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Found 12 results

  1. ♕ << IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU ARE PROBABLY LOOKING FOR A SKIN, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE >> ♕ *NOTE* ☛ All Skins that I give are my own work ☛ Feel free to edit my skins if so is your wish ☛ If satisfied like the post (PLS) ☛ If not satisfied message me to see how to fix the imperfections ☛ All skins are personaliced based on the discriptions or pictures given ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: RACE: GENDER: SKIN COLOR: BODYMASS: HAIR COLOR: HAIR STYLE: FACIAL HAIR: EYE COLOR: CLOTHES: ( YOU CAN ALSO JUST DISCRIBE YOUR CHARACTER AND I WOULD DO MY BEST TO TRANSFORM YOUR WORDS INTO A SKIN ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXAMPLES OF MY WORK: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/899233067/DREAD-SKULL http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/4970274075705344/Cpt_Noobman-Scout-Prototype http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5244970561175552/Bill-Underfoot http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5248072268906496/LOTC-DWARF-SMITH http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5206372210180096 http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/4538440578760704/Fekshe-of-the-RedSun http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5168784608854016/Tulip-Grandaxe
  2. Selling Items! The first item that Mukar is selling is specialy crafted dog toys. One of these will cost you 50 minas each. The next item that Mukar has on sale is bear toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cow toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cat toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a wolf pelt cloak which ranges in colour of grey and white. It also holds the bears head still attached. This will cost you 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a finely crafted music box. Bidding for this rare item will start at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a bucket of very powerful acid, extracted from the large serpent from the spooky pumpkin realm. Bidding on this item starts at 150 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of sturdy walking boots that you can use to traverse the realm easily. Bidding on this item starts at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a shield of Leyd. Created by a shaman. This shield will increase your strength whilst holding it. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a magical cake. This cake is quite the treat and rarity as it rejuvenates itself and replicates itself when a slice is taken. It also varies in flavour with each bite! Bidding on this item starts at 400 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of shiny boots for the most fashionable of people. Bidding starts at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a rare rock taken from a cultists den. Bidding starts at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very rare and magical seashell from the ocean's bed. Bidding on this item starts at 125 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is brawm pipe. Bidding on this item will start at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is orcish brownies! Bidding on this item will start at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very strong spiders plate. Extracted from the corpse of a very large and venomous spider. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. SOLD The next item that Mukar has on sale is a golden sword that Mukar himself pulled from the dock during the Felsen festival. It slays undead rather easily. Bidding on this item will start at 600 minas. Bidding on any of these items will end in three elven days. The items you can buy straight up are first come first served so hurry before they are all sold out. For the bidding items, you must at least increase the bid by 10 minas.
  3. Posters can be seen all over the nations. "Mercenary looking for sword-like job. Equipment provided by said Mercenary. Provide only food and minas and good to go." "Meet by Cloud Temple for talking." Signed Reign Revlis((Ioannis)).
  4. Hobbes & Schmick Boutique Several fliers would be scattered around Oren advertising that Hobbes & Schmick Boutique is now looking for tailors ((Skinners))! The fliers read as follows: "Hobbes & Schmick Co. is now actively seeking tailors to work full-time at either of the two boutique locations - Johannesburg and Turov! Those who are interested must know how to use a sewing machine! ((You gotta know how to skin.)) If you think you have what it takes to create Axios' most fashionable and expensive clothing, fill out the application on the reverse side of this flier! This job pays very, very well, so apply immediately or you might miss out! ((I will actually pay you minas)) **** Application: Name: ((Username)): Can you sew? ((make skins)): Which location do you wish to work at? Johannesburg, or Turov?: Provide some sketches of your past work. ((Show off some skins)):
