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  1. THE RIVERGUARD OATH Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 THE RIVERGUARD OATH As sworn defenders of honor, justice, and the realm of Petra, we, the members of the Riverguard, pledge our lives to a code that upholds the highest standards of conduct. Bound by duty and camaraderie, we stand united to safeguard the innocent, preserve peace, and face adversity with unwavering valor. Article I: Honor and Integrity We shall conduct ourselves with unyielding integrity, refraining from deceit, treachery, and dishonorable acts. Our word is our bond, and our actions shall reflect the noble ideals we uphold. Article II: Courage and Bravery Fear shall not govern our hearts. In the face of adversity, we shall stand resolute, demonstrating unwavering courage and bravery in battle and in life. Article III: Loyalty and Brotherhood The bonds between brethren are sacred. We shall support and protect one another, for the strength of our Order lies in our unity and unwavering loyalty. Article IV: Mercy and Compassion Even amidst the storm of conflict, we shall show mercy to the vanquished and compassion to the oppressed, seeking to temper justice with mercy and alleviate suffering wherever possible. Article V: Chivalry and Respect We shall uphold the chivalric virtues of courtesy, respect, and honor, treating all with dignity regardless of their station. Our conduct shall inspire others to emulate our example. Article VI: Devotion to Duty Our commitment to our sacred duty shall be unwavering. We shall defend the realm, protect the weak, and uphold justice, even at great personal cost. Article VII: Wisdom and Strategy The path of victory lies in calculated wisdom. We shall exercise strategic thinking, employing our minds as skillfully as our weapons, to outmaneuver and outthink our adversaries. Article VIII: Humility and Self-Improvement We shall remain humble in victory and steadfast in defeat. Continual self-improvement shall be our pursuit, recognizing that there is always room to grow and learn. Article IX: Guardians of the Land Our commitment extends beyond the battlefield. We shall be stewards of the Petra, protectors of the environment, and defenders of the realm's natural beauty. Article X: Legacy and Posterity We shall honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and strive to leave a legacy of courage, honor, and integrity for the generations yet to come. By the sword we swear, and by this Code of Honor, we bind our hearts, minds, and souls to the ideals of the Riverguard. The following form must be filled and sent to the Génerale of The River Guard through aviaries. By signing this form you swear to uphold the RIVERGUARD OATH until death or offical separation from duty. : Full Name: Age: Gender: Race: Rank: [Username: ] [Discord: ] GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  2. THE RIVERGUARD R & O Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 RESPONSIBILITIES & OBLIGATIONS Below is an informational guide of what members of the Riverguard are expected to do while both on duty and off-duty, in order of importance. Article I: The Obligation to Defend All members of the Riverguard swore an oath, this means they must defend the Petra at all times, even if facing death. Upon seeing danger within the Petra, the Riverguard must always interfere and help, regardless if they are On Duty or not. Article II: Obeying Orders The Riverguard must obey their higher ranks. Suggestions are always welcome but at the end of the day its what the highest rank says in the heat of battle that the Riverguard must do. In situations of high pressure there must be some form of order. The higher rank provides it. If there is a repeat offender that does not follow orders, there will be consequences depending on severity. Article III: Uniforms Uniforms are to be worn when on duty at all times, however the wearer may decide whether to wear their helmet or not. The uniform must coincide with rank. Any members caught with the wrong uniform will be given one warning and any incidents after will involve immediate accusations of impersonating a higher rank. Article IV: Pay and Resource Gathering Anyone willing to earn extra mina may gather resources. Gathering resources is a necessity in the Riverguard, as preparing for possible war is expensive. There will be a list posted outside of the room where the materials will be placed that tells the compensation for each item. Simply put the materials in your designated barrel and they will be replaced with “Coin of the Riverguard” which can be exchanged for mina any time in the in-house shop. Gathering supplies is not only a decent way to earn mina, but a reliable way to be looked at for promotion. The Riverguard is in constant need of: Leather, Iron, Copper, Netherite, Coal, etc. Article V: Armory The armory is home to the Riverguard’s gear, everyone is given a locker that will have two sets of armor, two weapons, and two satchels of food that are satiating enough to be used in battle. This will be supplied by the riverguard which means it is NOT owned by the individuals. It is Riverguard property. Upon Petra needing it, the Riverguard will be instructed when to take their items out of their locker to prepare for battle. This includes: 1 set of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 satchel of food. The lockers are checked fairly often, and if there is armor missing from someone's locker that isn’t accounted for, there will be harsh repercussions. If the member can’t explain themselves, they will have one saint’s day to replace it. If the items are not replaced by that time, this may result in being kicked out of the Riverguard Article VI: Expeditions On average, there are about two major expeditions per year. In these outings, the highest ranking member is tasked with delegating orders should the operation turn violent. Riverguard are considered on duty during these times, and must be in uniform. Article VII: Room and Board Every member of the Riverguard ranks is entitled to a room within the barracks, as long as the individual doesn’t have any other holdings in Petra. Should a member get holdings they will kindly be asked to vacate their room to free up space for someone else who needs it. These rooms are tax free however, relatively small. Article VIII: The Right of Mistreatment Every member is still a soul that deserves fair treatment. Any Riverguard who feel they have been wronged by a higher up may reserve the right to speak about it to the Generale or even the Ruler of the Petra at the time. It is heavily encouraged to do so and by law they will not be judged. Article IX: Notice of Absence The Riverguard needs an active populace. In the event a Riverguard member hasn’t been seen for 2 years without notice, The Generale reserves the right to evict them from the premises and the Riverguard as a whole. These individuals will be seen as oath-breakers by the members of the Riverguard, regularly shamed for making a commitment they couldn’t uphold. Article X: Recruitment The Riverguard is in constant need of people, each Riverguard will be urged to invite other into our ranks. Simply introduce the prospect to a higher rank for recruitment. This also is heavily considered during the promotion phase. Article XI: An Oath Fulfilled In times of great service, Riverguards may retire their oath as it had been fulfilled to the best of their abilities. This is seen as an honor because to earn it involves years upon years of servitude. Upon this happening, it is customary to place an art piece of them within the Bastion, so their servitude and legacy will never be forgotten. GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  3. The Silan'siol - Nor'asath's defenders seek new recruits. Live a life of action, adventure, and purpose. As the years churn forward on this new land, more profane and unholy things begin to show their ugly hides, and foreign armies as well as gangs of murderous bandits sound their war horns. The time has come to call for brave souls to stand up and quell such evils, to hold the torch of our ancestors high in the sky against the wave of darkness. Do you have what it takes to answer the call? Benefits: Expectations: What you can expect: Upon joining the Silan'siol, you will be given the initiate uniform and your next training date. When you come to the practice you will then be trained by our seasoned warriors, and get to know your brothers and sisters in arms. From there, you can hone your skills with your fellow soldiers, work your way up the ranks, and stand tall as a bastion against those who seek to assail us. How to join: Seek out the Lord Commander, or any council member and convey your intent to join the Silan'siol. OOC:
  4. THE HOST OF ST. ARPAD OF VILACZ, THE BANNERMEN OF IVANOVICH Issued and confirmed by, THE DUKE OF STRAN 11th of Sigismund's End, 1932 INTRODUCTION Nearly thirty years ago to the day the Host of St. Arpad was established in a small chapel in the former lands of Cherskavy. From there we set out to establish ourselves and seek a better life than what we had before. We traveled and settled in numerous places, a mere reprieve before the work was to begin. As time progressed, our numbers grew as more and more true-raevir settled, now we reach a point in time of peace and prosperity. Yet, it is not our way to just keel over, we must always remain ready for battle and reject the ways of the heartland-folk. It is with that, the Host of St. Arpad of Vilacz remains the standing militant force of House Ivanovich and defenders of the wayward Raevir in the Duchy of Stran. An artistic rendition of a Kazak leading the Host of St. Arpad, c. 1932. MISSION The Host of St. Arpad of Vilacz is to act as the personal bannermen and guard force for House Ivanovich, the Duchy of Stran, and any other of Ivanovich holdings. Founded on the principles of Ruskan Orthodoxy and the militant scriptures of St. Arpad, the streltsy serving within its ranks have been honed into a professional fighting force compared to a local militia or levy. They are tasked with protecting any and all wayward raev-folk who have lost their way and to act in the Duke’s best interest and at his discretion. Depiction of three bannermen of House Ivanovich in full uniform. RANKS Hetman - Гетман The Hetman or Duke of Stran is the commander of the Host of St. Arpad, it is he who houses them, feeds them, and so forth. In return those amongst the host owe oaths of loyalty to the Hetman. The Hetman can only be the Duke of Stran, unless a different successor is chosen by his will. Ataman - Атаман The Ataman or Captain of the Host is the highest rank one may reach. They sit upon The Rada Vaškova and are responsible for all the Host’s wellbeing in terms of shelter, pay, supplies, and so forth. The Ataman may also oversee and organize and train the Host at Duke’s discretion. Knight of Blessed Istvan - Рыцарь з блогослав Иштван The Knights of Blessed Istvan are those who have first been elevated through squireship or extraordinary service to the Druzhina; the personal retinue of the Hetman. But through even further service they’ve proved themselves more than capable. Because the Hetman and Ataman cannot be everywhere at once, these men are entrusted to act in their names, acting as officers of the Host. Desyatnik - Десятник Exceptional cossacks are raised to desyatnik, roughly sergeant or corporal in the common tongue. They have through the ataman been granted certain authority over their subordinates to lead in combat, host patrols, trainings and other minor events. Cossack - Казак The Cossacks are the grizzled veterans of the Host as far as peasants go, and are the only form of organized or otherwise professional soldiers of the Host. In order for one to become a cossack, you must first be a Straznik. Only after years of service, piety, honor, or recognition by the Duke or Ataman can a Straznik become a Cossack. They act as the vanguard of the Host. A Cossack can be identified due to being branded with the Mark of St. Arpad upon being promoted from Straznik. Straznik - Стразник Straznik are streltsy that have sworn oaths in service to the Duke of Stran. The Straznik make up the backbone of the Host due to the majority of citizens of our former lands enlisting so that they could purchase property and gain further opportunities in society through service in the Host. Nowadays the Straznik retain their position as the core of the Host being the entry rank for those who enlist. THE KNIGHTS OF STRAN The bulwark of the Duke and House Ivanovich, the sacred order of veteran cossacks who took vows of unwavering loyalty and dedication to their lord. They are often also known as the Arpadovic, with time it has become a tradition amongst their ranks who come of common birth upon being knighted and to take on the surname of Arpadovic, to become a Son of St. Arpad. ENLISTMENT To join St. Arpad’s Host, those interested must find or send a bird to the Duke of Stran or the Ataman of the Host, only then can one make their case to join the host and begin on their journey to restoring what was once lost to time. The Host itself can be found dwelling in Krepost Yakov in the city of Andregrad, Stran. OOC: MC Name: Discord Tag: RP: Name: Age: Gender: Race: Reason for joining: Past experience (if any): (Or via adding wavelincoln or breadnugget7567 on discord!) SIGNED, His Grace, Ser Istvan Ivanovich, Duke of Stran, Voidvode of Vaška, Count of Pravets, Baron of Vsensk, and Godansk, Lord of Andregrad, Hetman of the Host of St. Arpad, Keeper of the Hussariya, Protector of Raev and the Vaškan Steppe Her Ladyship, Dame Anya Volkov, Baroness of Vorovda, Ataman of the Host of Saint Arpad, Black Knight of Stran
  5. THE NOVELLEN-AUGUSTEN PACT Passed on Sun’s Smile 18, 1913, 12th of Godfreys Triumph, 46 of B.A ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The United Kingdom of Aaun and the Kingdom of Balian, or henceforth ‘the signatories’, recognise each other’s sovereignty and the rule of their domains, and their respective monarchs. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The signatories pledge to each other to adhere to principles of peace between each other, they shall not wage war upon one another, nor shall they raise arms against one another, or try to bring harm to the integrity of one another’s Kingdoms. ARTICLE III - TRADE AGREEMENT The signatories are to exchange stalls free of rent in their respective capitals to foster outstanding economic ties. Any tariffs beforehand imposed are revoked, and the creation of new ones is forbidden. ARTICLE IV - MUTUAL DEFENSE The signatories hereby pledge to assist each other in matters of national defence; an attack on either party by a third party shall be considered an attack against both. Any disputes between the two shall first be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue by way of official channels. That whenever the territorial integrity of either nation is threatened in any way, shape, or form, the two shall come together to discuss preemptive measures. That neither signatory shall aggress upon the other in any way. ARTICLE IV - MUTUAL OFFENSE The signatories hereby pledge to assist each other in matters of offence. Should one of the signatories take up arms against a third party, the other shall similarly join the war so that they may both hold a successful campaign. Prior to any active campaign, the other nation must endeavour to inform their ally of the matter at hand before a war commences. ARTICLE VI - DARKSPAWN The Signatories hereby pledge to share any information on darkspawn they may have, in doing so, they may both rid their lands of Darkspawn. ARTICLE VII - EXTRADITION The Signatories hereby pledge to extradite those who have been proven to be criminals at each other’s request. ARTICLE VIII - DURATION This Treaty shall be in effect for a period of twenty years, after which the Kingdoms shall convene once again for renegotiations. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Count of Monteres, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca and Valens, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Ledicort Vuiller, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Duana. HER LADYSHIP, Mariya Elizabeth Novellen, Lady of Augusta, Ambassador of Balian His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, Prince of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Duke of Corazon, Protector of the Realm, Honorary Lieutenant of Snowy Field’s Watch. Her Excellency, Cosima Monika von Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten, Lady Emissary of Aaun
