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Found 9 results

  1. Chivalric Order of The Pavian Blood Rose Nisi Nos Filii et Filiae de Pavia, Many years before I, Gregorius Roa was named as the Viscount of Pavia, the Viscounty wasn't what it was, it was but a mere barony that didn't hold a formal military, and for such, I am obliged to make one taking into consideration the recent attacks that the Viscounty has suffered in hands of external forces, for I have sworn to protect the people of Pavia. Thus, I hereby declare the foundation of the Chivalric Order of The Pavian Blood Rose, for those who want to protect the realm and their families, it shall not discriminate between race, sexuality or status. Nisi Nos Hierarchy Abdradi the recruit rank of the order; Fresh soldiers who will be trained and go through trials to test their capabilities as future soldiers of order, testing their endurance, strength and bravery, to soon; Be placed on the next rank inside the order. Cruentis The most usual rank within the order. Holds little authority within the order. the recruit rank of the order the fresh soldiers who will be trained and go through trials to test, not only their capabilities, but their loyalty. Sanguinis Elevated amongst his fellow Cruentis’ because of their dedication, they hold some authority within the order, being assigned a small unit to command independently from other fellow Sanguinis and can give commands in the stead of the Actuarius or the lord Sine Sanguine Chosen by the lord for his diligence and loyalty to the order, as well as their skill in the battlefield; They hold the most authority on the order, being able to command each and every troop on the order, even the units of the sanguinis, only having less authority than the lord himself If you want to sign up to protect your family and the people of Pavia, contact a Sanguinis, a Sine Sanguine or the lord of the city! Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia
  2. The Rivian Watch Iure et dignitate gladii Preamble Following the martial traditions of old the House of Galbraith and its subjects must henceforth rely upon the staunch boisterous drive of the Rivian individual. It is due time for the formation of an official retinue, a force composed of the men who reside in the area that they shall protect, a band of strong Rivians tasked with the duty of defence. The Rivian Watch is the personal retinue of the Lords of Rivia, composed of a combination of Footmen, Longbowmen and Cavalry detachments. The Watch is tasked with the maintenance and policing of the Viscounty of Rivia. A martial profession is hailed as one of the staples of Rivian life and the most noble of tasks, hence why the creation of a retinue was so integral regarding the future of House Galbraith. For the poorer class service is a way to earn a living, for the more gentile it is an opportunity for social mobility. The Rivian Code “Viscount Robert dutifully responding to a dwarven incursion circa 1856” The Rivian code is the code by which every man of the Watch must remain stalwart and unyielding in his devotion to, for this is the foundation of their honour. I: Serve the liege lord in valour and faith. II: Perform scrupulously in thy feudal duties. III: Do not recoil before thy enemy. IV: Live by honour and for glory. V: Obey those placed in authority. Rank Structure “Kaer Coch circa 1856” The Officers Captain Second only to the Viscount himself the Captain’s duty is to lead the Watch with utmost resolve. The Captain of the Watch is the single most important individual within the rank structure occupied with the near sole leadership of the Watch itself. The Captain oversees the promotion and delegation of tasks within the retinue. The Master-At-Arms Tasked primarily with the command of recruitment efforts, the Master-At-Arms is one of the most essential roles that can be occupied. The Master-At-Arms organises trainings, general events and is responsible for the issuing of punishments ranging from flogging to hanging. Centenary Largely responsible for command on a day to day basis. The Centenaries are tasked with delegating patrols, events and leading groups of men. The Centenary is the backbone of the Officer corp and consists of some of the best leaders in the Watch. The Regulars Sergeant Seasoned veterans and men of strong stock, The Sergeants are the metaphorical whip wielded by the Master-At-Arms. They carry out the disciplinary actions most necessary within the Watch. Largely responsible for keeping the men in line and frequently leading small groups of men, the rank of Sergeant is populated by the aspiring leaders within the force. Man-At-Arms The skilled backbone of the Watch, fulfilling the role of the heavy infantry, skilled bowmen or agile Scout. They are the reliable men in which large amounts of trust is placed into by their commander. Footman The most populated of all the ranks in the Watch, A footman is expected to fulfil his duty to the best of his ability and greatly prove himself to ascend the ranks. Recruit Being the fresh recruits to the band, yet to prove themselves they are given the most inexpensive equipment, while Recruits are not paid they are provided with housing and tend to be the most eager to prove their worth in the eyes of their superiors. The Rivian Oath “A Knight performing the Rivian Oath” I ______ pledge to serve the Viscount of Rivia in valour and faith. I shall henceforth perform scrupulously in thy feudal duties. I pledge to never recoil before thy enemy. I pledge to live by honour and for glory. I shall obey those placed in authority above me without falter. In the name of GOD, I hereby dedicate myself to the Watch. Enlistment [[RP]] Full Name: Years of Age: Race: Pedigree (Noble/Non-Noble): Battlefield Experience: Reason for Interest: [[OOC]] Username: Discord:
  3. IN NEED OF RECRUITS A missive sent out to non-enlisted personals that seemed fit to fight for the wars and conflicts that are occurring within Oren. [-] ENLISTMENT If you happen to be looking for a military to enlist into, please DM lucass#9369 on discord or message me directly from the forums. Signed, Sveneld Andrevich, Barony of Cherskavy.