  5. The Guild is gone!! The leader had died!! ~Golden Knights~ The golden Knights Are a small Group That seek Minas and land and to help the common man. The main Goal Of the golden Knights is simple to protect the common man and make minas and glory, defend what they think is right in the world as well as roads and becoming a merc group to one day claim land and build a small village and protect all roads from monsters. We shall Protect any man from beast or a bandit. We are here to make sure every man and woman of every race has a chance to make big Mians And that is why our starting pay is 40 mians a day!!!!!!! Send a Bird to Ser Hoska Grimson ((Kingaff96)) if ya wish to join -~-~-~Ranks~-~-~- ((General's)) ((Pay:100 per mc day)) There will be Two Generals with in the Golden knights there job is to make sure every thing is going smoothly with in the company and make plans for when war is to come they send out orders to the Officers it ranges from gather ores,logs to make sure each Squadron Is in tiptop shape ((Officers)) There Job is to make sure the units with in there Squadron Are trained and always have something to do From just patrolling to finding recruits to even making armor and weapons and even fighting monsters at night there are up to three types of officers Recruiters,Field Commanders,Resource ((Recruiters)) ((Pay 100 per eleven week)) There job is to go out and find new recruits to enlist They get paid the highest Out of the officers for they get 20 minas per recruit ((Field Commanders)) ((Pay:60 per mc day)) These guys handle The Units on the field they train The men to march on the field in formations And Train the men how to fight Ony the best out of the best can become one of these men For each Formation they train a Squadron in they gain 10 minas ((Resource Officers)) ((Pay:100 per elven week)) They Handel the amounts of ore or Resource's That come in. they keep track and watch the books and hand out the ore's and such to each Person that needs them they also gather groups of Recruits to go gather Resource's ((Footmen)) ((Pay:40 a mc day)) These guys are the backbone of the Unit They complete task And train daily to become the best of the best they seek out jobs for the unit or just trade agreements ((Recruits)) ((Pay:10 a mc day)) New men enlisted to seek glory or gain minas there pay starts off small but grows as they rank up ((Ps. seeking some one to make this look all fancy and what not i do not know how make these look great :/ Also seeking some one who can make nice skins)) ((OOC)) Ign: Is this a alt persona: Timezone: Skype: Teamspeak: Age((Optional)): ((Rp)) Name: Age: Reason to join: Race: ((Crafting and such)) Skills:
  6. Hey so I'm playing Lord of the craft a lot lately but I don't know how to get Minas/Money in game or even a job. I'm probably just a huge noob and the answer is literally easy to figure out but... I spent most of my money on stuff I needed like food etc.. and now I'm basically asing or looking in chests (that are labeled Free food) to get it. Can you help me with that? Also, I've asked around about how to get a residence in Lauren'lin, people say find so and so and he/she will set you a home. but I don't know who that is.. Plus with the mina thing I don't think that I would be able to own a home there because I can't get minas to pay for it....... Sorry if this was in the wrong topic, I looked and couldn't find anything related to this. thanks for helping if you can! Love Lord of the Craft!
  7. A massive iron cart pulled by several Elephants travels among-st the lands of Vailor. Several guards accompany the massive caravan as it lumbers from city to city. In each city it stops at, a High Elf in light grey robes steps in front of the gates and announces "This caravan contains enough Sandstone to create a city or fort, should that be the desired result. Though sand is quite easy to come by, the ready availability of such a large amount of sand bricks will hopefully procure a Buyer of such items. Should anyone wish to purchase this Sandstone, please send a bird to Valuum Estaru [Joeker396], and the pricing will be negotiated." I have 2 double chests worth of sandstone. Use this as you see fit. We will talk about prices.
  8. ~Banking Opportunities Since 1517~ -~*=-=*~- "Enter, But Take Heed, For Those Who Have The Sin Of Greed And Wish To Take What Is Not Theirs, May Find Deep Beneath Our Floors Much More Than They Were Looking For" *~_-=-_~* The Valiant and Balk Bank is an multinational and multi-racial minas and item bank. Founded by Valiant Blake and Balk Goldhand, the bank was created to provide safe item storage and minas transactions to those who wish to keep their livelihood safe, no matter what happens outside of the banks walls. At Valiant and Balk, safety is top priority and many safeguards and systems are put in place to ensure full customer satisfaction. The Valiant and Balk Banks offer the following services: -Safe Item Storage- -Safe Minas Storage- -Minas Transactions- -Loans- We offer a multitude of storage options in varying sizes and security levels: ~Safety Deposit box: 200 minas~ ~Small Vault: 500 minas~ ~Large Vault: 1000 minas~ ~Deep Vault: 2000 minas~ ~High Security Vault: 5000 minas~ Current Bank Locations: -=Dwarven Capital=- (Under Construction) (Under Construction) We are now accepting applicants for guards(PVP skill/experience is preferred) and bank tellers(Must be V.I.P, IE: able to place locks). Each position will receive a varying minas payment every Stone Week. Please fill out this application and submit it for review if interested. If you have any questions, or want more information about the Bank send a bird to Balk Goldhand(bobo1998play) or go to one of our Banking locations.
  9. Flyers are distirbuted to as many different parts of Valior as is possible. They read as follows: BUILDERS REQUIRED! Percival Staunton requests as many able hands as is possible, to aid with the reconstruction of Port Vydrik and the County of Westmark. A large keep, a large city and a few ships are required. Further details regarding the county can be attained once a member on the building team. Payment of up to and including 2500 minae will be payed per builder, depending on the quality and amount that they have built. If you are interested in this, please contact Percival Staunton. Sketches of previous constructions are preferable, however, not required. Much of the resources that are required for building will be provided. I would hope to hear from you soon, Percival Staunton of Westmark. OOC: Post below or PM me on Skype, Joearomo for further details. Screenshots of previous builds send via Skype.