  6. THE GREYCLOAK WATCH; THE O’ROURKE REFORMS Written on the 7th of Sigismund’s End, 1912. Ratified and Approved by the Greycloak Administration on the 18th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1913 The Sigil of the Duchy of Adria I. The Restructuring of Ranks Marshal Designated by the Duke of Adria, this position holds supreme authority over the Adrian Armed Forces and personally commands the Greycloak Watch. The Marshal is responsible for the promotion of soldiers and the general overseeing of the watch. Sergeant Sergeants serve as commanding officers of the watch. They’re appointed by the Marshal and oversee different respective areas of the watch known as offices. As of these reforms, there are three established offices: the Office of Information and Logistics, the Office of Recruitment and Training, and the Office of Fitness and Health. Shieldbearer Being a Shieldbearer is the highest honor an Adrian soldier can be afforded before being promoted to an officer position. Shieldbearers are often the strongest warriors of the watch and are commonly equipped with heavy armor to serve as shock infantry in combat situations. Guardsman Guardsman is the first rank Adrian soldiers can be promoted to. Typically, Initiates are promoted to this rank one to two saints week following their enlistment. While performing as a Guardsman, soldiers are allowed to assist their superior officers with recruitment and training of Initiates. Initiate Previously named Recruit, Initiate has taken the place of the base rank all enlisted men are assigned when they enter active duty. During their time as an Initiate, soldiers are typically taught the fundamentals of serving in the watch and are expected to attend all, if not, most trainings hosted by their superior officers. Reservists While they don’t participate in training or receive the benefits an enlisted man would, Reservists play a crucial role in the Adrian military. They form the backbone of the military and are only called into action during times of national or international conflict. While performing active service, Reservists are promoted to the rank of Initiate are expected to preform the daily routines an enlisted men would. II. Benefits of Joining Wages Each soldier is paid saints weekly based on their rank. To qualify for pay each soldier is expected to make their presence known to a superior office (Sergeant or Above) during the Saint’s Week. Attendance is documented. Shieldbearer - 15 Guardsman - 10 Initiate - 5 Lower Tax Rates Each soldier is afforded a half-off tax price on ONE of their properties that reside within the confines of the Free City of Velec. Tax cuts are non-stackable, meaning if two soldiers live together, they can not apply both of their tax rates together and achieve a seventy-five percent reduced price. All soldiers need to contact a steward about applying their tax discounts. Healthcare In cooperation with the Society of St. Catherine's Medical Institute, all enlisted men are provided with free healthcare to treat their wounds and alignments whether they occur as a result of their duty or a result of their off-time. Equipment Every enlisted member of the watch is provided with standard-grade military supplies which include but are not limited to a full set of chain armor, a longsword, a shield, a bow, and arrows. If an enlisted man's supplies are destroyed in battle, they will be replenished. III. Formalities Unlike the Imperial and Haeseni armies of old, the Greycloak Watch places a strong emphasis on brotherhood over uniformity. As such, soldiers are not expected to address their superiors or peers by their ranks or through the use of salutes. Instead, enlisted men are encouraged to address those as Sir or Ma’am or by their noble station if applicable. Additionally, instead of saluting soldiers are encouraged to display an informal greeting such as a slight bob of their head when greeting a superior officer. IV. Training Just as with the social reforms of formalities, the Greycloak Watch training program provides a similar break in social norms. As the average Adrian is taught combative skills from birth, the watch’s training program seeks to reinforce and build upon those skills. All training falls into three distinct categories; Field Training, Combative Training, and Passive Training. Field Training Field Training is the primary training exercise employed by the watch. It consists of on-hand experience where soldiers face real-world combat situations, such as down wild beasts or rogue bandits. An example of Field Training would be the Adrian Bandit Campaign. Combative Training Combative Training consists of honing a soldier's melee and ranged skills against other soldiers. All training of this nature takes place within the confines of Velec and is often trained in the forms of wargames such as Capture the Flag or Infected Tag. Passive Training Passive Training is the most infrequent of the three training exercises. It consists primarily of supportive skills that will aid soldiers on and off the battlefield. Typical skills that are taught in the Passive Training course include first-aid, fletching, blacksmithing, and equestrian care-taking. V. Medals As members of the Greycloak Watch continue to prove their mettle on and off the battlefield, the Greycloak administration has recognized the need to award the sacrifices our soldiers make. Every saints month, soldiers will be decorated with medals that recognize their loyalties and sacrifices to the Duchy. The list of the following medals has been approved by the Office of Information and Logistics for manufacturing and distribution. The Bronze Eagle Embroidered with the dual eagle of Adria, this is awarded to those that partake in at least five skirmishes, three battles, or a siege. This medal distinguishes the superior combative skills displayed by a soldier. It is granted to an individual upon their completion of an aforementioned feat. The Silver Eagle Embroidered with the dual eagle of Adria, this is awarded to those that partake in at least nine skirmishes, five battles, or two sieges. The Silver Eagle often denotes a veteran soldier. It is granted to an individual upon their completion of an aforementioned feat. The Golden Eagle Embroidered with the dual eagle of Adria, this is awarded to those that partake in at least fifteen skirmishes, seven battles, or four sieges. Due to the criteria of this medal, it’s very rare to see one displayed in public. It is granted to an individual upon their completion of an aforementioned feat. The Medal of Honor Awarded to those who distinguish themselves among their peers by performing exceptional duties for the Duchy. This medal is granted to individuals at the discretion of the Duke or Marshal. The Medal of Sacrifice Awarded to those who make the ultimate sacrifice in the face of death to secure an Adrian victory. The medal is presented to the family of the recipient. The Adrian Bandit Campaign Medal Awarded to those who participated in the Adrian Bandit Campaign between the years of 1909 and 1910 which saw the expulsion of the Redcloak mercenaries from the eastern borders. It is granted to an individual upon their completion of an aforementioned feat. Written by Alysanne Serena O’Rourke, Sergeant of the Greycloak Watch Approved by Joseph Vasile, Marshal of the Greycloak Watch
  7. THE COURTS OF LURIN Issued at Year 117 of the Second Age While The Most Serene State of Lurin is still young, it is seen fit to reform the courts to benefit the state they belong to in an attempt to create strife among peers to progress further than ever possible. With this sudden expansion of influence of the people over the state, it must be noted that the state will provide a counterweight in the form of simple requirements to be considered an active member of Lurin’s courts. THE NOBILITY OF LURIN While the court of Lurin is filled with nobility of varying degrees and the average citizen it should be noted that nobility only applies to one person and only in special cases a family is considered an integral part of Lurin. High Nobility: High nobility is often seen as the most important sect of people in Lurin, though they only get limited privileges compared to the average citizen. Vassal Leaders of various levels Vassal leaders are those granted a plot of land to develop the lands of The Silver Lubba for them and establish settlements for their people or potentially fortify the borders of the territories of Lurin. Often vassal leaders can be found as a voice upon the council and within reason govern their own lands with a certain amount of autonomy in exchange for their service. Division and Office Leaders With the rather unique structure of Lurin’s governance, the various divisions and offices are all granted their ability through The Silver Lubba and have their leaders assigned much through the same process. Division leaders are in every way above office leaders though fall in the same ranking of high nobility due to their importance in a functional state. Division leaders are often at the forefront of progress and military matters which they will need to execute with success as failure is not an option within the state at this level of leadership. The lack of a division leader to a division is often filled back up by the lower ranking members of the division, however, if it is found that incompetency is rampant, The Silver Lubba will personally lead the lacking division temporarily. Office leaders are maintaining the state and their institutions to keep the citizenry engaged, educated and healthy. When a position in these offices aren’t filled then often The SIlver Lubba steps in to personally ensure it stays functional. Previous High Council and Silver Lubbas Previous members of the High Council and Silver Lubbas are viewed as highly experienced members of Lurinite society, making them extremely valuable as advisors to the state and as a reward for their service they are granted their position as high noble. THE REQUIREMENTS OF HIGH NOBILITY To become a high noble within the territories of Lurin one must dedicate themselves to the state and its people with many paths laid out for even regular citizens to work their way up to this level of nobility. (A noble of Lurin ensuring the presence of their levymen) Minor Nobility: Minor nobility is often made up of people who have helped the state less directly or are not yet influential enough to be considered a high noble. Family Estate Holders With the nobility of Lurin working different from most other forms, only the one who holds the family estate is considered a minor noble to avoid stretching out the system to where everyone could be considered a noble somehow. Within reason the patriarch or matriarch of an influential family is the preferred candidate for holding these family estates. Large Company Holders Large companies within Lurin are considered minor nobility to empower them to more easily convey their desires within the territories for the sake of progress. Large companies need to be granted this title of minor nobility and only one leader per company is able to hold this title. The Silver Lubba’s Family The family of The Silver Lubba is most important to the state, some of these individuals considered princes and princesses if they are a direct descendant by blood to the first degree from The Silver Lubba themself. Though regardless of this, they are still merely minor nobles to limit their power within the state unless they manage to work their way up the ranks like every other citizen of Lurin. Lubba Knights Lubba Knights are an integral part of the Lurinite military, providing prowess of both mind and body to the state as their most elite forces of the realm. Lubba Knights are chosen personally by The Silver Lubba to maintain a force of only the best Lurin can find within their territories. Personal Advisors of The Silver Lubba Personal advisors to The Silver Lubba are often invited over personally to council meetings to bring their unique perspective or expertise to courts. Though not anyone with expertise becomes a personal advisor, often minor nobility is granted to those who repeatedly are requested to show their perspective upon certain issues. THE REQUIREMENTS OF MINOR NOBILITY To become a minor noble within the territories of Lurin one must be proficient at their trade or have value to the state as a whole. Each one of these positions bar the family options are achievable within reasonable time and dedication by any citizen of Lurin. Additionally they are needed to bring forth one person to fill up a position within the divisions of Lurin with families considered as one entity, refusing this requirement will result in remaining a regular citizen rather than minor noble. Upon achieving this first step up into nobility, a mundane weapon of choice may be requested to The Silver Lubba themself who will provide the holder of this title with what they desire to use. This weapon becomes a symbol of service to the state and is of great importance to the holder of it as the loss of this weapon is a great tragedy upon the banner this noble comes from. Furthermore beyond this symbol, the fresh noble will need to provide a banner for the halls of The Silver Lubba, representing them, their family or company in the courts of Lurin and is seen as a gift of great prestige from The Silver Lubba to have their banner present. THE PEOPLE OF LURIN While our courts are filled with nobility of varying levels, it should be noted that citizens are often seen wandering in with issues they have found or ideas they wish to bring to light. Our citizens are encouraged to participate within the courts of Lurin to aid us in our governance as if it were their own duty to do so. Periodically a time for these suggestions and issues is hosted by a member of the high council of The Silver Lubba themself. (Lurinite court being held within the designated room) These moments of public court for the citizenry are a right given by The Silver Lubba and must be held at least once per Esht Month, however, it is preferred to host these bi-weekly for a more effective means of dedicated communication outside of conversations held directly with the various council members. Once a public court is called for with a location provided for it, the citizens may bring forth their word without issue unless in direct violation with the current laws. THE MILITARY OF LURIN With the courts set up within reason in our Most Serene State of Lurin, the military duties of our people may not be forgotten in times of prosperity. Without a necessity to maintain an army in the eyes of our citizens it has been seen fit to take a necessary step towards maintaining a proper standing army made up from people rather than the constructs our state provides us so the constructs may focus upon their primary goals instead of having to act as our military. (A Silver Centurion marching forth into enemy territory) This new system includes full participation from our nobility as they are now required to send forth at least one person from their group to be granted and maintain their position. As easily as the noble status is granted, it may be stripped at the same speed if the bare minimum is not met. This one person put forth must be capable of learning, following orders and be able bodied. These people do not necessarily need to be soldiers of the state, they merely have to participate within the government’s system of divisions. Each person put forth can choose their own division to join willingly to maintain a minimal amount of staff within each division with relative ease and keeping ourselves capable in times of conflict. THE ETIQUETTE OF LURIN The etiquette of our Most Serene State of Lurin is rather simple with the rule of thumb being that humility is praised above all and the lack thereof shunned within the courts. Within Lurin a citizen and The Silver Lubba share the burden of the state in different ways, though never must one raise themselves too high to estrange the people of our state as chaos ensues. Every citizen has their worth provided to the state, the lack of doing so may put them in a less favorable light. Additionally, the laws of Lurin will always be maintained by the citizens of our Most Serene State of Lurin as the lack of discipline will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, there are simple phrases within court one could