  4. SIGN UP FOR THE YONG PING PEOPLE'S ARMY! Reasons to enlist in the YPA 1. Free health care 2. You get paid 3. You learn how to fire Ballistas! 4. Free housing in the long keep 5. Rations provide by the Tainrui Tea house 6. You get your very own war goat & life long gbff 7. Equipment supplied & maintained 8. Reasons number 6 9. Honor to your ancestors, elders, family, goats & cows 10. To help rid the world of Azdrazi 11. Serve & protect the Jade state & her people 12. Dedicated brothers & sisters in arms. 13. FreeAlchemy lessons & gear 14. Free medical training 15. You get invited to see the council of goats 16. Two really cool YPA handbooks! How to Enlist MC Unsername: Discord Username: Persona Name: Persona Age: Citizen: (Yes/No) Reason for signing up: How did you hear about the YPA:
  5. A call for the Bounders The year 654, Shire Reckoning [!]The following notice would be nailed to the Honeyhill noticeboard. To the Bounders of Honeyhill, I Head-Bounder Alfie Greenholm have returned to the village a year ago and I firmly believe it is high-time to revive the order of the bounders and aid the Sheriff of Honeyhill in keeping the village safe! If you wish to aid in this endeavour, meet at the Great Gourd Inn on the 7th of the Grand's Harvest this year (654 SR) where the current state of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance shall be discussed! - A.G [!]An additional note would be added to the notice. Those who possess an interest in joining the NWA, will be allowed to do so at the meeting provided they meet the requirements, otherwise you may seek me out in your own time - A.G OOC Note: This event shall occur at 7PM GMT/2PM EST, this Saturday. 08/01/22 For more information on the NWA, seek the post below.
  6. THE YONG PING ARMY the Warriors of Yong Ping DEFINITION The People’s Army of Yong Ping, also named the Yong Ping Army, are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens alongside allied mercenaries who have chosen to take up arms in the name of protecting the people of Yong Ping. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA and its Soldiers are purpose-trained to their specific duties. The most soldiers or regular ranks are familiarly known as Zhànshì or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officers are known as Guān or Dragon Guard. The Army has a strict code of honor, which all soldiers regardless of rank must follow. The soldiers stand as a representation of Yong Ping itself, alongside its history and its population. Hence they must portray utmost honor and bravery in every given scenario before them. The Yong Ping Army is divided into two Regiments. Those being the Zhànshì Regiment and the Bushi Regiment. The soldiers and officers of the Zhànshì Regiment specialize in siege work alongside community services, while the counterparts in the Bushi Regiment are trained and exercised specifically in the art of cavalry and tax collection. Both Regiments have a unique culture within them, yet follow the same ranking structure and code of honor: Their purpose is twofold; To serve and protect Yong Ping. HISTORY Formed as a defensive volunteer force conscripted from the City’s population, the Yong Ping Army has stood proudly as a protective barrier against all dangers and threats posed against the people of Yong Ping for many years. The Tianrui zhànshì have long stood a bulwark against that which would harm their people, serving as protectors and monster hunters in the past. With the growth of numbers in their countrymen joining them in the West though, they soon realized they alone could not uphold this duty alone. Tianrui Ren saw to the establishment and training of a civilian defense force in their then resident district in Talon's Port, a group which would be known as the Tai Ping People's Army. The militia at the time was aided in numbers as needed by the Icathian Company, an ally who continues to stand by Yong Ping and her people in valued service to this day. With an even further surge in population and founding of Yong Ping, the YPA was formally established and the handbook written as a guide of conduct and service for all enlisted. New supply requisition was contracted out to the local San Xiong Di Company, outfitting the ranks with the finest the city had to offer. It was also during this time that two main regiments were established. The Zhànshì, a regiment of Li-Ren under the command of then Duhu Tinarui Ren specializing in siege equipment and civil service; and the Bushi, a regiment of Oyashimans under the command of then Sōchō Masamune Musashi specializing