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Found 3 results

  1. HolyTortoise

    [Complete]Items for Sale!

    Selling Items! The first item that Mukar is selling is specialy crafted dog toys. One of these will cost you 50 minas each. The next item that Mukar has on sale is bear toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cow toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is cat toys. This will cost you 50 minas per toy. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a wolf pelt cloak which ranges in colour of grey and white. It also holds the bears head still attached. This will cost you 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a finely crafted music box. Bidding for this rare item will start at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a bucket of very powerful acid, extracted from the large serpent from the spooky pumpkin realm. Bidding on this item starts at 150 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of sturdy walking boots that you can use to traverse the realm easily. Bidding on this item starts at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a shield of Leyd. Created by a shaman. This shield will increase your strength whilst holding it. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a magical cake. This cake is quite the treat and rarity as it rejuvenates itself and replicates itself when a slice is taken. It also varies in flavour with each bite! Bidding on this item starts at 400 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a pair of shiny boots for the most fashionable of people. Bidding starts at 100 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a rare rock taken from a cultists den. Bidding starts at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very rare and magical seashell from the ocean's bed. Bidding on this item starts at 125 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is brawm pipe. Bidding on this item will start at 50 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is orcish brownies! Bidding on this item will start at 75 minas. The next item that Mukar has on sale is a very strong spiders plate. Extracted from the corpse of a very large and venomous spider. Bidding on this item starts at 200 minas. SOLD The next item that Mukar has on sale is a golden sword that Mukar himself pulled from the dock during the Felsen festival. It slays undead rather easily. Bidding on this item will start at 600 minas. Bidding on any of these items will end in three elven days. The items you can buy straight up are first come first served so hurry before they are all sold out. For the bidding items, you must at least increase the bid by 10 minas.
  2. HolyTortoise

    [Teacher App] Ja'mukar

    MC name: Adam_Barnett Character's name and age: Ja’Mukar 120 Yrs Character’s Race: Kha’Leparda Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125628-jamukars-ma-for-muuntrivazja/ What magics do you desire to teach?: Muun’Trivazja Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Muun’Trivazja is the magic empowered by the great stone that connects the user to its goddess. Gifted to the Kharajyr Priest in order to fulfill priestly duties such as the trial of faith and rituals by the daemon Metztli. It is highly unusual for a non-kharajyr to be taught this magic but if they do they are trusted to possess it in the eyes of the priests of the temple. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Mukar begins calling the priests from their homes in the sandy desert of The Caliphate using a small horn. Rizren and Kitlali exit their homes in normal kharajyr attire. Mukar beckons them forward with his fat stubby hand. Holding a sack of items and robes over his shoulder. “Cawm Kharajyr, we walk thur path uf Metztlli” he says in a low grumble before exiting through the gates and towards the Kharajyr altar that is located under the bones of a great dinosaur, surrounded by little doored rooms embedded into the mountains. Once the group of kharajyr had finally ventured across the scorching desert sands. “Thy’s es the sacrificial altawr uf Metztli, maney greayt sac’ri’fyces take playce heyur” he says with a stern nod, pointing his hand at the glowing blue pool below it “Thy’s es the greayt moonpool thut yaw uyse to collect awnd soak en theur moon energy.” Mukar swings his hand about for some time, silently. “Pawt thy’s robes awn in the rooms over theur” he gestures a finger as he launches a set of folded robes at each of the two before shooing them off to the rooms “We tayk ou’ah first step into the priesthuud.” As the two priests emerge from the rooms adorned in the priest robes Mukar would be sat crosslegged in the sand, his hands resting in his lap whilst his palm both wide open. His eyes remain closed but he slowly talks to the two “Todahy we learn ha’ow taw meditayte so thut wunce we knuw ha’ow we cawn begin to obtayn moonenergy, thy’s es vital so listun!” he beckons the two over to join him. “Sit which evur wahy yaw feeyul is most confortabul, it mahy tayk many tiymes to fiynd uh way uf sittin ur relaxes yur body to get et riyte.” Once the two find their best way to be at peace and relaxation Mukar talks to them again “Na’ow thut we hawv fouhnd ou’ah correct wahy uf relayxing yaw mawst lern to cleyur your thoughts. You mawst forget awll emotions awnd ignore yawr surounding noyses, be ut peayce.” He halts for a few moments as if allowing the two to practise before speaking up again “Na’ow go to yawr chayngin rooms awnd practiyse mediytaytin, return to Mukar when yaw hawv done thut. Yaw awre learning kharajyr, we are movin awp the path created by Muuna awnd up to priesthuud. We hawv long yeht bawt yaw wurk hard yaw shawl mayk et.” He makes a shooing motion to gesture to the two to their changing rooms and as the two leave Mukar sits in the sand, Meditating.
  3. HolyTortoise