use to show respect to the culture of the Lurinites or used to disrespect a citizen greatly. “May Eshtael Bless you” - A simple phrase to wish good health upon them. “May your scales never tip” - Wishing someone stability and prosperity in life. “The Atronachs Missed You” - Accusing someone of being vile in nature. “May Tahariae take care of you” - A phrase to wish someone dead. Along with these simple phrases, there is a good chance they will be spoken out with the Lurinite language to ensure foreign bodies know little of what is being spoken of. However, even among Lurinites this language is rare to be spoken as many only speak it to express the true meaning of their words. THE FASHION OF LURIN Most other settlements and nations of the realm often have difficulty finding out who is deemed important and who is not within Lurin, partially this is because of the odd fashion found within Lurin and on their citizens. Often they are seen wearing their work uniform or a modified version of it for more formal meetings, however, there is still the presence of informal clothing among the people who lack a position within the state. Often viewed as a shame, however, if they manage to become successful without the state then they might as well have earned their share into becoming a minor noble or perhaps make their own clothing for ease. (A Silver Centurion with modified uniform entering court) THE DIPLOMACY OF LURIN As Lurin grows over time, there have been a couple preferences and noted down expressions during the diplomatic process which could be more efficient or avoided entirely. With this revelation, a small list has been constructed to give some oversight for future diplomatic meetings. -Bringing anyone other than your leader or someone authorized to officiate pacts autonomously to negotiate terms is a waste of time and effort. -Bringing more than two soldiers to a meeting is an act of aggression. Additional diplomats are an exception if they bring something of use to the table. -A pact with another nation might end up being pushed through the council and shareholders to see a general census before accepting, declining or altering the terms. -Every pact must be made with both parties present in the room, drafts must be prepared beforehand to indicate a clear goal of what the other entity wishes to achieve. -The offering or exchanging of gifts is discouraged during meetings unless they have a true cultural value to avoid muddling diplomacy with nepotism and other forms of bastardized politics. (Diplomats on their way to the Lurinite courts) THE CULTURAL STANDARDS OF THE COURTS The start of court within the territories of Lurin are rather simple, once a time and place have been chosen then as soon as the citizens, indentured servants, council members and nobles of Lurin start wandering in then the leading figure within the room may announce the start with a simple phrase: “The Serene Prevail Today, May Your Voices Be Heard” Followed by a gesture to either summon the first person before the leading figure or to perhaps announce something for all of Lurin to know. The courts of Lurin are considered to be in a more basic form as titles matter little within these courts and competency is always preferred over them. This unusual form enables leadership and nobility to be spoken at by their first name without mention of their title regardless if they agree or not to prevent bastardization of the process of court. The court only finishes after a simple phrase has been spoken out by the leading figure of this court, usually the one who summoned court: “Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance” Once this phrase is spoken, no nobility, leadership or citizens are needed to stay within the room where court was held, granting opportunity for less global and more personal matters to be discussed if deemed necessary to do so. Furthermore, as Lurinite court is considered more basic in nature, it should be noted that at all times only those requesting to speak up will be listened to, the lack of this basic thought in repeated fashion will enable the Centurions in removing them from the premises. Naturally, this rule has exceptions if the words spoken out are widely considered to be slanderous or vile in nature. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  8. The Zvaervauld Great Horse Issued naf zwy 4th hag i Gronna ag Droba i 463ES By the Barony of Zvaervauld Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, In line with the proud legacy of Felix Weiss as part of the glorious hussars, the Barony of Zvaervauld has seen fit to create their own breed of horse befitting the use of hussars and knights: a succession of steeds with the sole purpose of becoming uncontested destriers. The Zvaervauld Great Horse is set to become the epitome of a heavy duty war-horse, bred for their high spirit and sensitivity to their surroundings. Paramount to all their attributes is their keen connection with humans, giving them a fierce intelligence and willingness to train. With their height and musculature, this draft-type can carry the load of their armour, gear, their rider, and their equipment with ease. However, would-be riders should be warned: a high-spirited steed is not one for beginners in the field and requires a skilled handler to not only direct his steed’s attention but also to keep its acute mind occupied. Each Zvaervauld Great Horse is treated and trained with the utmost care. From a young age, they must learn to be independent and be unadulterated in their growth. They must learn to take immediate command, and become used to acting as one with their rider. Given their destiny as horses of war, they are given particular attention in the matter of focus: they are taught to normalise loud noises, sudden changes and to patiently endure the mishandling of weaponry through hours of exercises prior to sale. Criteria must be met for any single horse to be considered a Zvaervauld Great Horse: They must be descended from the line of Boldizar, They must have been vetted and record for authenticity by a Weiss handler, They must be the most physically fit and capable they can be, The coat must be pure black in colour, No markings may mar or obscure their colouration, Stallions must measure 15 hands or higher while mares 14 or higher, The trunk must be proportional as to have the height match the width, Their growth in all stages must be unadulterated. Not all horses born unto the field of Zvaervauld are fated to fall under the designation of ‘Great’. There are those who, while admirable for other qualities, are only befitting of the title ‘Lesser’. Any who fail to match the criteria but who are still of the line of Boldizar will be considered ‘Zvaervauld Lesser Horses’. These lesser steeds may find themselves more akin to coursers or, for a handful, ought to be treated solely as companions. To ensure accurate tracking and record-keeping, a Stud Book was opened on the 10th i Joma ag Umund i 461 ES to record every new individual. All horses are given a name and unique 6-digit ID. However, given the desire to keep the tracking of Zvaervauld Great Horses immaculate, all such steeds also come with a Certificate of Ownership. As such, while the purchase of Zvaervauld Lesser Horses may be permissible without the presence of handler, all Zvaervauld Great Horses may only be obtained via appointment. For this appointment, speak to or bird his Lordship, Audo Weiss. While the ownership of Zvaevauld Lesser Horses need not be tracked as rigorously, particularly invested steed holders may also seek a certificate if they desire through appointment though the horse they own must be brought to be presented upon request. Zvaervauld Lesser Horses are sold on Market Stall III Zvaervauld Greater Horses are sold only by appointment. Bird or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss Bossir Felix Weiss, Lord of Zvaervauld and Lord Marshal of His Majesty’s Brotherhood.
  9. ᛁᛏᛋ ᛟᚡᛖᚱ A FINAL RESIGNATION ᛏᚺᚨᚾᚴ ᚤᛟᚢ Fellow dwarves, an ancient saying reads all good things must come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that I write to you all that I shall resign from my position as Grand Marshal. I wanna thank every legionnaire for putting their full trust into me as Marshal. I also wanna thank Grand King Bakir Ireheart for granting me such an important position. We've enjoyed a lot of victories, and even won a war. Though my fuel tank ran out, and i wish to not burden the Legion with inactivity. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and i believe this is truly for the best. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Legion. =================== Signed, Champion of The Wilds, Elder of Clan Ireheart. Defender of Dungrimm.
  10. IN NEED OF RECRUITS A missive sent out to non-enlisted personals that seemed fit to fight for the wars and conflicts that are occurring within Oren. [-] ENLISTMENT If you happen to be looking for a military to enlist into, please DM lucass#9369 on discord or message me directly from the forums. Signed, Sveneld Andrevich, Barony of Cherskavy.
  11. ᛋᛟᚾᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ DUNGRIMM’S LEGION. ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ The Sons of Urguan have forever relied upon Dungrimm’s legion should any conflict arise. Dungrimm’s Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest militaristic guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Under Sigrun Ireheart, the legion is bound to prosper once more with these changes. The Commanding Ranks. Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal is the disciplined and experienced leader of Dungrimm’s Legion, second only to the Grand King himself. He is expected to be the Grand leader all the legionnaires and dwarves look up to. He shall lead with courage and gallantry and shall be devoid of any cowardice. Disobeying the Grand Marshal is to be considered a terrible insult to the experience he has gathered. Commander. The Commanders of the Legion are the most confident, brave and cunning Thanes handpicked by the Grand Marshal himself. To be promoted to the Commander rank is a promotion of highest honour and courage. There shall be no more then two commanders at any given time. They are considered the Grand Marshal’s right hand men, and are the ones in charge if the Grand Marshal is absent. They are to be in charge of running their own trainings and events for the Legion, and are fully trusted to host them on their own. Lieutenant. Lieutenant is the lowest commanding rank in the legion, nonetheless it is a rank of great martial ability and prowess. Lieutenants have the duty of leading soldiers should the Grand Marshal and Commanders be absent. It is the Lieutenant's duty to make sure to lead the ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion and keep the Legion functioning. Brigadiers may also command cohorts if they desire to do so. The Soldier Ranks. Pridebearer. The Pridebearers of the legion are true veterans of Dungrimm. They are the most skilled and hardened warriors of the soldier ranks. It will often take Legionnaires decades to reach this rank, making it a position of true excellence in the Legion. Often Pridebearers are the first ones to be considered for Lieutenant. They are the ancient and undying defenders of Dungrimm’s Legion. Longbeard. Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Ironguard. Members of the Ironguard are to be considered the true core of the Legion. True warriors that are dedicated to Dungrimm’s Legion and that have sworn their oath to it. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication then the Grunts below them, and should carry a presence that is not to be trifled with. Grunt. Grunt is the beginning rank of Dungrimm’s Legion, any dwarf can sign up and start their journey through the ranks as a Grunt. They will be trained in combat and discipline, leading to a quick experience as to how true Legion life will be. Once competent enough in listening to orders, combat and discipline Grunts will be promoted to the Ironguard after swearing their oath. Classes. There are various Classes a legionnaire can select to gain extra experience to their liking. Whether that be a Medic, Ranger, a Mage or a Beastslayer. These legionnaires get drilled and trained in their class, making them into an elite force used for specific duties alongside their standard issue legion training. Medic. Medics get trained to be an on the ground, hands on surgeon in the heat of battle. Medics are trained in their field to surgical precision. Their training is considered the most mentally straining due to the extreme multitude of scenarios they need to be prepared for, and for that reason they are heavily respected within the legion. Ranger. Rangers are the main scouting and stealth force of the legion. They are primarily trained to be self-sufficient archers who can whittle down an opponent from far away with arrows. They have been given the duty of scouting out the enemy ahead. Mage. The Mages of the Legion have been given training in general use of their magic, usually behind the main force in a more supportive role. The Mages are given the duty of targeting out the more powerful enemies with their spells, or using their spells as cover for the other legionnaires. Beastslayer. The Beastslayers of the Legion are an elite fighting force specially designed to slay unnatural and rare monsters ordinary legionnaires aren't trained for. The Beastslayers excel in fighting anything supernatural that may come their way. The Legionnaires Oath. Step forward, grunt [“Grunt’s Name”], and swear by the gods of Urguan, the manes of your ancestors, and your own honor an unbreakable oath that you will follow your commander wherever he may lead you. You will obey orders enthusiastically and without question. You will promise to serve under the standard of the Legion with honour. You will serve Urguan faithfully, even at the cost of your life, and will respect the law with regards to civilians and your comrades in arms.” “Congratulations. You are now a member of the Ironguard.” Legion benefits. While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks indefinitely should they stay active within the ranks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Legion Pay: The commanding ranks of Dungrimm’s Legion are expected to be grateful for the chance to lead the Legion, and are given no pay. This is the pay given to active Legionnaires judged by rank. Pridebearer: 20 Mina per year. Longbeard: 15 Mina per year. Ironguard: 10 Mina per year. Grunt: 5 Mina per year. Legionnaire of the Year: Legionnaire of the year is a rank granted down by the Grand Marshal himself, such ways to obtain this honour is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both in roleplay and out of character)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for that year’s payday.. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Year you will get double pay for that year’s pay day. Legion Hall of Fame: The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Enlistment Requirements One must be at least eighteen years old. One must reside in Urguan. One must not be banished. One is expected to have a good grasp of Urguanic Law. Promotions. Every two years. (two weeks) the Grand Marshal shall host a promotion ceremony based off of the performance by the Legionnaires the past two years. The current ways to gain recognition by the officers are: Gate Duty Outpost Duty Patrol Guarding Meetings/Feasts Completing tasks assigned by officers Saving a fellow Legionnaire Attending a Training Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom Being critical to a successful mission Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion Winning a Legion organised tournament Attending Raids Attending Skirmishes Wear the Legion issued uniform Attending Battles Donating any of the following materials: Iron Gold Coal Leather Meat Golden Carrots Feathers Wood If Legionnaires want to get promoted, these are the things they should especially avoid doing. Refusal to address an officer or Legionnaire of higher rank with proper decorum while on duty or in a formal environment in the Legion Hall Cause the mission failure Misuse of Legion issued equipment: Speaking against an Officer during serious matters Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks Going Stark Raving Mad Refusing to wear the Uniform on duty Uniforms: (New skins will be posted here, wear the old ones for now.) Enlistment: Legion form.