in cavalry and tax collection. Whilst specializing in different categories, the two served the same purpose and remain flexible in duty to fill needs as required. In modern Yong Ping, the Zhànshì regiment serves as the sole pillar of the YPA in both law enforcement and city defense under the command of Duhu Tianrui Ryu. Stationed in the east wall side Long Keep, the crimson and gold uniform can be seen patrolling all districts as symbols of safety and security in the Jade State. BENEFITS After joining the Army of Yong Ping, the soldiers receive a number of benefits. These are: ⦁ A tax reduction for housing within Yong Ping ⦁ Yearly payment in form of minae ⦁ Free healthcare for treatments of any kind ⦁ Material benefits for the soldier’s specific needs ⦁ Free equipment maintained by the Army ⦁ Access to facilities and amenities of Long Keep HOW TO JOIN To join the Yong Ping Army, fill out the following form with your information: Minecraft Username: Discord Username: (Can be omitted from public application if sent via forum PM) Character Name: Character Age: Citizenship: (Yes/No) Reason for application:
  7. The People's Army of Yong Ping Handbook Overview The People’s Army of Yong Ping (hereafter referred to as the Yong Ping Army abbv. YPA) are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens and allied mercenaries who have chosen to take service in the name of protecting the people. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA are purpose-trained to their duties. All regular ranks are familiarly known as zhànshì (warrior) or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officer ranks are known as guān (officer) or Dragon Guard. General Regulation Protocol Code 1: Conduct All enlisted members of the YPA are held to the same community standard which they are meant to enforce. Violation of Yong Ping Law or major charges of disorderly conduct will be met with stripping of rank and privileges, along with seizure of state provided equipment. Minor charges of disorderly conduct will result in lesser disciplinary action and probation at the overseeing officer’s discretion. Subsection I While in and out of uniform, enlisted members' actions represent the YPA, and as such disorderly conduct will be met with appropriate disciplinary measures. Subsection II While on duty, YPA members are required to greet superiors and fellow officers in accordance with Code 1 Subsection III along with a hold fist salute. The hold fist salute is carried out by holding one’s right fist against their left open palm at chest level. When performing the salute, the fist’s thumb must be pointing away from the individual. Subsection III When addressing fellow members of the YPA, standard form of address when not in combat is as follows: [RANK] [FAMILY NAME] Ex: “Duizhu Tianrui” Or [RANK] [GIVEN NAME] Ex: “Duizhu Ren” Or [RANK] [FAMILY NAME] [GIVEN NAME] Ex: “Duizhu Tianrui Ren” Or “Sir/Ma’am” Subsection IV YPA members can be charged with disorderly conduct for the following: -Direct disrespect of a superior officer. (Major Offense) -Neglecting their post for leisure activity. (Major Offense) -Causing harm intentional or otherwise to another member of the YPA. (Major Offense) -Intentionally antagonizing civilians in a de-escalation situation. (Major Offense) -Direct responsibility for the death of civilians in an arrest situation. (Major Offense) -Unintentionally antagonizing civilians in a de-escalation situation. (Minor Offense) -Wielding a katana without license and proper authorization of Jinzhou or above. (Minor Offense) -Repeat failure to properly address members of the YPA as according to Code 1 Subsection II regulation. (Minor Offense) Subsection V Punishment for Major Offenses depending on severity includes: -Dishonorable discharge. -Stripping of rank and privileges granted by membership of YPA. -Seizure of any state provided equipment. -Permanent barring of entry to the YPA. Subsection VI Punishment for Minor Offenses depending on severity includes: -Demotion of rank. -Temporary probation. -Repeat of basic training. Subsection VII YPA members cannot be charged with disorderly conduct for the following: -Offering emotional support to distressed citizens. -Tending to any medical needs while on duty. -Illness. -Tending to a family emergency while assigned to regular duty. Code 2: Maintenance Enlisted members of the YPA are expected to maintain themselves and their equipment to the highest standard in order to better carry out their duty to the people. Subsection I Physical and mental inspections of all enlisted are required