  10. Main Theme Alternative Theme In-game Banner A fine parchment is nailed over a older, sun baked leaflet. It's sides adorned with detailed decorations and the top with a immaculate "S". The paper abhors a sense of work, wealth, power and knowledge, all four of which are the founding ideals of the new and reformed Syndicate. Written upon it ornately: “To those who dare take the risk of entrepreneurship, To those who find solace in a good days work, To those who strive to better hone their skills, And to they who long for opportunity, discipline and adventure… The Syndicate Beckons." ~/The Syndicate\~ Have you wandered to the South? Have you witnessed the sights to behold? It is magnificent, it perpetuates grace, beauty and opportunity! All that lies in the fertile lands of the South is ripe for pickings to those with an eye for minas and invention. The very land itself cries for development, nay a war or purge, but for the amplification of it’s beauty by the magnificent work of those who care for the realm. The very people who grasp this opportunity are those who form the Syndicate’s rank. These men and women devote themselves to upholding the core values of the High Overseer and the ideals of the Syndicate. Here is what the Syndicate does: it takes the resources (whether human or natural capital) that it has at its disposal and refines them to be the very best. The Syndicate strives for efficiency in all it does, a better market, a maximum of profit and a minimum of loss. But the Syndicate shall not forget it’s own members while fulfilling its purpose. Every individual is fuel, a gear in the large machine that is the economy of the realm. Thus said, each member is prized, groomed and pampered under the parental wings of the Syndicate and all of it’s associates. Business is the cornerstone of the Syndicate, thus what is good for business is also good for the Syndicate. The companies, valaise and merchants that all take up the mark of the Syndicate reap the rewards that are offered to them wholeheartedly, as the only way to stay successful in Syndicate economics is to grow, and grow they shall. -Divisions- Administration & Workforce (or A&W)- Consider it the head and bones of the Syndicate. The Administration is the link that ties the workforce, resources and ect. to the other divisions as well as having to function as the entity that ensures Syndicate economics will prosper. The Workforce is the Administrations right hand in all of this, providing good labor and budding opportunities to the Valaise and Institute. Valaise - The organs. Valaise is a flamboyant Salvian word for companies, the Syndicate has adopted it to mean all companies, Syndics or the conglomerate. The driving force of Syndicate growth, the companies focus on the production of minas while the rest of the Syndicate focuses on helping them grow. The wants of the Syndics are taken to a high accord. Institute - The Institute is, at last, the fancy clothing. Using the Institute, the Valaise and A&W have access to powerful minds dedicated to the innovation of a companies business practices and other tasks which would benefit the Syndicate over all. Prestigious and elite, all members of the Institute must swear an oath to an Overseer to enter. -Deals- To Salvus - Under contract to supply job opportunities to it’s people. To Tahu’nor - Obliterated, It's name and politic is now defaulted to the Syndicate. To Sylverport - Friendly delegations of co-operation. To Urguan - Mentorship of workers in the field of metallurgy. Nation/Organization benefits: Influx of workers and jobs. Eligibility of supply deals. Eligibility of development deals. Eligibility of Syndicate meetings and event hostings. Access to Institute discoveries and library. -/Research & Development\- ~The Institute~ -/Personnel\- ~Administration & Workforce~ -/Valaise\- ~Companies and Merchants~ ~/Current Membership\~ High Overseer: Tyrell Blavier ((HandCookedTires)) Overseer: Ishmael ((Porkour)) Head Envoy: Josiah Elendil ((AxlRose)) Overseer (In training): Roopak Khalin ((Roopak)) Advisorship: Alexander Bedevere Syndic of the Iron Corps. [5 workers] - Ehsan Mubdee ((DrMechy)) Syndic of Khalin Agriculture [4 workers]- Roopak Khalin ((Roopak)) Syndic of the Free Khamasons [2 workers]- Camo Shadd ((mrdurkin)) Syndic of the RH Company [2 workers]- Sam Hjenir ((ben127127)) Syndic of The Golden Glyph [5 workers] - Mark Volare ((xXMark123Xx)) Syndic of Elendil Deconstruction [2 workers] - Arnorian Elendil ((Radahan)) Syndic of the Salvian Bakery - Zane Luca Capette ((Dannybrine)) If you are interested in linking a company to the Syndicate, the Overseers would be happy to help. Researchers: Merchants: Positions abolished and being reworked. Workforce: Hiring! ~/Joining us\~ As with any order with order, there are rules and guidelines: - Do not spread trade secrets and guild research to other guilds or nations, period. - Do not hamper or impede the progress of the guild or a Valaise within the guild whatsoever. - Embezzlement of resources, a discovery or money is highly punishable to any person. If a Valaise or person of high status is expected to have done this a tribunal will be held. - We are not held accountable to any injury you suffer on job. -Follow the commands of the High Overseer and in command over you rigorously. Any questions or clarification of rules should be taken to Overseers only. -Job Index- Application