  12. The 1st Military Reform of Redclyf 6th of Sun's Smile, 79 SA The Military of Redclyf was once just a band of mercenaries known as The Red Company which was commanded by the first Duke of Redclyf, Friedrich I. But as the duchy slowly grew and moved their capital to the fort of Myrine, they soon realized that the army was underdeveloped and no longer fit the needs of the Duchy. Thus a reformation and reorganization of the military ensued, the overseeing and drafting of this process being granted to Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, The Aesir of Aesirs at the time. ______________________________________________________________________ Contents: Chapter I: Naming Chapter II: Authority Chapter III: Organization Chapter IIII: Mark System Chapter V: Hirð System ChapterVI: Extra Sets of Duties Chapter VII: Codes of Conduct & Military Laws Chapter VIII: Rank Structure & Chain of Command Chapter IX: Personal Guard of The Duke Chapter X: Medals & Awards Chapter XI: Enlistment & Oath Chapter XII: Retirement ______________________________________________________________________ Chapter I: Naming With every army and military organization comes an official name which said Military force is referred to. The Military of Redclyf is no exception. The army overall, including all its hirð’s and Hefnas, shall no longer be referred to as the Red Company but instead referred to as the Red Banner of Redclyf which is its only name and legitimate name. ________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter II: Authority The Red Banner of Redclyf acts under the direct authority of the Aesir of War who sits upon the council of Redclyf by the grace of the Duke. The army does not only act as a military force that is in charge of the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Duchy but also as a policing force, charged with maintaining peace & order within Redclyf’s walls & borders. To ensure peace & public order within Redclyf, the Officers of the Red Banner are given the right to enforce laws and punish those who break them accordingly. If a treaty of extradition is in place with the homeland of said criminal, then they are to oversee the extradition. In times of crisis or uncertain and dangerous times, the Red Banners are given the right to enforce curfews, set up security checkpoints alongside roads and streets, search and question people acting suspicious and set security perimeters within the borders of Redclyf. ________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter III: Organization To ensure an effective military that is able to act decisively and swiftly in times of war and crisis, the Red Banner of Redclyf has an extensive and deep organization within it that allows just that. These systems vary from units and levies to promotion and rewarding and can be broken down into; Military Edicts of the Aesir of War, serving as direct orders to all the Lithsmen & Bondi in active service to the army The Red Banner Mark system, being a variant of the one from Norland, in which each and every Lithsmen is granted a set amount of marks for each task and duty they perform, ensuring that good & productive soldiers are rewarded for their hard work. The Hirð system in which soldiers are split into separate units with their own set of Officers and duties, some being under the command of the Barons in Redclyf and others by High Ranking Lithsmen. A set of additional tasks and duties which a soldier has the right to claim and take on _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter IIII: Mark System The following chapter is dedicated to the Mark system which ensures good and productive soldiers are rewarded for their hard work. Ranks and how many marks one is required to obtain them: Ranks Marks Needed To Obtain Rank Jungeman 0 Oathedman 8 Hírdman/ Flagraman 16 Huskarl 22 Dróttin 32 Hersir/Herling 50 A soldier is rewarded marks for each duty they complete or military event they partake in. Some are but not limited to; Attending any Training: 1 Gate Duty: 1 per hour Gathering Raw Resources: 1 per three stacks Escorting a Member of the council or the Duke and or his Wife: 2 Guarding Religious & Government Events/Ceremonies: 2 Hosting a training/Patrol: 2 (2 enlistees must show up) Participating in a Patrol: 1 Recruiting New Members into the Army: 3 Participating in a Skirmish or Raid: 3 Participating in a War Claim Field Battle: 4 Participating in a War claim Siege: 5 _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter V: The Hirð system The Hirð system is a system fashioned and handmade by Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa” to ensure that swift and decisive independent operations within the Duchy and when on campaign could be made. A Hirð is led by a Hersir or a Herling who act out the orders from the Aesir of War yet lead and give out orders in their own right. A Hirð is split into two subdivisions, A Drótt and a Hefna which are made up of either Lithsmen (career soldiers) & Bondi (levies). Hefna: A Hefna is the first formation one runs into when discussing the Hirð system. A Hefna consists of one Noncommissioned Officer and one to two enlistees under them, both either being a Bondi and a Lithsman or just one of the two but are mostly made up of Lithmen who are career soldiers due to the greater value professional troops provide when compared to levies. Duties of those in the Hefna The main duty of the noncommissioned officer, officially named as Huskarl within the military, is to make sure the men they lead are well drilled and ready for combat once it arrives alongside making sure they show up for military inspections and events or perhaps even battle. One could even say that they act as a mentor for the men under them. The Enlistee or Bondi that is within a Hefna make up the bulk of a Drót and even a Hirð. Their duties vary depending on the need of the Hefna and depending on what duty they are assigned by the Huskarl but in some cases they may be given a direct order from one of the Huskarl’s superiors such as the Dróttin. The only real duty they have is to be ready for battle and deployment. Overall Duties of a Hefna & Levies The overall duty of a Hefna is to patrol the lands of the duchy and maintain peace within the realm and act out punishments for breaking the laws of the duchy in times of peace. When it comes to times of war the same applies although it might be changed depending on what the army requires of it. An example would be that they would change their focus to foraging or scouting while on campaign or perhaps even harass enemy military installations. Levies, officially and commonly referred to as Bondi within the army, sometimes make up half of the troops in a Hefna if the Hefna is undermanned by Lithsmen who are the professional and career soldiers. A Hefna would be considered undermanned when it is not completely filled by Lithsmen. A levy is not randomly selected and then thrown into one of the formations but is rather assigned to one once they reach legal age. By being assigned to a Hefna, they would have to fight in it when raised and called upon but until then, they would work their shops and fields to ensure a thriving economy and duchy. Drótt: A Drótt is the second formation that one runs into when discussing the Hirð system, being made up of six Hefnas and led by a Dróttin or an officer as other nations would call it. Due to the nature of the army, a Dróttin can be made up of only Lithsmen or a mix between Bondi & Lithsmen. A Drótt is usually around 18 people. Duties of those in the Drótt Now those that are in the Drótt do not diverge or differ from the duties of those in the Hefna, rather having the same duties with a few extra duties due to the fact that the Hefna’s are the ones that make up the Drótt. The commanding officer of a Drótt is known as a Dróttin and their duty is to oversee that the Huskarls in the Hefnas are doing their job properly and do not hurt the overall quality of the army & the Hirð. To do so they are allowed to do inspections on the overall health and quality of the Drótts and to punish and replace the Huskarls, who are in charge of training the Enlistees, with higher quality soldiers to ensure that the troops under the command of a Huskarl are taught the skills of and drilled into a good soldier. Alongside that they are the one that lead the Drótt into battle and combat operations, taking orders from the Hersir/Herling they are commanded by and issuing orders themselves. Overall Duties of those in the Drótt Just like the Hefna, the duties of the Drótt are to ensure peace & order within the Duchy’s borders. This is because the Drótt is more or less a collection of all the Hefnas and put under a centralized leadership. Hirð: The Hirð is the collection of all the Drótts & Hefnas under it, being commanded by a Hersing/Herling who is either a High Ranking Lithsman or a Baron in the Duchy. Due to there being two different forms of commanders, some hold additional duties and responsibilities although both retain the same authority. Differences Between A Hersir & A Herling The differences between a Hersir and a Herling is only visible when you look at the societal hierarchy instead of the military chain of command. A Hersir is a noble and baron of the Duchy who owns an estate and may or may not field their own bannermen while a Herling is a commoner who has worked their way up to the rank they now have. If a Hersir was to own an estate/baronage then the Hirð they have command of would be stationed there and would patrol and defend said lands. Soldiers who may have accommodations outside of said estate and none in it would be given one in the estate they are posted at, preferably a barracks to ensure that the soldier lives and sleeps at the place they are to defend. The Hersir would also be put in charge of feeding and supplying them although may request help with supplying them from the Aesir of War. Payment for the soldiers' service will not and never will be put on the shoulders of the Hersir & any attempt to do so will be seen as trying to buy the troops' loyalty for personal gain or ambition. Now a Herling is not required to supply the men he holds command over due to the simple fact that it is very unlikely they would be able to afford it & thus all logistical duties that come from maintaining the Hirð will be the Duchy’s but mainly the Aesir of War’s duty. A Herling and his Hirð would be put in charge of the garrisoning of the capital or one of the other major settlements in the Duchy but if a settlement is not available then they shall be tasked with defending a fort or military encampment in the duchy, the Herling being made the Warden of said Fort. If neither is available then they shall simply be garrisoned in the capital. Payment would be taken care of by the Duchy. Naming & Signifiers Due to the likelihood of there being many Hirðs in the future and that soldiers may or may not give them unofficial nicknames to make it easier to distinguish said Hirð from another. This is why each Hirð has the right to give themselves an official nickname which cannot be changed without a majority vote within said Hirð. This right is given with good faith but does not mean each name will be permanent. If the nickname is deemed too inappropriate then it will be changed and said Hirð will be revoked the right and its soldiers & officers punished. Once a Hirð has lost this right they will merely be referred to as whatever number they are. Each Hirð will still go by a number even if they have a Nickname. An example of an allowed name would be; 1st Hirð of Redclyf “Iron Wolves”. Furthermore each Hirð shall be given the right to choose a symbol which shall represent their spirit and unit that will be carried by the Flagerman. The same rules for names apply here. If deemed too inappropriate then it shall be changed, the Hirðs right to it revoked and everyone in said Hirð punished. An example would be a banner with the Hirð’s symbol and the coat of arms of Redclyf and or a metal figure on a staff. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VI: Extra Sets of Duties This chapter will be dedicated to give a brief overview to the Extra duties each soldier may request to be granted. This includes logistical work to communications work. Bréffœrari The Bréffœrari are trusted members and messengers within the military who are tasked with delivering letters, edicts, orders and reports to those in the military. These roles are usually assigned to cavalrymen. Læknir The Læknir are men and women within the military who possess medical knowledge and thus are tasked with the treatment of wounded alongside ensuring that each soldier within the army is physically prepared for tasks and duties. They furthermore fill in all other medical needs the soldier may require. Each Hirð is to have at least 1 Læknir. Blacksmith The role of the blacksmith is rather simple in nature, given to those who possess knowledge and experience in a blacksmith. Those that take on this role will be tasked with the forging and repair of armor, weapons and tools for the army. Stablemaster The stablemaster is the role that has the duty of ensuring that the soldiers that need a horse have a horse. Their duty is not only to give out horses but to breed them as well to ensure a steady supply of Warhorses for the army. Due to the importance of this role, it is only granted to Huskarls and above. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VII: Codes of Conduct & Military Laws This chapter goes over how a soldier is supposed to act in general and when in the presence and address an officer alongside Military laws which each and everyone in the army is forced to abide by. Failure to abide by said Codes of Conduct & Military laws can lead to punishment and or a discharge. Uniforms When on duty, each and everyone in the military are to wear their uniform in accordance with their rank. When off duty a soldier is not allowed to wear their uniform yet are still expected that they uphold due behavior for they represent the military and the duchy as a whole. Furthermore, helmets are to be worn during official duties such as patrols & guarding courts. Modifications to said uniform are prohibited to ensure decency and uniformity within the military. The only way a uniform can be personally modified is with the permission from the Aesir of War. Addressing Superiors Addressing superiors is only applied to Non-commissioned officers and above. When addressing them, one will state their rank and either their first or last name and after this the reason for the address will be stated. Saluting Saluting is a tradition and custom within the military which is reserved toward the officers and above such as the Aesir of War, The Aesir of Aesirs, The duke & all the other Aesirs who hold a more specific role in the council. Saluting is mainly done to officers when on official military events such as inspections or guarding courts while one shall always salute the Aesirs until they give you permission to stop or leave your field of view. When saluting one will draw their sword and higher it to one's face, the crossguard & hilt being in front of the face before the mouth and the tip of the sword uppermost. The blade shall be vertical. Once one has been given permission to stop saluting, one shall move the blade so that it is aligned with the left shoulder before one sheathes it. Military Laws Every military in Almaris and the southern continent abides by their own military laws to ensure order and organization. Redclyf is no exception and have their own military laws I. One shall not partake in looting or banditry when on campaign without the permission from the Hersir/Herling or Aesir of War. Depending on the severity of the crime, they can be given corporal punishment, forced to return what was looted and beg on their knees for an apology from those that were wronged. II. One shall not shed the blood of non-combatants nor violate them in any way. Soldiers caught doing so shall be punished with death and or the removal of their reproductive capabilities III. One shall not reveal military information and secrets to neutral and or enemy entities. Doing so shall be punished with whipping or the tongue being cut off depending on the severity. IV. One shall not be intoxicated while on duty. Being found breaking this will result in a fine. V. One shall not commit Insubordination nor insult their superiors. Being found breaking this law will lead to a punishment the insulted finds suitable although regulated to ensure righteous and just punishment VI. One shall not desert the army. To be relieved of military duty, one must receive permission from the Aesir of War alongside having their oath lifted and have served a minimum of a year. Leaving the army without any of these conditions, also known as deserting & oathbreaking, will be punished with being made an outlaw and being Court-Martialed if captured. VII. One shall not stage nor partake in mutinies. Breaking this law will result in the Hirð being subjected to decimation which involves every tenth soldier being beaten to death by his comrades. VIII. One shall not show cowardice in battle. Doing so sets a poor example for your Hefna and will lead to your Hefna being punished. IX. A Hersir/Herling is prohibited from using the Hirð they are in command of for personal gain or vendettas. This includes but not limited to family feuds, clan feuds, raiding outside of war, racketeering, Hiring out the Hirð as mercenaries to the highest bidder, etc. If found guilty of this then the Hersir would be stripped of nobility and of their titles before being given a dishonorable discharge and a fine. If a Herling is found guilty of this then they shall be stripped of their rank, given a fine and dishonorably discharged. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VIII: Rank Structure & Chain of Command This chapter goes over the chain of command and the ranks within the army, starting from the highest rank one can achieve to the lowest where everyone starts from. This rank structure is dedicated to the Lithsmen, the career soldiers in the army and thus excluding levies. A brief description of each rank shall be given as well. Officers AESIR OF WAR The Aesir of War is the Highest office one can obtain as a Lithsman, being the supreme commander of the Red Banner as well as any Militias that are organized in the name of the Duchy. The duty of the Aesir of War is to make sure the Red Banner of Redclyf is operational and always ready for duty in general alongside being tasked with the security of the Duchy as a whole from Internal & External threats. The Aesir of War also sits on the Duke’s council and advises him or her on military matters. HERSIR/HERLING Hersir & Herling are two different terms with minimal differences yet hold the same authority and role in the army. The difference between a Hersir & a Herling is the fact that a Hersir is a noble. They lead a formation known as a Hirð who are assigned different duties by the Aesir of War within the Duchy and when on Campaign (See more in Chapter IIII). They may be put in command of the defense of a city or fort. A Hersir would not be paid in wages due to the fact they own their own estates from which they make an income from, while a Herling doesn’t. Thus a Herling is paid between 40-42 Minas in wages. Dróttin The Dróttin is the leader of a Drótt and a junior officer, being tasked with overseeing the Huskarls under them to ensure that the Non-commissioned Officers are the best there are. The Dróttin is furthermore tasked with maintaining the organization and high quality of the Drótt, doing so through inspections. (See More in Chapter IIII) A Dróttin would be paid 35 in Wages. Huskarl The Huskarl is a skilled and experienced soldier who has been made into a non-commissioned officer in the army, being tasked with ensuring discipline and drilling the soldiers of their Hefna through patrols, training and further military proceedings. They can be mistaken for being mentors. (See more in Chapter IIII) A Huskarl would be paid 28 in wages. Enlistees Hírdman/Flagraman The Hírdman is an experienced and well respected soldier within the Army, having served for a long period of time and proven them worthy over and over again. They are like Men-At-Arms although without any commanding authority unlike other militaries. A Hírdman would be paid 20 in Wages They may be appointed as Flagraman within their Hirð and thus be tasked with carrying the banner and or symbol of the Hirð. It is a sacred and respected duty but It is usually seen as a disgrace to the Hirð if their banner or Symbol was to be lost or captured in the heat of battle, some even believing it would give bad luck to the Hirð until it is recovered. A Flagraman would be paid 22 in wages. Oathedman The Oathedman is a Jungeman who has passed the trials of being a recruit and has shown himself worthy to be brought into the fold and the military in general, having sworn an oath to defend and fight for the Duchy until they are struck down in battle or until they are discharged. A Oathedman would be paid 15 Minas in wages. Jungeman Jungeman, meaning young man, is a newly enlisted and recruited man or woman who has decided to join the Red Banner of Redclyf. During the times of a Jungeman, they will swear an oath to defend and fight for the duchy until they are struck down in battle or until they are discharged alongside being trained by their Huskarl in the arts of individual combat, formation warfare alongside pushing them to their mental and physical limits to create strong, disciplined and reliable soldiers. A Jugneman would be paid 10 Minas in wages _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter IX: Personal Guard of The Duke The personal guard of the duke is known as the Valor Aesirs and is led by the Aesir of Protection, the sword and shield of the duke. This is a band of the best knights within the realm and the most loyal, being handpicked by the Duke himself and they only answer to him as well. There is no permanent and well established way of recruiting these knights due to the fact that the Duke handpicks them. He might send them on a quest to prove their worth or host a tournament in which the winner and the best may be offered a spot. These knights are well respected within the realm although they do not hold any authority over the men and soldiers in the Red Banner of Redclyf. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter X: Medals & Awards The following chapter gives a list of Medals & Awards each soldier is able to obtain in the Military. The Band of Duty This small and very common, among the troops that is, award is granted to those who pass the trials of being a Jungeman and complete their first duty and order. It is a small metal armring that swirls around one's arm and has two small dragon heads at the ends. The Fisher’s Award The Fisher’s award is a small bronze fish hook which is granted to those who recruit a man or woman into the military. This is the first variation of the award for there are 2 other versions as well. The 2nd is a silver fish hook which is given for recruiting 5 people to the military and the 3rd is a golden fishhook which is granted for recruiting 12 people. Battlement Crown This award is granted to soldiers and officers who manage to climb and get on the enemy walls of a town or encampment first of all. This award is a headband made out of gold and decorated with the upper part of a Sudis and engravings, including the name and rank of the soldier it was granted to. This award can be granted to every soldier as many times as they are able to fulfill the requirements. Dagger of Prowess The first variant of the dagger of Prowess is granted to those who manage to strike an enemy down in battle as well as holding their ground to the end of the battle, the dagger being made out of silver with the rank and name of the owner being engraved on one side. The second variant is just like the first variant but made of gold. This is granted to those who manage to strike down an enemy soldier and officer whilst holding their ground. One will need evidence and witnesses who can confirm if one has fulfilled the requirements. Medallion of Bravery & Sacrifice The Medallion of Bravery & Sacrifice is an award granted to those who have shown considerable bravery in battle and held their ground when faced with bad odds and later being wounded because of it, buying time for their comrades to rally and organize. It is a simple silver medallion with the eye of the lady of the lake engraved into it. Crown of Fellowship This crown is among the highest awards one can be granted. It is given to those who save the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters in arms during battle single-handedly. This crown is a simple collection of crimson twigs and thorns that is made to resemble a crown yet the wearer is greatly respected. Guardian of The Duchy This is the highest award one can be granted, usually and mainly given to officers and commanders whose actions have saved the entire army or Hirð from annihilation. This reward is a golden chalice with rubies going around it at the top, representing the Duchy, alongside a handcrafted magical greatsword which includes engravings depicting the event that made them worthy of the award. To be granted this is a great honor and is rarely given out. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter XI: Enlistment & Oath To be recruited into the Lithsmen of the Red Banners of Redclyf and thus serve the duchy until one is struck down, discharged or retired, one must fulfill the following Criteria: Be a resident and Citizen of the Duchy or it’s vassals They must be able bodied and at least of 16 years of age They must be able to understand and follow the Military Laws, Customs & Principles of the Red Banner of Redclyf. If these criterias are met then the person who wishes to enlist may be enlisted upon their own request. Then they are given equipment, a uniform, food, housing, pay, assigned to A Hefna/Drótt/Hirð and taken the Oath of Service. The oath goes as follows; “I, ____________, solemnly swear upon the honor and pride of my family and ancestors to faithfully serve the Mösu Clan and above all the Duchy of Redclyf and it’s Mösu Dukes, to defend him from the claws of any false claimant and Usurper, to uphold the laws and traditions of Redclyf and protect its people. To defend the eye of the lady as she defended us from the Old Ones, to sacrifice myself for Redclyf and the lady as she sacrificed herself for us all. I will proudly and honorably don the colors of Redclyf and swear to neither abuse my power as a member of The Red Banner of Redclyf nor cower in fear against the enemy.” Upon the Oath being sworn they will be a member of the Red Banners of Redclyf at the rank of Jungeman _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter XII: Retirement This chapter involves the benefits and rewards from retiring from the Military once one is eligible to do so. A soldier has the right to retire after having served 24 years in the military as well as achieving 100 marks within the rank they wish to retire with. Every member who has completed these requirements will be entitled to a farmhouse in the countryside of the Duchy that shall not be taxed for as long as they live. Upon the death of the former member post retirement, the Duchy shall reincorporate the property into the Duchy’s possession. _______________________________________________________________________________ Signed & Approved, Aesir of Aesirs, Chieftain of Clan Mösu & Knight-Errant His Grace, Duke of Redclyf-Rozania, Lord-Protector of Almar
  13. A GRAND PASSING. Dungrimm awaits those who die with honor. It was a normal day for Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart before the dreaded expedition that had gone horribly wrong. A small meeting with the King of Norland, discussing possible joint military trainings. A meeting with his friend Johann Barclay, the Lord Marshal of Haense. It had been a nice day, but it was about to take a turn for the worse. Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart set out with his dwarven brethren towards the void. As usual, Kronk was right at the front guarding his squad and the mages that stood behind him. They entered and the effects of the Void were immediately clear, mana overflowing and the ground beneath their feet constantly changing. The air conveyed a feeling of dread, and it became harder to breathe. Yet even with these circumstances the combined force of dwarves and mages pushed on. “DONNAEH WORREH LADS, DUNGRIMM GUIDES US TES DAY!” Kronk shouted out to his companions, a grin forming on his face. As they neared the cliffs, a thunderous roar could be heard and a beastly figure appeared in the sky. “ET BEH AH DRAGON!” One of the dwarves shouted. “WEH SHALL KILL ET TEN!” Kronk retorted with his trademark confidence and vigour, yet this beast was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. A massive three-headed beast that could incinerate a man with one breath. Kronk’s focus was set on nothing else but to slay the beast, a task impossible for the equipment they had. And then it struck. Kronk was lucky to have been missed by the first hit. The reality struck in as his friend, Balor’s arm was incinerated straight off. “SHIELD WALL ENFRONT OF TAEH MAGES!” The Marshal shouted out as they did so. But it was too late, little did Kronk know the dragon had its sights fully set on him. BANG! The lightning struck right to his side, sending the Marshal flying further down the cliff into the hard rock wall. “OOOMFFF!” Kronk groaned out as his back snapped, paralyzing the dwarf to only being able to crawl. “WE’REH NAEH LEAVIN’ YEH BEHOIND!” Two of his fellow dwarves, Gwydion and Barundin Ireheart shouted out as they went to assist the Marshal, carrying him away from the battle. Before they got far the massive three-headed dragon landed right in front of them, charging up its lightning breath once more. Kronk hastily tried to shield his fellow dwarves with his enchanted shield, but fate would not have it that day. The wall grew behind them as the three dwarves, Kronk, Gwydion and Barundin grinned wide once more. “DUNGRIMM HAS CHOSEN MEH TOH TRAVEL TOH HIM TES DAY! MAY OI DRINK ALE AN’ FOIGHT MOI BATTLES TEREH!” Kronk exclaimed as the lightning reached him. “NARVAK. OZ. URGUAAAAAAAAAAANNN!” The Grand Marshal announced with a last defiant breath as he was turned into ash. As Kronk died he thought of all his family and friends, Ranna, his loving fiancee and his kids. Hieran, a friend he had never been able to spend time with due to the constant war with Oren. The Legion he left behind, and his officers that waged every battle with him. Uruan Stormheart, his ever supporting father and greatest influence. Mica Goldhand, his loving aunt. Sionnach, his everlasting friend to whom he had promised they would die together. Ulfric Frostbeard, the old King of Urguan that had trusted him with the position of Marshal. Edward Thuri-Elendil, his Templar friend. And many more. [!] A small book could be found in a drawer of the Grand Marshal’s desk. “If you read this it's too late for me, for I have found my place with Dungrimm. I, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart have died. To my clan, I love you all to the fullest extent, and I apologize for going. To my dad, i am so incredibly sorry for the pain and sorrow you must be in. But I want you to know, I am the happiest son that ever lived because you showed me all the things i know. I am not much of a writer, but don't let my death get to you. And to my Legion. Don’t worry as I am sure there will be a great Grand Marshal after me, so is the way of Urguan. Treat them with utmost respect and vigour that you lads are capable of. I don't need a funeral. I just need Norli to cement me as an Urguani hero, that scheming bastard." Narvak oz Urguan, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart.
  14. Born again the heart of the fighter - The Elysian Guard With the disbanding of the Lunaran Guard and its members merging with the Elysium Army, a new military is born, the Elysian Guard. The Elysian Guard brings a return of the Elysian Rangers, now fully implemented in the Military, while from the Elysian Army, the wardens rise in the new Military Hierarchy, side by side with the Rangers. Military Hierarchy: Initiate Ranger/Warden Veteran Commander Lord Commander Initiate: The Initiate remains the recruit of the Elysian Guard, meaning that it is a trial period for the one who wants to join the Guard. The Rangers & Wardens: They stand equal in terms of authority, but they have their different duties and priorities. While the Warden patrols the city and roads of the Kingdom, the Rangers scatter and scout the lands, either Elysium’s lands or its enemies, while also taking notice of the monsters and animals that can be found in those lands. Commanders: They are the ones chosen by the Lord Commander and Monarch of Elysium to help lead the Elysian Guard, having the second-highest rank. Lord Commander: The one who leads the Elysian Guard and all of Elysium’s Military, holding the most authority besides the Monarch. Auxiliary roles: These are roles that one can assume if they want to help the guard but do not want or can’t use a weapon: Medic, Mage, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Quartermaster. The Ranger Code Made decades ago and still holds in the sense of honor of Elysium's sons and daughters that serve in its Military. I. If your actions aren’t justified, stop pursuing them. II. Always take the side of morals over the side that’s winning. III. When you feel fear, embrace it. IV. Fight for what you care for, but in a way that others will join you. V. Be free from the past, live in the present, Cultivate the future. VI. Treat others how oneself would like to be treated. VII. A decision made with a calm mind is often the best. VIII. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle. IX. Only fight when it's for a purpose, defending or being provoked. X. Have good character, character is how you act when no one is watching. "Changing times call for adaptive action. Only with emboldened bond can we ensure our survival, as not mere descendants, but as brothers and sisters in arms. And for the cold, a bottle of whiskey never hurt, either." -Avalor Astasel "To restrict oneself to single-tasked dogmatism is a fool's plight. Only through knowledge of the vastly unperceived and wisdom toward that which is unknown may we truly be prepared for all." -Silas Astasel "So yeh want teh be ah man of worthiness eh? I only have two words yeh should live by.. Pursue greatness, at all costs, better yerself day by day, eventualleh yeh won't even know yer great, but theh songs an' stories told about yeh in the tavern'll speak for yeh." -Absolon "One-Eyed Raven" de Astrea How you can join? Fill this form You can fill this paper and send it to Elysium. [Or contact Thannon#5848, Crines#2975 or Tigergiri#0477] MC Username: Character Name: Race: Age: Discord:
  15. Decree of Uniformity Published at this 6th of the Grand Harvest, year 58 of the Second Age From the Office of the Marshal of the Ashguard, To all members of the Ashguard and Citizens of the Kingdom of Norland, it is the wish of the Marshal of Norland and the Wardens of the Ashguard to inform the public of a change to the uniforms of our armed forces. Previously, the uniform of the Ashguard had been divided up by rank in order to signify who was apart of what rank. However, in recent times the leadership of the Ashguard wishes to impose a sense of brotherhood among its members. As a result, all members of the Ashguard below the rank of Warden will wear one singular uniform. [!] Below is a depiction of the Uniform that all members of the Ashguard will now be required to wear. In order to keep with the chain of command and allow for easier identification of military leadership, Ashguardsmen with the rank of Warden+ will still wear their previously standard-issue uniform. To add on, members of the Ashguard will now officially be allowed to make minor alterations to their helmet in order to allow for individuality within the Military. However, overall alterations of the rest of the uniform remain forbidden. Signed, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Marshal of the Ashguard, Prince of Norland, Ruler of Eiriksgrad.