    [Profile] Sage Mukar

    Character Profile Sage Mukar Elder Priest of the Moongazers Basic Information Nicknames: Muk, Fat khat Age: 203 Gender: Male Race: Kha’Leparda Status: Alive Description Height: 5’’3 Weight: 305Lbs Body Type: Obese. A thick coat of ochre fur. Eyes: Would be lime green though both are missing, instead there are empty eye sockets. Hair: N/A Skin: Has a thick pelt of bright orange fur dotted with brown spots. Markings/Tattoos: Large scars across his face, from when his two eyes had been torn out. Health: Overweight, though he regards himself in perfect health. Personality: Mukar is an aged kharajyr, probably the second oldest. The oldest being the Sage Natayshi. With age comes wisdom and knowledge. He often considers himself one of the most knowledgeable of the Kharajyr, when infact he actually is. He often explores and acts more weaker than he actually is. Though while his eyes are gone, he can ‘see’, this is due to his knowledge and experience with the kharajyr magic. Though it is only brief sight every so often. Inventory: TBA Further Details: TBA Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Metztli Religion: The Kharajyr Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: The Xerdali Isle Job/Class: Moongazer of Metztli and Elder Priest. Title(s): Having been both a citizen, merchant and priest he holds the titles: Sa’, Ko’ and Ja’. Though due to his job he prioritises the priest title so he uses this in his name. Profession(s): TBA Special Skill(s): Knowledgeable of the old ways of Va’Khajria. This would benefit him as he is able to use this knowledge to re-write and discover old tomes from the past Era’s. This would also include relics. He would know a lot about the relics of Va’Khajria and the fallen Empire. He is also able to speak fluent Va’Khajrian and in the common tongue, through which has an accent. Flaw(s): Bukkahkoj is often very careless, always misplacing things and taking a long while to remember where he put them. He also has very bad hand-to-eye coordination, which means if things are thrown at him and he's expected to catch them, chances are he will not be able to. Sometimes clumsy, often locked in a task which needs to be done and not paying attention to what is in front of him causing him to walk into things and trip over things such as tree roots on Xerdali, though this is mainly due to his blindness. Magic Current Status: Tier 5, one of the masters of the magic. Arch-type: Muun’Trivazja. Sub-Type: Lunar Harbinger, Twilight Priest and Moongazer Rank: Elder Priest Weakness(es): Due to his blindness he often uses his energy from the moonpool quicker then most, this is due to his state of present moongazing every so often for ‘sight’.. Strength(s): Due to him having studied a lot before joining the Moongazers he has learnt a lot about the ritual practises that are to happen and has found multiple tomes from the past and ancient time of Va’Khajria. Current Spell(s): TBA DUE TO REWRITE Weaponry Fighting Style: Mukar does not like fighting, while he is peaceful he can try to act intimidating with the use of Muun’Trivazja. Though due to his blindness he is unable to fight, unless blindly charging into a large crowd and swinging his sword madly. Though sometimes he has weapons on him for affect and often for the consumption of food. Bamboo-sword. The bamboo-sword is created from a large bamboo shaft. Three quaters of it has been cut off and the smaller end has had a metal blade atached to it, the smaller bamboo part acting as a handle. The other side of the bamboo shaft has been hollowed out and acts as a sheath, the metal blade easily being able to fit inside. With a twist the two lock together forming a bamboo cane which he uses as a