  11. The Siegrad Warehouse Established by Lord Barbanov Led by the Ruthills The cries of the poor commoners could no longer be ignored. Day by day they grew louder and louder, until even the good Lord Barbanov heard them. Being a fair, kind and honorable person he immediately established the Siegrad Warehouse. As the news spread, armies of commoners from all over the North flocked to the Warehouse, looking for a good paying job. And as they received their deposit chest, they knew they had found it! The Siegrad Warehouse is built upon the principal that every man and woman is good at something and is therefore valuable to Society. Keeping this policy in mind, the young Robert Ruthill set out to make the most productive Warehouse in the entire region. He standardized chest names, organized the wares and introduced the 'bond' system of payment. With these new changes and improvements, the Siegrad Warehouse was gathering more resources than ever before and paying more people than was ever thought possible. -How it Works- Find Robert Ruthill, or send him an application requesting work at the Siegrad Warehouse. Upon being hired, you will be given a chest with a number on it. This is your 'deposit' chest. ​ Gather ANYTHING and place it in your deposit chest. ​ On Sunday, your Deposit chest shall be emptied and in it you will find some Mina Bonds. ​ Remove the Mina bond and make your way to the Lord's Fort. As you enter the courtyard, take a right and you will find the banker. Here you may exchange your Mina Bonds for real Minas. ​ (( To sell your Mina Bond you need to enter the number corresponding to your note. If its a 50 Mina Bond its 1. If its a 20 Mina Bond its 2. If its a 10 Mina Bond its 3. If its a 5 Mina Bond its 4. Then, depending on how many of the bonds you wish to cash in, you enter that number with a minus in front of it. In my case I had one 50 Mina Bond. So I would've typed in, after right clicking the slab; 1 and then -1. I would've gotten 50 minas then. Easy! )) ​ -Application- -OOC- MC Name: Time Zone: Skype: -RP- Name: Age: Do you live in Siegrad? This is a requirement in order to be hired!:
  12. The Kathaik Mercenary Company We Fight for YOU, and a bit of gold. Prices: Prices are listed as the amount of minas payed per man.If the entire force is hired, then 200 minas is taken off the total price. We supply our own armor for guarding and raiding contracts. For Battles, take 200 minas off each man if you supply us with armor. Per Battle(warclaim):500 minas. Per Raid:250 minas, depending on security of designated target. Hired Guard Force:175 minas per week.(Maximum of 2-3 weeks) Faction Discounts: Take 250 minas off your total price. Factions subject to a discount: -The Dwarven Legion/Kingdom of Urguan. ((Send Contracts via PM)) Company's Honor: Once we have signed a contract with your faction, we will never go back on it and betray you, until your contract is over. All of our contracts are signed in blood. This is to ensure that no betrayals occur on either side. All contracts and contractors are allowed their secrecy, should they require it. Pay: Members are payed whenever the company master hires them out and receives the pay for their duties. -Members all receive a home in Kal'Azgoth, in order to store their things. -Taxes for all homes are payed by the Camp Master -Members receive weekly rations from the company master -Members receive 100 minas a week, if they are not hired out. Recruitment: Members in this company are expected to place their contract and their missions above any other duties. Failure to do so, except in certain circumstances, can lead to a swift removal from the company. Members are expected to drill at least once a week with the company master. Locations for practices are kept secret until one comes around. Application: ((OOC)) Ign: Timezone: TS(Y/N): Skype(You may PM this to me): PvP Skills(1-10, 10 being perfect): RP Fighting Skills(1-10): Do you have the VA 2a?(Preferred, but not needed): ((IC)) Name: Alias: Age: Race: Reason for Enlisting: Past Jobs: Any other Allegiances?: I will uphold the values of the company and swear to never break a contract that involves my person. I swear that if I am to ever break a contract or break my allegiance to the company, that I am subject to any and all punishments assigned to my person. Roster ((http://tinyurl.com/kqasw5f))
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