  16. The Vindicators of Uradas (Lord Warmaster Sevrel Valin'dar, founder of the Vindicators of Uradas) ((Art by the fantastic kuro#9824)) The ashen folk are no stranger to times of peril, and they are accustomed to migrating from place to place in search of a home. Over the centuries, ‘ker cities have risen and fallen; some by the hands of incompetent leadership, others by the malicious intent of our oppressors. A true home for the Mali’ker people is but a dream to most; but that dream has come true, for now - and the defenders of this new home intend to make that realized dream stand the test of time… Or die trying. (A Vindicator receiving a blade from the Archon) The Vindicators of Uradas were created to provide a fighting body for Nor'Asath, and do so under the auspices of the ancient ‘ker ancestors - specifically Uradas, the order’s namesake. Vindicators take up an oath upon the ancestors to protect their home, and bring the fight to those who seek to assail the ashen folk. Along with this, their duties include patrolling the streets; providing law, order, and peace of mind to the city’s denizens. (Uradas, husband to Velulaei) Uradas the Vindicator An ancient ‘ker of legend, Uradas was a father of the old city of Renelia, and husband to Velulaei herself. Until his dying days, he weathered the storm of time and the eons of strife that his people faced - and he remained resolute in his mission. It is from his great strength that we Vindicators call upon to snuff out the enemies of the Mali’ker, and with his zeal that we Vindicate. (Vindicators marching in a parade under the moonlight) The Vindicators of Uradas follow a simple, yet effective military structure of ranks: Lord Warmaster The highest title a Vindicator can achieve, the position is hand picked by the Archon. They show exemplary leadership skills, unparalleled combat prowess, and near fanatical devotion to the safety and security of the ‘ker people. The Lord Warmaster commands all the forces of the order, and reports directly to the Archon. There can be only one Lord Warmaster serving at any time. Warmaster Second in command to the Lord Warmaster, Warmasters fulfil the role of battlefield officers in the Vindicators of Uradas, and assist the Lord Warmaster in the day to day operations. They lead Vindicators upon the field of battle, organize trainings, and oversee logistical matters. There are only two or three Vindicators serving at any time, unless more are deemed necessary during times of war. Vindicator The bulk of the rank and file, the Vindicator is one who has completed their Trials of Vindication. They take up arms in defense of the Mali’ker people, and go out to do battle with our enemies. They report to the Warmasters, and are the fighting force of Nor'Asath. Initiate Any individual can be an initiate, they must simply first indicate their intention to join to any Warmaster, or Lord Warmaster. They will be issued weapons, armour, and rations - though they will not be eligible for other incentives until they complete their Trials of Vindication. They are still expected to fight and defend Nor'Asath as any other Vindicator. Inventives All fully fledged Vindicators shall enjoy the following benefits: Weapons and armour (PvP gear) A unique uniform to be proud of (cool skin made by the wonderful Tulan#7704) Rations (PvP food) Housing, free of taxes (this does not include manors or exceptionally large abodes. Ask if you are unsure) Adventure, and a sense of purpose (regular CRP events run by players, and weekly trainings) The Vindicators of Uradas is a young order, and we are looking for new war fighters to add to our ranks. Look deep into yourself, and ask… Are you ready to wear the mantle of a Vindicator? ~Signed, on the 9th of Grand Harvest~ Lord Warmaster Sevrel Valin'dar Archon Zirath T. R'ikarth The Consort, Religious Matriarch Rhaella Othan-Ashwood basically we're dark skinned wardens
  17. The Myrinian Guard 52 S.A. The Myrinian Guard is the main military force of Myrine, serving as a first defense against its enemies. The Guard serves as an important role in the upkeep of Myrine, as well as the protection of its people. Serving within the ranks of the Guard is of the most utmost honors one can receive within Myrine. Regular Ranks Initiate The beginning rank within the Guard, those who first enlist will start as Initiates. Those in the Initiate rank will learn basic combat skills and eventually go on to specialize in one style of combat. Footman The backbone of the Guard, footmen are the infantry force of the Guard. They have met the standards of which it means to be fully ranked within the Guard, excelling in both combat and battle tactics. Cavalryman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, these are men who excel in the art of fighting on horseback. Cavalrymen are few in the guard, and only the best make it to this rank. Bowman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, bowmen are the ranged force of the Guard. Their accuracy and precision with a bow must be pin-point. Officer Positions Captain The leader of the Myrinian Guard, second only to the Baron on the battlefield. The Captain is the highest ranking somebody can obtain in the Guard. The Captain is tasked with organizing the guard, training the lower ranks, and leading the Guard into battle. The Captain of the Guard has full authority over the Guard, and his orders must be obeyed. Armsman The lowest officer ranking of the Guard. Armsmen have proven their military prowess and their ability to lead. Armsmen are responsible for handling the Captain’s tasks when he is not present. Armsmen are entrusted to help lead the Guard alongside the Captain, and should actively work towards the betterment of Myrine and the Guard. Duties The Guard’s most important duty is to act as a defense force in times of immediate crisis. The Guard must always be ready to defend Myrine and it’s citizens from external threats. The Guard is also tasked with manning the gates and defenses, patrolling Myrine’s lands as well as the city, and guarding important figures. Trainings Basic Training Basic training applies to Initiates looking to rank up to a more specialized role within the Guard (Infantry, Cavalry, or Ranged). In this type of specific training, an initiate must train their own individual skills in fighting. These trainings are usually held on a smaller scale between an Officer and the Initiate looking to be trained. Once their skills meet Guard standards, they will be promoted to the rank that fits them. Specific Skill Training Officers can lead specific training on different skills that they deem necessary. Those who wish to excel in these particular skills, such as cavalry, bowmanship, and/or infantry, should attend these training. Group Training Rather than focusing on individual skills, these group trainings are meant to mimic real time battles, giving the guard the needed experience to respond to many of the situations they will be required to fight in. In this classic style of training, the guard will be split into the two teams, each with their own commanding officers, and will be pitted against each other in many different environments or situations. Formations Spear As the name implies, the spear is a formation which is shaped as the arrowhead of the spear. This formation is incredibly useful in charges meant to break enemy lines. Wall Used mostly to shield from ranged attacks or to display a show of power in numbers, the wall is a single filed line of soldiers. Waves The formation waves signals for Guards to create a rectangle or box. This formation is mostly used when guarding people or things of extreme importance from some type of enemy attack. To Join: Fill out this application: [Link] Talk to the Captain or an Armsman.
  18. Despite the tense expressions of the four present, the Hinterlands hummed with their usual naturesong. The Warden keep rose over the treetops like a great obelisk, the eyes of those within peering out into the emerald ocean of canopy with regret held in their eyes. “You’re certain of this?” The ashen elf murmurs. The snowy locks over his brow dance in the firelight of the keep as he looks between his three companions. The crown above his head mirrors the watchful gaze of the Hound, High Prince Evar’tir. The bearded elder nods. Sevrel Valin’dar gave a sigh in disappointment, pity even - not for his comrades, but for the foolishness of the one that they spoke. The dark elven was the Bulwark of Elvenesse, yet it was still a distressing shock to know that his foes had come from within. “It seems that they have the support of the entire Puerokar Seed, and allegedly… the Tahorran kin.” Amaesil’s auburn head turns to Sevrel. The Young Fox was as cunning as his namesake, and his eyes reflected the confirmation of his suspicions. The Exarch had his hunches, yet it was still disconcerting to hear the truth unfold before him. “Any others?” he asks with his typical confident tone, but there was certainly a gnawing in his gut that he could not ignore. The lone silver-gold headed Aerendyl draws in a sharp breath as Sevrel responds. “An… undisclosed number of allied individuals.” The TimberWolf’s form shook with a nauseating concoction of fury and betrayal. He recalled the days when his House was supporting the Tahorran seed financially, and those adventures that he had with them upon the wild waters of the world. “Those craven snakes... ” he laments, his expression yielding a rare and genuine look of despair. “This nation is my family, my kin, brothers and sisters… my home.” Sevrel speaks up among the brief silence as the four came to terms with the information. “Valin’dar with with you all, for the titles and roles we have are nothing- it is for this family that I will oppose this scheme.” “You have my sword.” Amaesil resounds, the Young Fox leading a quiet rally between the four. “And my glaive.” Aerendyl echoes, turning his gaze too towards the High Prince and leaning upon his wolven-headed staff grimly. The cogs were in motion. The four Lords returned home. They returned to their beds, their family, their wives, and prayed for forgiveness for what must be done. Nobody expected the seats to be lined with so many interested folk... Ithalanen, kin of the Usurper, the Savoyard men, the Ichorians... "Rylleah, I have no doubt that you did not know what Tahlia had done without your permission. And for this, your life will be spared. The docks will be eliminated, and Tahlia is eternally banished." "500 mina for her alive, half for her head." the High Prince chimed in, just as the Puerokar seed was summoned to the center of the room. "Pancho Puerokar, you and your seed have been accused of high treason against the crown. Care to explain yourself?" he echoes throughout the throne room... just as a familiar face shows up from behind the Puerokar lineup. Sevrel marched in with a legion of Orenian lineman. He sternly looked up to the High Prince and pointed his longsword accusingly up to the dark elven Prince. "My Lords, it has come to my attention that there is a situation." The Dark Elf steps forward to the front and looks Evar'tir right in the eyes. "This man has lied to his people, betrayed our honour, and has no right to rule! Me and my lliran are here to deal with this tyrant, once and for all. My people are loyal to the cause, and I shall no long stand for this. You shall be put down!” He shouts, still glaring at the elves atop the platform. Then, he turns around to Pancho Puerokar, and points his blade towards the wood elf. “ARREST THESE TRAITOROUS DOGS!” Like the heartbeat of a great titan, the footfalls of the Wardens marched down the great spiral of the citadel down into the heart of the cavern. There, they halted in a methodical line before the manor of Puerokar. The distant memories of this seed pleading for help from a depraved member beating his son rang in their mines like a distant foghorn. Things could have been so much different… but the fires flew from the line of elves regardless, and with it their disgust and fury at the Puerokar manipulation. No more abuse, no more false cries for help, only the baptism of cleansing embers and righteous retribution. It was a shame. A damn shame, even. Stewards were of this seed, prospective Wardens of Hinterlands, even a capable commander… All to waste. As much as Amaesil, Aerendyl, Sevrel, and Evar’tir hated to be reminded of it, it wasn’t just Mankind who may fall to the desire for power. They looked on not with smiles, nor a glimmer of joy in their eyes, but with regret. This was no joyous celebration, but a memorial for a consuming rot that could have devoured their gladed home with a ravenous hunger. With the fires dying down, and the Green Priesthood already setting to work returning this portion of city to nature, the four Lords turned their eyes to the north shore. They marched to the docks.