to ensure enlisted members of the YPA are suited to continue service. These inspections will take place once every Sun’s Smile (Sunday) in the Yong Ping clinic. Subsection II All equipment issued by the state to enlisted YPA members are subject to inspection every Grand Harvest (Saturday). Any broken equipment that cannot be serviced by the YPA member must be returned to the quartermaster for appropriate repair or replacement. Subsection III Full standard equipment for field service is as follows: -Jian shortsword -Rectangle shield -Medium crossbow -Ferrum binding cuffs -Light gambeson coat -Light gambeson greaves -Light gambeson cap -Cord and plaque cuirass -Plated boots -Plate helm -Plated gauntlets Subsection IV Equipment cannot be modified without prior consent of the quartermaster, or directive from Duizhu or above. Code 3: Discharge from Service Subsection I An Honorable Discharge may be issued to YPA members in the event of the following: -Retirement from service after the state-mandated period. -Retirement from service due to severe injury. -Retirement from service due to old age relative to the descendant race. Subsection II A Dishonorable Discharge may be issued to YPA members in the event of the following: -Being charged with a Major Offense as per Code 1 Subsection IV. -Being convicted in the courts of the Ministry of Justice for violation of Yong Ping law. -Deserting one’s post. Ranking Structure (GEN) Duhu: Commands all forces, heads the hierarchy and oversees clerical matters. Able to promote any rank. I. Serves as the Yong Ping Minister of Defense, corresponding with the other heads of Ministry. II. Required to see the organisation of guān as well as the overall wellbeing of troops. III. Required to review army ledgers and ensure the army stocks are properly supplemented. (CMD) Jiangjun: Officer rank, leads a company in a division as well as assisting with clerical matters. Able to promote from Kanshou to Jinzhou. I. Requires minimum 2 Elven weeks to pass from last promotion. II. Required to hold minimum 1 session siege weapon training or combat skirmish (PVP skirm) per Elven week. (COL) Jinzhou: First officer rank organizes training sessions, oversees day-to-day running, and order of the guard. Able to promote ranks from Kanshou to Duizhu. I.Requires minimum 2 Elven weeks to pass from last promotion. II. Required to hold minimum 1 session siege weapon training or combat skirmish per Elven week. (CPT) Duizhu: Rank for those being vetted for officer training, assists in organization of Duifu assignment. Technically the first commissioned officer rank, though seen as an intermediary between the zhànshì and guān ranks. Able to promote from Xinbing to Duifu. I. Requires at minimum 1 Elven week to pass from last promotion. II. Required to hold minimum 1 session drill training (RP basic training) or combat skirmish per Elven week. (SGT) Duifu: Non-commissioned officer rank showing capability of leading a squad of 3-5 zhànshì. I. Requires at minimum 3 Elven weeks registered citizenship. II. Requires at minimum 1 Elven week to pass from last promotion. III. Required to hold minimum 1 session of drill training per Elven week. Kanshou: First rank of a fully fledged guard expected to uphold regular guard duties and act as peacekeeper in the community. I. Requires at least 1 Elven week training at the rank of Xinbing before promotion to Kanshou. II. Must tend to at least one Elven day of gate duty per week. Xinbing: Basic entry recruitment rank for training. I. No required prerequisite for enlistment other than citizenship qualified by the Ministry of Justice. II. Requires attendance of 3 officer held trainings to be promoted. III. Requires attendance of de-escalation training to be promoted. Auxiliary: These other ranks of the army may include lorekeepers and agents dedicated to the safekeeping of information. I. While not always officially enlisted, Auxiliary must always report to YPA guān. II. Auxiliary may not be required to wear YPA uniform on duty, but will still be required to follow full regulation protocol if it does not compromise their mission objective. Signed, Protector General Tianrui Ren
  8. [!] A poster has been posted within the city of Talon's Port, and the Cloud Temple. The Militia of Talon's Port is now recruiting. Having been only a small group of men it is now seen that more are needed, as organized crime, murders, and other troubles run rampant within the walls. If you wish to enlist and keep the people of the city safe, please contact the current Minister of Defense, Athri Onfroi Belrose.
