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Found 22 results

  1. Elsillumiran -- The Weeping Blades, 2A Preamble: Elsillumiran, colloquially dubbed the Weeping Blades, are the militant body of the Silver State of Haelun’or, which operate from within the resplendent city of Karinah’siol. Born of the reformation of its predecessor, the soldierly-company of the Weeping Blades is composed of the loyal retainers of Larihei and those few high elves yet willing to spill blood in the defense of their home. Skilled peacekeepers and combatants, Elsillumiran are masters of their island domain, having become one with its landscape and the blades and bows th
  2. As issued 22nd of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL The following reforms to the training schedules of the Legion of Urguan, the main defensive body of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, shall be put into practice EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for the betterment and security of Dwarven Legionnaires: STATUTE I: SCHEDULE Legion practices shall henceforth be hosted by the Grand Marshal or one of his Commanders (or failing this a Thane) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 4 PM EST, with Wednesday being for Division I, and Friday is for Division II. Saturday is the gener
  3. The Sentinels of Elvenesse. In it’s reformation the elves of Almenor and the woodland realm join forces. Their purpose, to maintain a level of peace and prosperity for the homeland of Elvenesse. As the two cultures joined into one city, so too did the elven warriors of each land. A new golden age, men and women of Elvenesse prepared to maintain peace and justice by any means necessary. These Sentinels of the elven realm duly sworn by oath, to maintain tranquility in this new age. An oath crafted in brotherhood against the invading Inferi, to be sworn before the oathta
  4. CABALLERO CORPS Purpose The Caballero Corps is the main military organization for the Duchy of Barranquilla. Those brave souls who spill blood for Barranquilla and her citizenry. Charged with the responsibility of protection by putting their lives on the line. In return for their services the men of the Corps receive pay, comfortable living conditions and most importantly a haven from Imperialism. It is the people’s shield against invasion, and its spear of conquest. Hierarchy Comandante: At the top of the Corps is the Comandante. A tenacious soldier and capable strategist prove
  5. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. The formal hierarchy and social ladder of what is known as the War Nation. Every Uruk, Goblin and Olog is expected to be a part of the Krughai in some form or another. The Krughai determines their place in society, and through feats of exceptional strength, intelligence or honor, they will ascend it. Ranks: Notable REX: Orgoth’Braduk Supreme leader of the Keshig and Krug-hai alike. Targoth: Kuntklobbera’Raguk General, and main overseer of the Krughai; this uruk has proven himse
  6. The Order of Noctis "If you must take your sword from its sheath, return it bloody." "Seeking your Destiny is like looking into a mirror. You see an image, however blurred, in whatever light exists at the time. But if the light ever changes, so will the image itself. And if the light ever vanishes, the mirror will be empty. That is why the truest mirror is the one that needs no light at all." -The Order of Noctis motto’s Welcome to The Order of the Noctis. This is a guild based on working together, building, trading, and training to be a soldier in
  7. Life on the seas is a harsh one. From storms, pirates, and sea monsters the ways to die at sea are many. Cooking smoke was billowing from the deck of the tiny Akheron class steamship leaving a trail high in the sky. A cacophony of nautical ambiance filled the air, the sounds of the ship combined with the noise of the crew. Seagulls circled above the ship, their cries a constant reminder shore is close by. The cook shouting to those on deck while the paddle wheels of the vessel splashed in the water. On deck were a dozen figures walking about shrouded by wool blankets to cover t
  8. The Honour Guard of Metz History The origins of the Honour Guard stem from the events preceding the Duke’s War, when Lord Marshal Augustus d'Amaury’s nascent noble house was granted a considerate holding in the former fiefdom of Adria. The hardened bannermen of the Lord’s personal retinue remained staunch servants to the strong leader, and continued to serve him in the newly formed county of Amaury as the first of his prestigious entourage. Garrisoned alongside their liege within the imposing keep of Summerhall, the veterans were offered service by the Lord
  9. The Honor Guard of Summerhall History Several Honour Guard’s rush to relieve Orenian forces near the Dunamis Fort, dated 1548 The origins of the Honour Guard stem from the events preceding the Duke’s War, when Lord Marshal Augustus d'Amaury’s nascent noble house was granted a considerate holding in the former fiefdom of Adria. The hardened bannermen of the Lord’s personal retinue remained staunch servants to the strong leader, and continued to serve him in the newly formed county of Amaury as the first of his prestigious entourage. Garrisoned alon
  10. The Order of the Aureate Isthmus Protectors of the Isthmus Our direction is our power, our strength and our freedom. For the Realm is split in two, between blood Red, and Blue. Though closely aligned, they remain separate, and distant in all but drive. With the Isthmus, with the Aureate Sword and Shield, it is the duty of us all to bridge the connection between the now distant, by purging and wiping free its cause. “When we stand in the beating heart of our Empire; one must not fret to revel among the blood.” Motive History Created by the eldest brothers of the de Aryn hou
  11. Dedicated to the glorious Cint Dynasty Cint University is taking applications for Professors and students alike in preparation for the upcoming grand opening. All who wish to apply should consider the following. - Availability - Skill level - What you are looking to accomplish - Financial Status Yale university offers a plethora of different programs, including but not limited to.. - Social Sciences - Applied Sciences - Redstone Sciences - Architectural Design - Business Management - History - Economics - Law - Lab
