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Found 1 result

  1. Slayer Steel and Verdantium Slayer Steel is a rather new metal based around the age old concept of monster-slaying swords. Aurum for Monsters, Steel for Men. But, as many a monster hunter will eventually find out, Aurum never lasts long due to its nature as a soft and easily malleable metal, even when cooled. Such was the case of a young elvish Paladin by the name of Zeliek who approach Dain Stormcrow requesting a sword that could slay monsters yet still retain its usefulness after a battle. For several years, Dain spent them trying to make gold stronger by itself. Finding the process far too inefficient and time-consuming, he turned to creating an alloy to be paired with gold. Dain first started with Carbarum, knowing the metal to be very durable on its own and when mixed with steel to create the established Bluesteel. As he brought the temperature higher and and higher, the metals finally melted and mixed in the ingot cast. Interestingly enough, the yellow and blue hues of metal mixed splendidly, resulting in a lively green metal, akin to the vibrant greens of tree leaves and emeralds. On the other hand, the metal rather than getting harder, retained the malleability of the gold, making it just as durable as ordinary gold, but with a far different color, suiting jewelers and sculptors who wished to create unique pieces of art. Undeterred from this sort of failure, Dain set out to try steel and gold this time, trying to balance out the ratios of metal and using a much higher temperature of heat to make sure they bonded correctly at the advice of the late Dizzy Irongrinder. To his expectancy, the old dwarf’s advice worked, creating a steel not quite able to dish out as much damage as your general steel sword, but far more durable than an average aurum sword. The result: Slayer Steel. A bronze-hued metal far more durable and stiff then general aurum. Dain began experimenting with the Slayer Steel, forging a shield for his love, and finally, a sword suitable for Zeliek. With this discovery, Dain took his notes to the Cloud Temple so that they may be shared with all whom wish to use them, the alloy’s existence and way to make it an be obtained from Dain as well if one wishes to seek him out. Hopefully, this new metal would allow the monster hunters of Vailor to make the world a safer, less monster infested place. OOC: Verdantium is essentially a cosmetic metal, it cannot be used to make any usable weapons or armor whatsoever, it is essentially just green gold, so if you want a magically imbued ring but yellow ain’t your color, this works perfectly. The ratio for this is 3 gold: 1 carbarum the temperature required to heat is 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. As for Slayer Steel, its Unbreaking 1 or 2 gold weapons and armor, it has a bronzeish tint, but can be lighter or darker depending on the smith’s preference. Its temperature for creation is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Its meant to come close or match the durability of an iron sword, but with gold! The ratio is the magic 4:2 gold:iron. For monster slaying and stuff. It must be represented by an unbreaking 1 or 2 gold sword.