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    The Red Company

    The Red Company The Company There will always be conflict among the various groups of Descendants, and in the chaos of war there is opportunity. The Red Company seeks to take initiative and earn employment during that opportunity. The Company would do that by making contracts with cities or nations to provide extra manpower that they need to achieve any military goal, for an agreed upon price. Composition The composition of this band is any Descendant who can contribute to the group, and are courageous enough to fight for the common cause. As those are the only two requirements, membership is open to many races, and many different experience levels. Anyone can join, from a veteran ex-soldier to a young aspiring adventurer. As for the type of units the company likes to deploy, the majority are the dismounted man-at-arms. These units are to engage the enemy in melee combat and must be good fighters. Typically they are armed with a longsword, but may be given war-hammers. The Company will also equip and train men with crossbows, for more range capabilities. This combination of man-at-arms and crossbowman makes up the bulk of the fighting forces deployed by The Red Company. Cavalry could also be used, but horses are mostly used for scouting and transportation. Ranks Commander The commander of The Red Company is the highest ranking officer, he must also be head of The Order of the Red Flame. He is in charge of securing and negotiating contracts for the company, as well as finding other exploration and economic opportunities. He’s also the military planner for The Company, and allocates certain tasks to sergeants, or other qualified soldiers. Sergeant The Sergeant is the second highest ranking officer in the company. The Sergeant must be a part of The Order of the Red Flame, and must have displayed a wide variety of skills to achieve this rank, including skill in battle, astute strategist, and dedication to his brothers in arms that goes above what is already expected. These soldiers are often allocated responsibility for certain tasks which need to be completed and are expected to be efficient in their execution. Veteran The veteran of the company is the highest ranking member of The Company before joining The Order. These soldiers are elite fighters who have shown dedication to the company. If a Veteran shows promise of being a good and reliable officer, then they will be asked to join The Order and be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Man-at-Arms These fighters make up the bulk of the fighting force of the company. They are dependable men and capable fighters who have passed their training and initiation. They will be asked to go on different missions with Sergeants or Veterans commanding them. Once they distinguish themselves on the battlefield they will be given the promotion to the next rank, Veteran. Recruit These are the lowest ranking members of The Company. They are the freshly joined recruits. Those of adequate military or fighting experience will pass quickly on to the Man-at-Arms stage. Those who are new to combat will undergo brief training to make sure they are able to contribute on the field of battle. Both groups have to be tested once they are ready, and then swear their oath to uphold The Company’s values for as long as they are a member. Then they pass on to the next stage, Man-at-Arms. Uniform The men and women in The Red Company are not required to wear any uniform, as long as they wear something protective that has red and/or white to distinguish it, as those are the main colors of the group. The fighters in the group may be given a uniform if they desire or do not have anything that is matching that description. To Join Message Sean_kelly26#1626 on discord, include the following: MC name: IRP name: IRP race: IRP age: Any other info you want us to know: I'll message you back as soon as I see your dm.
  20. Prior Log | YPA Log 3 Jotohei Masamune Fumi began plans for an upcoming camping trip, a friends coming of age meant as something that'd last for quite a long time as a series of trials are undertaken, the friend group as a whole attending. Before that, though, there was a rule. The only things to be brought are the clothes on your back and a blade you've made yourself. Her work as a blacksmith came in handy and with words that only came from her years of experience, she'd manage to explain the process of blacksmithing and show the others the concept, so they'd at the least have a rudimentary blade. Complaints were made by the neighbors as the teens gathered and planned and after speaking with their superiors, they'd set off the next day. The first night was cold, bitter as the group struggled with the basic necessities of life. Finding a place to set up, where the rain wouldn't flood the ground and where they could overlook any animals coming their way, turned into setting up a crude shelter and only grew from there. The struggle soon turned into something fun, the group finding something during that year spent out. A bond, furthering past that of friendship and evolving into that of brotherhood. The collecting of fruits spurred on talks of a future farmhouse, the finding of animals bringing mention of training their Shibas to sniff out drugs upon their return to the nation and the creation of tools from the most basic of things helping to better the very foundation their knowledge was based from. Laughter came as some get jump-scared by a falling coconut and wonder abound as a Turtle stood close by a newly hatched egg. And as the group eventually returned, a casual confidence is taken up, the group and Masamune Fumi herself sure of her steps and movements. Soon after their return, the trainings of the YPA seemed to ramp up. With more and more at the age of law and needing to commit to three years of service, she'd find her friends alongside her, clad in gear and marching along the road until they'd be briefed in the newly created training area. Looming walls met with the neighing of Horses as the clack of hooves sound as they're brought into the newly constructed stables. The military was seemingly undergoing an upgrade and more then ever, if she were to earn her place, let alone keep it she'd need to work harder then before. Ballista training bled into siege training, and soon she was learning to draw a bow at a moving target in the wheat fields below. How cruel the thought would be, at how the trainings began in true and the practice turned into reality. A thundering roar, bellowing out from the back of the city, the creature unknown in origin. Orders sent out and a group of the YPA, her included, marching out on a scouting mission to seek its source. As near silent footsteps came to a jarring stop, the group would crouch behind the stone boulders, though they were soon seen. A creature, large and frightening, with a tail akin to that of a swinging mace and seemingly made of ice, fur and flesh. An Ice Creature of gigantic proportions running at them, past bellowing roars and rattling the ground as the scouting group bolted for the city, shouts to ring the bell and to arm the ballista's soon reaching the citizenry and military alike. The air turned to ice, breaths frosty and fogging out in front of them as they'd reach and man the walls. Arrows fired and nay striking the target as intended, ballista's and arrows are lit aflame via molotov as they'd come at the creature rapid-fire, one after another in an onslaught of firepower. At first, it was the five, the scouting group just barely awake themselves before the roaring began. Jotohei Masamune Fumi leading the siege against the Ice Creature as requested but soon, more and more joined them. Citizens and soldiers alike banding together to take down the creature that dared threaten their prosperous home. With a bolt landing to blind one of its eyes and its fur and flesh scorched with flames, it'd finally flee, joy overcoming those there after their long battle and celebration would take place. Seventeen and enjoying the taste of aged plum wine with her friends in the teahouse, she'd slump back, exhaustion clear to her face though joy clear in her tone. Alas, this wasn't the end to what was to come, as the increased trainings weren't for the Ice Creature; but for the assistance offered to Luciensberg as they'd prepare a siege against the Ratiki who'd taken over their neighbors home. A drink is enjoyed after a battle hard won and the next battle prepared for in turn. Would a time come for the Apprentice to rest or would it only continue to build? Leaving her but a choice as she comes to a careening precipice: Rise or Fall.
  21. YPA War Goat Training The Yong Ping Army War Goat has long been a mascot of our military, fed a good diet and loved by soldiers and civilians alike, when news came of the War Goats consequent kidnapping and harm, a program has now been devised in the following day. We do not accept the harm of Little Xiu-Ying or any future War Goats and this will actively work to prevent this from ever happening again. Base Information A War Goat tends to weigh anywhere from 100 to 120 pounds, give or take while keeping in mind its base weight and gear. Needing feedings two to three times a day due to their strenuous work, hay, grasses and various grains are recommended of high quality to keep your War Goat in top shape. For your War Goats continued health, if partial horn-growth seems to be coming from the original horns, also known as scurs, they’d need to be trimmed. Only done in 1-inch segments at a time, you’d use a bone saw and warmed iron in order to get the job done, a painful but needed process. War Goats Diet While grasses, hay and grains are usually opted for, there is a variation of what a War Goat can eat. Raisins, greens, carrots, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are some of many things they eat and enjoy. Bananas are considered a sweet treat and something recommended in use when training your War Goat as a treat to show they did a good job. War Goats Gear On your average War Goat, one would find 40-50 pounds worth of gear on them, 50 being the max they could carry as it’s a portion of their body weight. The padded gambeson weighs in at 10 pounds, multiple layers of fabric and cloth meant to protect the wearer. The safety harness above the gambeson would have a loop at the top, for their handler to hook and carry the War Goat along if needed and weighing in at 20 pounds. This leaves at least 20 pounds that you can do with as you wish, though most popular is pockets along the gambeson or harness, filled with bandages and tinctures for the soldier on the go. Recommended Base Kit A recommended base kit would be to have at least two rolls of bandages, some form of spirit to disinfect a wound, a tincture of Tippens Root and a tincture of Blissfoil. This would be the medical basics. Moving from there, if separated from others or somehow stuck out somewhere overnight, three tightly packed boxes of rations [enough for you and the Goat], something sweet mixed inside to aid in possible blood loss and to help prevent shock. Alongside this would be a small packet of matches, a rolled-up blanket and a mirror which could be used for signaling. War Goat Training Once a handler gets their hands on a Goat, this is when the training would begin. Something to keep in mind, they think of you as them and will react in kind. A War Goat is a soldiers best friend and you’d do best to treat them that way. The first rule in training your War Goat is to never physically discipline them, things such as pushing, striking or hitting them would turn their aggressive behavior towards you and they’ll respond in kind. Instead, if you wish to show they did bad, use the term you want them to associate this with like ‘stop’ or ‘no’ and squirt them with a bottle of water. They’re a lot like cats in this, hating water and they’d begin to associate the word with water and when hearing it, would stop immediately and before long learn what actions bring along the term said. When first training, it’s recommended for them to wear a collar and be leaded around. They tend to duck their heads to get away, so keep the goats head up with one hand under their chin and the other on the collar, though careful not to choke them. If the goat is running, grab them by their back leg and not the front, as if gotten by the front, it’d break their leg. Instead of chasing your War Goat, lead them with food instead, things like apples, peanuts or what would be considered a rare treat. You need to be sure to reward good behavior. When handling your goat, especially one with horns, firmly grasp the base of the horns in order to bring them somewhere. That is all for today, though advanced handling might be touched on at a later time. YPA soldiers are recommended to undergo this and to speak with Heicho Masamune Fumi in order to see about their own War Goats Gambeson and Harness today.
  22. Özenler | Yeniçeriler & Başıbozuks! The Yeniçeriler and the Başıbozuks are feared units of the Özenler military force, in this post, we shall dive into their meanings and their behavior in wars, fights and among the culture itself. Make sure to read this before you involve yourself into the Özenler culture. Be aware; this post is only in case you wish to join the military rankings of the Özenler, if you want to be a normal-roleplayer with no combat at all feel free to become one. Within the Özenler culture there is no way you will get forced into the military, this is all your choice. Anyway, let us see what the two main units of the Özenler military are, what they stand for, and how they are used in battle for both strategy and chaos; [ A Yeniceriler on an old renaissance painting. ] The Yeniçeriler (Janissaries) and the Başıbozuk (Crazy-Head, Ottoman Berserker), both groups of men who are the most chaotic and elite troops for the Özenler, men who are even feared by their fellow Özenler. The Yeniceriler are kidnapped boy infants who have been forcefully converted to Rashidun, accepting Allah as their God and are willing to die for their beliefs and people, nonetheless, these men have fully adopted the culture of the Özenler and adapt themselves to the norms and values of them. These men would often wear red clothing, a musical war-band playing 'Ceddin Deden' a Özenler war song. Due to their devotion into their religion and their absolute aggression in wars, they let out war-cries or would yell into the face of the enemy before eventually killing them. The Yeniçeriler are men whose main foundation is; intimidation. These men are quite experienced when it comes to handling swords swiftly, as they are trained to mix both martial-arts and sword-fighting in war. Their trainings are about discipline and coming to quick solutions in battle, as they would not stop fighting when they are disarmed, they would simply move from sword-fighting to using martial arts against the enemy with no weapon whatsoever. For them; it is either; kill or be killed. [ A Başıbozuk displayed on a drawing. ] The Başıbozuk, are dressed like wild-men, wearing skulls ontop of their hood made out of bear-fur or simply the skins of boars, presenting themselves as animalistic beings who are adapting to the behavior of the creature they wear ontop of their heads. These men would often be thought of being possessed by possible demons, or spirits they summon, however, none of these rumors are true as they believe to be influenced by Allah who has gifted them with his wrath and anger towards infidels. The Başıbozuks would always be the most disposable troops as they are often used as a distracting manouvre for the enemy so another line of soldiers could run into the fight with a brute force, so the enemy-line is being forced to the back and perhaps fall onto the ground. The Başıbozuk are extremely feared by the normal folk, as they are the ones who would murder any apostate who turns their back onto the religion of Rashidun or betray the Özenler. The Başıbozuk would quite often serve as an executioner for the ones who have broken a law of the Özenler people. Their ways of killing people in war is absolutely inhumane towards infidels as they not stop hacking their axes or swords into the face of the enemy until they can not be recognized. Do you have what it takes to become a part of the military rankings of the Özenler? [Outfit, made by: me, sashimichopped, this outfit will be worn by those who are entering the military rankings.] Format IGN: Character-Name (Make sure your character has a Turkish one): Persona Description: Why do you want to join the rankings of the Yeniçeriler/Başıbozuk?: Have you read the Özenler culture post?: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When you have done all of this, DM the application to my discord: romzers#7777