  12. The Larian Regiment “My life for the Empire.” - Captain Balthazar of the Felsen Watch, defending his Emperor. From Free Company to Landed Order Heated from the embers of Oren’s past and forged in the military tradition of the Old Order, the company started as a conscript of free men, of knights and other sort, to the Emperor’s invasion force they soon gained fame and a small reputation. Eventually, the free company presented their blades to the Emperor for permanent fealty and were placed in the Crownlands as a regiment of the Imper
  13. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN CROZIER Brothers of the Crozier For we are the sword of Lucien; the shield of Lucien; the raised spears that catch the rising sun. We are the storm of swords, the song of steel: the song that sweeps across the strongholds of devout and faith-less, believer and heathen, paragon and sinner. The axe that splinters shield, the hammer that cracks skull, the blade that causes many a mother to weep her bitter tears. We are those that hold his crozier, and we will hold the instrument that supports his legacy. PURPOSE
  14. THE EAGLE’S VIGIL THE VIGIL Stolid men born of war and unfaltering pride, the resilient Eagles of Courland, sworn soldiers of House Staunton, preside over the Duchy of Courland; maintaining peace and fiercely defending their home. The Eagles eagerly shoulder this heavy burden, proudly dedicating their lives to protecting Courland: their home, its citizenry, and its peerage. Their vigil only ends in death, for each armiger beholden to such an order swears a life-long oath in his service to the Duchy of Courland and the House Staunton. Once, t
  15. The Marbrand Militia Founded by Jory Marbrand, 1548. The Marbrand Militia is a militaristic assembly of those whom wish to fight proudly for the realm of Vandoria, and the house of Marbrand. Built upon the virtuous values of courage, loyalty, and honor it encourages those of any ethnicity or race to register for the militia. ~ This newly founded military association is heavily affiliated with the kingdom of Vandoria, and is sworn devotedly to serve and protect the realm. All soldiers of the Marbrand Militia will be offered a place within the kingdom and the current patriarch o
  16. The Peacekeepers Under the warm southern sun and the flutter of the blue and gold banners above Leone Hold the stamping of feet and yelling of orders can be heard echoing through the city.- their chatter soon stops. In view are the Peacekeepers, the protectors and loyal guards of Salvus. They stand tall, decorated in their blue and gold tabards, laiden with the symbol of Salvus, the lion. The Peacekeepers are the active guard force of Salvus, and work to keep the peace in and around our great Republic. We are not referred to as a military force, but moreover a guard force- p
  17. The Order of the Hallowed Flame And the Brotherhood of Owyn’s Torchbearers =The Order’s History= Late into the year of 1520, the Order of the Hallowed Flame was founded by the Magnate of Kaedrin, Cantonus Chivay. Upon the advice of the lord Arstan Bedell, a zealous Owynist through and through, he embraced the faith and took upon the fiery sun of Owyn and his dogma as the sigil of a new creed - a militant force dedicated to the pursuit of justice and these ideals laid out before him by the young baron. At the Order’s core sit the wilted remnants of the Flaming Rose, and other
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-elyK2cnxI THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN CROW From the Highlands of the Old North rose the first Highlander Brotherhood, composed of the Raev and Hansetians of the Lahy, which destroyed the armies of Prince Nicholas the ‘Heathen’ and established the One True Faith, the Canonist Faith, into the hearts of the Highlanders for years to come. But now, after years of different revivals, infighting amongst the original Highlanders such as the Raevir and Hansetian peoples, and eons of cultural mish-mash with the Heartlanders, the Order that defended the High
  19. The Stolistes Enforcement The noble house Stolistes presents you a new guard force, focused on protecting Abresi with decency and manners. No longer will you be arrested without fair trail or have to deal with corrupted guards. The Stolistes Enforcement is stationed in Abresi, and is approved as a freelance guardforce, aiding the remaining guards in arrests. The Stolistes Enforcement aims to raise the quality of your protection daily, as our official enforcers make sure arrests are taken out properly, and our informants that the right persons are arrested. We are not an offi
  20. -Many fliers and posters are plastered about Salvian Lands, the Cloud Temple, and a few even leaking into Dwarven lands.- (( If no one is present upon reaching Westwarde Citadel, please send a forum or ingame message to one of the follow to organize a recruitment session. Commanding Officer Tahjeet Mubdee - Acornlad Commanding Officer Zandros Waveswept - Zanderaw Officer Darius Drakon - _PH4NT0M_ Lord Commander Thomas Siegemen - CorprlSkyler ))
  21. The Monarchial Garde The Monarchial Garde is a military organization supporting the true wars for justice and order within the regions of Anthos. We serve for the righteous, and protect the true causes. Our oath is to protect the innocent, and so shall we use our steel to do so. We settled ourselves on the far side of the road to the crossing, and we have honor each man or woman from any race or origin. Let us protect the wonders of life, rather than destroying it. The Monarchial duty Besides training and preparement, we are everywhere when needed. From raisin
  22. Order of the Holy Cross The Holy Cross is an order that is engrossed in religion. They follow the rules of the church, head to chapel every week, and remove heretic scum. The Holy Cross currently serves under the Holy and Divine Oren kingdom. Heretics will be burned, those who do not worship the Creator will be either punished or ignored for their ignorance of the faith, and his holiness will be worshiped. Tenets ~ Loyalty, Obedience, Honor, and Respect ~ ~ Religious activies take place once every week ~ ~ Betrayal is swiftly dealt with ~ ~ An Order member must never talk
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