our conduct. In being able to make merry with everyone, we are established in over three different nations and continue to strive in our expansion to bring others affordable prices and quality products. What is special about the Myrine's Bounty? Unlike regular auctions where normal, crude items are sold, all our products are of high quality and unique in value. On top of this, we will be selling a variety of different materials for those who wish to make the finest blades, or the most lustrous of jewellery. All materials are one of a kind and rare. What can we expect? A small insight into the items that are going to be included in the auction is a dagger of blighted-steel, beat and forged using this rare, sought-out material. For those leering at ancient relics, we came across a formidable spear of yore during one of our expeditions, for those who wish to discover its secrets or keep it as a collectors item. On top of this, for those men and women looking to swoon their beloved, we have found an amulet that induces love, joy and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company [OOC Information] Date: 09/25/2021 5:30 PM EST (Upcoming Saturday) Location: City Capital of Corazon, Principality of Savoy - City Square We will be hosting an auction above at the specified location and date. All items will be story-team signed (no player-signed items will be sold). If you are looking to take part in the auction, we would love to have you with us! RAFFLE At the end of the Myrine’s Bounty, we will be hosting a raffle to give back to the community. In order to sign up for the raffle, please list your name below as formatted and comment on the thread. You must be present at the event for your entry to qualify, or it will be passed onto the next! The winner of the raffle will be able to receive an ST-signed reward. RAFFLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON: 09/24/2021 - 11:55 PM EST Once entry to the raffle is closed, we will reply to this thread with a final list of participants and their designated numbers, which will be rolled on to determine our winner on the day. IGN: RP NAME: (Reply to this thread with a brief description of your character receiving a raffle ticket.)
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