walking stick. Also disguised as one so he can sneak a weapon into places where one would not be allowed. This is often used as a walking stick while not using his staff, and for the consumption of food. The D’fu staff. sa Biography Parents: Ko’Dato (Father/Presumed Dead), Siblings: Tlatlanni daro (Younger Brother/Presumed Dead), Va’Sharr (Younger Brother/Presumed Dead), S'Tarkin (Older Brother/Presumed Dead), Sa'Seetah (Sister/Presumed Dead), So'dawka (Brother/Presumed Dead), Sa'Shela (Sister/Presumed Dead). Children: Raena (Daughter), Itotian (Daughter), Lunaw (Daughter), Zhikar (Son), Odion (Son). Extended Family: Ja’Kaharal (Wife), Yuulpria (Mother-in-law), Jaitra (Sister-in-law), Rameethar (Father-in-law). Pets: Mihyn Mihyn translates to Lunar in Va’Khajrian. Mihyn is a Gy’Waka from Karakatua. Sometimes brought onto Xerdal though often kept on the mainland due to Xerdal’s small size. Though Xerdal is a tough bird, he has to be to be able to hold Mukar obese weight. Though is quite aged and worn out, he manages to do his task, spending the majority of its days resting. History - Born near to the end of Kalos, the litter of his brothers and sisters. - Birth of Rynsuho and Vyallu, daughters to the Tlatlanni, Morthawl. - Orcs pillage and destroy the Kharajyr village of Kalos, and travel to a new home - Beckoned by the monks to travel with the descendents into a new realm known as Anthos. - Move to Anthos and onto the island of Karakatua. - Studied within the Grand Library of Metztli located within the Tlatlanni’s palace, learning of the ancient ways and rituals. - Mother, Ko’Vafeera, dies. - Prophecy of the Great Stone of Metztli exploding, causing evacuation of the Island in search for new lands. - Settles with the other Kharajyr near to the city of Gronkkston under the reign of Rex Gronkk - Kharajyr move to a grove near to the new Cloud Temple grounds, a grove gifted by the Druid Order. - Fringe opens and Mukar joins his fellow people in the city of Tahn’Siol with the high elves, his brothers and sisters having been lost, along with his father. Their locations unknown. - Defeat of Setherien ment Mukar could not return to the ruins of Karakatua or Anthos. - Mukar found his father, Ko’Dato, within Alras, in the mages guild. - After the great storm and plague of The Fringe, of which Mukar suffered from greatly, the races traveled to Thales. - Once more the Kharajyr situated themselves close to their High elven allies, creating their own settlement known as Karak’Tuum. - Great snow storm, kharajyr travel to Athera to inhabit Ohlokhar. - Ohlokhar destroyed pillaged by the Orcs which later was destroyed in place for the Ordium, the kharajyr’s new home and citadel. - The Ordium had fallen and with that many kharajyr had died or went missing, including his first wife, Mara. Though he talks to nobody of this. - Va’Khajria kharajyr took over government, his brother, Dato, becoming the Tlatlanni. - Feast in the Va’Khajrian camp, Rokhan came and delivered Metztli’s message and solution to our hardship. - Followed Rokhan and the other Kharajyr with this new way of life, sailing to Vailor. - Travels back to the present Kharajyr residing within the large temple. He sets up a home there too, becoming the Varkolu under the reign of Tla’Rameethar and Tla’Atl. - Finds the body of his dead wife placed in his bed. - He faked his death in order to keep his reputation, many believing he had died when infact he went into solitude to study and increase his experience in muun’trivazja. - The Devourer devourers the island and the residents are forced to travel to Tla’Rokhans abode. - Settles on the island of Xerdali to live this new way of life that is The Way of Bayla and The Art of Cano’hedo. - Present day Artwork