  9. The Order of Mubarizuns A family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Purpose Called upon by the Sultan to protect the Children of Allah and the Jewel of the Sultanate, the Mubarizun are the champions of the City of Al-Wakhrah. They stand as role models for the citizens and must be willing to risk their lives for the greater good. The Mubarizun offers those with bravery and skill to put their skills to a noble cause albeit strength alone is not necessarily required to be oathed. While individual strength is important, the Mubarizun push themselves to learn as much as they can - whether that be in the realms of politics, culture, language, or science. While off duty, a guard of the Mubarizun might be in Al-Wakhrah library studying or enjoying a smoke at the ****** lounge among comrades and citizens. The Mubarizun follows a strict code once oathed. Virtues of the Qalasheen To protect the citizen of Khalestine from interior and exterior threats. To protect the Sultan, Allah’s appointed leader for the Qalasheen. To protect and share knowledge gathered for the benefit of the Qalasheen. To show no fear when facing a foe. To respect those in command. To know restraint when dealing with the foolish. To take personal responsibility for any wrong doings. To present one’s self in the best way possible. To pursue knowledge into old age. To know humility. To avoid the gossip of prideful men. Joining The Order of the Mubarizun All willing and able are allowed to apply for joining The Order of the Mubarizun. when you have joined The Order of the Mubarizuns, you will become a citizen of The Sultanate of Khalestine. If you already are a citizen of the Sultanate of Khalestine and you do not believe in the righteous faith, you will be exempted from the foreign tax, when you join The Order of the Mubarizuns. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Low Command Naqib (Captain) A Naqib is a senior officer with many years of experience within The Order of Mubarizuns and chosen for his amazing prowess in combat and leadership. Appointed by the Amir to command a large group of muharib and jundi during military expeditions. Many are often given the tasks of recruiter and drill master. Raqib (Overseer) A Raqib is a Muharib who not only showed skills in battle, but, also skills in leadership. He will be trained in the arts of leadership by a Naqib or by the Amir self. A Raqib will test it’s leadership skills as a leader of a squad of the Mubarizuns. They are also the main recruiters of the order. Sub-Rankings Mwahtemed (Quartermaster) The Mwahtemed is an title given to those who show capability of doing such jobs as making sure the other soldiers are equipped enough to do their tasks. Specializing in the organization of arms, ranging from weaponry to armor, the task of the Mwahtemed is to assure that their fellow soldiers are equipped. Muhandis (Engineer) The Muhandis specializes in the use of military siege weaponry, such as siege crossbows, battering rams, catapults, and trebuchets. Jarraah (Surgeon) The Jarraah is the lifeline of the military by making sure the injured and wounded do not die with the use of advanced medical knowledge, vital to the job. Mutadarrib (Trainee) The Mutadarrib is an oathed recruit, they will be taught all the professions, however they will eventually specialize on one subject. The Enlisted Muharib The Muharib are the most devoted and steadfast soldiers of the main force. The men are experienced with fighting battles and are the well-disciplined fighting elites. Jundi The Jundi is the vast majority of the Mubarizuns force. They are the footmen and militiamen who serve as the primary protectors of the Sultanate and the bulk of the battlefield during war. Alwafid The Alwafid are the new unoathed recruits of the Mubarizuns and are required to be oathed by the oathing standards set. If the Alwafid is not oathed, they may not receive any additional ranking. Alwafid who are looking to work around the foreign tax must wait to be oathed. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age : Gender: Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph ))
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