  23. The Cerulean Army (“Sutica eternal, for freedom, and prosperity.”) The Cerulean Army is created out of necessity for change, the Sutican Watch and Sutican Guard have had a good run this far, but progress is needed to move away from the past and jump into prosperity to ensure our Trade State remains free and safe. The Cerulean Army is to help our people and offer aid in conflict. Not unlike that which occurred during the recent war against Oren, and the invasions of the Inferi and dark beings while also delivering justice against those who have wronged Sutica or their vassals. Hierarchy: Trade Monarch At the top of the hierarchy is the Trade Monarch, the ruler of Sutica. While every Trade Monarch has a different approach to leading, a Trade Monarch may bring it upon themself to join conflict as they can declare war and form alliances even when it goes against the Neutrality of Sutica. During conflict the Trade Monarch can overrule any actions made by any other leading bodies within Sutica, effectively making them the highest rank in the Cerulean Army. Having the power to hand out medals, add recruits to the ranks, and knight the Lubba Knights once proven worthy. Minister of Defence Granted the title of Minister and ‘His Excellency’ of Sutica, they lead it all, from approving projects to helping a recruit with their training. They can be found often at the frontlines of conflict, far in the back tending to a wounded watchman or acting as general administrator of the Cerulean Army. The Minister of the Interior is needed to be as versatile as possible, knowing no bounds other than law and ethics as the main representative of the Cerulean Army. While this position is often obtained through progressing the ranks, it is possible one can be assigned by the Trade Monarch from any rank within the Cerulean Army. Lubba Knights (A portrait of a Sutican Knight during combat training before delivering a final blow) Lubba Knights are the Elite force of Sutica, Proficient in battle, combat, detaining and commanding. While these individuals no longer have to do what they did as captains and officers or perhaps even got promoted from a centurion to this rank, they are still experienced enough to teach lower ranks effectively. Donning the Sutican crest with pride as the ultimate protectors of the realm, often found to escort the trade monarch or sent on special missions no other sect of the Cerulean Army can achieve. During times of war, these individuals are to take on an almost marshall level of commanding, able to send out our forces and retreat them at will. With this responsibility, the title of Sir and Dame will be granted, While not nobility in an official sense, this title is held in high regard due to the few ways to earn it. A Lubba knight is to take the third oath on top of the oaths they had taken to join the Cerulean Army. Captains (A portrait of a Sutican Captain patrolling the wastelands) These individuals have been assigned by the vassal leaders of sutica or got promoted to this rank due to their efficiency at their job. Captains are expected to assist with leading the watchmen and centurions into conflict alongside the Minister of Defence and teach them what they need to know in their position. Captains gain direct access to all of the military district, excluding personal quarters and chambers meant for even higher ranking members. These people are oftentimes found to take initiative in projects and possibly set up new ones to progress the Cerulean Army to a new direction or improve the current position of it. Captains are found to organize trainings for the Cerulean Army as well as being found to do regular patrols around the Sutican lands and vassals. Officers (A portrait of a Sutican Officer on his way to teach new recruits.) Officers are the lifeblood of the organization of the Cerulean Army, providing knowledge they have learnt in their Centurion stage to apply as an officer, teaching the recruits the basics of being in the Cerulean Army and promoting them to Watchmen if found to be proficient enough. These individuals gain access to the key vault to grant new Watchmen their access to the gatehouse and are able to provide the Cerulean army with equipment from the armoury. Officers are often seen as teachers and mentors of the lower ranks to help them out with their studies and tasks when needed while also commonly found to be teaching a subject themselves. While these individuals seem to get less experience in the field, they are still fierce fighters due to their years of combat experience beforehand and are able to command the lower ranks around to be as efficient as possible when no higher rank is present. Centurions (A portrait of a Sutican Centurion standing watch in the mountains) Centurions have excelled in their stage as watchmen, proven to be extremely efficient in combat and other conflicts to an extent where they have shown leadership in what they do. The Centurions of Sutica are at the top of the bottom ranks, gaining access to more disclosed areas and often next in line to become an officer. Their impeccable knowledge of the Sutican laws makes them a perfect example for a member of the Cerulean Army, often found to be self-sufficient in their way of working and living. Centurions have little left to learn, but there is always room for improvement, allowing for more advanced medical training, more advanced combat training, smithing lessons, Herbology studies, Language studies, use of siege weaponry and possibly getting offered to learn magic. Watchmen (A Watchman depicted on a portrait.) The bulk of the Cerulean Army, Recently or maybe for a while already promoted to this level. These individuals have done what they can and learned how to be disciplined, the laws, and completed their basic combat training to be proficient enough in battle or conflict. The watchmen gain access to the gatehouse of Sutica to close the gates during times of conflict and monitor who can enter and who is a possible threat to the nation. These individuals ensure to keep the peace within the walls and borders of Sutica, gaining further training on more advanced combat techniques, basic first aid knowledge, foraging, hunting, cooking, equipment maintenance, and conduct. Recruits (A Recruit and a Centurion defending the walls against raiders.) The recruits of the Cerulean Army, being educated on law and combat by the multitude of officers and rarely captains. These individuals get minimum pay and state-provided education on Sutican ethics, laws, discipline, and combat while also attending the mandatory training held each year. These Recruits are needed to take an oath to Sutica and the Trade Monarch upon joining the Cerulean Army. State Mercenaries These individuals, while not needed to actively workday on end within the cities, are offered for personal missions or conflict outside of Sutican lands with a pay decided by the person they are hired by. State Mercenaries hold no authority within the Sutican Lands and are often seen as just a sellsword for hire by anyone with the right price, sometimes even by other nations to aid them in battle. The rank of State Mercenary is not limited however, A centurion or watchman can step back from their duties in a temporary fashion during a conflict to act as an aiding force, joining the group that can be hired from with a contract between the Trade State and the individual, group or foreign power in question. Payment: While it would be beneficial for Sutica to work with volunteers only and random bonuses, it would heavily limit the rate at which recruits would be able to join. This is why Sutica pays its guards a decent wage to live inside of the Trade State or one of its vassals. What do you get paid?: Recruit: 10 minas a year Watchmen: 20 minas a year Centurion: 30 minas a year Officer: Tax Exemption Captain: Tax Exemption Lubba Knight: Tax Exemption Minister of Defense: Tax Exemption Though on top of the yearly payment, it is possible that a mission is found successful and a bonus is handed out to the more excelling guards with the size of this bonus depending on a couple of factors like the minas earned from the mission and how the team present did overall. This bonus is handed out by the highest-ranking leader present and yearly payments can be found in a designated payment spot. Basic Ideals: The ideals are what makes the Cerulean Army an Army, without clear ideals or morals, a nation is bound to fall. The ideals the Cerulean Army follows are not only internally, but external as well, requiring a focus on what we wish to do with this army: cause Peace and Prosperity.. Peace The Cerulean Army is here to Protect and ensure peace and prosperity, it is not to cause chaos. causing chaos will lead to a dishonorable discharge and relieve you from your position as well as all granted titles if any. Termination of Cults and the Dark The Cerulean Army, as an internal force, works together to keep cults out of Sutica and exterminate darkness from our realm by hunting down dark mages and creatures within its borders without hesitation. Fortitude It is sometimes found that an individual is struggling with their work or life in general, let it be known to those individuals that taking a break from the Cerulean Army is allowed and Hiatus can be held. The mental state of a member of the Cerulean Army is as important as its physical state, allowing for Cerulean Army field days to relax a bit or do some fun activities. Aid The Cerulean Army, provided each member is to learn a certain set of skills by requirement, they are not to back away from conflict or wounded individuals, no matter the race or nation they are affiliated with. We are here to help, not turn our backs to fellow living descendants and beings of this realm. Kindness and Gratitude are key to living a better life for all of us for a man who turns to banditry out of necessity can always be rehabilitated if offered the right tools to do so. Logic and Law, Driven by morals. While the law is set in stone, one who has broken a law must have had a rational reason to do so, with such a member of the Cerulean Army can interrogate an individual to see why this law has been broken by them and possibly hand out a lower fine or even exempt them from the crime they had committed. Pacifism, until necessity A member of the Cerulean Army is not to draw a weapon or create unnecessary bloodshed, however, an aggressor may be present that tries to do harm which allows for a member of the Cerulean Army to draw a weapon of their own and deal with the situation. The few times a Centurion would draw their blade was if there is a known, credible threat to Sutica or any of their vassals like a dark mage or a group of hooded and masked men entering the Sutican borders. Self-sufficient together There is an emphasis within the Cerulean Army that once you are at the rank of Centurion, your set of skills taught to you are just enough to supply your own food, your own equipment, and your own minas. however, this does not mean you stand alone in conflict and is merely a tool to improve your ability to aid other members of the Cerulean Army. Recruitment: While having few members can be beneficial for the coffers of Sutica, it is not beneficial for preventing future conflict or completing tasks to benefit the nation. This is why it is essential to keep adding recruits to the ranks who can add their own ideas in the future and get trained up to be proficient members of the Cerulean Army. How do I join?: Being recruited into the Cerulean Army is as simple as it is to find an Officer, Captain, Minister of Peace, or Trade Monarch as these individuals can enlist you into the Cerulean Army. There are minimum requirements to joining the Cerulean army, stated here; You have to be a citizen of Sutica or its vassals, You have to be at least 16 years old, You need to be physically capable of raising a longsword with one hand on the grip, You need to be willing to swear an oath, You need to be willing to learn and be disciplined. Joining the Cerulean Army, however, does require an oath, the Sutican oath of Enlistment, which had fallen out of practice in the years the Sutican watch had become the Sutican Guard. The Oath of Enlistment is found here: I [Insert name] do solemnly swear without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, To pledge my undying loyalty to the Service of Cerulean Army, to the Trade Monarch of Sutica for which guides this land, And to the citizens and subjects under the Monarch I pledge my efforts to the defense of the institutions of the Trade State I pledge my body as a tool for the Trade State, a shield to the innocent, and a sword to the unjust and dark I shall uphold to the principles of the creed, and maintain the dignity of the Army I shall obey the orders of those placed above me, and I shall never falter from this oath On my soul, honor [and on… insert deity or here if applicable] this I swear. Sutica Eternal! In addition to this oath, there is a code to the Cerulean Army, presented here: To be poised and ready to serve with faith and in oath. To guarantee the safety of those we are sworn to protect. To maintain fortitude of the mind and the spirit. To protect and uphold the law against those who seek to assail its writ. To defend against oppression and deception. To guard the peaceful against disorder and chaos. Why do I need to join?: While it is not a necessity to join the Cerulean Army, it is highly beneficial for both you and Sutica, allowing you to learn and progress to more and more capabilities and skills that can help you for the rest of your life. The Cerulean Army is a team effort and many who join will come out smarter with new friendships they have made along the way and perhaps even seen another side of the world on Sutica’s expenses. It is up to you if you wish to find out. Honors & Medals: Recognition of the actions of our members within the Cerulean Army is a high priority, granting them medals or ribbons for outstanding actions or have them remembered in ceremonies to remind them of their actions or the actions of their predecessors. Listed in order of precedence -- Additional Medals may be listed elsewhere Anchor of Valour The Anchor of Valour is the Free State's highest honor, awarded by the ruling Trade Monarch themselves. The Anchor of Valor is given to those that demonstrate acts of valor far beyond the call of duty. To receive the award is quite difficult and requires having your efforts recognized by the Trade Monarch themselves. Archrims Legacy - A Royal Eternal Named after Captain Archrim this medal is a level above the medal of sacrifice in that it is only ever bestowed upon those that have given their all and placed everything on the line in the defense of Sutica. By risking it all, they have demonstrated their dedication to the Oath and will be forever remembered for their contributions to the Nation. Every member which has been bestowed this medal shall also be granted the rank of Royal Eternal as a lasting mark of their dedication. Medal of Sacrifice This medal is given to those who have sacrificed permanent loss of ability in protecting and serving the Free State. It is given with the blessing of the Trade Monarch to show their unending support of those who have sacrificed to see the Free State continue to grow and prosper. This is given to those that were willing to sacrifice something, for the Free State to gain something else. Medal of Civic Honor This medal is granted to citizens of the nation who have shown tremendous effort towards the security of the Sutican way of life. It is the highest Non-Army medal, being granted directly by the Trade Monarch themself. It is to serve as a reminder of the binding nature of Sutican citizenship and those who have risked it all for the greater good of the community as a whole.. Ribbon of Heroism Given to an individual who has against all odds demonstrated boundless courage and has performed above and beyond in service to his fellow Watch members and in doing so saved the life or lives of his companions. As well as those that achieve results far beyond typical expectations in the service of the Free State. Ribbon of Loyalty This military honor is given to those individuals that stood and continue to stand firm in their duty to the Trade Monarch. This is usually awarded by the Minister of Defence. It is awarded to those that have devoted their lives to the watch and to the sacred Trade Monarch of the Free State. Campaign Medals Campaign Medals are granted to members of the Sutican Watch who endured during major conflicts or during expeditions. These medals are to serve as a reminder of the actions they took part in and as an outward display to remember those who may not have returned. To receive this class of medal it is only necessary for the member to have taken part in a campaign deemed fit by a captain of the Cerulean Army with permission of the Trade Monarch to receive a medal. Medal of Eternal Memory This Medal is given to the families of those that lost their loved ones in their duty to the Trade Monarch and the Free State. At the end of every second year, a remembrance ceremony is held to commemorate the ones who lost their lives during the years and to remember the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the years-long gone, the medal given to the families of the fallen at this time. OOC: This is the official rewrite for Sutica’s Guard to move to a more professional setting, offering more roleplay instead of just doing a PVP training every week. It was exciting to write this and surely won’t be the last of me rewriting random **** in Sutica. If you have any questions on this post, want to join or just in general: Discord: mika1278#0993
  24. YONG PING PEOPLE’S ARMY RECRUITMENT Fliers and Posters are distributed throughout all of Yong Ping with an ink-brush painting of a staunch Yong Ping soldier, glaring at the reader. In bold print at the bottom is: 「BRING HONOUR TO YOUR FAMILY. JOIN THE YONG PING ARMY.」 Event Details: Recruitment, weapons training and enlistment will be held on Malin’s Welcome, the 16th Year of the New Age. Please head to the Barracks by the Dragon Gates in Yong Ping on the day. [OOC: Thursday 11th March 6pm EST] Enlistment Requirements: 一。Knowledge of Yong Ping’s Laws. [This will be taught during Training] 二。Knowledge of Li-Wen and Oyashiman [Ability to understand citizens for communication purposes is a must.] 三。Holds Citizenship and/or are under contract by the State [Mercenaries are welcome to draw a contract with the Government] Why YOU Should Join: 一。All those undergoing military service get a 5 mina tax deduction. 二。Your own set of armour, weapons, and gear all maintained by the State. 三。Complimentary food at the Teahouse for each feat accomplished, as well as genuine appreciation by the citizens.
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